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  2. Neo Yokio: ANN Reviews Worst Ever Anime Series

    I actually discuss Collateral Beauty in one of my stories, because I felt the theme of the abstracts (Love, Time, Death) connected it to Ah My Goddess (Past, Present, Future). Will Smith chose to co-star in Suicide Squad because he felt he royally screwed up by turning down Django Unchained because he wasn't the lead in the film. Will Smith also regrets After Earth, which he felt was a terrible movie and he dragged his son down with him.
  3. Crunchyroll Anime Catalog: New Titles Added For September 2017

    Crunchyroll has added new titles to its catalog. Gunslinger Girls (from Funimation's catalog) The Social Welfare Agency saves the lives of terminal patients using cybernetic implants. Then it teaches them to kill. After surviving the slaughter of her family, young Henrietta awakens to her new life at the Agency with a rebuilt body and no memory. Teamed with Jose, who is responsible for turning her into the perfect assassin, Henrietta’s been given a second chance—but at what cost? Kaleido Star: New Wings The director of Sailor Moon and Princess Tutu brings fans this breathtaking story of a young girl determined to follow her dreams all the way to the top! Sora—an amazing acrobat from Japan—left her family behind and moved to California to audition for a role in Kaleido Stage: a world-famous troop of performers is known for their death-defying stunts and spectacularly sparkling costumes! Noir Mireille makes a living out of killing as an international assassin. Kirika is an amnesiac with uncanny speed and stealth. Under the codename Noir, these two lethal women track and kill criminal syndicates across the globe as they hunt for clues to their connected pasts—until they discover it is they who are being hunted. The body count rises as an ancient conspiracy unfolds. Tenchi in Tokyo When Tenchi sets out for the bright lights of Tokyo, his harem of scandalous space vixens won’t take their abandonment lying down! The jilted lovers use an inter-dimensional tunnel to keep tabs on Tenchi and visit him—in bed—any time they please! The claws come out when the girls find out Tenchi has a super cute new girlfriend—and her intentions are anything but honorable! Shigurui: Death Frenzy Shigurui: Death Frenzy begins with a daimyo insisting (despite a man literally spilling his guts to argue otherwise) that samurai use real swords rather than bokken in an upcoming tournament. When the day comes, the first two competitors step up: a one-armed man and a blind man. Hero's Tales The hero of the period piece is Taito, a young man who shows himself within the first few minutes of the first episode to be a truly great reincarnated warrior. In particular, he is the incarnation of the war god Alkaid... but he's also young and untrained. This is a big problem when he first meets up with his polar opposite, Keiro -- the incarnation of Alkaid's rival Dubhe.
  4. Gun control

    This issue is just so complicated that most people think of the second amendment as an entitlement when it isn't. When someone shows a disregard for handling a licensed weapon irresponsibly, law enforcement can confiscate that weapon if they perceive that you're doing something reckless or they're under the belief that you will hurt someone. But, walking down the street with a rifle slung over your shoulder is not, what I believe, what our founding fathers, who created the constitution and the bill of rights, intended when they drafted the second amendment. I'm all for fighting for your constitutional rights, and even your right to own a gun, until you start going out in public just to create an incident with your neighbors or to provoke the police into responding negatively. Walking out in public with a gun, you take the risk of being stopped by the police. That's just the way it is because they don't know anything about you so they can;t be blamed for stopping you and asking you questions.
  5. Destiny 2 Players Punished by Bungie, Game Loophole Gets Nerfed

    This type of thing happens but when the developers decide to penalize the players who abused it, they generally complain and whine about it and act like they are entitled to use those exploits in the game. I'm giving Bungie big congrats for dealing with this exploit by not banning the players who abused those exploits but to penalize those players in-game by nerfing the exploits so that players cannot take advantage of those exploits going forward. With many MMO's, the game developer who is in charge of those games usually suspend or ban those players. There is a game that I plan called Flyff, it's developed by Gala Labs and managed by Webzen. When someone exploits the game to their advantage, Webzen doesn't play games, they've suspended players for a lot longer than just three days. Players found to be taking advantage of exploits usually find themselves with a 30 day suspension from the game, a temporary ban. Players who continue to abuse those exploits, which are part of the in-game mechanics, have also found themselves banned form the game indefinitely for repeated abuses. AFK Farming (using third party exterior tools) to farm for items in the game while you sleep are "suspension and banned" actions that can happen. This happens all of the time many Webzen games.
  6. Welsper the Demon Child

