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Goddess Relief Office
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You Know You're A Hopeless Oh! My Goddess Fan When

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Timotheus    132

You Know You're A Hopeless Oh! My Goddess Fan When......

1. You hear some child scream, "I'm not a KID!" and you instinctively duck to avoid shrapnel.

2. You keep all areas in front of mirrors free of breakables and Knick-knacks, "just in case."

3. You have strong suspicions about that little girl up the street who keeps roller skating past your house.

4. You honestly believe talking kindly to a mode of transportation will make it work better.

5. You habitually check the top of light fixtures to make sure you're not being spied on.

6. You've caused a class disturbance by shouting "I'm such a genius!" after solving some particularly difficult problem.

7. Sudden light bulb burn-outs or breaking glass make you worried that someone's getting upset over something.

8. You have Djarling tea on hand even though you don't drink tea, "just in case."

9. Family get-togethers always seem to include an argument with your dumb cousin over who's more powerful, Urd or Sailor Jupiter.

10. You've sent a Christmas card to "Morisato Keiichi and Friends, Chiba Prefecture, Nekomi City, Nekomi 3-4-106, Tarikihogan Temple", "just in case."

11. You customized an animated Xmas figure to say, "Welcome! Thank you for coming!"

12. Your christmas cookie angels are all half chocolate-half plain.

13. Your chemistry graduation thesis included Urd in the acknowledgements.

14. Unexplained bubbles in your bathtub cause you to grab for a towel.

15. When ordering take-out over the phone, you hopefully hold your breath until the expected establishment answers.

16. You have ever checked your flour and sugar containers for ninja tracks.

17. After swallowing an unexpected lump in your lunch, you immediately start avoiding people you wouldn't want to be romatically attached to, "just in case".

18. You've started refering to your upper-classmates as "Sempai".

19. You've wondered if female fashions that appear to be defying the laws of gravity and physics are a sign of a supernatural being.

20. You've practiced in front of a mirror trying to make your eyes expand to 4 times their normal size for when you're surprised.

21. A strange light on the highway late at night has you worried the ghost of that neighbor kid's Schwinn you trashed when you were eight years old may be coming to get even.

22. You've seriously considered the possibility of a whale when worrying about a strange noise in your living room.

23. You know all the words to the "Egg Song" (extra points if you know it in Japanese).

24. You have an entry for the "Goddess Relief Line" on your speed dialer.

25. You had to read all sixty chapters of that Hellsing/South Park/ Pokemon/Berserk crossover fanfic because you thought you spotted a reference to Belldandy on the first page.

26. You've spent more than 10 minutes debating over whether its Welsper or Velsper.

(And you don't work for Dark Horse.)

27. You've taken a Trade Paper-Back out shopping with you to show the clerks exactly the sort of sweater/dress you're looking for.

28. You've actually used the phrase "Yummy Nummers" in a public place.

29. You knew instantly where "Yummy Nummers" comes from.

30. You've spent an entire evening tracking down the searchlight from a restaurant grand opening on the off chance it was a gate.

31. The Japanese import shop in the mall has been setting aside OMG! merchandise for you, and you never asked them to.

32. You find a friend has been reading OMG! for over six months now without telling you about it for fear of getting a lecture.

33. You've considered aerodynamics when buying a new broom.

34. That old toaster that doesn't work anymore is still in your kitchen because it seems happy there and you wouldn't want it to end up "homeless".

35. You've congratulated a cos-player at a convention for their Keiichi in street clothes costume, and they weren't.

36. You've spent any amount of time figuring out how to write ]3e!!])@n])'/ .

37. You've called the information office of the Japanese consulate for help in understanding a panel drawing.

38. You were the only one in your Physics class to get the extra credit points for being able to explain super string theory. (Fortunately, the instructer didn't pursue that reference to Yggdrasil.)

39. You've released a computer virus on a system because you just HAD to open that E-mail from "Your Goddess".

40. You've attempted to get a second mortgage in order to raise the purchase price and shipping for those limited edition life size resin statues of the three goddesses playing musical instruments. And you rent.

