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  • You're Under Arrest Television Series (Season 2)


    Overview: {to be edited}

    FILE# Title Original Airdate
    1 "The Order to be Assigned to Bokuto Station"
    "Bokutō-sho Kadōka ni Haizoku wo Meizu" (墨東署交通課に配属を命ず) 
    April 7, 2001
    Saori Saga starts her first day at Bokuto Precinct Traffic Division, and she quickly finds out that being a meter maid is more exciting than she expected. 
    2 "Goukon Victory Equation"
    "Gōkon Shōri no Hōteishiki" (合コン勝利の方程式) 
    April 14, 2001
    Saori goes to a mixer but ends up catching a thief, instead of a boyfriend. 
    3 "Tokyo Wild-Beast Dragnet"
    "Tōkyō Yajū-Sō Sasen" (東京野獣捜査線) 
    April 21, 2001
    Bokuto Precinct gets involved in monkey business. 
    4 "Cyber Police 24-Hours"
    "Saibā Porisu Niyon-Ji" (サイバーポリス24時) 
    April 28, 2001
    Natsumi and robot engage in 4-round death match. 
    5 "Chase the Spook Theft Corps"
    "Yūrei Settō Dan wo Oe" (幽霊窃盗団を追え) 
    May 5, 2001
    No getaway car can outrun Bokuto Precinct Traffic Division - not even a ghost car! 
    6 "Scoop! Big Love Story"
    "Sukūpu! Koi no Dai Bōsō" (スクープ!恋の大暴走) 
    May 12, 2001
    Love conquers all - when you're backed by the Bokuto Precinct Traffic Division, that is. 
    7 "Strike Man is Back"
    "Kaette Kita Sutoraiku Otoko" (帰ってきたストライク男) 
    May 19, 2001
    Strikeman is back, but this time he's finally struck out. 
    8 "Turn Over A Coffee Cup for Two"
    "Maware Futari no Kōhī Kappu" (回れ二人のコーヒーカップ) 
    May 26, 2001
    Nakajima scores a date with Miyuki, and hilarity ensues. 
    9 "Fight of Women! Rival Again!!"
    "Onna no Tatakai! Raibaru Futatabi!!" (女の戦い!ライバル再び!!) 
    June 2, 2001
    A challenger has appeared! Yoriko's nemesis Chie Sagamiono has returned to compete against Bokuto Precinct's Color Guard parade contest. 
    10 "For Bonds"
    "Kizuna no Tame ni" (絆のために) 
    June 9, 2001
    Megumi has parent visitation day at school, but she does not tell her dad about it. 
    11 "Large Panic at the Bokuto Line! Part one"
    "Bokutō Sen Dai Panikku! Zenpen" (墨東線大パニック!前編) 
    June 16, 2001
    Natsumi and other subway passengers are trapped underground after an earthquake. 
    12 "Large Panic at the Bokuto Line! Part two"
    "Bokutō-sen Dai Panikku! Kōhen" (墨東線大パニック!後編) 
    June 23, 2001
    Miyuki and Natsumi must work together to save stranded subway passengers from the collapsing tunnels. 
    13 "The Fake Policeman VS The Real Policewoman"
    "Nise Keikan TAI Narikiri Onna Keiji" (ニセ警官VSなりきり女刑事) 
    June 30, 2001
    A TV actress has chosen Natsumi as her role-model. She soon realizes the error of her way. 
    14 "Cest Si Bon - Love Which Shakes"
    "Se Shi Vuon - Yureru Koi Gokoro" (セ・シヴォン・揺れる恋心) 
    July 7, 2001
    Thieves learn the hard way, not to burglarize cars in Bokuto Precinct. 
    15 "Vivid Memories"
    "Omoide wa Azayaka ni" (思い出は鮮やかに) 
    July 14, 2001
    Nakajima's parents have a marital spat, and the busybodies at Bokuto Precinct couldn't resist meddling. 
    16 "The Right Method to Know Mail Friends (^<>^:)"
    "Tadashī Meru Tomo no Tsukuri Kata (^<>^:)" (正しいメル友の作り方(^<>^:)) 
    July 21, 2001
    Aoi's online boyfriend is visiting for the very first time, expecting to meet the "woman" of his dreams... 
    17 "A Midsummer Night's Curse"
    "Manatsu no Yoru no Noroi" (真夏の夜の呪い) 
    July 28, 2001
    During a scorching summer night, the Bokuto station is haunted by the "legendary weeping policewoman"... or not? 
    18 "A Choice of Fate Between Cake and Steak!"
    "Kēki to Sutēki Unmei no Sentaku!" (ケーキとステーキ運命の選択!) 
    August 4, 2001
    The night is young, and love is in the air at Bokuto station... or so thinks Natsumi. 
    19 "A Shaking Thought"
    "Yureru Omoi" (ゆれる想い) 
    August 11, 2001
    Natsumi receives an offer she can't refuse, and it's not even food. 
    20 "The Bus Stop Misunderstanding"
    "Sure Chigai no Basu Sutoppu" (すれ違いの停車場) 
    August 18, 2001
    Honda-san forgets his cell phone, and ends up missing the bus... or is it Nakajima who actually misses the bus? 
    21 "A Man, Nakajima's Strained Endurance"
    "Otoko, Nakajima Yase Gaman" (男、中嶋 やせがまん) 
    August 25, 2001
    If you truly love someone, set her free... or so thinks Nakajima. 
    22 "A Combi Dissolution!?"
    "Konbi Kaishō!?" (コンビ解消!?) 
    September 1, 2001
    Miyuki requests to end her partnership with Natsumi. 
    23 "Bokuto Station Best Partner"
    "Bokutō Sho Besuto Pātonā" (墨東署ベストパートナー) 
    September 8, 2001
    Will the Bokuto station's best partners "kiss and make up"? 
    24 "Road of Each"
    "Sorezore no Michi" (それぞれの道) 
    September 15, 2001
    On Natsumi's last day at Bokuto station, the gang throw her a sendoff party. 
    25 "Bridge Built for Tomorrow"
    "Asu ni Kakeru Hashi" (明日に架ける橋) 
    September 22, 2001
    Natsumi visits on the day a new bridge opens in Bokuto Precinct. 
    26 "Hotspring - Kimono - Confession?"
    "Onsen - Yukata - Kokuhaku?" (温泉・浴衣・告白?) 
    September 29, 2001
    Nakajima wins a free trip to a hot spring, and hilarity ensues. 

    OVA Special

    FILE# Title Original Airdate
    27 "You're Under Arrest in America"
    "Taiho Shichauzo in Amerika" (逮捕しちゃうぞ イン アメリカ) 
    April 25, 2002
    Even America isn't safe from the fury of Japanese policewomen Miyuki and Natsumi. 

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