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Ah! My license suspension

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Well, as unexpected as it is, I have decided to try and start a little project based on a suggestion I got from ObeliskX for a story that would feature a reverse harem (a female lead with other males around her; unlike the more typical harem settings where are the opposite of that).

For quite a while, I really wanted to write a story about Urd and even though she’s far from absent in my other stories, none of them specifically focus on her. So, this project is very different in the aspect that it mainly centers itself around a much smaller cast of characters, compared to what I’m mostly known for writing. Also, this will be far better paced in regards to how fast things happen and hopefully will be easier to get into it because of that.

Generally speaking, this is an AU version of the AMG series, taking place after Keiichi’s graduation, but, without any of the series’ events taking place. No wishes, no contact with immortals, or anything of that nature.

The biggest warning however, is that this story will feature a pairing that’s non canon and as such, I must advise those who cannot stand such a thing to avoid reading this story. I have nothing against Belldandy and Keiichi being together; far from it. My other stories are heavily centered around that pairing and I have no intention to change that there. This, however, is an AU story that’s not going to focus on Urd’s sisters and as such, I’ve felt that it wouldn’t be a problem for Keiichi to potentially end up with another. Normally, I’d avoid including such a spoilerish comment, but, I’m fully aware that pairings are a huge matter for most fans and I don’t want to upset anyone who would start reading this without that knowledge.

Finally, I’d like to note that due to the fact that I’ve already have two other stories that I try to update on a regular basis, this one will unfortunately see a less frequent schedule of updates. However, despite that, I intend to keep it going and I’d never abandon it without any warning. So, for those who might happen to like this, please be patient while I’m working on it.

"Goddess second class, first category, limited license, Urd.

Due to your reckless actions during what was supposed to be a routine maintenance of the subsystem, five servers went offline and an even more extensive repairs of the remaining ones are now needed. As a direct result of that, you're getting a fifty year license suspension and will have to remain in Midgard until your penance is over.

I have spoken."


Nekomi, Japan

"Waitress! I said that I wanted my coffee black! This has creamer in it!"

Gritting her teeth, the newest employee of one of Nekomi's busiest cafes tried to maintain her cool as she dealt with the annoying customer who had already complained about the crumbled cookies that were served along with his coffee. "Please forgive my mistake, sir. I'll get you another cup."

Retrieving the fourth wrong order for today's shift, the bronze skinned waitress was almost certain that not only those indecisive morons were doing it on purpose to get an extra order for free, but, in the end she was going to listen to that unfeeling drone who acted as the shop's manager go on and on about how she was supposed to do her job.

'Yeah right, he realized that it had creamer after he drank nearly a third of it... And he had a problem with the cookies too! That son of a...'

In all honesty, she wasn't entirely sure which was worse; the customers who kept annoying her like that or those who tried to flirt with her every time she tried to take their orders. Ever since she started working here nearly a month ago, her popularity had skyrocketed among the students of this college city, who wanted to check the exotic beauty with a body that made most models look like runts in comparison. However, that did little to amuse her as the constant attempts to get her phone number or even ask her directly for a date had started to get on her nerves, especially with that old coot of a manager admonishing her for wasting time by chatting with the customers instead of being more efficient.

Truth to be told, the platinum haired woman was utterly sick of this place and if it wasn't for the somewhat decent pay, she would've quit days ago. None of her coworkers were particularly friendly towards her, although, she suspected that it wasn't anything personal, but, their fear of getting scolded by that devil of a manager who wouldn't even let them talk to each other unless it was strictly part of their work. It was no wonder that most other waitresses quit within a couple of months and that was actually how she got her position when another girl decided that she no longer wanted to work in a place where the staff was treated like soulless machines.

Wish I could get better job, too… Having to smile like an idiot all the time is starting to get on my nerves. And… Whoa!...

As brief as it was, the sensation of having someone pat her bottom was more than enough to make her spin around to see who had the nerve to pull such a stunt and found a middle aged man in a boring dark gray costume who immediately pulled away from her. It wasn’t just the fact that she didn’t ignore it, but the sheer intensity of her stare was more than enough to make him wish he had never attempted that in the first place.

Slamming the tray she was carrying on his table with enough force to make the cups on it rattle and nearly fall over, the platinum haired woman snarled at the offending customer as she grabbed him by the front of his collar and lifted him up almost effortlessly with one hand, making both him and the others around them gawk at the sight in shock.

Where the hell do you think you are? In a cabaret?”

Struggling to come up with a response as the buxom woman shook him like a ragdoll, the commotion she caused eventually got not only the other customers’ attention, but the rest of the staff as well and more importantly, the manager.

Miss Urd! What do you think you’re doing?! You can’t treat a valuable customer like that! Release him at once!”

