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  2. Skuld was feeling a bit , well,low. Skuld, by now a First Class Goddess, and also girlfriend to the mortal Sentaro, a guy she had known since she was younger, had not been feeling herself for the past few days. And she was rarely sick....after all she was a Goddess and a trained Valkiyre, and a wish granter, and a great inventor.....and yet, she still felt a bit off. She would have confided in Sentaro, but she wasn't sure if he would understand. And anyway, he was very busy and distracted these days, what with his job as a motorcycle designer, and test rider at a small and upcoming motorcycle manufacturer....which sometimes meant that he kept late nights, and sometimes did not even come home to the flat they shared at all. And sometimes, he did not come home at all. The anniversary of their first meeting was coming up, and so far he had shown nothing to indicate that he HAD even remembered the day. No, he just came home, said Hi Skuld, how's your day.?....and all that...and then went to his 'workroom' and spent all night doing nothing but drawing bike after bike after bike'. And he never even took her out for some 'surprise ice cream' like he used to do, and at night, he was always too tired to be intimate. She felt sad. 'Foolish mortal' she said...and then she suddenly felt dizzy, and then she did something she had never done in her enitre life... She threw up. ............. An hour later, Skuld was lying down on the sofa in her flat's sitting room. Belldandy , Urd and a strange goddess were also there. The goddess was a young looking woman with long dark curly hair, an oval face, with almond shaped eyes, delicate nose,and thick,but beautifully shaped lips, and markings on her forehead and cheeks in the shape of an elongated oval. She was a Healer goddess, and her name was Fecunditas. She was currently scanning Skuld with a strange looking handheld instrument....which she did for a few minutes, with a serious look on her face, and then she stopped..smiled...and turned to Belldandy and Urd and nodded. 'It is as you thought' she told them. 'What is it' Skuld said, alarmed. 'Well, nothing much is wrong with you dear....except that you are pregnant, and your baby is growing well. And , it's a girl' 'What' Skuld felt a bit nauseous at that. 'Well, what do you expect, little sister' Urd said , with a sly smile ' When you decided to shack up with your darling Sentaro....and to do lots of this and that....something had to happen!' 'Aw shut up Urd!' Skuld said, half annoyed Belldandy was more happier 'That's wonderful Skuld. Being a mother is a wonderful thing! I'm so happy for you' But Skuld was a bit more worried 'How do I tell Sentaro? He has been a bit worried about our financial situation, and he might ... 'I'm sure he would be very happy' Belldandy said 'Just like my Keiichi was when we had our little ones'. But Skuld was not too sure...and then there was that 'problem of distance' ...................................................... Fecunditas left them soon afterwards, promising to come periodically to monitor the growth of the young one...and then Belldandy and Urd took Skuld out for some ice cream to celebrate. They had a good time...and when Skuld came home with her sisters...they found Sentaro, at the entrance to the flat, unusually early, looking a bit...well...tired,but pleased. Both Belldandy and Urd looked at each other...then pushed Skuld towards her boyfriend...and quickly exited before Sentaro could see them. Skuld walked towards Sentaro, noticing, not for the first time, that he looked a bit tired, and worn out,but pleased somewhat. He looked up, and saw Skuld. He held out his arms...and Skuld went into them. They held each other for what seemed like a long time...and then Sentaro said.(after they had let themselves into their flat)..looking pleased. Skuld....he said...I have some good news....the bike I have been working on was selected to go into production...and as a result...I got a promotion and a raise in the salary. He smiled...and then added...I'm sorry I haven't been spending much time with you, even when we were together at home.I promise I will make it up to you. Skuld smiled too and then looking at Sentaro said gently...I have some good news too, Sentaro. What? Sentaro was surprised... 'We're going to have a baby' There was silence ..and then Sentaro let out a huge cry of joy...and lifted up Skuld...and twirrled her around, before setting her down on her feet, and kissing her deeply. 'Thanks be' he said'I noticed that you were not looking yourself for the last few days, but I thought it was because of the fact that I was away so often these days, but ...this...I'm so glad....' They kissed again....for a long time. (I do not own the amazing characters of Ah my Goddess. All are properties of their respective copyright owners.).
