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  2. Utti Jaeger

    oh boy it feels so amazing to be back

  3. Correction it has been three years
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  5. Had a bit of a tough day today, and this just put a smile on my face. Had to control myself at the 'Dr Google' bit...the idea that ten dimensional beings would consult a three dimensional built source...when they have Yggdrasil very funny.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I think that includes the author himself, as the later arcs mainly concern the goddesses, with Keiichi being the only male character of any real importance (there are a few cameos of Tamiya and Otaki, along with Sentaro, but that's basically). Even if the story focused more on the immortals, we never really saw any god or male demon. Tyr was never actually shown at any point, either.
  8. I think the closest analogy (Mythologically speaking) is a survivor of Ragnarok coming to a similar, yet different world at the same time. I don't think that his initial concern was to fix anything, but rather to find something to get out of his early depression. Giving himself a task, as simple as such a thing sounds like is much better for him to focus on, rather than lamenting about what could've been in his own past. Sure, he doesn't really want things to go as bad as they did in his original world, but at this point it should be obvious to him that history here is different than back in his own world. As such, his role could be considered as finished, but that still leaves him with the fact that he's stuck in a foreign world. So, the next thing for him is to find another reason to live for, and perhaps approaching his parents (and his aunts too) could help him heal some wounds. Of course it's going to take some coaxing from a few characters, but, during the next few chapters, I'll add some 'diary' entries where he explains things in further detail, and eventually that diary ends up in his parents' hands later on. Still, he does play a role later on, along with the main cast, but much of his knowledge is now useless ( personally, I don't want him to be a walking in-story spoiler). And the mess he did cause, although far less severe than the original situation he had to deal with in his time, does need to be addressed, even though some of the others (primarily Hild) try to convince him not to worry about it, and let them take over. From a totally different perspective, one of my goals with him, and the story in general is to showcase two very different outcomes for Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship. On one hand we have the current timeline where they're both alive (and with Keiichi being a god on top of it), and on the other, we have a place (alternative timeline) where they spent their lives together... although not forever, in the most literal of senses. I generally prefer making sure that they would stay together forever in my stories, and that means making Keiichi immortal in one way or another, but this is a way of trying something vastly different and binding it together with the happier outcome (current timeline) to provide a two-in one story (as well as give myself a main reason to keep the overall plot move forward). As a matter of fact, back when I started the story, I even considered having that Keiichi being the survivor and brought back to this world, but I soon talked myself out of it, since I didn't like the idea of having one version of Keiichi being alone, while another lived happily with Belldandy. The end result was to give this role to their son, and that's how Odal came to be. And considering that I've been going around the subject for too long, here's the first entry of that diary (since it doesn't show anything too spoiler-ish). There will be at least another in the next chapter, and a few more in the upcoming ones:
  9. Last week
  10. Chapter 29 is on FFN:
  11. Artwork of Suld with Banpei Source: I did not create nor own this image.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  12. Fan art of Skuld. Source: I did not create, nor do I own this image.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  13. Anime vlogger Joey 'the Anime Man' does it again...with an interview...for the first time on camera...with Akatsuki-sensei, creator of the comedy light novel /anime series Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! aka Konosuba!
  14. Fanart of Belldandy uploaded to by gelbooru Image source: I did not create, nor do I own this image.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  15. So, after we saw the Gamebox 3D waifu...we have a new app that lets you talk with your anime girlfriend...and she would answer you back. Just as if she was really there. Here is the video by the vlogger Tokyosaurus
  16. Was just browsing on the web one day, and came across this fine drawing of Belldandy. It was done by a Michelle Park, (profile here) If you want to see the image, and perchance purchase it....the link is below...
  17. A fanart of Belldandy made by miura_n315 over at Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), miura_n315 (image)

  18. Fanart of Belldandy by BrokenSoul1987 at devaint art Source : I did not create, nor do I own this image.

    © BrokenSoul1987, Kosuke Fujishima

  19. Fanart of Belldandy by Crysa at Deviant Source: I did not create or own this image

    © Crysa, Kosuke Fujishima

  20. Earlier
  21. Official artwork of Ah my Goddess showing Bell, her sisters, and a mini-keichi as Santa Image source: I do not own or create this image, nor do I own Ah my Goddess.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  22. I think I'd give Ms. Smith a go!...
  23. Chapter 5 posted.
  24. It's here, it's here!. funimation licenses Hyouka. Due in July. yippee.. With this and Gosic next month...a great year for long lost, neglected series.
  25. "Come forth, Taco Bell!" *Fart sound as Taco Bell emerges* Keiichi just stares for a solid minute. "I never thought about this before, but where exactly do angels emerge... from?"
  26. Another old topic... My favourite cop of season 1....of YUA has to be Nakajima Ken...largely because he sort of reminds me of love with a woman, can't say it out clearly, but fortunately for him, the lady is still waiting for him (In my own case...lady married someone else...sigh). And he is funny, devoted to his job, and generally tries his best.
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