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  2. Scarred Survivors

    Awesome. Thank you.
  3. Scarred Survivors

    "Din'gir": God/Divinity/Aesir Shagiga: Wounded. Together: Wounded God/Sickly God (Weak Aesir) Mara's word for Urd is a little different. Ki'aga-san is the whole word. 'San' here isn't used as a Japanese honorific. Ki'aga-san: A word with two distinctly different meanings, depending on contex and dialect. "Beloved Lady" is one of them, spoken in the Wilder dialect. "Furious Storm" Is the more common, though, when spoken by a Falkin.
  4. Scarred Survivors

    Aye. Din'gir Shagiga - Hagall to Belldandy Ki'aga - Mara to Urd
  5. Scarred Survivors

    Ah, Jeeze, here I go killing writing paragraphs again. Hagall frowned at the small group, her eyes narrowing to bright blue slits. “And what would a goddess like you know of such things, Igibala?” It was Urd’s turn to flinch. “You are not of our stock. You do not even have the right to refer to the Damkianna by her given title- refer to her as your chosen people do, shahniga- as the Daimakaicho. You, of everyone here, have no right to call her by our title.” The hate in Hagall's voice was astounding in its intensity, and Urd recoiled as Hagall hacked and spat on the ground. “Ni gis kas tag til nigin'zu,” she hissed, then gestured to her loins. Lind, as ignorant as the rest of them in terms of Falken terminology, recognized an insult when she saw one. Urd's lip peeled up in the start of a snarl, and her cheeks flushed a deep scarlet. “Peh ninin nam'us-tal!” she roared back, and the venom in her voice made both Debra and Lind retreat from her. “Is this what this is all about?!” she demanded in English. “All of this? Because I did not choose Niflheim?!” “You are a plague to Niflheim,” Hagall continued. “A sleeping disease, an incubating virus, a worm-infested zibanitum that the Damkianna loves and grooms and plays with, ignoring the foam at your mouth and the wheezing in your swollen throat!” she screamed. “What I do- all of what I do, what I have done, what I am doing, and what I will do- is for the sake of Niflheim!” she growled. “If I must stake a lure to bring the zibanitum from its den, so be it.” She gestured to Belldandy. “If I must lay a steak at its feet to make it stand still, then so be it.” She pointed next to Keiichi. “And if that is what it takes to lure that zibanitum from its den in order to shoot it, then so be it, I shall bring my gun, I shall bring my axe, and when I shoot it I shall cut off its head and bury it far from Niflheim, where it cannot poison the land or pollute the water.” She pointed to Urd. “You are that zibanitum. You are that mad dog. And I shall be the one to end you.” Her smile was cruel and filled with the promise of pain. “If I must go behind the Damkianna's back, then so be it. If I must gamble my life in the Doublet System, then so be it!" Igibala: Traitor Shahniga: "fattened pig", slang for a pampered/spoiled person of high upbringing Ni gis kas tag til nigin'zu: "Drink my piss/eat my shit" (coincides with gesture towards genitals) Disrespectful phrase used more often towards foreigners than fellow demons, especially when said demon is considered lower ranking in the heirarchy to the foreigner in question. Also considered a grave insult as, "You are so beneath me I would use you for a chamber pot." Peh ninin nam'us-tal: "May you miscarry a monster and die screaming." Used mostly among female demons. Childbirth is hard on demons, and due to the oftetimes toxic enviornment Niflheim can produce, miscarries are common. Mutations in the embryo are often a source of those miscarries, and so for every demon that concieves, a risk is taken by the mother-to-be. The insult is literally a curse of the worst possible result of any kind of pregnancy for a demon. Zibanitum: Raving dog. A rabid/sick/mad dog. Am I missing anything?
  6. Scarred Survivors

    lso, i forgot. Was super-strange to see Mara adressing Urd as xxx-san. Hild-sama and whatnot i'm used to...but this There was a lot of Falken going around this time. Some you've explained in the bottom notes. Care to explain what the rest of the Falken means?
  7. Ah! My Goddess: Season 3, Separating Fact from Fiction

