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  2. Ah! The following day

    I know that it's been a while since I've updated this story, but the ending of "Ah! The lost contract" had messed up my schedule, making it difficult to find the time to finish chapter 63 in time. So, I'm still working it, as I didn't wish to release a poorly written chapter, just to meet the deadline. I hope that the end result will be worth the waiting.
  3. Japanese Priestess Killed Over Shrine Succession

    I always say, since the dirt-bag killed himself anyway, why not do that FIRST and leave everybody else out of it?
  4. Japanese Priestess Killed Over Shrine Succession

    I had always believed that murders in Japan were rare. Where it concerns random killings like this one, I'm not so sure about gang violence. But to murder the priestess of a shrine and his own sister to boot. What's distressing is that his wife participated in this atrocity, and all because his sister was high priestess of such a prestigious and well respected shrine? This is just senseless since he was originally removed as high priests of the shrine over financial problems, which begs all kinds of questions. Hopefully, investigators in japan can find out what set this all off in the first place.
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  6. Japanese Priestess Killed Over Shrine Succession

    My faith in humanity has been taken down a peg or two. Murdering a female religious figure over her rise to power, by her own f--king brother. That has to be the most hypocritical criminal offense in the eyes of God.
  7. Ah! The following day

    Awaiting the new chapter of this legendary tale. Hope no writer's block
  8. What is being described as a brutal murder, has left one of Japan's few female Shinto priests murdered at the hands of her own brother, who used to be chief priest of the shrine before he was removed for unknown reasons. Nagako Tomioka, was returning home to the tranquil grounds when a man attacked her from nearby with an 80 centimeter samurai katana sword. She died from her wounds. Her brother, Shigenaga, was identified as the killer, aided by his wife, Mariko. She chased Nagako's driver when she finally met up with him at a supermarket and inflicted non-threatening injuries to Nagako's driver. Shigenaga was upset over his sister being appointed to the position. he later killed his wife, Mariko, after the attack, and ended up taking his own life. Nagako Tomioka was chief priestess of the centuries-old Shinto shrine in Tokyo famed for its annual festival and association with Japanese sumo wrestling. The Tomioka Hachimangu dates to 1627, one of the 82,000 such sites scattered across Japan. The particular shrine was established for the worship of the god Hachiman, the god of martial arts and war, according to The shrine was the site of the first sumo wrestling matches in the 17th century, and today monuments are located on the wooded grounds. The shrine’s Fukagawa Hachiman festival, held every three years, is one of Tokyo’s major events. According to Japan Times, the leadership of shrines traditionally passes from fathers to sons. Only 10 percent of the shrine priests are women, making Nagako Tomioka part of a very small minority. And the Tomioka family’s relationship to the Hachimangu shrine stretches back years. The brother and sister’s father previously served as the chief priest, Kyodo News has reported. Shigenaga then took over for his father in 1995, but the son was fired from his position in 2001. The paper cites sources who said financial problems contributed to his dismissal. At the time, the father returned to work at the shrine, and Nagako Tomioka worked in the second-highest role at the holy site. In January 2002, Nagako Tomioka consulted with police over a family problem regarding the succession. This really is sad news.
  9. Battle Angel Alita Movie Trailer Debuts

    Compared to Robert Rodriguez's, **ahem** "Other" theatrical output of the past few years, I would say that it's his "Serious Oscar" film.
  10. Now, many of our members know I'm not a fan of "white washing" when it comes to adapting anime or manga into live action Hollywood movies. While the trailer wasn't half bad, I was severely disappointed with the fact that the special effects team decided to use CGI to give "Alita" anime eyes. Not only is it offsetting but it's freaky as hell, leaving Alita looking like some carnival attraction sideshow freak. I'm not all that happy with how they did that.
  11. AnimEigo Announce YUA Going Out Of Print

    I had two complete sets but I ended up selling them when I needed to generate money for the site's hosting costs. That was back when we weren't generating donations for the site. That was about ten years ago.
  12. AnimEigo Announce YUA Going Out Of Print

