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    Seriously, I have no problem doing this. Still, Winter and (unnecessary) turnovers are a horrible combination in any line of work. I actually expected to be half done catching up at a moderate pace... I'd rather be able to remember what I read, though (or at least be able to remember something other than a blurry screen). Also, I might be wrong about something. This may be the worst possible scenario:
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    Go. Read. American Gods. Seriously. Half the premise is that the gods are all tulpas that came with their worshippers to America and got stuck there. In other and why would Keiichi have a strong enough consciousness and spiritual resonance to be able to create so many different tulpas?
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    Here's an idea that could be either creepy or potentially depressing. Probably odd at best. What if the gods and the demons... were Tulpas? A Tulpa is a thoughtform, an independent entity brought to life by the power of belief. Sort of an imaginary friend come to life. So Belldandy starts off as Keiichi's excuse why he doesn't date. He's got a girlfriend, Really! She's just outta town. Eventually, Belldandy starts to exist because Keiichi creates so many excuses and stories, either he or enough people begin to believe she exists. Urd starts to exist because Keiichi starts to fantasize about sex. Skuld because Keiichi begins to have doubts that he is not worthy of Belldandy. Mara because he wants excitement and victory over a foe that is nearly Belldandy's equal. Hild, Tyr, and Lind because Keiichi began to worldbuild. Would Belldandy and the others know they are tulpas? If they did, would they try to keep things like a slice-of-life story to keep everyone safe from Keiichi having really bad thoughts/ideas? Imagine if in the 80's Ghostbusters, Gozer kept shapeshifting because they kept reading minds throughout the event. Any time someone thought of someone to stop Gozer, Gozer would simply take the form of that. If they didn't, how would the audience know? Little hints of re-writes? Like one day, Belldandy is jealous of Keiichi and Megumi's relationship and wishes she had a sister or two, so Keiichi either on purpose or unwittingly creates Urd and Skuld.
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    Hello everyone! I was a contributor to the Belldandy Angel Feathers website, mainly through season 2 screencaps, way back in the day. Haven't been able to keep up with the community or the series for a very long time, but I am glad to see the old place has been taken care of and am very grateful to this community. I wanted to say thanks to you all for keeping things going, and hope that I can start getting back into things. Lots to catch up on as I haven't even seen the OVA from 2012 yet and am way behind on the manga. For any other former BAF members, I hope you are all doing well!
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    Hello admin! Hello again friends & AMS fans It has been a long time but I feel very happy to post here again. A lot has happened, a lot of sites are gone but for all of AMS fans we still have a great place to encounter and remember the gold age of OMG Again, so happy to salute you all !!!!!! All these years I was doing my collection of AMS, I would like to share with you what I have achieved, first of all as a list with photographs (or something like that) and later I will work on uploading and sharing the content if possible (in some way). Its hard to find AMS related stuff on this days
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    Diabetes isn't a problem in my family. I exercise every day-25 minutes of weights followed by 35-40 minutes of aerobics (I use an upright exercycle because I tore a ligament in my knee 2 years ago and didn't know about it till now). Exercise and eating right and trying to maintain a positive state of mind are the most important things you can do for your health.
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    Chapter 12 is now on FFN:
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    Finally got some time to get back to this discussion... If there are no plans for an uber-massive conspiracy, that's good too. Things are difficult enough on these characters. Maybe I overdid the narration leading into my comment, but my point includes the fact that I don't believe Lord Tyr would be involved in anything like Deb's accident. More importantly, I'm not buying the idea of that thing is any kind of Dreamweaver at all. When we were first introduced to the Dreamweavers, their job was just to get in there, cross a few wires, scramble a few marbles and the person in question believes that everything they ever experienced was just a weird-ass dream. Voila! Job's done! No killing... Maybe the "victim" ends up in the loony bin at the worst. At this point in the story, Keiichi overreacts to the explanation that he was given on the merit that someone's mind is being altered just a little. Now this... thing... shows up, tells Deb that it knows who she is, what she's about and who's side she's actually on. But because she is in line for a favor from Mara, basically that Hell's grace is pending for her, that it must do what it is honor-bound to do - as if it has an iron-clad contract to do so. This thing seems to have some sort of conscience-pangs about what it's doing, but does so anyway. It resembles something that has been involved in another death that Deb has recently had to document in her line of work, but that could be part of how it's working in her head at the moment. If the Aboriginal People have a name for a dangerous spider spirit - this is possibly it, or it could still be a mask. This is either a hitman that just happens to be a spiderform (for the moment), or a dangerously fringe aberration of it's kind. Either way, if I were Hild, I might consider putting out a hit on the next individual who is about to receive heaven's grace - regardless of the individual's exposure level - if in fact, Deb actually dies. This is because the balance of shares has been damaged, nothing more, nothing less. Bottom line, this should result in a diplomatic crisis. The best thing that could happen now is if Mara shows up at the last moment with a box full of potions that Urd gave her before she left for heaven. The weirdest thing that could happen is if this has been set up so that the "favor" that Deb is owed becomes a zero-sum game if this is how she is healed. But that would make no sense unless this being that happens to look like a spider is a damned fine actor. .......... On another note, I did see the progression of signs that Bell was