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  • Paradise Residence Manga Guide


    Residence Paradise Volume 0
    Release Date (J): March 20th, 2015
    Release Date (E): N/A

    01: Megaphone Wakeup
    02: The Hunger Worm
    03: The Cliched Plan
    04: In Love With Purin
    05: A New Record!?
    06: Anpan and Milk
    07: *?!$# Alarm Clock
    08: What Can You See?

    zqgp9p97.gif   7dxb2e8n.gif

    Paradise Residence Volume 1
    Release Date (J): March 20th, 2015
    Release Date (E): March 15, 2016

    01: Love and Hate
    02: Purin Summit
    03: Takanashi vs Neopan
    04: The Fickleness of Summer
    05: Now to Dorm no#2
    06: The Miraculous Non-Meeting
    07: Paradise Typhoon

    9trpotm5.gif  y56jkdjm.gif

    Paradise Residence Volume 2
    Release Date (J): August, 21st, 2015
    Release Date (E): June 14th, 2016

    08: After The Typhoon
    09: Takanashi's Simple Recipe!
    10: Ah! Member Summer
    11: Target: Beach
    12: The Beach House Special Squad!!
    13: The Beach Battle
    14: Everyone On Their Own Adventure

    byalpsa1.gif  6zjdjltx.gif

    Paradise Residence Volume 3
    Release Date (J): March 23rd, 2016
    Release Date (E): September 6th, 2016

    15: Homecoming
    16: Shift Change
    17: Goddess
    18: The Wind of Dorm no#1
    19: The Final Measure
    20: The Night Before The Dorm Festival!
    21: Kikka Girls Dorm no#1

    Paradise Residence is © Kousuke Fujishima, Kodansha Limited and Kodansha Comics


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