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  1. Today
  2. I gotta be frank...i didn't understand that image all. What about Jackson? He's still catching cactus with his bare hands? In the middle of 2017? Are we getting another LindxJackson date?
  3. Two scenes for the price of one. Wouldn't be surprised if I made mistakes with the first one. =o=o= “Oh, the helmet is actually a reference to Mobile Suit Gundam. The character who wore such a mask went by the false name of Char and often used red mobile suits. His first mobile suit was said to be thirty percent faster than the average ones of its type. Time and references made it amusing to claim that painting something red made it go three times faster,” Keiichi explained. The goddesses and Mokkurkalfi all looked at Keiichi. “Neeerrrddd,” Urd, Skuld, and Mokkurkalfi said as they pointed at Keiichi. “Keiichi no Otaku,” Belldandy uttered with a giggle. ==== “You knew about the gate, so why didn’t you tell me?” Keiichi asked with a glare. "Because if you and Bell can go through it with no problems, then there’s hope for me,” Urd explained. “And If we failed?” Keiichi asked, getting madder. “Then I’d grant you mercy by offering to wipe all traces of us goddesses from your memories and life,” Urd answered. Before Keiichi could speak, she nonchalantly added, “You’d still find someone and live a good life. Just one without us. I wouldn’t be able to visit you, as my hands would be full trying to keep Belldandy from doing something permanent to herself and Skuld from closing herself off from everyone. You mean more to Belldandy than she does to you. Skuld would work more and more with machines, since they don’t need to go through the test.” Something about Urd's tone made Keiichi wonder just how many times did she think about if they had failed the test.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Don't ever let it be said that the TSA has lost their minds again. Apparently, if you're heading home from Comic Con, TSA wants to search whatever comic books you are bringing with you on your flight home. United Airlines (because of course it would be United) put up a sign at the airport in San Diego telling people that all books needed to be removed from checked bags. A Twitter user named Adi Chappo tweeted a picture of the sign at the airport: I'd like to know what they are thinking? Terrorists using comic books to transport dangerous explosives? I'd like to know when this insanity is going to end? This has gone far beyond ridiculous, in my opinion. For those of you who aren't aware, the San Diego Comic Con is the largest comic convention in the United States, on par with the Tokyo International Anime Fair (now called AnimeJapan). It sports hundreds of dealers as well as representatives from every movie and television studio as well as actors and actresses across the entertainment spectrum. The TSA, I think, has flipped its lid and its time that they are shut down. Searching comic books? Seriously? What next? Searching video tapes and Blu-ray disks?
  6. I watched Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Need to finish it off with The World's End. The Cornetto Trilogy holds up very well.
  7. Last week
  8. Not having ever seen one piece, I can't imagine what Hollywood will do to, excuse me, with this in terms of another live action anime. The only things I know of One piece is that is one of the longest running anime series and has in the neighborhood of 700 episodes. there is of course the women...lots of figures of them.
  9. Hello, I am search the title of an old fanfic. In the story Keiichi want.... eat Belldandy. It is not a problem because the goddess can come back tomorrow after Keiichi finish his "meal". Unfortunately.... It is difficult to cook herself and put her in the oven. I didn't remember the end of this story. I am curious. Thanks for your help.
  10. Ah. Well, I didn't know about the Roku. After the connecting cable died and I gave away my tablet, I had come down to two choices. Miracast and the Chromecast. I let my sister choose. she chose Chromecast because we have an old TV. Besides, the Chromecast is a rather cheap device, like 35-something dollars. Though if I have enough when the chromecast dies, I'll probably switch to the Roku.
  11. I'm jumping back and forth between Ah My Goddess Flights of Fancy and You're Under Arrest Season One.
  12. Funimation has announced a limited run of ..."In this corner of the world" on August 11. I have heard about this sometime ago. It is a crowd funded production and looks to be another fine film. Official website... We have been very lucky this year in that several major anime movies (not counting the live action "ghost in the shell") have been released in mainstream theaters. I actually know of neighbors who asked me about "Your name". Can only be a good thing to expose more to this genre. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no planned showings in my area. Hopefully more theaters will be added as we get closer. But until then, I am planning to go see "The Ancient Magus’ Bride" this week. Between theatrical releases and the release of "Gosick" and "Hyouka" I am one happy camper.
