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    The more I watch certain classic TV shows that may have been inspired the idea behind Ah! My Goddess, the more I'm convinced that's exactly what Fujishima-san did. I've recently been watching Bewitched over again and Fujishima-san has used a lot of the abilities that Samantha uses in that series. Take, for instance, Belldandy's "Jealousy storms". In the pilot episode of Bewitched, Darren and Samantha get married, setting up the premise for the entire show. In the episode, Darren and Samantha get invited to a dinner date with an ex-girlfriend of Darren. After a short while, his ex-girlfriend keeps showing up Samantha, who has decided she has had enough and begins to turn the scales on his ex-girlfriend. She causes the exes teeth to be disfigured, forces her hair to plop out of place and even forces a huge storm gust that blows open the front door, blows her hairpiece away and strips away her dress, forcing her to run for cover. The more I look at Belldandy's jealousy storms, it seems this is just one of the powers that Fujishima-san has used where it concerns Belldandy. I've also noticed that he uses a particular power from I Dream of Jeannie. Where Jeannie shrinks herself (mini-Belle) and disappears inside her bottle. While Fujishima-san altered it to allow Belldandy to disappear inside a mirror, it represents the same thing. The whole "mini-Belle" seems to be identical with Jeannie. While the core basis for the series seems to be on Norse mythology, he seems to have borrowed other aspects for the powers of these characters from cult television shows that were produced in the United States. Even Keiichi-chan's clumsiness seems to have been lifted out of the episodes of Three's Company, where it involves Jack Tripper.
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    Wait a sec. Let me get this straight. Hold on. So..the guy was married and divorced in 2014. He has a child from this marriage. Ok He re-married with the 20 years old girl he got pregnant in 2016. Which means that he had an affair for 15 yrs during the time he was still married with a third woman. This i understand is the woman whom he promised to marry after he got the divorce. (and got his plans screwed when the 2nd girl got pregnant.) This is the woman whom he misled with promises for 15 years, only to dump her without many explanations when he had to run away with a 20yrs old chick. And you don't think that screws over a person? You think that is something as mundane as 2 highschool lovers breaking up? Unless i got some fact're saying a guy who has an affair for 15 years while still legally married and empregnated a third woman who could very well pass for his daughter to boost, has any understanding of "ethics and values"? Are you saying this man is "family-oriented" when it comes to values? That he "stepped u p to the plate", like he was a brave, righteous man? Like...really? Am i the only one reading this? Are you actually putting this guy as a victim here? The 20 year old girl who got pregnant is a gold digger for me, and the woman who spent 15 years with him being fed of promises of marriage after his divorce is naive, at the very best. But him? There's a lot of words that might fit with the kind of person he is, and none of them is safe for this forum.
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    A scorned woman who still spent 15 years or so of her life with him. I know for sure i would be devastated if someone whom i dedicated a decade and half of my life to would publicly (sp?) deny everything. And also, since we're on a roll, what to say about a 51years old man who gets a 20 years old pregnant? We have a few names for that in portuguese, but it wouldn't translate well, so i'm not gonna try. Point is, don't throw rocks so fast. They all have glass ceilings.
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    Truth to be told, I'm not so sure about who's exactly the victim here, but there's a lot going on to make a manga out of it. To begin with, we're not talking about a woman who just showed up out of nowhere, but someone who's been in a relationship with him for 15 years. And not only that, but said man just went ahead and married someone entirely different because he apparently got her pregnant. While I may not know all the details about this story (nor I care, as I hate celebrity gossip stories), I can't quite say that this is merely the woman's fault. Also, Mr Fujishima's attempts to hide the fact that he was even married seems kinda weird to me. Almost as if he knows that part of what he's doing is problematic, and merely tries to cover it up. Again, this isn't my place to condemn anyone from a moral point of view, but at the same time, that's what happens when someone bites more than he can chew. Of course, that's just me, and in the end it's a ongoing legal dispute that's going to get settled regardless of our opinion, but I can't quite say that I'm terribly sympathetic to Mr. Fujishima on this occasion.
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    Based on the progress I've made so far, I believe that I'll be able to have it done by this weekend, or at the most, at some point next week. I suppose I should've worked faster on this, but one of my other stories (The Lost contract) had been the cause for a lot of these delays (the rest being my lack of free time as of late).
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    hey all, got this idea when a happened across a BANDAI S.H. Figuarts "BODY CHAN" figure at my local Barnes&Noble, the perfect opportunity to make myself the smallest Character Doll i'm likely to ever have, providing i can manage to sew credibly at a minuscule 1/12. well, though it all turned out well enough, -managing to mate the head of my Figma Mikuru to the disparate neck mounting of the Figuarts- the set of undies i made her as a first effort in this scale isn't bad, i suppose, -actual cotton crotch in the panties in this scale and all- but i suppose it didn't turn out QUITE as swimmingly as my mind's eye would have preferred it to...
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    Amazon US has some items, and there is an outfit called Right Stuf that has some good prices and some high prices. I got all 6 (so far) Oh My Goddess! Omnibus Volumes there for $15 each, Yoko Ishida's 'All Of Me' CD for $3, with 'Open Your Mind' and a few other tracks from Ah! My Goddess. Check their sales and clearance events, too.
