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Keiichi Morisato

Ah! My Goddess: Interesting, Unrevealed Facts

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Keiichi Morisato

For some reason, I found myself searching around for some information about the next tankouban volume for the manga series, volume 47. During my searches, I discovered an interesting tidbit of information and while thinking about what topic to post this information in, I thought about creating a non-specific topic where our members can post in, certain postings that might not hold their own topic. If you want to engage in general discussions about Ah! My Goddess, or debate the series, that's why this topic exists.

At any rate, I had run across an interesting FAQ that was published in 2010 (which I'm assuming it was either Mr. Fujsihima himself, or someone involved with the anime). At any rate, the first part of this is the original Japanese text of the FAQ and the secondary part is the rough Google translation of the text. To save on space, I've enclosed all of the following text from the FAQ within spoiler tags (just click to display the text).

Part 1


   アメリカABCテレビドラマ奥さまは魔女Bewitched 19641972年や、魔法少女ものからの影響が考えられます。

   うる星やつら (週刊少年サンデー) 19781987年
   ああっ女神さまっ (アフタヌーン) 1988年10月
   AIが止まらない (少年マガジン) 19941997年
   まもって守護月天 (少年ガンガン) 19962005年


   BMW Rennsport オスカー・リーブマン・スペシャル風サイドカー
   エンジン べベルドリブン 4ストローク OHC水平対向 2気筒 排気量 494cc 最高出力 48馬力
   駆動方式 シャフトドライブ 4段変速ギア 重量 205kg

声優さんを ベルダンディー能登麻美子、ウルド鈴木麻里子、スクルド中原麻衣 にしたら
   森里恵の渕崎ゆり子がロキ役、劇場版 クロノの堀江由衣が繭良役で、
   あとOVA版 三嶋沙夜子の麻見順子がフレイヤ役で出演しています。

Part 2



TVアニメーション版学年表(森里恵 入学時)

一年  森里恵
二年  長谷川空、青嶋紀元
三年  森里螢一、ベルダンディー、三嶋沙夜子
四年  田宮寅一、大滝先輩、今井孝美
OG   藤見千尋

自動車部の部長が、田宮 → 螢一 → 長谷川 と引き継がれていくため、




プラスチック模型メーカーから取られているようです。田宮寅一 に 長谷川空 そのままですね…。

平凡さでは螢一に負けてない いつになったら女神さまっが…

When I ran this through Google translate, this is what I got:

Part 1

It is a story that I My Goddess , I heard somewhere : Q1! Are you imitating ?
A1: Original is one of the original basis of genre work " suddenly appear ! " " Pretty hail ! " Or .
You can either follow up fairy princess robe and legends and smell the roots ,
I will be considered to have potential impacts American ABC TV drama " Bewitched " and (Bewitched 1964 ~ 1972 years) from the magical girl thing .
Will be pointed out related " Tenchi Muyo ! " And ( 1992 -) , but it is Naoko Hasegawa of OVA screenplay in charge ,
It would be associated with that it has dealt with a novel and screenplay of the Tenchi Muyo .
You have cited the work is said to reference, and similar .

" Urusei Yatsura " ( Weekly Shonen Sunday ) 1978 1987 ~
October - " My Goddess " ( afternoon ) 1988
" AI can not stop ! " ( Shonen Magazine ) 1994 to 1997
" Guardian month heaven guarded ! " ( Gangan ) 1996 to 2005

Q2: consumer electronics and tools come out in anime too old . In what time period ?
It is ~ 2005 : A2. In the same era and broadcasting of this TV animation , I can also be found in the play .
There is a old product to the room of Morisato firefly one is , and that we work I like mechanical tinkering .
In ( 48 ㌻ original 13 volumes ) racer replica car was also made ​​on their own ,
Sidecar part , That it is the original design that is based on the Harley .

BMW Rennsport Oscar Liebman Special style sidecar
48 horsepower output maximum amount of exhaust cylinder 494cc two opposing horizontal bell -driven four-stroke OHC engine should
Drive shaft drive system 4 -speed gear weight 205kg
( So " wind " , specs also different from the original racer )

Noto Mamiko , Urd : Mariko Suzuki , Skuld : After you Nakahara Mai Belldandy the voice actor : Q3?
A3: It's another piece cast " Matantei Loki RAGNAROK " in ( 2003) .
Fuchizaki Yuriko the forest Rie is the role good cocoon Horie Yui Loki role , the theater version of Chrono ,
Asamijunko after OVA version Mishima Sunayoruko has appeared in Freya role .

