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    I asked my 13 year old daughter to draw me Belldandy, this is what she posted: And apparently, according to her, that was just a mindless warm-up sketch. Stay tuned.
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    Couldn't decide if i posted this here or in the art gallery. Since it's SS related, here it goes. I did not make this drawing. It was made on request by EastCoastCanuck user, from DevianArt. Cookies for those who can immediately tell which scene this belongs to.
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    Riiight... Scarred survivors season 1 finale... Peorth entering Tyr's chamber. Have another one in the works, but it will only be posted when a brave soul discover where that door model comes from... The runes in the door mean "Tyr" and "Ansuz" btw...
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    Shady phone camera, i know... Just something i made for you guys, since i'm on duty and had a wet piece of paper and a pencil on my hands. Done in 15min, with a dirty eraser and bad lightining... Added a beard 'cause i can't image a Seal without beard. Deal with it. If you guys are interested can make a real attempt during the weekend, when i'm home and have dry paper and decent pencils at my disposal. That, ofc, is gonna cost you tasty spoilers.
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    The more I watch certain classic TV shows that may have been inspired the idea behind Ah! My Goddess, the more I'm convinced that's exactly what Fujishima-san did. I've recently been watching Bewitched over again and Fujishima-san has used a lot of the abilities that Samantha uses in that series. Take, for instance, Belldandy's "Jealousy storms". In the pilot episode of Bewitched, Darren and Samantha get married, setting up the premise for the entire show. In the episode, Darren and Samantha get invited to a dinner date with an ex-girlfriend of Darren. After a short while, his ex-girlfriend keeps showing up Samantha, who has decided she has had enough and begins to turn the scales on his ex-girlfriend. She causes the exes teeth to be disfigured, forces her hair to plop out of place and even forces a huge storm gust that blows open the front door, blows her hairpiece away and strips away her dress, forcing her to run for cover. The more I look at Belldandy's jealousy storms, it seems this is just one of the powers that Fujishima-san has used where it concerns Belldandy. I've also noticed that he uses a particular power from I Dream of Jeannie. Where Jeannie shrinks herself (mini-Belle) and disappears inside her bottle. While Fujishima-san altered it to allow Belldandy to disappear inside a mirror, it represents the same thing. The whole "mini-Belle" seems to be identical with Jeannie. While the core basis for the series seems to be on Norse mythology, he seems to have borrowed other aspects for the powers of these characters from cult television shows that were produced in the United States. Even Keiichi-chan's clumsiness seems to have been lifted out of the episodes of Three's Company, where it involves Jack Tripper.
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    Wait a sec. Let me get this straight. Hold on. So..the guy was married and divorced in 2014. He has a child from this marriage. Ok He re-married with the 20 years old girl he got pregnant in 2016. Which means that he had an affair for 15 yrs during the time he was still married with a third woman. This i understand is the woman whom he promised to marry after he got the divorce. (and got his plans screwed when the 2nd girl got pregnant.) This is the woman whom he misled with promises for 15 years, only to dump her without many explanations when he had to run away with a 20yrs old chick. And you don't think that screws over a person? You think that is something as mundane as 2 highschool lovers breaking up? Unless i got some fact're saying a guy who has an affair for 15 years while still legally married and empregnated a third woman who could very well pass for his daughter to boost, has any understanding of "ethics and values"? Are you saying this man is "family-oriented" when it comes to values? That he "stepped u p to the plate", like he was a brave, righteous man? Like...really? Am i the only one reading this? Are you actually putting this guy as a victim here? The 20 year old girl who got pregnant is a gold digger for me, and the woman who spent 15 years with him being fed of promises of marriage after his divorce is naive, at the very best. But him? There's a lot of words that might fit with the kind of person he is, and none of them is safe for this forum.
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    A scorned woman who still spent 15 years or so of her life with him. I know for sure i would be devastated if someone whom i dedicated a decade and half of my life to would publicly (sp?) deny everything. And also, since we're on a roll, what to say about a 51years old man who gets a 20 years old pregnant? We have a few names for that in portuguese, but it wouldn't translate well, so i'm not gonna try. Point is, don't throw rocks so fast. They all have glass ceilings.
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    Truth to be told, I'm not so sure about who's exactly the victim here, but there's a lot going on to make a manga out of it. To begin with, we're not talking about a woman who just showed up out of nowhere, but someone who's been in a relationship with him for 15 years. And not only that, but said man just went ahead and married someone entirely different because he apparently got her pregnant. While I may not know all the details about this story (nor I care, as I hate celebrity gossip stories), I can't quite say that this is merely the woman's fault. Also, Mr Fujishima's attempts to hide the fact that he was even married seems kinda weird to me. Almost as if he knows that part of what he's doing is problematic, and merely tries to cover it up. Again, this isn't my place to condemn anyone from a moral point of view, but at the same time, that's what happens when someone bites more than he can chew. Of course, that's just me, and in the end it's a ongoing legal dispute that's going to get settled regardless of our opinion, but I can't quite say that I'm terribly sympathetic to Mr. Fujishima on this occasion.