Turning to the portly old man who was readjusting his glasses after what must’ve felt like a marathon for him as he rushed to save the offender instead of the victim, Urd had no desire to remain polite after everything that happened. It was ridiculous enough that he was making them work around the clock like machines, but, to try and defend a scumbag only because he was making money out of him was unforgivable. “Release him? Instead of calling the police, you want to make it seem that nothing had happened at all? What’s next? Apologize to him?”

The police? Don’t be ridiculous! I don’t want people think that this is an ill reputed place!” countered the manager, holding his ground, despite the stern and even scary expression on her face.

It’s all money to you, isn’t it? You filthy cur?” spat Urd as she set the middle aged man down. However, before anyone could even blink she promptly smashed her forehead against the wide eyed molester, sending him sprawling on the floor.

That’s it! You’re fired! Get out of here this instance and never come back!shouted the shaking manager as he pointed towards the exit, astonished by the defiance of this woman who didn’t even try to apologize for her rudeness towards him.

Screw you! I quit!” Proudly flipping him the bird, Urd took her apron off and tossed it right on the fuming manager’s face, as she marched towards the exit. “I’m not going to work for a scumbag to the likes of you!”

You… You!... Ungrateful wench! I should sue you for assaulting my…” Stopping abruptly when he noticed a young man standing next to him, the manager tried to put an apologetic look on his face. “P-Please… don’t be disturbed by this rude woman… I assure you that our shop is a ve-..”

His sentence was cut short when he failed to produce any more sound, making the portly man panic as he couldn’t understand what was going on; other than something was terribly wrong here.. And while the worried manager struggled to get a grip of the situation, the man with the dark blue hair simply ignored him as he tried to track the goddess who just left the shop. Letting a sigh he headed towards the exit as well, he left the manager behind without any care for his soundless pleas for help. It was only after he too left the shop that the portly man was able to talk once again, but either way, he was totally irrelevant to him at that point; his message had come across and even if the mortal failed to learn anything, he had temporarily stopped him from making any more noise.

The nerve of that human! Treating his workers like trash… Now where did she go?’

Scanning the streets with his blue eyes, the man disappeared into the crowd, in hopes to find the goddess.


No… no… just no…”

Throwing the newspaper away in frustration, Urd had had it. None of the jobs she tried to get were actually remotely interesting or even capable of providing her with the much needed income to keep paying for her rent.

It was utterly confusing for her, but the bronze skinned woman had real trouble to recollect anything prior of waking up in this apartment several weeks ago with very little idea of who she was or what she doing here at all. Other than her name and the fact that she appeared to be from a foreign land, Urd no other piece of information about herself and a tiny amount of money to cover her initial expenses.

In the first couple of days, she contemplated to go to the authorities and ask for help, although, the lack of any ID or other official papers made her rather reluctant. For all practical purposes she could not prove that she was either a Japanese citizen or had the right to be there, legally at least. As such, Urd had wisely decided to keep a low profile and simply find a job to support herself.

Unfortunately, that also lead to a big problem, as she had no way to certify her level of education and create a CV for herself. As a matter of fact, while she was fairly knowledgeable about all types of medicine and even skilled with computers, lacking an official degree from any university or college it was all but impossible for her to make others accept her application for positions that required those skills. Instead, Urd was restricted to the types of jobs that didn’t need any degree and within the first few days she got herself a position as a waitress; not the fanciest of things she could do, but at least, it paid the bills.

Of course, after that incident almost a week ago, there was no way she would go back and try to find another cafe or even a restaurant to work. Urd had despised the looks she was getting from all those college students and their silly efforts to court her, and those jobs also tended to provide her with little money; especially since her customers left few tips and yet an abundance of notes with their phone numbers.

What a bunch of losers… As if I’d date them for no apparent reason. Or they just think that because I like to show a bit more skin, I’m an easy girl who drops her panties at a moment’s notice. Yeah… right.’

Sadly for her, the hunt for the ideal job was becoming more like a wild goose chase, since she had not found a single decent place that would take her without any sort of degree or waiting on a ridiculously long list for an interview; only to be politely shot down. Well, there a few places where those interviewers were rather interested, however, it was her who decided that she wished to have nothing to do with them. Desperate or not, Urd had no delusions that those men wanted her not as a saleswoman, but, as a personal entertainer of sorts and that was simply out of question.

The real issue though was that she was on a deadline; one that was rapidly approaching as her budget was nearly gone and in a week’s time, she’d have to pay the rent; something that she could no longer afford anymore. During such desperate times, Urd had even contemplated to work as a model, but… after being told that she had to lose some weight in order to fit the ridiculous standards of that industry, the amnesiac woman felt way more offended than frustrated. There was absolutely nothing with her figure from her perspective, although the ones she contacted probably wanted a walking skeleton, rather than a sexy, sensual lady.

Their loss… And the nerve of that old coot… asking whether my breasts were real or not… Just because she looks like a shriveled prune doesn’t mean that there aren’t any naturally attractive women out there.’