    Did you ever get the complete set? I only have the first three dvds, thankfully all of my favorite episodes are in them.
  13. Welsper the Demon Child

    Don't Worry, Welsper/Velsper will turn back into his usual kitty self at the end of Marller Gets a Spinoff Season Two. According to the rules of BBC's Doctor Who, alternate changes in time are really more like a rug. You can make all the ruffles you want, but it'll eventually be straightened out and lead to the same place.
  14. Ah! The following day

    You're most welcome! Actually, I haven't written the story beyond what's already available. I just keep notes in my head about the whole plot, and most of the major plot devices had already been decided within the first couple of weeks (2-3) when I started writing it. Sure, there were some elements integrated into the story that weren't totally fleshed out by the time I started, but those were made in a way that their overall influence wouldn't break the rest of the story. As for the sites I'm posting, aside from, I also post on Archive of our own as a backup. You can find the links to my profiles in my signature (under each post I make). In terms of Yggdrasil's way of transforming Keiichi into a god, the human nature was taken into account. Considering that this Keiichi is mentally the same where it counts (in terms of his personality), it would've been extremely dangerous to turn his 'true' body into something vastly different from what Keiichi identifies as 'himself' even on a superficial level. Something like that could potentially cause him to question his identity, and over time lead to internal conflicts that could escalate to the point of displaying psychotic behavior. As such, it's not the amulet that keeps him in his '3D' mode, but Yggdrasil, that acts in a way to minimize chances for him going insane. Still. he did actually experience Belldandy's true form during their first night after he turned into a god, so, there are few downsides from this anomaly. Tampering with the timestream, especially when it comes to Midgard, is something entirely feasible for both gods and demons, but only done under the direst of occasions. As a matter of fact, you might see an occasion where this comes into play, especially after the gods try to clean up the mess caused by the events in chapter 62. After all, their reluctance has to do with the fact that messing up with the timestream can lead into chaotic results, and the being closely associated with chaos in general is Nidhogg. As such, if one crosses a certain line, they might inadvertently invoke a certain dragon and... let's just say that the results won't be pretty. On the other hand, Megumi will indeed manage to meet Lofn and co. during her lifetime, but even after her eventual death, Hel has the authority to keep her around in Helheim. After all, she was occasionally referred in Norse legends as being hospitable to the dead, and that's going to remain true on this occasion. However, Odal won't be allowed to do anything about it, since he lacks the proper authority. The only member of the main cast that might, is Urd as the Norn of the past, even though she's not a goddess of death (that's Hel). Summoning an immortal in this story is possible, but not in the same sense as in other fictional works. The art of summoning was primarily used during a time where mortals lacked the technological means to establish long distance lines of communications that both factions could tapped into for their own uses (contact potential clients). As such, summoning someone is the equivalent of giving them a phone call (so to speak), and whether they want to appear before the summoner or not is up to them. In another of my stories ("Ah! My license suspension" ) there's actually an instance where Ansuz is summoned by accident (it was Hild's doing of course), and she even comments how archaic such a means of reaching her was. Whether someone uses their true names or not isn't much of a concern, since every attempt to access a registered immortal passes through their respective computer system (Yggdrasil or Nidhogg mainframe) and if those determine that the summoner has other ideas, the results can be pretty unpleasant. The celestials can dispatch the Fighting Wings, while the Infernals are far worse on this regard, and have a program named Garm to deal with such problems. And considering that Garm seems pretty happy to kill whoever summons him/it without reason, you can guess what typically happens to someone who tries to trap a demon/demoness by summoning them. Hm... I don't quite use the idea of the immortals having a 'true name' aside from a true form, that's pretty much canon. Still, knowledge of that means pretty much nothings to whoever possesses it, and as a matter of fact, the closest thing to such a thing in the AMG manga is the goddesses' sigils as described during Urd's first class licence test. The sigils are described as an extremely detailed symbol that reflects their nature, personal interests and other personal information, and yet they use them as a form of signature (at least that's how Peorth simplifies it for Keiichi's sake). That certainly wasn't me, although I can't say for sure if it was Davner's concept either (I don't recall all the details from his works, since it's been a few years since I read them). However, I do have some plans for Peorth in the future, although I might keep some of them a secret for the time being. That being said, if there's anything at all you'd like to ask, don't be afraid to do so!
  15. Winter: Cold and Freezing

