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  3. I envisioned the 'googly eyes' as being quite a bit bigger. Relative to the cactus, anyway. I hope Lind can return the thing. Wow, she hasn't used that name in 150 years. OK, we know who they are, but Keiichi doesn't. I don't think Belldandy or Urd do either. How did they get in his head? That whole sequence sounds like something out of Time Bandits. Either Keiichi needs to install a bigger water heater, or *somebody* needs to turn up the heat on the existing one. Hotter water can substitute for more hot water. You just have to be careful with it. Of course they'd clear something like that with him first. They'd never think of just doing it and neglecting to mention it... Maybe Skuld will notice the shortage of hot water the next time she visits, and…upgrade the water heater? Urd hates meat that much? Even being around it bugs her? Does Belldandy eat her bacon aggressively, too? Would those be some of the critters World of Elegance showed Keiichi in her vision? What happens to Lind's sweater when Holy Bell un-manifests? Does she have to take it off first? Or is that part of the magic Lind put in it? Has Holy Bell asked for her own cell phone yet? If she gets one, same question. Does she need a place to stash it when she's not out? Does World of Elegance want a cell phone? The latest in Goddess fashion: dresses and blouses with a pocket for the angel's cell phone sewed into the back, just below the collar! ——————————— Found out why my iMac has such good sound. The entire display panel acts as a subwoofer. ——————————— "Hey, wait, you know that wasn't my fault!" "He's dead. You're here. You see the problem?"
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  5. Guest star appearance by a cactus!
  6. And the wait is over, Chapter 38 has been posted.
  7. An idea struck me when I was reading one series that TV tropes kept hitting me with when I did a random search. Personally, I don't think it's much of a good idea. A sorta-crossover of Ah! my goddess with World's End Harem. I say sorta, as it merely borrows the setting and some ideas. Do I recommend the series? Not really. There are some good ideas, but they are far and few in-between. Still was enough to give me an idea. But here is a Plot synopsis of World's End harem for whoever is interested. And now for the plot synopsis of my crossover. Keiichi is in the middle of talking over what had happened to him. He volunteered to undergo a cryostasis thing because he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He skips over the days/weeks after he awakens from cryostasis, as all it is is him refusing to breed as he's trying to adjust. He makes some mention of close calls, but refuses to go further on them. He makes complains that he's been prevented from riding any motorcycles or leaving the building without a bodyguard. Then he talks about meeting Belldandy and how he wished for her to be by his side. Only about an hour afterwords, did he realize he could have wished to cure the virus that's afflicting men. When Urd appears, she does her thing of trying to push Keiichi and Belldandy into having sex. When that fails, she decides to talk with the government and offer a deal. They insure that Belldandy is Keiichi's first and they stay together, and Urd brews up potions that'll either cure the virus or do other stuff to help increase population. Skuld sees Keiichi and a pervert. unlike in canon, she never gets a chance to see otherwise. She even uses her skills to make Keiichi's life miserable. Any robots get destroyed by his bodyguards.Then, she stops all it and is rather quiet around him, making Keiichi worry. Keep in mind this is from Keiichi's perspective. For all we know, Belldandy and Urd took Skuld out to see what the rest of the world is like and how it's slowly going to hell. Then Keiichi talks about Belldandy. About how she's nice, kind, and sweet, she can't really be of help, as she doesn't have the skills to cure the virus on her own, and she's having trouble contacting Yggdrasil to get help to cure it. Perhaps some mentions of adventures that deepen Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship. Then the person that Keiichi is talking with speaks up. Mara agrees to cure the virus in exchange that Keiichi cancels his wish with Belldandy.
  8. Chapter 8 is on FFN:
  9. the Scarf? oh. yeah, it could be done, but myself, i've found that i actually prefer the look of the pink bow there. in any case, gotta admit that Nakoruru here well and truly sells the traditional Asian Schoolgirl look. i just might have to devote this costume to her, and continue on in pursuit of a sailor suit for belldandy that truly reflects the one sen in the film...
  10. New Episode: Bad Goddess Oh Brother Don't worry, I haven't quit on Let's Get a Pizza. I've just got over 200 animation stills left to photoshop through.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if I was probably one of the more open-minded about doujinshi here. Most of the time, I figure it's either money or an opportunity to put one's own fanfiction into pictures and get paid for it. I go and read what strikes my interest. I stay away from the hardcore stuff. So yeah... most of the time whenever I see doujinshi, I make a little prayer in my head for it to be a humorous little story, even if it does get a little vulgar. I admit to a 50/50 record or so for it. I tend to throw away that prayer whenever I see A!MG doujinshi, as I recall Rule 43 of the internet, "The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it." I do admit to looking at a few, as some of the artwork for a very small number is good for a few panels and covers. But that's about it. Most of the A!MG doujinshi stuff follows that internet rule to a sick degree.
