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      The latest news and information regarding the administration of the community. Check out this forum for the latest developments on the community. New topics must be approved by forum staff in this forum.

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  2. Ah My Goddess: Anime and Manga Hub

    1. Ah My Goddess: General Discussion

      For those wishing to discuss general topics of conversation regarding the Ah! My Goddess series created by Kōsuke Fujishima. Topics found here such as 'my favorite character' or user generated polls.

    2. Ah! My Goddess: Anime and Manga

      This message forum is for the discussion of any topic that is related to either the publication of the manga series or any past, current or future projects related to the anime adaption of the manga series.

    3. Ah! My Goddess: Collectables and Merchandise

      Discussion topics for sharing, collecting or building resin model kits, dolls, plushies, figures, mecha or any merchandise revolving around Ah! My Goddess collectibles. Share your collections with the community.

    4. Goddess History and Norse Mythology

      The articles found here are created by Timotheus for the mythology of the anime and manga series. The content found here is not endorsed by Kousuke Fujishima and is intended for entertainment purposes only.

    5. Kōsuke Fujishima: General Discussion

      This forum is for the discussion of Sakura Wars, éX-Driver, Piano, Tales of Phantasia, Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Xillia and the Tales of Zestiria.

  3. Paradise Residence: Anime and Manga Hub

    1. Paradise Residence: General Discussion

      The discussion forum for Paradise Residence that doesn't fit within the context of the other message forums such as character development of Hatsune Takanashi and the girls at Kikka Academy Dorm.

    2. Paradise Residence: Anime and Manga

      The new manga series from Kousuke Fujishima, the creator of Ah! My Goddess for the discussion of the anime and manga series, currently licensed for release by Kodansha USA.

  4. Toppū GP: Anime & Manga Hub

    1. Toppū GP: General Discussion

      This is a general discussion topic related to the Toppū GP anime and manga series.

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    2. Toppū GP: Anime & Manga

      The new manga series from Kōsuke Fujishima, the creator of Oh My Goddess and Paradise Residence.

  5. General Anime and Manga Hub

    1. Anime, Manga and Comics

      This forum is for the general discussion of any topic as they relate to Japanese anime or manga, comics, graphic novels. etc. This forum can also include discussion topics on the anime fansub and manga scanslation culture.

    2. Otaku: Collectables and Merchandise

      The discussion forum for resin model kits, toys, gamers, dollfies, UFO dolls, figurines, board games, trading cards and more. Whatever type of anime or manga-related merchandise you collect, feel free to discuss and share your collections in this forum.

    3. Anime Reviews

      Exactly what the forum name implies, this is a forum intended for the discussion of anime reviews whether they are fansubs, online streaming, home video releases or digital distribution. This forum is for the discussion of any anime review.

  6. Asian Culture and Entertainment

    1. Asian Culture and Entertainment

      It doesn't matter what topic you wish to discuss, if you want to discuss anything related to Asian culture or entertainment, feel free to use this forum. Whether it's movies, music, television, festivals or whatever, this forum is intended for open discussion.

    2. The J-Pop Music Forum

      This forum is for the discussion of every form of music in Japan, Korea and China. Whether it's J-pop/J-rock/J-rap, K-pop/K-rock/K-rap or C-pop/C-rock/C-rap, feel free to discuss your favorite soundtracks, albums or artists in this forum.

    3. Cosplay Design

      There's not much to be said for this forum as it's exactly what it implies, the discussion of anything and everything related to Cosplay design. Whether you want to share photos of a cosplay event or discuss cosplay design techniques.

    4. Otaku News and Culture

      The latest news and information concerning otaku and the culture that surrounds it. Whether you're discussing fandom, the entertainment media, hobbyists, gamers or and avid enthusiast ... feel free to discuss it here.

    5. Vocaloid: General Discussion

      Vocaloids are 'singing synthesizer software programs' designed with a humanoid persona, the most visible and famous vocaloid being Hatsune Miku. This forum is dedicated to the collection and discussion of the vocaloid culture.

  7. Culture and Entertainment

    1. Movies, Music and Television

      This forum is for the general discussion of any topic as they relate to movies, television shows, music, books or magazines. This forum also covers any content featured in this description, no matter where they were produced.

    2. Arcades, Videogames and More

      This forum is designed for the general discussion of the videogame industry, whether they are desktop, console, handheld of legacy systems ... feel free to discuss the latest news regarding the gaming industry. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

    3. Sports Entertainment

      This forum is for the discussion related to the following, regardless of which country they are played in: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Wrestling, Boxing, Swimming, The Olympics and any other event that related to sports.

