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    Keiichi Morisato


    By Keiichi Morisato, in Articles,

    While we're still rebuilding the site content, we also need your support to continue providing the services that are used by our community and by our visitors. The one thing we're looking to improve is to add new services to the site, which include direct downloads, blogs and an online store. If you're able to donate, use the links provided on the site. Remember, your support helps fund the site.
    Keiichi Morisato


    By Keiichi Morisato, in Articles,

    Over the next few days, and I must apologize for this, I'll be rebuilding our news portal due to a configuration error that created some problems. There will be more editors assigned to the news portal who'll be able to post news articles relating to the anime and manga genre which I've been considering for a long while. In the meantime, feel free to browse the forums, register for an account, and join the other members of our community.
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