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  • Super Manga Blast Cover Gallery

    Super Manga Blast was a monthly manga anthology series which was created by Dark Horse Comics and was published from March 2000 through February 2006. While the anthology series published various manga titles throughout its five year publication history, it's the history of the first twelve issues of the publication that attracted Oh My Goddess manga fans to the new mangazine. During the original publication run of Oh My Goddess!, Studio Proteus and Dark Horse had originally skipped over fourteen chapters of the manga series and for the longest time, Studio Proteus, Dark Horse Comics and Kodansha (the original publisher of the manga series) refused to allow those chapters to be published under their licensing agreement, (this involved some shady fans translating the manga into text and then reselling them at conventions). Eventually, after a grassroots campaign that was kick-started by the administrator of this website, Toren Smith would eventually get permission from Kodansha to translate and publish those "skipped chapters" as part of the "lost chapters" manga run that serve as the flagship manga segment running through Super Manga Blast.

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    Super Manga Blast is © Dark Horse Comics; Seraphic Feather © Hiroyuki Utatane, 3x3 Eyes © Yuzo Takada, Shadow Star © Mohiro Kitoh, What's Michael © Makoto Kobayashi, Oh My Goddess © Kousuke Fujishima; Seraphic Feather, 3x3 Eyes, Shadow Star, What's Michael, Oh My Goddess original international copyrights are all © Kodansha Limited

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