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  3. Michael Ludlow, from Zombie Life TV told me a hilarious Bad Goddess story last night after the show. He said that his truck had been stolen in Lago Vista about a month ago, and the only reason that the police were able to identify his truck and deliver it back to him was because the thief forgot to remove the envelope with the Bad Goddess dvds from the car. So when the Police gave Michael the dvds back, they didn't know what it was, and going off the title Bad Goddess Fan Club, assumed that it was pornographic films. When they handed it back to them, they were like, "Oh, uh, we're not judging or anything, but..." So basically, even the Thieves and the Cops didn't want Bad Goddess. ROFLMAO!!!!
  4. Thank you.
  5. I don't know, a little bit of magic, a blood clot, an embolism…Keiichi would never even have to know. That was my first reaction, too. "Urd, Urd, Urd. KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE BULLSHIT!!" I want to see this: Debra: “A few drinks?! You two guzzled six bottles of Jack Daniels. You should both be dead!” Urd: “Yup, a few drinks.”
  6. I have to agree with Imaginos. Keiichi would be much happier if Stuart had just rotted away and died in his cell. Urd is not sadistic enough to have done that to the guy, just as a gift to Keiichi. Nope. My thoughts are jumbled and confused today, too little sleep and too many worries...but still, here's a little bit more about ch44. I am at a crossroads about the all the demons hanging around them. We've already discussed a lot of theories, a lot about what they can be doing there, but it's a fact that anything and everything i can say at this point is simply speculation from my part. There's not enough info about their reasons, their motives to be hanging around there...No hint, no nothing. Two things bothered me in this chapter. One was Urd's explanation to Deb. I have to give her (well, Mara) kudos for enjoying GoTs and all, but let's face it, you don't just don't meet with a "stranger", someone you don't even know the name, in a parking lot and discuss a TV show. And in "parade stance"... What a shitty excuse Urd....really. Once Deb stops to think about it, she's going to catch up her lie pretty soon...Have her also watch GoT and make a question about the show. Urd prolly won't know th answer XD The second one was that Belldandy was surprised to know that Urd had met with "the stranger". C'mon, how could Belldandy have missed Mara's demonic signature so far? A first class demon, right under her fucking nose. It was impossible to have missed it. And knowing that her sister is a childhood friend of said demon, i don't see why her surprise of Urd hanging around with her.
  7. Finished Shantae and the Pirate's curse. Fun game... until the final level. I've been told that Wayforward has a surprise Difficult jump around there for all their games. Truth be told, I actually had fun for all but the second segment of the final level. Sure, they were all difficult. But they were fun to figure out. The second segment involved getting shot out of weird mouth things through spiky corridors at the correct moments to avoid spiky moving pillars. I almost had a rage quit at the last segment, which alternated pillars. I looked for a way to get past them. Found a little trick to bypass it. Jump Hat Cannon Hat Cannon Cannon Hat or some variation of it. The trick is to wait a tiny bit after using the hat, while it's making you go up before firing the cannon before you begin to float down. Final boss was tricky, but still fun when you've grinded for enough healing items and bubble shield items. One thing I didn't know until I was almost done with the game is that the Lamp item can suck up hearts and Gems for you, no matter where they are. Over the weekend, I'll be starting Shantae Half-Genie Hero.
  8. Keiichi wouldn't give one-thousandth of a fuck if Stewie-the-perv dropped dead of natural causes in prison. That's a favor Urd could do for him. He doesn't want revenge, he just wants all this shit to be OVER for Aiko. He wants her to be able to never think about that perverted worm again. I'll say it again, making her go to these infernal parole hearings, dredge up all those memories and pain year after year after year is Just Fucking Evil!! What sort of sadistic monsters have we got running the government, that would put thousands of women who’ve been raped through that ordeal over and over and over again? And if they don’t cry hard enough, wail loud enough, the depraved creeps that raped them get let out to do it again, and who’s the first woman they’re going to go after? The one who ‘put them in jail’ of course! Never mind that they put themselves in jail by their own actions, they’re going to blame her, just like they blamed her for ‘making’ them rape her in the first place.
