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      The new manga series from Kōsuke Fujishima, the creator of Oh My Goddess and Paradise Residence.

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      Vocaloids are 'singing synthesizer software programs' designed with a humanoid persona, the most visible and famous vocaloid being Hatsune Miku. This forum is dedicated to the collection and discussion of the vocaloid culture.

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    • gdata1954


      cant decide on a CPU team blue with its cooler CPU or team red with their hot CPU threadripper
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    • winedrinkingcritic


      Marller Gets a Spinoff is finished for the time being. Taking a break to work on adapting seven more Toppu GP Video Comics.
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    • grayfox123


      It's a new year. New beginnings and all that.New opportunities to grow.
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    • winedrinkingcritic


      Marller Gets a Spinoff The Dragon Eye Serial officially goes into editing today. Stay Tuned.
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    • gdata1954


      my god hells kitchen season 17 should be classified as a soup opera 
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  • Recent Posts

    • Imaginos1892
      No, the kitten is not Hagall, other than in some…existential sense. The kitten is innocent, with no memory of Hagall or her crimes.
      Punishing the kitten would be nothing but meaningless cruelty. Belldandy gets that. The kitten will grow up to be a normal cat (well, as normal a hairless cat can be) and will be nothing more, or less, for his entire life.
      Belldandy will probably knit him a sweater. I don't get the point of Hild's judgement at all here. What is the use of sentencing a criminal without any memory of the crimes?
    • Xindran
      I see that Nena's Anubis x Marlier ship is alive and well in this corner of the AMG Multiverse. Also noticed the Hotarunosuke cameo in there as well. (at least, a character that resembles the AB version of Hotaru)   I guess this was inevitable. There are so many stories where a death marks a specific turning point for the characters who are left behind. Many times it even marks a 'rite of passage' for characters in the oldest stories. I also know that I forgot that this is a story of gods, demons and everything in between. This automatically means that a mortality isn't the end of a particular person's story. The idea of making Deb a spirit detective in an implausible omake seems a bit more doable now. Then again, even without that, showing her readjusting to her new existence will be worth it anytime you guys need a break from heavier material, too.   Is Belldandy going to call that kitten anything but Hagall? This is going to be way more awkward than Whelsper's cannon appearance.   Oh, that reminds me. Is it too much for Skuld to visit at the same time Keigo visits Keiichi's house? It'd be interesting to see a few rounds of a video game inspire Skuld to pull out a 'Laser Tag' set of her own design where taking a hit teleports the 'victim' back to a locator beacon (respawn point). Keigo gets startled by the god that has recently been beaten into a puma shape and fires, sending it into Skuld's camp, and the real fun begins.   I'll be honest, it might make more sense for Keigo's trip to be put on hold over recent events. Not indefinitely, but on hold nonetheless.
    • Xindran
      No, it makes perfect sense. The office of Damkianna has had no other occupant than Hild since the days after she united the tribes. No matter what principles the current version of demonic society happens to be built upon, it is still a mask in it's own right. This social order is a natural one, and at it's very foundations, it is might that makes right. While there is no guarantee that Urd will succeed her Mother, natural selection is an unavoidable part of that judgement call. Not only is she her Mother's daughter, she also happens to be the child of the other most powerful being in the cosmos. The power of those two great beings are not to be found in the simplicity of stupid, brutally raw power alone, though that may be sufficient under any circumstances. No, that strength pales in comparison to their strength of mind. True, to be born of two incredibly strong beings of incalculable wit doesn't guarantee anything, but what kind of demon refuses to recognize the odds and act accordingly? This was a security breach of the most blatant kind. While Hild knew what she was doing by letting the child go, the public opinion was all but guaranteed to focus on the appearance that this was a betrayal of overwhelming kindness. For a society of beings for whom a successful birth is rare, and whose rules include reciprocating in all things without fail, this would have irked everybody tremendously. Quite frankly, on the day Urd left Niflheim, the sound of gnashing teeth should have been heard all across the land, even if the significance of that event was explained and broadcast thoroughly beforehand.
    • Tasuke

      extensive modification/enhancement of the old 2007 Mega House 1/6 Haruhi Suzumiya "Mikuru Asahina" Character doll,
      a work in progress for a couple years now, i think i finally got things just right. from her lingerie to her two-piece slip and petticoat, to her apron and headdress; it's all made from scratch by my own hand,
      Everything, save for the Ballet flats, silver serving tray and cat ears;
    • winedrinkingcritic
      I thought it would be amusing, for the sake of experimentation, to animate a remake of an Oscar Nominated film that's adapted directly off the subtitled dvd, shot for shot, line for line, with Ah My Goddess characters. In the case of Ah My Goddess, William Wyler's The Children's Hour is simply perfect as both films are about a triangle between one guy and two women.  
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