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  2. Utti Jaeger

    oh boy it feels so amazing to be back

  3. Correction it has been three years
  4. Dear friends wow 2 years go by like their nothing. I'm back now and this time for good, If you didn't know I left for those two years while I'm back now and if you never knew me back then allow me to introduce myself I am Jaeger that one crazy finish guy who lives next door (or Ethan if you prefer). Now as to the reason I was gone for two years I was finishing up good old high school and finish freshman year in college, and in that time I was unable to fully keep up with my favorite online form ever. If anyone has any questions on what I've been up to for those past three years glad to answer them things have changed a lot and not changed at the same time, one if people remember me may notice that everything is spelled correctly here for I'm dyslexic, but good news for everyone I now use speech to text to write everything.I have very fond memories of all of you in the community here and hope to rejoin it to make even better memories. Parhain terveisin (Best regards) -Uitti Jaeger-
  5. Today
  6. Had a bit of a tough day today, and this just put a smile on my face. Had to control myself at the 'Dr Google' bit...the idea that ten dimensional beings would consult a three dimensional built source...when they have Yggdrasil very funny.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Yea...the editing kinda killed it...but at least it's readable now.
  9. There you go. EDIT: this would be sooo much easier if the pic wasn't compressed by the website...
  10. One can't have a shield up all the time. And in canon, the mortal shells are as strong as humans, kind of shown when Belldandy's license expired. Wouldn't it be plausible for a surprise attack to still effect them as if they were human?
  11. Why me? ... Fine! I'm on it.
  12. I'm bad at this. Urd! Do your thing!
  13. Gotta remember, this world works under a different set of rules to canon. Sir Snufflebutts has the advantage of the 'home court' so to speak, as she's in her home territory of North America. This gives her and the other spirits that reside there a hefty chunk of strength and power, and don't forget that Urd mentioned this beastie was in an 'elevated position'. Since animal spirits don't fall under the same classification as Asgardian gods, you can't really put a title on their power like 1st or 2nd class, which makes it difficult to determine their power. But normally large predators like big cats and wolves have a heafty dose of power as is, since they are often revered as idols and symbols amongst humans. Sir Snufflbutts may not be as weak as you might think... Now if she was outside of the States, that's a whole 'nother story. I will be disappointed in all of you if you don't come up with a cute little dialogue that has a running script of all the angels. Including 'Mom'.
  14. Wow an angel whatsapp group would be the greatest thing ever. Someone write this please.
  15. Just imagine de giggles and the constant buzzing of whatsapp msgs incoming 😆
  16. Oh, great. Angels playing Angry Birds all day. An Angel chat room. Would they slap each other with Tunas, or something else? What happens if Belldandy and Holy Bell get their phones mixed up? Or Urd and World of Elegance? They'll all want one... Hey, can Urd Travel through a phone? A tablet? A notebook computer? —————————— Gentlemen! You can't fight in here — this is the War Room!
  17. I think that includes the author himself, as the later arcs mainly concern the goddesses, with Keiichi being the only male character of any real importance (there are a few cameos of Tamiya and Otaki, along with Sentaro, but that's basically). Even if the story focused more on the immortals, we never really saw any god or male demon. Tyr was never actually shown at any point, either.
  18. Quite true Everyone wants to draw the Norns. Poor Keiichi doesn't get much in the way of fan art
  19. Fanart of Morisato Keiichi. Heh... now that's something I don't see too often. Well, most of the time they draw him along with Belldandy and the rest of the goddesses, but to see him on his own is pretty rare. Kind of funny, since he's supposed to be the series' protagonist ;)
