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  • Toppū GP Manga Guide

    Toppu Uno never wanted to race motorcycles. He was perfectly content watching his sister ride—with his eagle eyes, he knew her lap times before the the stopwatch did. When he’s convinced to take a ride on a minibike for the first time, his hours of observation translate into instant skill on the track. But turning a quick lap and winning a race are two very different things, and Toppu’s got a long way to go before he’s ready for the big leagues: MotoGP, the highest level of two-wheeled road racing. The manga will feature "obsessively accurate depictions" of mechanical equipment, motorcycles, and cars. The manga will also have the "full cooperation" of various Japanese motorcycle makers, motorcycle-wear companies, and various circuits in Japan.

    Note: Please take special note that future release dates are tentative and subject to change.

    Key: J = Japanese, E = English Translated

     toppu01_j.gif toppu01_e.gif 

     Toppū GP Volume 1
     Release Date (J): November 11th, 2016
     Release Date (E): April 11th, 2017

     Lap 01: Toppu Uno
     Lap 02: Full Throttle
     Lap 03: Talking With The Machine
     Lap 04: Means and Objectives
     Lap 05: Weighted
     Lap 06: Yesterday's Enemy Is ...
     Lap 07: Female Rider

     Toppū GP Volume 2
     Release Date (J): October 24th, 2017*
     Release Date (E): To Be Decided

     Lap 08: Transfer Student
     Lap 09: Performance
     Lap 10: Counterattack
     Lap 11: Reading The Line
     Lap 12: True Love
     Lap 13: 250cc Class
     Lap 14: Rising Pulse

     Toppū GP Volume 3
     Release Date (J): August 14th, 2018*
     Release Date (E): To Be Decided

     Lap 15:

    Toppū GP ( トップウGP ) © Kōsuke Fujishima ( 藤島 康介 ), Kodansha Limited ( 株式会社講談社 )

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