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Ah! The following day

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Hey man, really enjoyed this chapter. A lot of good interaction. I loved Lind's reaction to Mr. Decibel 3. Of course, I like her character period, and I think you did a good job with her. At the end, Bell's obliviousness was quite good as well. Tamiya and Otaki are their usual selves. And as was pointed out, them thinking of Keiichi and coming up with a way to get everyone to leave was a welcome change.

Chihiro was a little tame, I think. I was waiting on Big Head Chihiro to come out and glower over him for his explanation. And at the end, I could have seen her also pointing out that Keiichi would not be getting paid for the couple days off.

Finally, don't take this wrong, but why was this not the first chapter? I find the whole flashback thing a little unnecessary. I'm not a huge fan of using them as more than a way to set up or explain the current action taking place. I think you would have been better served to have just dove right in. Of course, that's just my opinion, and should be treated as such. :)

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Heh. Fair enough. Just remember there is, in fact, some character development going on in that most unusual of places to expect to find it.

True. There is no argument there. I'll be more careful how to go around with it. But I won't turn down a good opportunity for character development.

Hey man, really enjoyed this chapter. A lot of good interaction. I loved Lind's reaction to Mr. Decibel 3. Of course, I like her character period, and I think you did a good job with her. At the end, Bell's obliviousness was quite good as well. Tamiya and Otaki are their usual selves. And as was pointed out, them thinking of Keiichi and coming up with a way to get everyone to leave was a welcome change.

Chihiro was a little tame, I think. I was waiting on Big Head Chihiro to come out and glower over him for his explanation. And at the end, I could have seen her also pointing out that Keiichi would not be getting paid for the couple days off.

Finally, don't take this wrong, but why was this not the first chapter? I find the whole flashback thing a little unnecessary. I'm not a huge fan of using them as more than a way to set up or explain the current action taking place. I think you would have been better served to have just dove right in. Of course, that's just my opinion, and should be treated as such. :)

I do like the other characters too and want to make them a bit more interesting, instead of just being there for show. Tamiya and Otaki trying to help for once was a nice change in my opinion, though it did happen in their usual manner.

Chihiro, unlike those two, is more capable of showing restraint. She is like that for this chapter, but she will be closer to her usual self in the following ones :sneaky:

The thing was, that I wanted a recap of the story as a first chapter, instead of jumping straight into this. To be honest though, I'm not a huge fan of using flashbacks, so this is not going to be a trend for the following chapters. Then again I could be wrong, but let's go with it, since it almost me appear as if I know what I'm doing :joyful:

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Here's chapter 3:

The sound of the alarm clock interrupted the peaceful atmosphere in the girl's apartment. She struggled to hit the offending object in order to stop it, but as always, it was just impossible, since it was carefully placed out of her reach in order to force herself out of her futon. There was one occasion where she went back to sleep by accident and missed an important class because of it. Learning from past mistakes, Megumi Morisato, forced herself into a sitting position and tried to remember why her ears were ringing. It wasn't that horrible alarm clock the was responsible for that though. Nor was the noise from the previous night's party.

As the memories from yesterday settled in, she found herself more and more confused. It was her brother's birthday, and for that reason, she and Chihiro prepared a surprise party at Whirlwind, Chihiro's shop. She even remembered Belldandy giving Keiichi a really expensive watch as a present. But what really happened beyond that was not exactly as easy to accurately recall. She seemed to have fallen asleep for some reason, just like Chihiro, and by the time they had woken up, it looked as if the party at Whirlwind was already over. Puzzled by that fact, she and the shop's owner, decided to visit the temple to see whether or not Keiichi had gone home, since they couldn't find neither him, nor Belldandy. Much to their surprise they encountered them both dressed as if they had already gotten married. The rest was history, but the whole chain of events felt broken in some way, as if she was missing an important link that would make everything click together. What happened during those few hours that she was asleep anyways?

