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Other images in Ah! My Goddess, Images Gallery

AMG pachinko game rooster.jpg


This is actually an image made for a Japanese pachinko game featuring the AMG main cast (along with several supportive characters). 

However, I must stress out that is supposed to be promotional material for a game, and not related to an anime production. 

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I find it a bit amusing that Hild's Loli form is on it, instead of her adult form.


Then again, we do see her more in it. Kinda like Washu in the Tenchi Muyo OVAs.

Dammit, now a part of me wants to write a fic where Chibi-Hild and Washu meet each other and then agree to team up to cause mischief.

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Interesting to see some of this characters in color, now I know what color are their hairs; like the Gate, and K1's mom.

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22 hours ago, IdiAmeanDada said:

Lake Goddess and Hagal are there, but not Ansuz? 

The blue haired goddess behind Lind isn't the Lake Goddess, but the Instructor from Urd's first class licence test. She made two appearances in the manga, first in Urd's flashback, and then when Peorth submitted the results of the test and she approved of Urd's application (even though Urd turned the promotion down).

As it seems, this game was released after the beginning of the manga's last arc, but before Ansuz made an appearance, which also explains why she didn't show up there, and the same is true about the actual Lake Goddess. Come to think of it, I believe that this also explains Katz's observation about Hild, since by that time her real body was still captured and she wasn't released until much later on. 

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