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Ah! The following day

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There have been so many interesting discussions on K1xBell children. Mythology is rife with stories of demigods.

As has been mentioned, Bell takes on an Earthly form when in the mortal realm. That means (IMO) the form we are familiar with is a third dimensional form that has access to her 10th dimensional powers through some sort of converter. I believe her body has been referred to as a 'shell' at one point in the manga. To me, that means that her 10th dimensional self resides insider her, and the external visage is an 'avatar'. That means that there are two possibilities:

1) If it is a literal shell, she may not be able to have children at all.
2) If, by shell, it means that her body is 'fully functional', then she would be able to have normal third dimensional children with him.

Of course, if #2 is correct, there is always the possibility that she could purposely bestow upon her children some level of power that could be handled by a 100% third dimensional being.

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I think it's more #1 than #2. Regardless of how real it looks, it's just a 3 dimensional projection of her real body. That doesn't mean its fake or even a shell, but rather just the tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more that we can't see from the mortal realm. What is there however, is still Belldandy, not a doll that has its strings pulled by her real self.

Having mortal children is one possibility, but I would personally have them be more like their mother if possible. Though even then they may have a few peculiarities that normal gods don't have. Like an accelerated growth that may not be as fast as a human's, but not nearly as slow as a god's.

The story is also now on

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Here is the second chapter:

The morning sun just barely started to rise on the horizon, and yet the sound of jackhammers in the nearby construction site, made it obvious that some had to wake early to earn their living. Power tools, specialized equipment of all types and sizes, construction vehicles and finally workers trying to shout instructions to each other on top of all that, blended together in a cacophony that would drive most people mad. Or nearly deaf if the event they happened to forget their earplugs a few times too many.

Most people would probably be still enjoying their breakfasts, having a shower, watch the early news or even read about them in a newspaper. Perhaps they would be still in their beds as well.

This wasn't the case for Toraichi Tamiya and Hikozaemon Otaki, who were currently smacking the ground with a pair of pickaxes. Having no permanent job for themselves, they spent most of their time going from one part time job to the next in order to make their living. It was a pity as they were both excellent engineers, but unfortunately had little common sense and their salesmen skills were even worse. A simple case of a flat tire would have them make a full course customization of the vehicle. The unhappy customer who unwillingly had their ride pimped, would run off, leaving the motor-heads without getting paid and even worse, gaining no positive reputation. Despite the fact that they both managed to do all that work in absolutely record time.

So working early on a construction site was kind of their morning routine. Though the two buffed giants were uncharacteristically slow today. Getting not enough sleep on top of consuming a lot of alcohol was the primary reason for that unusual behavior. Still there was no helping it, since yesterday their underclassman Morisato Keiichi, had his wedding and as such, a party was mandatory. Due to that they were both really sleepy and were suffering from a mild hangover, but in their minds it was well worth it.



Tamiya was having a hard time to understand what was going on. While he was often the target of many jokes, that questioned his intelligence, or rather the lack of, he was not an idiot.

Still as he held the phone close to his ear, the information just didn't want to be registered by his brain.

“Say what?” he asked in his usual gruff voice, for the third time already.

“They got MARRIED! Gee, which part you don't get?” replied the person in the other end of the line.

Taking a glance at the calendar, just to make sure that this wasn't a particular day of April, Tamiya turned his attention back to the unreal conversation. “Morisato? The same as Morisato Keiichi? He couldn't even hold hands with Belldandy a few days ago. How did they managed to do that?”

“How am I supposed to know? Me and Megumi were heading at the temple for his birthday and found them in the middle of the road, with Bell-chan wearing a wedding dress.” replied Chihiro.
“Look, even I was skeptical at first, but it seems that it's not a prank. So get Otaki and the rest and come to the temple, OK?”
“OK, I guess... See ya later.” said the puzzled guy as he set the speaker down, ending what was probably the most bizarre phone call of his life.

“Hey Den-chan.” said Otaki as he entered to see what was taking his buddy so long. “What's the matter? Is it another one of those phone advertizements, dude? You don't have to listen to all that you know...”

But Tamiya wasn't really listening. “Dai-chan, we're calling everyone. Get the list with all the Motor Club members.”

“Eh!? Why?” asked a startled Otaki. Did that Aoshima try to pull any nasty shenanigans again? That guy was has left the Motor Club alone, after Keiichi stopped being around anymore. Without his usual target, Belldandy, that rich scumbag of a person, finally stopped bothering the club anymore. “Is it Aoshima?” he finally said voicing his previous thoughts.

“No, it's party time. Chihiro's orders.” said Tamiya.

“Party? But Den-chan this month's budget isn't that great.” replied the blonde guy, even though this month wasn't much different than the other ones.

“The party is at Morisato's so he's paying.” said Tamiya.

“Oh! That's right, its his what was it again, birthday?”asked Otaki. “Almost forgot that.”

“Yes, but it's a wedding party now.”

“Wedding!? For real dude!?”

“Yep. So lets get calling.” finally said Tamiya as he grabbed the phone's dial in order to make the next dozen or so calls.

News however spread really fast amongst students, especially when the word 'party' was included. Even those that had already graduated wanted to take a look. After all according to the news Morisato Keiichi, first class late bloomer, just got married. Somehow. Someway.