Part 2

Where I Nekozane Institute of Technology ( Technical University ): Q4?
Is located in Chiba City, Naval Air Station Nekozane the site : A4.
Models of buildings and grounds is like a Tama Chuo University campus . ( The School of Science and Engineering, Waseda University in the original )

◇ grade of firefly one who
TV Animation version grade table ( Rie forest at the time of admission )

One year : forest Rie
Two years : Hasegawa sky , Aoshima AD
Three years : one Morisatohotaru , Belldandy , Mishima Sunayoruko
Four years : Toraichi Tamiya , Otaki senior , Imai, Takami
OG: Fujimi Chihiro

According to the original , when the four -year , one firefly to submit a graduation thesis also Sunayoruko ? From how you are , there is the theory grade .
Because the director of automotive parts , will be carried over to the one Tamiya Hasegawa → → firefly ,
They are considered to be at least one grade difference .
( Because there was no acquaintance with the OG Chihiro , firefly one is two years and Tamiya , et al , may have more than three years away and Chihiro )
Firefly one is go on to graduate school at the same time of four years , Otaki and Tamiya has formed the Motor Vehicles Division OB Association .
By the difference in the order of appearance , Hasegawa has been seen as a junior of grace that it is original , but in contrast to the TV anime .
Aoshima is also junior Hasegawa , but the pattern of the same grade in the anime .
( It is the same grade Aoshima Hasegawa and grace , when you first grade difference grace and firefly one , contradiction seems to minimize )

Do not you diet Belldandy : Q5?
The A5: you may eat , but because Tsu Goddess , diet is basically unnecessary .
However, dead or using the law surgery , such as when the energy supply from the Yggdrasil has stopped ,
Belldandy sleep , Urd is sake , you may want to achieve a recovery in the ice cream Skuld .

What two primary non-limiting God : Q6?
The type of license of our Tsu Goddess : A6. Possession of Peiosu and Belldandy has been confirmed.
Rank of law surgery , class it represents a business license is two .
Urd management limited secondary God , Skuld in one limited secondary God , Lind is the primary god secret military limited .
After , it is not a ll Goddess , but is not limited primary magic Mahler ( primary , but not limited magic ) .

What legal force : Q7?
A7: In support system to protect a contract of one firefly and Belldandy , it is the power of the celestial world from .
The emitted from Yggdrasil , Urd Although he managed ... .

As heard Tamiya , at some Hasegawa ... Where : Q8?
It seems to have been taken from the plastic model maker : A8. It is as it is empty Hasegawa Tamiya ... Toraichi .
Aoshima AD ... Aoshima , Fujimi Chihiro ... Fujimi , Takami ... Imai Imai science in addition to ,
Such as Otaki Otaki ... Works . ( Imai went out of business , Otaki has bankruptcy )

You do not have lost the one firefly in mediocrity : SQ! Although ll Goddess in time ... Once ?
SA: by preparing the water and TV mirror , a cup , let's believe in Tsu Goddess .

What struck me as something I had also hinted at before, was that Ah! My Goddess was influenced by the American TV series from the 60's and early 70's called Bewitched. There were too many similarities and it's interesting how Ah! My Goddess was influenced by that TV series, if I'm reading this translation correctly. What's also interesting is that there is more detailed information contained in this translation that has never been revealed here on the forums, I don't even know if Timotheus himself has covered this information. But, there's a lot of interesting information contained in this guide.

If someone can do an actual translation, I'd like to see a translated version and create a guide of it and post it on the site and/or the forums.

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Thanks for the find KM. I also thought that the series was influenced/inspired on Bewitched but with many changes. Still wish this could be properly translated. Google translate just gives you an idea of what was written, but I hardly could call it a translation. Still a nice piece of information.

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Here are four History topics that contain a lot of Oh/Ah My Goddess trivia and background information that I've collected. There's more in other topics of course. It's kinda sad no one seems to remember they're there any more, but I guess it's my fault for dropping out the main stream after my enthusiasm was crushed by learning the truth behind Mr. Fujishima's world creation system.

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