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  3. Michael Ludlow, from Zombie Life TV told me a hilarious Bad Goddess story last night after the show. He said that his truck had been stolen in Lago Vista about a month ago, and the only reason that the police were able to identify his truck and deliver it back to him was because the thief forgot to remove the envelope with the Bad Goddess dvds from the car. So when the Police gave Michael the dvds back, they didn't know what it was, and going off the title Bad Goddess Fan Club, assumed that it was pornographic films. When they handed it back to them, they were like, "Oh, uh, we're not judging or anything, but..." So basically, even the Thieves and the Cops didn't want Bad Goddess. ROFLMAO!!!!
  4. Thank you.
  5. I don't know, a little bit of magic, a blood clot, an embolism…Keiichi would never even have to know. That was my first reaction, too. "Urd, Urd, Urd. KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE BULLSHIT!!" I want to see this: Debra: “A few drinks?! You two guzzled six bottles of Jack Daniels. You should both be dead!” Urd: “Yup, a few drinks.”
  6. Finished Shantae and the Pirate's curse. Fun game... until the final level. I've been told that Wayforward has a surprise Difficult jump around there for all their games. Truth be told, I actually had fun for all but the second segment of the final level. Sure, they were all difficult. But they were fun to figure out. The second segment involved getting shot out of weird mouth things through spiky corridors at the correct moments to avoid spiky moving pillars. I almost had a rage quit at the last segment, which alternated pillars. I looked for a way to get past them. Found a little trick to bypass it. Jump Hat Cannon Hat Cannon Cannon Hat or some variation of it. The trick is to wait a tiny bit after using the hat, while it's making you go up before firing the cannon before you begin to float down. Final boss was tricky, but still fun when you've grinded for enough healing items and bubble shield items. One thing I didn't know until I was almost done with the game is that the Lamp item can suck up hearts and Gems for you, no matter where they are. Over the weekend, I'll be starting Shantae Half-Genie Hero.
  7. Last week
  8. Chapter 61 is finally on FFN:
  9. More reason to show why Keiichi is such a lucky guy....and it's not what it looks like
  10. As far as the movie itself goes, i've heard good and bad reviews on it so at the very least it's done reasonably well. Looking at box office takings worldwide it earned just under $170million, with a budget of $110m. Usually the rule of thumb is the movie budget amount of money again for marketing, so $220m worldwide needed to break even. It may be a flop on that front, but don't forget home media sales generally give a decent boost back as well and not to mention any merchandise relating to the movie too. It's definitely going to make it's money back sooner rather than later. It's not just the fans you have to consider, but everyone that has seen it. Even if you just focus on the fans for a second, not all of them are going to be on the same level as it really depends how deep they are into GITS. Personally I enjoy GiTS in general for what it is but that's about my extent, meanwhile I have a friend who is 100% obsessed with the series and could go on for days. As for the movie itself, I haven't seen it, so I can't say much about it but my friend on the other hand hated it. I've heard from others who have enjoyed GiTS in the past also like the recent movie, as well as others that didn't. So i guess it just really depends on the person too. At the end of the day, it is Hollywood and while you can cater to the fans as much as possible, you still have to try and get mainstream appeal as a whole, especially if you're using big stars to carry the movie as well. That said, it's not limited to Hollywood that have put out average to downright bad anime live action adaptations either That's pretty much it really. I mean look at the Emoji movie, there's no way it would even have the slightest chance of success
  11. "Aggressive Retsuko" The story is about a female panda working as an accountant. As she gets annoyed by co-workers and superiors all the time she rants Death Metal style in her mind to vent off some steam. Very funny!
  12. I frequently refer to Belldandy/Keiichi's children spinoff as "The Girl Meets World Sequel". Where their children take center stage and everyone we all know and love and there for backup and moral support. Gag me. I'm pretty sure he can think of a better sequel than that.
  13. I just assumed that all of Fujishima's series take place in the same AMG universe at different locations and time periods.
  14. Those extremist on all sides cause nothing but trouble for society. Wish they could just lock them up and throw the keys away....
  15. Here's the cooking chapter. Feels like it fell apart near the middle or end, though. Any suggestions how to fix it?
  16. LQ versions of chapter 54 are out.
  17. Earlier
  18. Do you like trying out new features and maybe also assist software / game developers in ironing out bugs? Or do you prefer to play it safe and stick with the final builds? I personally mostly stick with final builds whenever possible especially as for "critical" software. Only if something is seriously broken then I'm willing to give pre-release versions a shot provided that the gain justifies the risk. Otherwise I would just revert back to the previous stable build if that's an option.
  19. Chapter 17 is up Is it me or is there more chemistry for Urd/Miia and Belldandy/Centorea than Anyone/Keiichi?
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