  9. Part of me almost thinks that Stuart was kept alive and weak as Urd's gift to Keiichi, in the event that Stuart goes free. Dark alley, no witnesses, a fire spell or two to clean up the remains. But that kind of stuff is not this story's usual flavor.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Your ERROR CODE is clearly MacGuiness... Or maybe Keiichi himself, just because of the "almost deaf" part. Still betting my chips on Mac.
  12. Interesting. "Everything," Stuart groaned. "I've done everything you asked... everything you wanted... why won't you leave me in peace? What more do you want from me?" Stuart wasn't replying to the board. He was replying to the demons. That's what he meant. the demon the board representative? Or he's just "possessing" him for the time being? With a defense like that, no sane person would let the guy go, but i'm half sure you are somehow freeing Stuart. Only "sane" explanation for him walking out of there free would be the demonic interfereance...but anyway, i'm more interested in the why. What interest do the demons still hold over him? Also, i'm kinda with Bell. Urd's obviously been reluctant to call Lind because she doesn't want Lind to know exactly what she's been doing. But what EXACTLY has Urd been doing, that would 'cause her problems? If it was only "catching up" with an old friend, demon or not, don't think Urd would be defensive over she is up to something she shouldn't. And she also doesn't seem spooked or "afraid" of whoever is in there, kinda pointing to me that she knows who is in there, and knows his/her intentions already....she just didn't want to share that with Belldandy... And the Demon Convention following them is just not making any sense anymore in my head. It ALMOST seems as if they are there to fucking stop a rogue demon or something from doing something bad...and not creating something bad themselves. More to come later. I can't write a proper review when i'm still thinking about latest GoT episode....
  13. Ain't no goddamned WW3 starting. KJU in Best Korea ain't that stupid and China ain't starting that shit either. This is standard bullshit our base goes through every year. I just happened to be the unlucky fuck who happened to get sick right at the start of it and is now trying to work through it.One of the joys that arose as I was trying to break through the fever was left eye swelling shut, so now I look like shit and feel like shit while kicking it into overtime monitoring my troops and watching the WIT eval them. Goddmaned exercise screaming sirens woke me up fucking no good piece of shit simulated hijacking comms bullshit fucking ain't no rest for the wicked though I am told I am welcomed to try fuck this shit-ass exericise with a goddmned rusted chainsaw on viagra. Working through the goddamned weekend motherfuckers see what fucking happens this base gonna go straight to hell in a handbasket with holy handgrenades. .....I'm gonna be in a bad mood for the rest of this week. Also, enjoy the spoiler written above. Hild's conversation with <ERROR CODE> comes later.
  14. You just had to include a Game of Thrones reference in there, didn't you? Right when i was TRYING VERY HARD to get the leaked episode 6 out of my head. I'm depressed over it --__-- Also, swollen eye, sick..just what the hell are you guys doing? If WWIII is coming, a little bit of warning would be nice, hhhmmmoook?
  15. confident we wont...Nena had never the chance to get into Lind's skin like she did on SS. Origins thou and AB thou, are an Ode to Urd and Hild (i just love it...just fucking love it). I doubt she's going to pull Urd that much into focus in SS. EDIT: FML...chapter 44 is up. *runs to read it*
  16. So cool! And, touching. Thanks, Nena. Seems my last option was pretty close to the mark. So, would this be our Scarred Survivors Anniversary Bonus?
