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    • Nena Camadera
      Nice music selection guys.  I don't want to spam the forum with too many music videos, but the soundtracks for Neir/Drakengard 3/Neir Automata are all made by the same composer, and are amongst my top 3 soundtracks when paired with Shadow Hearts 2/3 (who share a composer) and Shadow of the Colossus (Which Urd will enjoy if she favored The Dark Colossus Rising from Neir Automata.) Trust me, there's a reason for that.  The CDs aren't any less expensive in Japan itself.  I've seen new CDs run for $60 at times. It's insane. To be fair to Hagall, we've only seen her interactions with Bell and Keiichi, both of which got the better of her once before (which is bad enough as it is) and one of which is the daughter of the great enemy known collectively as Suharruru'ei, The Quiet Death (Ansuz).  She pretty much holds all of them in disdain, so we can't really say what her interactions are with other Falkin or even peers in whatever organization she's a part of.  For all we know, she could be a dedicated spouse, a hard-working employee, and an outstanding member of her community who volunteers on the weekends because its all with other Falkin and not with gods/mortals whom she can't stand.  We don't know right now.  There's just not enough detail to support either or.
    • Imaginos1892
      Pretty cool. Check out Fate, by Kokia: Karma and Nageki no Oto are good, too Lots of great music in Japan. Shame it's so expensive and/or hard to find here in the US. Huh. Not something I'd expect to hear from that arrogant bitch Hagall...'flunky' would be a lot more in character. To me, anyway.
      Your Hagall has come across as even more arrogant and bitchy than the original, so far.
    • Urd
        I gotta say, after this post, i went and searched for some of Nier's OST. It's fucking amazing! If i wasn't buried to the neck with Warcraft, i would even give it a go, just for the fact that the theme music is gorgeous. I absolutely loved this one:   Also, i leave you with some game tracks that are amongst my favourites. One is from Final Fantasy 6, and it's called "Terra's theme". I swear to the old gods and the news i'll learn to play the piano one day just because of this song and Aerith's theme...     The 2nd one is from Final Fantasy 7. "Aerith's theme". A classic.     The 3rd one is from WoW. This one has a beautiful lore story behind it. Long story short, this song is about a horse, called Invincible. He was Artha's (a very important lore figure) steed. At some point in history, the horse broke his 2 front legs and had to be put down. Arthas loved the horse thou, and when he became the Lich King, he went all the way to the place where he was buried to revive his trusty steed.     A WoW classic as well. This one is about a proud Elf Ranger (Sylvanas Windrunner) who ended up having her soul twisted and corrupted by the Lich King after she died, becoming a banshee as a result. The Dark Lady still has recollections of her times as an Elf thou...   And this one is a bonus. It's from Metal Gear Solid.    
    • ehbowen
      In my own thoughts on the story, both movie and manga, I think that the Judgment Gate's usage by Heaven is actually as a projection by/protection from evil. Allow me to elucidate. Keiichi and Belldandy, in the years they have been together, have slowly but surely been bringing their two worlds together. Skuld is best friends with Sentaro, everyone from Heaven knows Megumi, Tamiya has a crush on Peorth (but who wouldn't?), and so forth. This process would only accelerate if/when K & B formalized and cemented their relationship. And we haven't even begun to talk about kids! Now, who would be against bringing two disparate worlds together in a peaceful fashion? In my mind, only evil. And I think it would be an evil which runs deeper than the adversaries depicted by Hild & company...Hild actually seems to be a not-unreasonable sort, if you don't fall for her little schemes. So, ultimately, I would argue that the Judgment Gate is most likely to be Evil's tool for keeping the separate worlds separate. That's the projection. The protection bit and why the Gate is used by Heaven comes because Heaven knows that an all-out assault is likely to target any such bridge across the realms. They want to keep that assault at arm's length unless they can be absolutely sure that the bridge is strong enough to hold.  
    • ehbowen
      I would very much like another date with a real Goddess.
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