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    Based on the progress I've made so far, I believe that I'll be able to have it done by this weekend, or at the most, at some point next week. I suppose I should've worked faster on this, but one of my other stories (The Lost contract) had been the cause for a lot of these delays (the rest being my lack of free time as of late).
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    Grayfox, that is, in all honesty, an amazing analysis based off what happened to the others. Thank you for sharing. Also, some additional good news: The next chapter is currently in the beta and has undergone the first round of edits. Hopefully we'll have the chapter up in the next day or two. Thanks for the patience, guys.
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    Well 1.Keep in mind that goddess physiology isn't exactly the same as human physiology... 2.For Lind, she needs intensive care, plus a chest tube inserted into her chest (most likely in her upper chest since she may have what we medics call a pneumothorax..air in the chest due to an injury). The chest tube will be connected to what we call an 'underwater seal' (a special bottle filled with fluid) to allow air escape from the chest. ). (For the interested....chest tube insertion: The aim of all that is to allow the lung to re-expand while the chest wound heals.(so that the patient can breathe properly again eventually If the lung does not re-inflate after five days, Lind might need an operation.A chest op. 3.For Urd...if the seizures last longer than 30 minutes , it's intensive care, and a long period of rehab, depending on how well she does neurologically once she regains full consciousness Assuming the seizures just happen for a few minutes , well, she might recover fully...hopefully (But since we don't know much about ten-dimensional being neurological physiology...). 4.Word of Elegance...hmm...if the wound does not reach a major vessel or spinal cord...yes, the answer is that it is possible she might live . BUT If the wound hits a major vessel...because hanging around the back is a giant vessel called the aorta which is responsible for pumping blood all over your body...speed is of the essence (as in...get a chopper down there to take her straight to the nearest good hospital, with a full surgical team on standby.). And if the spine is affected...well...let me say that the hole better not be anywhere near the back of the upper neck...because death is certain if it is.Lower down, disability is a major risk...depending on the level of injury to the spinal cord.
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    Alright... I'm getting on my soapbox a bit, so listen up. This is serious. Type 2 isn't hereditary. Only Type 1 is, and it's rare in comparison to Type 2 nowadays. Type 2 isn't about your family history, as it's more liable to occur when the body is overworked processing artificial sugars and saturated fats. I can't get into the medical aspects of it because I'm not a subject matter expert on it, and if your Doctor is worth his or her deploma, they'll have already explained that to you already. The main thing to take away from it is that it most often happens to people with an unhealthy diet. Introducing fruits and vegetables while getting rid of processed foods-like, say, fast food, ready-to-eat meals, junk food, and sugary drinks, allow the body to safely loose weight and stabalize blood sugar while also filling you up so that you aren't as hungry. Fruits and vegetables are low-calories, vitamin-packed, and are usually high in either water content or fiber, which make you feel full faster. Listen to your doctor, Keiichi. I can't stress this enough because I saw my father go through the same thing before he started exercising more. If you're borderline, than you can still change for the better and prevent yourself from developing Type 2. But it all starts with you, Boss. You need to take a long, hard look at your diet and recognize that what you're living off of right now is hurting you, and take those steps to change yourself for the better. Ditch the sodas, ditch the fatty meats, and ditch the junkfood. Start drinking more water. Get outside and exercise-not just a walk, but going to a gym and getting some anerobic/aerobic workouts in conjoined with weights-it'll help you shed pounds and will make you overall healthier. Take note of what your Doc said you could and could not have and toss the junk food in the trash. Start making a list of the things you need to buy from the grocery store and try to limit them to the produce section with lean meats and lentils, as they have less saturated fat. Stick to the list so you don't go browsing for the items you crave and don't go shopping on an empty stomach. You can do the Mediterranean diet, Keiichi. You still have the opportunity to overcome this, however it needs to start with you. I don't want to say anymore out here. If you would like though, send me a message and we'll talk off-line.