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    I'll try to to create a guide for you here. This site sells both the original Japanese edition of the manga as well as the Korean version of the manga. When shopping there, examine each listing carefully. The Korean version of the manga will have enlarged or 'fat' logo's for the manga title whereas the original Japanese version of the manga will have a thinner logo. To see what I'm talking about: If you notice the logo for 'Ah! Megami-sama', you'll notice this is the Korean version and that the logo is enlarged and fat. They also have the publisher listed as 'Jonsky". Notice the logo on the cover above? It's in Korean, not Japanese. The original manga will not have the Korean Ah! Megami-sama logo printed on the cover. The original manga volume will have a smaller logo for 'Ah! Megami-sama' and in the original hirigana Japanese lettering, like it's shown below. The original covers will only have the Japanese hiragana logo on the cover: When shopping for original Ah! My Goddess manga volumes, refer to the following cover image gallery: I'll try to post some other alternatives for you to use, but it may take a short while. Just remember, when in doubt, culsult our site or check the articles listed in the links on the homepage. The English version of the manga will include the original Japanese logo as well as the 'Oh My Goddess' logo on it. If you can order from Amazon Japan, they also sell every volume of the manga series. But, you may need to click on the link on Amazon Japan to convert the site to English.
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    Well, Japan did produce a Japanese remake of the classic series. I think it lasted around 11 episodes before it ended and had an Asian cast. But, many American shows from the 60's through the late 80's were often released on VHS long before they were released on home video in North America. I grew up on a lot of those shows: Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, Dick Van Dyke Show, etc. But, Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie always jumped out everytime of I read a chapter of Oh My Goddess because there were too many similarities between those shows and the manga series. Considering that Fujishima-san would borrow from other sources to create his manga series, I just noticed, long before many other fans did, of those parallels.
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    Interesting. Funny you mention Bewitched....the show was aired in a lot of countries....including Japan Here are the opening titles for the Japanese dub Bewitched was one American show that certainly got around the world.... More info here:
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    While I'll be the first to defend the woman if she has actually suffered mental anguish, just from what little has been revealed, I don't see it rising to the level of mental anguish. We live in a world where women are free to make their own decisions, just like men. But, I still don't know. It just seems that she is a scorned lover who is just being spiteful to hurt Fujishima-san in the wallet as payback for spurning her. The thing is, these type of lawsuits are common in Japan, from what I have learned and they are usually brought forth by married couples. Here in the United States, it would be tough to prove mental anguish between couples and that if the couple isn't married, it's doubtful that such a lawsuit would ever reach a courtroom. I think, in the end, that the lawsuit will either end up getting tossed by the courts or there may be a sealed confidential settlement between Fujishima-san and his ex-girlfriend.
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    Don't try to ridicularize things. While i personaly would never expose myself to anything similar (heck, i would never even put myself in the position that woman put herself into, in the first place) doesn't mean that the person in question is throwing a tantrum without reason. Again, this is not some Summer affair that lasted for 3 months. This lasted for 15 years. Heck, that's almost half my lifetime. It doesn't matter if they were legally married or not. (at least here, after you spend 2 years together, you have the same rights as to someone who is legally married. You just have another "title".) I'm not saying this is what happened, but imagine all the things that woman might have given up and the decisions she might have taken based on the promises of marriage(I'm completely making this up, but it's just to show a point). Imagine she sold a house she had somewhere else to be with the guy. Imagine she refused job offers because she wanted to be there for the guy and have time for him. Imagine she didn't have kids (even thou she might want) because the guy didn't want kids. Now after 15yrs the guy dumps her out of the blue to be with a 20yrs old chick. Half the woman's life is prolly ruined by now, by a guy who has been misleading her for a decade and half. That causes emotional damaged, for sure. On the other hand, Imagine he didn't have an affair with the 20yrs old chick. That he just had enough of her and decided to end their affair. Would she still sue? I don't know. But the damage is there, for sure. Now as to wether there's legitimacy to actually sue someone over it? Pfft, depending on how things happened (and we really don't know, do we?), i don't think so, because i don't believe private matters should be solved in a court. Not at this level, at least. Divorce, child custody, division of assets, yes. But not the rest. Problems between couples should be solved between couples, period. (unless those problems involve some kind of abuse). The same way i don't believe there's legitimacy for so many other occasions.How many others similar situations don't get the same reasoning? Cops who arrest ppl who are drunk in the street and then after get sued because the person claims "emotional damage" from having spent a night behind bars. Oh my! I imagine that poor person will never recover from the shock (sarcasm dripping). Teachers who are sued by parents because their children didn't have scores good enough to go to the college they wanted (and it's so clearly the teachers fault for that happening) and they claim the poor children are suffering "severe emotional trauma and depression" from seeing their friends going and they staying behind and their life plans shattered. etc etc etc etc... And don't think this happens only to females. I recently saw in the news some guy sueing one of the Kardashians after she asked for a divorce like some weeks or some months after they tied the knot. He's sueing her for "emotional manipulation" or something of the sort. (don't ask me which thou...there's too many kardashians to count). Something you might also want to take into consideration is the fact that, since this guy is somewhat famous, and this did make it to the the news (international news, i might add), her personal life got exposed to public criticism. I don't know wether he's famous enough for such things to happen, but imagine the woman got harassed by media and got all of her private life printed in tabloids. That's not something a regular person recovers from easily. There's also the possiblity that she knew what she was into (she clearly knew he was still married to someone) and still decided to stick with him. She's no saint. Maybe she's naive as hell for having believed in him, or maybe she's ambitious as hell and got screwed over. But don't try to make good of a guy who did the things he did, pls.
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    Idi has posted Chapter 49! Don't know why he didn't announce it. Don't get trampled in the stampede!