  3. WARNING: There is a link to a song in this topic. It is a parody song and it 'mixes' metal with pop lyrics and rapping. It doesn't go against any rules. Only the sense of good musical taste. I use it to punish my brother. -o- Mara appeared at the temple, holding a magical item that blocked the goddesses from Yggdrasil. It even prevented them from using magic. She strode into the building, easily using a few well-aimed lightning blasts to short out the robots. Urd stood in the middle of the room, her arms behind her back. Her sisters stood by her. "Heh..." Mara said, before she pointed at her new earrings. "These will prevent any song I've heard before from effecting me! I've made sure to listen to all of the songs I know you're willing to try!" So Urd moved the stereo in front of her and pressed play. Mara dropped the magical item as she began to dance. She screamed, "This is going too far, Urd! TOO FAR!" As Belldandy picked up the magical item, she said, "I... can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Mara. This song is horrible." "Make it stop!" Skuld cried as she covered her ears. Urd merely cackled in response. Keiichi suddenly appeared, grabbed the stereo, and promptly smashed it. "That was your stereo by the way," Urd said, pointing at the mess. "It was playing an evil song. It had to be exorcised..." Keiichi quietly said as he stared at the remains of his stereo. He then glared at Urd and said, "You're paying for the new one by the way."
  4. Yesterday
  5. Well, at least I was able to post this so that everyone is aware of what the deal is with the service. I'll be posting this on the news portal so other visitors are aware of this as well. Just remember, HIDIVE is in beta mode right now, which is the only information I have on it. But, at least anime fans are being given a replacement service.
  6. I am still able to view from the website. However, the viewer has never been that great. I am cancelling my subscription and will pick up the HIDIVE entry offer. It's half of what TAN is/was charging. It looks like most of the TAN catalog is available on HIDIVE. There are some notable exceptions, that aren't available anywhere else, but that's life. Not to say they won't show up later.
  8. Last week
  9. From what I saw, it looks like their website is still streaming anime. But, I can't be sure. My guess is that they'll have to allow their current monthly subscribers to run through what they have already paid for. Honestly, I think they are legally responsible if they just halt their anime streaming through their website unless they compensate their current subscribers if they just cut bait and halt the service, in favor of cable subscribers. From what little I know, it's basically contract law. If you pay for a subscription, then two weeks into a single monthly subscription, the service shuts down, then they would be liable for damages (refunding what you paid, pro-rated, of course). When you pay for a subscription, you're basically entering into an agreement with the provider that you receive services you're paying for. If the provider fails in that regard, then they've effectively violated the agreement they made with you when you purchased a subscription. I'm also guessing that TAN has halted new subscriptions from new subscribers, if they are going through with the switch-over to cable. But, I would log into your account and see if you're still able to watch anime through your premium account. Remember that this is not legal advice and that I would recommend talking to an attorney in regards to things like this.
  10. Currently working on an episode guide with a synopsis for each episode, like what I have created for the Ah! My Goddess anime episode guides. This is going to be a very long process since there are 308 chapters to create a synopsis for. Each manga chapter synopsis will contain around three lines of information that depicts what that chapter is about. Currently, I've completed the first five chapters and I'm hoping to complete around 20 chapters daily. I'll post a link so everyone has an idea of what the manga guide will look like. Ah! My Goddess Manga Synopsis Guide
  11. Just as the cackling Lord of Terror was about to hit Keiichi’s head with a hammer, he paused. The Norns looked on in either horror or anger for a few moments, until Urd yelled, “Either drop the hammer or get out of Keiichi! Preferably both!” The Lord of Terror dropped the hammer. As the tool fell to the ground, The Lord of Terror’s mouth began to rapidly open and close before he shouted, “Someone help me!” He ran as fast as he could to Belldandy and grabbed her. The Lord of Terror shook her as he yelled,” You don’t know what’s in here! It’s gonna get me! It’s gonna get me! It’s already-” At that moment, The Lord of Terror’s rolled up. The hair and clothes changed back to Keiichi’s as the body fell against Belldandy’s body. As Belldandy held Keiichi and began to inspect him, Urd asked, “What the hell was that?” “Big sis! Let him go! The Lord of Terror is probably still in him! I bet it’s all a trick and-” Skuld yelled as she marched over to pull Belldandy away from the unconscious Keiichi. “It’s gone. The Lord of Terror is no longer in Keiichi,” Belldandy said in a happy tone. “Bell… That can’t be true. Keiichi’s a human and the Lord of Terror is a destruction program. Keiichi beating the Lord of Terror is not gonna happen,” Urd said as she stopped Skuld. “It’s true! Keiichi is himself again!” Belldandy said with a smile. “If that’s the case, then how?” Urd asked. “And why did the Lord of Terror act like there was something else in Keiichi?” Skuld asked. The three goddesses looked at the slumbering mortal with concern.
  12. Support is sporadic at best from history. The app for apple has had issues and I never got a satisfactory answer for my issues. Worth dropping a line I suppose.
