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  1. Yesterday
  2. It's always nice to see our long time members returning to the community. I'm actually looking at restructuring our forum staff so that our moderators who are selected are semi-active with the community.
  3. Once again, Joey 'The Anime Man' interviews another anime auteur......this time the creator of the anime series 'Spice and Wolf' Hasekura Isuna. Enjoy!
  4. It's because that's the way it's reported through FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. To be honest, I never really thought about it because I consider the news to be nothing more than entertainment television. Never believe anything they report on in the news because the majority of it is biased reporting.
  5. i always did love that scene, -however poorly animated- in the late-90's AMG movie where Bell-chan dons a Japanese school Sailor Suit for the briefest moment when searching for some less conspicuous wardrobe out in public; i've been wanting something similar for my 1/6 TAKARA/OBITSU hybrid doll for years, and finally got around to refitting an old TOKIMEKI MEMORIAL dolls' sailor suit into the closest thing i'll probably ever get to it;
  6. Last week
  7. Back when I started writing this, I jokingly thought that I'd need 100 chapters or so to fully realize my original concept for this whole world. Since then I kind of found out that I was quite close to the actual number (give or take 10 chapters or so). although I don't think that I'm going to write all those chapters. Originally I wanted it to be a long arc (with several sub plots) and then, once the main plot was resolved, there would be an after story with a few arcs of it own, and finally an epilogue arc. However, I think that I'm going to stop after the main story is over and offer an epilogue for this overall story. Then I'm going to reuse all the ideas I had for the afterstory, and combine them with some new ones to make a sequel. That way, there's going to be an epilogue after the story's climax, instead of dragging it for too long, and offer a new story based on this one. And to answer the original question, you can say that I'll probably need another year to finish this story.
  8. The thoughts and prayers of our staff and community go out to the victims of the terrible bombing that happened at Manchester Arena, at Ariana Grande's concert in the U.K. This is a terrible attack on innocent music fans and for those affected, you have our thoughts and prayers and we hope everyone is okay.
  9. My Heart goes out to Ariana Grande and the survivors of the Manchester Concert Bombing. Those weren't soldiers. Those were children. Absolutely Heartbreaking.
  10. my local WAL MART got a large stock of these individually-sold panties in, in many varieties of color and style, all with the same beautiful elastic lace trim, $0.88 USD each. since this lovely trim is currently available in a wide variety of colors, and is wonderfully well-sized to a 1/6 or 1/3 doll, and one never really knows when WAL MART will decide to discontinue a product they stock, i've been stocking up on these over the last few months, as much as i can manage to afford. just recently, they evidently put some more on the racks, as i chanced upon this pair of bikinis with this adorable heart-pattern, itself perfectly-sized to 1/6~1/3 dolls. there was but one on the racks. i snapped it right up just a few days back, and here is the first results, with plenty of fabric left over for further uses;
  11. Glad we can give you something back! Of course, we've been kind of going through 'Scarred Survivors' withdrawal telling what other symptoms might crop up... And a longer story would be bad...why? That could have been a hoot. Of course, he might come back in a month or two and check on Holy Bell... Nebo goes to town, dressed like that, and people of a certain age think, whoa, it's Cheech! He might get a chance to talk to Skuld alone and continue what she started to say. 'Twould be nice if Keiichi has some time to think, and thanks Nebo for saving Holy Bell and Belldandy. But then if we knew where the story was going, you wouldn't have to write it. ——————————— They got a building down in New York City called Whitehall Street where ya go and get injected, inspected, detected, infected, neglected and see-lected.
  12. Still I'm thankful that there's some fanart for AMG even years after the series end. Even some much more popular series all but disappeared once they reached their end, yet AMG is still remembered. Of course the sites to look for art these days are no longer those online galleries (booru derivatives) but places where artists post their work. For example, I find most of the AMG stuff I post here in deviantart and pixiv.
  13. For a moment I thought the fingers were cut off and blood gushing out...
  14. Not doing this, but still feel like tossing ideas around. So... Keiichi as the lone survivor. Who'd be his wife? Sora? Shiho? Chihiro? Sayoko? OC that looks like Belldandy? Stick with a son or make them a daughter? Or have twins and go with both? What would the Demons' role in this be? What would Urd and Skuld's roles? Should some unused content be used, like the spouse having a synth doppelganger? Should the goddesses get into factions? Like Skuld going with the institute, Urd going with the railroad, and Peorth and/or Lind going with the brotherhood of steel? Should Aoshima take the role of Kellogg? Or should Tamiya and Otaki?
  15. A bit late, but here's chapter 15
  16. I would like to read some of those if you can find them again. My idea was that Bell discovers something so earth-shattering about herself/others that she effectively turns against her own beliefs and her family due to it. I can't think of something right now that will cause that, but if she is a more 'serious' type of anatagonist that can also be interesting.
  17. Since it was my sister's turn to choose the movie, she chose Sita sings the blues. It's animated and takes parts of itself from The Ramayana and various songs of Annette Hanshaw. I liked it, but I can see how some people wouldn't. It's animated in about six or so animation styles and uses stuff from a religion.
  18. Earlier
  19. That was an excellent choice, as it's the finest of ships. Skidbladnir (means "assembled from tiny pieces of wood") was described as Freyr's ship, that the sons of Ivaldi created under Odin's request and possessed the unusual ability to fold into a pocket sized package. And it was still large enough when deployed to carry all the gods with their wargear, and furthermore when its sail is hoisted it always finds good wind. However, the biggest of them all was Naglfrar ("nail ship"), which is owned by Muspell. And I've pretty much used both of them in my stories (along with a few that although borrowed from Norse mythos, they weren't ships), which kind of made me laugh when I saw that name pop up.
  20. Keiichi Morisato

