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There are no results to display.


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Found 30 results

  1. Scarred Survivors

    From the album Nena Camadera

    Threw it into the main thread for Scarred Survivors, but I figured I should throw it up here for anyone who doesn't want to dig through pages of comments later on. For the 1-year anniversary of Scarred Survivors, here's what will eventually become the cover art for the story. Alt Title: Who Shit In Belldandy's Cheerio's? Cheers to another year of madness and insanity from the SS Crew.
  2. A fanart by Pumpkipine found on Link:

    © Fujishima Kosuke (original character), Pumpkipine(image)

  3. 61045058-p0.jpg

    A fanart of the three sisters, plus Keiichi and Peorth made by Non Art SouL over at Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), Non Art SouL (image)

  4. Little Bell and Keiichi

    Little Bell by amg192003 The artist is great at doing rather cute scenes; just one of many examples. Check them out.
  5. 10385072

    A fanart of Keiichi and Belldandy made by Bright on Link: Also notice that this is from the original OVA series, where Belldandy's goddess robes were red and not the familiar blue colored ones from pretty much everywhere else.

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), Bright (image)

  6. 49225399 P0

    This is a fanart of the 3 wheel racer that the Motor Club used in the manga and the anime. The image was made by 少年A from Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original characters), 少年A (image)

  7. 558 V48 back

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  8. Goddess Police 4

    Goddess Police series, sketched by Thom114.
  9. 43221104

    The last panel of the manga made by ♣3 on Link: http://touch.pixiv.n...ust_id=43221104

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), ♣3 (image)

  10. OMG in Real Time by valkyriechan One of the few pieces I've seen that attempts to imagine what Belldandy's and Keiichi's kids might look like in the future. That said, it does seem to be quite a lot; not sure how well that bodes for the whole demon/god balance concept, though. If this looks familiar, it should: it actually appeared in one of the Dark Horse flipped manga volumes (15 or 16).
  11. Megumi's Addiction

    Megumi's Addiction by DoomyMouse Keiichi doesn't appear a whole lot in fan art either, I've found. Megumi...yeah, good luck. Still, pretty funny comic.
  12. 389399

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  13. animedia07december 02

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  14. animedia 06unknown

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  15. Ab 4post

    An illustration from the original OVA series.

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  16. Ab 3post

    An illustration from the original OVA series.

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  17. Ab 2pos2

    An illustration from the original OVA series.

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  18. 317999

    A color version of Belldandys introduction in the manga. It has been such a long time...

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  19. 317971

    A color version of Urd's introduction in the manga.

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  20. Ah My Goddessby Spicysteweddemon Pretty swanky and original art piece for everyone's favorite mortal and goddess. Really enjoy the incorporation of the phone here.
  21. ost0102

    Front cover of the Original Sound Track CD (anime series)

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  22. Aks 16

    Some character designs from the movie.

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  23. animage08january02

    Official Ah! My Goddess character designs.

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  24. 37079182

    A fanart I found on pixiv made by Socha. Source:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), Socha(image)

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