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      Marller Gets a Spinoff: The Hellsing Peccasdillo just hit 1,000 views in Japan.
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      Keiichi Morisato

      Just sitting here looking at new modifications for the community.
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      Currently working on Photoshop-Artwork/Writing Marller Gets a Spinoff. Coming Soon.
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    • ceroxon

      ceroxon  »  vanagandr

      So, like you accept on fanfiction, I sne dyou the page I need some a check and correct. Change it like you want. I need it is readable for people, and not a baby gibberish.
      In space, 3 of the 5 gravium mines have been destroyed by an individual who calls himself "Wrecker". Gravium is an indispensable metal which enables travel in space, where gravity is constantly changing from one planet to another. A meeting is organized by Captain Keiichi with the 5 mine managers to try to unmask Wrecker. Unfortunately, his identity remains a mystery. He launches an attack against the captain with the help of two heavily armed vessels. Keiichi managed to neutralize their ships, only to have Wrecker detonate them before he was able to question their crews. The Captain then traveled to one of the last two remaining mines on the planet Mercury, only to discover that it has been abandoned, with only Nicholas Verrel, the director, remaining.


      "I swear I have nothing to do with this captain. I can prove it. If it can make things easier, shoot me on the spot." Verrel said.

      Keiichi saw that the director was sincere. He spoke from despair, completely overwhelmed by the situation and willing to do anything to stop it, even if it meant dying.

      "I trust you mister Verrel. Come with us, it is too dangerous for you here alone," said Keiichi, sheathing his Proton gun.

      "You are right. Anyway I cannot do anything alone." Admitted the manager.

      As he was about to embark on the "Space Goddess" Urd noticed something.

      "Look ! Look at the volcano behind the mine" she cried.

      Effectively. In the volcano in question emanated from the smoke. What was rather strange since there was no volcanic activity on Mercury for millions of years.

      "There are two different vessels in the smoke," said Skuld who saw much better thanks to her electronic eyes.

      "Nothing like a few Proton bombs to wake up an old volcano and cause a great eruption. Place the fireworks," said Wrecker who was aboard one of the vessels.

      The man pressed a button, and bombs hidden in some cavities present under the volcano from a time when dinosaurs still ruled the Earth, exploded at that moment.

      Of course, the volcano then entered fully erupted and the lava began to flow, heading at full speed towards the mine, passing under the protective dome.


      "Wait, look Verrel" Urd said.

      Indeed, the manager walked like a zombie in the direction of the mine, watching the lava start to devour it.

      "All that I have built for years. The work of a lifetime disappearing" lamented Nicholas Verrel, regardless of the danger.

      "COME BACK!!! VERREL COME BACK !!!" Keiichi cried in running toward him.

      But the director did not really hear, he was overwhelmed by despair and his mind had floundered. He continued to head toward the mine that was almost entirely engulfed by lava now.

      "No…. No…. It is not possible…."

      "COME BACK VERREL!!! THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO NOW!!! COME BACK IMMEDIATELY!!!" yelled the captain who was still trying to reach the manager.

      He was then locked in his place by Skuld's arm.

      "Captain. It's too late. I estimate the lava will be on him a few seconds before you." The robot girl said sadly.

      Indeed, the next moment Verrel was engulfed by lava in turn, perishing with his mine. He was not even aware of his painful death, for his spirit was broken by the destruction of all that he built.

      A few minutes later, the whole valley was covered with molten, seething rock.

      Keiichi particularly saddened by the horrible and miserable end of the poor director, vowed internally that Wrecker would face justice for that tragedy.

      While the "Space-Goddess" was moving away, he put aside his desire for vengeance and focused on what needed to be done now.

      "There is only one mine still operatin, Bama. Skuld, have you developed the firewall for the computer as I asked you?"

      "Yes. I analyzed the data Sayoko provided us concerning piracy of alien fleets. Wrecker is by far the best hacker that I have ever seen, but I can fight him. He was trying to hack us while we were on the ground. If he succeeded, we would not have taken off and we would have perished with Verrel. I have already installed the first version of the new firewall; however there are still some modifications needed." Answered the metal girl.

      "Perfect. When we are on Bama, I want you to immediately send the program to all vessels of the Galactic Patrol currently protecting the planet." Ordered the captain to his sister.

      "No problems captain."
      "You look cheerful" said Skuld, who stood in the control room and had been listening intently.

      "Indeed, as we go on the offensive against Wrecker. I sing. It is good for the mind. I can do anything humans can do because I am like human, see?" retorted the cocky shapeshifter.

