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Your Favorite Anime Shows

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Keiichi Morisato

My alternate list of favorite anime happens to be:

1. Love, Election and Chocolate
2. Outbreak Company
4. Robotics; Notes
5. Coppellion
6. We, Without Wings
7. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions
8. Gundam 00
9. Code Breaker
10. K Project
11. read or Die
12. Lagrange, The Flower of Rinn-re
13. Last Exile
14. Black Lagoon
15. Please Teacher
16. Tenchi Muyo OVA Series

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Hmm... well, let's see what's sitting on my anime shelf:


1) The Adventures of Mini-Goddess

2) Ah! My Goddess & Flights of Fancy

3) You're Under Arrest

4) Ex-Driver

5) Hellsing

6) Bio-Booster Armour Guvyer

7) Those Who Hunt Elves

8) Ghost in the Shell

9) Akira

10) Najica Blitz Tactics

11) Cowboy Bebop

12) Bad Goddess


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VanDread is still one of my favorites. It's just fun!

Just got the Oh My Goddess! OVA episodes 1-3 today.

Ah! My Goddess (Season 1)

Ah! My Goddess — Flights Of Fancy (Season 2)

Ah! My Goddess — The Movie

Cat Planet Cuties (Guilty Pleasure #3)

Ai Yori Aoshi — got everything except Season 1 disk 2

Fullmetal Alchemist (Original Series, complete)

Fullmetal Panic! and Second Raid

InuYasha — Seasons 1 - 7 and 4 movies. (His name literally means Dog-Demon)

Heroic Age

Requiem For The Phantom

Casshern Sins

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I completed my Oh My Goddess! anime collection today with OVA episodes 4 & 5.

Picked up Rosario + Vampire Season 2

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