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  • Ah! My Goddess ~ Fighting Wings


    Overview: Ah! My Goddess: Fighting Wings by Aya Yanagi is a two-episode special that commemorates the 20th anniversary of the original publication of Oh My Goddess! It was directed by Hiroaki Gōda, animated by Anime International Company, and produced by TBS and Kodansha. The episodes aired on December 8, 2007. Bandai Visual released the episodes to a single DVD in Japan on February 22, 2008. These episodes, however, have yet to be licensed for distribution in North America.

    Both the opening theme, "Ai no Hoshi" (愛の星?, "Star of Love"), and the closing theme, "Hanamuke no Melody" (ハナムケのメロディー?Hanamuke no Merodī, "Farewell Gift Melody"), are played by Jyukai.

    Episode list

    No. Title Animation Director Screenwriter Original airdate  
    1 "Ah! The One-Winged Angels Descent"
    "Aa! Katayoku no Tenshi Kourin!" (ああっ片翼の天使降臨っ) 
    Hiroaki Gohda   December 9th, 2007  
    Lind, a member of Heaven's battle division, known as the Valkyrie, has discovered that someone released the Angel Eater from confinement. With several goddesses already attacked, she appears on Earth, where Belldandy, Skuld, Urd and Peorth are unaware of what has transpired. Losing an angel means that a goddess will slip into a coma and cannot be revived without her angel. Before Lind can act, Belldandy, Urd and Peorth are attacked by the Angel Eater and have lost their angels. Before she can react to save the goddesses, Hild arrives and reveals to Lind that the Daimachu of Hell has manipulated these events to her own purpose — to replace their angels with Demon Angels.
    2 "Ah! Two People Sharing the Joy"
    "Aa! Yorokobi o Futari de Tomo ni!" (ああっ悦びを二人で共にっ)
    Hiroaki Gohda   December 9th, 2007  
    Mara appears, getting easily defeated by Keiichi and Skuld. The Angel Eater continues attacking just as Lind escape with Keiichi and Skuld. Hild's plan requires catching Skuld's angel as she summons it so she can infuse the goddesses with Demon-Angels, which will make the three goddesses an unstoppable force. Lind's plan requires Keiichi to play host to Lind's angel, Spear Mint while Skuld also attacks with Noble Scarlet. However, Hild isn't counting on something going wrong when Belldandy successfully transforms her Demon-Angel into an angel forcing the Angel Eater to grow out of control. Hild and Mara retreat, leaving Belldandy, Skuld, Urd, Peorth and Lind to defeat the Angel Eater. In the end, Lind is reunited with her two angels and she's able to summon them finally at the same time.


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