Stepping into the shower, she found that there were several times where she had certain questions about her brother's girlfriend, or rather his wife as of yesterday. It was always a wonder how her romantically challenged big brother, who thought that a museum was a great place to take your date, managed to get himself together with NIT's most sought after student. One that had managed to take the title of the Campus's Queen from Sayoko and very popular in a short period of time, much to the rich girl's horror and frustration. Where did Belldandy come from and what made her fall for someone like her brother was something that she never figures out.

It's not that Megumi didn't like her brother. Far from it. He was a genuinely nice person, always working hard and trying his best to never let others down. Still in a wold that paid too much attention to the superficial appearance, his average looks and rather unimpressive height, made him a person that one could easily miss in a crowd. Money was also not a money either, as they weren't rich and Keiichi in particular was broke most of the time. Skepticism aside, he did managed to pull something impossible, marrying the most beautiful woman in Nekomi.

As speaking of beauty, she had to think her situation too. Once she finished with her shower, she moved close to her bathroom's mirror, and inspected her reflection as she dried herself with a towel. She was rather attractive and while she was no Urd, at the same time she was no Hasegawa either. The thing was that so far she was dumped three times and at some point or another she had to figure out what was wrong with her. Popularity was not something that she lacked either, as she was the Queen of the Nekomi Ridge, a title she got once she had beaten the previous one in a race, even if she never really wanted it. In fact she was on the top list with the three most recognizable female names in the Campus, after ones like Belldandy and Sayoko.

It was really ironic how the less popular of the two siblings found the perfect other half, while the more popular one, was still single. Maybe she had collected enough bad karma, after years of teasing her poor brother, no matter that it mostly meant as a joke. Or maybe it was the general weirdness that surrounded her family.

That stopped her train of though rather abruptly. Her family. Since yesterday's developments, nobody called them to inform them. She certainly didn't and she never saw Keiichi do that either.

Rushing straight to her bedroom in order to dress herself, tripping and nearly falling in the process, she had to rush into the temple and tell her brother, who was probably blissfully unaware of the predicament he was currently in. Well calling him on the phone was another option, but Megumi wasn't willing to give him the opportunity to run away, in the event he panicked. This was a matter that they needed to deal as soon as possible, instead of prolonging it any farther.

Moments later, she jumped on her KSR and started for her brother's house.


Rebuilt yet one more time in less than a day, the Morisato residence was back to its original state, saved by Peorth's repair magic.

Yet nothing saved the mortal man from the looks that were directed at him from the other goddesses. While most were curious to learn why the house had suddenly exploded in a tidal wave of flowers, two certain goddesses had a bit of an idea. It was that very idea that gave them this knowledgeable and slightly naughty look on their faces, that made Keiichi a bit more than nervous. A bit more than usual, that is.

While Peorth wanted to wait for the right moment to bring the subject, Urd decided to go straight for the kill. Hovering herself next to Keiichi, she gazed the mechanic thought half closed eyelids. “So, did anything happen? Hmm, little brother?”

Wincing at the suggestive tone of her voice, Keiichi tried to increase his distance from the half goddess. “Why would anything happen? And on top of that, who are you calling little brother?” he said in an attempt to dismiss the implied accusations.

“You tell me, lover boy.” she said, as she closed the distance and put an arm around Keiichi in a friendly manner. Though upon closer inspection, one could call it a headlock as well. “As for the brother part, that's what you are to me now, buddy. You married by sister, remember?”

That was one thing that Keiichi hadn't enough time to consider, yesterday. He had two more sisters as it seemed. One that was a bombshell and the other that was a bomb dispenser. The fact that the former one was equally if not more mischievous than his own sister, Megumi, but infinitely more powerful scared him. She was forward enough when they weren't related, it was just going to be much harder from now on.

Still Keiichi found his distraction. “Well, you are my older sister in law I suppose. But what about Skuld? Is she older or younger than me?”