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    So...who want's to hear about the first time Mara met Urd? A little Wild Child and a scared Wilder Child, anyone? Shoot, we'll have a whole pack of Wildlings at this rate... They'd unbound her wrists after a full day of travel. There was no where she could have run to-not on the back of the dragon that carried them. One of them, a male who spoke her dialect, had warned her to behave herself lest she be thrown from its back. She'd heeded his words-she'd never the bravest of Wilder, and in turn had been allowed a small level of freedom she'd not expected. Maybe it was because there was no place to run to; even if she some how managed to acquire a weapon, she could not force the dragon down and escape, and the warriors all guarded their weapons carefully, and moved with a level of ease and fluidity that spoke of the terrible expertise of a predator. She wasn't brave enough-or stupid enough-to draw those predator eyes on herself. Not when the woman they all called Damkianna watched her with the same level of intensity as an entire pack of Wilder. It scared her. Those eyes were savage and cruel. Cold and intelligent. Like a serpent. She'd heard the legendary beast Nidhogg had eyes like that, violet like the poison that fueled its veins and holding the same merciless instinct of their forefathers, the Igigi. But they'd still outsmarted her. That was why Mara was here. Mara's clan within the tribe was weak and cowardly. They did not fight when the Dub'sag's chief warriors came for her, and in some ways were happy to see her off. One less child was one less mouth to feed, and they'd watched her depart in silence, their faces shadowed with submission as they watched their child leave their tush and leave their lives forever. They'd escorted her to the Dub'sag's home, the largest tush within the tribe, under the cover of night. They'd covered her head with a scarf and had escorted her to a kitchen, then ordered her to drink sweet wine that made her head fuzzy. They'd had her drink and drink and drink some more, until she felt sick and her stomach was large and swollen, hiding some of the skinniness of her frame. They'd had servants comb and cut her hair and bath her in perfumed water that made her queasy after the sweet wine, then dressed her in silken finery. By the time they'd presented her to the Dub'sag and the Damkianna (Uma'nanna, the Triumphant Woman, her mind whispered) sitting on silk pillows and the spotted and striped hides of slain predators. She'd felt too ill to bother listening to what the adults had been saying, and had only really known something was wrong when strangers who smelled of foreign lands had come forward and bound her hands and put a noose around her neck. She'd recognized the Binding as soon as the rope had fallen against her collarbone, and had promptly spilled the sweet wine in her stomach onto her Dub'sag's plush floor. It had not stopped them from taking her though, and as they'd departed the large tent Mara had caught a brief glimpse of another little blonde girl-the Dub'sag's daughter-peering at her from the safety of shadows. Yet they had not slain her as she'd expected. There was no sense of victory from those who took her into the night, just a strange sense of annoyance that kept her silent, lest she draw their ire, the Damkianna grumbling and muttering and growling like an angry beast before grabbing Mara personally and hauling her up onto her strange mount-a 'bicorn' and then departing for the dragon. It's because they're waiting to eat you. The voice of doubt whispered. You would spoil, and the 'damkianna' has conquered many tribes. Whole nations. And her chosen warriors must remain behind to defend that land, just as your tribe does. They'll wait until they return to their tush and take you to their garden where they'll gut you. They'll split you open while your still awake from neck to belly and hang you by your ankles. They'll feed your entrails to the dogs and save your liver and your heart for the Damkianna and her kin. They'll eat it in front of your skull, bleached and white, the skin and the eyes and the brains removed so they might trap your spirit and bind the tribe to her side forever. Only it won't work, because you are not the Dub'sag's child. You are weakness. You are poison. You're death will be their death, and you know it. Which was marvelous. Fine and dandy, if you will, aside from the small and insignificant fact that Mara didn't want to die. Even if her clan was the weakest of the tribe, even if her kin were labeled as cowards, it did not change the fact that she did not want to die. Glory was an alien concept to her, honor unheard of by her kin, and survival a trait instilled in her from the moment she could walk. She didn't want to be split open and butchered like a pig. She wanted to live. Live and do what, she didn't know-but she wanted to live free and without fear of harm, of that much she was certain, and perhaps it was just poor luck on her incarnation that had led her to this particular situation now. They rode on the dragon's back for a full two nights without rest, the beast's wingspan so great and so broad that it could drift on thermal currents for hours at a time without a beat of its wings. Beneath them the scenery changed, and with nowhere to go and nothing to do Mara occupied herself by observing it's morphology. She watched with keen interest (it was the only opportunity afforded to her, after all) as the desert landscape of her home changed from dry, cracked red land to golden sands that rose in long and sloping dunes. At times the dunes were blemished with long-standing trees dotted by towns-civilization, one of the warriors claimed, built up around underground water reservoirs. She watched as the golden dunes began to fade and brush began to take over, in small patches at first before steadily growing into a thick and expansive underbrush. The underbrush gave way to trees, with thick clouds that sometimes the dragon soared through and left her feeling sticky and damp afterwards. Large flocks of birds with rainbow plumage came to soar beneath the dragon's wings, and one of them, the size of Mara herself, opened up its curled beak and barked up at her before sending its flocks diving back into the canopy. That had been on the second day, and she'd fallen asleep listening to the distant call of foreign birds, her dreams filled with sights and images of lands and creatures beyond the previous scope of her imagination and the exuberance and desire of a youth who wanted to explore it all. A dragon's scream awoke her to the dawning of her fate the following morning. The colorful birds and their infinite trees were gone. In their place a grand structure pierced the sky; a dark tower comprised of jagged spires and thornes, a