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    Sugoi! That brings back so much nostalgia! Spam-spam-spam. God, we treated these forums like a chatroom. We wasted kilobytes of data, KILOBYTES!
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    Alright... I'm getting on my soapbox a bit, so listen up. This is serious. Type 2 isn't hereditary. Only Type 1 is, and it's rare in comparison to Type 2 nowadays. Type 2 isn't about your family history, as it's more liable to occur when the body is overworked processing artificial sugars and saturated fats. I can't get into the medical aspects of it because I'm not a subject matter expert on it, and if your Doctor is worth his or her deploma, they'll have already explained that to you already. The main thing to take away from it is that it most often happens to people with an unhealthy diet. Introducing fruits and vegetables while getting rid of processed foods-like, say, fast food, ready-to-eat meals, junk food, and sugary drinks, allow the body to safely loose weight and stabalize blood sugar while also filling you up so that you aren't as hungry. Fruits and vegetables are low-calories, vitamin-packed, and are usually high in either water content or fiber, which make you feel full faster. Listen to your doctor, Keiichi. I can't stress this enough because I saw my father go through the same thing before he started exercising more. If you're borderline, than you can still change for the better and prevent yourself from developing Type 2. But it all starts with you, Boss. You need to take a long, hard look at your diet and recognize that what you're living off of right now is hurting you, and take those steps to change yourself for the better. Ditch the sodas, ditch the fatty meats, and ditch the junkfood. Start drinking more water. Get outside and exercise-not just a walk, but going to a gym and getting some anerobic/aerobic workouts in conjoined with weights-it'll help you shed pounds and will make you overall healthier. Take note of what your Doc said you could and could not have and toss the junk food in the trash. Start making a list of the things you need to buy from the grocery store and try to limit them to the produce section with lean meats and lentils, as they have less saturated fat. Stick to the list so you don't go browsing for the items you crave and don't go shopping on an empty stomach. You can do the Mediterranean diet, Keiichi. You still have the opportunity to overcome this, however it needs to start with you. I don't want to say anymore out here. If you would like though, send me a message and we'll talk off-line.
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    Well, I think that I'm very close to developing full blown Type 2 simply because I've also been experiencing a daily wave of vertigo that has been ongoing since December 2015. These little things, combined with other symptoms that I didn't really piece together until I found out about this borderline diabetes just yesterday. The reason I just found out about it is because I just started going to see a doctor regarding my upcoming hearing for disability. But, I decided to do an online search for diabetes and vertigo and it turns out the two are linked, along with the nausea. I actually thought that the chest pains, the dizziness and the nausea were separate symptoms and I just hate going to the doctor. Spent several months in a hospital when I was a child for a bad case of pneumonia. I just remember my parents being very worried. When I was born, I was born with a funnel chest, a congenital heart condition and that I literally stop breathing at night when I sleep, something my mom became very worried about. Considering my age, it's not looking good, considering that I'm well overweight as it is. I should weigh around 180-185. Now, what I to look forward to is regular visits to my primary care physician just to keep track of where this diabetes diagnosis is going to lead to. I never had to watch my eating habits before and now I have to place myself on something called a Mediterranean diet. I just don't see how eating a lot of fruits and vegetables is going to improve my chances of not attracting Type 2. It's odd because nobody in my family has a history of diabetes.
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    "Din'gir": God/Divinity/Aesir Shagiga: Wounded. Together: Wounded God/Sickly God (Weak Aesir) Mara's word for Urd is a little different. Ki'aga-san is the whole word. 'San' here isn't used as a Japanese honorific. Ki'aga-san: A word with two distinctly different meanings, depending on contex and dialect. "Beloved Lady" is one of them, spoken in the Wilder dialect. "Furious Storm" Is the more common, though, when spoken by a Falkin.
