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  2. That's a funny and somehow awesome drawing, Nena. I kinda wish I had something useful to add, other than saying, "I bet if Peorth somehow returns in a future storyline, Keiichi will answer the door, see Peorth standing there, and his first reaction will be to slam the door shut and claim it was a mangy cat. Or someone needing a pair of pants."
  3. On the plus side though, the chapter will be a bit longer than usual. So, to help tide you over, have some horrible fanart to tide you over! Here's a Mr. Meeseeks cosplaying as Peorth because I have a horrible sense of humor. IdiAmeanDada can testify to this fact. This horrible atrocity spawned after the realization that Peorth was Scarred Survivor's version of Mr. Meseeks. She needs to fulfill her purpose so she can go away.
  4. running late on this weekend's chapter. Will have it out as soon as we can.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Interesting. I never stopped to think about all the voice actresses that have played these characters. I just associate Eileen Stevens with the role the most. GAAAHH!!! URD'S PLAYED BY A BUNCH OF WHITE WOMEN!!! AND THE BOTTOM ONE LOOKS LIKE MERYL STREEP!!! Son of a bitch. Behelit- 89 doesn't have a video posted for Skuld. Dammit.
  7. Why did I recast Dr What as Stephen Geoffreys? Aside from the other reasons listed in the stories, Dr What is supposed be played by the worst actor choices for Dr Who and I think this guy is Comedy Gold!
  8. He's everybody's favorite public access time lord... !!!
  9. Latest Board Game I played was Star Trek five year mission. It's a card/dice game. Draw a alert card, roll dice to solve the problem. Because it's a cooperative game, you don't have to solve the problem immediately. Just put the dice you rolled to solve as much as possible and let the others help you. There's two crews. The original series and the Next Generation. you can't mix and match crews and ship. For those that care, Wesley Crusher is only in the expansion, but gets a bonus if everyone playing says "Shut up, Wesley!"
  10. Last week
  11. Every Thursday night, I work at a local public access station in Austin, TX, on a group of shows called Fanboy TV Block Party. I work master control room during the shows Fanservice (uncredited, cutting in videos and graphics background cards), and I work master control during Zombie Life TV (credited, cutting in videos, flipping camera angles, and I edit the end credit mashups). And inbetween those shows while I'm working as a stage wrangler, there's two other shows going on in the other room called Ladies of Fandom and Kombat Kreations. So what does this have to do with an Anime Site? Well, Anime is a part of Geekdom, and from time to time they have guests and subjects come up on Fanservice that are relevant to that (Anime Voice Actress Jessica Calvello was a recent guest on Ladies of Fandom Feb 16th episode). Beyond that Zombie Life TV is just a crazy party of a show to check out every Thursday night. I also edit horror mashups for the show every Monday. So if these shows interest you, check back here every week after Thursday Night for the updated playlists, and you can see what I've been up to every week at work, I might not be on camera, but I'm there interacting with these people behind the scenes.
  12. Funimation has FINALLY done what fans of Gosick have been wanting to hear for YEARS!! They have picked up the wayward series, once licensed by Bandai, only to be dropped into license limbo hell when Bandai ceased North American Anime distribution before the pint-sized, loli-detective ever saw American retail shelves. Not only has Funimation picked up the series, but they are giving it an English Dub. Here is the Dub Cast (From the ANN Article): Part 1, episodes 1-12, will be available May 30, 2017 at a street price of $44.99 according to the Funimation store site, which has opened up pre-orders for the first volume. While I wish they would have just put the whole thing out in one set, given how long it has been, I'll let them take my money. Though I might wait to pre-order until it shows up on Amazon, because I should be getting an Amazon gift card in the mail soon and that will cut my final cost a bit... :) FMP! Season four is coming out... Gosick has an American distribution deal... What happens next? Season 3 of Spice and Wolf or, dare we hope, something dearer to the hearts of those of us on this board?
  13. I have my own idea for an "alternate ending" for the series. Basically, I would postulate that the "earth realm" of Keiichi and the heavenlies of Belldandy, et al, are normally "crosswise" in a multidimensional sense. They occasionally touch, and when they do there is some interaction, but then they go their separate ways and the twain shall never meet again. (Our specific realm being one of trillions [or more] which "cross paths" from time to time.) Yggdrasil, in my view, is not the "operating system" of the universe, as such...instead, it is a system designed to reinforce and conform the heavenly realm to a specific reality; for lack of a better term I will reach back to my D&D days and call it the "prime material plane." There is a subroutine in Yggdrasil which edits reality where necessary so as to keep the path of events "on track," as it were. So, Belldandy & Keiichi remember Megumi being turned into a car, but Megumi remembers it only as a very weird dream. Keiichi and the goddesses remember the "Lord of Terror" events, but to everyone else it seems like only a dream. Our protagonists remember "Queen Sayoko," but to everyone else...see a pattern here? The thing is, by not just "crossing paths" for a few days but by being closely but not intimately related for three years, plus or minus, that