  12. Been Spending the past week watching the first two seasons of Killjoys. Just started watching the James Bond films in their entirety. Also going to spend some time watching the Dark matter television series. Killjoys and Dark Matter begin their third season run this June.
  13. Last week
  14. I might be the one here with the most cynical attitude towards doujinshi, but to me those aren't genuine fanworks, except from a purely legal point of view. Very few of them were written by artists who actually tried to tell a story, rather than make a profit of a serie's popularity. And with AMG being one of those iconic, long lasting series with beautiful characters... you can see where this is heading to. The scenarios used in the vast majority of those doujinshi are as stereotypical as the ones used in other series with similar character archetypes (in Belldandy's case, a fairly innocent and chaste woman), with only difference being the character's designs. This also explains why some other characters whose personality would've allowed them to be used in an erotic tale are totally ignored. Peorth and Urd for example could've been a great source of inspiration to come up with some kind of story for them. And I stress the word story, because using them instead of Belldandy in those stereotypical setups described above is no better in my opinion. The biggest question though is whether there's a market for something like that. To come up with a setup that might be tantalizing enough to attract the typical doujinshi audience, and yet close enough to the original canon is a pretty tall order and in the end, the audience might still prefer those perverted fantasies provided by other artists. Which... kind of makes everyone follow the easy path, rather than try hard and yet never enjoy the same popularity (and sales) of the competition. At this point I might even say that going through the 'non hentai' route is not a viable option for any artist looking to make a living out of their work. Now I'm not one of those who like to blame artists for trying to provide for themselves and their families, just because people love to get free images and such, but at the same time when things like sales figures are involved, then it's not really an artist's choice as to what themes they'll use. Like I said, I might be a bit cynical about it, but when someone has to pick between being close to the canon and starve, or... take the perverted path and make some cash... I think it's pretty obvious what the most popular option will be. Of course, that being said, some artists start with doujinshi as a way to create a portfolio for themselves (as well as a fanbase) in hopes that one day they might be employed by one of the big publishers and make a manga series of their own. In that case some of them just don't want anything too perverted in their portfolio and make much more canon-like stories. Still, others don't worry about having one or two things like that, and finally... more than enough of them tried (repeatedly even) and failed to make it into the mainstream manga business. And as much as I'm not a fan of those degenerate works, I doubt that everyone making them is actually just living their perverted fantasies by making them. While some of them certainly enjoy making them for that reason, there are also those who spent 10+ years trying to enter an oversaturated market and after being turned down for umpteenth time, they resort doing this as the way to pay the bills (along with all sorts of freelance jobs as artists). But I digress. The bottom line is that the whole phenomenon is a lot more complicated than it looks like at a first glance. And from a personal conversation with a graphics artist about nude illustrations in general, as long as someone is a freelancer and has no other financial backing, it quickly becomes a choice of whether you want to say goodbye to more than half your income or not. Over time it just becomes a habit, no much different than any other line of work.
  15. Since I wrote the above quoted nearly a year ago, I have read some more doujin, and my opinion has not changed. It is almost as if , to me, people are drawing the things for these reasons 1.They want to 'do this and that' with their favourite character through a surrogate. 2.They cannot believe that a man and a woman cannot have an intimate relationship without having regular intercourse 3.Just want to live out their perverted fantasies. Agreed, some of the artwork is quite good , while most of it is quite bad, and some of the storylines, while having a 'plot' are just excuses to showcase some writer's perversions. I guess I find doujin offensive,largely because in reading AMG, I have come to sort of admire the characters, especially Belldandy and Keiichi. So to have them in scenairos where their inncoence is used as a means to pervert them, or where they are portyrayed as downright evil (Keiichi in particular), or where they are portrayed indulging in acts that are not like their thank you. I have been writing fanfics for a few months now, and while I know that I am no Fujishima sensei....and cannot portray his creations accurately, at least I do try to (well, to some extent, cough cough) keep true to how his characters are in canon (ie the manga and anime). In my way, writing fanfics is my way of saying 'Thanks' to the creator for giving us a story that among other things teaches us that no matter how bad things may be, love for each other is a constant and can sustain us permanently.(Which is why doijin showing Belldandy in compromising positions with other people isn't clashes with the vision of the real series). Of course, I am not a prude. I do admire Bell-chan's er physical attributes , but that isn't what I like most about her, or Keiichi. Or any of the other characters too. I like them because of who they are, their quirks and their personalities...all of which make the story Ah my Goddess tick along. And I am sorry,but most doujins spoil the beauty of the AMG tapestry.
  16. Has anyone been purchasing these Omnibus editions of the manga series? I've been curious who has been purchasing them.