black rose encircled by a vast city secured behind black stone walls. Her heart fell at the sight even as her curiosity blossomed, for surely, with the dragon's descent, this grand thus could belong to the Damkianna. So this was where she was to die. No wonder so many neighboring tribes had fallen to her-with a tribe so grand and vast, even the largest tribes of what she'd heard referred to as the Badlands were small. There was no way any of them had hoped to stand a chance against such an indomitably force, and even at the young and tender age of five Mara reached this conclusion by simple observation alone. But then, that was her strength-as one sentenced to the shadows in weakness, observance paid for a longer life, and she'd seen siblings and neighboring clans both younger and older than her fall victim to indifference and carelessness. They landed in a garden far away from the large spiny structure, and there were tribesmen waiting for them with more of the strange bicorns that they'd abandoned for the dragon. The Damkianna chose a mount whose hide was black but mane was white, with two curved horns like a rams that graced its head like a crown. One of the warriors picked Mara up and placed her in front of the Damkianna at her word, and Mara found herself too frightened to wonder at this strange circumstance; they did not bind her hands, nor her feet, nor wrap a noose around her neck as was custom in taking a defeated Dub'sag's first born back home. As the other warriors mounted similar bicorns, the dragon took to the sky once more, and the Damkianna directed her mount out into the city, leading the pilgrimage back to the tush. The clop of hooves on stone brought Falkin of all shapes and sizes to the windows and to the threshold of their homes, and on several occasions men and women stooped to a knee as they passed, paying their respects to their Dub'sag as the troop marched by. It was in this manner that the Damkianna said her first words to Mara, and those words were this: "You will not die on this day, Child." The simple sentence was enough to make her burst into tears, and in that moment Mara's loyalty was given, forever and a day, to the woman she would come to know as Hild. "What is your name?" Her words were coarse and accented, but understandable to Mara if she concentrated hard enough. "Mah'ra." "Mara." the Damkianna repeated, the word accented and warped. It was a good sound though. A sound of life. A sound of a new beginning, for even if she was to die tomorrow, why name of the sheep that was to be the 'morrow's meal? "A good name," The Damkianna continued. "I am Damkianna Hild." It was the first time any of the foreign warriors had introduced themselves to her. To treat her as an actual person instead of an object, a sacrifice, and Mara thought she might have loved the woman for that small consideration. "Do you know what you are, Mara?" "A sacrifice." "A gift." Damkianna Hild corrected. "You're life was given to me by your tribe's leader. I'm sure you're aware of the original intent behind that gift. Do you understand what that means?" "I am a gi'nun." "A what?" She sensed more than saw Hild look down at her. "A slave-girl." Mara clarified, "gi'nun." The Damkianna was silent for a moment. "Yes." She agreed. "I suppose that is what you are." They traveled for a while in silence. "You will be passed on to my daughter." The Damkianna began again. "You're life will still be mine, but you shall obey my daughter's orders. You will stay at her side. Is that understood?" "Yes, Dub'sag." "Damkianna." Hild corrected again. "You will learn our tongue as well. I will not tolerate ignorance born of miscommunication." "Yes Damkianna." "You learn quick." Hild observed. "Good. Keep that trait. You will need it if you wish to survive in Niflheim's capitol." "Yes Damkianna." Mara said with some enthusiasm. She very much wanted to stay alive, and if this was what the Damkianna wanted, then so be it. "My daughter is Azag Uru'mir." Hild continued. "While you are with her, you will address her as Urd." "Urd." Mara tested the name out on her tongue and found it simple enough to emulate. Much more so that At-sag Ooh-roo-mer. Simple like 'Hild'. Easier to remember, too. "Yes, Damkianna." They entered the inner courtyard of the palace. a stableboy was on hand to take the reigns of the beasts, and Hild slid off, watching with a stoic expression as Mara carefully navigated her way off the large beast without aid. It was a daunting challenge, the first of many, Mara would come to learn, yet after escaping cannibalism at the hands of those around her, she took to the challenge with great vigor, renewed with a fresh sense of enthusiasm spawned by the journey to this strange land and nurtured by the understanding she would live within its territory. She half slid, half fell out of the soft leather saddle, her foot catching a stirrup by chance rather than experience and allowing her to hop off from there. She found that Hild watched her the entire time. She would later come to realize that Hild did this quite a bit-observe her, observe Urd, and observe those who had yet to arrive, very carefully, though the reasons why would remain hidden until much later in life. As she finally touched the ground, she was greeted with a soft patter of leather soles slapping against stone worn smooth with time, and as Mara came to stand behind Damkianna Hild she was greeted with an extraordinary sight. Children. A pack of children. Five in all, roughly around the same age as her, give or take a year or two (or ten, in the case of one large youth), all being led by a single girl with a striking resemblance to the Damkianna. "Ama!" The girl screamed, and the girl paused, did an awkward, stumbling half-bow in greeting and in respect, before throwing her body into the Damkianna's waiting arms. A peal of Falken flew from her lips, and Mara watched and listened, dazed, confused, and even intimidated by the strange, open display of affection. One did not conduct themselves in the open as such. Not without painting themselves as prey for others. The girl kissed her mother's cheek, then took note of Mara's presence behind the Damkianna. Mara watched her warily, fighting against her own anxiety in that moment as the youth bared her teeth at her. She looked back at her mother and spoke another swift speal of Falken that Mara could not understand. Hild nodded, then released the child, straightening and watching (forever with those cold, intelligent serpent eyes) as the new girl bounded up to Mara. "Am Urd." The youth once more bared her teeth at Mara, and the blonde felt her hackles rise in reflex-a habit that would be long standing even when she learned to sort the difference between a smile and a snarl. The accent was rough. Much rougher than Hild's, but still understandable so long as