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  • You're Under Arrest: Full Throttle (Season 3)


    Overview: {to be edited}

    FILE# Title Original Airdate
    1 "Prologue of Racing"
    "Gekisō no Purorōgu" (激走のプロローグ) 
    October 4, 2007
    Miyuki returns to Japan from forensic training in America while Natsumi returns to Bokuto Precient from Ranger training under the JGSDF. Their first day back on the job wasn't great when they get tangled with foreign gunmen hired to kidnap an American-Japanese named Randy Hammond, son of the late millionaire George Hammond. 
    2 "The Small Samurai"
    "Chīsana Samurai" (小さなサムライ) 
    October 11, 2007
    Following the failed attempt to kidnap Randy, Kachou placed him under custody of the Bokuto Station, despite objections from Hammond representatives that he must be back in America and not see Ikari Toranosuke, Randy's maternal grandfather. Natsumi and Miyuki assist Randy in seeing Ikari in order to mend their family ties. 
    3 "Strong Arm! The Prohibited Wrestler"
    "Gōwan! Chūkin Resurā" (豪腕!駐禁レスラー) 
    October 18, 2007
    Miyuki and Natsumi take on an ex-professional wrestler, taking the law into his own hands with the use of his muscular power on illegally parked cars by tossing them against the wall as a means of showing off his strength from his former wrestling days. 
    4 "Bokuto Station Snake Panic"
    "Bokutō-sho Sunēku Panikku" (墨東署スネークパニック) 
    October 25, 2007
    Screams are heard from the police radio in the patrol car Aoi and Yoriko are in. Bokuto Station misinterprets the noises on their police radio to be some creature, but turns out to be a large iguana. Natsumi and Miyuki decide to transport the iguana back to its owner. 
    5 "Carlock Baby"
    "Kārokku Beibī" (カーロック・ベイビー) 
    November 1, 2007
    Car thefts have become more widespread in the city, and the investigative unit has requested the traffic department to help aid them in their work. At this time, someone reports fire breaking out in a carpark. When Bokuto police arrives at the scene, the fire has been mysteriously put out, and money is found missing from the car owners involved. A woman seeks help from Natsumi, Miyuki and the others about her baby, who has disappeared from her car. 
    6 "Aoi-chan Becomes a Man!?"
    "Aoi-chan Otoko ni Naru!?" (葵ちゃん漢になる!?) 
    November 8, 2007
    A police regional consultant named Udamura Kumanosuke arrives in Bokuto City, having been dispatched to work in the area. Everyone in the station meets Udamura, all except Aoi, who avoids him. It turns out that Udamura is Aoi's previous superior in the force. He strongly disapproves of Aoi's cross-dressing as a woman and hopes to make her turn back into a man. 
    7 "Chase the Mysterious Taxi!!"
    "Nazo no Takushī wo Oe!!" (謎のタクシーを追え!!) 
    November 15, 2007
    A mysterious string of attacks on drunk females via taxicab had forced Miyuki and Natsumi to undergo a sting operation without Bokuto Station approval to capture the criminals. Natsumi gets drunk during the said operation to apprehend the criminals while Miyuki gets incapacitated, forcing Ken to take on the impostor taxicab. 
    8 "A Section Chief and A Girl and A Picnic"
    "Kachō to Shōjo to Pikunikku" (課長と少女とピクニック) 
    November 22, 2007
    A young girl named Souko thinks of Kachou as her father. Miyuki and Natsumi found out that Kachou had a resemblace to Souko's father, who died in a traffic accident when on duty as a truck driver. Natsumi and Kachou decide to help play along with Souko's grandmother in order to appease her anxiety of not having her father around with her after his death and the absence of her mother from her life. 
    9 "Yoriko Nikaidou's Age"
    "Nikaidō Yoriko wa Otoshigoro" (二階堂頼子はお年頃) 
    November 29, 2007
    Yoriko becomes a bit insecure with her job and love life. She begins to question her purpose as a female police officer when she was able to save a young elementary school student from being harassed by Yakuza thugs. 
    10 "Natsumi Becomes a Robot?"
    "Natsumi Robotto ni Naru?" (夏実ロボットになる?) 
    December 6, 2007
    Miyuki and Natsumi get involved in a demonstration of rescue robots and equipment during an exhibition. However, a renegade scientist obsessed with maintaining law and order threatens to sabotage the exhibition show. 
    11 "To the Most Important Person in the Entire World"
    "Sekai de Ichiban Daiji na Kimi e" (世界で一番大事な君へ) 
    December 13, 2007
    Ken had decided to confess his suppressed feelings to Miyuki by writing a love letter to her. But in the process of giving it to Miyuki, Ken encounters some problems that included a recycling truck on fire after the letter had been blown by the wind from the roof of Bokuto Station to the truck's rear cab. 
    12 "Showdown! Criminal Affairs Division VS Traffic Division"
    "Taiketsu! Keiji ka Tai kōtsū ka" (対決!刑事課VS交通課) 
    December 20, 2007
    Miyuki and Natsumi leads the entire Traffic Division against Tokuno's Criminal Affairs Division to a game of baseball. Unfortunately, Strike Man returns after months of training to defeat Natsumi when he interrupts their game. 