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    Sorry guys, my idea of what happens to gods/demons when they die (and connected via a horrible soul-joining event to a complete stranger) is a little different from everyone elses. Regardless, it's not something this story was ever really intended to address, and not really something I intend to pursue. I'll duck out of that kind of conversation and let you guys duke it out form here on out. It's okay to ask about the progress of a chapter. I'm 3600 words right now, which roughly equates to around 7 pages. Based off current schedule limitations and a sudden and intense desire to go to a 'snake cafe' and play with snakes, we're probably looking at a two-week update. I'd been waiting for almost a year to write that last chapter, and I was in the zone with that one, but this chapter is going to require a bit more careful consideration given the players involved. Just don't continuously harass me about chapter updates and 'expecting' a chapter release every week. Not saying anyone specifically is guilty of it, but it's a pain in the butt when people whine. You forget what Lind was doing to the rabishu before the ceiling came down on her? She was literally ripping it apart with her bare hands. By the time rescue forces discovered her, they found Lind coated in a mysterious substance that looked and smelled like blood, but for some reason drove their angels absolutely batshit insane. (shi ka ka!) One angel even went so far as to surface without being called, and almost attacked the unconscious POW before her host was able to call her back. Further revelations found what was left of an alien corpse nearby, and because of the negative reaction from the angels, rescue forces took the safe route and treated both it and Lind as biohazard. Upon retrieval and further investigations, evidence of the rabishu and documentations of what it was designed for began to surface and were translated, while scientists began investigating the angel eater itself. Nebo in particular, upon word reaching him that the thing ate angels, got himself involved-something he could only do as a BelTic. He took a vested interest in the creature's designs and how they affected the angels, as he wanted to design a way to counter it as a threat-something that might make the angels upappealing to the rabishu or null the affects of its screech on its prey. He actually began to reverse-engineer it, to an extent-just to give you an idea of his capabilities as both a Tic, scientist, and bio-engineer (don't forget who/what he created). Part of that involved a lot of experimentation and a lot of failures. Part of that included a small bit of madness. Most of it included imagination: if a 'man-made' creature could feed off another 'man-made' creature and obtain nutrients from it, was it possible to reverse the process somehow? Perhaps use that same mechanism used to ingest a magical entity and process it as energy for an angel? ...Maybe, say, regrow a wing? Perhaps even regenerate the bare, lingering, threads of RNA and DNA from an angel that was previously destroyed? LETS FIND OUT KYZ! ...needless to say, Cool Mint, in all her apparent normalcy, was the last thing he expected. He'd expected anything from absolute failure in which nothing happened to strange and horrible mutations that would have left Spear Mint crippled and Lind (possibly) mad. He sure as shit hadn't expected another angel to grow and make up for what Spear Mint lost.
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    Sugoi! That brings back so much nostalgia! Spam-spam-spam. God, we treated these forums like a chatroom. We wasted kilobytes of data, KILOBYTES!
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    It's about time I started participating in these fanfic forums. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the great content everyone has been creating for the community. Will post my comments on your work, @HotelKatz.
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    Dear fellow members, I am starting this just to reintroduce myself. I created an account many years ago and while I don't think any1 would remember me, it's good to be back. Lot of crap has happened in my life but this anime and this wonderful community has always been a source of joy. Thought I'd start visiting and posting again. Props to K1 for keeping this site dedicated to our wonderful goddesses running. Look forward to reconnecting. Thanks
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    That feeling when a new chapter is released and you're about to leave for work...and you're already running late....and you have this great idea of locking yourself in the bathroom, claiming to have diarrhea, just so you can quickly read SS on your smartphone... Oh god... The things i do to read this fic. Anyway, on with the review-thingy already. I sometimes hate how painfully slow things happen around here. Which sucks, because it's also one of the things i like most about SS. Sooooo....seems my crystal-ball is not that off-tuned. It does seems as some sort of mega-operation is happening from the Matrix side. But why? It can't be a coincidence. I don't think it has anything to do with Hagall. My radar is poiting it has something to do with Stuart-little, and Aiko, in consequence...Hmmm Almost like the demons are trying to "protect their investment" or something of the kind. I dunno. Something is off here. Urd must know why all the John's Smith's are there, and since i'm ruling out it being a coincidence...the thing is, Urd is not acting angry, offended, heck, not even surprised that the Demon Convention is taking place. If it IS indeed something related to Stuart-Aiko, then Urd fucking knows that her raping had demonic influence in the background. And she never told anyone. Not Belldandy. Not Aiko. Not Keiichi. Almost like "hey, what can i do? What were you expecting? Demons are supposed to be mean, it's what they do" style... Which would be a veeeeery douche move from Urd's part, since she got ready to start Ragnarok when something similar happened to her sister... Let's see. Also, think it's the first time i've seen Urd being to put it...careless. Taking Deb for a harmless person is going to be the death of her pretty soon, in a manner of speaking. Unless she only said that to have Mara off her back, and is planning to do the investigation on Deb herself. Still, she's leaving plenty of clues for a detective like Deb to sniff her out. Deb already started making questions (all the time she was texting on the car and whatnot...she already started inquirying who the sisters are..and is intrigued by the answers someone from