    I think that's misguided. The thing is, Hiroaki Gohda has never exactly followed the outline of the manga series and has always adapted Ah! My Goddess to fit his own vision. For the animated film, he opted to create new characters just as he did with the anime series that we ended up seeing produced by the director. Just a look at his anime history reveals that he doesn't have a long history of anime under his belt. It does show even in his own work on the anime series, since he wasn't exactly used to producing a long anime series like that of Ah! My Goddess. he would work on a few episodes and then take a break as you can see the obvious change in the character designs and the direction of those episodes he didn't work on. In the end, it isn't about what Fujishima-san wants. Ultimately, when a manga series is adapted into an anime series, the manga creator often doesn't have a voice in how his or her manga is adapted and anime directors often have a lot of leeway on how they adapt the anime. While manga creators like Fujishima-san do get some sort of credit in regards to the anime adaption of their work, it's typically the manga publisher and the anime studio who are pulling the strings.
  8. Talk about throwing shade. Even Japan's anime director theow it when they can. Ouch. According to Crunchyroll: Forget about Oktoberfest. Last weekend in Tokyo, it was Nikufes (Meat Festival) 2017. Part of the event's anime programming was a Fullmetal Alchemist panel with 2003 anime director Seiji Mizushima and producers Hiroshi Kanemaru and Tomoki Misawawasa. Mizushima commented that he was rooting for the live-action FMA movie, with a particular interest in the 3DCGI, but he also noted he had trepidation about the project. “It was a bad idea to only use Japanese actors... If you asked me whether I think the cast could pull it off, I’d say that no, they can’t." “It’s hard for actors to capture the look and feel of the original manga”. Mizushima added “Gintama just looked stupid." Kanemaru and Misawa also included Terraformars as another bad adaptation film to add to the list. All on the panel agreed that 2D animation allows for more freedom and expression than live action. Earlier this year, for an interview in the the March issue of CUT, Yamada commented: First of all, Edward Elric isn’t Japanese, right? Playing [the role] while figuring out how to digest that within myself was something I really struggled with. I thought of how I could show that without making it feel out of place. I think that was a difficult problem that the rest of the cast probably struggled with too. Each one of us prepared for these roles with all our might, facing them earnestly, and I think we completely cleared [the hurdles]. I think that fans of the manga are still in a state of ‘how, how?’ so in regards to that, I think that’s what I want them to feel reassured about.
  9. Crunchyroll Anime Catalog: New Titles Added For September 2017

    Crunchyroll has added some new titles to their streaming service this month. Good news for fans of these series. A Certain magical Index: The Movie - The Miracle of Endymion Movie Magic and science collide as unlucky Kamijo, nun-in-training Index, and a few of their unique allies--and former enemies--attempt to protect a beautiful, talented singer who is somehow linked to their futuristic city's sky-piercing space elevator. Eureka Seven: Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers Movie Fall in love all over again in this film set in an alternate timeline within the Eureka Seven universe! As mankind prepares to fire a weapon that will end a half-century war, the world’s fate rests in the hearts of two recently reunited childhood friends.
  10. Well, it looks like Sentai Filmworks is finally getting out of the DVD business and plans on focusing solely on Blu-ray releases. The trade-in program is great for those who are looking to upgrade to the Blu-ray format and you can even get a free Blu-ray player out of the deal.
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  12. Keiichi Morisato

    updates are humming along just perfectly.

  13. Scarred Survivors

    Well, i have lot's of theories (even showed you some)...but i'm not even 80% sure on any of them... Would also like to find out more about the "remember our talk" line... What? "be careful?" "Don't do anything reckless?" "remember to take pics after it's done!!!" XD
  14. Scarred Survivors

    Are you talking about the mite that brought Lind and Urd down? Because that thing was preying only on the rabishu. It never directly consumed anything from Rota or her angel but indirectly absorbed pieces of it via the nutrition it took from the angel eater as it grew-something again that can be found in nature, where it's believed that wasps evolved in part based off the genetic material they absorbed from the host caterpillars their larvae grew inside. I read a small article about it once that brought about that idea. Like I said, there was a little bit of madness involved. When you're an ageless entity whose been around since before the Aesir, which Tyr, Odin, and the Norns are all a part of, built the foundation for what is now Asgard, you tend to have a few nuts rattling loose in the head. And he's not ojichan. He's Agarin. If you haven't come to your own conclusions by now, then you'll see them in the next chapter! (Techincally it wasn't one job per say, but many...)
  15. Scarred Survivors