With every single member of the Motor Club present, the whole lot of them started for Keiichi's house. To be fair though, there weren't really that many of them. Barely more than a dozen or so, including many of the graduated members as well, it was probably one of the least popular clubs of NIT, holding the record of the one with the fewest active members in the campus. Mostly the reason behind that was the rather eccentric and unconventional choice of leadership it had for several years, Toraichi Tamiya and Hikozaemon Otaki. Not that several of the other members were that much better really, but those two were on a different level altogether.

Originally founded by Chihiro Fujimi with Tamiya and Otaki as the first members, the club was always very passionate about everything they did, pouring their hearts and souls as well as their meager budget into it. While the club worked very good under Chihiro, once the leadership passed to Tamiya and Otaki, the motorhead's overenthusiasm and habit of picking projects that were just too much for them to chew, depleted what little they had for a budget in no time at all. Then the usual crazy last minute and poorly thought schemes for raising funds to keep the club going, led to their rather notorious reputation amongst the NIT's students.

As such only a few were actually brave enough to ever join the Motor Club. Even after the leadership passed to Keiichi and eventually to Hasegawa Sora, the situation improved, but just barely. The presence of Belldandy that always seemed to follow Keiichi around did wonders, but even that wasn't enough. Only during one of Mara's zany plans to hypnotize everyone in order to sign for demonic contracts, she accidentally made everyone in the campus join the Motor Club. However those that didn't quit after wards, just never showed up, including Mara herself, who fell for her own trap.

Most of the members were of course aware of the relationship between Keiichi and Belldandy, though they were also puzzled with how little it resembled what most people had in mind when they used the word 'couple'. It was no wonder that the sudden news of the marriage made most think that Tamiya was just pranking them, or even trying to find excuse to gather them again for yet another crazy scheme of his.


At the temple, Belldandy was for the first time prohibited from making any preparations for the arrival of their guests. The other goddesses were adamant that for once Belldandy should enjoy the event instead wasting most of time in the kitchen, no matter how the goddess of the present enjoyed doing that. This was her night after all.

The remaining four goddesses would handle the party the party itself. Splitting the tasks between themselves was deemed necessary and thus Lind was in charge of the booze, Skuld cleaning the place before and after the event with the help of her robots, Urd acting as a waitress and finally Peorth was the cook by default. Mostly because she didn't really trust that the others would be capable at making something that would be rated as safe for consumption by mortals.

“Why is she in charge of the drinks again?” asked a fuming Urd as she pointed in the direction of the Valkyrie. “She probably knows nothing about sake anyways.”

“Because leaving the wolf to watch over the sheep is foolish at best.” replied Lind in her usual manner. “Additionally if anyone gets too rowdy, I can deal with them in a more efficient manner than the rest of you.”

“See? Bad idea.” insisted the half goddess of the past, earning a rather pointed glare from Lind.

“Now, now. Behave yourselves.” tried Peorth, who suddenly felt that she was the only sane person in the room. “Imagine Belldandy's disappointment if we blow this up, so tough it up big babies.”

Urd looked as if she was about to give Peorth either one of her patented bolts or a weird medicine from her collection, but decided to let it slide this time. There was just no time for that foolishness at the moment, not with the guests arriving at any moment. Still, the offended goddess had a look on her face that would have even made her mother proud, which naturally caused the others to get their distance from the highly volatile Norn of the past.

After a few moments of silence, it was the youngest that broke the silence. “What about my part?”

“You are in charge of cleaning, remember?” said Urd after she completely regained her composure.

“That sucks!” protested the youngest of the Norns, feeling that she was cheated and stuck with the worst job.

“If you use a vacuum cleaner, then it really does.” joked her eldest sister, as she stuck her tongue out in a very unladylike manner.

Before the situation completely deteriorated, Peorth decided to change the subject. “A party needs some music. Do we have a sound system that is half decent? The one that Keiichi possesses, looks like it may not be up for the task.”

“Well, I was prepared for such an occasion!' announced Skuld in her usual manned, whenever her mechanical skills were called into action. Pressing a button in one of her apparently numerous wireless controllers, she summoned yet one more of her crazy contraptions. One that by the sound of it, was moving on treads.

“Tada!” she happily declared as she opened the door to give the other three goddesses a look of the monstrosity that awaited on the other side of the door. “This is the self propelled, gas turbine powered, turret mounted, stereo speaker, riot control sound system, Mr Decibel Mk III.”

The others just stared at what appeared to be a mini tank that carried a pair of extra large speakers on top of it. Taking the silence as her cue to go on, the young goddess did exactly that. “This is a highly efficient and compact sound system, capable or reaching a volume level that exceeds the human threshold of pain, its primary purpose is to settle down angry crowds, without employing lethal force. And the special feature is the microphone input, allowing it to be used as a karaoke machine as well. Ah... Such a cool design...”

“You want to use that t-thing in your sister's wedding party?” asked a dumbfounded Urd as she pointed at the mini tank.

“For once I agree. This is most unfit for such a joyous occasion.” added Peorth, equally appalled at the idea of using that monstrosity.

“I want one.” was all that the Valkyrie said in regards to this development. Even if she agreed with the two other goddesses, Lind couldn't help herself and decided to voice her real thoughts about Skuld's machine, causing some reactions from the others in the process. Two facepalms and one dreamy look of pride. Apparently she was an easy one to flatter.