her work provided her with.) Deb: soooo...Urd, how was your evening? Urd: oh, it was alright. Spent all day sleeping in my bedroom. Very relaxing. Deb. I see. (already did a check and has cameras tapes of Urd and a blond woman drinking by the pool. That or managed to find about the bar bill of a whole afternoon drinking expensice whiskey.) Point is, something is going to happen because Deb is bound to ask, and Urd is probably going to lie about it. Moving on. God dammit, with all the childness going around, i'm starting to root for Deb. Ok, ok, so Bell is traumatized by 10 years of abuse, but Jesus fucking god, she's still some centuries old! And acts like a 19 years old around her highschool boyfriend and cheerleader "friend". Heck! You guys are really going to have to come up with some redeeming aspect of Belldandy, because, the way i see things, Deb is a MUCH better match to Keiichi than Belldandy! She's more stable, doesn't bring a shit ton of problems and drama with her, doesn't need an older sister tagging along to keep her on the line, never tried to choke him during sex, has a job, is intelligent, doesn't level the house when she gets angry and is a MORTAL who can atually age with him and have kids with him. Ok, so she left Keiichi before, but it's not like he was being "husband-of-the-year" material to her anyway. Throw in a few excuses, a night well spent and the rest is history! On the other side, Belldandy has provided Keiichi nothing but drama ever since the first moment she arrived in his life. Like i said i don't know how many pages ago, i would say Belldandy needs to get her head out of her ass and get better soon, or she's going to loose the man she loves. And it's all going to be HER fault. So Keiichi is really a wimp! Yey for a character flaw!!! I'm totally with Aiko on that one. He has some nerve to be angry about their (Bell and Deb's) attitudes when he's the one encouraging and justifying them in the first place. Wanna see how exactly he's going to tell Belldandy what happened between him and Deb and then how he is going to tell Deb that what happened between them was a mistake. Because ALL of that requires some "manning up" from Keiichi's part. Something he has never EVER done since the start of SS. If he did, maybe he would have adressed Urd already. Nope. Can't see Keiichi creating balls and assuming his position anywhere soon. Nope. Especially when he has the excuse of "being there for Aiko" (even if Aiko already told him she can face Stuart by herself) and not wanting to create a scene and/or upsetting everybody on such an important date. Which will probably lead to Deb being the one to break the news to Belldandy in a fit of rage over something. I wonder if it's going to be at the same time she's going to throw in her face the fact that Belldandy (and Urd) don't really "exist"... or exist in the other side of the world...where there's proabably a "missing person" sign under her ex-husband's name... Sweet times ahead. EDIT: i forgot about the fish. I would never think that demons find fish sacred. Maybe it's because i can't bear to think of people killing cows for beefs, but i'm quite ok with people fishing. A cow seems so much...sacred than a fish XD. But yea, fish comes from water, water brings life, i see where the demons are coming from.
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    i think i can finally pronounce this costume well and truly finished to my satisfaction, now that i've just completely remade the Apron from scratch, the original Apron once being the last remaining element carried over from the original factory costume. now, almost everything's handmade, save for the shoes, -highly modified TAKARA "Jenny" Pink Pumps- and the Cat Ear hairband - hairband taken from MegaHouse MOON PHASE "Hazuki" also highly modified- and i've finally well and truly made the "Sweet Lolita" Maid costume of my mind's eye for my sweet, gentle Miss Asahina♥
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    Tell me about it. In the first chapter of the manga series, Keiichi is seen smoking a cigarette but that Fujishima-san stepped away from that obvious character flaw. Plus, starting with the second chapter, which is Belldandy's true first appearance in the series, it's obvious that the portrayal of their kindergarten-style romance seemed to be aimed at bringing more younger fans, teenagers, into picking up on the manga series and why the two never seemed to get to the kissing stage. I've talked about this at length, about how this series to be fashioned after the Doris Day Show and Bewitched, both shows that broadcast on American television during the 1950's, 1960's and 1970's, when the most broadcasters could get away with was a couple holding hands or a married couple kissing each other on the cheek. Back then, it was also taboo among television broadcasters to show a married couple sleeping in the same bed. This was why you always saw such shows as I Love Lucy, Gilligan's Island, The Honeymooners, I Dream of Jeannie and other similar shows with the married couple sleeping in separate beds. This was mainly due to the broadcast censors, who rarely let anything besides hand-holding be broadcast on television. This has been an area of confusion among fans of the anime and manga series, who grew frustrated because Keiichi and Belldandy's relationship never seemed to evolve or mature beyond hand-holding and I suspect that the introduction of Urd was a way of trying to test those waters. I suppose that someone must have complained which might explain the introduction of Skuld as a plot device to prevent Keiichi from getting too friendly with Belldandy. The manga series actually debuted in September 1988 and it was published bi-monthly in Kodansha's monthly Afternoon magazine. My guess is that when Fujishima-s artwork started to improve, Kodansha decided to start promoting the manga more often in their magazine, which is why it started to get published monthly. I'm thinking that the manga series took a year or two of this type of publication before it was promoted to a monthly status. Back then, Fujishima-san's artwork was very rough but eventually, you can see his style of drawing manga evolve over time. Dark Horse Comics would begin publishing the manga in 1994. Note: If anyone is wondering why I refer to anime producers and manga creators with the 'san' title, it's because it's offered as a sign of respect. When a friend to the community saw I wasn't doing that, she asked I started posting that way because it's shown as respecting the Japanese. While I don't use the title when using their full name, I do employ that technique when I just use their last name.