Mara had the time to process it, and Urd seemed to understand that fact. "Welcome to...home?" She looked at Mara hopefully. Mara stared. "Umm...." Urd bit her lip, and it was a strange gesture, one Mara had never seen before. She muttered something in Falken, looked to her mother, looked back at the pack of four children who hung back, and then turned back to Mara. " you are...." She scowled and pursed her lips, her brows knitting together in concentration, and the next word she spoke was not Mara's first Falken word but her first word of Hikin. "You are... ku-li-an-na." She said. " but...not?" It would take Mara many years to learn that this word, this title, this phrase, was not Falken. It would take her even longer to understand the meaning of 'friend'. There were no such words in the Falken nor the Wilder dialects of old. And then the unthinkable happened. Azag Uru'mir, Daughter of Damkianna Hild and called 'Urd' by her mother, reached out and embraced the Wilder Mara. "Welcome!" She proclaimed. And Mara, the Wilder child who had been switched with the chief's daughter to protect the tribe, froze. She gazed across the courtyard, staring at the three other Wilder children who observed them with such somber faces. A thought occured to her then. A strange thought, but one that Mara felt led her to a greater understanding of Urd's character than perhaps anyone else was made aware of. Nidhogg save me, She thought, The Dub'sag gave birth to a idiot. No wonder I'm no sacrifice. I'll be dead before the year is up with this fool. I'll need to protect her with my life if I want to stand any chance here. Thus began the start of a strange and misguided 'friendship'. ~*~ Alright, close to midnight on my end and going to wrap up this story here. Might add a bit more to this as time progresses, but this was Mara's first impression of Urd at their first meeting. Seems Urd was a bit more like Bell in her youth than she cared to admit at times, eh?
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    she showed up several days ago, and i couldn't help but start a bunch of improvements right off, borrowing Yuki's old-type OBITSU 24 body, -a perfect match in skin tone!- new gloves and stockings made from scratch, the originals being sized to fit the original TAKARA Licca body, itself much too short in actuality for Sakura's head, and looking far more proportionate on a 24cm. OBITSU body. also, her bonnet, as provided out of the box, WILL NOT FIT snugly to her head, so i reworked it with elastic lace to fit snugly and realistically. she's pretty much finished as she now stands. soon as i can afford to, both Sakura here and my Yuki Nagato will be getting the new 2017 24cm. OBITSU body redesign. also, since Yuki's bra, panties and socks are a fine match to Sakura here, i guess i'll have to make Yuki a new set soon. here's a comparison shot, Sakura's current stand-in old design 24cm. OBITSU body, beside her TAKARA/TOMY original; improvements/modifications include; new red and cream ribbons for her gloves and sleeves, sleeves with new elastic gathering and lace cuff, and Petticoat/half slip reworked into a full slip/petticoat. here's a comparison with the stock doll; -STOCK- -CUSTOM- original two-piece doll set from a few years back; someone's custom, utilizing an AZONE "Pure Neemo" body in permanent sitting pose; added crinoline seems to add the needed flounce to bring the skirt more in line with the established official look; in the end, this new doll certainly handily beats out my last one i had years ago, itself a similar attempt to improve an existing character doll, this one a Korean bootleg;
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    Thank you very much! Belldandy is in a sense her old self when it comes to certain topics, and Keiichi's one of them. Still, that doesn't mean that's going to be the same when other things will take place. Suffice to say, we haven't seen her act as a demoness just yet. Aoshima's body was reanimated, after he was essentially killed. Welsper and Sokkmimir brought him back, especially after the latter needs someone to support him, now that Urd disembodied him.
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    Chapter 11 is on FFN:
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    Need you ask? It's November 5, the day to watch V For Vendetta again! Just finished the World War 1: Apocalypse series on the History Channel. I've been catching up on Lucifer season 3. What On Earth? and a couple of other Science Channel shows.
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    original two-piece doll set from a few years back; someone's custom, utilizing an AZONE "Pure Neemo" body in permanent sitting pose;
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    Watched XAM'D last month, watched Love, Chunibyo, 3x3 Eyes and Asura Cryin' this month, just finished Ai Yori Aoshi. Cartoon Network is showing Outlaw Star and Cowboy Bebop. Started Yu Yu Hakusho. That's gonna take a while. I'm watching Sekirei again. What can I say, it's a guilty pleasure, like Cat Planet Cuties. I have a whole shelf full of anime I haven't watched yet: A Certain Magical Index Seasons 1 & 2 A Certain Scientific Railgun Seasons 1 & 2 (Saw Season 2 on cable a couple of years ago, that's why I bought all the rest) Shakugan no Shana Seasons 1, 2 & 3, the OVAs and the movie. Have watched the first 12 episodes and they're amazing. Stellvia Foundation — finally managed to get the whole series. A few of the disks are hard to find. The original Fullmetal Alchemist series — same story, managed to collect all the disks. Brotherhood is F**K'IN EXPENSIVE! Only got the first one. Noir, Noein, Solty Rei, Speed Grapher, Hellsing, Ergo Proxy, Black Cat, Tsubasa, xxxHolic, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 — watched the first disk, got the whole series. Angel Beats!, Fullmetal Panic! and Second Raid, Chrome Shelled Regios, Tokyo Majin, Mushi-Shi, Tenchi In Tokyo Other stuff on my shelf I haven't watched recently: Ah! My Goddess Seasons 1 & 2, and the movie, Toradora!, Fate/Stay Night, the original Tenchi Muyo! OVA series, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, Hellsing Ultimate VanDread, Heroic Age, InuYasha, Chobits, Armitage III, Casshern Sins, Requiem For The Phantom, Stratos 4, Nadesico, Chaos; Head, Date A Live, Rozen Maiden, Shikabane Hime Nausicaa, Laputa, My Neighbor Totoro, Porco Rosso, Whisper Of The Heart, The Cat Returns, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, When Marnie Was There, The Wind Rises
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    Sorry I'm just now getting back with you. Glad to hear you're (mostly) okay, Boss. Good luck with the recovery-surgery to get a plate put in your radius sounds absolutely terrifying to me, so you're a much braver person that I am.
