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Hyouka Reviews

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Episodes: 1-10

Rating: 5 of 5

Plot Summary:

The protagonist, Houtaro Oreki, is not a new character type. He is the high school student who doesn’t like to do anything he considers a waste of energy. That aspect of his life is about to change. Not planning on joining in any club activities, he receives a letter from his older sister, pretty much directing/threatening him to join the Classics club. She was once a member and now, with an almost non-existent membership, it is danger of being eliminated.

Houtaro is surprised to find another student, Eru Chitanda in the club room. This is a meeting that will turn his low energy life upside down. A seemingly simple mystery, (who locked the door?) sets off chain of events that convinces Chitanda that Houtaro is a genius at deduction. They are joined by his friend Satoshi and eventually a fourth member, Mayaka. Chitanda can’t resist any mystery, no matter how small and Houtaro can’t resist her pleas of curiosity, especially when delivered almost nose to nose (if you’ve been watching, a new meaning for “in your face”). Did I say how damned cute Chitanda is?

The obvious basis of this series is that of solving mysteries about the school, but in quite a different method. Not your typical detective series.


When I first heard of Hyouka, I thought, just another high school slice of life your usual group of boys/girls. Then I watched the first episode and realized it was something else.

When you think of high school mysteries, you might think of the “Case Closed” series; none of that simple minded stuff here. In fact, there is no solving of crimes here, just day to day school related puzzles. Why was a certain book taken out by different people at the same time on the same day of the week? The problems become more complicated and serious as the series moves forward.

The writing for this series so far has been superb. It has been well thought out and each episode has captured my attention. The beauty of the story here is the method that the riddle is solved. The mysteries may not be very important, but the process is the gem. Take four people of different personalities, intelligence and combine each of their theories to come up with the solution. Logic and observation are the rule here and the explanation by each member from their viewpoint, just fills out the process so wonderfully. It soon becomes quickly obvious who the fall to guy is here.

The artwork/graphics here are superb and this series has its own unique flavor. The characters are able to carry their own weight. Not much in back stories, but you can accept them all from the beginning.

As each mystery unfolds, the explanation of the theories is accompanied by wonderful, I’ll call them sub-graphics (usually animated) that are a must to help explain the story.

The music is nothing special, but what I hadn’t noticed originally, was what was going on in the background throughout each episode. For instance, there might be Bach string pieces, or an interesting modern piano piece. It is so subtle you might not even catch it if you weren’t expecting something.

All in all a worthwhile addition to your viewing plans.

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I'm sorry to see this end!

I'm not happy with the ending though. It seems to me that the conversation between Houtaro and Chitanda could have gone in a different direction. If that wasn't a half hearted attempt at a confession, I don't know what was.

But all in all a very enjoyable experience. Definitely in my top 10. God, I'm amazed at what is being offered to us now. Some great creative minds out there. Too bad the US viewing public is used to taking the crap we get out of hollywood. So much more to enjoy.


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I was just thinking about Hyouka recently because of an argument on another site about KyoAni's character designs. To be honest, I loved the ending right up until

Houtarou came back to reality and didn't actually say what was on his mind and offer to take care of the business side of her family business, which would have been tantamount to a proposal.

I suppose the problem is that there is still another book left that hasn't been adapted after the end of the anime, kind of like Red Data Girl, which had a similar halfhearted confession scene at the end. I still hope that Hyouka will get a movie or OVA series to finish up the anime adaptation, but I don't have high hopes. Plus, if KyoAni is going to finish something that has more original light novel material that has yet to be adapted, it really should be Full Metal Panic!


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It's here, it's here!.


funimation licenses Hyouka. Due in July.


yippee.. With this and Gosic next month...a great year for long lost, neglected series.




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