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  2. Scarred Survivors

    No, the kitten is not Hagall, other than in some…existential sense. The kitten is innocent, with no memory of Hagall or her crimes. Punishing the kitten would be nothing but meaningless cruelty. Belldandy gets that. The kitten will grow up to be a normal cat (well, as normal a hairless cat can be) and will be nothing more, or less, for his entire life. Belldandy will probably knit him a sweater. I don't get the point of Hild's judgement at all here. What is the use of sentencing a criminal without any memory of the crimes?
  3. Scarred Survivors

    I see that Nena's Anubis x Marlier ship is alive and well in this corner of the AMG Multiverse. Also noticed the Hotarunosuke cameo in there as well. (at least, a character that resembles the AB version of Hotaru) I guess this was inevitable. There are so many stories where a death marks a specific turning point for the characters who are left behind. Many times it even marks a 'rite of passage' for characters in the oldest stories. I also know that I forgot that this is a story of gods, demons and everything in between. This automatically means that a mortality isn't the end of a particular person's story. The idea of making Deb a spirit detective in an implausible omake seems a bit more doable now. Then again, even without that, showing her readjusting to her new existence will be worth it anytime you guys need a break from heavier material, too. Is Belldandy going to call that kitten anything but Hagall? This is going to be way more awkward than Whelsper's cannon appearance. Oh, that reminds me. Is it too much for Skuld to visit at the same time Keigo visits Keiichi's house? It'd be interesting to see a few rounds of a video game inspire Skuld to pull out a 'Laser Tag' set of her own design where taking a hit teleports the 'victim' back to a locator beacon (respawn point). Keigo gets startled by the god that has recently been beaten into a puma shape and fires, sending it into Skuld's camp, and the real fun begins. I'll be honest, it might make more sense for Keigo's trip to be put on hold over recent events. Not indefinitely, but on hold nonetheless.
  4. Scarred Survivors

    No, it makes perfect sense. The office of Damkianna has had no other occupant than Hild since the days after she united the tribes. No matter what principles the current version of demonic society happens to be built upon, it is still a mask in it's own right. This social order is a natural one, and at it's very foundations, it is might that makes right. While there is no guarantee that Urd will succeed her Mother, natural selection is an unavoidable part of that judgement call. Not only is she her Mother's daughter, she also happens to be the child of the other most powerful being in the cosmos. The power of those two great beings are not to be found in the simplicity of stupid, brutally raw power alone, though that may be sufficient under any circumstances. No, that strength pales in comparison to their strength of mind. True, to be born of two incredibly strong beings of incalculable wit doesn't guarantee anything, but what kind of demon refuses to recognize the odds and act accordingly? This was a security breach of the most blatant kind. While Hild knew what she was doing by letting the child go, the public opinion was all but guaranteed to focus on the appearance that this was a betrayal of overwhelming kindness. For a society of beings for whom a successful birth is rare, and whose rules include reciprocating in all things without fail, this would have irked everybody tremendously. Quite frankly, on the day Urd left Niflheim, the sound of gnashing teeth should have been heard all across the land, even if the significance of that event was explained and broadcast thoroughly beforehand.
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  6. extensive modification/enhancement of the old 2007 Mega House 1/6 Haruhi Suzumiya "Mikuru Asahina" Character doll, a work in progress for a couple years now, i think i finally got things just right. from her lingerie to her two-piece slip and petticoat, to her apron and headdress; it's all made from scratch by my own hand, Everything, save for the Ballet flats, silver serving tray and cat ears;
  7. I thought it would be amusing, for the sake of experimentation, to animate a remake of an Oscar Nominated film that's adapted directly off the subtitled dvd, shot for shot, line for line, with Ah My Goddess characters. In the case of Ah My Goddess, William Wyler's The Children's Hour is simply perfect as both films are about a triangle between one guy and two women.
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  9. Scarred Survivors

    I thought the title and office of Damkianna was not hereditary. It belongs to whoever can take it, and make it stick. Urd would never overthrow Hild. None of that explains the hate, or how far she was willing to go, or her pleasure in degrading Belldandy and tormenting Keiichi.
  10. urd_by_magion02-dby7vk0.jpg

    An Urd fanart by magion02 at Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), magion02 (image)

  11. A Skuld fanart by magion02 at Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), magion02 (image)

  12. A Belldandy fanart by magion02 at Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character),  magion02 (image)

  13. A fanart of the main cast by Bakadori-Ahoudori at Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), Bakadori-Ahoudori​​​​​​​ (image)