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    Fans have been creating fan fiction for Oh My Goddess dating as far back as the late 1990's, back when Dark Horse Comics was publishing the manga series in a comic book style format (only a select few of us are aware of the publishing format for manga back during the 1980', 1990's and early 2000's. Back then, every publisher released manga in a 32-40 page comic book format. Manga published as TPB's really wasn't a desire and it was Tokyopop who only published manga in TPB's, along with the manga publisher, Seven Seas. It wouldn't be until around 2004-2005 when publishers would ditch that format and start publishing manga in TPB form. I remember when the first comic book copy of Appleseed Book 1 Volume 1 was fetching for $35-50. Even though price guides didn't value manga that high, comic dealers started to clue into that fact. Even Oh My Goddess #1 was fetching for around $15-25. Eventually, monthly price guides periodicals started recognizing that there was a collectors market for comic book formatted manga titles. I just remember when fan fiction back in those early days was an underground community and there's a lot of classic Oh My Goddess fan fiction that most fans aren't aware of. I'll see what I can do about posting links to some of them.
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    Chapter 9 is on FFN:
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    This reminds me of a story idea I had quite a while ago. I posted it on my profile. It even has a tentative name in case I ever got around to writing it. Defending His Life – Keiichi is killed in a freak accident. Afterwards, he discovers what REALLY happens after you die. In a place where the System Force has no power, can he still get his ‘Forever’ with Belldandy? Or will he have to start over from the very beginning?
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    Unfortunately, we have lost a large majority of Ah! My Goddess fansites, message forums and more since I first created my site back in 2004. It's only through the miracle of donations from our members and other supporters that we've been able to keep this community going. For me and Sugoi, we started out at another Oh My Goddess fansite and community called Noble Scarlet, which is now defunct and I got my inspiration for my site while a member of that community. While that site has long since disappeared, this site has went through many changes (one thing I'm planning to do is bringing back a lot of the articles, image galleries and features that were a highlight of this fansite. I still have all of that content, which I'll be bringing back to the site over the next few days. But, with gigabytes of images and other content, it may take some time to get them all back online. I'm always taking suggestions on how to make the fansite and the community better and I'm always open to feedback on this issue. If you have any suggestions, send them my way. I might even scavenge older fansites through archives and bring that content here.
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    I laughed so hard when I saw this I just had to share it. The AMG tag on deviant art has really strange fanart hahahaha. Artist link: muscle-fan-comics
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    Urd: “Now, you’re both sitting at a table, it will be a while before a waiter brings the food, so it’s time to talk. What are you going to talk about?” Lind: “Um, I don’t know?” Urd: “Come on, Lind, work with me here. You can’t really talk about Asgard, or Niflheim, so what do you know about Midgard?” Lind: [ticking items off on her fingers] “There was the battle in that Japan place. The…barbecue, where Brian saw me. I see you here a couple of times every Midgard month. I put up that barrier when you and your angel threw a tantrum. Errr…I guess that’s about it.” Urd: “Jeez, you haven’t even finished one hand there. Isn’t there anything else?” Lind: “I met Aiko. Twice.” Urd: “You’re killin’ me, Lind. The good news is, most mortal men love to talk about themselves. It’s their favorite subject. The bad news is, most of what Jackson does is classified, so he can’t talk about it. Kind of limits his end of the conversation.” Lind: “How about that, ah, Brazilian Joo-Jitsu? I’m really interested in that.” Urd: “No! Bad Valkyrie! Not on your first date!” Lind: “Why not? It’s something we have in common, right?” Urd: “I give up. This is hopeless. You’re destined to be an old maid for the rest of eternity.” ——————————— Lobbest thou thy Holy Hand-Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.