  13. Oh cool My idea has kind of evolved a bit more into a mystery type scenario. I'd imagine Yggdrasil has some kind of system to keep track of when people are supposed to die, so when this death isn't listed, Bell would know that this had to be the work of someone that works with the system (so gods/demons). Only question then is who and why? Meanwhile she pulls a few strings to preserve Keiichi's soul in some kind of purgatory so she can speak with him and offer him a wish before he truly passes on. Depending on what he wishes for, they then go on from there trying to figure out who or what would want him dead. Speaking of mysteries: I wonder how an AMG/Detective Conan crossover would go....
  14. I have no idea. But, have you tried contacting customer support for Anime Network? From what I'm hearing, HIDIVE is currently streaming the same anime that Anime Network was streaming. It just seems odd that they couldn't give subscribers any grace period to run out their subscriptions and then make the switch-over.
  15. do you know if current subscribers will get automatically moved over? Can't seem to find any info right now. Looks like I can save some money, since HIDIVE appears to be cheaper.
  16. Well, I'm currently working on a detailed episode guide for the Ah! My Goddess manga series. This is going to be an enormous undertaking, since there are 308 chapters of the manga series. It won't be too detailed, just an overview of each chapter of the manga series, similar to our episode guides for the Ah! My Goddess anime series. While the basic article has been setup, I won't be starting to work on the guide until tomorrow, and I'm hoping to complete around 10-20 chapters per day. Just keep updated on the site by checking in within the next few days.
  17. Well, Lind does admit that her power has limits. When she was fighting the Angel Eater in the Fighting Wings (OVA episode 2), that she told Keiichi and Skuld that she could hold it off for a short while but that she couldn't do it forever. Matter of fact, in the scene, she had already released one of her limiters.
  18. With the news that Anime Network has switched to cable television, video on demand services, a new streaming service has launched. While they are in beta testing, they are currently streaming anime from Sentai Filmworks. The current service is called HIDIVE and they have launched with a beta website: Their subscription is $3.99 per month for full access but they also offer a free limited service without their premium content.
  19. Bad news for anime streaming fans. Anime Network has announced that they are switching to a cable television, video on demand subscription service only, moving forward. This news was announced yesterday (June 20th, 2017). This is sad news for anime fans who use their streaming service.
  20. Well, it looks like Atari is returning to console gaming with a new console called the Ataribox. The new console is said to be based on PC technology.
  21. Well, I'm not going to stop making improvements when I think of them. Sometimes later parts of the story make me think of things I left out, or ways to make the whole story hang together better. I see any story as a work in progress until the last word is published. Maybe even after! Hey, I've done most of the work. All that's left is to make the changes, copy to and update the chapters. ——————————— You think you know pain? Try wearing a corset!
  22. We also cannot forget that, for all intents and purposes, Belldandy is also a Valkyrie. She held her own against a demon that would be considered the "unstoppable force" without releasing her limiters. Also, literally ALL of the other goddesses are afraid of her, including Urd who is usually the other side of the coin in these debates.
  23. It's not that I am opposed, although I actually do find it annoying when authors start moving things around as you mention. Admittedly, part of it is a combination of being busy and lazy. The other part is me wanting to look forward rather than back. Nena and I struggle enough to keep up with the weekly releases, to constantly be looking backwards to fix errors that, for the most part, do not effect the story only adds to that. R/L plays a huge role in this as well. We are going to have to pause again coming up as I will be away for an entire week at Boy Scout summer camp with my troop.
  24. This reminds me of a story idea I had quite a while ago. I posted it on my profile. It even has a tentative name in case I ever got around to writing it. Defending His Life – Keiichi is killed in a freak accident. Afterwards, he discovers what REALLY happens after you die. In a place where the System Force has no power, can he still get his ‘Forever’ with Belldandy? Or will he have to start over from the very beginning?
  25. Cute!
  26. I know. One series I wish that would be released is Sora o Kakeru Shōjo. Unfortunately, a dual audio version will probably never be released. I watched the original fansubs when they were released.
  27. I have to agree. That's a beautiful dress for Belldandy.
  28. Over this past weekend, I'd been working on modifying the articles that have already been created, as well as adding images to the soundtracks archive, adding a Residence Paradise manga guide and creating the episode guides for the Ah! My Goddess original OVA series, the anime television series, the Fighting Wings OVA, the OAD episodes, the Adventures of Mini Goddess anime series and the You're Under Arrest anime series, all three seasons. Besides all of that, I've also included an English version of the Skuld bug smashing game. Be sure to check the updated archives as well as the new episode guides. There's more content on the way, it's just that it takes quite some time to compile this content into content articles for the site. The content we provide is something that is openly available to every visitor and registered member to the site.
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