“You can crank the volume down, you know! Besides it can stop Mara too!” protested Skuld once she snapped out of it, trying to defend her invention from those that criticized it.

“Too bad it won't stop Tamiya and Otaki. Do you even realize what's going to happen if those two get their hands on your toy?” challenged Urd. “As for Mara, she just left a few minutes ago. All this happy atmosphere was giving her a migraine. I had to give her some of Keiichi's electric bills to make her feel better. Who, by the way, seem to be getting from bad to worse these days. It looks like a certain someone needs to moderate their power consumption.”

“It's not a toy! But, uh... you may have a point there...” finally admitted the young goddess. “And I can't help using a bit more energy than the rest of you. I even offered an alternative, only to reject it.”

“Any sane person would have rejected that. It was a freaking reactor!” objected Urd.

“It was a Stirling radioisotope generator, that would have used a Stirling power conversion technology, to turn radioactive-decay heat into electricity. Not a reactor you dummy! It is much safer.” replied Skuld.

“Are you kidding me? You put a self destruct mechanism in everything you build. Do you even know what's gonna happen if you blow that thing up, while Keiichi's around? Or any other mortal for that matter. So who's the real dummy here?” countered Urd.

“Girls! Please. We don't have the time for that.” interjected Peorth before they got too much into their argument.

“I would agree with Peorth.” said Lind “We are just wasting time without gaining anything. So let's get back to our original plan and get over with it.”

“Fine...” the two sisters said at the same time, as they both let out a sigh.


The first to arrive at the temple were Chihiro and Megumi, with the couple right behind them. After a small detour to retrieve Keiichi's BMW, the three bikes rushed to the temple. Providing that all of them were competent racers, it was a huge shock for the two mortal women to realize that they weren't the first ones to arrive there. Belldandy's sisters and a few others had somehow managed, yet again, to leave them behind, a fact that bugged Chihiro, in particular, to no end. The founder of the Motor Club was a racer at heart, and therefore didn't like the idea of loosing to anyone. The fact that those girls managed to pull such a feat without having any means of transportation that she was aware of, made it even more frustrating and mysterious. One of these days, she was going to find out their big secret. One of these days.

But Chihiro wasn't the only one that was currently unhappy. Belldandy was also a bit saddened as the others prohibited her from entering the kitchen. Left with no other options, she joined her husband and the other two women on the low table, drinking some tea, that Urd had apparently prepared. It was surprisingly good, although it shouldn't be a surprise for someone that spent her free time brewing potions. The actual surprise was than for once, she didn't put any of her medicine in the tea and cause trouble, as most that knew the Norn of the past would have expected.

And speaking of trouble, their house was thankfully back in the way it used to be, not that awkward shape that Hagall turned it into. It was all thanks to Hild, who volunteered to change it back. And by the looks of it, the demoness kept her promise. What did puzzle the goddess though, was how someone like Hagall ever managed to pull such a powerful distortion spell. According to what she heard during the blonde's impromptu interrogation, after Hild got her position back, it appeared that Nifelheim's second in command had a few problems with using her powers in the traditional way, like many other demons did. So why couldn't even a first class goddess like herself fix the damage that Hagall caused? Just how much malice did she manage to put behind that spell in order to produce such nightmarish result.

Belldandy's train of though was rudely interrupted by a loud sneeze, that came from no other than Lind, who at the time, was carrying some bottles from the kitchen to the living room. The Valkyrie just scratched her nose with a gloved hand and went back to her designated task.

The sound however, did attract the attention of the others that were also sitting around the table. The two women, gave the white clad combat expert a critical look as they drank their tea in silence.

“You know Kei-chan, now that you got married, isn't it about time to stop doing that?” started his sister.

“Doing what, Megumi?” asked Keiichi back, not fully understanding what the younger Morisato was talking about.

“Getting more girls to live with you. I mean Urd and Skuld are Bell-chan's sisters, and having that friend of theirs, Peorth, was one thing. But adding more, especially after your marriage, is another.” said Megumi as she paused to take a long sip from her tea.

“You need to be a bit more considerate of Belldandy's feelings Keiichi-kun.” added Chihiro. “Your house is probably pretty crowded as it is anyways.”

“Hold on a second everyone!” protested Keiichi “She's just a guest.”

But none of the other two women looked particularly convinced.

“That's what you always say Keii-chan.” stated Megumi.

“But this time, it's your wife's happiness at stake.” finished Chihiro.

“I don't get it. How is Belldandy's happiness in danger? They are all friends, so why would that be a problem?” asked a puzzled Keiichi.

“Because they're going to be in the way.” said Chihiro.

“In the way? What way?” asked Keiichi, still unable to get what those two were even talking about..

“Whenever you and Bell-chan want to do naughty stuff.” said Megumi as gave him, one of her almost trademark cat like expressions.

For his part Keiichi almost choked on his tea, struggling to get his color back from deep red into something more usual for his complexion and failing miserably at it. Eventually he tried to throw the two women off him. “They were only invited for the wedding!”

To say that it was a poor choice of words was an understatement. His intent was to merely change the subject, but ended up touching an even worse one.

“You said that for some obscure reason, that I can't figure out, you had to marry in secret. And yet you invited them?” asked Chihiro, giving the young mechanic a pointed look.