out of juice, and it was done well enough that I didn't catch it until the punchline. Yeah, she wakes up and doesn't feel like conjuring anything. Her body is naturally telling her not to try and she doesn't notice. If I was battered, bruised and sore from some unusual activity I wouldn't even bother to make myself any coffee. I make damned fine coffee. So, no, I didn't catch it there. Later on she has trouble talking to the animals. I chalked it up to her being about ten years of torture removed from her natural self, and her own variation of what I've lately been calling "Disney Princess Syndrome". So, yeah, no clue there. Again, I didn't catch it. Then she tried to use magic and... nothing. Then it hits me that even if she was beating down some D, there might be some repercussions for removing her seal, and in every other story, including the original cannon, it's based on rules rather than on physical limitations. Her father knows she slept enough. The only other option I can imagine is if Hagall managed to curse her during the last fight, and if Mara hadn't showed up when she had, the tables would have been turned. Maybe the curse is active, maybe it's passive. Maybe being in proximity to that cut-off ear is activating the curse, and Mara is none the wiser. Whatever. If she isn't slated for a few centuries of living like a mortal, then something else is jamming her mojo. So, I did like how that much was handled... so far .......... Um, guys, has Urd ever gone off like that before?
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    I don't think it's an issue of whether Belldandy is a vegetarian. If anyone would care to go back and review the anime and the manga series, everyone would be aware that goddesses don't require food. While they are in the mortal world, they use secondary sources as energy but that the "system force" regulates their health and ensures they are taken care of. While they are on Earth, the goddesses themselves, primarily, Belldandy and Urd can separate into smaller versions of themselves to conserve energy. Urd has a secondary energy resource in the form of Saki while Skuld has a secondary source of energy through ice cream. I forgot what Belldandy's secondary source of energy is but I think it's moonrocks. These goddesses can absorb any type of food, which their bodies can store as energy. While Belldandy's contract has rendered her responsibilities as a goddess to a support class, her contract with Keiichi ended up binding her life with that of Keiichi. belldandy seems to enjoy making food for Keiichi and that her dietary requirements has never been addressed in the manga or in the anime version.
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    Tyr is in no way shape or form involved here. The Dreamweavers may be a third party, but their is nothing nefarious about them as in your examples. They are simply there to go after people who have too much contact with gods or demons without a contract/wish. If you recall, Keiichi was also targeted by a Dreamweaver. It's how Bell got her dreamcatcher. Debra may have been sensitive for all those years, but she was never really in contact with gods/demons until this arc. To the Dreamweavers, her exposure level got ratcheted up to 10 with her contact with Bell and Urd. When Urd gave her that potion that blocked her them from seeing her, but only at that exposure level. Then she goes off and fights not 1 but 3 demons, and inadvertently makes a contract with a forth, her exposure went to like 15 or something like that. She went from a dim light easily missed in the background to a shining beacon. Megumi and Takano wont be targeted because they lack the sensitivity that Debra had. Keima instinctively knew to distance himself at least from Urd, and his interaction with Bell went nothing past casual conversation, so he is also safe. Maybe, or after cleansing the radiation from a large area of land, bringing back Keiichi from near death, fighting and beating a demon that personifies the 'irresistible force', and then effectively exorcising a merged puma spirit/god from Aiko by punching her, she's just reached her magical limit. I think this has been implied, but I will just say it outright here: The goddess's bodies when on the third plane are real bodies, not shells. The forms they take are condensed down into something capable of housing their tenth dimensional abilities. I say this was implied because throughout the series, we have portrayed them as having bodies that can be hurt, bleed, need to eat and sleep, etc., just like the mortals beside them. If she were to be examined by a doctor, they would be hard pressed to find any difference between her and any other person. Kind of like the human Cylons from the re-imaged Battlestar Galactica. So, when Bell is out of power, she won't pass out and dissolve like in the manga, she just has no power. The only difference between Bell and Keiichi now is that she is still stronger and hardier than he is, but that's about it. You still don't want to get into a fight with her unless you have some magic to back you up. From that standpoint, a First Year at Hogwarts could overpower her right now. :D
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    It doesn't look like there's any point in the dark realms having a treaty with heaven if this is how "resources" (read: designated target species) are going to be treated. Is this really how Lord Tyr intends to deal with competition? Of course, the answer is no. This isn't his style. Whether Deb lives or dies, whether she manages to convey the words that were spoken to her as it was going down or not, somehow, I just don't think that Dreamweavers are supposed to kill anyone. Isn't that why they aren't targeted openly by any side? This is clearly an introduction to some new players. So the question now is: Who are "they"? Is this a group of gods that live outside of the influence of the unified heavens, or are they insiders? Is the group purely made of deities, who are for this story's world, responsible for human atrocities like the inquisition and witch trials? Or worse yet, are they a celestial branch of Legion - reminiscent of Davner's 'Balancers', who were also made up of beings from both sides of the fence? No matter what happens next, this one event can be taken as a threat to the peace between light and dark, and must be investigated thoroughly. On the god's side, I can easily see these events culminating in the sealing of individuals that may ultimately be unconnected and just framed - like whoever was the director of Belldandy's workplace from ten years ago. If this is the case, the movement is already beyond manageable bounds. ...and poor Mara thought she had a headache before...
