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There are no results to display.


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Found 58 results

  1. Belldandy

    Another image of belldandy from Image source: Here I do not own this image or Ah my Goddess.

    © Fujishima Kosuke

  2. One of my hobbies over the past few months has been hunting for old AMG fansites on the web. Many of these websites have long since gone extinct, some only exist in the archives, and some are still extant. They are however a source of information for the AMG fan like myself who wants to learn more about the series. So...without further we go. 1.Aa-megamisama Overanalysis site. Link: This site is has a lot of info about the OVA series....including what the deal is about that cherry tree. A goldmine.Dates back from the 1990's.Familliar to readers of the History section of this site.
  3. Skuld.

    Fanart of Skuld, from ah my Goddess. Drawn by Yukirin Source:

    © Yukirin, kosuke fujishima

  4. Peorth.600.22618.jpg

    Goddess first class Peorth. Source: I did not create, nor do i own this image

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  5. amg_wallpaper01.jpg

    Old wallpaper AMG. From an old fansite.

    © kosuke fujishima

  6. Belldandy

    Belldandy fanart drawn by Just a Shadow Source: I did not create, nor do i own this image

    © just a shadow, kosuke fujishima

  7. Belldandy

    Fan-art of Belldandy uploaded originally to by Mayura_chan. Source: I did not create, nor do i own this image.

    © Mayura__chan, kosuke fujishima

  8. Ah my Goddess plus Wing Zero.

    AMG/Wing Zero fanart featuring Belldandy Original artwork: Ragnarog Posted to photobucket by alatnet Source; I did not create, nor own this image.

    © ragnarog, kosuke fujishima

  9. Velsper

    Official artwork of Velsper (in his 'human' form) I did not create nor do i own this image. Source:

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  10. Mishima Sayoko driving.

    Official artwork of Mishima Sayoko driving. She looks gentle, calm and good looking here. Source: Old Usenet AMG imageboard,

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  11. Belldandy with her bicycle

    Official artwork of Belldandy with her bicycle. For some reason, I like the dress and hat Belldandy wears here, maybe because it captures her character as a sometimes girl-sometimes woman. Link:

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  12. belldandy official artwork

    Official AMG artwork of Belldandy Source: I did not create, nor do I own this image.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  13. Lind

    Fanart of Lind and her two angels, Cool Mint and Spear Mint. Image Source: I DID NOT CREATE, NOR DO I OWN THIS IMAGE

    © Kosuke Fujishima.

  14. Belldandy

    Fanart of Belldandy as a policewoman. Image Source: I DID NOT CREATE, NOR DO I OWN THIS IMAGE

    ©, kosuke Fujishima

  15. Belldandy

    Fanart of Belldandy Artist: Luna-rune.ルナ・ルーン Image Source: I do not own, nor did I create this image.

    © ルナ・ルーン, Kosuke Fujishima

  16. Mara pin up by NightrunnerXM

    Fanart of Mara, on deviant Source: I did not create ,nor own this image.

    © NightrunnerXM,Kosuke Fujishima

  17. Hasegawa Sora.

    Official artwork of Hasegawa Sora. Source: I do not own, nor did I create this image. Source:MoeImouto at

    © Kosuke Fujishima.