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    Sorry guys, my idea of what happens to gods/demons when they die (and connected via a horrible soul-joining event to a complete stranger) is a little different from everyone elses. Regardless, it's not something this story was ever really intended to address, and not really something I intend to pursue. I'll duck out of that kind of conversation and let you guys duke it out form here on out. It's okay to ask about the progress of a chapter. I'm 3600 words right now, which roughly equates to around 7 pages. Based off current schedule limitations and a sudden and intense desire to go to a 'snake cafe' and play with snakes, we're probably looking at a two-week update. I'd been waiting for almost a year to write that last chapter, and I was in the zone with that one, but this chapter is going to require a bit more careful consideration given the players involved. Just don't continuously harass me about chapter updates and 'expecting' a chapter release every week. Not saying anyone specifically is guilty of it, but it's a pain in the butt when people whine. You forget what Lind was doing to the rabishu before the ceiling came down on her? She was literally ripping it apart with her bare hands. By the time rescue forces discovered her, they found Lind coated in a mysterious substance that looked and smelled like blood, but for some reason drove their angels absolutely batshit insane. (shi ka ka!) One angel even went so far as to surface without being called, and almost attacked the unconscious POW before her host was able to call her back. Further revelations found what was left of an alien corpse nearby, and because of the negative reaction from the angels, rescue forces took the safe route and treated both it and Lind as biohazard. Upon retrieval and further investigations, evidence of the rabishu and documentations of what it was designed for began to surface and were translated, while scientists began investigating the angel eater itself. Nebo in particular, upon word reaching him that the thing ate angels, got himself involved-something he could only do as a BelTic. He took a vested interest in the creature's designs and how they affected the angels, as he wanted to design a way to counter it as a threat-something that might make the angels upappealing to the rabishu or null the affects of its screech on its prey. He actually began to reverse-engineer it, to an extent-just to give you an idea of his capabilities as both a Tic, scientist, and bio-engineer (don't forget who/what he created). Part of that involved a lot of experimentation and a lot of failures. Part of that included a small bit of madness. Most of it included imagination: if a 'man-made' creature could feed off another 'man-made' creature and obtain nutrients from it, was it possible to reverse the process somehow? Perhaps use that same mechanism used to ingest a magical entity and process it as energy for an angel? ...Maybe, say, regrow a wing? Perhaps even regenerate the bare, lingering, threads of RNA and DNA from an angel that was previously destroyed? LETS FIND OUT KYZ! ...needless to say, Cool Mint, in all her apparent normalcy, was the last thing he expected. He'd expected anything from absolute failure in which nothing happened to strange and horrible mutations that would have left Spear Mint crippled and Lind (possibly) mad. He sure as shit hadn't expected another angel to grow and make up for what Spear Mint lost.
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    Sometime tomorrow, I'll be enabling a new feature for the community called "clubs". Think of it as a type of social feature for the community that allows members to create social groups within the community to share common interests and create sub groups within the community that's separate from the forums. Here is a list of some of the features that's included with the new feature. "Clubs" will also have the ability for specialized topics to be created within each club. For instance, members can create "fan fiction" clubs, "Ah! My Goddess" clubs, "movies" clubs and so on. There isn't a limit to what "Clubs" can be used for. But, think of the new feature similar to facebook's "Pages" feature. But, look for this new feature sometime tomorrow. Club Types Four types of club are available: Public clubs Clubs that anyone can see and participate in without joining. Open club Clubs that anyone can see and join. Closed club Clubs that anyone can see in the directory, but joining must be approved by a Club Leader or Club Moderator. Non-club-members who view the club will only see the member list - not the recent activity or content areas. Private club Clubs that do not show in public, and users must be invited by a Club Leader or Club Moderator As the site admin, you can of course configure which club types can be created and by whom. You could, for example, allow members to create public and open clubs, but allow a "VIP" group to also create Closed and Private clubs. Club Users Each club has three levels of user: Leader A leader has all of the permissions of a moderator, and can add other moderators. They can also add content areas (see below). The club owner is automatically a leader. Moderators Moderators, as the name implies, have the ability to moderate content posted within the club. As the site administrator, you can define which moderator tools can be used. You could, for example, prevent any content being deleted from clubs, but allow it to be hidden. Moderators can also remove members from a club. Users Anyone else that joins the club. The site administrator and moderators, with the appropriate permissions, are able to moderator content in any Club regardless of whether they are a member of it. Clubs can be created by any user who has permission. As you would expect, this is controlled by our regular permission settings. For closed clubs, there's an approval process. Users can request to join and the request must be approved by a leader. Leaders get a notification when a user requests to join; the user gets a notification when their request is approved or denied. Club Content Club Leaders can add a variety of content areas to their club - forums, calendars, blogs and so on. It's important to note that these content areas are fully functional just as if they existed as a top-level admin created area. They will appear in search results, activity streams, users can follow them, embed links to them, and so on. If a user has permission to see a forum (for example) within a club it will behave exactly like other forums they see - and the same for all other kinds of content. Each content area a leader adds can have a custom title, and will appear in the club navigation. This means, for example, that you can have multiple forums within a club, and give each a different name. Club Custom Fields Clubs also support custom fields. Custom fields are defined by the site administrator and can be filled in by Club Owners. The values they enter are shown (along with the club description) on the club homepage.
