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  2. Battle Angel Alita Movie Trailer Debuts

    Oh no, I like Super Mario Bros, but I still think it's a total disaster, like watching a dystopian trainwreck. Nothing pleases me more than to know that John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins thought so too, while they were in the middle of filming it, no less. They had to result to heavy drinking every night just to get through it.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Japanese Priestess Killed Over Shrine Succession

    That would promote rational thought. When someone makes the commitment to take another person's life, it's usually with the sole purpose of gaining something out of it. Whether it's for material gain or just out of a sense of revenge. Having been a victim of a violent crime, I can assure you that they do it to exert power over someone else and mostly, just so they can self-gratify themselves. I was the victim of an armed robbery and while I wasn't injured, the person threatened me with violent injury. I've had to deal with his psychopathic wife and I can tell you that it's not a position that anyone should ever be placed in. In this case, the suspect was angry that his sister was made high priestess, after he was removed from the position over financial problems that were his responsibility. Never let it be said that the Japanese are never impacted by crimes as violent as this.
  5. Winter Wonderland: It's Snowing

    Sheesh! It's been snowing here in Michigan all day and we already have at least 3-4 inches and it's still snowing. It's going to be one of those winter seasons. I'll post pics tomorrow.
  6. some of these i remember well, running across them back when i first began hitting the net at my grandma's almost 20 years ago... My Goddess, has it been that long?!?
  7. Marller Gets a Spinoff

    So Here's the Deal. While I'm still working on the materials for Ex-Driver Will Follow, I seem to be having more inspiration for Like Clockwork in terms of writing and music. I think I have a better shot of getting that episode written and photoshopped faster than that former I listed, so I'm simultaneously working on both. Stay Tuned.
  8. Last week
  9. Ah! The following day

    I know that it's been a while since I've updated this story, but the ending of "Ah! The lost contract" had messed up my schedule, making it difficult to find the time to finish chapter 63 in time. So, I'm still working it, as I didn't wish to release a poorly written chapter, just to meet the deadline. I hope that the end result will be worth the waiting.
  10. AnimEigo Announce YUA Going Out Of Print

    I had two complete sets but I ended up selling them when I needed to generate money for the site's hosting costs. That was back when we weren't generating donations for the site. That was about ten years ago.
  11. Welsper the Demon Child

    Don't Worry, Welsper/Velsper will turn back into his usual kitty self at the end of Marller Gets a Spinoff Season Two. According to the rules of BBC's Doctor Who, alternate changes in time are really more like a rug. You can make all the ruffles you want, but it'll eventually be straightened out and lead to the same place.
  12. AMG Winter tales 2017

    Thanks, Keiichi. FFN is acting weird, so here's a link to chapter 9. I'll post it on FFN once that site stops acting up.
  13. Anime: What Series Are You Currently Watching?

    I've jumped back into my anime kick. Now that I've finished with Clannad, I've moved onto Gundam 00, 50 episodes to watch through.
  14. Manga: What have you read lately?

    When I ordered Oh My Goddess! Omnibus Volume 6 from Right Stuf, I saw Ai Yori Aoshi Omnibus Volume 1 on sale. Couldn't resist. Found Volumes 4, 5 and 6 at Book-Off today for $1.00 each.
  15. Your Favorite Anime Shows

    VanDread is still one of my favorites. It's just fun! Just got the Oh My Goddess! OVA episodes 1-3 today. Ah! My Goddess (Season 1) Ah! My Goddess — Flights Of Fancy (Season 2) Ah! My Goddess — The Movie Cat Planet Cuties (Guilty Pleasure #3) Ai Yori Aoshi — got everything except Season 1 disk 2 Fullmetal Alchemist (Original Series, complete) Fullmetal Panic! and Second Raid InuYasha — Seasons 1 - 7 and 4 movies. (His name literally means Dog-Demon) Heroic Age Requiem For The Phantom Casshern Sins
  16. NFL Protest Continues: Hemorrhages More Fans