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    ♥Happy Halloween♥ from Hazuki Morioka~
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    For the old topic on the goddesses ages and how they relate to each other here's the link: Since it appears of late that we're back in another period of Mr. Fujishima Sempia doesn't want to worry about the chronolagy of the story if he can help it the actual ages of the goddesses are relatively unimportant. Functionally, their ages are spaced about as far apart as are shown in the refered to topic, and the developement stages I believe went along those lines even if the exact length of time involved might be different. The most difficult thing to keep in mind is that Mr. Fujishima is always working with a real life time span for the story's length and just keeps moving its end point up to the current release date of the latest issue. This means it is practically impossible to make the previous chapters fit into any sort of rational chronology. Based on the most recent clues and terminology, we are still in the early or late fall of Keiichi's fifth year of college, meaning he and Belldandy have been together for three years.
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    It has been confirmed in Chapter 286 that they have the same mother. Still we praise Tim's overanalysis!!! One thing that Tim is right, Anzasu might be one of the main operators of the Ultimate Force: And she's the same leauge as Hild on Dynamic Entry trope:
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    I have always been baffled at how anyone could watch the opening sequence of Toradora! and not understand that Ryuuji and Taiga were going to end up together? Not to mention the title of the show being what it is: Tora dora = Tiger and Dragon = Taiga and Ryuuji. Personally, I absolutely love the ending, though I do like the way it is done in the novel better than the anime version. I won't spoil the novel in the forum, so if you want spoilers you will have to ask privately. Really, novel 10 is the only one that has any significant deviation from the anime, so you could just pick it up and read it if you want to know how the original ending worked. It doesn't change who Ryuuji ends up with, but there are significant changes to logistics and lots of detail about the thought processes, or lack there-of, that go into the actions of the characters. The thought process bit is there for all of the novels, of course. BTW, I do thing the anime did some things better than the novel. The first kiss scene for one! Ryuuji and Taiga's first kiss in the anime is just about the finest sequence of anime romance I have ever seen! Only Taiga can be so tsun and so dere at the same time and pull it off as a highly romantic and exceedingly touching love scene! The multiple layers of meaning in what she says to Ryuji is also well done!
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    No. The anime covers the entire 10 novel story. The ending is ever-so-slightly different, but not in substance, just in the minutia of how things work out. All of the novels are available at Baka-Tsuki, and I have e-book versions of them that I could post somewhere if you have trouble finding them. I wish they were licensed in the US, and if they ever make it here, I will buy them, for sure! But for now, fan translation is the best those of us who don't read Japanese can do.
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    I would agree with Therigwin. Basically, Ami has figured it all out at this point. She knows that: 1. Taiga either is falling, or already has fallen, in love with Ryuuji. 2. Taiga has been pining after Kitamura. 3. Minori also likes Ryuuji, but has been avoiding letting him close because of Taiga. In particular, I think that Ami is asking if, now that she knows that Taiga was "in love" with Kitamura and (technically) not Ryuuji, if Minori's guilt over her feelings for Ryuuji is gone. [see the spoiler block for further analysis, including quotes from the light novels that may help clear up the meaning of the scene. I am putting in in spoilers for those that want to read the novels and don't want to be spoiled and those that don't want to read fairly long winded over-explanations of things... (But then, shouldn't I put all of my posts in spoiler blocks... ;) ) ] For that matter, it might be helpful to read what the light novel has for the scene you are having questions about, so here it is:
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    Part of the Goddesses' Early History Mega Topic ................................................................ 22.0 Some Partial Profiles Of Belldandy ................................................................ ................................................................ Bell's Flowers ................................................................ Bellflower, the family Campanulaceae of flowering plants. Any plant of the genus Campanulai, they have showy, bell shaped flowers of white, pink, or blue. Widely distributed in the temperate zones. In the language of flowers, white bellflowers signify gratefulness. It's funny how things happen sometimes. I just realized something that Mr. Fujishima started doing a while back and its meaning completely breezed by me. In fact, if it wasn't for Mahoromatic, I might not have gotten it yet. In one of the Maho animes, Maho brings a bouquet of bellflowers on a visit to Suguro's family gravestone on the anniversary of his father's death, which reminds Suguro that the "Bellflower Person" didn't show up that year (you'd think a lesser mind than his would have made the connection). A small story element, but I just recognized the flowers behind Belldandy and Holy Bell as they sing to Peorth in TPB #21 as the same flowers. I used to think these were day lilys, but apparently in Japan they're known as bellflowers, which makes them ideally suited to be associated with Belldandy. I'm not sure when Mr. Fujishima started using them as backdrops and such around Belldandy, but I'm pretty sure I've seem them before in the story and I've definitely seen them further on. In fact, in the future she's actually going to be using them to work magic with. So I guess we can consider them Belldandy's signature blossom, just like roses are Peorth's. I wonder if having your own trademark flower is a perk for being a first class, unlimited goddess. ................................................................ 22.1 Belldandy's Domain September 2007 ................................................................ A key element of Belldandy's personality is a reflection of her domain, the present. She is nearly totally focused on now, what's happening around her at that moment. She remembers the past and plans for the future, but she lives in the moment she's in. Thus she can be occasionally blindsided by events and surprised by unexpected consequences. That she can then focus on the situation and deal with it quickly covers up most of these events, but sometimes she's just stunned by things. This also accounts for her occasional over-reactions to things; she's knee-jerk reacting to an unexpected threat (usually to Keiichi) with everything she's got. This element of her domain shows up primarily in Bell's constant state of childlike wonder at the world around her. Her continuing delight at discovering things old and new makes every moment seem emotionally like the first time its ever happened to her, allowing her to maintain her trust and purity of love and hope as the events of the past that wear others down don't really effect her. This is also why she sometimes seems so to be so terribly naive or simple at times. It's not that she's dumb; it's just that she's only paying attention to the situation directly before her and not concerning herself with side issues or context but only with what she can do about the situation right now. Part of this is due to the fact that she is actually VERY intelligent. (Remember her stint as student leader in Keiichi's classroom, and the end result of Megumi's game of "Stump Belldandy"? Not to mention all her explaining the multiple dimensional physics and mathematics of events to Keiichi on occasion.) She encounters a situation, assesses what can be done, then concentrates on what she sees as do-able and almost unconsciously ignores the rest without comment. Which unfortunately sometimes makes her look like she's unaware of the bigger picture. (Of course, sometimes she actually is unaware, but its due to not noticing, not naivety.) Also, it's often a situation where she's realized that nothing further can be done about things at that time and that bringing that fact up will just cause the subject more distress and since she can't lie about it she'll just not mention it. This focus on the present is also the reason she can usually see through illusions and artifices to the reality of things, seemingly without trying. Because of it, she's always so aware of the world around her to such depth and detail that normal distractions and camouflage don't effect her, possibly to the point of being able to see behind the false images magic might use to hide something. Literally, no detail, no matter how small, can escape her notice if she's looking for it. The question is, will she be looking for it and will she realize what it might mean when she sees it? Another aspect of this character trait is her almost psychic ability to walk in on things that are trying to be kept from her (she's so aware of her surroundings its hard to keep her from sensing when something that effects her is going on). And it also helps explain her empathy for animals, they're lives are also lived in the present and thus she can relate strongly to them mentally. Indeed, this aspect of her personality applies to much of her attitude toward life, she isn't worried about bad things happening in general (she doesn't look for them and will deal with them if they come), doesn't dwell on bad things that happened in the past (it's the past and over with, remember the good stuff), hold grudges, is always willing to give a second chance, and basically is going through life doing what she can to make "now" the best it can be for everyone and trying to not worry about the rest. (She also tries not to think too much about specific bad things if she can help it, like how much hurt she could cause Keiichi someday because she's with him. That's just too painful.) ................................................................ 22.2 The "Dark Side" of Belldandy September 2007 ................................................................ Belldandy is under a lot of pressure. She's the second child in a situation that expects great things from her (she’s a Norn). As such, just being good isn't good enough. She feels she has to excel at everything, both to please those who might judge her and to compete with her older sister. Fortunately, the goddess of the present's personality has allowed her to totally focus her formidable abilities on each situation as it presents itself, so she's actually been able to nearly achieve this goal of perfection in her goddess duties and social relations and hide her personal demons. But underneath it all is a scared little girl who wants her parents' love and approval and who both selfishly desires happiness for herself and is jealous of her sisters and those she sees as having more than she does or threatens what she already has. Holding on to her happiness is Bell's primary goal in life, which is why she wants everyone around her to be happy too. If everyone else is happy, than she can be happy without feeling guilty about it, so she works very hard to achieve happiness for others, but for her own selfish reasons. Belldandy is aware of this "dark side" of her personality and it scares her so much she tries to ignore it. If she's capable of these thoughts, then she's a failure at being what's expected of her as a Norn and goddess first class. (Everyone makes excuses for Urd because she's a half demon, but what could Bell's excuse be?) One reason she cares so much for Keiichi is that he does love her so selflessly and reassures her that these failings of hers are all right. He's a constant source of the approval and reassurance she desires so desperately. Unfortunately, her need for this approval and reassurance also constantly reminds her of why she needs it, so it in itself makes her unhappy. The girl's got problems, and she cares enough for Keiichi to not want to drag him into her life any further until she gets them under control. Another aspect of this "dark side" is Belldandy's fear that these hidden desires might be affecting her moral center, and because of that she can't trust herself to judge right and wrong (a.k.a. -she's lacking in virtue). This is a great failing as a goddess and she compensates by making a strong effort to adhere to the rules of conduct as she's been taught them (being perfect at everything she does). But she's always afraid of making mistakes, because she doesn't feel she can count on her inner self to guide her. (That's where her emotional confusion in times of crisis comes in. If it's something clear-cut she can handle it perfectly, but the more it involves making moral judgments that affect her basic principles, the more uncertain she becomes.) So she's always tried to attach herself to a strong role model to help her out. The first were her parents (but they weren't around much). Then there was Urd (but that didn't