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Ah! My goddess Fic ideas

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Posted (edited)

Ok, here is the general idea that popped into my mind.


So, Belldandy comes down to grant the wish of an old, yet kind hearted yakuza boss in Nekomi. Initially surprises by her appearance, the two sit down to talk. He tells her how he worked tirelessly to keep these unfortunate boys and girls off the street and give them a place to call home and belong. However, his history as an ex violent Yakuza member has old gangs still after him and all he cares for. He is tired, and probably dying, and after being touched by her kind words and heart, wishes for her to "succeed me in my place until you find one who is worthy of succeeding yourself." he is surprised when it is granted, and goes to introduce her to the the rest of the members, keeping her status as a goddess a secret. The members are instantly taken with her, and accept it.

Meanwhile, Morisato Keiichi is an unfortunate college student who, after running out of money, decides to throw his lot in with that yakuza group in desperation. Upon meeting Belldandy for the first time, he is dazzled by her.

The old man then decides to pick a tour guide and bodyguard for the lady, and picks Keiichi for the job. And so, Belldandy and Keiichi meet for the first time.

They get along very well, and they hit it off without even realizing. That evening, members of a rival gang come to assassinate the old man, not realizing he is not there. They attack Belldandy and Keiichi, and the goddess defeats them. The group's members walk in to see the defeated members, and paint Keiichi as some badass, crouching tiger hidden dragon guy who kicks serious ass. He is then officially kept as her bodyguard from then on.

Funny things happen like all of Belldandy's innocent words like 'keep the streets clean of trash' come out as insanely intimidating due to her natural wide smile.

Urd comes to visit, and the members come to call her Anego.

Skuld arrives too, and gets mad when they refer to her as 'Little Lady'.

Shenanigans, basically.


A different hilarious idea I had is that one day, Keiichi gets rid of all his porn mags. However, Tamiya and Otaki come and give him some boxes with other motorcycle magazines in there, which he puts in his porn drawer. Belldandy comes upon them while cleaning one day, and unfortunately some very, very risque magazines with NAKED BUFF MEN mixed themselves in with the magazines.

Poor Belldandy is shocked to the core, and gets the wild idea that Keiichi might have preferred a god to stay with him, and goaded by Urd, she decides she will try to charm him with her more...manly side.

The next morning, Keiichi gets up to see Belldandy, now THE MIGHTY THOR making him breakfast which is a GIGANTIC FAT STEAK.

Keiichi thinks she is having a phase, and accompanies her on Belldandy then tries to appeal to him with her MANLY CHARM by taking him to the gym and steak houses and arcade and MANLY activities. Poor Kei has an aneurysm from confusing.

Urd laughs her ass off. Hild laughs her ass of. All of Heaven collectively facepalms.

Highlights include Holy Bell, now TACO BELL. Bell can apparently blacksmith.

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Highlights include Holy Bell, now TACO BELL.

 "Come forth, Taco Bell!"

*Fart sound as Taco Bell emerges*

Keiichi just stares for a solid minute.

"I never thought about this before, but where exactly do angels emerge... from?"


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