“Well said. You didn't even invite me, Keii-chan.” said Megumi as she glared her brother.

There was little doubt in the young mechanic's mind. Keiichi had just dug his own grave. There was just no way to get himself out of this one. Not without having to say too much, or managing to create an elaborate lie. As he was considering what to do, in order to appease them, the loud voices coming from outside meant only one thing. For the first time in his short life, Tamiya and Otaki came to his rescue, even if it was just by coincidence.

“I-I need to g-go and greet them.” He stammered as he rushed to the door and away from his difficult situation.

“He run away...” muttered Chihiro.

“I guess some things never change.” said Megumi with a sigh.

“More tea?” asked Belldandy, breaking the silence she maintained during that short exchange. Normally she would immediately defend Keiichi in any kind of situation, but on this occasion, she felt that they meant no real harm. They were just concerned and wanted to help. As ineffective as their help was.

“Yes please.” both women simply said.


“MORISATO!” shouted Tamiya with all his usual gusto.

“The VIPs are all here!” added Otaki in a loud but not nearly as deafening voice.

The rest of the Motor club were just chatting to each other. While they had their own conversations, one topic nearly dominated most of them. The marriage between the former head of the Motor Club, once those two guys stepped down, and his ever present girlfriend who attended every meeting and activity they had. Despite the fact that the goddess never actually joined the Club, she was almost like an unofficial member and occasionally even confused for an actual one, by the other students of NIT.

While the actual news were no big surprise to anyone, most were rather intrigued by the secrecy behind the event. So aside of the party itself, that was a good enough reason in their books, they were also interested to get all the juicy details out of Keiichi.

For his part Morisato was running towards the door as if the hounds of Hell were after him. Throwing the door wide open, he took a moment to catch his breath before he addressed his guests.

“Hey take it easy Morisato, don't die on us...” said tamiya, only slightly concerned. Just slightly.

“Yea dude, what's up?” said Otaki, who unlike his best friend, didn't try to look tough all the time.

“Ugh.” started Keiichi, “Chihiro and Megumi.”

Those were the only things that the newlywed mechanic needed to say in order to explain everything. Even though, this time around, it may have been his fault. Still, the explanation was good enough for the ones that were in front of him.

“Well, I guess congratulations are in order.” said Tmiya in his usually gruff voice.

“Yes, good job dude. You finally did it.” said Otaki, proud that his former subordinate in the Motor Club grew enough courage to propose his girlfriend.

“Thanks guys...” was all that Keiichi managed to say, before the two giants crushed him in a hug. A manly hug of course, and one that would even make a bear proud. Much to the horror of Keiichi's poor bones.

“Cut it out! He's turning a bit blue.” said the current head of Motor Club, Hasegawa Sora, as she adjusted her glasses. The tiny girl couldn't believe how childish those two were at times. And to imagine that she was the one mistaken for a child, due to her tiny frame.

“Ah...Sorry.” was the only thing that Tamiya said, as he and Otaki let the poor guy to recover.

“Huff... Well let's start the party, OK?” said Keiichi. Anything to keep them busy.

“Uh, excuse me.” said a voice that belonged to one of the Motor Club's members. “But are the rumors true? Is Belldandy-san pregnant?”

“What!? P-pregnant? Who would think that?”

“Everyone here Morisato-sempai.” said Hasegawa this time, “With you two marrying so suddenly and without saying anything to anyone, its hard to ignore the possibility.”

Well not really everyone, to be exact. Two certain someones, certainly didn't. Until now that is.

“MO-RI-SA-TO~KUN!” said Tamiya as he towered over the not particularly tall mechanic.

“You disgraced the Motor Club, dude! Shameful!” went Otaki on.

“You need to be taught a lesson, you little punk.” said Tamiya as he raised his fist in a threatening manner.

“You said it Den-chan.” agreed Otaki.

“Wait a moment guys!” protested Keiichi, raising his hands in front of him. “Do I look like the type of person to do that?”

“Hey, he's got a point there Den-chan.” admitted Otaki as he though about it.

For his part, Tamiya paused and scratched his unshaven face, pondering that. “Yea, he ain't got the guts.” he finally said.

Most of the Motor Club members had to agree with that logic, even if it originated from the ones that had little to do with logic in general.

“Then it couldn't be that you two had to marry, because her family wanted to engage her to some other guy.” suggested the current head of the Motor Club.

“That happens in soap operas Hasegawa...” said Keiichi in a dismissive and even slightly sarcastic tone.

No, real life throws you in the middle of demonic rebellions, and as soon you think that you got away without a scratch, it's time to pass some ridiculous test, organized by the gods. That kind of thing.

“Then what's the reason?” said Tamiya, who finally went straigh to the point for once.

'Here we go again' thought Keiichi as he had to recall the same lie he had to use earlier this evening. “Well, you see... It's just that, in Belldandy's home country, it's a tradition for couples to marry in secret.”

Internally he winced. Now that he thought about it, nobody would believe such a terrible lie. Maybe he should have asked Urd. She wasn't totally convincing either, but as a liar, she had a lot more experience under her belt.

“Why didn't you say so in the first place?” asked Tamiya.

“Yea dude, that would have saved you a lot of time.” agreed Otaki

Keiichi's jaw would have hit the floor, if it wasn't firmly attached to the rest of his head. 'They bought it? No way!'

