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  2. This is actually from the AMG Novel "First End" written by Yumi Toma (Urd's Japanese voice actress), and illustrated by Mr Fujishima and Hidenori Matsubara. There are a few illustrations included in the novel, although for the most part the plot is text based. Still, the artwork is quite good.
  3. Good old Waardenburg syndrome... One of those rare condtions I recall learning about in genetics class back when I was a lowly medical student... I can still recall that one of the symptoms is deafness. More info here:
  4. Artwork of Skuld , found on Pinterest. Image source: I do not own, nor did I create this image.

    © Fujishima Kosuke

  5. Yesterday
  6. Fanart of Belldandy by nasrul-ds3 at in 2002) Source: I do not own this image, nor did I create it.

    © nasrul-ds3, kosuke fujishima

  7. This one is from the second artbook that concerns the 1993 OVA. I've swapped the image from my slightly higher resolution copy, although the colors seem a bit more... dull, I think. Probably thanks to the scanner used to make this? Edit: Found another copy. I'm still looking for a better one, but for the time being it's difficult. If I can't find a better one, I might revert this to its original state.
  8. Although I'm not too familiar with the Fate series, I might give it go once it's out. Any new OMG story is great news!
  9. Official artwork of Skuld. Image source: I do not own or create this image.

    © Fujishima Kosuke

  10. Ok so I began to write a thing. More specifically, an OMG/Fate stay night crossover thing. Had an idea that haunted me, so I decided to give it shape. To anyone that is familiar with Fate and the Nasuverse, I hope you'll enjoy. First chapter may come today or tomorrow.
  11. Sailor Bell! Image source: I do not own this image, nor create it.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  12. Fanart of Belldandy holding a garden hose. Watering some flowers... Image source: I do not own this image.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  13. Well... I tried! XD
  14. You're good. I had a power outage all day yesterday that pretty much sent me seeking alternate forms of shelter in the rain, so I didn't have much access to internet to respond to folks. Rain + travel in Japan is not as fun as it sounds. Lind has no idea where Jackson's place is. ...unless, again, you take stock in dreams. Jackson never actually worked out the finer details for their 'date', and may or may not be waiting for Urd to show up with Keiichi again so he can harass the hell out of her and hopefully, maybe, 'please dear god can I get Lind's number?' He's already tried and failed to get a number out of Keiichi. He was severely disappointed by this fact. "What do you mean you don't have her number?" "I mean that I don't have her number, Jackson." "Bullshit, you holding out on me?" "No! I really do not have her number!" "What about Sheila? She got her number?" "Fuck, man, I don't know...I'll go and ask her, alright?" (Keiichi never asked.) Also, Sanchez is the medic. Jackson's a sniper, though all of Team 12 know very basic first aid in order to patch each other up long enough for Sanchez to get a better look at them. If there are signs of a scuffle between Lind and Urd, there's going to be more even more questions, with Jackson's 'bullshit radar' that he's developed in his long enlistment going off more often then not when Urd tries to come up with a believable story.
  15. could work. If Lind had been invited there before and knew where the place was. It would been awkward, yes. But i'm pretty sure Jackson wouldnt mind, after the initial shock (might even feel honoured that Lind trusted him and remembered him in an hour of need). Lind could prolly pull a lie out of her ass and say they've been ambushed by a band of gangsters when leaving a bar (would help to explain why they're prolly a little bit bloodied as well) and they didn't want to worry Keiichi..and that his house was closer to the said bar than Keiichi's house. Soooo...they went there instead. Wasn't Jackson also the team medic? He could tend to Lind's small cuts when listening to her story ***wink wink** Again, don't mind me this week. I'm babling a lot.
  16. Problem with that is that Urd and Lind have never been to Jackson's place... ...unless you take any stock in the power of dreams... Besides, Jackson is liable to ask a lot of questions that neither goddess are in the right mindset to answer, and most of them would be about Keiichi himself and him wondering why Sheila and the woman of his dreams came to him rather than stay with Keiichi, who admittedly is on a much more familiar basis than Jackson is with them. Not that Jackson would complain about Lind-he'd finally get to treat her for dinner-but Urd's addition would be cause for concern, as up until that point 'Sheila' never made a point of actually visiting any of Team 12 outside of a bar or in a large group setting.