    13 "Cursed Garbage Factory"
    "Noroi no Gomi Kōjō" (呪いのゴミ工場) 
    January 10, 2008
    Miyuki and Natsumi began to investigate an abandoned garbage recycling center after an urban legend told by Yoriko tells of a ghost lurking inside with the rise of illegal garbage dumping in the Sumida-ku area. 
    14 "Suspects are Ten Thousand people"
    "Higisha wa Ichi Man-nin" (被疑者は一万人) 
    January 17, 2008
    After a trio of bank robbers get into a hit and run involving a woman crossing a deserted street in the middle of the day, Natsumi and Miyuki with Ken, Aoi and Yoriko track down the suspects while using the victim's dog to locate the suspects hiding among the participants of a Bokuto costume parade. 
    15 "Super Shoot! Bokuto Station 24 hours"
    "Gekisatsu! Bokutō-sho Nijū Yoji" (激撮!墨東署24時) 
    January 24, 2008
    A civilian documentary crew films most of the Bokuto PD's traffic division, but the director decides to turn things up when he engineers a fake suicide attempt after he hires someone to pretend that he would commit suicide by jumping from the building's roof. 
    16 "A Monkey and Mushroom and a Time Bomb"
    "Saru to Kinoko to Jigen Bakudan" (サルとキノコと時限爆弾) 
    January 31, 2008
    Miyuki, Natsumi, Aoi and Yoriko are dispatched by Kachou to a local children's event after supposedly receiving a bombing threat from an anarchist bomber. The officers receive help from local children after one of them had unknowingly stolen a prize item from the fair. 
    17 "Blast it into your dreams!"
    "Yume no Naka made Buttobase!" (夢の中までぶっとばせ!) 
    February 7, 2008
    Detective Tokuno asks Kachou for assistance after a mysterious thief known as Spider keeps evading police detection and arrest due to his acrobatic skills. Meanwhile, Natsumi gets a cold and is forced to stay home and recover. She stumbles upon the burglar while trying to get something to eat. Natsumi unknowingly got the rest of her colleagues sick after Aoi and Yoriko ate with Natsumi in Miyuki's apartment. 
    18 "Beach Side Run"
    "Bīchi Saido Ran" (ビーチ サイド ラン) 
    February 14, 2008
    Natsumi, Miyuki, Aoi and Yoriko head out to the beach with their ex-colleague Saori, now an officer in Johoku station's cyber crimes division. Their day off changes to a manhunt when the officers were told of voyeurism being done on the beach with some unknown perpetrators picturing girls. 
    19 "Unbreakable Bond"
    "Yuzurenai Kizuna" (ゆずれない絆) 
    February 28, 2008
    After failing to catch a criminal, Natsumi decided to write a report to make up for failing to catch the suspects in a black car. Natsumi realizes that she may be unreliable and while she is drunk, she tells Miyuki that she will do all her things alone, which leads onto a fight. Natsumi later apologizes to Miyuki and tells her to rely on her a bit even though she is like this. The two amend their ties after apprehending the same suspects. 
    20 "Pure Hearted Modesty in Bokuto"
    "Bokutō Junjō Kitan" (墨東純情忌憚) 
    March 6, 2008
    Natsumi recovers the diary of a high school student who was recently killed in a traffic accident. She decides to honor her memory by putting a small memorial after reading through her diary entries. 
    21 "Pursuit! Red Phantom"
    "Tsuigeki! Reddo Fantomu" (追撃!レッドファントム) 
    March 13, 2008
    The entire Bokuto station is involved in arresting a highly tricked out racing car known as the "Red Phantom" after it incapacitated a group of racers. But after Nakajima and the other officers tried to apprehend him, the "Red Phantom" was able to escape leaving some officers including Nakajima injured. Miyuki prepared a letter of resignation over the fact that she was not able to arrest the "Red Phantom" despite being told by the Chief that the NPA would prepare guidelines for them. 
    22 "The Fate of Full Throttle"
    "Unmei no Furu Surottoru" (運命のフルスロットル) 
    March 20, 2008
    Miyuki heads out to stop the "Red Phantom". Despite getting help from Daimaru, she and the culprit get into an accident with the two cut off from civilization before SAR teams were able to secure Miyuki and arrest the wounded "Red Phantom" while salvaging Miyuki's Honda Today. 
    23 "You're Under Arrest (Extra)"
    "Taiho Shichaumon (Bangaihen)" (逮捕しちゃうもん (番外編)) 
    March 27, 2008
    Yoriko and Aoi wanted to be like Natsumi and Miyuki. But despite their failures, the duo get a chance to prove their worth as police officers when they chase down a pickpocket. 

    DVD Episode

    FILE# Title Release Date
    24 "Where we Stand"
    "Watashi-tachi no Iru Basho" (わたしたちの居る場所) 
    August 22, 2008
    Natsumi and Miyuki are tasked by the Chief to teach two recruits how things work in the Bokuto Police Station, teaching them the ropes of being a police officer. Meanwhile, Yoriko informs Miyuki that she's the next officer to contribute to a journal in the station, which she gladly accepts. 

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