    Exactly. For the most part, at its core, I think people who are struggling who fight for a cause, have a noble reason to fight for social justice. The problem with these millionaire professional football warriors is that they're not struggling for anything. That's the problem. The wealthy think they are on the same level as the average person when they're not. What happened is that these self deluded professional football players decided to hijack national television, something that normal people would never be allowed to do and would never have access to, and it backfired in a major way. They fractured NFL fans all across the country and it hurt the NFL in ways that they haven't truly realized. The problem I have with them is that they are so far disconnected from normal society that nobody takes them seriously because they don't live in the real world. The problem with them now is that they have developed "tunnel vision". What I mean by this is that this started out as a noble reason but when it backfired, they became so focused on a single point and blacked out everything else on the periphery. This is common among sharpshooters when they become so fixated on a target that they don't become aware of other threats or they miss what's going on around them. The fact that the NFL offered almost $100 million to African American causes and they refused to capitulate illustrates this in great detail. Now, it has escalated to the point where neither the NFL nor the players can back away from this SNAFU. The NFL and these players lost the fight when NFL fans started boycotting the NFL and started burning their NFL gear and merchandise. It reminds me of people who become so enraged that they start burning effigies that reflect the person they hate. When it all comes down to it, it's going to take years for the NFL to repair its tarnished image and many fans will still hold them accountable because they allowed this whole "bend the knee" protest to grow out of control and they did nothing to stop it. When it comes down to it, the NFL players are employees of the NFL and that the owners and the NFL should have stopped this the minute it started. The funny thing about this is that nobody paid any attention until President Trump hijacked the narrative regarding these protests and it ended up turning the entire narrative against the NFL and they lost control. Nobody is denying that these players have the right to exercise their constitutional rights where it concerns protests and free speech. What everyone is angry about is that these players chose the wrong venue, while everyone was standing for the national anthem and the protests were seen as disrespecting the men and women who serve in our country's armed forces as well as disrespecting the American flag. When the national anthem is sung, it's seen as respecting the flag; you stand for the anthem, you place your hand over your heart, it's seen as paying respect to our country, to the flag and to those who have served and sacrificed their lives for our country. This is what these players don't understand and no amount of media "spin" can get the public back on their side. If the NFL were smart, they would cancel all games for 2018 and make some attempt to repair the damage they've done and try to restore the faith that their fans felt for this game. But, I don't see this problem going away anytime soon and I think it's going to be a very long process and it might take years for the NFL to repair their image.
  17. Scarred Survivors

    Both Urd and Belldandy have resided on Midgard/interacted with the locals enough to use a passive spell that hides their facial sigils from those people who might have a strong spiritual sixth-sense. Japan was full of it and Belldandy, after a certain period of getting one too many queer looks and questions from some of Aoshima's more lawful, non-Yakuza buisness associates, began to keep in on active at all times due to its nature-the spell only activates when people of a specific spiritual frequency come too close, and so the drain on magic reserves is usually pretty minimal. Urd, after one too many close run-ins with concerned military Chaplains and the random inquiring drunk seaman (ha), and even one instance where Mac looked at her funny, did much the same. Hagall, with her disdain for Aoshima and keeping him at arms length as a client, never really interacted with other humans and so never bothered to use such a spell. For her, there was never a reason to, thus the reveal of the sigils to Deb. Sorry updates have been so long guys. I just got off a two week nightshift working 12s for an exercise, no pausex in between. I'm still fucking exhausted, but hopefully I'll be able to write a page that isn't absolute shit with this upcoming weekend.
  18. Toppu GP: Thoughts and Feedback

    I plan on reading through chapters 18-20 to see if Fujishima-san has changed the direction or to see if it's just more of the same.
  19. Earlier
  20. Toppu GP Chapters 18-20 Finally Released

    Toppu GP Chapters 18-20 have finally been added. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting these releases. Check out the forums for more details.
  21. Ah! My Goddess Omnibus Discussion