    Today's Magical Entry (9/23):
  7. Diagnosed With Borderline Diabetes

    Alright... I'm getting on my soapbox a bit, so listen up. This is serious. Type 2 isn't hereditary. Only Type 1 is, and it's rare in comparison to Type 2 nowadays. Type 2 isn't about your family history, as it's more liable to occur when the body is overworked processing artificial sugars and saturated fats. I can't get into the medical aspects of it because I'm not a subject matter expert on it, and if your Doctor is worth his or her deploma, they'll have already explained that to you already. The main thing to take away from it is that it most often happens to people with an unhealthy diet. Introducing fruits and vegetables while getting rid of processed foods-like, say, fast food, ready-to-eat meals, junk food, and sugary drinks, allow the body to safely loose weight and stabalize blood sugar while also filling you up so that you aren't as hungry. Fruits and vegetables are low-calories, vitamin-packed, and are usually high in either water content or fiber, which make you feel full faster. Listen to your doctor, Keiichi. I can't stress this enough because I saw my father go through the same thing before he started exercising more. If you're borderline, than you can still change for the better and prevent yourself from developing Type 2. But it all starts with you, Boss. You need to take a long, hard look at your diet and recognize that what you're living off of right now is hurting you, and take those steps to change yourself for the better. Ditch the sodas, ditch the fatty meats, and ditch the junkfood. Start drinking more water. Get outside and exercise-not just a walk, but going to a gym and getting some anerobic/aerobic workouts in conjoined with weights-it'll help you shed pounds and will make you overall healthier. Take note of what your Doc said you could and could not have and toss the junk food in the trash. Start making a list of the things you need to buy from the grocery store and try to limit them to the produce section with lean meats and lentils, as they have less saturated fat. Stick to the list so you don't go browsing for the items you crave and don't go shopping on an empty stomach. You can do the Mediterranean diet, Keiichi. You still have the opportunity to overcome this, however it needs to start with you. I don't want to say anymore out here. If you would like though, send me a message and we'll talk off-line.
  8. Yesterday
  9. The Spamming Topic

  10. News Ticker: Feedback

    I know. I just added it yesterday and I can add more news to it. If more members don't like it, I could remove it but I'm testing it out to see how everyone takes to the news ticker. It will allow me to post news relating to upcoming manga releases, anime releases, anime schedules, anything I want to add to it.
  11. Demon Souls and Dark Souls

    or if you are unlucky a hacker might come along and stop your progress i heard its a pain in the neck to deal with.but if you play offline thankfully hackers wont be able to get into your game
  12. Equifax security breach

    LifeLock has been embroiled in legal problems in the past as well. I don't remember the particulars but it involved something about misleading customers about its services. They've settled a lawsuit with the the FTC for $100 million, settled a lawsuit with the State of California for $68 million for false and misleading advertising not to mention suffering the wrath of State Attorney General's in various states. It's karma that now Equifax has become embroiled in a breach, especially after such companies as Target, Yahoo, eBay, TJX Companies, JP Morgan Chase, US Office of Personnel Management (OPM), Sony Playstation Network, RSA Security, Stuxnet, Verisign, Home Depot, Adobe and many others. One would think that these big companies and government entities would hire some outside firm to analyze their network security to prevent such breaches by spending the money to improve their security measure. Spending money to improve their security would be less costly than paying a major fine to the regulatory agencies AFTER the news hits the wire about the breach. Then, these companies run around frantically, trying to conduct damage control. They seem to think that either it won't happen to them or that they gamble, hoping nobody would prove their security, looking for weaknesses. I'd hate to be the pone to say this but this is what hackers do, they probe network security for various companies hoping to grab their customer's data in a breach and then sell that information on the darkweb. Eventually, their network is going to be compromised and there's nothing they can do about it. Once hackers breach your system, you're screwed. Because then, you don't know what they're going to do with that hacked data. The recent problem that has cropped up over the past few years have been security professionals alerting companies that they have a security issue with their networked systems. When these security professionals alert these companies to fix the problem, they are often arrested and charged with violating the CFAA (Computer Fraud abnd Abuse Act) rather than the company saying thanks and making an effort to fix the security hole.
  13. Last week
  14. Forum Upgrade Feedback

    I had it to edit for members to edit up to half an hour after the post was created. But, members will no longer have the ability to edit anonymously with their own posts. This is an option that allows someone to edit without being able to choose the option to remove the "edited by" message. This is something that only forum staff can use.
  15. Scarred Survivors

    Peer, comrade, something to that affect. An individual of equal standing within an organization.
  16. Ah! My Goddess: Season 3, Separating Fact from Fiction