41. You can spell "Yggdrasil, Gungir, and Fujishima" without checking.

42. Japanese foriegn exchange student orientation includes a warning about you and your "little questions."

43. You've invested several days of your life researching Norse mythology and doing in-depth analysis of the goddesses' childhood on some forum. (Wait a minute.....)

44. You keep a pint of sake with you at all times, "just in case."

45. Wondering how they keep Velsper off the kitchen table has kept you up at night..

46. You've gone to great lengths to try and date that foreign exchange student from Thailand in hopes of learning how to access Yggdrasil. (Explanation available if needed.)

47. You've ever spent any amount of time wondering if Belldandy has met Tsukino Usagi, and if they have what they talked about.

48. You don't consider debating over who cleans Velsper's litterbox and if they'd use goddess powers to be a total waste of time.

49. You've translated the Egg Song into Klingon.

50. You can sing the Egg Song in Klingon from memory.

51. You've been challenged to a duel by a Klingon for singing the Egg Song in .....

52. You featured Gan-chan in a report on space pioneers.

53. You've ever O.D.'d on cola, hoping for a legal buzz.

54. You've wondered if Urd still gets a birthday card from her mother, and if there's money in it.

55. Your dog recognizes the OAV theme.

56. You consider Pocky to be erotic. (Not necessarily restricted to OMG fans.)

57. The debate over sub-ed or dub-ed has ceased to interest you because you've already memorized all of the dialog either way.

58. You've been involved in an arguement over which is the better robot, Banpei or R2D2.

58.5 You cared who won the arguement.

59. You can place an image of Belldandy within three issues of when it was drawn just by looking at her eyes.

60. You had a bumper sticker printed for your car that reads, "W.W.U.D." ("What Would Urd Do.")

61. The local Wiccan's have a restraining order against you after that unfortunate incident when you crashed the "Greeting the Goddess" ceremony you read about on their website.

(And what's worse, you didn't get to greet any goddesses!)

62. The fish logo on the back of your car was drawn by Kikuko Inoue.

63. You know how many tufts of hair spring up from the center of Belldandy's forehead without looking.(** the accepted answer is 4, but it could be considered 6 if you include the two that sweep down along her face.)

64. An internal debate over whether to buy the latest Oh! My Goddess or Blade Of The Immortal Trade Paperback has led to violence.

65. Your Goth friends want to know who this Mara chick is you keep comparing their clothes to.

66. You know the words to the Nekomi Institute of Technology Motor Club anthem. (Yes, it's a real song and was released on an AH! Megami-sama DVD. Translations are available. From Nekomi Kodai - Seichou: Jidoushabuu Buka, The Motorcycle Club Song)

67. You bought a programmable doorbell so you could make it play the goddess theme from the OAV.

68. You rate conventions by how many OMG cosplayers you see.

69. You have the projected release dates for the manga and anime programed into your daily planner. (extra points if you have the Japanese release dates as well)

70. You've purchased a set of kitchen utensils off the TV because the ladies demonstrating them looked a little like Belldandy and Skuld.

71. The local comics emporium has your photo posted under the warning "Do not make comments or ask questions about OMG in this person's presence unless you have several hours to waste."

72. You see nothing wrong in wearing a Cos-Play outfit to go shopping.

73. You've spent several weeks creating a fan site and forum for Chrono.

74. You know which of the three IS Chrono.

75. The concept of rats in the attic doesn't bother you like it should.

75.1 You own a set of the laserdisc edition of the original Oh My Goddess OVAs, and you don't own a laserdisc player. (Extra points if you hunted down a working laserdisc player just to watch them with.)


1. You have a contingency plan set up in case the Thanksgiving turkey jumps off the table and starts attacking your relatives. (Well, maybe not for all of them.)

2. A pumpkin pie goes missing and the first place you look is the crawl-space under the house.

3. You've wondered how Skuld would peel and mash potatoes.

4. Wondering about how Skuld would peel and mash potatoes has given you nightmares.

5. The final ornament is placed on the top of your tree accompanied by the announcement, "Come forth my angel, Christmas Bell!"

6. The angels over the nativity scene on the mantel in your house bear a striking resemblence to OMG collector figures.

7. We won't go into the little drummer Bampi.

8. You've searched the internet looking for Belldandy's cake recipe to take to the family Christmas dinner.

9. You've debated over who would be the first to grant the other their heart's desire if Belldandy and Saint Nicholas arrived at a house at the same time.