  20. Fanart of Morisato Keiichi by geargrinder at Deviant Art. Source: I did not create, nor do I own this image.

    © geargrinder, Kosuke Fujishima

  21. I think the closest analogy (Mythologically speaking) is a survivor of Ragnarok coming to a similar, yet different world at the same time. I don't think that his initial concern was to fix anything, but rather to find something to get out of his early depression. Giving himself a task, as simple as such a thing sounds like is much better for him to focus on, rather than lamenting about what could've been in his own past. Sure, he doesn't really want things to go as bad as they did in his original world, but at this point it should be obvious to him that history here is different than back in his own world. As such, his role could be considered as finished, but that still leaves him with the fact that he's stuck in a foreign world. So, the next thing for him is to find another reason to live for, and perhaps approaching his parents (and his aunts too) could help him heal some wounds. Of course it's going to take some coaxing from a few characters, but, during the next few chapters, I'll add some 'diary' entries where he explains things in further detail, and eventually that diary ends up in his parents' hands later on. Still, he does play a role later on, along with the main cast, but much of his knowledge is now useless ( personally, I don't want him to be a walking in-story spoiler). And the mess he did cause, although far less severe than the original situation he had to deal with in his time, does need to be addressed, even though some of the others (primarily Hild) try to convince him not to worry about it, and let them take over. From a totally different perspective, one of my goals with him, and the story in general is to showcase two very different outcomes for Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship. On one hand we have the current timeline where they're both alive (and with Keiichi being a god on top of it), and on the other, we have a place (alternative timeline) where they spent their lives together... although not forever, in the most literal of senses. I generally prefer making sure that they would stay together forever in my stories, and that means making Keiichi immortal in one way or another, but this is a way of trying something vastly different and binding it together with the happier outcome (current timeline) to provide a two-in one story (as well as give myself a main reason to keep the overall plot move forward). As a matter of fact, back when I started the story, I even considered having that Keiichi being the survivor and brought back to this world, but I soon talked myself out of it, since I didn't like the idea of having one version of Keiichi being alone, while another lived happily with Belldandy. The end result was to give this role to their son, and that's how Odal came to be. And considering that I've been going around the subject for too long, here's the first entry of that diary (since it doesn't show anything too spoiler-ish). There will be at least another in the next chapter, and a few more in the upcoming ones:
  22. I see, so I guess the best comparison we can have to Odal right now is well...Future Trunks. Coming from a bad future/timeline, and then went back in order to fix everything, and then making a whole new mess just because of his presence.
  23. Yes, that's definitely going to happen. Still, I don't want to suddenly throw a huge flashback arc, so I'll break that into a few parts and have it happen at the same time other things take place in the background (just to keep the readers up to date with what's happening with Keiichi and the rest of the main cast). As for Keiichi, the short answer is yes, although the circumstances were quite different in Odal's timeline. All I can say for now is that it's not a happy story.
  24. Still, i find it a little hard to swallow that an animal spirit can really harm a goddess 1st class like Belldandy...or even a 2nd class hybrid like Urd :/ When you think of their just doesn't click in my head... -_- Also, i forgot. So glad someone decided to introduce the wonders of an iPhone to HB. Wonder if she can have one too! XD
  25. This kind of becomes a little more understandable when you take into consideration what has already been mentioned about animals spirits in the past chapters-Peorth mentioned that Bell saved her from a rogue animal spirit that wanted to become a demon by devouring her, and Nebo let it drop that animals spirits could be a bit wild and unpredictable. When you factor in how large the puma's gotten from when it last appeared and now, as well as the fact that the Norns were pretty exposed in the hammock, their panic kind of becomes a bit more understandable. In a sense, they were caught with their pants down. Nebo doesn't have an angel. He's got a Ssaratu, which was the prototype all modern angels eventually became. They don't hold the same type of bond that other gods and angels have because of that, which as you can guess creates a very different relationship for the two when they interact. There's a reason why Nebo became a Tic that might actually be a little obvious for anyone who stops and thinks about the relationship between him, Mooney, and the other angels, but as the story will eventually throw in a brief mention to that, I'll spare anyone spoilers and let you all come to your own conclusion on what/why that is. I will say this though: Mooney is very sensitive to the needs and the status of other angels, in particular angels showing signs of distress. It makes the Ssaratu both protective and aggressive towards anyone/anything trying to interact with that specific angel, which is a bit of what you saw here, especially after Aiko deliberately ignored Nebo's warnings to stay away. When Luna manifested and Nebo called its name, he was trying to call it back-not bring it forth like some people might have initially thought. You can thank a decade hanging around with a bunch of crusty guards for that. And Ansuz. Bell's temper and creativity with curses has only expanded since her time with Aoshima, and, well, Ansuz was a Valkyrie...