    Okay, I did receive an update from Dark Horse Comics in regards to the OMNIBUS volumes of the manga series. Judy responded to my inquiry as to whether there were more volumes forthcoming and she confirmed that there were. However, they do not have a timeline for their release dates for the forthcoming volumes. The series is not cancelled, they simply don't have a time-table for their release. Judy simply asked for fans to keep checking the Dark Horse website for any announcements. I do appreciate Judy at Dark Horse Comics for responding back to my email so quickly. I'll report back just as soon as the next volume is announced for release.
  22. Recently, I've been receiving inquiries as to the status of the Oh My Goddess! OMNIBUS volumes. The sixth volume was the last volume to be published and there hasn't been any news regarding future volumes of the manga. However, I have managed to get a response from Dark Horse regarding the release of additional volumes and there is some good news for fans of this manga series. while they cannot confirm when the next volumes will be released, they did confirm that there are plans on releasing the remaining volumes in this series. Unfortunately, they cannot provide a timeline for when they will be released but did ask fans to be patient and to keep updated through the website. Special thanks to Judy, from Dark Horse Comics, for responding to our inquiries and we just ask everyone to also keep checking back here for more updates, as well.
  23. AnimEigo, in an update to their Kickstarter plans to bring the Riding Bean OVA to Blu-ray, they have announced that their next Kickstarter attempt will be to bring Kenichi Sonoda's Gunsmith Cats OVA anime to Blu-ray for their next project. Their Kickstarter projects for the Bubblegum Crisis OVA series and the Riding Bean OVA film has been successful for the anime distributor. This is great news as this represents one of the earlier licenses that AnimEigo has acquired. Can't wait to hear more of this project.
  24. Daily Life with Monster girl

    Honestly, I had never heard of this series before which prompted me to do a Google search on it. From some of the images I've seen, it looks like there is quite a bit of fan-service to the anime series. But, I'll check this series out later and give me impressions on it.
  25. AMG Fanfic Recommendations

    Title: The Heart of One Man Author: by Anand Rao. Edited by: GT and TJ Hamilton Rating: K Genre: Drama/Romance. Main Characters/Pairing: Keiichi/Belldandy Summary: What if Belldadndy was really recalled back to Heaven at the end of OAV 5.? Link: Here
  26. Fansubs, Streaming Services, Downloads: Do you still engage?

    Personally, I still use some sites like BakaBT and Nyaa. I remember back in the day when AnimeSuki used to be the major player in anime fansubs. I don't know, I guess I've always enjoyed fansubs because I don't have to worry about interruptions in online streaming or have to sit through commercial ads.
  27. winedrinkingcritic

    Marller Gets a Spinoff: The Hellsing Peccasdillo just hit 1,000 views in Japan.

  28. Well, the way it works in Japan, a manga series is released in a magazine offered by the publisher. Then, when there are enough chapters released to be published in a tankouban (or trade-paperback), they are collected and released in manga volumes. The sales from tankouban are what determine whether a manga series continues to be published by that manga publisher. Most manga don't get the chance to be adapted into anime, which is also where a manga publisher may generate revenue from. It's rare that a manga series or anime become so popular that they continue to be published. One Piece, Pokemon, Naruto, Bleach are all examples of where they have become so popular that they continue to be published as manga and produced as anime to this very day. Naruto, has also become the victim of its success, producing entire seasons of anime that is adapted with "filler" material from the manga series. Kodansha's Attack on Titan is just one of the more recent manga titles that has been an anime hit for Kodansha.
  29. Ah! My Goddess: Season 3, Separating Fact from Fiction

    I may end up adapting the entire manga into video comic format out of boredom after Marller Gets a Spinoff (in backwards order), but adapting those things is a lot of work (one issue takes two hours to photoshop and each volume is seven issues long), and it just wouldn't be the same as getting a new animated series with a voice cast. If they don't produce some new material before I get to the end of all my projects, then I would assume that they don't have plans to. The clock is ticking.
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