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Found 27 results

  1. Fan art of Peorth by Eme at Image source:ペイオース | Eme [pixiv] I do not own,nor did i create this image.

    © Eme, Kosuke Fujishima

  2. Fanart of Peorth and her assistants at the Yggdrasil system(L-R chrono, ex, ere) uploaded to the old Nekomi Kodai website. Done by : eyedol Source: I do not own , nor did I create this image.

    © eyedol, kosuke fujishima

  3. Fanart of Peorth by Chibisofa at Image Source: Here I did not create , nor do I own this image.

    © ChibiSofa, Kosuke Fujishima

  4. A fanart of the three sisters, plus Keiichi and Peorth made by Non Art SouL over at Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), Non Art SouL (image)

  5. An image of four of the lovely goddesses uploaded to by moonelf313 Image source: I do not own this image or Ah my Goddess

    © Fujishima Kosuke.

  6. Fanart of Peorth, uploaded to by chrono07. Original artist: Kuuyuu (Pixiv profile) Image source: I do not own this image, or Ah my Goddess.Images are the property of the creator.

    © Kosuke Fujushima

  7. This is a coloring of the first page from chapter 307 and was made by ZaraZephyr on Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original characters), ZaraZephyr (image)

  8. This is a page from a doujinshi made by Morishita Kaname featuring Peorth. The text in the speech bubble is her name.

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), Morishita Kaname (image)

  9. A fanart of Belldandy, Urd and Peorth made by Taiga-Cat on Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), Taiga-Cat (image)

  10. Sketch from Thom114.
  11. Goddess Police series, sketched by Thom114.
  12. Goddess Police series, sketched by Thom114.
  13. The goddess Peorth, as an office worker, sketched by Thom114.
  14. This is fanart featuring the goddesses from Heaven. Enjoy.

    © Kousuke Fujishima, Kodansha

  15. OMG in Real Time by valkyriechan One of the few pieces I've seen that attempts to imagine what Belldandy's and Keiichi's kids might look like in the future. That said, it does seem to be quite a lot; not sure how well that bodes for the whole demon/god balance concept, though. If this looks familiar, it should: it actually appeared in one of the Dark Horse flipped manga volumes (15 or 16).
  16. Aa! Megami-sama! Peorth by AlessandroGazzoli Since we just had a discussion a few weeks ago about the goddesses in a 'realistic' style, I figure that this sketch of Peorth would be of interest. He's got a few other anime characters on his profile done realistically too (mostly Tenchi Muyo!-centric, including a very good - but NSFW - Mihoshi one).
  17. A Peorth fanart made by シズファ on Link:

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), シズファ (image)

  18. A fan vector of Peorth that I made from a scanned image of a region 2 box set cover. I didn't really recreate the image completely, instead this is more of a cleanup of the original in order to reach the desired effect. Didn't turn out as nice as I may have wanted but I'm happy with most of the details.

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character and image), vanagandr (vector only)

  19. A fan vector of Peorth made by me. The image originates from: http://goddess-proje...suit-goddesses/ after I extracted Peorth and removed all the background. The name of the picture sounds ironic considering what Peorth is wearing as casual clothes :P

    © Fujishima Kousuke (original character and image), vanagandr (vector only)

  20. © Fujishima Kousuke

  21. © Fujishima Kousuke

  22. Some character designs from the movie.

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  23. Official Ah! My Goddess character designs.

    © Fujishima Kousuke

  24. © Fujishima Kousuke (original character), めだか (image)

  25. Another image scan of Belldandy, Urd, Skuld and Peorth enjoying a day at the beach.

    © Kodansha, Kousuke Fujishima