  17. You know what? Fuck it. One eye is swollen shut, Still sick, got four hours of sleep last night and am working fourteen hour shifts in heavy, charcoal-lined MOPP gear into the weekend. Fuck it. Hild looked at the man with no small amount of surprise. "Why did I let her go?" She asked. "You, a mere mortal, would dare ask such a thing of me? The Damkianna?" The woman scoffed.. "You, a mite, would dare question a being whom demons tremble before? Whom giants kneel before? Whom gods cower from and the dead run from, you would as such a question? Me, who rips the wings from angels and who tortures elves and dwarves and all manner of Fair Folk?" The man winced, but otherwise appeared unphased by the dramatic speech. "A simple 'no' would have sufficed." He grumbled. Hild laughed in the early morning light, and the sound was akin to ringing bells. It was strange hearing such a musical tune emerge from a woman who 'made demons tremble.' "Ah, but when did I ever speak that word?" She inquired. The man raised an eyebrow in question, and rather than comment took a noisy sip of his coffee. Hild mimicked the motion, though it was quiet. Though the pot was fresh and still steaming-hot, the woman didn't appear affected by the temperature. In hindsight, maybe he should have slipped some whisky into the pot. It certainly felt like a good time for an Irish coffee, sitting on the front porch of his house at five in the morning with what may as well have been Cthulhu wrapped in mortal flesh. Coffee with Cthulhu. Someone should write a book about that. Now that was an idea...retire from the service and become a fiction writer. Maybe write a weird sci-fi fantasy where a bunch of Navy SEALs met a literal god and demon. The thought was almost amusing enough for him to miss Hild's response, but though his ears had gone to shit ages ago, they still managed to pick up the 'woman's' voice. Perhaps it was simply Hild's will to be heard. "I sent her away because she was kind." The man stared at the woman, who was sometimes called Daimakaicho and sometimes called Damkianna and whom he'd granted the weighted title of Cthulhu. "I'm sorry?" he asked, "Because Urd is kind?" Hild nodded, leaning back into the lawn chair. It was an old beast that had weathered many a year and twice as many asses, and that historically groaned at such an action. Yet with Hild, the chair was silent, as though the blasted thing feared stirring her wrath, and wouldn't that be the damndest thing? A sentient chair that was afraid of a demon ruler? Chalk another idea for Coffee with Cthulhu. He thought. Hild was silent for a long moment, her gaze long and thoughtful. "She is kind like her father." She murmured, "And there is simply no place for such a creature in a land like Niflheim." "What do you mean?" The man asked. Hild sighed. "I am a demon, <ERROR CODE> I rule over demons who understand nothing but power. Survival of the fittest, where the strong lead the weak. I am a tyrant, a monster, a villain, and those beneath me are tyrants, monsters, and villains as well." She shook her head. "There is no room for kindness in Niflheim. There, it is viewed as a weakness; an exploitation" "Kindness does not equate to weakness." <ERROR CODE> mumbled. "It can be seen as a sign of strength as well." Hild nodded. "And here on Midgard, where kindness is welcomed and in Asgard, where it is honed, there is truth in your statement." She swirled the contents of her cup, watching the contents with deep amethyst eyes. "And while we may speak on Midgard philosophy until you are old and gray, it does not change the truth of what that trait would have meant to Urd had I kept her at my side." She stopped playing with her coffee, and looked at the man from beneath a heavy brow. "The fact of the matter is....her kindness would have destroyed her in Niflheim...and me in the process." <ERROR CODE> Held his silence. "Do not misunderstand me." Hild continued, "the knowledge I am sharing with you is public and well known to demons and gods alike. My people would have scented out that kindness like a bloody wound and torn into Urd until either the trait was destroyed or the person was destroyed, and I in turn would have lost..." She lapsed into silence, and <ERROR CODE>, in his own moment of 'kindness', did not press her for details. "It was that kindness that drew me to her father." She murmured.. "Fearless, but kind, to me who would have struck him down and murdered him without another thought. During that brief time with him...I will admit, and this only to you, as you are Man and subject to Death and Silence...during our time together, I saw that kindess for the glimmering gem it was." Her voice fell into a whisper. "And I would not see that kindness destroyed." "So you sent Urd away to protect her." <ERROR CODE> Surmised. "But then why seek her out again if you gave her up freely?" "Is it so strange that a mother would seek out her child?" Hild countered. "I am an old and ancient creature, <ERROR CODE>. I have watched galaxies spawn and ended just as many. I've seen universes expand and forced their collapse. Yet in all my eons of existence, I have only ever loved two other creatures. One I could not stay with for reasons I will not bother explaining, as that story would last well until you were dust in a coffin. The other is my daughter." She raised a single brow. "Is it not so odd that I would seek her out?" <ERROR CODE> Said nothing.