  14. Scarred Survivors

    53 is up. Sorry for the delay, had a migraine yesterday and lots of make up work waiting for me after being off work for a week.
  15. Scarred Survivors

    Hagall has been a political advisor working alongside the Damkiaana for millennia. She's been around long enough to see the rise and fall of the old tribes, and likewise, like most of the older falkin, has seen the old wars between Falkin and Aesir. A lot of the old demons have a lot of prejudiced towards Aesir because of that, and a majority of them hold high positions in Hild's court. Hagall happens to be one of them. When Hild decided to go against the popular opinion and work towards an armistice with the Aesir, Hagall and just about all but a select few individuals were against it. Likewise, when word got about that Hild's daughter was Aesir as well.... Well, demons are known for nothing if not exemplifying the negatives of humanity. Now that fact alone might not have been enough, initially, for Hagall to really, really hate Urd. For a good, long while Urd was making a name for herself in childhood as a powerful demon, and appeared to on the right track towards making a name for herself as a demon. But, well... things change. And when someone with such close ties to the Damkianna chooses the Aesir over the Falkin, well... Demons aren't really known for trust either. Trust is hard to gain and easy to loose. With a lack of trust comes anger, and with anger comes hate, and, so, when Urd left Niflheim permanently for Asgard, she made a lot of enemies. A lot of them are enemies she'll never know the faces of nor ever meet in person or even know the name of, but effectively, as soon as she left, she gave the okay for other, more devious, disgrunted, and suspicious demons to start making plans to remove her, just in case she decided to use her proximity to Hild for her own political power-be it for Asgard or Niflheim. You really have to look at it from Hagall's perspective to really see it: Here is the daughter of the Emperess, due to one day inherit and filled with ungodly might. Here is the daughter of their greatest enemy, a bastard-born wolf in sheep's clothing walking amongst the flock, where at any moment the sheepskin might fall away before the wolf tears into the herd. Here is a danger to the nation, a threat to the country, and here the Empress does nothing but dote on her well until the day that wolf leaves for the house of the nation's greatest enemy. And she goes in peace instead of fighting, and she goes with deep knowledge of the nation, of the Empress, and of the political faction and deep secrets that the enemy must never know about. And she claims she will not speak of such things, but she is half-demon, and prone to lying, and she is half-god, and turning her back on her demonic heritage, and who can really say what she will and will not say? Best to remove her now and be done with her before she becomes a real threat. Best remove her in silence with poison and with assassins and keep the Empress in the dark so that she might never know. Best one small evil for the larger good of the whole, and really, who would mourn such a cur, anyway?
  16. Ah! My goddess Fic ideas

    That does sounds interesting, Imaginos. On a side note, I got a copy of American gods and will read it when I get a chance. As for another idea from me... Let's see... Is there a way to have Belldandy as the antagonist? There's one series that keeps popping on my radar whenever I go online, Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. I haven't watched it, but I've done some research on it, simply because of how often I keep running into the series. To cut a long explanation short, in that series, two teenagers get their powers from a combination of jewelry and magical entities that are referred to as Kwamis. The teens superhero identities are Ladybug and Cat Noir The Big bag also has a Kwami, though it is against the Kwami's will, as the Kwamis are meant to empower heroes. The Big bad is named Hawkmoth and he can use his Kwami to create evil entities called Akuma, which can possess people and change them into brainwashed and crazy supervillians that are themed by incidents they were wronged by and a strong desire for revenge. ...I guess an example would be to use the Queen Sayoko story arc, but with three key differences. 1.) Mara isn't there. 2.) The change to N.I.T. was done thanks to the akuma giving Sayoko the powers to do so. 3.) Sayoko is brainwashed by the Akuma, so she gets more extreme as time goes on. As in Queen of hearts, screaming 'Off with Belldandy's head', anyone? But this is about Belldandy becoming the antagonist, not rehashing the Queen Sayoko story arc in a possibly darker way. I guess a cheap way to have Belldandy as the antagonist is to focus on Urd or Skuld trying to become a first class goddess or Keiichi is in a trial to become a god, but Belldandy is the opponent for the final part.
  17. Scarred Survivors

    Is there a background and a context for the prejudice Hagall expressed against Urd, or was she just a bitch?
  18. Ah! The following day