To be fair the rest seemed a bit skeptical, especially Hasegawa, but decided to remain silent. All that drama lead to nowhere.

“Then let's party.” Keiichi finally said with a sigh.

It didn't take too much more beyond that, for the Motor Club to just rush into the house, after their curiosity was finally sated. It was time for fun.

For his part, Keiichi just wanted for this day to finally end. It may have ended in a joyous event for him and Belldandy, but in the process, he was also physically and emotionally drained. Perhaps tomorrow would be just an ordinary day.

Staring at the top of the house's roof, before he stepped into the house, he noticed a tiny, childish figure waving at him as soon as she realized that he spotted her. He reluctantly returned the gesture and eventually went into the house to join the rest. Was there anything ordinary left in his life anymore?


The party itself was pretty standard for Motor Club. Singing karaoke, drinking a lot of booze and generally creating chaos. At least, much to Keiichi's relief, they have left all that silly and embarrassing stuff aside and were currently busy doing the one thing they knew best. Making a lot of noise, something that Keiichi could live with.

Belldandy for her part spent most of her time with the girls of the entire group, who weren't that many in reality. As a matter of fact, Hasegawa was the only active member of the Motor Club, as Chihiro was a former one, while Megumi never really joined. Even though Keiichi asked his sister a few times, she was never interested to join, and preferred the softball club over the usual craziness that was accompanying the NIT's Motor Club. The few women around Belldandy spent most of the night talking about the couple's plans for the future and even other simple everyday matters. To be honest though, neither of them had really any idea what they were talking about, as Belldandy had little experience with what a mortal couple's married life should be, while the actual mortals of the group were all single. Either way, it was nice for everyone to gather like that and spend time talking , even if it wasn't about anything in particular. Especially for the goddess, who knew that those moments were meant to be cherished, since they wouldn't last forever.

Keiichi on the other hand spent most of his time with the guys, not that he wag given a choice in that matter, as Tamiya and Otaki dragged him in their karaoke contest. Despite the whole chaos around him, there was a nostalgic feeling about this whole situation. The Motor Club was always partying hard like that, whenever they had the slightest excuse to do so. Even to the point, that the club's budget was in the red from all that and they had to desperately save it, which included all sorts of crazy schemes. Keiichi would have found that particular bit funny, if it wasn't for the fact that most of those times it involved him winning some race in order to do that. Normally Keiichi wouldn't mind it, since he loved racing and was rather competitive, despite his mild manners. However those events also seemed to attract people like Aoshima, who seemed to be under the impression that Belldandy would dump him if he lost one of those races. To say that the rich boy had little to no understanding of Belldandy's character was an understatement. At least he was thankful that he didn't had to deal with that particular person tonight. Instead he decided to take a look on the kitchen were most of the goddesses were.


For their part, the majority of the goddesses were not actively participating in the event, though each had her own reason.

Peorth was the cook, preparing some of the snacks for the event, but also avoiding Tamiya, who at one point had fallen in love with her. Even worse, due to some misunderstanding on her part, she though that the gruff giant was actually interested in Keiichi and in order to save the latter, she decided to go on a date with the former. It didn't end up very well for either of those guys. Tamiya was heartbroken and Keiichi was on the tall guy's black list for a while, since he believed that he was rejected because the foreign woman had fallen for Keiichi, just like Belldandy did. Even to this date, Peorth wasn't happy with that whole debacle, but decided to leave it as it was, since Tamiya had apparently forgotten about it, or at least never brought it up again in the months that followed.

Lind on the other hand was mostly sitting on the far side of the room and spent most of her time observing the others. Her task was to keep an eye on the distributions of alcoholic beverages during the party. Mostly because they didn't want to let those guys waste the entire supply in a single night and vaporize Keiichi's hard earned money in an effort to restock it. Since Urd relied on alcohol as an alternative power source, keeping enough bottles around was a great idea in cases of emergencies. It also kept the eldest of the three sisters from being in a foul mood as well. But it also costs a lot, especially for a poor person like Keiichi, who constantly has to struggle with the budget every month, although ever since he retired from being the head of the Motor Club, his finances have improved.

Skuld on the other hand was currently leisurely eating some of the ice cream she's been promised earlier for her contribution during the wedding ceremony. The youngest of the goddesses wasn't particularly interested for the event. Not because her Mr Decibel Mk III was unanimously rejected, but because she had a lot going on in her own mind at the moment. If she had to be completely honest with herself, she knew it was merely a matter of time before this happened. What would happen from this point on, was the real question. Skuld dreaded that once the couple would go into the 'honey' and 'darling' routine, she would be all but invisible to them. If there was one thing that the little goddess hated more that anything else was the feeling of being ignored. Belldandy was one of the two people that always remained around Skuld, since both her parents were very busy running Asgard. As a result it was always her sisters that kept her company and while she knew that they wouldn't dote her forever, she had hoped that it wasn't gonna happen before she was fully an adult. Not anymore. Well, at the very least there was Urd. Although at the moment the eldest Norn had business of her own that required her attention.


Urd hovered herself on top of the roof, away from the prying eyes of the mortals that were having a blast below. Moments ago, she was serving them snacks and a few drinks, but right now she had to deal with the most difficult guest of the night.

“Hi Urd-chan.” beamed the tiny avatar of her mother, waiving at her in a friendly manner, as she gave her daughter a bright smile.