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    Unfortunately, I don't know, I've just always had a problem with laws focused around "morals and ethics". When it comes to governments, morals and ethics aren't usually terms they like to apply to themselves but rather toward people they're designed to target. I respect the Japanese culture, but sometimes, just because a law has been passed and people are governed by it, doesn't necessarily make it a fair, right or just law. But, then again, I'm going by my experience living as a legal citizen of the United States and the protections we are given under the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. Most citizens of other countries aren't aware just how much the average American citizen is protected under the law. We actually have more rights under the U.S. Constitution and the underlying Bill of Rights than we do under laws that are enforced under federal, state and local laws. Such things as the right of free speech (which is actually referred to as the right to assemble the government for grievances), freedom of religion, the right to assemble, due process and a whole slew of various rights. While some keep trying to repeal the Constitution, it never works. Many of the rights that protect us aren't found in other countries and most Americans aren't aware of their rights until they perceive that they have been violated. But, Japan seems to be more pro-active when ti comes to its laws regarding its "morals" laws regarding prostitution. Here, in the United States, police officers don't go around looking to arrest prostitutes. But, what they will do, is if there's a complaint, they will go in periodically and arrest prostitutes who hang out in residential neighborhoods. I remember that older men used to try and stop elementary students on their way to school in the morning after the local police cleared the prostitutes out of the area. It ended up with regular police patrols in the neighborhood until these guys stopped coming around.
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    I was referring to the news article. Sorry, if my post was ambiguous..
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    I apologize for the cuss'ness you are about to read. Well...fuck my life. I mean... Where do i start? Jeezzzuuuzzzz fucking god, where do i start? First off, kudos to Imaginos for getting Rota-the Deadlite - square on. I really didn't think much of that theory, only to have it slapped at my face. Secondly, i must admit i feel kinda humbled by this chapter, in the way i thought i had at least a general direction of things...and ended up failing so badly that i prolly look like a moron right now. So many questions after this one. I admit the idea of Hagal wanting to target Urd entered my mind at the very beggining of SS, when they were rescuing Belldandy in Japan. But i completely dropped the theory because i couldn't find a proper reason for Hagal to want to murder Urd so badly. I mean, it looked personal, back then.... And all this hate Hagal feels towards Urd... All because she choose to leave Nihlheim? Because it made them look "weak"? Because it made Hild sad? Why? I mean, part of me gets it, but is "restoring honor to Niflheim" or some shit by killing Urd, her only drive here? What good would Urd's death, in Hagal's eyes, do "for the sake of Niflheim"? (all i could think of in that moment was Ser Allister Thorne stabbing Jon Snow and saying "for the watch"...) If her target was Urd all along, why wasn't she prepared when Urd and Skuld went to rescue Belldandy then? Why didn't she strike then? And can Aiko be any part of her plan? The whole "trapping Belldandy in a pedo nightmare" i get, since it did lure Urd out of Asgard. But why Aiko? Why have Aiko raped even before Keiichi was going to receive his wish from Bell? (or was supposed to, anyway)..How would that help her get to Urd??? Is Hagal still playing mind games? Is she throwing sister against sister, and has further reasons for doing what she is doing, besides what she said? EDIT: don't think i've missed the jab Hagall sent to Belldandy about the whereabouts of Aoshima... Also, i still refuse to believe Hild knows nothing of this. I refuse to believe that there are 11 good demons (Mara and 10 associates), plus Hagal