      "I'm not human, yet I could sing better, if I wanted. I can reproduce any song to perfection" Skuld said.

      "But it would be just a reproduction. You record as a computer and you repeat. But can you sing by yourself?" Urd teased.
      As they approached, Urd made a remark.

      "We cannot say that the activity is intense."

      "The gravium ore is in the sea, everything is essentially underwater," explained Skuld.

      "That's correct, and remember that this is the last mine in all of space," added Megumi.
      "The only forcing you're going to do is right here in the "Space Goddess"" Captain Keiichi told his sister witheringly. The interior of the vessel needs to be cleaned. However I cleaned the household last time and it is your turn to do so. You can clean it while I'm gone."

      Household chores were the "enemy", the most reviled of Urd. Lounging comfortably with a drink was one of her joys, but cleaning? To risk soiling her pretty skin by dusting, scrubbing, cleaning, and polishing? HORROR!!!

      "Have a heart, Captain!" pleaded Urd. "You'll need me in there. Cleaning out the ship is just a waste of my talents."

      "See that she stays, Skuld, and that your new computer backups are transmitted to all patrol vessels", Keiichi said.
      "I'm relieved that you arrived on Bama unharmed Captain. I learned what happened on Mercury." Bell said.
      "Don't I know it!" exclaimed Chihiro. The colonel eyes snapped. "The space-traffic of every world is bein' strangled right now by fear, fear of the gravium giving out. And that's what gets me. What's Wrecker goin' to gain by this? He's worse than that devil, Space Emperor…. Halval! Bad as Halval was, we at least could understand what her motive was. But I can't figger this Wrecker's idea no how! That he wants really you? "

      "To intimidate the government to gain power." Belldandy replied.

      "The government has already refused his demands. If he destroys the last mine it will become impossible for him to control the galaxy." Retorted Chihiro.

      "He must think that leaders will give into his blackmail at the last moment," interjected Megumi.

      "No no. I do not agree. I feel that he wants to completely destroy the mine." Keiichi objected.

      It was the general consternation at the horror of this hypothesis.

      "But it would just… there is nothing to gain by interplanetary killing. That would be madness." Says the Brain.

      "Yes, that's right drama. Wrecker is a madman. I do not think we are dealing with a galactic conqueror like Halval. Based off of several clues from his behavior I think he is a terrorist, whose only desire is to sow fear by creating the greatest possible massacre." Retorted Keiichi before adding, "Colonel What about the four men I asked you to have watched when they arrived?"
      "Yes, everything is set, we go with the three directors of the remaining mine and the Ootaki deputy, just now, at the mine," replied the Colonel.
      "About, no news of the two spacecraft of the bandits?" Asked Keiichi.

      "No. We could not find any information, however....."


      "A rumor among the natives who said that a large black bird would recently appeared in the virgin forest. We are not on Deneph, these natives do not like humans, but they are too few to represent any threat."

      "A big black bird? Actually it there's very likely that it is' one of the vessels."

      "I'll check" decided Belldandy.

      "Thank Bell, however, go with Skuld, she is in the "Space-Goddess." First, check that the new measures against hacking computer have been well distributed to all patrol units. Do you have additional information Colonel?"
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    • Nena Camadera

      Nena Camadera

      Welp. So long and thanks for all the fish, guys.  North Korea is acussing the US of declaring war.
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    • vanagandr
      I know that it's been a while since I've updated this story, but the ending of "Ah! The lost contract" had messed up my schedule, making it difficult to find the time to finish chapter 63 in time. So, I'm still working it, as I didn't wish to release a poorly written chapter, just to meet the deadline.  I hope that the end result will be worth the waiting. 
    • Imaginos1892
      I always say, since the dirt-bag killed himself anyway, why not do that FIRST and leave everybody else out of it?
    • Keiichi Morisato
      I had always believed that murders in Japan were rare. Where it concerns random killings like this one, I'm not so sure about gang violence. But to murder the priestess of a shrine and his own sister to boot. What's distressing is that his wife participated in this atrocity, and all because his sister was high priestess of such a prestigious and well respected shrine? This is just senseless since he was originally removed as high priests of the shrine over financial problems, which begs all kinds of questions. Hopefully, investigators in japan can find out what set this all off in the first place.
    • winedrinkingcritic
      My faith in humanity has been taken down a peg or two. Murdering a female religious figure over her rise to power, by her own f--king brother. That has to be the most hypocritical criminal offense in the eyes of God.
    • grayfox123
      Awaiting the new chapter of this legendary tale.  Hope no writer's block 
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