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    Lol This interlude thingy is going to be better than i expected, it seems =) My turn! **The dancing queen** *A SS spin-off* Urd: Ok Lind, time for one last lesson before your date. Lind: another? After learning how to sit, eat and talk like a lady, what else is left to re-learn? Walk? Urd: that too, you walk like a soldier on a forced march! Lind: **grumbles** Urd: Anyway, no girl should ever go out on a data with a man without knowing how to dance! Lind: Dance? Urd: Dance! Lind: Dance, as in...dancing? Urd: like in moving your body while holding another person. Lind: So. Dance then... Urd: yes! Lind: **tries to run for the hills** **urd catches her by a foot** Urd: oh nononono...You're not running away from this! **ties her up** And now, for your dancing teacher, i present you Bell! **Bell enters the room** Lind: There's no way in hell i'm learning how to dance. Belldandy: Yes you are. Do you want to make a fool out of yourself and step on poor Mr. Jackson's feet all the time? Lind: **grumbles** Belldadndy: sorry, i couldn't quite hear that dear. Lind: I said NO! Belldandy: good. Now, shall we begin? Lind: **is untied and is looking miserable** I have 2 left foot. I'll never learn how to do this on time. Urd: Lies. If she could teach Mara how to waltz, she can teach you too. I'll let you know my sister is the best dancer in all Asgard! **Belldandy smiles,** Lind: who's Mara? Urd:**sweatdrops** Err...old friend. No one you ever met before. Has lead for feet and still learned how to waltz nonetheless. Lind: **is suspicious, but let's it drop** Yea. And i'm a freaking Valkyrie! I just doesn't work! Belldandy: Nonsense! Now, let's stop this argument and start already. Time is running short. **Grabs Lind and places her hands on her arm and holds her hand** Belldandy: this is where you should place your hands. Now just follow my lead and try to relax. **5 minutes later* Urd: and 1,2,3, 1,2,3, that's it girl, i've told you! My sister is the best dancer in the whole Asgard! and 1,2,3. Belldandy; thank you Urd. **winces as Lind steps on her toes...again** Lind: I feel like an idiot. Urd: You're doing ffiiiiiiine! Just keep going! and 1,2,3, 1,2,3. **Keiichi opens the door and takes a look at the scene. Urd: oh hi there Keiichi! Keiichi: What's going on? Urd: Bell's teaching Lind how to waltz. For her date with Brian. Keiichi. Fuck my life. I'm still having a hard time imagining it. Urd: **winks** me too. Keiichi: Anyway, since we're all here, care to teach me too? Never been much of a dancer, might as well stop looking like an idiot anytime i have to waltz. Urd: Sure, i'll pair up with you! **light bulbs break over their heads, the window glass starts to break** Belldandy: NO! Lind: I'm sorry, have i stepped on you again? I did it, didn't I? Belldandy; No! I mean, yes...that's not what i mean! Lind: what then? Belldandy; **points at Urd** You can't dance with Keiichi! Keiichi: Why not? You're busy with Lind, i'm sure she can-- Belldandy: I'll pair up with you. Urd, you're taller than me and will make for a better Jackson's manequim. Let's switch. Urd: You're sure? Lind was doing fine with you. Belldandy: And she'll do it even better with you, i'm sure. You can dance as well as me when you want to. Urd: **raises eyebrow** Ooooook. Lind: (whispering): your sister has a bad temper when it comes to Keiichi. Urd: tell me about--ouch! Lind: sorry! Urd: Nononono, this just won't do. Stop trying to get away from me like i'm cotton candy melting and hold on. Then just follow my body's movement. It's not hard. Lind: I'm trying! Urd: No you're not. Imagine this is a kata or something. Whatever makes you move your feet! Lind: if this was a kata, you'd be on the ground already. Urd: Really? Wanna take this to the garage? we have a sparring mat over there and we can-- Belldandy: **raising her voice and looking mean** No fighting! Urd and Lind: **grumbles** Keiichi: Thanks for teaching me Bell. Belldandy: It's nothing Keiichi. Had i known you wanted to learn before, i would have taken time to teach you. Keiichi: yeaa.....well, it's not something i get to do very often you know. But i'm tired of looking like a clown when i do. Belldandy: You tease. Look at you, you're doing great (he's doing miserable...) Urd: Look at them! He's even worse than you! Lind: **grumble** Shut up and keep dancing Urd.
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    Hey guys, I began to write this thing. I posted the second chapter just today. I'll truly appreciate any feedback you have about the story, and of course you can use this thread to discuss it as you see fit. Hopefully you will enjoy what I have written so far and will enjoy what is to come.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if I was probably one of the more open-minded about doujinshi here. Most of the time, I figure it's either money or an opportunity to put one's own fanfiction into pictures and get paid for it. I go and read what strikes my interest. I stay away from the hardcore stuff. So yeah... most of the time whenever I see doujinshi, I make a little prayer in my head for it to be a humorous little story, even if it does get a little vulgar. I admit to a 50/50 record or so for it. I tend to throw away that prayer whenever I see A!MG doujinshi, as I recall Rule 43 of the internet, "The more beautiful and pure a thing is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt it." I do admit to looking at a few, as some of the artwork for a very small number is good for a few panels and covers. But that's about it. Most of the A!MG doujinshi stuff follows that internet rule to a sick degree.