  18. Just a minor spoiler here, there are some arcs coming up that are somewhat Urd centric, so that question MIGHT be important down the road.
  19. Idi has posted Chapter 44. Woohoo! Congratulations on half a million words!! Somebody get a cake! [I looked at Google for over an hour and couldn’t find any Oh My Goddess cakes] The story doesn’t feel half over yet, either. We could see a hundred chapters or more, and over a million words — if Nena and Idi last that long! That is Just Fucking Evil. Why do Aiko and her whole family have to suffer over and over and over for Stewie-the-perv’s crime? What did they ever do to deserve this? Straight out of her ten years in Pervert Hell, that is. And because of some stupid-ass rules, the three people who could identify the demon, and the only two who could do anything about it, are excluded from the courtroom. Idjits!! No, ASK KEIMA!! He's the only one who was in the room and might have Seen something. But have Belldandy ask him! Shame on you, Belldandy! That is some mean, petty passive-aggressive bullshit, that is. I'm not going to tell you why I'm pissed at you, and if you can't guess what it is I'll be even more pissed. ——————————— How do you get a million dollars day-trading? Start with two million!
  20. As much as an interesting question that is, don't think we'll ever see it answered in the SS world, just because this story is not about Urd. Origins and AB, at some extent (Origins mainly) do touch that subject thou. She's the second or third most important character! I'd say the story is a lot about her. I think the story is about Belldandy, Urd, Keiichi, Aiko, Lind, Skuld, the Morisato family, Team 12, the angels of course, the others we've seen, and probably more we haven't seen yet. Sometimes Nena provides Lore, and Backstory, and she might grace us again if we're nice to her. Yes, i know she's a "main supporting char" or something, but still, i don't think such an important subject to Urd's story will be touched in SS.. Just my 2 cents Well, we might get as much as we did on, say, Lind. Although probably not all in one huge lump.
  21. Yes, i know she's a "main supporting char" or something, but still, i don't think such an important subject to Urd's story will be touched in SS.. Just my 2 cents
  22. She's the second or third most important character! I'd say the story is a lot about her. I think the story is about Belldandy, Urd, Keiichi, Aiko, Lind, Skuld, the Morisato family, Team 12, the angels of course, the others we've seen, and probably more we haven't seen yet. Sometimes Nena provides Lore, and Backstory, and she might grace us again if we're nice to her.
  23. That's a fantastic work! I really like how Belldandy looks here, and I'm definitely looking forward for more. My congratulations to her!
  24. As much as an interesting question that is, don't think we'll ever see it answered in the SS world, just because this story is not about Urd. Origins and AB, at some extent (Origins mainly) do touch that subject thou.
  25. While we wait (and WAIT!) for Chapter 44, here’s something for us to chew on: Why was Urd sent to Asgard? As a favor to Tyr? A subtle thumb in the eye to Ansuz? As a spy? Not saying she ever did any spying for Niflheim, but might that have been the intent? As an agent of chaos, to create discord and disruption? She is Urd, after all. To ‘round out’ her education? Because she would be needed as Norn of the Past, and Hild knew the balance must be maintained? Or, to get her out of Niflheim because she would have become a vulnerable pawn in its demonic power struggles? In the manga, it's implied that Hild did it for Tyr — but Nena's Hild seems to be a much darker person. So, Nena, why did your Hild send her only daughter to Asgard? ——————————— Gentlemen! You can't fight in here — this is the War Room!
  26. their amazing. she is a grate artist.
  27. Some More Lindsay Phoenix anime Inspired Art:
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