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SailorDh    1

47. You've ever spent any amount of time wondering if Belldandy has met Tsukino Usagi, and if they have what they talked about.

Wouldn't it be Rei or Kagome you'd wonder about since they both live in temples also?

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Timotheus    132

I was thinking more along the lines of they're both goddesses. (Princess Serena/ moon goddess)

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jimmytheshank    3

Ummmm..............................yeah. Done some of that and more.

76. You name one of your modes of transportation after an AMG! character.

( My jeeps name is Megumi-chan).

77. You have the opening theme song to AMG! "My Heart" as a ringtone on your cell phone. :blush:

78. You have the ending theme song to AMG! "Congratulations" on your cell phone. (working on it)

79. You have the blueprints to the temple house found in AMG! to build as your new residence. (just in case).

80. You recently proposed to a Belldandy cosplayer.

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SailorDh    1

77. You send a team of ninjas to "aquire" a Holy Bell statue from one of the other board posters since there is only 3000 of them in existance they're hard to come by.

Heh figured i'de add that before Jimmy could think of it since it's probably one of the few AMG items he doesn't have in his collection.

** grabs katana and guards Holy Bell Statue **


Yes THAT katana. :ph34r:

Edited by SailorDh

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love a riddle    6
love a riddle

81. You can sing the TV Series theme song in Japanese with 95% accuracy without looking at any sheets of paper or computer screens.

82a. You've tried Voice Acting all of the goddesses because you want to see if you can actually do worse than the dubs.

82b. You've considered posting those audio clips on other communities to see if it would cause an uproar.

82c. Your Urd voice gives a firefighter/paramedic nightmares.

83. You have elaborate earrings on one ear just in case your powers spike.

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Token Asian    1
Token Asian

84. You shanghai fellow anime bloggers into searching for Belldandy-related merchandise at conventions.

85. Vendors at conventions know you as the "Ah! Megamisama guy."

86. History grad students who wonder aloud about the need for ancient mythology in entertainment get a lecture series on AMG from you... with refreshments.

87. Your Scandinavian friends know less about the Norns than you do.

88. You manage to turn a discussion about the First World War into a discussion about shooting goddesses out of cannons.

89. You had to trim 800 MB of Belldandy wallpaper from your USB keychain to fit your semester project on it.

Edited by Token Asian

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ChazS    1

Make that the Second World War.

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Token Asian    1
Token Asian
Make that the Second World War.

We actually started off talking about MLRS after Peorth's... adventure.

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love a riddle    6
love a riddle

90. If you're a writer and/or an artist, AMG has influenced it in some way, shape, or form (art style, facial emblems, angels, etc).

91. You keep on imagining any new anime/manga series you see/read as if they were replaced by the characters in AMG. ("Ataru- I mean, Keiichi, Darling, stop skirt-chasing, you philanderer!")

92. You think every single AMG knockoff (A.I. Love You, Onegai Teacher, etc) is an abomination to all of mankind and promptly set up weekly services where you burn them in your own personal holy war.

93. When you DTR (define the relationship) with a girl you go "I want you to be my girlfriend FOREVER!"

94. You constantly check on ebay if there's a Maxwell's Demon Stone so you can save a bunch of electricity for air conditioning during the summer.

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Keiichi Morisato    418
Keiichi Morisato

95. You spend your time checking hoping that the admin will send Belldandy your way.

96. You keep checking phone directories hoping to find the address for Nekomi Tech University.

97. You keep dialing random numbers hoping to get the Goddess Relief Office.

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Admiral_Joker    2

98. Your cell phone ring tone is the AMG theme

99. The AMG theme is the ring tone when your girlfriend calls *Guilty*

100. You actually fought a guy at the local Best Buy because they released the DVD early and you wanted the one with the box, which only one was available (I won by the way).

101. A fist fight over AMG merchandise has ever broken out.

102. You have built an alter to worship the Norns.

103. You know who the Norns are.

104. You are trying to genetically create a Belldandy look a like.

105. You are trying to create a robot Belldandy.

106. Your girlfriend yells at you because you cannot take her out to dinner because you had to by the latest AMG manga instead.

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