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Internet anonymity and jerkitis

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winedrinkingcritic    19

Political Correctness is a load of bull. I would note however, that Freedom of Speech does not protect one from the backlash of their stupid comments. You can stand up for what you believe in, but you may pay the price for it.

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DeLtA    8

There was an interesting study where children were given a chance to take candies with or without a mirror. Self-reflection seemed to have changed the behavior of kids.


I wonder if it's similar online. Because we don't attribute the comment to ourselves (we use handles that are anonymous), our behavior tends to be worse when we don't attach or actions or words to the self. Furthermore, we don't see the person that is being insulted, so we don't get the instant negative social feedback. So, comments online can be very harsh, bordering on abusive. There's not an easy way to solve that, except to not involve yourself in those discussions. And also realize that while people can be horrible, there are also people who are wonderful out there.

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Keiichi Morisato    416
Keiichi Morisato

That's interesting. But, I don't think it would work in the United States. I think it may work in countries like India because they may be more self conscious about things like stealing and dishonesty. One article said that India was one of the more dishonest countries but if you shine a light on someone's dishonesty, I think that causes most people to step back and re-examine their motives and re-think about what they're going to do.

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