“Hi.” was the simple reply, as the goddess prepared to deal with whatever trouble the demon in front of her might be preparing.

“You know that's not nice Urd-chan. I've been waiting up here all night and nobody offered me anything.” pouted the chibi-hild as if she was really hurt by that fact. “I'm a guest as well.”

Urd just rolled her eyes. Hild liked being overdramatic like that all the time, so this wasn't anything new. “I don't remember inviting you.”

“How cold! I even found your witnessed for Bell-chan's ceremony and this is what I get in return?” said Hild. “You even gave Ma-chan something, before she left. So why not me?”

“Fine, fine. What is it that you want?” said Urd as she wondered if her mother was really honest for once, or she was up to no good as usual.
“Some of the tea you made would be just enough.” said Hild. “Oh and some rice crackers wouldn't hurt either. Maybe a bit of...”

“Tea and crackers that is.” said Urd interrupting her mother, before the demoness went on. With a casual snap of her fingers, the requested items were teleported from the kitchen below and right into her waiting hands. “Here.”

“Eh? Wait a second, this isn't how you are supposed to treat a guest. It's downright impolite.” complained the tiny version of her mother. “Don't tell me that the daughter of the Daimakaicho was so terribly rude to the other guests as well.”

“Of course not!” objected Urd. “Everyone was really happy with my service.”

“Are you sure it was your service, or the copious amount of skin that your clothes currently expose?” asked Hild, giving her daughter a wink.

“You're one talk.” said Urd in a rather sarcastic tone. “Besides, if you have it, flaunt it.”

“I'm happy that you finally came to appreciate my contributions, Urd-chan.” said Hild with a bit of a naughty look in her face.

“Bite me.” was the goddess's only answer, finally having enough and decided to turn away and start to walk towards the edge of the roof.

“Oh Urd-chan...” said Hild, pausing long enough for the goddess to turn and face her, “be careful what you wish for...” added the demoness, as she pointed at her canine teeth, that for some reason looked much bigger than the used to, moments before.

Giving Hild a bugeyed look, the goddess finally started to laugh, considering the rather comical look on the tiny Daimakaicho's face.

The moment was ruined though as a screaming guest opened the door and run off into the night, almost as if he had seen a ghost. Turning her gaze from the mortal's departing form, back into her mother, the goddess gave her a bit of a skeptical if not suspicious look.

“Don't look at me. I didn't do that.” merely said the demoness.

“Fine, I'll find out myself.” said Urd as she turned to leave. “Some other time.”

“Yes.” quietly replied her mother, as she heard another startled cry from below.


“OK, What's going on here?” asked the goddess of the past, as she entered the kitchen.

“I just came here to see how you were all doing, and I heard people running.” said Keiichi.

Sharing a look amongst themselves, the goddesses, plus the mortal, decided to figure out what that fuss was all about. Opening the kitchen's door the came face to face with a slightly blue Hasegawa, who was about to leave, though not as hastily as some of the guys.

“Hasegawa...” started Keiichi. “what's wrong?”

“It's Tamiya.” replied the head of the Motor Club. “He's probably drunk enough, that he wanted to strip.”

“Eh!?” said a startled Keiichi “Don't tell me that he's serious.”

“I have no idea. I'm not curious enough to stick around.” she said back. “Most of the others left as well. Anyways, I'm going too Morisato-sempai. I really wish you the best for you and Belldandy-sempai. Good night.”

“Thank you Hasegawa, and goodnight to you as well.” replied Keiichi with a warm smile.

Noticing a shadow to his right, the mechanic turned to see both Tamiya, who was thankfully dressed, an Otaki standing next to him.

“Well, our plan worked out perfectly Den-chan.”

“Right Dai-chan.”

“Um... what are you guys talking about?” asked Keiichi, almost fearing to hear the answer.

“Send everyone home early.” said Tamiya with a proud smile.

“Yes, you don't need all of us, getting in your way tonight, dude.” added Otaki.

“Oh, thanks I guess.” said Keiichi, who was feeling rather tired after that long day.

“Morisato!” shouted Tamiya. “Make us proud!”

“Yea, do your best pal.” added Otaki, giving Keiichi a thumbs up.

“Huh?” was all that Keiichi had for an answer. It was only after those two passed the wooden entrance to the temple, that he actually realized what they were talking about.


Only Chihiro and Megumi were left, and those two were also on their way to their bikes, with Keiichi and the rest following them.

“Well, it was fun Keii-chan. Try to get at least some sleep tonight.” said Megumi in her usual teasing way.

“Megumi!” was all that Keiichi could say, thankful that the night outside concealed his blush.

“I also think it was fun, Keiichi-kun.” said Chihiro. “You can miss the next few days of work. Just make sure you spent it with Bell-chan, OK?”
“What do you mean? Who else I should spent it with, anyways?” asked a puzzled Keiichi.

“I don't know...” stared Chihiro as she gave him a suspicious look. “Knowing you, I'd say messing around with some bike. Which is fine, but keep in mind Bell-chan's needs.”

“Don't worry about that.” said Keiichi with a smile “I won't forget about her.”

“Good, good.” replied Chihiro. “Besides, if you want to work on a bike, you know where I am.”

Keiichi only sweatdropped, while his wife stepped in to talk with them.