  13. Looking good!
  14. This is my favorite Doctor What scene in the Bad Goddess series. I imagine some people started watching the pilot movie and bailed on it thinking I turned Oh My Goddess into Bad Santa. But there are dozens of passionate scenes like this one littered throughout the series. That's the secret of Bad Goddess. Despite the foul language, I kept the sentimentality intact.
  15. Keiichi Morisato

    I prefer hot cocoa.

  16. Nice. I like the maid version better.
  17. That's an easy mistake to make. The reason they make that mistake is because at the end of the first chorus, it ends with "...of the world"... but you're right about the last chorus, it just ends with "we are the champions.
  18. definitely both. Could start with some of it just trying to get away. Then as they become larger, they become more aggressive. And Skuld sacrificing Urd would be hilarious!
  19. Earlier
  20. I actually prefer the English Language version of Howl's Moving Castle because of Billy Crystal, and the English Language version of Kiki's Delivery Service has the late Phil Hartman as the black cat. My Studio Ghibli Collection six dvd set, however, is an obvious bootleg release that somehow managed to look legitimate enough to get released on amazon. It has all of the Studio Ghibli films except 'The Wind Rises' and onward. I was lucky enough to snag a new copy of it online for $30, when everywhere else, this set was around $200. But who the hell am I to pass judgment. Personally, I'd like 'Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind' on Blu-ray. It would make a great triple feature with 'Heavy Metal' and 'Fire and Ice'.
  21. well, about the closest thing i'll ever likely have to a Belldandy/Skuld/Keiichi family portrait, i suppose. with Tenchi Masaki of "Tenchi Muyo!" fame here, (TOYNAMI brand 2001 1/6 character doll) i suppose Bell-chan will have to settle for substituting one wishy-washy Hubbie with another;
  22. Sorry folks, had to fix the broken image links, PHOTOBUCKET being a PitA again and all...
  23. Tales from the Darkside actually began it's production as Creepshow: The Series and it retained many of the production staff from the Creepshow series. The title change was a last minute decision. It is for that reason that Tales from the Darkside: The Movie is considered to be the real Creepshow 3, and not that "in name only" imposter that was released in the early 2000s.
  24. Due to some difficulties, this will be put on hold until next year.
  25. Alright, I'll set up a post for it there.
  26. Hey, that's actually something I nearly forgot about! That's just perfect, so I'll go with it! No, you're right about it. Brunhild is only 1/4 goddess and only converted to a goddess to stay with her mother. Obviously she's got more than enough demonic influence and blood for the other celestials to consider her a fake goddess. Also, unlike Urd, she needs a LOT of seals to keep those 3/4ths of her power from making her a demoness, and that makes her the weakest of the group. However, if the need arises she can turn back into a demoness, which obviously makes her the strongest of them all, and by a long shot too. Hilariously enough though, Brunhild is much more troublesome as a goddess, since she tends to behave like Urd, while as a demoness she starts to show aspects of Mara... who's harmless in comparison to a full demon Urd.
  27. Born and raised in the Kansas City area (US).
  28. That's why I don't want to translate my fan film series into Japanese. I did a translation of the 90 minute The Pilot Movie and Bing Translation completely re-wrote every line of dialogue into a completely different movie and dropped all the foul language... you can't even tell what the movie is about. Apparently Bing Translation thinks it's a screenwriter. I also looked into Babylon at your posted suggestion and that one's not much better. If I released that Japanese version, it would not be the movie that I wrote, it would be a bastardization of it like the Sid Sheinberg Love Conquers All Cut of Terry Gilliam's Brazil.
  29. That's my initial assessment. It's a beautifully animated work of art with a boring inhuman performance by The Major. The scene where she chases down a guy in a flooded colorful billboard city is the best scene of the movie.
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