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    Chapter 52 is up!
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    No, and the reason is very simple: he knows Belldandy trusts him. He will not betray her trust. He will not hurt her. Nothing else is relevant. ——————————— Helga and her trained Zealand soldiers were Plan A. Michael and I were, at best, Plan O — for Oh Shit.
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    Been a's the latest 1.It has been three months since the break...and it has been one long layoff. 2.The operation was a success...and the bone is fine. However, i ended up with a complication...tourniquet palsy. During the op, a tourniquet was put round the upper part of the arm to prevent excess bleeding during the procedure. Unfortunately, it had to stay on for a longer time than usual due to the fact that the op took longer than usual...hence the 'palsy'. In plain English, i sustained some nerve damage. This meant that i could not move my forearm muscles i needed to go for some physiotherapy as soon as the cast came off mid-December. What a bummer!. I also had to move back in with the parents...because life is a bit difficult when you are single, and one-armed. There went my independence(sigh). More info on torniquet palsy here: Anyway, it has been a long three months...during which i have done nothing but eat lots of veggies and protein, lose some 14 pounds, study, watch anime, listen to anime muzak via Yggdrasil radio, and mourn over my predicament...(Well, life isn't good when you sit at home doing nothing!) On the plus side, it has been good to have some free time away from work too Today, i saw the Orthopedic doc, and he cleared me to go back to work. Physio/rehab has restored my left hand to almost normal function..but i still need some more physio.I can do MOST of the activities of daily living though thankfully...I've gone from being unable to move the left forearm to active movement of all the fingers now. Wrist is still a bit stiff...but improving. Thanks, community , for your good wishes!Sorry for late update!
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    Yeah. I started watching Speed Racer in the early 70's. My mom would always wake me up every morning around 6am to watch my favorite show. Back then, six year old children didn't know what anime was and all I know was that I liked the series. It was just my habit every morning. On Saturdays and Sundays, me, my brother and my dad would always watch Godzilla and samurai movies as a family. It's one of the fond memories I have of my dad. To this day, Speed Racer does remain my favorite anime series. Even though there are now lots of good anime out there, nothing ever beats your first anime experience.
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    Xindran, you shall go down in this thread's history as the one who called Urd 'Fenrir with Tits'. I will find a way to make this canon for Scarred Survivors, mark my words. Even if it's nothing but another half-crazed lore rambling, it will find its way into the story. Anyways, to celebrate the weekend and my recent discovery that I'm gonna be an Aunt in about nine months, here's JormungUrd-Dalamaderp, I.e., what Urd's current tendee form might look like with heavy inspiration from Monster Hunter. Who wants a hu~ug!?
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    Here's a Youtube video with an artist drawing Belldandy: For those who want the image, here's the artist's link: Lineart: Color:
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    ... who will you choose?? I will choose Belldandy. I really like her faithful housewife image, her sweetness, her helpfulness... etc. Even if she has no power at all, I'm really obsessed in her loving personality. BTW, I think I won't wish to stay with Urd forever -- surely everytime in a fight I get fried by her lightning strike!! :spiteful:
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    [info=Information]As always click the image for a bigger sized version, or visit the Pixiv artist page (requires you to be logged in) to also get the bigger resolutions.[/info] I got bored, plus I noticed Keiichi-chan's Facebook page has a bunch of the fanart you can find on Pixiv... I went digging... First up is a duel fanart of Belldandy paying the three main characters of Gintama a visit... wonder if they are scared of Bell or they have allergic reactions to goddesses? This peice was created by an artists name にら, who's Pixiv avatar looks very Fujishima like. But its Pretty Cure members, tho it almost looked like Sailor Moon... Last up is the only file I have of skulatess/○△□'s other chibi or super deformed AMG characters. I think there was more and I recall finding the art here on our forum ages ago... not sure if the images still exist or not. (PS: This is the combined character's that someone did make for a wall-paper like image) PS: Final note for the artist にら, on their Pixiv page under their name and such there are tags associated with all their posted work, click on ああっ女神さまっand it will pull up only the AMG tagged images. Works for any artist who tags items correctly. Saves time trying to dig through one artist collection if its rather large.