    I think that's misguided. The thing is, Hiroaki Gohda has never exactly followed the outline of the manga series and has always adapted Ah! My Goddess to fit his own vision. For the animated film, he opted to create new characters just as he did with the anime series that we ended up seeing produced by the director. Just a look at his anime history reveals that he doesn't have a long history of anime under his belt. It does show even in his own work on the anime series, since he wasn't exactly used to producing a long anime series like that of Ah! My Goddess. he would work on a few episodes and then take a break as you can see the obvious change in the character designs and the direction of those episodes he didn't work on. In the end, it isn't about what Fujishima-san wants. Ultimately, when a manga series is adapted into an anime series, the manga creator often doesn't have a voice in how his or her manga is adapted and anime directors often have a lot of leeway on how they adapt the anime. While manga creators like Fujishima-san do get some sort of credit in regards to the anime adaption of their work, it's typically the manga publisher and the anime studio who are pulling the strings.
  17. Talk about throwing shade. Even Japan's anime director theow it when they can. Ouch. According to Crunchyroll: Forget about Oktoberfest. Last weekend in Tokyo, it was Nikufes (Meat Festival) 2017. Part of the event's anime programming was a Fullmetal Alchemist panel with 2003 anime director Seiji Mizushima and producers Hiroshi Kanemaru and Tomoki Misawawasa. Mizushima commented that he was rooting for the live-action FMA movie, with a particular interest in the 3DCGI, but he also noted he had trepidation about the project. “It was a bad idea to only use Japanese actors... If you asked me whether I think the cast could pull it off, I’d say that no, they can’t." “It’s hard for actors to capture the look and feel of the original manga”. Mizushima added “Gintama just looked stupid." Kanemaru and Misawa also included Terraformars as another bad adaptation film to add to the list. All on the panel agreed that 2D animation allows for more freedom and expression than live action. Earlier this year, for an interview in the the March issue of CUT, Yamada commented: First of all, Edward Elric isn’t Japanese, right? Playing [the role] while figuring out how to digest that within myself was something I really struggled with. I thought of how I could show that without making it feel out of place. I think that was a difficult problem that the rest of the cast probably struggled with too. Each one of us prepared for these roles with all our might, facing them earnestly, and I think we completely cleared [the hurdles]. I think that fans of the manga are still in a state of ‘how, how?’ so in regards to that, I think that’s what I want them to feel reassured about.
  18. Well, it looks like Sentai Filmworks is finally getting out of the DVD business and plans on focusing solely on Blu-ray releases. The trade-in program is great for those who are looking to upgrade to the Blu-ray format and you can even get a free Blu-ray player out of the deal.
  19. Keiichi Morisato

    updates are humming along just perfectly.

  20. New Feature: Clubs

    One thing I forgot to add, when you create your "club", someone from our forum staff is required to approve the club. Clubs will be approved on a daily basis, just be patient and give our staff time to approve it. generally speaking, your club will be approved on the same day, or within several hours of being created (if you create your club in the evening). Just don't keep creating your club because it won't appear until someone from our staff approves it.
  21. I'd like to welcome everyone to the Ah! My Goddess social group. members can join this group, post specific topics and share the anime and manga series.
  22. The Venting Topic