    Well, for the past two days, it's been snowing here. It seems to come later and later each year. I remember when we used to get snow in October. Then, as the years went by, and the decades, we wouldn't get snow until November and now it doesn't start falling until December. One thing I don't look forward to? When it gets so cold that even when you have the heat turned up, it's still cold. Better yet? When the inclement weather is so bad that it knocks out your power, or the neighborhood's power for days on end. Then, there's the obligatory winter storm, or blizzard, that blocks everything in and you have to wait from anywhere from a few days to as long as a week or two before country officials decide it's bad enough to send the plow trucks out. What about you? How's the weather? Better yet, share your experiences. Turn this into a real discussion topic.
  16. AMG Winter tales 2017

    Thanks, Keiichi. FFN is acting weird, so here's a link to chapter 9. I'll post it on FFN once that site stops acting up.
  17. Ah! The following day

    Thanks for replying. It feels as though this is solidly drafted out and written somewhere already. Do you post anywhere other than Fanfiction? You're pointing... Inward? Yeah, I remember that one. Maybe having the amulet become the basis for a sting operation later on is a little too overpowered. Still, Why would Yggdrasil grant him full Godhood and still leave that one weird difference unless it absolutely secures his wish to always be with Belldandy? It's just seemed like something that should be unintentional and therefore could be an act of foreshadowing. If so then the amulet was the only real difference I knew about. Unless there is some not-so-subtle advantage that makes the difference in the greater conflict, like a seal that isn't exactly effective on Keiichi because of this difference, then there's no good reason to make that difference anything but incidental to a mundane explanation. Besides, It might spice up his love life to explore a form he never thought he could take a few centuries back? Since the immortals exist outside time as we know it, shouldn't they be able to just drop in on Midgard in any particular time frame anyway, or is that protected by treaty? I know that the idea of time passing differently between the realms is a given in the cannon work and was picked up for the first season of anime content. What if that was really just a test of Keiichi's resolve rather than an immutable fact? I mean, they did make him jump off of a tower in another story arc. Will Megumi ever get to be an Aunt within her lifetime or are we just going to drop in on the archives in Helheim to visit the mortal half of the family? Will Odal be allowed to make robotic bodies for them the way he did for your version of Celestine, or is that just going to be forbidden by Hel herself? I did have another question concerning names. I know that there are several stories about magic that indicate there is power in knowing someone's or something's true name. Here it feels as if some of the wish-granters are allowed to take a working name to use in the mortal realm, as a bit of insurance in case a mortal should ever figure out how to summon these girls at will (or worse). Some would take rune designations while others might use the names of those that have already passed or are permanently sealed. You can imagine that this gives the impression that there is next to no variety of names in Asgardian culture, the same way that dwarf names work in the Tolkien world... but I digress. There are only so many runes in the Futhark. So did Belldandy ever have such a Rune Designation or an Elder Designation, and just gave Keiichi her true name in the full knowledge of what she was potentially handing over to him? Is "Belldandy" such an Elder Designation? Or was she just unable to bring herself to have a fabricated name as a truth-teller despite being an incurable overachiever in her works? I've been thinking this over for quite some time, but when Nena did just that, giving Urd a "true name" in the scene from SS where she gave Lind that friendship bracelet (yes, I'm calling it that to keep it simple)... well, that thought felt more legitimate. Also, I can't remember if that was you or Davner who hinted that Peorth had a brother she never talks to. Is her family to be counted among the hypocrites in the sky or is there something else that created this problem - like career choice rather than her wardrobe preferences? Will that conflict ever be resolved or is she doomed to someday be besieged by hordes of family members crawling out of the woodwork to get to know her because she has somehow become so close to the ruling family?
  18. Welsper the Demon Child

    Hey, I've got a picture of Velsper, too. That's his name. He's only missing the white spot.
  19. Ah! The following day