Turning to look at the youngest goddess in the group, who was currently imitating an ostrich, though she buried her face in a manga, instead of the ground, in order to avoid the discussion. Part of her wanted to just ran away, though another part wanted to figure out the details behind the previous night's incident. After all, depending on the gravity of the mortal's sinful advance, she would have to pick an appropriate punishment. Was it going to be a simple Neo Skuld Bomb, or the apocalyptic Anti-proton Bomb? Either way, her new brother was going to get it this time.
“She's your older sister too.” said Urd after thinking about it for a few seconds. “Hey, you're finally not the youngest member in the family, squirt! Aren't you happy?”

“Yea, yea, lucky me. Whatever...” was all that Skuld had to add, before she returned back to her Dobon manga.

Before the troublemaker goddess had any chance to go any further with her current interrogation of her brother in law, the living room's door opened, revealing Belldandy in her casual attire and apron. “Breakfast is almost ready everyone.” she said, pausing for a second to process the scene in front of her. “Is there something wrong neesan?”

For her part, Urd relaxed her grip on Keiichi a little bit, just in case her younger sister took offense, or just became too suspicious of her real intentions. Trying her best innocent expression on her face, she merely laughed. “No, no. I was just welcoming Keiichi in our family, that's all.”

“You didn't welcome me like that, I hope.” was the dry and yet curious remark from the youngest of the three sisters.

“No, it was more like the 'oh look, a baby. Let's see if she's ticklish' sort of thing.” said Urd as she took a trip to the memory lane. “You were so cute back then Skuld.”

“Really?” That wasn't exactly what she had expected from Urd at all. “You mean it? Even that last part?”

“Of course I mean it. You were really cute back then” said Urd with a nod. “You still look cute today. Although I wish I could say the same about your current personality as well.” she added with a fake pout.

Skuld should have known better than falling for her eldest sister's antics. “Oh really? You asked for it. Neo Skuld bomb away...?” Reaching to grab one of her bombs from under her blouse, she paused as she found none of her usual explosives.

“Didn't restock them yet, right Skuld?” asked Urd as she stood up and crossed her arms.

“Not yet. But I have other options too. Banpei!” shouted the younger goddess, waiting for her trusty robot to enter the living room. “Missile attack!”

The robot's metallic hat popped, exposing the fully extended head mounted mini missile battery. Taking a moment to aim, it fired all four of them in rapid succession. However instead of slamming straight into the bronze skinned goddess, the rockets veered straight to the left and out of the room, as they pierced through the paper door panels.

“Oh no, I forgot them in the demon seeking mode.” said Skuld as she felt her disappointment build up, now that her last offensive option was out.

'So they didn't register me as one...' thought Urd, before she decided that it was about time to cut some slack from her sister and leave her alone for now. “OK, enough fooling around, let's go and get some breakfast.”

While the others may have wanted to point out that she was the one that was fooling around, they simply nodded, in hopes that peace would return to the Morisato household once more. They did however seem to miss the little smile on Urd's face, as she stared at her youngest sister.


In the meanwhile another type of drama was unfolding outside the walls of Keiichi's home.

The blonde goddess was trying to dry the waterlogged kitten, in hopes that she would revive her from the catatonic state she was currently in. Even that brief contact with the liquid that Wellsper was so acutely allergic of, sent the cursed cat into a coma like state.

“Ugh...meow” managed the cat after a few moments, once every single droplet of the offending liquid was removed and her black fur was dry once more. “What hit me?”

“Are you alright, miss?” asked the concerned goddess. Despite the obvious demonic aura emanating from the feline, it was a goddess's obligation to help those in dire need. Or at least try to, given that the cat wasn't going to try anything particularly nasty later on. “You seem to have taken some severe shock. Are you really feeling OK? Do you need any additional assistance miss?”

It took Wellsper a few seconds to realize that this unfamiliar goddess was actually talking to him. “Hey, who are you calling a miss? I'm a guy here!” protested the offended cursed cat, raising his fur as he assumed a ready to strike pose.

“What? I thought that you were a girl for sure.” said the slightly confused, but yet somewhat certain goddess. Despite that, she gave the demon a short bow, in hopes to make up for her verbal blunder. “I'm sorry for the mistake, I hope I haven't terribly offended you by my assumption.”