    Perhaps some time later, since she won't be on Earth for the time being. Unless of course, he returns only to run into another old acquaintance of his. You might say that this counts as round two? Hagall is technically speaking (at least in my stories, since her exact title was never provided, only hinted at) the ruler of Niflheim (just the realm) with Hild being the ruler of demonkind (all realms under demonic control). And even though Hild's not available, she retains the rank of her second in command (or deputy Daimakaicho). All things considered, with someone else resembling Hild to a degree (Angrboda), you can expect that they'll try to keep Hild's status a secret for the time being. He certainly will, since he also has job to do there, too. And that's something he might even get while he's in Niflheim, plus modify it a bit in his free time. Actually, Surt's not too likely to develop a fascination with Peorth. So, I don't think that this counts as a hint. He's likely to end up with someone else, but that's for later on.
  19. Ah! The following day

    Now there's a possibility — Aoshima decides to take out the humiliation and frustration on Hagall because, well, she was there. That could go a lot of ways, none of them ending well for our least favorite asshat. Maybe one that ends with him running naked through downtown Nekomi, screaming like a little girl? Sayoko could take her sweet time bailing him out of jail, too; like noon the next day. Is Hagall's role more Hild's executive assistant, or vice-Daimakaicho? Or some of both? Odal would definitely want to accompany her to Niflheim. Hey, maybe she'll want him to buy her a waterbed for their room at Tariki Hongan. In a lot of these stories, demons have a fascination with water. In other news, might there be a hint of [Peorth + Surtr] in the air? She definitely got his attention! Or, [Verthandi + Surtr]?
  20. Ah! The following day

    That's indeed the case, but in a way it's also a breach of the treaty between the gods and the demons, regardless of how valid her reasoning was. Still, it's not like the demons have much to say, with Hel's own incident, so in the end, both sides are in a bit of a tie of sorts. I suppose given the fact that Aoshima is indeed a mortal, there was little to gain by pushing it even further, as he's barely a legitimate threat. Of course, should that creep decide to come back for more... that's going to be a different case alright. In a way it's going to be interesting indeed. Although, their honeymoon is going to get interrupted, since Hild actually went missing in the end of the current chapter (there's a small mention in her conversation with Nidhogg that the dragon caused her whole body to manifest, effectively summoning her). So, at the very least, someone needs to handle things in her absence. Of course, it's not like their married life will take a backseat in this story, but sometimes it's better to see how couples can deal with with hurdles thrown at them, and not just stick to the carefree times.
  21. Ah! The following day

    Ansuz had a lot of valid reasons to unilaterally perform a time-reset: There wasn’t time for negotiations. The mess had to be cleaned up before more mortals noticed and the effects spread. She was cleaning up a demons’ mess, after all. The problem has been solved. Hild and Ansuz should agree to call it even. Odal missed the perfect way to screw with Aoshima: "WHAT are you thinking about MY WIFE, mortal?" He let that dickhead off way too easy, though. Running around Mount Fuji’s caldera shouldn’t take more than an hour, and won’t teach any lasting lessons. Aoshima will be back to the same annoying entitled dickhead in a few days. I like the way Odal stepped up with Hagall. That's gonna get interesting. I wonder what kind of bed she's going to make him buy?
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  23. Anime: What Series Are You Currently Watching?

    Finally saw The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzimiya. That was kind of…demented. But in a good way. Amagi Brilliant Park. Clever, funny and engaging, at least after 5 episodes.
  24. Bad Goddess The Complete Fan Fiction Series

    Write Like The Wind & Never Stop Thinking: The Making of Bad Goddess Ep 3 The Re-Arrangement
  25. Bad Goddess The Complete Fan Fiction Series

    Write Like the Wind & Never Stop Thinking: The Making of Bad Goddess Ep 2 The Allegory
  26. Bad Goddess The Complete Fan Fiction Series

    Write Like the Wind & Never Stop Thinking: The Making of Bad Goddess Ep 1 The Intervention
  27. Scarred Survivors

    Seriously, I have no problem doing this. Still, Winter and (unnecessary) turnovers are a horrible combination in any line of work. I actually expected to be half done catching up at a moderate pace... I'd rather be able to remember what I read, though (or at least be able to remember something other than a blurry screen). Also, I might be wrong about something. This may be the worst possible scenario:
  28. I highly recommend the person that started this post seek out an Ah! My Goddess: Bad Goddess episode on YouTube titled "The Humor and the Heartbreak". I openly poke fun at the difference between AMG Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld, and Norse Mythology Verdandi, Urdr, and Skolde.
  29. Scarred Survivors

    Hopefully by this weekend, if not that then soon afterwards given I've got President's day off, which should give me some additional time to write. If for some reason even that looks unmanagable, then I'll go ahead and write a lore piece to help tide you guys over until the actual chapter is complete. But I'm aiming for this weekend.
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