  17. I'd put his house at about 2500 square feet not including the garage, 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms. Really tight for more than about 5 people. Good thing about the two bathrooms; Swamp Urd and Swamp Belldandy didn't have to share… They have practically rebuilt the house twice already with the various Goddess-storms, why not do it up right with 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a study/office, home theatre, bigger dining room, maybe even a pool? We all hope Keiichi and Belldandy will be living there for a long, long time. Urd and Belldandy in bikinis, all summer long! That sounds like a real good idea if Jackson has room for two guests. He knows 'Sheila' and would assume heroic binge/hangover, never think about drugs. He'd jump at a chance to see Lind again, much less have her spend the night. Is Keiichi going to dream about Belldandy next? And not about her going berserk, either. ---------------- Don't open that!! It's the original can of worms!
  18. Last week
  19. Place your bets on the sleeping arrangements Minna-san!!!! 3 bedrooms and 1 couch, right? let's seeeee: - Bell bunking up with Skuld, Nebo and the angels. Assuming HB is not going back to Belldandy yet, i would say Bell sleeps with HB on the bed while Skuld and Nebo use blow up matress on the floor. Explanation for this would be: Belldandy doesn't want to leave Holy Bell alone. Nebo is not leaving a crit injuried angel alone either. And Skuld is not leaving Belldandy... - Aiko sleeping with Keiichi. Yeaaa...fuck UN regulations and culture...he needs his sister there with him. - Lind sleeping Urd. Pretty much for the sole reason that i don't think Lind is going to trust anyone going near Urd after she manages to subdue her. And i'm betting Urd doesn't want to get near anyone either. Belldandy specially. - And yyeaaa...Peorth is going to be relegated to the couch. I don't think she's going to have to courage to discuss that with them after everything that has been going on. And even if she did, ppl would look at her in such a way that she would just go: oook, i'm going to head to the couch now, ok? Don't look at me like that...pls?" Am i hot or cold here? PS: i don't know why, but my stupid sleep-deprivated brain is telling me Lind might drag Urd's ass to Jackson's and ask him to spend the night there. I know there isn't much confidence between them atm, but it would be a nice way for Lind to interact with Jackson again. And keep Urd out of the house (and out of Belldandy's sight) When asked what was wrong with Urd, Lind would just prolly stay silent and Jackson would probably assume Urd is suffering from some sort of drugs reprival moment....
  20. 8 or 9 adults and up to 8 angels, in 3 bedrooms, and at least one of the bedrooms is pretty small. And with Peorth being such a diva — they will definitely need more space. I think Aiko will insist on sleeping with Keiichi, at least for a few days, and anybody that doesn't like it can go fuck themselves. Belldandy won't dare go near him for a while because she's afraid of herself. ---------------- Gentlemen! You can't fight in here — this is the War Room!
  21. His house is pretty big if I understood its dimensions correctly. Two floors with three bedrooms and a couch to serve as a bed is a lot of space. Bring up more blow up matresses if need be for more guests. So far there is 6 deities and 1 human, with another on the way. With 1 room taken by angels, they could essentially all fit somehow. Keiichi might have to room with Nebo in that case or sleep on the couch. With none of the girls really willing to room with the guys other than maybe Aiko/Kei or Bell/Kei... Ok, maybe they are short on space.
  22. Those 2 we've watched already. Spotlight not, yet.
  23. Wow... that really brings back some memories. I remember seeing this... ages ago (at least it feels like ages now), and even its source has some nostalgia factor of its own.
  24. I asked my sister and she suggested Spotlight, Munich, and Changeling.
  25. I've been trying to find decent movies to watch with my Mom, and i find myself struggling... Recent movies are very unatractive, imho....Tried watching that Chinese Wall movie, with Matt Damon, couldn't make it past 30min in. Watched Moonlight, since there was so much talking about it since the Oscars...and it was so meh, i got to the end and was like: this is it? i want this 2 hrs of my life back. A few weeks ago had the brilliant idea of watching King Cobra. My Mom loves movies that are based on true events, so i thought: why not? Let's see what this is about... (why didn't i read the description???why???) Is there anything stranger than watching a half gay porn crazy movie on a sunday afternoon with your Mom on the couch???...another 2hrs of my life i want back. I'm tempted to give La La Land a go, since there's so much praise going on around it, but after the disappointment from Moonlight, i'm kinda wary about it.
  26. On Sunday, we watched something my sister wanted us to watch. Boondock Saints. I honestly thought it was kinda average. Seemed a bit of wish fulfillment by someone with a lot of power over the film. My brother and sister seemed to enjoy it. I wonder if I have a preference for old west films over action films set in modern day?
  27. Official artwork of the Three goddesses (from 1993). Source: I did not create or own this image.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

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