subroutine has run into its limits. If Belldandy & Keiichi had consummated their relationship early on, one of two things would have happened: Either Keiichi would have woken up, thinking, "What a strange dream"...or else he would have stayed with Belldandy, would have gone back to heaven with her, and he would have been dead to Megumi, to his family, and to everyone else who knew him in our world. Continuing on, by this time there has been such an intertwining of the two worlds...Megumi is friends with all the goddesses, Sentaro & Skuld are a blossoming item, Tamiya has a crush on Peorth, and so forth...that a quick and simple severing of the two realms is no longer possible. Too many people on both sides would remember too many details and would not be able to write them off as a strange dream. So, the only alternative is to forge ahead, and to see where that path leads....
  14. I got to meet Anime Voice Actress Jessica Calvello at the public access station last night. She's done voice work on ATTACK ON TITAN, NEON GENESIS EVANGELION, and THOSE WHO HUNT ELVES. I didn't get a photo with her, but here's a photo of her with someone else at the station.
  15. saw back to the future which i found that out that town square was on Universals lot which i heard that 2 fires damage the set and also that Universal haves the lampshades i have
  16. Thank you. It was quite surprising even to me that I could come up with an idea like that. Hopefully, I may get more ideas....though not for now (work!)
  17. Currently watching Paul Feig's Ghostbusters... yeah it's watchable... but is it better than THIS movie?
  18. That was quite nice, actually :) It looks like you could try your hand on writing something, if you're into the mood, and have the available time of course. It doesn't have to be anything too lengthy or ambitious, but I think that you've got what it takes to make it interesting. Of course it's only a bit of a suggestion, so, don't feel pressured or anything. I just thought I should mention it. Nevertheless, it was entertaining, and rather unexpected too. Well done.
  19. Keiichi Morisato had had a long hard day at his motorcycle workshop, K1's Customs. He had hoped to be a bit home early from work, but there had been so many unexpected orders that day that by the time he and his staff had finished with them, it was almost ten pm in the night, and he felt beat. Tired. As he rode home in his beemer, he was looking forward to a nice hot bath, and a little chat with his dear wife of ten years Belldandy before calling it a night. No matter how tired he was, he always had time for his dear love, no matter what. They had been married for ten years, and yet it was as if they had just been married. The number of precious times they spent together far outnumbered the bad times. He got home to the modest house he shared with Belldandy. It was now half past eleven, and very quiet, except for a light in his and Bell's room. She always waited up for him, no matter what...and no matter how many times he told her not to....she always said (with a gentle smile) that it was her job as a goddess , and as his wife.... And with such pleasant thoughts...he got into the house, unprepared for the surprise awaiting him there... Belldandy Morisato had spent the whole morning as usual doing the wifely things that she did every day'....wake up before morning, have breakfast ready for her Mr Keiichi (she still called him that after ten years of marriage) , eat breakfast with her beloved, kiss him goodbye, and clean the house.After cleaning up, she decided to relax with a ladies magazine which had arrived in the post that morning. Now, as she turned the magazine, she saw some pictures of some lovely lingerie in the magazine. Now, Bell-chan was a very modest lady, but seeing those pictures reminded her of Keiichi's old ero-mags which he used to keep when he was a student...and which had long since gone, as Keiichi said he no longer needed them now that he had her. The lingerie in the magazine looked so lovely, that Belldandy could not resisit trying it using her goddess powers, she did some subatomic particle rearranging, and after several tries had a result that she was pleased with. She decided to surprise her hardworking Mr Keiichi, who always worked so hard, and never asked for any special gift, but gave her so much, including his love...that night with the results of her experiments A phone call form her Keiichi later that afternoon telling her that he would be very late due to a lot fo work did not diminish her ardour....and so the rest of the day passed queitly. That night, she went to their room, did some rearranging...and quietly sat down to wait.. She heard the door open, and the quiet footsteps of her Keiichi, as he came to her room...and opened the door... Keiichi opened the door...and said,"Good evening lo- and stopped , silent in shock and awe... His beloved Belldandy had always looked beautiful to him. He always told her that....but tonight...she looked especially stunning.She wore a white bikini, with white underwear...with the shape of a heart in front, and her feet were encased in two cute looking boots. And she sat under a canopy, looking somewhat bashfully down, and managing to look innocent and ....not so innocent at the same time. Keiichi Morisato was silent for what seemed to him like an eternity, but in reality was a few seconds as he looked at his beautiful wife...and Goddess...and then he a very hoarse voice..all tiredness vanished from his body in an instant. 'Belldandy'.. And Belldandy looked up at her beloved and said, tenderly....Mr Keiichi.....
  20. A fanart of the three sisters, plus Keiichi and Peorth made by Non Art SouL over at Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), Non Art SouL (image)