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    ***IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT*** Scarred Survivors Temporary Hiatus Hey guys, so I figured I should be the one to make this announcement since it mainly concerns me. I'm going to be taking a break in writing for a bit for a couple of reasons, the big one being that my husband is due back next week, and I'm very, very distracted right now in preparation for his arrival. A little too distracted to give Scarred Survivors the attention it needs right now. The other, smaller reason is that 'My Angel's arc took its toll on me, and I may have overexerted my creative capabilities when it comes to writing. Because of that, it was decided to take a quick break from the story and come back in a few weeks when I'm a little less distracted and can better focus my attention on the Interlude and the following arc coming right after it. That arc is going to be another long marathon, most likely, as there's going to be a lot of moving pieces doing a multitude of things all at once, and it's going to be important that we have all our bases covered for that segment, as that will be the official start of 'Part 2' for Scarred Survivors. The break won't be long-maybe two or three weeks, tops, given the fact that I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to this story and its characters and will most likely keep trying to come back to it during the break time.The next chapter is already complete, however we figured it'd be better to hold off and start afresh with the whole Interlude segment rather than stop between the interlude's chapters. My Angel stopped at a pretty solid spot, and it's better to leave it there so that we can play proper 'catch-up' with the series. I want to thank you all for your patience with this and the support you've been giving the story along the way, and I'll see if maybe I can't throw in a few piece of fan art as the days progress. See you with a fresh interlude in a couple of weeks, guys!
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    There you go. EDIT: this would be sooo much easier if the pic wasn't compressed by the website...
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    Based on something from the Scarred Survivors topic, pretty much this post Got me thinking. How would a fic where Belldandy is a crime boss, but still having her personality unchanged go? The cheap-n-easy way is to use the GTA games as a reference, but I suspect those kinds of fics are a dime-a-dozen. As for how and when Belldandy would have time to go and be a Yakuza boss... well, fanon tends to have her be able to do anything, so she probably could make the time or use some sorta spell to split herself in duplicates. It'd be kind of funny to have Urd and Skuld confront Belldandy on it. Urd: Bell, how could you? You come to Earth and become a crime boss... Again! Skuld: Yeah!... Wait, what? You mean this isn't the first time big sis has done this? Belldandy: Come on! You have potions and Skuld has machines! Can't I have a hobby?! Cleaning and cooking get so boring after awhile!
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    If there is one thing I will always love about OMG fics, is that Bell and Keiichi always somehow find a way to be together regardless of the circumstances. Really like this fic, along with The Following Day. Really looking forward for more.
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    If you want some inspiration check out this web comic: It's about the real misadventures of an English Teacher in Japan and what she at times faces with both faculty staff and her young students. Its absolutly adorable, and I could picture you finding some great material for this fic. Make sure you read the notes at the bottom of each comic strip-they provide some good insight into what it's like being an English teacher in Japan.
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    Sup guys, this is the mastermind speaking. So yeah, I've been to this forum before in the past, but left a few years ago. Only really got back into Oh! My Goddess after browsing through fanfics on FFnet and well, stumbled upon this one. I was really taken with the fanfic, so I decided to make a trope page for it seeing as it lacked both a review on the site, and I do truly believe the story is good enough to warrant its own page. Seeing as making pages for fanfics on tvtropes is a completely free action, I said why not. I do apologize if I got some things wrong while picking tropes. Do feel free to edit the page however you like. I after all, made it all on my own without any checking or editing from anyone else so it is bound to have mistakes. I don't mind if you even remove some entries. I made it because I really think the story should have one. It is just that good in my eyes. I plan to add tabs that keep track of the awesome/heartwarming/funny/tearjerking/nightmarish parts of the story. Many people like to read those too as well. So yeah, hi there.
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    From the album IdiAmeanDada's gallery

    Found this on Pinterest of all places.
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    Since 2 can play a game, here's my own 15min version of WoE guarding the door.
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    Maybe this one isn't so distorted.
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    This figure was announced a few months ago, and looks really nice: Good Smile typically does nice work, and I'm looking forward to this one. I decided to order a few for my store (plus one extra I may decide to keep for myself ) It's nice to see that, among all the new stuff coming out, there's still demand for the classic manga and anime that we enjoy too. I hope they follow up with some other characters like Urd.
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    IdiAmeanDada told me to introduce myself three days ago, and I guess it's about time. I've been a little busy. I offered to proofread Scarred Survivors; Idi and Nena agreed, and I've been making notes of the few misspellings, misplaced words, conflicting tenses, etc. that got through their own proofreading. I've gone through a third of the story so far. It's easy and fun for me; I read the story, and when I spot something I make a note. I've been an electronics engineer and programmer for over 30 years, recently laid off from a great job because the price of oil went down and half their business dried up. I did four years in the US Navy, so I have some idea what Keiichi's duties are like. I read a lot of science fiction, military fiction, military science fiction and fantasy. And, of course, I like anime. I think most people would if they gave it a chance. With all the free time I've had recently, I got into fan-fiction and started a VanDread story. IdiAmeanDada reviewed it, we exchanged a few messages, and he got me interested in Scarred Survivors. Of course, I had to watch Ah! My Goddess first. Well worth it. So, there you go. A few things about me, in case anybody's interested. -------------------- Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!