“Thank you both for coming here tonight.” she told the two women with a smile. “Fell free to visit us again tomorrow as well.”

“Umm...” stared Chihiro “shouldn't you two spend some time together?”

“Yes, we are going to be, you know in the way.” agreed Megumi.

“Not at all!” said Belldandy with her usual enthusiasm. “The more, the merrier.”

The two bikers simply shook their heads as the goddess apparently missed the point completely. Still they just felt that this was just the way she was and no matter what they said, she wasn't likely to change in any way. Moments later both of them departed from the temple, leaving Keiichi and the group of the goddesses alone.

“So...” started the youngest of the goddesses. “Who's gonna help me with the cleaning?”

Turning around, there was only the Valkyrie standing next to her. The others were nowhere to be seen.

“No way... Onesama too?” wondered the little goddess.

“She was dragged into the house, by Urd and Peorth. Keiichi-kun was forcefully taken inside too.” said Lind in her usual calm voice. “But do not worry. I will help you instead.”

“You will?” asked Skuld.

“Yes, I just love cleaning.” said the Valkyrie.

Skuld didn't know what to say. On one hand she was thankful for the help. On the other hand, the gleam on the Valkyrie's eyes troubled her.


Present day

Taking a break from their hard work, Tamiya and Otaki paused to take a breath and let their muscles relax a bit.

Just as they did so, Otaki caught Tamiya with a deeply troubled look on his face.

“Everything's alright Den-chan? You look a bit off, is it the hangover?” asked Otaki.

“Nah, not that.” replied Tamiya. “I was thinking about Morisato.”

“He's gonna be fine dude, the boy's tougher than nails. You know that.” said Otaki.

“I know that.” replied the gruff man as he scratched his chin “I'm talking about his dream.”

“I'm not sure if I follow you Den-chan.” was the blonde's reply.

“That Morisato ended up marrying his girlfriend. It took him forever, but he did it in the end.” said Tamiya “So maybe we should make our own dream come true as well.”

“You sure? We are broke most of the time dude.” protested Otaki, trying to bring some logic to the argument. “How in the world are we going to pull that off?”

“How in the world did Morisato got a babe for a wife?” countered Tamiya. “If he can do it, then so can we.”

“Then...” started Otaki.

Tamiya and Otaki's manly customs garage is now official!” finished Tamiya.

“Let's celebrate it later with some karaoke dude.” said Otaki.

“Yes, let's celebrate to a great start!” shouted Tamiya.

“Are you guys quite done already?” said a third voice.

Turning their heads, the noticed the face of the foreman shooting daggers at them.

“We have concrete to pour, so enough messing around and back to your jobs!”

The two giants went back to what they were doing with a renewed sense of purpose. They now needed the funds to realize their own dream, so they had to work hard until then.

The foreman shook his head as he noticed the silly grins on their faces. 'Crazy kids... It's hard to find good help these days.'

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Heh. Even lawfully wedded, Keiichi still blushes like a fire truck. I expect Belldandy will cure him of that in short order once she remembers her wifely obligations. Then again, she is a goddess, and Keiichi is very good at satisfying her spiritual needs, so it should be a satisfying event for her too.

But yes, this is the 'next day' that should've happened in the Manga, with the mortals finally having their say about 'eegads they're married now? I didn't think they could hold hands!"

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Well, their initial reaction is totally justified, given how suddenly everything happened. Speaking of that, I was originally planning to break the event into parts and have each character have a bit of it, as part of what they experienced. However I eventually didn't like the idea of going back and forth with flashbacks, so I put the entire thing in a single chapter. Also please notice that most of the guests were part of the Motor Club. This does indeed leave several others out of the event, but realistically speaking, considering that there was not enough time to organize it, that was likely the best that could be done under those circumstances. It doesn't mean that nobody else will learn about the couple's marriage ;)

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...notably missing are Keiichi's parents. Who are pretty much the last to know at this point. I can't imagine they'll appreciate that too terribly much. It's bad enough here in America, but in Japan? There's a good chance they'll try to disown him for marrying an apparent 'gaijin' without even telling them they were engaged.

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Very true. However keep in mind that those two are not really what you may expect from a stereotypical Japanese couple. Actually they are not stereotypical at all. Period.

I actually think that they approved Belldandy when they first appeared, but they will be most likely curious about all the secrecy behind it. I do intend to have them make an appearance at some point in the following chapters.

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I think it's a bit of a disservice to Takano and Keima to assume they're going to be prejudiced towards Keiichi's marriage. They're both...very eccentric, for one thing, and I don't think they come off as very stereotypical at all. More to the point, if Keiichi and Megumi are any indication, there isn't chauvinism shown on either of their parts towards the Norns being foreigners; indeed I can't really imagine Keiichi making his wish about Belldandy if that were the case. They also seem to approve of her in any case as vanagandr said. Really, the biggest issue is that Keiichi made an incredibly adult decision and didn't even let them know about it (though I could see that being a source of humor).


A pretty fun chapter all around! Pretty much the sorts of antics I expected, but hey, that's the Auto Club for you. Tamiya and Otaki did surprise me at the end there with their dream, at the very least. It was also nice to see them actually appreciate Keiichi for once rather than using him as a wallet with a pulse. Probably counts a spoiler, but is this thread ever going to tie into Keiichi's own idea of building a bike from the ground up? Skuld wondering about her future now that Belldandy and Keiichi tied the knot is probably going to be interesting - in a very volatile way, of course.

