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  2. Anime: What Series Are You Currently Watching?

    Finally saw The Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzimiya. That was kind of…demented. But in a good way. Amagi Brilliant Park. Clever, funny and engaging, at least after 5 episodes.
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  4. Bad Goddess The Complete Fan Fiction Series

    Write Like The Wind & Never Stop Thinking: The Making of Bad Goddess Ep 3 The Re-Arrangement
  5. Bad Goddess The Complete Fan Fiction Series

    Write Like the Wind & Never Stop Thinking: The Making of Bad Goddess Ep 2 The Allegory
  6. Bad Goddess The Complete Fan Fiction Series

    Write Like the Wind & Never Stop Thinking: The Making of Bad Goddess Ep 1 The Intervention
  7. Scarred Survivors

    Seriously, I have no problem doing this. Still, Winter and (unnecessary) turnovers are a horrible combination in any line of work. I actually expected to be half done catching up at a moderate pace... I'd rather be able to remember what I read, though (or at least be able to remember something other than a blurry screen). Also, I might be wrong about something. This may be the worst possible scenario:
  8. I highly recommend the person that started this post seek out an Ah! My Goddess: Bad Goddess episode on YouTube titled "The Humor and the Heartbreak". I openly poke fun at the difference between AMG Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld, and Norse Mythology Verdandi, Urdr, and Skolde.
  9. Scarred Survivors

    Hopefully by this weekend, if not that then soon afterwards given I've got President's day off, which should give me some additional time to write. If for some reason even that looks unmanagable, then I'll go ahead and write a lore piece to help tide you guys over until the actual chapter is complete. But I'm aiming for this weekend.
  10. Scarred Survivors

    Sooooo… Dare we hope for Chapter 53 any time soon? Or, maybe some more Backstory and/or Lore from Nena? Yes. If you had read through this topic, you would know that. Think of it not as a chore, but an adventure! ——————————— Gentlemen! You can't fight in here — this is the War Room!
  11. What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

    Girls Bravo! Mostly guilt, very little pleasure. The damn story never goes anywhere! Just seems to repeat the same few jokes over and over. Maybe it gets better after the first 10 episodes or so? That's when I gave up on it.

    i'm just being a plebeian amateur and all, but after days of dinking around, this is the best i can wrest out of the S2 PRO. it looks good, save for the moire' quite visible on the texture of the right-hand girl's pink dress, an overall coarseness of edges in high image magnification, and, of course, that damn-blasted Vacuum-Tubey flash warmth. compare that to the NIKON D5000 in AUTO mode; i think we've a clear winner here; FUJI S2 PRO NIKON D5000
  13. In the world of AMG, hardly anything is said about the it for/regarding gods, demons, and humans. So far, 'Heaven' and 'Hell' in the AMG universe are just used as terms for the realms/homes of the 'Gods' and 'Demons' respectively...the same way 'Earth' is used as the term for the realm of humans. And from what we have seen in-story, there is no evidence to suggest that either realm acts as the 'processing unit/final resting place' for human souls after they die.Nor does it seem that gods, goddesses, demons or demonesses either interact or process human souls once they die (or the events of the Judgement Gate would have been rendered Belldandy won't have had to worry about what happens if Keiichi died...when they could meet in the afterlife.) On the other hand, at least the gods/Yggdrasil can apparently elevate humans or other lesser beings to their level (Tyr did offer to make Keiichi a god..and Keiichi said no) but that can be taken as a means of 'prolonging life'...not 'what happens after death'. I do suspect that some gods and goddesses are actually 'elevated humans/lesser beings'..(but that's mere speculation). Then there is the fact that gods and demons can die...and they seem not to have any idea about what would happen if they died (or why bring in Dobulet...when you can be resurrected when you die as a divine?) conclusion...if I were in the AMG universe, and i died...I probably won't go to heaven , where a reception committee of beautiful goddesses looking like Belldandy await me....or to hell...but probably either cease to exist...or go to wherever Fujishima-sensei's concept of the afterlife for all sorts of beings lies.(Probably become a kami...according to Shinto belief... )
  14. gdata1954

    cant decide on a CPU team blue with its cooler CPU or team red with their hot CPU threadripper