  21. Image of the Three Norns Source: I do not own this image or Ah my Goddess

    © Kosuke Fujishima, Hidenori Matsubara

  22. Artwork of Belldandy and Keiichi by marvioxious89 at deviant Image source: I do not own this image, or Ah my Goddess.

    © ©2011-2017 marvioxious89, kosuke fujishima

  23. For me, I would like to say the movie design for Belldandy was the best, followed by the OVA. TV designs were not too bad though.
  24. Thanks, Katz :) I'm fully aware of that possibility, and that's partially why Skuld isn't a real adult here (despite having the ability to assume her adult form). Unlike the anime special, Skuld's mind is more or less unaffected by her current state and won't go after Keiichi for no particular reason. Of course their dynamic won't be the same as in the actual series, since Skuld's role here is the opposite of what she's trying to do in the early manga/anime. Actually, Skuld and Belldandy's relationship will change quite a bit, at least compared to the actual series (and even some of my other stories). By assuming the role of the "responsible goddess" in her big sister's absence, Skuld won't be the little kid anymore, at least not when it comes to the responsibilities she's going to assume. As a result, Skuld will begin to see her sister slightly differently, and vice versa. There might be some competitiveness, but not to the point where I'll accidentally get into anything too squeaky.
  25. My favourite opening of YUA....season 2's Starting Up! (Even have it on the workout playlist!) Ending? 1/2 (Full throttle)
  26. I watched MST3K riff Radar Secret Service on Sunday. What a boring movie. How it made the threat of atomic bombs boring, I'll never know. There was a short before it. It was a Driving education film called Last Clear Chance. That was more engaging than the film. All it was was "Drive carefully! Be cautious around Train Tracks! Eyes on the Road! Don't look behind you and wave!" On last Wednesday, I watched Hang'em high. A western revenge film with Clint Eastwood. Kept my interest and felt like it was one of the sources for the Game Red Dead Redemption in an odd sort of way.
  27. Too bad this did not actually happen in the anime..... Ah well.
  28. A nice wedding photo of you know who... Image source: I do not own this image or You're Under Arrest.

    © Fujishima Kosuke

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