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    1. Fan Fiction and More

      This forum is used exclusively by our members to post the prose and written content that they have personally created. The content posted in this forum may not be used without the permission of the user who has created the content posted here.

    2. FanArt and More

      The forum is used for posting fanart, vecor images, desktop wallpaper or any other type of fanart, graphic or image that you have either created yourself or that you have found online. This forum may be used in combination with the Image Gallery.

  9. Life and Interests

    1. Life Experiences

      This forum is for discussing anything that's currently happening in your life. Whether you want to share the birth of your child, your birthday, anniversary, graduation, vacation details, convention experiences or whatever you have experienced.

    2. Support and Recovery

      Have you suffered from a personal loss, depression or you just need some advice or support? This forum has been created with the sole intention of providing our community with a support forum to help our members through difficult times.

    3. Foreign Languages

      This forum has been created for those members who wish to post topics and or messages in their native language (German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, etc).

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      Everyone is invited to use this forum to discuss any topic that is related to technology or software, whether it's the latest release of your favorite MP3 player, smartphone, Blu-ray player, iPhone, PC software or web browser. This forum is now open.

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      This message forum is specifically for promoting a website or service that the community wishes to share with other members or even visitors to the community. Be aware that the administration reserves the right to remove any link or topic found in this forum.

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      Everyone is free to use this forum to ask questions to the community that anyone can answer. Be aware that the topics in this forum are to include one question per topic and that the topic started can select the best response to their question topic.

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    • Nena Camadera
      Which game(s) did you play recently?
      God eater 2 rage burst. God eater 2 rage burst. God eater 2 rage burst. God eater 2 rage burst.    BRB,  NEED TO EAT A GOD. 
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      Shoutbox: Changing the Location of Chat
      So, I guess you have decided to leave things as they are?
    • Sugoi
      Which game(s) did you play recently?
      You're part of the furniture. ^__~
    • HotelKatz
      Scarred Survivors
      Pretty much a werewolf that is either under control of a witch or is a witch itself. The appearance can either be like a normal werewolf or merely a wolf's head on a person's body.   Most of the stories are about it are around New Orleans. According to a few spots on online, the tales are derived from France's loup-garou. Also a werewolf.   And from what I heard from one person, but haven't been able to verify it anywhere else, the Rougarou can also be some sorta hybrid of werewolf, witch, and vampire, but without any of their weaknesses. The Rougarou's weakness in this case? Toads and frogs. It's scared of them.   Heh. Now I'm imagining Belldandy in a cutesy frog costume chasing after a terrified werewolf dressed as dracula.   But after reading your reply, I'd rather read what you guys are able to come up, than trying to force this in.  
    • Nena Camadera
      Scarred Survivors
      Ah, see what you mean now.  I'm tracking.  It's hard to say what sort of story archs will pop up, just due the nature of the story right now.  It's still pretty infantile, given the fact that we haven't done much writing outside of improving/editing the lone chapter you created as a standalone, Katz.  If you can believe it, you're original chapter has branched into four different chapters leading up to Belldandy's rescue, and I've only just started on one of the scenes for the start of chapter four, and they're all pretty action-heavy.     Afterwards, you can probably expect the crew to get a break, which would lead into a bit more of a slice of life style story arch until things heat up for the next round.  Keiichi's a warrior in his own right this go around, and as such he's going to be tested and tried just in the day-to-day struggles that come with being a Navy Seal.  Team 12 gets deployed pretty often, so you can expect him to vanish for a time or two for some of the more contested areas throughout the world, and not everything he does is something he's going to be proud of.  That will be part of the struggle between the relationship between Belldandy and Keiichi, as Belldandy can't always go with him--not without his own team noticing and taking undue interest into how Keiichi's new girlfriend managed to get to a covert FOB in the middle of Iraq or Afghanistan.   Of course, that will also bring up how Keiichi will keep the Norns' origins a secret from the rest of his team as well.  Any unit is going to be close--they're the men you deploy with, sleep with, and fight with, which makes them your family--and keeping a huge secret like 'my girlfriend is a goddess' tends to be a little difficult when your bros keep hounding you for details on how you met.  Urd can't keep wiping their memories MIB-style, and eventually, something is going to slip.  But that's something for another time farther down the road, when we've had a chance to really look at the people that consist of Team 12.   As for antagonists...well, sometimes one's greatest enemy is oneself, and that's kind of the theme we're playing with here.  There will be other, outside factors, but they don't make up the main 'bad guys' of the story.  In a sense, it will make the story a bit more interesting because of that, since, like you said, the Norns are all literal goddesses which make them OP as all hell.   Can't say what happens with Aoshima.  That's too special.   Also...what's a ' Rougarou'?  
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