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    Keiichi Morisato had had a long hard day at his motorcycle workshop, K1's Customs. He had hoped to be a bit home early from work, but there had been so many unexpected orders that day that by the time he and his staff had finished with them, it was almost ten pm in the night, and he felt beat. Tired. As he rode home in his beemer, he was looking forward to a nice hot bath, and a little chat with his dear wife of ten years Belldandy before calling it a night. No matter how tired he was, he always had time for his dear love, no matter what. They had been married for ten years, and yet it was as if they had just been married. The number of precious times they spent together far outnumbered the bad times. He got home to the modest house he shared with Belldandy. It was now half past eleven, and very quiet, except for a light in his and Bell's room. She always waited up for him, no matter what...and no matter how many times he told her not to....she always said (with a gentle smile) that it was her job as a goddess , and as his wife.... And with such pleasant thoughts...he got into the house, unprepared for the surprise awaiting him there... Belldandy Morisato had spent the whole morning as usual doing the wifely things that she did every day'....wake up before morning, have breakfast ready for her Mr Keiichi (she still called him that after ten years of marriage) , eat breakfast with her beloved, kiss him goodbye, and clean the house.After cleaning up, she decided to relax with a ladies magazine which had arrived in the post that morning. Now, as she turned the magazine, she saw some pictures of some lovely lingerie in the magazine. Now, Bell-chan was a very modest lady, but seeing those pictures reminded her of Keiichi's old ero-mags which he used to keep when he was a student...and which had long since gone, as Keiichi said he no longer needed them now that he had her. The lingerie in the magazine looked so lovely, that Belldandy could not resisit trying it using her goddess powers, she did some subatomic particle rearranging, and after several tries had a result that she was pleased with. She decided to surprise her hardworking Mr Keiichi, who always worked so hard, and never asked for any special gift, but gave her so much, including his love...that night with the results of her experiments A phone call form her Keiichi later that afternoon telling her that he would be very late due to a lot fo work did not diminish her ardour....and so the rest of the day passed queitly. That night, she went to their room, did some rearranging...and quietly sat down to wait.. She heard the door open, and the quiet footsteps of her Keiichi, as he came to her room...and opened the door... Keiichi opened the door...and said,"Good evening lo- and stopped , silent in shock and awe... His beloved Belldandy had always looked beautiful to him. He always told her that....but tonight...she looked especially stunning.She wore a white bikini, with white underwear...with the shape of a heart in front, and her feet were encased in two cute looking boots. And she sat under a canopy, looking somewhat bashfully down, and managing to look innocent and ....not so innocent at the same time. Keiichi Morisato was silent for what seemed to him like an eternity, but in reality was a few seconds as he looked at his beautiful wife...and Goddess...and then he a very hoarse voice..all tiredness vanished from his body in an instant. 'Belldandy'.. And Belldandy looked up at her beloved and said, tenderly....Mr Keiichi.....
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    If the directions to your house include the words, "Turn off the paved road...", you may be a redneck!
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    Nope, it didn't reach it, but it got too close for my own taste. One more road and it would have been our turn.
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    Oh my. I might actually pay someone to draw Hild and/or some of the other goddesses in that sweater dress you described!
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    Alright! Chapter 4 is now on FFN:
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    Belldandy, one gathering over tea would bring an end to all conflicts
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    Throwing my two cents in on this. I think we actually have an issue of really good writing. Most people who have put their thoughts into this thread seem to have their own ideas of who Belldandy is and what she thinks. Many have specific things they can point to, and some have been very adamant about one or the other interpretation. Looking at what they say, both could be right and it comes down to a judgement call. I think Belldandy is just a character who we project our idea of perfection onto, and the writing is vague enough in places to allow it, and specific enough in other places to support it. The heavily dissected bath house scene is a good example. It comes down to a compounded interpretation of a lot of previous scenes, as well as the art in the scene itself. I think something that can be overall established is that SOMETHING is holding Bell and K1 back from a more physical relationship. Given what is happening in the current arc maybe we will see a shift.
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    Core fans, and periphery fans. Or in sports, or something like vernacular, weekend warriors, or true hardcore warriors. There a little variation between the two types in between, but for fans of anything, it's usually between the two that can help determine if they wana participate. (Course a bit of online social wilting, or whatever one calls it, helps/hinders all that too.) Maybe you should add in more of Fujishima's other works, more prominently. I personally am not sure of reading up on these other series, and more info of an authoritative source, could help make such decisions easier. (I admit to a bit of laziness, as well as being focused on other things, and only really look when of true want.) Sometimes I think, a bit of expansion of subject material, with enough focus on what started all such in the first place, without turning into one of the other mass anime media sites and all such, could help this site some. I'd approve such, even though it's primarily OMG that even brought me here at all. (Thank seeing 'The Fourth Goddess', in a local bookstore, now long since defunct, for my current fandom. That and Tenchi Muyo waning off and all.) Sometimes I wish one of those OMG wikias or whatever, could be attached to this site, to give better credence of this site. All the articles and such already in place, I feel would only enhance things. I'm not kissing too much arse here, am I? =oo=;;; (Probably be kicked in the read by Lind, for it, instead.)
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    The original image can be found on older AMG cards~

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