Wellsper began to finally relax as this particular goddess was more like Belldandy, instead of the other sassy ones, that used to make fun of him, on every given chance they had. “Well, I guess I can acknowledge your ignorance of my current predicament. So I will let it slide.”

The moment was suddenly interrupted when a loud noise came from the house. Four rockets went right through the paper door panels and immediately went after the target the have locked on. The only demon currently located in the temple grounds, Wellsper.

The demonic cat in question, put a valiant effort to try to avoid the incoming threat, but only managed to dodge two of them, while the remaining ones hit him dead on. So, for the second time in less than a few hours, he was sent flying in a ballistic trajectory. At least, this time around, in a direction that didn't include any ponds. Not that this little fact made the whole experience so much better, but given the rotten luck he seemed to have in the last day or so, he was willing to appreciate even something like that.

The goddess for her part, simply gawked at the sudden development, not being able to understand the complete chain of events that took place before her very own eyes. Despite that, she decided to announce her presence to the ones inside the house, now that her temporary company had left the scene in such a dramatic fashion.

Everyone was gathered around the low table, as Keiichi was enjoying the breakfast that his wife had prepared. Since goddesses didn't require food to sustain themselves, although they could technically eat it, they were simply having some of Belldandy's tea, except for Skuld, who was enjoying the ice cream that she was promised for participating in the wedding ceremony. Of course they all enjoyed some food from time to time, though it was mostly for recreational and social purposes instead of survival. The only exceptions were some goddesses that used some type of alternative energy source that happened to be edible and as such, the would eat as a way to accelerate their power recovery, like Skuld who had ice cream as a secondary energy source or Urd with alcohol. It was a fact that really helped Keiichi's budget as well, since he didn't had to pay for all their meals as well. Snacks were a totally different case however as the all seemed to enjoy them on a regular basis.

For the moment though, the mortal was happily eating his food, pausing for a few seconds now and then in order to congratulate Belldandy for her good job. It was really a scene that seemed to repeat itself again and again during the last few years with little variations, something that was beginning to get on the bronze skinned goddess's nerves. 'Come on you are married now. Say something different for a change, sheesh... '

“Mmm... That tastes really good, Belldandy...” said Keiichi between bites, as he gave his wife a smile.

“I'm so glad Keiichi.” replied the first class goddess as she returned her husband's smile with one of own.

“OK, enough with that! You guys go through the same old routine every single day. Come on, you are married now, shouldn't you try to interact a bit differently?” interrupted the goddess of the past, as she reached the limit of her patience. Turning her head, she gave Keiichi one of the stares that she had apparently inherited from her mother. “And you! Say something a bit more romantic. What's with all those comments about the food? Can’t you think of something else?”

“But, it is really good. Besides shouldn't I thank her for her effort?” asked Keiichi as he tried to put a brave face and not shiver under Urd's terrifying gaze.

“Besides I no longer call him 'Keiichi-san' anymore, Neesan.” added Belldandy in an effort to change her big sister's opinion in regards to the situation.

“You should have done that years ago, Belldandy...” said Urd with a long sigh, her previous anger already lost as she relised she was trying to deal with two people that did things on their own pace. “Just give me some more tea...”

At that exact moment, the doorbell signaled the arrival of a guest. It wasn't something unusual that somebody would drop unannounced to Keiichi's home. As a matter of fact very few actually called and informed them in advance.

“I'll get it.” volunteered Peorth, hoping that she would manage to get rid of visitor, before they had the chance to interrupt the moment. Yesterday was troublesome as it was, with the rebellion in Nifelheim and all that, so they could use some peace for a change.

The Goddess of the Lake was fidgeting as she waited for somebody to greet her. Did she follow the right protocol that a proper visitor should use? To be honest, the former mortal spent far too much time sealed, so she had little idea what were the current customs. As a matter of fact she didn't know anything about the technology that was used by the present day mortals as well. Back in her days, a few centuries ago, there were no buttons that made a sound when you pressed them. Even if she was supposed to get some feedback from Yggdrasil, in order to keep up with the advancements in the mortal world, that connection was nearly blocked during her penance. The worst part was that due to her previous limitations, she had little interactions with other goddesses, since she couldn't leave her lake that acted as her lifeline.

