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  • Ah! My Goddess OAD Anime Series Episode Guide


    Overview: Following the events of the second season of the hit anime series and the Fighting Wings OVA episodes, these three episodes do not adapt any of the manga series but present new anime content into the series. Featuring the introduction of two new characters, Eir and Saga, as well as the return of Keiichi, Belldandy, Urd, Skuld, Peorth, Lind and Hild. This three episode anime series was produced as an exclusive for manga fans who purchased volumes 42, 43 and 46 of the original manga series (tankouban) and was available only in Japan. These episodes were never broadcast and were distributed through the Aa! Megami-sama tankouban series.

    Episode list

    No. Title Release Date
    1 "Always Together"
    "Itsumo Futari de" (ああっ女神さまっ いつも二人で)
    February 23rd, 2011
    An amusement park that Keiichi and Belldandy once went to together is closing down. They decide to go to it again on the closing day for a long overdue outing together. Meanwhile, an excess of happiness in the world is threatening to make the Goddesses unnecessary. It turns out that the source of the excess happiness is Belldandy. Urd and Skuld have to figure out what is causing Belldandy's happiness to overflow before it goes out of control and eliminates the need for Goddesses to exist in this world (this episode was bundled with volume 42 of the tankouban).
    2 "Hunters & Hunters"
    "Hunters & Hunters" (ああっ女神さまっハンターズ&ハンターズ)
    September 22nd, 2011
    The arrival of two young goddesses, Eir and Saga, arrive to meet Belldandy with a shell gathering challenge. They're hoping that if they can defeat Belldandy, who is the current champion, then they can get easy jobs. Unfortunately, Keiichi is informed by Skuld that isn't the human version of collecting seashells. Once every year, there is a problem with the system bugs in Yggdrasil, so the goddesses gather every year to defeat them where the system bugs are transformed into "low tide" monsters, where they are hunted on an electronic beach. Keiichi joins in the fight to help draw out the "low tide" monsters, and he discovers he's good at it. Belldandy ends up defeating the King of Low Tides, with the assistance of Keiichi, and the two young goddesses realize that they have a lot to learn (this episode was bundled with volume 43 of the tankouban).
    3 "Dive! Live! Love! "
    "Dive ! Live ! Love !" (ああっ女神さまっ Dive ! Live ! Love !) 
    August 23rd, 2013
    The young goddess, Eir and Saga, get their first job and after having some difficulty, they consult Belldandy. Shimano Yuuki falls in love with Mariko, the senpai of a band. Belldandy grants Yuuki a wish and Belldandy ends up convincing Keiichi, Urd and Skuld to form a band, where Mariko is invited to hear them play. When another guy asks Mariko out for a date, Yuuki becomes depressed. Belldandy manages to encourage him not to give up so they return to the temple to continue practicing with the band. The next day, Belldandy wakes Yuuki and gets him to the train station. Mariko listens to his heavy metal love song and decides to go out on a date with Yuuki. The guy who asked mariko on a date then asks Eir and Saga for a wish to date Belldandy.
    (this episode was bundled with volume 46 of the tankouban).


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