  17. I haven't heard if this is going to be universal with all conventions or if this is just for an isolated convention, Cosplayers should be aware that the Phoenix Comicon has banned all prop weapons from their convention. Apparently, someone was arrested for showing up at the convention with several weapons and that it's rumored he was there to inflict serious harm on an actor. The organizers for Phoenix Comicon have elected to ban all prop weapons and that attendees will not be allowed entrance into the convention. Additionally, prop weapons that are available for purchase at the convention will not be allowed to be opened at the event and that they must remain in their original packaging containers. So far, there's nothing to indicate if this policy will be adapted for other anime or comicon events but that I'll be keeping tabs on this. If anyone has any additional information, feel free to share it with the rest of us here.
  18. The most powerful of the goddesses.....a tough question. Well, if we were to go by the manga, it probably would be Lady Ansuz (by far!). But, focusing on the goddesses that appeared before the final arc....I'll have to say that it's a tie between Belldandy, Urd and Lind....with Skuld having the potential to become stronger and prettier than all of them(if she gets her temper under control). If I were forced to select a winner....possibly Belldandy...based on the fact that Urd is a Second Class goddess, while Lind is a fighting specialist, who isn't good in other areas of goddesshood.(although that is not necessarily a disadvantage, as the events of chapter 307 in the manga showed.). Belldandy is quite skilled at well everything...including fighting and magic(though not potions, and while good at tech, Skuld is better). And it must be noted...she is the only goddess who apparently has a visible seal...and when unsealed....can be very very scary indeed. Aargh....Belldandy(sorry, Mrs. Morisato) wins.!
  19. I'm going to say no. We might come back in a flashback to show this, but I will say that Urd and K1 have spoken about and buried that specific subject. The attraction issues? Not so much. We are starting this new phase/season/whatever with a new slate. Not a clean one, there are still repercussions to deal with as you will see, but a new one.
  20. For me, I still think that Belldandy is the most powerful of the goddesses. The reason being is because of the seal on her powers. When her seal is active, she isn't more powerful than any other goddess or demon. But, when there's a threat, like with the Terrible Master Urd storyarc, unleashing her powers by removing that seal makes her one of the most powerful goddesses in Heaven.
  21. So, how would you guys reinvent the anime series? It's been awhile since this topic was posted in.
  22. Unfortunately, I agree with you. For whatever reason, I have no idea, but Fujishima-san seemed to drag that last storyarc on forever. There wasn't even any satisfactory ending to the series and most of the supporting characters were sidelined, or absent from the series. That was my biggest complaint, not to mention that the final chapter didn't give Belldandy and Keiichi's wedding the proper storyarc it really deserved.
  23. It's really kind of sad that "doujinshi" has become too associated with hentai when in fact that manga fans create doujinshi as a means of showing their love for their favorite anime shows and manga titles.
  24. The problem is that it really makes no sense in the manga series. It was a concept that was created by Gohda-san as a plot device for the movie, focusing on Belldandy's relationship with her mentor, Celestin. I hadn't really thought about this movie for the longest time. But, I think it's more likely used as a means of testing your partner's fidelity. If you truly love each other, then you would remain together. If not, then you would be separated for all eternity. I was kind of shocked that Fujishima-san adapted it for the manga. The original OVA series, which was also directed by Gohda-san, hinted at the fact that Keiichi and Belldandy were bound together through an "innocent wish" that Belldandy granted as a child. The Judgement Gate just seemed like a physical manifestation of testing that theory.
  25. Quite frankly, I think this is a close call between Megumi and Skuld. These two are so intelligent and so competitive that it's almost scary. I remember that episode where these two are competing with each other to build the best robot. It's such a well adapted episode from the manga and remains one of my favorite episodes.
  26. My favorite has always been and will always be, Belldandy. I guess it's because my life story actually resembles Keiichi so closely that it's scary.
  27. To be honest, I don't think that Belldandy was responsible for bringing her sisters down to Earth. If you watch the anime and read the manga, Urd came down to Earth because she didn't like how slow Belldandy and Keiichi's relationship was moving. In the original OVA series, Urd was preparing to return to Heaven when the Almighty struck her down and assigned her to Earth until further notice. It's been awhile since I watched the anime series, which I need to get around to watching once again, but I think all incarnations of the anime series as well as the manga series present her in the same way. Additionally, Skuld came down to Earth because Urd left her alone to deal with the system bugs and she wanted to bring her "Big Sis" back to Heaven. That's been the ongoing tension between Skuld and Keiichi. I just remember the original OVA series so fondly because it remains my favorite version of the anime.
  28. I've always had a fondness for Holy Bell, for some reason. She's always been the most appealing angel. I don't know how everyone else feels about it.
  29. That's great! Is there an ETA more or less on when we can expect it?
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