As the door opened, she bowed slightly in order to show some respect. “Greetings, I am goddess fourth class, special assignment limited, Laguz. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, please to meet you as well.” said Peorth with a tiny bit of surprise to find another goddess visiting them. Returning the bow with one of her own she tried to introduce herself as well, “I'm goddess first class, second category unlimited, Peorth. I'm a system administrator, but you may have heard me from my other job as one of the best agents of the Earth Help Center.”

The blonde goddess's reaction though was far from the awe that Peorth had probably expected. As she stared or rather gawked at the goddess of the roses, she just couldn't believe what the brunette was actually wearing. Did heaven's dress code change that much during the time she was sealed? She had never really been up there, so she didn't know from personal experience and the other goddess she met lately was just in her battle uniform, not casual clothes.

Peorth waved her hand in front of the blonde's face, that had turned completely red as she kept staring. “Um... hello? Are you OK?” she tried, in order to get the other goddess's attention. But to no avail, as the Lake Goddess remained frozen.

Seeing that it was taking Peorth a lot of time, Keiichi decided to see who was the visitor. “Hey Peorth, who's at the door?” he said from the corridor, as he approached the door.

“Some goddess called Laguz.” said Peorth pointing at the embarrassed living statue that was standing in front of her.

The name certainly didn't ring any bells for the young mechanic, but once he was close enough to have a clear view of the visitor, he immediately recognized her. “That's the Lake Goddess from before! What is she doing here?”

Neither answered him, as Peorth didn't know and the other one still couldn't speak.



The loud sneeze interrupted the silence in the deceptively huge room, as most of it was merely a vast bottomless pit, with a throne in the middle and a bridge that provided a connection between that and the entrance. Nifelheim's throne room was merely for show, a way to intimidate the ones that visited the Daimakaicho for official business, and not much of a useful working space. There was another one, an actual office that was better suited for everyday use, but it was out of limits for most demons, except for the Daimakaicho herself and her closest subordinates.

With absolutely no furniture, except the throne itself, it was never meant to provide comfort for those that decided to spend time there. Not to mention the ones that decided to actually sleep here.

Hild shifted in her futon, that was placed in the middle of the bridge, trying to get enough distance from the person that occupied the futon right next to hers. Apparently during the course of the previous night, her goddess visitor, had somehow managed to get close enough to get a hold of her. Even worse the sleepy Asgardian, who was snuggling her like a pillow, had positioned her head mounted wings on such angle, that ended up tickling the demoness. “Wake up, you sleepy head.”

“Five more minutes Urd-chan...” murmured the still half asleep goddess. “let me stay in bed a bit more..those pillows are just too comfortable...”

'Did she really raised my daughter or was it the other way around?' thought Hild as she stared down at her current company. “I'm not Urd-chan. And those are no pillows either.”

Opening her eyes a bit, she tried to take a look on her surroundings, only to realize that she wasn't in her bed in Asgard. “Huh?”

Giving her a wide grin, the Daimakaicho couldn't resist to miss an opportunity to tease her. “You know, for the brief period of time that I had him, your husband liked them as well. Glad to see that you two have similar tastes.”

That kickstared the goddess's higher thought processes. Pulling herself away from Hild as fast as she could, Ansuz got on her feet and took a few steps back, only to stumble on the low table they used to play card games the previous night, and fall flat on her rump in a not so ladylike manner. “Oof! You didn't have to do that, Hild...”

“Says you... After molesting me moments ago.” replied the demoness in a deadpan voice, as she tried to contain her laughter from seeing the goddess's current predicament. “So are you leaving now?”

Ansuz let out a sigh as she got up. “Say what you will Hild, but it was fun to be like that again. Like the good old days.”

“Yes. Like tho old says..” whispered the demoness, as she observed her friend looking around the area as if she was searching for a lost item. “What's wrong?”