  18. Morisato Keiichi was a young 16 year old student on his way to high school (Keiichi-san: I'm in high school again? What's going on? Narrator san: Keep quiet....we have an omake to make. your part, or I'll pair you up with Mara) When...all of a sudden...he heard a lovely voice call him... Belldandy: Keiichi-san Keiichi looks behind to see Belldandy dressed in a sailor-fuku type uniform running towards him. Keiichi: (thinking) I'm in heaven, Belldandy in sailor-fuku Keiichi: Belldandy. Bell-chan: Keiichi san, ohayo gozaimasu. Keiichi: Ohayo. Bell-chan: Keiichi-san, let's eat lunch together. I made a bento just for you .(Smiles happily). Keiichi: Thanks, Bell-chan Belldandy: And maybe later on, we can study together for the maths test tomorrow... Keiichi: Sure thing, Bell-chan. Belldandy: And after, you can (looks bashful here) walk me home, keiichi-san. Keiichi(looks deeply into her eyes) Belldandy.... Belldandy(looking with longing into her beloved's eyes): Keiichi san... (Romantic soft music plays in the background) Keiichi: Belldandy... Belldandy: Keiichi-san... Skuld...AARGH....Keep away from my onee-sama, you pervert! Belldandy: But skuld. Keiichi: Ohayo, Skuld-san Skuld: Keep away you pervert, One-sama is MINE!(Looks threatening). Urd: Hi....keichan. Have you gotten beyond second base with my dear little sister.? Keiichi: Urd-chan! (Looks visibly shocked) Belldandy: Nee-san! You shouldu't say such things. Urd: Why not, I am the Goddess of Love....and your school nurse. By the way, here k-boy (hands him a bottle) Drink this, and Bell cahn would find you irrestible, heh ehe. Skuld: Urd, you evil woman, I hate you! (snatches bottle away) Probably some medicine designed to defile my Onee-sama! Belldandy: Nee-san! This is supposed to be a family series! Urd: Oh? Don't you find K-boy here so....irreesitible.? Don't you like cooking little things for him, caling him every day, and writing love poems in your diary every night? Bell: Nee-san! (blushes furiously) Keiichi: Urd...erm that's enough. Urd: Oh....and as for you don't want the world to know what you do with that picture of Belldandy wearing a blue summer dress that you keep by your bediside every night!...Ah... Skuld: Urudo no baka!..runs off crying! Keiichi (looking embarassed) Let'sgo to school belldandy... Belldandy: Okay. Urd: Make me proud K-boy! If you need any advice on moving your relationship with my sister forward...especially with this and know where to find me.... Belldandy: Nee-san! (Home alone today....sketch arose out of boredom).
  19. Belldandy with bird

    Fanart of Belldandy uploaded to by gelbooru Image source: I did not create, nor do I own this image.

    © Kosuke Fujishima

  20. Another fine drawing of Belldandy

    Was just browsing on the web one day, and came across this fine drawing of Belldandy. It was done by a Michelle Park, (profile here) If you want to see the image, and perchance purchase it....the link is below...
  21. So, every AMG fan knows that Keiichi loves SOMY products, and that you best keep Bell-chan away from the Poca-cola. And when it comes to tires, Godyear will take you home...(to Kamisama, heheh). But, there are a few real life brands in Ah my Goddess, across all itieraitons..and this brand comes from Season 2 of the TV anime (Episode 4). In this episode, Sayoko challenges Belldandy to a drinking comeptition (not knowing that Belldandy is a Norse goddesss.....for who alcohol is like water to a human)...and when it seems Sayoko is on the verge of defeat...she(Sayoko) reaches for a certain drink... And one whiff of what's inside is enough to knock her out.....completely. The drink in question is SPIRYTUS REKTYFIKOWANY RECTIFIED SPIRIT (95%) ....and it has an alcohol content of 95% ABV(Alcohol% by volume). It is made in Poland by the way. To has between 4-8% ABV.. Infact, according to this website... Please note this is a high-strength product and we recommend not drinking neat – please enjoy diluted or with a mixer of your choice. And from this web article: 10 Alcoholic drinks So strong that they can knock out the manliest of you The purity of rectified spirit has a practical limit of 95.6% ABV; this hard to pronounce Polish Vodka is a murderous 96% ABV. In short, abusing this drink can literally make you meet God! Spirytus is actually more potent than the widely-known Everclear and sits atop as the world's strongest alcoholic beverage. (Yipes!) So, in other words....Mishima Sayoko was that close to meeting her maker, ...that close. And as this story from Australia shows....drinking rectified spirits can have a sad ending..... Nicole Bicknell collapsed(and died) after drinking several shots of Polish ‘rectified spirit’ Spirytus Rektyfikowany in quick succession two weeks ago. So, whatever you do, be like Bell-chan and drink some Poca-cola (grin).
  22. AMS cast group photo

    Group photo of Keiichi and the ladies of AMS (Some of them). Uploaded originally to the old Nekomi Kodai website. Image source: Artist:Eyedol. I do not own nor did I create this image.

    © Eyedol, Kosuke Fujishima

  23. Crossover 3

    Some more crossing over....Belldandycosplaying as the magical girl Agnes from Okusama wa Mahou Shojo. (Both characters incidentally share a voice actress by the way) Image source: I did not create or own this image
  24. Crossover art 2.

    Crossover art between the anime Ah my Goddess and Lucky Star. Image source: Artist:Fujimori Mikan Artwork showing the character Miyuki Takara from the slice of life anime Lucky Star cosplaying as Belldandy from Ah my Goddess. Looks like a mature young woman, and like a child at the same time. I did not create or own this image.

    © Fujimori Mikan

  25. Crossover art

    And it's Kinomoto Sakura from the anime Cardpactor Sakura dressed up as Belldandy. Uploaded to : by DoomTay, I do not own, nor did I create this image.

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