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  • You're Under Arrest OVA Series


    Overview: You're Under Arrest is an OVA series that's based on the manga series of the same name, created by Kousuke Fujishima (Ah! My Goddess, Paradise Residence, Toppu GP). The series follows the misadventures of Miyuki Kobayakawa and Natsumi Tsujimoto who have been partnered together at the Bokuto Traffic Division of the Tokyo Police Department. The OVA series was released direct-to-video and spawned an anime television series that has produced over 100 episodes, an animated theatrical film and a live-action television of the same name. The anime series is loosely based on the manga series and has been licensed in North American by AnimEigo (OVA series and Season 1), Geneon (You're Under Arrest The Movie) and Sentai Filmworks (Fast & Furious, Full Throttle).

    FILE# Title Release Date
    1 "And So They Met"
    "Soshite Futari wa Deatta" (そしてふたりは出会った) 
    September 24, 1994
    Natsumi Tsujimoto is late for her first day working at Bokuto Police Precinct located at Sumida. She ends up being pursued by Miyuki Kobayakawa, who ultimately welcomes her to the precinct, after getting into several traffic altercations. A man in a red car, named Osyo, is seen passing by the station, urging Natsumi and Miyuki to trail the van. They are contacted by him via two-way radio, informing them that he has installed fireworks that will go off in an unknown location in two hours. They figure out that the fireworks would be located under an airplane exhibited in a local park, only to find out that a boxed lunch was packaged there. 
    2 "Tokyo Typhoon Rally"
    "Tōkyō Taifūn Rarī" (東京タイフーン・ラリー) 
    January 21, 1995
    A typhoon has been forecast for Tokyo, issuing a severe weather advisory throughout the city. Natsumi and Miyuki retrieved a stray cat, later discovering that is it pregnant. Ken Nakajima asks Miyuki to fix his motorcycle. Natsumi and Miyuki drive through the downpour to save a man in a refrigerator truck that got into an accident, caused by an unknown man driving a yellow sports car. A blackout has occurred across the city, making it challenging to find a veterinarian to help deliver the babies of the pregnant stray cat. To make matters worse, the sports car driver appears to be tailing the two. Ken shows up to distract the driver, while the two try to make their way to a veterinary. 
    3 "Love's Highway Stars"
    "Koi no Haiwei Sutā" (恋のハイウェイ・スター) 
    May 25, 1995
    Natsumi, along with Yoriko Nikaido, tries to orchestrate an omiai between Miyuki and Ken, only to end in failure. Miyuki is planning to attend a class reunion in Katsuura for the weekend, while Natsumi convinces Ken to search for Miyuki. At the reunion, the female alumni discuss with Miyuki about her prospective love interest. When Miyuki returns to the police station, she spots Natsumi and Ken back together, mistaking them in an omiai. Gossips and rumors spread concerning the love triangle among Miyuki, Natsumi, and Ken. Kachou, the chief of the police department, orders Miyuki and Ken to go out on a date, while Natsumi and Yoriko survey the two. 
    4 "On the road, AGAIN"   November 25, 1995
    Natsumi is invited by top officials from the headquarters of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department to be recruited as the first female bike trooper. She struggles in hesitation trying to inform Miyuki of the news. It is later discovered that Miyuki already knew about the transfer, giving her an alarm clock as a departing gift. Miyuki becomes depressed, affecting her concentration in traffic control. Natsumi decides to visit Miyuki, hinting that she wants to come back to the precinct. Natsumi is to ride in an escorted marathon. A truck is lit on fire, catching hold in its surroundings. The precinct manages to safely direct the oncoming traffic away from the flames. However, a semi-trailer truck is seen going downhill toward the area with no driver present. Natsumi rushes over to help Miyuki and Ken to halt the truck just in the nick of time. Natsumi opts to resign from the headquarters and return to the precinct, continuing her partnership with Miyuki.

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