The goddess didn't reply immediately and rather continued to go through the various board games that were all around the floor, until she realized that the item she wanted was nowhere to be found. “Umm... this may be a bit embarrassing, but... well... you see...”

“Quit fumbling and just say it, will you!?” said Hild in an irritated voice, not in the mood to play games anymore. She did that yesterday and as much as she enjoyed her friend's company, there were still things that needed to be done. Places to be and all that.

The goddess looked extremely worried, feeling that Hild wouldn't let her live this one down, but the Daimakaicho wanted an answer, and an answer she was going to get. No matter how embarrassing that may be. “I cannot find my staff. Have you seen it anywhere?”

The best thing that Hild could do was to just stare at Ansuz in stunned amazement. “Wait a second... You're joking, right?”

“I'm afraid I am not.” was the simple but honest answer. As a matter of fact, it was also the only one she could think of as well.

“You lost the Judgement Gate!!?” asked the still shocked demoness, before she started laughing. “Bwahaha... Good riddance, I'd say!”

“Hey! Do you know or not?” asked Ansuz as she felt her patience running out.

As soon as Hild got a hold of herself, at least to the point where she could give a response that wasn't interrupted by fits of laughter, she pointed downwards. “Think where we're standing. There is only one place it may have fallen to, actually.”

It was absolutely logical to think that, but the goddess didn't even want to consider it. Getting closer to the edge of the chasm, she glanced down at the dark abyss bellow, a sight that would make even the bravest mortals feel absolutely terrified. “Down there?” she said in a quiet voice, almost wishing it wasn't true. “Uh, Hild-san, where does that go?”

For her part the demoness in question was already fearing that question. “Somewhere terrible. Don't ask. Hopefully the safety nets captured your toy, before it went all the way down there.”

This was going to be another long day by the looks of it.


“I'm terrible sorry!” apologized for the third time the blonde goddess as soon as she got inside the house. “My reaction was just uncalled for, Peorth-san. Please forgive me.”

“Oh, I forgive you, alright. She's the one I won't forgive.” said Peorth, before she pointidely stared at the other side of the table were Urd was laughing uncontrollably, “Quit that! It's not nearly as funny as you make it!”

“Really? I don't know, I kinda liked it.” managed the goddess of the past as she returned the angry look that Peorth was giving her, with an amused one of her own.

“I told you that you would get embarrassed looks, Peorth.” said the Valkyrie in her usual stoic manner, interrupting the two other goddess's conversation.

“You too!?” asked Peorth in an amazed voice. “Fine! Since everyone wants to make fun of me, I'll go and let you laugh as much as you want.” and with that the goddess of the roses, got out of the room, in order to blow some steam off.

“Peorth...” started to say the goddess of the present, but her fellow wish granter was already on her way. Turning to her older sibling, she gave Urd a disapproving look, “Neesan, you shouldn't tease Peorth that much. She may be hurt by that.”

“Nah, she'll come around. We always tease each other like that, it's not a big deal.” said Urd in a dismissive tone. “But if it makes you feel any better, I will make her one of those rose perfumes she likes so much. As a matter of fact I may do that right now, as I don't have anything better to do.”

“Speaking of things to do.” said the youngest of the sisters, “I need to restock my bomb supply. So I'll be in my room. See you later.”

And with that those two left for their own rooms, leaving the rest staring at each other.

“Actually I have some business to attend to as well.” said Lind, and before anyone noticed anything she retrieved an item that was kept out of sight and left the room as well.

“Well.” started Belldandy, “I need to clean up, so why don't you show her the temple, Keiichi?”

“Sure thing Belldandy.” said the mechanic.

“Wait, you don't need to bother with me.” objected the other goddess in the room. “You must have better things to do, than wasting time with me like that.”

“Treating a guest, is something I wouldn't ever consider as wasting time.” said Belldandy with a shake of her head. “Besides there must be a lot of things that changed since the time you last walked on the Earth.”

