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  • Ah! My Goddess Manga Episode Guide

    Overview: This is a detailed episode guide for the Ah! My Goddess manga series, originally published by Kodansha Limited and licensed to Dark Horse Comics.

    Note: Please be aware that this is a massive undertaking and may take a few weeks to complete. Just keep checking back for more updates.

    Manga Episode Guide

    Ch. # Title Anime Adaption
    1 "Wrong Number" Season 1, Episode 1-2
    Keiichi Morisato is a student at Nekomi Tech University, where he's taking messages for his sempais at the men's dorm when he makes a phone call to Tamiya. Unfortunately, when he tries to call his sempai, he dials the Goddess Technical Help Line and the goddess Belldandy arrives to grant him a single wish. Keiichi tells Belldandy that "I want a goddess like you to be with me always" and when Heaven grants him his wish, she informs him that his wish has been granted. His sempais arrives and when they discover he's brought a girl into the men's dorm, they evict him from the dorm.

    Appendix: The first two episodes of the anime series from the first season adapted the first chapter of the manga series. The first episode expands on Keiichi's relationship as a member of the Nekomi Tech Auto Club while the second episode expands on Keiichi and Belldandy's historic meeting.

    2 "Into the Lair of the Anime Otaku"  
    Evicted from the men's dorm, Keiichi and Belldandy continue on their way to find living arrangement for their situation. After repeated failures, they meet up with Sada, one of Keiichi's friends, who is a serious anime otaku fan. Belldandy senses that Sada has a serious obsession with anime and attempts to cure him. When Belldandy succeeds in diverting Sada's attention, she discovers that he now has an obsession with her. When Keiichi realizes what has happened, he grabs Belldandy's arm and leaves Sada's apartment. Sada now has an obsession with porn videos.
    3 "A Man's Home Is His... Temple?" Season 1, Episode 3
    Keiichi and Belldandy are still trying to find a place to live when they are forced to set up an outdoor camp. When it starts raining, Keiichi realizes that Belldandy has fallen asleep. This happens when she casts too many spells. Trying to get out of the rain, they come across an old temple, that's being maintained by a Buddhist monk. When they awaken, they decide to help repair the temple, when the monk thinks Belldandy might be a demon. When he discovers otherwise, he leaves the temple in their care, in an effort to study true Buddhism assuming that Belldandy practices true meditation.
    4 "College Exchange... Goddess" Season 1, Episode 4
    Belldandy has decided to accompany Keiichi to his classes when they are met by Tamiya and Otaki who decide to drag the couple to Dr. Kakuta's class. Dr. Ozawa discovers something's wrong when everyone has ditched his class. Dr. Ozawa believes that his rival, Dr. Kakuta, has brought in a ringer to increase attendance in his class. Tamiya and Otaki begiun frustrating Dr. Ozawa as he begins investigating Belldandy's appearance on campus. Belldandy eventually uses a spell to create her own student record to save Dr. Ozawa from further embarassment.

    Appendix: The fourth chapter of the manga series was adapted as the fourth episode of the anime series and would feature minimal changes to the original story. When the manga was written, Sayoko wasn't introduced until the next chapter. When the anime adapted this chapter, Sayoko was added as a protagonist for Belldandy.

    5 "Those Whom Goddess Has Joined Together, Let Not Woman Put Asunder"  
    Sayoko Mishima is the undisputed Queen of the Campus". Whenever she's on campus, every guy fawns over her, except for Keiichi. But, this all changes when Belldandy appears. Sayoko decides that she needs to get rid of Belldandy so that she's Campus Queen once again but in trying to break up Keiichi and Belldandy, the System Force that protects wishes granted by goddesses, Belldandy is forced to spring into action to prevent harm from befalling Sayoko. Eventually, Sayoko gives up on her plans to get rid of Belldandy, for the time being.
    6 "SLP Camera - Mission Accomplished!" Season 2, Episode 5
    Satoko Yamano is an electronics freshman who Otaki has fallen in love with, he's just too shy to approach her and ask her out on a date. Keiichi and Belldandy set out to help Otaki out with Keiichi helping Otaki select appropriate clothing and Belldandy helping him how to act with Satoko. Otaki is invited to Satoko's home to meet her father. When the two finally meet, Satoko's father is unimpressed with Otaki until he puts out a kitchen fire after Satoko tries to use water and Mr. Yamano freezes. He's impressed with Otaki and allows his daughter to continue dating Otaki.

    Appendix: Not adapted until the second season, the sixth chapter of the manga series wouldn't be adapted until the second season. There were a few things of note in this episode. Satoko's family is mentioned as a family of some importance and that Aoshima was added to the story, despite not being a central character to the original manga plot.

