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AMG x FoNV : Ah! I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire!

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In a world like the one in Fallout, there's a lot a stuff happening; bad stuff. And it's absolutely impossible to completely shied Keiichi from them, expecting him to be as innocent as he was in the canon series. That's one of the reasons why I said that he's not the exact same Keiichi as we know him. Of course, he's still going to have a lot of common characteristics with his canon version and he might be the kind of person who prefers using his head than his shotgun. Finding clever ways to solve a problem is more like him, but, it's going to be hard to find a peaceful solution to everything (a bit unrealistic), so, he might have to rely on violence, too. As long as that's not his first option and he tries to do the right thing, then I believe that it's going to be possible for the reader to accept him as an alternative version of Keiichi (one from the Fallout world), instead of someone who only shares his name.

As for the Judgement Gate... Keeping it as part of the story and then making it one of the plot points isn't a bad idea. While Heavens might try to avoid bringing it up, there will be a few who might wonder if it should be permitted for anyone to be spared and eventually bring up the whole subject. Providing that it's something that you want to go for, that is. Otherwise, you can ignore it or simply say that the current state of the world required the interference of the goddesses to set it back into its previous (or close to) state. Given that, Keiichi and Belldandy are central to that, if they went through the Gate and failed, then they'd have to be separated forever. Which would've been a serious setback in their efforts (the same could be said for any other mortal that Belldandy had to work with).

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Alright, I'm nearly done with my first playthrough. It's with Mr. House by the way.


I could use that, but I feel like giving NCR a run. Not too sure, though.


Tempted to play the 'Tale of two wastelands' and use it as somewhat of a backstory, but I won't.


After playing, I'm having doubts about Urd with the legion. I'm tempted to put her with the NCR and have her claim that she deals with enough bureaucracy in heaven and doesn't want to throw herself entirely into human politics. But to prevent her from fully convincing Keiichi to side with the NCR, I'd probably have him have an past incident where while a part of him sides with the NRC, he keeps distancing himself from him because of that incident.


As for DLCs I'd like to use, I'll list one reason or more for both why and why not I want to include them


Dead Money:

Pro: To have Mara and Belldandy challenged by it, I'd have them in a time where Yggdrasil and Nidhogg are both not giving them power because both systems either dealing with upgrades or something.

Con: Kinda don't want to as I don't see them contributing to the story


Honest Hearts

Pro: I want to write Belldandy's reaction to seeing a untouched area in Fallout. It'd be breathtaking for her. Also I want to see if I can have Mara and Joshua Graham vs Belldandy and Daniel in a bible-quoting argument about what to do with the white legs. But a part of me thinks that is a minefield, a nasty minefield.

Con: Same as Dead money.


Old world Blues

Pro: It's the  DLC I had the most fun with and got the most Goodies. Kinda want to use this to give Mara and Keiichi a chance to have a relationship.

Con: Seems like filler


Lonesome road

Pro:A chance to put Keiichi, Belldandy, and Mara into a dangerous situation that tries them all! (yes, this means I'd see if I can throw a third series into it to give everyone a hard time)

Con : Same cons as Dead money and Old world Blues. 

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