    Right. And what exactly are Mara and her gang doing again? Hild is always 3 steps ahead of everybody else. If Hagall hates Urd so much, Hild would've have picked it long ago and suspected she could be up to something. So, what is Mara's mission? A - To find out what exactly whoever stole the bio-weapon wants to do with it? B - To find enough evidence that Hagall is plotting behind her back and arrest her? C - To protect Urd? The last one is the most unlikely one, 'cause if it was, Mara woudn't have gone after Hagal and left Urd to deal with the bio-weapon alone with Lind. If it was thou, all i could say was: YOU HAD ONE JOB MARA!!!! So either A or B... hmmmm
  16. Ah! My Goddess: Season 3, Separating Fact from Fiction

    I think my fan film video comic series experiment is a good warning story on why people shouldn't do a thing like this. It's something that everybody thinks that they want to do, but because nobody had really done it before, no one knew what the reaction was going to be like. I strongly felt that the series should exist because there was a certain passion hidden in some of the stories. But nobody really got to see that passion. Nobody supported the series because it was a work of fan fiction, and because it was made without proper permission from anybody. People checked out the first episode out of curiosity to see if it was a new animated series and then bailed on it entirely once they knew what it was and I eventually had to remove it from youtube and the fan sites to hide it because I got called out for it by a copyright owner. It was not a matter of whether the series was funny or not. The simple fact that it was made without permission automatically made people not want to look at it. But yeah, it was a nice experiment to see a fan made third season. And now we have some idea of what the reaction would be like.
  17. New Feature: Clubs

    One thing I forgot to add, when you create your "club", someone from our forum staff is required to approve the club. Clubs will be approved on a daily basis, just be patient and give our staff time to approve it. generally speaking, your club will be approved on the same day, or within several hours of being created (if you create your club in the evening). Just don't keep creating your club because it won't appear until someone from our staff approves it.
  18. Scarred Survivors

    Hey, I just asked once, two weeks ago. And not on a Tuesday! I think it's pretty clear — it's like a 'cat cafe' only with snakes. I know, some people are squeamish about snakes. My dad was. "Get that thing out of the house!" "But Dad, it's just a harmless garter snake." "OUT!" Does that mean that abomination ate Rota's angel from the inside, and then grew some sort of evil version of her? So Nebo used rabishu DNA on Lind. 'What the hell, after fifty years it's not like she can get any worse!' Then was absolutely thrilled, both as a scientist and as the Ojichan of all angels, when first, she woke up, and then out pops Cool Mint! ——————————— At my house, the 'things that go bump in the night' are cats.
  19. Scarred Survivors

    I don't think i want to know what a 'snake cafe' is, what people do there and what do they eat there...nope... Oh well, back to my carpentry project.
  20. Scarred Survivors