    7 "The Lullaby of Love" Season 1, Episode 5
    Keiichi is concerned that nothing romantic has happened between him and Belldandy as a couple since they began living together so he begins thinking about planning a romantic evening with the young goddess. Belldandy starts to notice that Keiichi is acting strange but isn't aware that he's trying to plan a romantic dinner and evening for both of them. Sensing the varying emotions emanating from Keiichi, Belldandy thinks that Keiichi has become ill and kicks into overdrive in an effort to "cure" his illness. Unfortunately, she has misread Keiichi's emotions.
    8 "The Megumi Problem" Season 1, Episode 6
    Keiichi has run out of money. With no food for him or Belldandy, he realizes he'll never make it to the end of the money. Belldandy casts a spell to improve their fortunes, moments later, his little sister Megumi arrives at their doorstep. She hands him a returned letter, along with some money for allowing her to stay with him until after her entrance exams. Keiichi is concerned that Megumi will find out about Belldandy so he resolves to help Megumi with her exam. It isn't until after she passes the exam when he finds out she'll be attending Nekomi Tech.
    9 "The Apartment Hunting Blues" Season 1, Episode 6
    With classes beginning soon for Megumi, she needs to find a place to live, that's close by Nekomi Tech. She enlists the aid of Keiichi and Belldandy to help her find an apartment, since Keiichi doesn't want her to move in with them. Megumi isn't worried, even though a lot of apartments are out of her budget range. Megumi is just thrilled to hang out with her brother. Eventually, they find an apartment but there's a problem, it's being haunted by an Earth spirit. Belldandy manages to appease the spirit and that he'll keep an eye on Megumi for Keiichi and Belldandy.
    10 "Naked Victory"  
    Tamiya and Otaki have taken every penny Keiichi had for him and Belldandy, which they needed for food. Broke once again, Otaki lines up another job for him where he can earn back the money. Unfortunately, the job is for a partially nude model and while he's not aware of that fact, Belldandy casts a spell that makes him completely nude while not removing his clothes. The whole thing was set up by Sayoko and requires Keiichi and Belldandy to both be nude. Sayoko wants to embarrass Belldandy but it backfires, and the class ends up painting baskets of fruit, instead of Keiichi and Belldandy.
    11 "Let Flowers Bloom"  
    Keiichi wants to plan a romantic day for him and Belldandy but with Megumi always stopping by the temple to eat, he never seems to have the time to spend alone with her. When Megumi asks Keiichi if he's kissed Belldandy yet, he dismisses it, hoping Megumi will drop it. Unfortunately, after Megumi leaves, he decides that he wants to do something special for Belldandy. The day ends up in disaster for Keiichi but that she doesn't see it that way. Spending the day with Keiichi is what she wanted and after a close accident, she saves him from falling and he ends up finally getting to kiss Belldandy.
    12 "Leader of the Pack"  
    Keiichi and the rest of the Nekomi Tech Auto Club have been drafted into service by Tamiya to compete in a race against a rival motorcycle club from. Tamiya announces that he's made Belldandy the club's Team Girl. Unfortunately, unknown to Keiichi or Belldandy, Tamiya has made a strange wager with the leader of the motorcycle club, that if the Auto Club loses, Belldandy will be forced to become the Team Girl for the Ushikubo University Motorcycle Club. Keiichi protests but Belldandy accepts the wager, confidant that the Auto Club will win the wager.
    13 "System Force Down"  
    The annual meeting of the Nekomi Tech Motor Club is being held at the beach. When they arrive, Keiichi and Belldandy notice that Sayoko has also arrived. Fearing that the System Force will react to protect the contract between Keiichi and Belldandy, the young goddess discovers that the System Force is not reacting. When Belldandy contacts Heaven, she informs her sister Urd, who tells Belldandy that the problem is being dealt with. Meanwhile, Sayoko plans to get Keiichi alone just as Tamiya drafts Keiichi into a 50 mile Quad race on the beach. Keiichi ends up reaffirming his love for Belldandy.
    14 "Sexy Sister" Season 1, Episode 8
    Keiichi ends up receiving a package in the mail that contains a videotape, which he assumes to be a porn video. Soon after he starts playing the videotape, Urd materializes out of the television set. When Belldandy discovers an unconscious Keiichi, she examines his memory and discovers that Urd has arrived. Belldandy's sister has grown frustrated with their romance and she's decided to help them out. Unfortunately, Urd's constant meddling with Yggdrasil has resulted in a system crash and that she's been penalized and assigned to Earth until further notice.
    15 "I'm the Campus Queen"  
    It's time to name the "Queen of the Campus", a contest that Sayoko thinks she can easily win. Unfortunately, she discovers that it's the Auto Club who is hosting the campus festivities. They have designed an offbeat set of challenges for Sayoko, as well as for Urd and Belldandy, who have also entered the contest. The main goal of the contest is to repair a motorcycle and to find a randomly selected campus student. While Urd plots to undermine Sayoko, Belldandy continues through with the challenges and ends up winning the contest.
    16 "What Belldandy Wants Most"  
    17 "Turkey With All the Trimmings..."  
    18 "Life's Just a Game of 'Sugoroku Roulette'"  
    19 "Final Exam"  
    20 "Belldandy's Narrow Escape"  
    21 "The Secret's Out!"  
    22 "Winner Take All"  
    23 "What a Miracle"  

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