    The Goddess Celebrating 12 years of service.

  21. I never claimed that there wasn't any problem at all ;) I just think that the artist probably wanted to make some adjustments to her hips and ended up overdoing it. Still, considering the overall quality of the image, I'm more than inclined to simply oversee that issue. Although this won't be likely the only image of Urd he's likely to make. For example, there's this one too:
  22. Thanks Grayfox that helps a lot ill let you know how much I love your recommendations. now onward to the binge...
  23. Just read the first chapter I love the artwork so far.
  24. A fanart of Belldandy made by けんご over at Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), けんご (image)

  25. I've come to the conclusion that they're never going to make Oh My Goddess Season Three. So I'm making my own personal unofficial spinoff season in the form of a animated video comic. This is not a professional production. This is me by myself using photoshop and internet materials. I have no schooling/training in animation or filmmaking, this is my first time out. Check back here weekly for more episodes. but be weary that I'm going to be jumping around in the making of them. Sincerely, Kevin Neece You can rip the videos for home viewing using this website: www . keepvid . com Ep. 4 About Urd's Girlfriend Full Episode Ep. 5 Bad Goddess Assault on Yggdrasil Full Episode Ep. 6 & 7 Bad Goddess Evangelion Must Die & The Girl Meets World Sequel Full Double Episode Ep. 9 & 10 Bad Goddess Season Two The Pilot & You Never Go Full Meta Full Double Episode Ep. 11 Bad Goddess Fan Club Full Episode Ep. 13 Bad Goddess Identity Crisis Full Episode
  26. That makes sense. Truth be told, I sometimes wonder if there would be some sort of 'safe mode' or something in the divine for when they are able to use magic and their body thinks they are in danger somehow, but are unable to for mental/psychological reasons. It kind of be akin to the block the prevents First class goddesses from lying, in a weird way. The safe mode would make Urd use magic, but probably would be a little... trigger happy. An example of this is the jealousy storms Belldandy is known to have.
  27. Tried Playing Organ Trail Stopped playing after a minute when I realized that the control scheme is better fitted for a touchscreen. Organ Trail doesn't do 'click and point' for shooting. Instead, your character points the exact opposite of where your cursor is. To shoot something, you have on put the cursor on the zombie and then drag your cursor towards your character before clicking the fire button. I bought the game months ago, so I can't get a refund. I hate this control scheme so much, I can't describe it well. The Devs aren't going to fix it, as they have no problems with it when they play and they apparently moved onto different projects. I guess I might look into the space version of Oregon trail, Orion Trail. But going by the reviews on Steam, that doesn't look too good either.
  28. Oh... But thanks for mentioning that the dub is out on the site! I'll check it out...
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