and her i don't-know-how-many associates going around wrecking shit in Midgard, wrecking shit with people close to Urd, and Hild knows nothing of it. It's too much of a incompetent seal stamped on her forehead. Hild is just too smart, too cunning to let that happen. The thing is. If Hild bloody knows it (and i'm banking she does) why isn't she doing anything? Is she standing in the shadows, watching the events play around her, feigning ignorance, because she wants to see what will be the outcome of this farse? Because she wants to see how Urd reacts to it? Is she letting things go to an extreme because she wants Urd to tip over? Because she wants to see what she can gain from it? And if so, are the gains so great that she's risking Urd's life to find out? Or her life has never been at risk, from Hild's perspective, from such a weak beast (Hild did kill one without any effort....)? Is this a "kill the boy Jon Snow, and let the man be born" moment??? I would even throw a line in the water and say that maybe Hild is dying or about to end her term or whatever and Hagal is just angry and revolted that Niflheim is going to fall into civil war because there's no one fit to take the throne. And since Urd could solve that issue, but doesn't want to, Hagal lashes out to her in anger.....or maybe even she wants the throne for herself, but there are some factions who she knows would back up Urd in the absence of Hild, so she wants to eliminate that threat... But this is just WILD speculation of my part. Now on to the fight. I'm 200% sure you didn't kill any of them. A punctured lung, though serious, can be recovered from. Lind's not dead yet mates.. 'hold on to yer hats' Urd is a little more complicated thou. You made a hole larger than my fist on WoE chest. When Gunnr's angel's leg was eaten, she lost control of the limb, like it was her leg that had been chopped off, and not her angel's. Sanngrior fell when her angel's head was chopped off, never to wake up again. Don't think Urd can go around with that kind of injury... What now? Can Neebo heal the angel? do you heal a hole so big that you can probably see through World of Elegance at this point? Does Urd "disposes" of World of Elegance? Cuts the link somehow? Can she go demon mode over it, and heal it? Pretty much like DBZ, where the sayians, who are broken and beated magically heal up and are bran new (and stronger) when they reach a new Sayian level? Funny thing that, despite all the stabbing and poisoning and amist convulsions and whatnot the image that got burned in my head was Urd broken wrist and fingers poiting in awkward directions...that scene had me cringing. I dunno why, maybe it reminded of a scene in Evangelion... Anyway... I'm sure they are getting back to the is another matter altogether. The snake bracelets still have to be put to use, after all! On a small note, interesting to see that Cool Mint is not affected by the Rabishu because she has part of his DNA on her. And i was left wondering why Urd didn't go beserk when Spear Mint and Cool Mint made WoE snap and become such a hunter with the blood trick. I half expected Urd to loose it there, but she was fine.... On the other side of the fence, ooooohhh, Belldandy, that hurt. I understand the uselesness, the humiliation, the...revolt she must be feeling. But she was downright mean to Urd. And i wonder how long it will take her for her to realize the mistake she just made. And i have this feeling she won't have the opportunity to make amends with her right after this episode finishes. Is Lind finally taking her to Chugach after this is done? Is Urd going to ask her to go instead, because she's ashamed and doesn't want to confront her sister? I was left with that impression also because Deb is never seeing Urd again. Which means: A - Urd will be away when this ends and they'll never meet again or B: Deb is hitting the dust. I'll place my chips on A. For now. On the next chapter we'll probably going to see the action on the other side of the fence (Hagal vs. Mara and co and Bell and co). The plot will thicken, but we prolly won't be seeing much of what will happen to Urd and Lind. Which means we'll prolly have to wait weeks to find out how the hell they are getting out of this. FUCK.MY.LIFE

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