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  2. It's up to you ti figure out. I'll say its not from the manga, though. :D
  3. OK, I have a burning question. About a quarter of the way into Chapter 32 we see: “You know what I’m talking about Lind,” Urd said. “Do you have it or not?” Is 'it' something we should know about from the manga, a Chekhov's Gun from earlier in the story, or a brand-new mystery that we're supposed to wonder about for a while? I don't even want a clue about what 'it' is, just the proper category to file it under.
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  5. From the album Sisters

    Colored fanart of the 3 norns Artist: ArgentinaAPH at Deviant Art. Image source: I do not own nor did i create this image.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  6. Chapter 32 is up.
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  8. Well, hopefully it brings in more readers and reviews. I know plenty of people scour tvtropes constantly, so maybe we can get the story to be more popular.
  9. That sounds good to me. Take your time and come up with some different scenarios for this setup, and even include Belldandy's sisters if you want (as secondary characters). Skuld for example should be around the age to be Belldandy's student, if she wants to see what kids around her age behave on Earth. Or even Urd could be somehow convinced to join Bell as... a chemistry teacher? (I won't lie to you... I wouldn't trust her at all, but... that's just me). Of course those are mere ideas, so don't feel the need to use them. Just take this in any direction you want.
  10. For now, all my plans for the Belldandy-sensei series are in the very early stages, but yes, I can confirm it would be a series of one-shots. And yes, Bell-chan finding out about Rule 34 stuff about her....might not be...a pleasant prospect for anyone involved..(grin).
  11. So, Belldandy found out about hentai? That... is a scary prospect. As a while concept, it would be interesting to see what you intend to do with ''The Adventures of Belldandy-sensei'' especially if you make one shots, rather than regular chapters.
  12. That's actually the cover of the Dreamcast AMG trivia game that was released back in 1998. It's also the first appearance of Lind (who is depicted with purple hair, just like in the manga covers), but... despite the nice graphics (for a game of that era, as well as a relatively low budget production) the whole license was used on a trivia game. Still, it's interesting for those who like such lost pieces of AMG history...
  13. I've made a few changes to the main page on TVTropes.
  14. From the official Ah! My Goddess 20th Anniversary art book Image uploaded to/source: I did not create, nor do I own!

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  15. From the album Sisters

    Old-style (early 1990's) of the three Norns...with Urd and Skuld arguing as usual, and Belldandy hoping for some peace and quiet..... Image Source: Official artwork. I do not own.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  16. Art of Skuld and Belldandy uploaded to Source: I do not own, nor did I create this image

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  17. Fanart of Belldandy uploaded to by chrono07 Image source: I do not own or create this image.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  18. Another fan art of Belldandy in a kimono. Image source: I do not own this image...or create it.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  19. Fanart od Sentaro and Skuld,uploaded to by chrono07 Source: I did not create, or own this image.

