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... The end of an era, the final chapter of the Aa! Megami-sama manga series to be published on April 25th in Kodansha's 'Afternoon' magazine ...

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RE: Belldandy Angel Feathers Community

Apr 16 2014 04:02 PM | Keiichi Morisato in Site News

Some of you may notice that we have been hosting the original Belldandy Angel Feathers here on the site for the past few months. What many are unaware of is that this was the original incarnation of the BAF site, as you can see by heading over at http://baf.goddess-project.net.
What we're now looking for is to get in contact with those who reconstituted BAF as a message forum community and that we're looking to host their site with our site. Although we have no contact information for that BAF community, if they're interested in having the community hosted here, their original administrators and moderators would have autonomous control over their community. Hopefully, we can contact their community admins so we can restore their community here.
If anyone is in contact with them, please contact us at goddess-project@comcast.net.

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Ranma 1/2 Season 2 Blu-ray, Pre-order

Apr 15 2014 10:06 AM | Keiichi Morisato in Anime News (America)

Viz Media released Ranma 1/2 Season 1 Blu-ray back in March. Now that they have announced Ranma 1/2 Season 2 for Blu-ray release, it has now become available for pre-order. The second season is due to be released on June 24th, 2014. The first season is still available for order. Support the site by using the order links at the end of this article.
Posted Image
Season 2
Amazon: ($49.47) http://www.amazon.co...ranma 1/2 set 2
Right Stuf: ($39.99) http://www.rightstuf...02268/4/0/-6687


Season 1
Amazon: ($49.47) http://www.amazon.co...ranma 1/2 set 1
Right Stuf: ($39.99) http://www.rightstuf...01039/4/0/-6687

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Castle of Cagliostro, Coming to Blu-ray and DVD

Mar 26 2014 09:22 PM | Keiichi Morisato in Anime News

Posted Image

News has come forth that Hayao Miyazaki (co-founder of Studio Ghibli) who directed such masterpieces as Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away and the most recent film, The Wind Rises, will finally see his first anime film, The Castle of Cagliostro, released to Blu-ray and DVD through Discotek Media. The film was originall released prior to the formation of Studio Ghibli, which was released back in 1979.
Anime News Network is reporting that the DVD will probably be released first, possibly with an August 2014 release date with the Blu-ray release possibly seeing a release either by the end of 2014 or in early 2015. The good news is that the DVD and Blu-ray releases will contain an English audio track, the original intro, and the Japanese audio track with English subtitles.
Castle of Cagliostro follows Lupin and Jigen as they search for the counterfeiter who swindled them and they end up in the secluded country of Cagliostro. During the film, Lupin becomes involved with saving Clarisse, the princess of Cagliostro, (whom he had saved when she was just a child), now a young lady, from being married to a wicked count, while also trying to evade Inspector Koichi Zenigata.

Discuss: http://goddess-proje...ing-on-blu-ray/

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Dark Horse Announces v46, Cover Art

Mar 19 2014 02:05 PM | Keiichi Morisato in Ah! My Goddess Manga News

Posted Image

Dark Horse has finally announced the release date for volume 46 of the long running manga series, Oh My Goddess, with a release date set for August 6th, 2014. Please note that this release date is tentative and scheduled to change. With two volumes left to go before the series comes to an end, here's the official cover art.
Post your comments below.

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Ah! My Goddess v47 Cover Art Revealed

Mar 19 2014 01:58 PM | Keiichi Morisato in Ah! My Goddess Manga News

Posted Image

Kodansha has finally released the cover art for volume 47 of the manga series. We didn't receive the cover art until today. What do you think? Impressed with the cover art? Comment below.

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Ah! My Goddess Manga Ends July 2014

Mar 19 2014 12:16 AM | Keiichi Morisato in Ah! My Goddess Manga News

Sad news, everyone. Apparently, Anime News Network is reporting that the Ah! My Goddess manga series is ending on July 23rd with the 48th volume of the manga series. This is sad news for those of us who have continued to support the manga series all these years.
There's an announcement that's forthcoming in the May issue of "Afternoon" and that there will be a 'super important announcement' in that particular issue. Even with the manga series coming to an end, we'll continue to support the anime and manga series here on this site, but that we may be expanding the forums to cover a wide range of anime and manga series.
Please discuss this here: http://goddess-proje...with-volume-48/

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