    A magical girl inspired side story for the younger goddesses? (well... two of them are half goddesses). I suppose some of those elements can be integrated into either some later chapters, or depending on how I plan this story out, I might make this into a one shot special story. (Fun fact: I did have plans where chibi Hild ordered Logi to test the kids' combat readiness, since the trio acts like carefree normal girls. It could be fun to see how these ideas can be combined). Now, I did have some plans to have Welsper be somewhat friendlier towards the youngsters (he still holds a grudge towards Keiich, but he's too powerful now to pull anything on him), although some of the kids scare him (namely Aegir, Hild's second son, since he's a demon of the sea). In addition he's in a way make amends for past mistakes by helping the kids, and to a certain degree that improves his reputation amongst the Morisatos. In terms of physical growth, the immortals age at a much slower rate than their mortal counterparts (even if their power awakens earlier and develops faster). However, due to reasons I cannot explain here, the kids will spend part of their earlier lives back in their respective realms, and while the three girls (Lofn, Isaz and Brunhild) will grow at a 'normal' pace for their kind, some others will be stationed in realms that currently run on a faster 'clock' than the rest. This results in Logi being visibly older (almost in his teens) than Lofn, even though the latter is chronologically older than him. Still, by the time they're introduced into the second part of this story, they're indeed pre-teens, with Lofn being the oldest of the trio, while Brunhild looks the most developed. Odal's involvement with the kids might be somewhat different in a way, as he's clearly the oldest of the group (considering that he should've been one of the group, yet he's actually older than anyone else in this world), so he might try to construct a disguise for himself. Still, Hagall might not involve herself directly, and simply task her subordinates to keep an eye out for her husband's avatar, so to speak. In terms of Loki's gift, it's no longer possible to affect Keiichi's body. After all, Keiichi's been transformed into a god by Yggdrasil, making him as much of a god as anyone else alive. This means that he's got a 10-D form, although he's abnormal in the sense that his 'real' appearance is almost the same (from a 3-D perspective) as his human shell. And he did actually experience the effects of seeing in 10 dimensions when Urd asks him how many fingers she's holding up, and he's surprised (and confused) that some point in directions that sounds impossible). I'd like to thank you for all those ideas, and I'll see what I can do with some of them, especially since they kind of overlap with a few of mine, too. So, I'll see what's the best to do and aside from some bits here and there, I might actually make a special chapter/story for one of them (since it would be much better to devote the time for it).
  20. Anime: What Series Are You Currently Watching?

    I've jumped back into my anime kick. Now that I've finished with Clannad, I've moved onto Gundam 00, 50 episodes to watch through.
  21. AMG Winter tales 2017

    I'll check it out, later today. Just have a few things I need to do this weekend first. But, I'll post my thoughts on the alternate chapter later.
  22. Ah! The following day