    © fujishima kosuke

  20. Old offical art of Belldandy Uploader: cowboyha at Source: I do not own , nor create this image.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  21. Some years after her marriage, Belldandy Morisato decided to begin a job as an assistant language teacher at a nearby high school, in order to bring in a bit of money for the household, and to also do something she enjoyed...helping others. Belldandy, being Belldandy, soon became a hit at the high school she was teaching in, Nekomi Central High School. Especially among the girls, who always crowded round her after every English class asking for advice about fashion, love, homework, and anything. Belldandy was always very very matter what. And of course, many of the boys secretly loved her....and felt jealous everytime Morisato Keiichi showed up in his beemer to pick up his dear wife. One of the boys took his jealousy to....well, some new levels. Hiro was his name, and he was a young boy of average height, who wore a pair of glasses, and was , averagely good at most school subjects, especially art.His hobby was drawing rather erotic doujin..with his classmates and sometimes teachers as subjects..which he posted on a secret website called 'Global DJNS under the name Eromanga King.Everyone in school knew about the Eromanga King...but since no one knew who he was...the school cound not punish him.'.He deicded to make Belldandy his his one fine Monday,when Belldandy was helping Mr Kazehaya with the English class..he brought out his phone camera....and secretly took some photos of Mrs Morisato.He did that for the rest of the week, and then spent the whole weekend at work on a new masterpiece. That Sunday night...a new doujin by the Ero King was released...and it became so popular.Copies were downloaded...and spread around. The following morning, as soon as Belldandy came to school, she noticed that many of the boys were looking at her with ...well....interested looks. Very interested looks. She was a bit concerned, but thought nothing of it, and decided to get on with work. While teaching the second-years English, she noticed that one of the boys, a guy by the name of Izumi, was not paying attention, but was sneaking glances at something in his locker. Belldandy, quietly walked over to the guy, while he was otherwise absorbed...and neatly snatched the material he was looking at. "You really ought to pay attention in class more, Izumi-san, especially with midterms.....'' Belldandy's voice died as she looked at the images on the paper she had just taken off the lad. It was an image of herself, a good drawing indeed....but one which appeared to show her ...well....doing 'things'' with a stranger wearing glasses, while another panel appeared to show her husband doing something funny around his groin while watcing her doing er...things.'' There was silence for a few minutes...then Belldandy a very angry and compelling voice....Who drew this? That night, Hiro(who had not had English classes that day)...prepeared for bed with satisfaction. His new work was earning a lot of attention, with lots of views already on Global DJNS. Some were even hailing him as the new King of Ero Manga....and looking forward to his next release. He logged in to GobalDJNS....only to discover two things.... First...the website was missing....from the web And while he wondered about that.....there was a bright light....and then appearing thorough a mirror in his room....was the figure of a woman..who was dressed in what looked like a battle outfit...and who looked angry. Very very angry. And familliar somehow. With a gasp....Hiro recognised his language teacher.....Mrs.... " Hiro-san', Belldandy began, in a quiet but menacing voice, 'I am here to teach you a lesson for using my likeness without my permission'. Hiro looked on in terror..... First....I want you to write a letter and upload it to the same website...apologising for what you have done... Hiro cried out...But, but....everyone will know it was me! 'Yes...said Belldandy....I fully intend to make sure everyone knows you are the Ero King.' And one more thing.. Hiro was really scared this time.. ''I want you to go to the principal ....and confess!'' Hiro said...But I cannot do that...I would be expelled...I...but he was stopped by Bell-chan's angry glare 'Because', the angry goddess said....if you do not do as I said....I will take your mind places where it never wants to be...just your mind, you insignificant wretch!"..And suddenly into Hiro;'s mind came an image of.....twirling and screeching and ugly abominations....that lasted a few minutes..and made him scream... The following evening, Belldandy ate supper with her beloved Keiichi. They talked about each other's day, while the TV news blared on in the background. Keiichi was just putting some rice into his mouth, when a news story on the TV caught his eye... ''All over Japan today, hundreds of ero-manga artists who appear to specifically draw doujin featuring characters based on real people have been turning up at public places to apologise, and to publicly burn their works.Schools across the country in particular face a disciplinary crisis, as many students appear to be involved...'' 'Wonder what that is about', thought Keiichi, before turning to see his beautiful wife,looking at him with a tender smile and saying.. "More tea Keiichi-san?'' This fanfic...which may or may not be uploaded to my account( at you are interested) an early tale for my planned series of one-shots ''The Adventures of Belldandy-sensei''. So far, this is the only idea I have had.....I hope to get more.
  22. Found this online...on an old site Source: I do not own , nor did I create this image.
  23. From the album Sisters

    Official artwork of the 3 norns, found on Pinterest. Source: I did not create,or own this image

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  24. Official artwork of Belldandy, seen in the opening credits and on the cover of the 1990's OVA. Image source:

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  25. Fanart of Belldandy standing in front of the grave of her beloved (a possible ending of AMS, perhaps?) Artist:trisj Image source: I did not create,nor do I own this image.

    © kosuke fujishima

  26. Original image source :
  27. Old fanart of Belldandy in a kimono, drawn around 1998/9 by the artist kazuki Takemi. Found on a very old AMS fan website. Image source: Artist profile: I do not own, nor did I create this image.

    © Kazuki Takemi, Kosuke Fujishima

  28. Bad Goddess Dear Charlie Day This is it folks, the official Charlie Day pitch:
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