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  2. Scarred Survivors

    And so, for your reading pleasure, Yet Another Nena Cliffhanger featuring Belldandy, Goddess First Class, Unlimited, Monumentally Pissed Off! (and we're still hanging from that other cliff back at the storage center) All of a sudden I feel sorry for poor Halval (Ebony Alvar in some translations of the manga). I hope Debra gets another chance to help her. It might even be possible. Debra: “I took her down. I did that to her. As I understand it, by your rules, that makes her mine, right? Well, I’m claiming her. Give her to me.” Mara: “Damn, the mortal’s got us, boys. Somebody bring her the chew-toy.” ——————————— Watson: “Who would commit a murder on such a beautiful day?” Holmes: “I would hope, no one.” Watson: “You’ve brought your revolver.” Holmes: “I spoke of my hopes, not my expectations.”
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  4. what are you watching?

    Thanks, but I plan on Hammer Horror for next Halloween! As for what I recently watched, The Stuff. Larry Cohen's commentary on Consumerism for Food and the food industry. Some of the sets were on the Bedroom sets from the first Nightmare on Elm Street! Seriously, it even used the moving room where a character died on the ceiling! The movie's antagonist is.... Ice cream/frozen yogurt, found buried underground! Scarier than it sounds! also has fake ads for the Stuff throughout the film and even as a stinger after the credits. Hunchback of Notre Dame 1923 To be honest, after I watched this, I suspect this was the biggest influence on the disney version, due to the background characters. Still worth a watch. We weren't able to watch the director's cut, but plan to in the future. It adds like 20-30 minutes.
  5. first ever broken bone..ouch

    Yikes... Looks nasty. I really do hope you get well soon!
  6. I just saw this on Twitter a few moments ago.
  7. Last week
  8. Forest Fire

    They started fires that killed people. That should be first-degree capital murder. Drag 'em off to the guillotine! Oh, wait, that was France. And even the French wimped out and 'retired' their guillotines. They're arsonists, but I doubt they're pyromaniacs — I don't think they did it for the simple thrill of watching stuff burn. They did it to hurt and kill people. They get away with a lot here in the US, too. Just look at Stewie-the-perv — 13 years for raping a 9-year-old girl and up for parole in 6 years. And you may have noted my feelings about Aiko having to testify at those parole hearings year after year after year… There are no consequences for those parole boards when they turn known murderers and rapists loose to commit more crimes. They just say 'Awww, too bad' and turn the next one loose. That's a lot of what's wrong with most governments. Those making the decisions don't have to pay the costs, so they have no motivation to make good decisions.
  10. Diagnosed With Borderline Diabetes

    well i think stem cell therapy might be the only way to repair those organs i heard they are doing human trials in a few months from now but date may change and if anything make sure they send you to Stanford they will take care of you as best they can.i hope this will help you out.
  11. Ah! My Gilded Cage

    Thank you for your patience, but I'm still working on the chapter. Things are slower on my end as of late, but hopefully, I'll manage to have the chapter out in the next week or so.
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  13. What's your nationality?

    Nigerian. Of course.
  14. I wouldn't call Kikuko Inoue 17 years old, but for a woman that's supposed to be almost as old as my mother, she suspiciously looks like she's my age, 34.
  15. i just finished this set of Victorian-era style undies for my TAKARA 1/6 Belldandy, and, setting her beside both my TAKARA SAMURAI SPIRITS/SHODOWN "Nakoruru" and AZONE Chinese Fantasy "Maya" it struck me how much their preferences in underpinnings reflect the general change that took place over the last 100+ years in terms of popular trends in ladies' undergarments. from up to about the early-1900's or so, to about the 1930's/40's or so onward, to about the 1980's/1990's, -right before the modern penchant for Panty styles such as G-Strings and Boy Shorts seemingly took over- it all seems historically represented right here in one image;
  16. Gun control

    Imaginos, don't be like that. Criminals have always been able to buy any kind of gun off the streets in the United States. That's just the way it is. What's so intriguing is that a majority of the gun violence has been gun violence perpetrated by individuals who had legally purchased a gun.
  17. Ah, yes, the Leftist Multiculturalists, champions of peace, tolerance, and violently attacking a man for wearing a hat. The scary thing is, that rabid bitch has 'supporters' that are just as unhinged. ——————————— Not everybody should go to college. Some folks, you send 'em to college and you just wind up with an educated idiot.
  18. Fall anime 2017: Two car

    Annoyingly, I can't watch the anime via Crunchyroll as 'it is not licensed in my region' so I have to go pirate. Aar!
  19. Need checker for 3 page.

    No but I am french. My english skills are medium. I can read englihs language, but to write? It is like baby gibberish. SO I need help for check my job.
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