    I had a crazy idea awhile ago. When Lofn is born, Whelsper's feelings for Belldandy somehow transfer onto her, becoming exactly the opposite of Odal's experiences. To her, Whelsper is kind, gentle, protective, and shares insights into the mechanics of spellcasting when she's old enough (he did hack Yggdrasil once)... This immediately gives you the talking cat for something along the lines of "Ah! My Mahou Shoujo Side Story". As an idea for how a story like this could evolve, I imagine that one day Hild's avatar will tag along with the girls while they're on an errand to keep them out of trouble, and on the way back she'll make Mara (in disguise) be the "villain" to demonstrate how even weak magic can be used for defense. This eventually becomes the basis for a regular event which entails teaching our darling little angels about how to openly use their powers while keeping their activities concealed from the public view. Brynhild will quickly figure out who the "villain" is and decides to side with Mara, who isn't doing so well, Urd will come across this and take the other side. Not sure where to place Isaz since I started imagining this well before Odal's wedding. Everyone eventually agrees that the adults should only offer lessons and healing (and a certain cat will tutor Lofn without the anyone knowing about it). A point system is quickly developed that, of course, will determine TV privileges. Scoring is originally based on the number of times Hild's avatar had to intervene in the perception of any bystanders. Negative scores turn into chores no matter what. Belldandy thinks they're learning the basics of self-defense as she did, and couldn't imagine that they're actually fighting each other full tilt at their age (think Urd and Marlier from "Origins"). They're learning at an astonishing rate, and run a good chance of accidentally beating the crap out of Magni one day in the future... Something along the lines of "You're learning to fight? That's cute. Try punching my hand." I wonder... If any celestial's power grew at that rate, then would their mortal shells "age" as quickly as their mortal counterparts? Maybe Hild knows how that works and planned for the girls to have a "normal" childhood of Midgard's standards from the start. The story wouldn't have to take place centuries in the future nor would it have to take place one hundred percent in the other realms. Maybe the end of the current story could involve a heavy irradiation of magical energies from a diffused superweapon that caused the three who are pregnant to gestate as quickly as humans would and cause the babies to grow at a human rate until they're pre-teens where a story like this can begin? I'd also Imagine that when Odal learns about what the children are involved in, Hagall tells him everything's just fine and to not interfere in the learning process. Of course, it makes him nervous enough to make an awkward little avatar of his own to try to protect them anyway - in disguise, of course. Thus he makes things even worse with his unwitting rendition of a "Tuxedo Mask" type of character, so Hagall creates an avatar of her own to counterbalance her husbands' antics. Sounds fun, right? Oh, before I forget, Isn't Loki's gift to Keiichi the reason that he doesn't have a proper 10-D form? That amulet is constantly refreshing the physical substance of his human shell, right? I wonder what finally taking that off would be like... Probably scare the hell outta him at first as it feels like he's floating apart in all directions at once, and it takes Belldandy a good long while to help him relax into it. Why? It's a great way to make someone that's ridiculously off-the-chart powerful like Lind into the greatest bait-and-switch decoy ever. Just some ideas I had bouncing around while I wasn't so properly connected to the web...
  23. Manga: What have you read lately?

    When I ordered Oh My Goddess! Omnibus Volume 6 from Right Stuf, I saw Ai Yori Aoshi Omnibus Volume 1 on sale. Couldn't resist. Found Volumes 4, 5 and 6 at Book-Off today for $1.00 each.
  24. Your Favorite Anime Shows

    VanDread is still one of my favorites. It's just fun! Just got the Oh My Goddess! OVA episodes 1-3 today. Ah! My Goddess (Season 1) Ah! My Goddess — Flights Of Fancy (Season 2) Ah! My Goddess — The Movie Cat Planet Cuties (Guilty Pleasure #3) Ai Yori Aoshi — got everything except Season 1 disk 2 Fullmetal Alchemist (Original Series, complete) Fullmetal Panic! and Second Raid InuYasha — Seasons 1 - 7 and 4 movies. (His name literally means Dog-Demon) Heroic Age Requiem For The Phantom Casshern Sins
  25. Your Favorite Anime Shows

    Hmm... well, let's see what's sitting on my anime shelf: 1) The Adventures of Mini-Goddess 2) Ah! My Goddess & Flights of Fancy 3) You're Under Arrest 4) Ex-Driver 5) Hellsing 6) Bio-Booster Armour Guvyer 7) Those Who Hunt Elves 8) Ghost in the Shell 9) Akira 10) Najica Blitz Tactics 11) Cowboy Bebop 12) Bad Goddess
  26. Manga: What have you read lately?

    Well, recently, I've only started to get back into reading manga. But, I just started out with Toppu GP, from Kousuke Fujishima and I'm starting to check out other new manga series. I hope to give a list of what I've started to read through.
  27. Your Favorite Anime Shows

    My alternate list of favorite anime happens to be: 1. Love, Election and Chocolate 2. Outbreak Company 3.Shangri-la 4. Robotics; Notes 5. Coppellion 6. We, Without Wings 7. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions 8. Gundam 00 9. Code Breaker 10. K Project 11. read or Die 12. Lagrange, The Flower of Rinn-re 13. Last Exile 14. Black Lagoon 15. Please Teacher 16. Tenchi Muyo OVA Series
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