  15. Earlier
  16. "If he decides that he wants to take the site down or leave it up, ultimately, that's up to him." Actually, It's not up to me anymore... I've transferred the rights to the BAF community 5 years ago when it started being hosted here (you can read it here). None of my business anymore. Anyways, I've batch replaced all deprecated DB functions to the new ones, it took me 10 minutes. The website is already working with the new database functions right now. The rest you'll need to wait when php 7 arrives to see if everything works properly. I think you can close this topic, thank you.
  17. The site is currently hosted on a sub domain I established for BAF, here on our own domain name, hosted by our site. Endimion restored BAF here on the domain name. If he decides that he wants to take the site down or leave it up, ultimately, that's up to him. But, as long as the site continues to function (load properly), we'll continue hosting it until such a time that it stops working. Our webhost is constantly updating its servers with the latest versions of PHP and mySQL and that's what we use to run the main site of the (Goddess Relief Office).

    -S2 PRO- -D5000-
  19. New Forum Software Upgrades Coming

    During the coming weeks, I'll be renewing our license for the forum software, will be provide us access to the latest version of the forum software, IPS 4.3, which is the latest version of the software. Not only this, but our license also provides us access to security updates/patches and maintenance releases. Another thing that's on our agenda is to renew our domain name for the coming year. These small things allow us to continue to provide an outlet for our members to enjoy. Without this forum license, it would leave our community vulnerable to exploit attack (which these security patches have benefited our community). Let's just say that we've run into problems in the past where we didn't keep the license up to date and waited to renew it, much to our detriment. The new version of the software should be coming out in the next few months and I'll keep everyone updated on that just as soon as it's officially released (and I'll inform our members before we run the upgrade process).
  20. can the site be saved or savable

    i figured out how to adjust the flash brightness way down. even so, i have to pull WAY back from my subject when employing the flash, something i DO NOT have to do with the D5000. any way, this S2 is mighty impressive for a DSLR the better part of two decades old. even so, the 2009 mid-level D5000 is the clear winner, providing far more natural images without hardly any of the tweaking that the TOTL PRO S2 requires to get even close; NIKON D5000 FUJIFILM S2 PRO
  22. Who's Your Favourite J-Pop Artist?

    For the past few months, I have been listening to Yggdrasil radio...and as a result have been introduced to many J-pop acts, and songs. My favorite groups/singers so far.. AAA..Life Sakamoto Maya: coming up, everywhere. Weaver: SOS ClariS: Rainy day. (K)now name: Frresia. Lupinus Stereopony: Hitohira no Hanabira and many others..... Recently, looking back in time...Mariya Takeuchi.(by way of my interest in future funk)
  23. found this, a $5000.00 pro-grade digital camera, at my local GOODWILL for a whopping $10.00. scare up some memory cards for it, find that, being based upon elements of NIKON design, using lots of off the shelf NIKON parts, and employing NIKON's F-MOUNT lens mounting system, it is fully compatible with my existing NIKON D5000's lenses. four AA alkaline and 2 CR123A lithium later, it works, damn well indeed for a 2002 DigiCam. here are comparison shots, my 2009 D5000 vs this 2002 S2 Pro. the S2 has a VERY bright built-in flash, and i haven't figured out how to adjust it yet; -D5000- -S2 PRO-
  24. I've visited, it seems all "mysql" functions have a "mysqli" equivalent, so a simple batch replace using a text editor shall do the trick. I believe it will be easy to convert when php 7.0 becomes the standard.
  25. Ah! My goddess Fic ideas

    Maybe there are two parts. Maybe we create tulpas all the time, but only a very few become significant Tulpas by gaining the attention of some higher-dimensional entity who finds them interesting, compatible and/or attractive in some way, and choose to invest some part of their awareness into them. At that point they become actual personifications, able to affect the world and interact with people other than the initial daydreamer. They can even influence the person to create proto-tulpas suitable for their otherworldly friends and relatives.
  26. Ah! My goddess Fic ideas

    Good Question. I wish I had an answer, but other than Leyline stuff and Keiichi merely being in the right place at the right time to use Earth's energy or slightly ripping off the melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and making Keiichi a god who does not know it, I have no idea. I'll go buy a copy of American gods in a little bit. Thanks for the suggestion, Nena!
  27. Ah! My goddess Fic ideas

    Go. Read. American Gods. Seriously. Half the premise is that the gods are all tulpas that came with their worshippers to America and got stuck there. In other and why would Keiichi have a strong enough consciousness and spiritual resonance to be able to create so many different tulpas?
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