  26. So...Nebo has looney tendencies? No pun intended XD Another heavy Aiko filled chapter! You guys just seem to love her XD Was nice to see her interaction with HB, even if it cost us half the chapter XD Was a little intigued by the "nemesis" tag there. If it's mentioned, it will have a meaning, right? hmmmm, hmmm and more hmmmm... Still have to wrap my mind around that concept. I smell a little bit more than meets the eye at first there. And Aiko, who seems to be the only one in the house that can put 2 and 2 together (sometimes, at least) has heard Nebo's explanation on the angels, and has now seem all the angels...Wonder if she's the one who's going to make the very important question (to me) to Urd (and no, it's not wether god's poop)... Aiko: hey Urd! Urd. yea? Aiko: So, Nebo's told me how an angel reflects the soul. I understand Belldandy's angel being so fragile and sick looking after what she's been through...but, what about you? Why does your angel has a black wing? Urd: **freezes* Keiichi: I never really thought about it before, but since you're asking...yea Urd, why does yours has a black wing? mwahahaha So, we finally have just a tiny little bit of more info of what happened to Bell while in Japan. So, she stepped in between Shitface and other children, huh? I'm assuming she took their place to save them out of their misery... :/ Will be interestering to read more from Bell on what really happened... Speaking of Bell, she did sounded a little OOC when waking up. I could swear i thought it was Skuld talking. Heck, even Skuld was surprised! But i'm not sure i understand the panic that came with that. Ok, so it's a huge puma (that grew wayyyyy too fast ...), that has either divine or demonic nature (i'm betting on demonic) and it's kinda protecting the Norns. And hates Peorth for some reason. And has golden eyes.... Hmmm...hmm...and more hmmm. Still, it's unlikely a puma, even if not a normal puma, would have eaten a full grow goddess, so i'm kinda taken back with Bell's reaction there. Sure, if it was Aiko or Keiichi, i would understand, but Bell and Urd? Nahhhhh... Interesting to notice that wether it's sibling rivalry or whatnot, but Bell and Urd seem to be having some interesting arguments lately...I wonder if that can scale... And Ansuz made her debut! Well...her name did, at least... XD Interesting that her name - her actual name - popped into the story before even Hild's. So far, that one has only been refered as Damakaicho, Danmkainna (sp?), the One Down Below....etc...but never Hild. Not as far as i can remember, at least... So Nebo has a Looney Tooney angel. Ok, scratch the Tooney... I took it was a being still to put it? Still too raw, to be controlled. If that is the case, i'm actually surprised that Nebo can be a Tic, and actually acts sane for the most part of his conversations... Also was glad to see Keiichi finally putting Urd in his thoughts. It was an interesting question, the one he popped. What would Urd do, if Belldandy was out of the equation? Would she made her feelings known and try to conquer Keiichi? Would she still go away to Gulag (my pet name for Gulach) eventually and leave Keiichi alone? Interesting, interesting. More interesting to see if Keiichi is going to ask her what will she do, before he talks to Belldandy about his decision. K1: Urd, if i send Belldandy away, would you stay behind? Urd: What? K1: Well...maybe we're too scarred. Maybe there's no way she and I can be a thing, you know? I feel like it's too much sand for my truck... Urd: And you want me to stay, even if she goes? K1: ***too clueless to understand exactly what Urd is hinting at*** Well, i'm kinda worried you might bail on me. Sorry for asking... Poor Urd would be filled with hope, that isn't really there...
  27. Nebo actually doesn't have any anger issues. Its his connection to Mooney that's the problem. His link to Mooney is in many ways different from any of the modern angels in the house, and because of Mooney's nature it's a difficult creature to... We'll say manage. One does not control a creature like Mooney. You'll see more on the results of this with the second part once its released. Nebo is well aware of how easily Mooney affects him, and will act accordingly to Mooney's actions in Bell's room.
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