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Ah! my goddess: What if

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That was a nice way to wrap that story up Katz. Now,  unless I misread it, are you planning to change the nature of the story once you take it out of its hiatus? Like having this become more of the cast meets other alternative universes and versions of themselves, instead of just watching them through the TV?

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Yup, the cast going to alternate universes and meeting alternate versions of themselves. Might as well try out something new.


At the moment, the Genderflip universe is the only one I have planned as a definite visit. Just have to figure out who. Might do a thing where everyone gets a visit there eventually. 

My mind keeps wanting to place Peorth and Lind in the Dead idea one and, but the ideas those two critique will probably be mine and ones I didn't think were good enough to make a chapter on. So I get to take potshots at myself. Heh.

Here's a brief scene my mind kept bringing up for that.


While avoiding the stares from the empty entities of herself, friends, and family, Peorth managed to find a terminal. 

"I found something that might help us find a way out," Peorth said before muttering." Or at least let us know what this never-made realm might've been. I hate being in realms this underdeveloped."

"Good," Lind replied, staring at herself. On a whim, she summoned a stick and began to poke her nonresponsive counterpart.

"Huh... I found a list of... ideas for this existence... They're labeled as 'rejected' and..." Peorth answered. "And oddly, they seem focused on Keiichi, Belldandy, and the people around them... Even Hild is in a few"

Lind immediately looked at Peorth and uttered, "What? What foul interests are aimed at my friends?"

"Well... there's one that's asks 'what if Keiichi was afraid of women, just like his father?' there's a note asking if it should reference a series named Eiken or Girls Saurus as something for Keiichi's backstory... eugh..." Peorth answered, looking disgusted. "I read both of those. Both are bland and boring. Those series barely register as fantasies."

"That's amusing, especially coming from you," Lind said with a smirk. When Peorth shot her a dirty look, Lind asked, "Any others on that list?" 

"Well, before I continue, would you like to hear the so-called sample of what I had mentioned? There's a little video of it that I found," Peorth asked with her anger turning to schadenfreude. "Imagine if when Urd had first appeared in the temple and tried to seduce Keiichi in his room, he had such a panic attack that even worried her, back when she barely cared he existed?"


And if anyone has suggestions for names for the genderflipped Urd, Skuld, and Peorth, let me know and I'll credit you!

Or at least Hild will, since she took control of the author notes.

At the moment, I have a temporary one for Urd. It's a lame one... Urth.

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