    Sorry guys, my idea of what happens to gods/demons when they die (and connected via a horrible soul-joining event to a complete stranger) is a little different from everyone elses. Regardless, it's not something this story was ever really intended to address, and not really something I intend to pursue. I'll duck out of that kind of conversation and let you guys duke it out form here on out. It's okay to ask about the progress of a chapter. I'm 3600 words right now, which roughly equates to around 7 pages. Based off current schedule limitations and a sudden and intense desire to go to a 'snake cafe' and play with snakes, we're probably looking at a two-week update. I'd been waiting for almost a year to write that last chapter, and I was in the zone with that one, but this chapter is going to require a bit more careful consideration given the players involved. Just don't continuously harass me about chapter updates and 'expecting' a chapter release every week. Not saying anyone specifically is guilty of it, but it's a pain in the butt when people whine. You forget what Lind was doing to the rabishu before the ceiling came down on her? She was literally ripping it apart with her bare hands. By the time rescue forces discovered her, they found Lind coated in a mysterious substance that looked and smelled like blood, but for some reason drove their angels absolutely batshit insane. (shi ka ka!) One angel even went so far as to surface without being called, and almost attacked the unconscious POW before her host was able to call her back. Further revelations found what was left of an alien corpse nearby, and because of the negative reaction from the angels, rescue forces took the safe route and treated both it and Lind as biohazard. Upon retrieval and further investigations, evidence of the rabishu and documentations of what it was designed for began to surface and were translated, while scientists began investigating the angel eater itself. Nebo in particular, upon word reaching him that the thing ate angels, got himself involved-something he could only do as a BelTic. He took a vested interest in the creature's designs and how they affected the angels, as he wanted to design a way to counter it as a threat-something that might make the angels upappealing to the rabishu or null the affects of its screech on its prey. He actually began to reverse-engineer it, to an extent-just to give you an idea of his capabilities as both a Tic, scientist, and bio-engineer (don't forget who/what he created). Part of that involved a lot of experimentation and a lot of failures. Part of that included a small bit of madness. Most of it included imagination: if a 'man-made' creature could feed off another 'man-made' creature and obtain nutrients from it, was it possible to reverse the process somehow? Perhaps use that same mechanism used to ingest a magical entity and process it as energy for an angel? ...Maybe, say, regrow a wing? Perhaps even regenerate the bare, lingering, threads of RNA and DNA from an angel that was previously destroyed? LETS FIND OUT KYZ! ...needless to say, Cool Mint, in all her apparent normalcy, was the last thing he expected. He'd expected anything from absolute failure in which nothing happened to strange and horrible mutations that would have left Spear Mint crippled and Lind (possibly) mad. He sure as shit hadn't expected another angel to grow and make up for what Spear Mint lost.
  21. Scarred Survivors

    So, when it's you who asks, it's ok, the others, not so much? 😑
  22. Scarred Survivors

    Yeah, how did that happen? When did rabishu DNA get into Lind? When she destroyed the second one? When it tore off Spear Mint's wing? Maybe you've got a piece of backstory for us.
  23. The Spamming Topic

    Well, scarlet did have an exceptional group of moderators who policed her community to ensure that nobody was abusing the community. But, we did get permission from her before we did that. LOLS. She actually found it quite entertaining. I think we posted a record number of posted messages in a single week, it truly was an insane time for posting.
  24. New Feature: Clubs

    It's not something that we need to worry about, Sugoi. Rarely do we have problems that result in warning members, handling out warning strikes or anything like that. It's been a very long time since any member has been penalized for violating the forum rules and when a serious problem involved someone from the forum staff, it was serious enough to warrant the removal of that moderator. I've always been a proponent of "verbal warning" first, depending on the seriousness of the violation. There have been times when I just banned someone from the site, unilaterally, because that member posted links to porn sites, posted spam for pharmaceutical retail sites or posted slanderous comments about me, the community and the site. While I don't enjoy banning someone, usually that's simply a last ditch effort. I'm not reluctant to impose restrictions on someone accessing the site but usually these were people who either tried to convince our members to join their community or thought they could vandalize the site with spam. I'm very protective when it comes to this community and to ensure that nobody is posting content they shouldn't post. The forum rules, while I'm reluctant to use that method to penalize someone, I'm also not just going to give someone a blank check to do what they want just because they can. It's been several years since I banned anyone from the site and spammers or bots are typically stopped dead in their tracks. It's been awhile since we've had a bot or spammer inflict their crap on the community and we do have several security measures in place to prevent any bot from completing their registration. We're still a small community but our members are very loyal and protective of the community as well. It's because of our community that I continue to defend everyone's right to have a place to talk about a vast majority of topics they wish to,, share their images and fan fiction not to mention a community where everyone can socialize. Our forum staff hasn't had to resort to using their moderator abilities against another member because everyone cares about what we do here.
  25. New Feature: Clubs

    Really? Now that makes me feel super useless. I never do any supervising and overseeing "stuff"...
  26. The Spamming Topic

    Yeah, even though we weren't holding back at all things didn't get out of hand. That was no small feat indeed. The art of spamming is nothing to sneeze at!
  27. The Spamming Topic

    here is my spam
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