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Welsper as female

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This part is pure speculation, but I believe Velsper's gender change was initially supposed to be tied into one of those nearly incomprehensible Japanese puns that you need a doctorate in linguistics to catch.

This is exactly what i suspect... that there is something lost in the translation, otherwise I find dificult to explain so strong raction to discover welsper as female kitten.

As velsepr having kittens, we remember the story of certain puppy that Keicchi had, so he could be more open to kittens...

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To me, I think ya'll are reading into it a bit much.

Its the most damaging because his male pride was damaged being turned into a female, with his still male mind.

Keichi, also being a dude, while wanting to see him punished, thinks its over the top. Hmmm, how can I relate it...well its like how all guys have a mutual agreement - you don't kick each other in the balls. Thats like ground rule 1. Unless life is in ABSOLUTE danger (and even then, don't be too harsh), you don't damage the other's dude's equipment.

It also establishes Hild's potential for evil, since she would go so low as to do that XD

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