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    In addition, that watch is probably a premium style watch. I recall a few years ago that I had considered purchasing a particular watch I had seen a cast member wearing on one of the Godzilla Millenium watches, and that it was made by a Japanese company. Let's just say that the watch was valued between $500-$1000. I suspect that the same could be said for this watch that Keiichi wears. More than likely, it's a customized reproduction, which tends to be more expensive than standard premium watches made these days.
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    Just a thought The three sisters seems to be very close,. Urd even declined to be a first class goddess to be able to protect them (why). they never speak of their father, nor their mother... Also we know, if Urd calls Hild Mother... she will became a demon, so we can think Hild put on her some kind of spell, probably to ensure her daughter would became her succesor. So seem the three of them live special lives. So.. based on this i made some hipohtesis for my fanfic... just in case you want to hear about them.... :blush:
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    Chihiro is one of my favorite characters. Of all of the non-goddess/demon characters, she and Megumi are the most well thought out and executed in terms of storyline, in my opinion. (Sayoko is also well done, but as a foil/antagonist she can sometimes be a bit one-sided. Of course, her strength is that she does occasionally do things that make you think there is hope for her as a human being...)
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    To me, I think ya'll are reading into it a bit much. Its the most damaging because his male pride was damaged being turned into a female, with his still male mind. Keichi, also being a dude, while wanting to see him punished, thinks its over the top. Hmmm, how can I relate it...well its like how all guys have a mutual agreement - you don't kick each other in the balls. Thats like ground rule 1. Unless life is in ABSOLUTE danger (and even then, don't be too harsh), you don't damage the other's dude's equipment. It also establishes Hild's potential for evil, since she would go so low as to do that XD
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    But Mr. Fujishima LOVES playing around with manga and anime stereo-types and guest references. I was surprised Velsper didn't wind up with a cresent moon on his/her head. Let's see, we have a defense robot that has developed a free will and transforms into a motorcycle and has interchangable expansion parts, a girl who pulls a seemingly inexhaustable supply of bombs and other weapons out of her blouse as per video games, magic girls flying on brooms, mini-ninjas, Terry Bogart look-a-likes on at least three occasions, a life-like robotic girl love story, sports stories, young love youth stories, animal stories, mystery stories, tales of the supernatural stories, several pages worth of lists of characters from other anime, manga and games, real actors, and members of his production and editorial team doing cameos, and tons of stuff we know are references to Japanese fads and cliches but are unable to recognize here in the west. A talking cat that's a former demon that's cursed himself (meaning cast a spell on himself) so he could retain his intelligence, ability to speak and a few powers (and changed sex) is unoriginal? The whole series is unoriginal in that case. (Just got to thinking about this today as I passed through.)
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    Peorth has as good as said Keiichi is mortal and fated to die, and that he and Belldandy's contract only lasts for HIS natural lifespan. As for the other comment, all systems have a finite lifespan, including the universe (either heat death or cyclic collapse). There have been many theorectical estimates made, but the average one I've heard is that under ideal conditions and absolute health, a human being could live to almost 200 years. But this is just one of many, I've also heard good arguements for 135 and 350 years. In the wild, it was estimated a precivilized human that survived adolescence could live to 40-50 years (male) 30 - 55 (female)
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    Early in the manga Keiichi was always trolling for kisses, only there seemed to be a sort of reverse "System Force" that intervened when it looked like it might happen. After Urd's arrival, she became the chief source of romatise interuptus in Keiichi's world, inspite of her always encouraging him. When Skuld arrived Keiichi was faced with the probability of actual pain when trying to smooch, and as Pavlov's experiments showed you can be trained to avoid or seek things depending on the reward or punishment. So, in addition to the normal Japanese reluctance toward public kissing and Keiichi's personal hesitancy toward declaring his feelings, my theory is that he's been conditioned to not try and kiss Belldandy unless she starts it. I also believe that there is probably some kissing, handholding, and/or other romancing going on between them at the current point in the manga (as evidenced by their seemingly being more comfortable together), but its visually more fun to depict the failures than the successes and this is a comedy manga, so Mr. Fujishima would be far more likely to include missed moments (like in the Futon cabinet in the Gate arc than kiss and tell. back to my hole.

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