“My connection with Yggdrasil can provide me with all the necessary information, so please don't bother.” insisted the Lake Goddess.

“It's not a bother.” said Keiichi “As Belldandy said, we don't ignore a guest. Besides there is a difference between getting some information second handed and experiencing that by yourself.”

“Yes, that's right Keiichi.” agreed Belldandy, offering him a smile that he gladly returned.

'I see, so that's how those two are.' thought Laguz. “Very well, in that case I gladly accept your kind offer.”

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As long as the honeymoon chapter doesnt include the resort exploding i'll be fine. good chapter

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I think the honeymoon chapter needs to have Flowers Exploding everywhere! Like, whole resort buried under flowers. So many flowers they need to get construction equipment to get all the flowers out. ;)

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I think the honeymoon chapter needs to have Flowers Exploding everywhere! Like, whole resort buried under flowers. So many flowers they need to get construction equipment to get all the flowers out. ;)

ill admit that would be funny

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Yes, I hope to use that joke (with a few variations) here and there, but not to the point of making it look overused.

Also another thing I didn't mention is the Lake goddesse's name. Her current one is more like a title, so I picked the rune Laguz as her name. It can mean "Water" or "Lake", which I find fitting for her.

PS: I have the chapter posted on FF

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I like it!


......but I would wait to publish this to just yet if you have not already done so.

There are some minor things that need to be fixed, mostly grammar and word substitution errors that need to be cleared up. I will try to point them out directly later.

The major issue I see is this: So the house gets demolished again. Peorth fixes it. All the while, outside, Laguz is trying to revive Welsper? And Peorth does not notice this? In fact, I would expect that everyone would need to extricate themselves from the house before the repair happens, flowers cleaned up, etc., which would be done from the outside (I would think). At least to me, this seems to be an incongruity in the story, but I tend to nit-pick things a little.

By the way, she REALLY needs to get that under control. ;)

## BAH!! You beat me to the punch on the publishing bit. :)

Edited by IdiAmeanDada

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Thanks for pointing that out IdiAmeanDada.

I may have been a bit overenthusiastic and posted it earlier, but I will try to be a bit more patient and restrain from doing that in the future. I hope the errors weren't really terrible.

As for the house restoration, well they can technically do it without getting out. Especially given the time the event took place (early morning), they may have opted to just deal with it and don't worry too much. Plus it's almost a routine to them by now. Plus Peorth (and Urd) may have thought that the reason behind the explosion was a different one, and fixed it immediately, before somebody else (Skuld) got to see too much. In the meanwhile Laguz avoided making too much of a fuss, and waited to announce herself later, since it's not really polite to drop by at such an early hour.

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Another way to explain it would have been for Welsper to land a little further away, maybe in a swimming pool or pond off the grounds? But not too far away that the missiles would not have locked onto him. That way she could avoid notice.

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True, but it seems that the temple is a bit too far away from anything like that (as far as I know). For example there is the indoor pool during the date with Peorth, but that's obviously too far away. I mostly expected that they would just fix it right away, since it was too early to bother and get out of their beds. But I could be mistaken.

Or it could be that the sheer amount of flowers were blocking the way and the didn't see them (although that one sounds unlikely). Until those flowers disappeared at least (since they are made by magic).

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Aww, but think of the newscast!

"News at 11. Waikiki Resort in Hawaii inexplicably buried under what seem to be tons and tons of flowers. Construction equipment is being hauled in to free the trapped resort guests..."

And do remember, there might be more shockwaves then just flowers. Making love is likely to be a very spiritual thing for Belldandy (just as well, from Keiichi's perspective, since his skill at satisfying her spiritual needs is likely much greater then his skill at satisfying her physical needs). So there might even be a massive shockwave that shorts some systems out on Yggdrasil. Further, there might be a shockwave of happiness that bestows good fortune to everyone on the Pacific Rim. Hell might be somewhat irked about that.****

**** This idea was taken from the Bath Time fic, where Belldandy's orgasm caused massive shockwaves that pretty much disrupted the universe. Heh heh.

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