    Haha, I've realized that He Who Shall Not Be Named is only the manifestation of the issue. We voted him in (facepalm), and many people relate with him in the worst ways. Anyway, the root cause is that none of us do the right thing for the good of our species, including me. More than likely, we're leaving our future generations to deal with a trashed and unlivable environment. And we can't reverse that now. The threats of climate change, nuclear war, bioterrorism, etc. are very much real and possible. The best thing I think I can do is try to 1) try to do my own personal part in not contributing to the problem, and 2) use my skills to try to prevent biological threats to our species.
  23. Sometime tomorrow, I'll be enabling a new feature for the community called "clubs". Think of it as a type of social feature for the community that allows members to create social groups within the community to share common interests and create sub groups within the community that's separate from the forums. Here is a list of some of the features that's included with the new feature. "Clubs" will also have the ability for specialized topics to be created within each club. For instance, members can create "fan fiction" clubs, "Ah! My Goddess" clubs, "movies" clubs and so on. There isn't a limit to what "Clubs" can be used for. But, think of the new feature similar to facebook's "Pages" feature. But, look for this new feature sometime tomorrow. Club Types Four types of club are available: Public clubs Clubs that anyone can see and participate in without joining. Open club Clubs that anyone can see and join. Closed club Clubs that anyone can see in the directory, but joining must be approved by a Club Leader or Club Moderator. Non-club-members who view the club will only see the member list - not the recent activity or content areas. Private club Clubs that do not show in public, and users must be invited by a Club Leader or Club Moderator As the site admin, you can of course configure which club types can be created and by whom. You could, for example, allow members to create public and open clubs, but allow a "VIP" group to also create Closed and Private clubs. Club Users Each club has three levels of user: Leader A leader has all of the permissions of a moderator, and can add other moderators. They can also add content areas (see below). The club owner is automatically a leader. Moderators Moderators, as the name implies, have the ability to moderate content posted within the club. As the site administrator, you can define which moderator tools can be used. You could, for example, prevent any content being deleted from clubs, but allow it to be hidden. Moderators can also remove members from a club. Users Anyone else that joins the club. The site administrator and moderators, with the appropriate permissions, are able to moderator content in any Club regardless of whether they are a member of it. Clubs can be created by any user who has permission. As you would expect, this is controlled by our regular permission settings. For closed clubs, there's an approval process. Users can request to join and the request must be approved by a leader. Leaders get a notification when a user requests to join; the user gets a notification when their request is approved or denied. Club Content Club Leaders can add a variety of content areas to their club - forums, calendars, blogs and so on. It's important to note that these content areas are fully functional just as if they existed as a top-level admin created area. They will appear in search results, activity streams, users can follow them, embed links to them, and so on. If a user has permission to see a forum (for example) within a club it will behave exactly like other forums they see - and the same for all other kinds of content. Each content area a leader adds can have a custom title, and will appear in the club navigation. This means, for example, that you can have multiple forums within a club, and give each a different name. Club Custom Fields Clubs also support custom fields. Custom fields are defined by the site administrator and can be filled in by Club Owners. The values they enter are shown (along with the club description) on the club homepage.
  24. Ah! My Goddess Forum Topics: Feedback

    While many of our members are still aware of our Ah! My Goddess forums, especially the topics in those forums, we continue to keep those forums because there are a lot of topics in those forums that our members can continue to contribute to posting in. From time to time, I post in them, trying to revitalize the community. Even though the anime series is currently on an extended hiatus and that the manga series has been canceled, we'd still like to welcome everyone to browse through those topics and post your thoughts on whatever topic in those forums interest you. Those forums will never be removed from the community and that they remain for everyone to add something to the conversation. Same goes for the Ah! My Goddess History forum that was created for the many articles that have been created by Timotheus, our resident expert on the history of the anime and manga series. There are a lot of topics that many of our members, old and new, might find very interesting to browse through and to post.
  25. Which anime fansubs are you currently downloading and watching?

    There is still a very vibrant and very active anime fansub community, not to mention the anime fans who still watch these new shows. For me, I do continue to watch anime fansubs, it's how I started over 15 years ago when I was introduced to them through the AnimeSuki community. One of the oldest anime fansub sources at the time. Now, their community is all but dead, with a few straggling anime fans posting on their forums, here and there.
  26. Would you want to go out with Belldandy?

    No. Belldandy is clearly "not all there" in the head. And she's a cartoon character. We all saw what happened in Cool World. Noids and Doodles do not mix.
  27. Satomi Yuria, A/V Actress, Looking For Husband

    Unfortunately, I don't know, I've just always had a problem with laws focused around "morals and ethics". When it comes to governments, morals and ethics aren't usually terms they like to apply to themselves but rather toward people they're designed to target. I respect the Japanese culture, but sometimes, just because a law has been passed and people are governed by it, doesn't necessarily make it a fair, right or just law. But, then again, I'm going by my experience living as a legal citizen of the United States and the protections we are given under the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. Most citizens of other countries aren't aware just how much the average American citizen is protected under the law. We actually have more rights under the U.S. Constitution and the underlying Bill of Rights than we do under laws that are enforced under federal, state and local laws. Such things as the right of free speech (which is actually referred to as the right to assemble the government for grievances), freedom of religion, the right to assemble, due process and a whole slew of various rights. While some keep trying to repeal the Constitution, it never works. Many of the rights that protect us aren't found in other countries and most Americans aren't aware of their rights until they perceive that they have been violated. But, Japan seems to be more pro-active when ti comes to its laws regarding its "morals" laws regarding prostitution. Here, in the United States, police officers don't go around looking to arrest prostitutes. But, what they will do, is if there's a complaint, they will go in periodically and arrest prostitutes who hang out in residential neighborhoods. I remember that older men used to try and stop elementary students on their way to school in the morning after the local police cleared the prostitutes out of the area. It ended up with regular police patrols in the neighborhood until these guys stopped coming around.
  28. Bad Goddess The Complete Fan Fiction Series

    I've found it! I've finally found it! The Secret Origin of Doctor What! He jumped into the Oh My Goddess universe from a 1986 Computer Game!
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