work out too well). Next were the caregivers (but they were rather cold in their professional caring, mostly interested in not having problems to deal with, which is where Bell got the idea she had to be Miss Perfect from). And then Celestin, or whoever takes his part in the Manga (as he filled the roles of father, teacher, and love interest in her adolescent life when she was most vulnerable, his ultimate betrayal of her trust really screwed her up). So when she went back to find Keiichi, it was to hopefully find someone she might be able to trust implicitly. That it turned out she can and that he feels the same way about her has been the greatest joy of her life. (And she ain't gonna give him up!) That's another reason Belldandy says K-1 is such a comfort to her, with him by her side she feels confident she won't make a wrong decision or act improperly. Apparently, Keiichi radiates virtue and goddesses can feel it. That's why they all seem to fall for him. (Interestingly, another possible reason Belldandy is holding back on their relationship is that she doesn't feel SHE's worthy of Keiichi! She doesn't think she'll be ready for the next level of commitment until she can get her own lack of virtue resolved.) Bell has tried several avenues of thought to resolve her problems, most of which involved escaping from them. One of the strongest and longest lasting of these was the idea of giving up being a goddess and just living with Keiichi like a mortal woman. Without her powers, her faults wouldn't be important and she wouldn't have to worry about being taken away from Keiichi and causing him pain. Plus as an ordinary woman she would be able to concentrate on just keeping Keiichi happy all the time, which would make her happy all the time; a win-win situation for both. But somehow she knew deep down that it wouldn't work. She finally dropped this tantalizing dream in the Travelers arc when, after a long discussion with the one she trusted most, she admitted to Keiichi that she really wanted to remain a goddess. There's a whole lot that can be inferred from that, including the fact that Mr. Fujishima was working on the movie plot at that time and thinking about the future, but mostly that Belldandy had resolved to face her problems and come to terms with them. She now knows she can't change how she is, but she can accept it and learn to live with it in ways that are acceptable to her. Which is what she's trying to do now. And as she slowly succeeds, she'll start becoming more open in her relationship to Keiichi. In this way, it would appear that she and Urd are both involved in very similar struggles. ................................................................. 22.3 Jealousy Storms September 2007 ................................................................. In spite of her heroic efforts to hide it (because it's not how a goddess is supposed to act), deep down Belldandy still has a mean streak of possessive jealousy. Her jealousy storms have been referred to in the manga and anime, along with her angry eyes and the sudden and aggressive use of excessive magic power when anything seriously threatens Keiichi. Fortunately, she can normally limit this jealously to the things that are absolutely essential to her happiness and shows a great deal of restraint elsewhere. However, it's not the suppression of her jealousy that is the real cause of Belldandy's concern. Rather it's that when her jealousy swells up it increases her power to the point it starts to overwhelm her personal control and seal. (If you'll pardon me, think of it as the dark side of "the force.") While she sometimes taps into it for strength, she cannot ever give in to it. If it really took over, Belldandy could lash out in her anger and really hurt or destroy things mindlessly (again, think Anikan and the Sand People), and that's something a First Class goddess cannot allow to happen. Period. (Remember the movie and her defense of Celestin?) So she has good reason to be worried about it. That she feels it happening reflects badly on both her status as a goddess first class and her own personal self image as a perfect goddess. ................................................................. 22.4 Belldandy - Competitor September 2007 ................................................................. Perhaps the most important long term plot revelation in the Sora Unchained arc was how a long term running theme that has existed throughout the series was finally made absolutely clear. It wasn't really obvious at first, but a character trait BOTH Belldandy and Keiichi share is that they are gung-ho competitors and nothing makes them happier than squaring off against a new challenge or opponent. In the past, their pleasure in such competitions has been clouded by outside circumstances or unhappy results if they lose, but both Bell and Keiichi love a pure challenge they can devote themselves to totally. (Interestingly, this character trait for Belldandy is first mentioned in the Anime Otoku story...."I never had anything before that I could devote myself to so completely and totally.") (Just to make it clear, when Belldandy races with Keiichi, she IS using her goddess abilities, but NOT her powers (except for emergencies). That would be cheating. If she misses a move, they'll tumble and crash like anyone else. So the danger is real, as is the excitement, the adventure, and the accomplishment.) This wasn't very clearly shown earlier in the manga, and many stories even made it seem as if Belldandy was rather timid about taking risks. (I know I thought that at first, and from the older posts on the subject I wasn't the only one.) That's why her occasional outbursts of excessive force or effort seemed so out of character. Actually, she's an all or nothing sort of competitor, who is just very choosy about what she decides to get involved in. Normally she tries not to upset things or push herself into situations, but when she decides to go for it (or she feels she's forced to), look out! This aspect of Bell's personality becomes more noticeable in the manga stories from this story arc on, and if you go back and review the older stories I think you'll see what I mean. Other examples of Bell's competitive nature are in What A Miracle and Leader of the Pack. Observe her efforts to win in the races, fight off the sleep demon, and how she can ignore K-1's behavior without embarrassment as long as they get back in the race. And in Leader of the Pack she makes a rather intense speech about competition and winning, basically saying to Keiichi the only acceptable attitude to have when racing is, “To either come back with your shield covered in victory or to be carried back on it.”

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