That does make me wonder if you're going to handle "Ah! The Following Day!" as a more traditional story (with a start and then definite finish) or if it's going to be like the manga in that there will be story arcs but it's a continuous sort of thing. I'm guessing the latter as you said it's supposed to be a direct sequel but figured I'd ask regardless.

Looking forward to seeing more of everyone's hijinks in chapter three.

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I think it's a bit of a disservice to Takano and Keima to assume they're going to be prejudiced towards Keiichi's marriage. They're both...very eccentric, for one thing, and I don't think they come off as very stereotypical at all. More to the point, if Keiichi and Megumi are any indication, there isn't chauvinism shown on either of their parts towards the Norns being foreigners; indeed I can't really imagine Keiichi making his wish about Belldandy if that were the case. They also seem to approve of her in any case as vanagandr said. Really, the biggest issue is that Keiichi made an incredibly adult decision and didn't even let them know about it (though I could see that being a source of humor).


A pretty fun chapter all around! Pretty much the sorts of antics I expected, but hey, that's the Auto Club for you. Tamiya and Otaki did surprise me at the end there with their dream, at the very least. It was also nice to see them actually appreciate Keiichi for once rather than using him as a wallet with a pulse. Probably counts a spoiler, but is this thread ever going to tie into Keiichi's own idea of building a bike from the ground up? Skuld wondering about her future now that Belldandy and Keiichi tied the knot is probably going to be interesting - in a very volatile way, of course.

That does make me wonder if you're going to handle "Ah! The Following Day!" as a more traditional story (with a start and then definite finish) or if it's going to be like the manga in that there will be story arcs but it's a continuous sort of thing. I'm guessing the latter as you said it's supposed to be a direct sequel but figured I'd ask regardless.

Looking forward to seeing more of everyone's hijinks in chapter three.

For beginners, I'm happy that you liked Tamiya and Otaki's dream. I guess that given what we have seen in the series so far, it would suit them nicely. If they manage to get their custom designs to those that would appreciate it, they would be pretty successful ans also have their dream job. By contrast Chihiro aims mostly on an all around shop, instead of one that those two are after. I like having them aroun as comedic relief, but they should have goals of their own too. Otherwise they'll end up being just flat characters.

Keiichi will eventually build his own bike, though it may not happen right away. Maybe on a much later chapter, once he is more of a mature character, having a lot more experiences as a person.

I think that Skuld's point of view may be a bit too harsh, but at the same point straight to the heart of the problem.

I like to use the idea of story arcs, instead of going all out. It is more flexible, since there is more room to wiggle around with the story, especially considering that I'm a total amateur, and it does follow the spirit of the manga. However, there will be a general goal that I have in mind, though I'm not going to rush towards it. I'll probably take my time with the individual arcs, before I reach it towards the end. There will be some foreshadowing as well as elements that will carry from one arc to the next one(s).

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Well, we did have that thread on 'if you were in Keiichi's place, what would you do about Skuld?' The unanimous verdict of that thread was pretty much that Keiichi should make a point of including Skuld in the places of his life he can include her, which is pretty much anywhere technical expertise is useful. If he does that, things should even out, and her fears will be proven unfounded. Equally possible, of course, is that once the new couple experiences the joy of sex, they'll promptly forget anyone else exists, like any other 'just married' couple on a honeymoon.

Speaking of honeymoons, I can see Urd, Peorth, or both mentioning that particular tradition to the young couple, and then packing them off to somewhere to be by themselves for a week or two, much to Skuld's dismay. Along with some mentions from Urd that she expects the pair of them to KEEP that promise they made about raising each other's passion thank you very much.

Then again, you don't really like M rated fics so much, so I guess you'll have to offscreen much of the 'Keiichi, after years of magical castration, suddenly remembers a certain part of being a man that's been suppressed entirely too long.' I can't imagine the Keiichi that goes into a honeymoon will be the same as the one who comes out of it. There's only so many times Bell can ravage him senseless before he loses track of that whole 'embarrassed about sex' thing.

Edited by Angelalex242

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Yes, I remember that thread. In fact what I have in mind will deal with the situation about Skuld. However unlike in that thread, it will have to work from that point on in the story, assuming that everything in the manga has already happened. It's not the alternative 'what you would have done in his place' scenario, but the one where he has to work from what he already has.

Don't want to say way too much, but a honeymoon is going to happen. However, given the sudden nature of the marriage, is not the number one priority right now. I won't forget about it though.

Now for the M rating thing. It's not that I dislike the stories that go into more explicit details, it's just that I want to keep mine as close to the spirit of the manga. As such i don't want to write things that would be far too outside the content that one would expect from the series. Most of that stuff will be included, though not with too many details and often implied, not directly described. I don't know if that is the best approach, but that's how I'm going to do that part for the time being.

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Heh. Fair enough. Just remember there is, in fact, some character development going on in that most unusual of places to expect to find it. There's actually a couple of existing fics out there where Bell has made it her personal mission to ravage him until he stops blushing and mellows out about it. And then there's the one where she allows him to do things, but whispers 'you'll pay me back later' in his ear. Paying her back, of course, includes letting her have her merry way with him.

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