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  • Keiichi Morisato

    Content Articles Update

    By Keiichi Morisato, in Articles,

    This is just an update to let our community know that I've finished restoring the Ah! My Goddess manga index guide, that contains the cover images for the Japanese and English cover scans of the Oh My Goddess manga volumes as well as the corresponding chapters to each volume of the manga series. Additionally, I've finally added the Toppū GP manga index guide, which will be updated on a monthly basis. Expect more manga guides to be forthcoming. For the time being, the sidebar widget will be missing, temporarily, from these featured articles until I can get more guides and articles posted on the site. Otherwise, I'll be spending a lot of time editing and re-editing the same widget blocks. But, expect more content articles to be added to the site over the next few days.

    Keiichi Morisato

    Donation Drive

    By Keiichi Morisato, in Site News,

    This December marks our 12th anniversary of this community. While we just recently celebrated the 12th anniversary of the site, we ran into problems with previous webhost services that forced us to rebuild the community from scratch. With support from our members, we've been able to recover from those earlier years of operation of this site (which is why we conduct regular backups of the site). This has been accomplished by the support of our members.
    Now, with the upcoming release of the latest forum software upgrade, we're still pushing forward with our donation drive. If you're able to send a donation in care of the community, use the donation links that are found on this page as well as on the message forums. Remember, your support helps ensure our community stays online and with the new content articles and site upgrades we're considering on adding and expanding, every donation helps.

    Keiichi Morisato
    Well, I've finally started to bring back the old content we've had on the site before the major upgrade to the forum software. When we upgraded the software from IPS 3 to IPS 4, quite a few content articles were lost and it's taken time to start recreating those articles. Slowly, over the course of the next few days, those original content articles, manga guides, cover galleries and more will start to return to the site, to give our members and the visitors to our site something to browse through. There will also be other new guides and special incentives for our members to use, associated with their accounts. We're encouraging visitors to the site to register for an account and to participate in the forums, since we'll be expanding the forums to cover more topics of interest. Remember, this site and the community is for our members and those who have continued to support us over the years.

    Keiichi Morisato

    Manchester Arena Rocked by Violent Explosion

    By Keiichi Morisato, in Articles,

    The thoughts and prayers of our staff and community go out to the victims of the terrible bombing that happened at Manchester Arena, at Ariana Grande's concert in the U.K. This is a terrible attack on innocent music fans and for those affected, you have our thoughts and prayers and we hope everyone is okay.

    Keiichi Morisato

    Donations Needed

    By Keiichi Morisato, in Donations & Support,

    During the course of the next several days, I'll be working on adding some new features to the community, not to mention some enhancements and other addons to improve the community. But, at this time, I've discovered that our hosting fees have increased to $29.99 per month (which included some expanded space for the site not to mention additional bandwidth). Besides this, the license fee for the forum software is due ($50 for a six month renewal) and we're looking for donations so we can update the forum software and add some premium new addons to the site. If you're able to send a donation and help support our effort, please use the donation link on the forums (located in the sidebar). One of the main upgrades will be to the shoutbox, which will be released very soon and may include an option to 'hide' the shoutbox for every registered member who has been asking me for this option. Please check the forums for more information on these upcoming enhancements.

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