There was a particular type of modeling position that she could easily score, though. However, getting a job as an adult actress was a far too undesirable for her and as a result, it became an absolutely last resort option should everything else fail and even then, Urd was rather reluctant. She was by no means a shy person and most of the outfits she wore reflected that aspect of her personality. Still, Urd also possessed a rather strong sense of pride and having to resort to something she personally considered as demeaning was so far from acceptable that she had to no desire to give it a try. In her opinion, her attractive looks were part of who she truly was, not something to be used as merchandise.

Hm… a bike shop is in need for a saleswoman? Well… there seems to be no other requirements, so, maybe I’ll go and take a look? If it’s not owned by a totally perverted old man, I might give it a try. First things first, I need a hot shower and then something nice to wear for tomorrow.’

Content that she had a plan for the next day, Urd decided to make sure that she was presentable for the upcoming visit on her aspiring workplace, even if she knew little about bikes and other kinds of vehicles. Truth to be told, if she wasn’t facing the possibility of getting evicted, that advertisement would’ve never caught her eye as a potential opportunity.

Writing down the address in a piece of paper, Urd headed for the bath, hoping that this time she was going to be a bit more lucky for a change.


Uh… What in the name of… Is this a shop or a shipping container?’

Blinking as she stood in front of the so called ‘Whirlwind,’ Urd was starting to see why there were absolutely no requirements for this position. The... shop, for a lack of a better word, was just a tiny business and worse, the prospect of getting a good salary was most likely a dream by now.

Yet despite her disappointment and desire to go back to her apartment and start searching for a different job, Urd decided to knock the door. After all, time was running out and she was one day closer for having her landlord ask her for the rent.

Welcome to Whirlwind! Is there anything I can get for you, miss?”

Staring at the brunette, Urd was rather surprised to find a woman instead of a guy in a place like this. Actually, the shop while tiny, it was in a much better state than most grease covered and dirty workplaces out there; indicating a female touch that was often missing from such kinds of businesses.

Uh… I’m here for the saleswoman position,” said the goddess with some reluctance, unsure whether she was talking at the right person or not. “My name’s Urd and I was wondering if I could work here.”

Oh! I never thought we’d get someone asking for the position already! Pleased to meet you, I’m Fujimi Chihiro, the owner of this shop,” said the brunette businesswoman, offering her hand to the goddess who shook it with a small smile. “And the guy working on that bike in that corner is Keiichi Morisato.”

Huh?” Following her gaze, the bronze skinned lady noticed the shop’s only other worker who paused to see what was going on. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t notice you.”

That’s okay… I must admit that I was a bit too busy to notice you as well,” said Keiichi with a chuckle as he wondered what a beautiful woman like her was doing in their shop. Clearly, given the way she was dressed, with her high heels and her tight minidress, he doubted that she was a bike enthusiast, since that attire was unsuitable for driving anything other than a car. Of course, she could always be here for the salary, although, if that was the case, he seriously didn’t expect her to stay for long. There was a reason why Chihiro didn’t post too much information about that position; the pay was really low and despite her claims they already had four candidates showing up, only to leave after they heard how much they were going to get paid.

Offering a friendly nod as she noticed that for once, someone looked at her eyes when talking to her, Urd turned back to Chihiro to learn more details. “So, I trust that the position is still available?”

Yes, that’s right! You’ll have to take over the sales for me, which would give me the opportunity to focus more on helping Keiichi-kun over there with the actual work that needs to be done around here,” said Chihiro with a smile.”The hourly salary is 450 Yen, and we’re open six days a week for a normal eight hour shift.”

Urd had to put a considerable amount of effort to avoid wincing at the sound of that. As a matter of fact, her previous job offered her nearly twice as much, tips included. On one hand, the bronze skinned goddess liked the environment so far, since Chihiro and Keiichi appeared to be good people. However, it was going to be really painful to cover all her expenses with such a tiny amount of money and she had to make a tough decision; whether to take the job or simply walk away hoping to get a better offer somewhere else. ‘I don’t like the sound of that salary, but, time is running out. I only have a few more days to find a job and… Oh… let’s get this over with!’

I guess I’ll be working here from now on!”

Excellent! I hope you’re going to enjoy your new job, Urd!” Smiling brightly, Chihiro was really happy that her business was finally expanding. It had been already a year since she opened her shop and while they had a decent amount of clients so far, they needed a lot more before they would be able to become truly successful.

Yes, congratulations, Urd-san. I guess I’ll be the only guy here from now on,” said Keiichi jokingly, as he tried to figure out why she accepted the position. ‘Maybe she’s broke? It’s not like I hadn’t gone through those phases during the last couple of years...’

Please… Urd-san is too formal for my liking. Just call me Urd and we’ll get together just fine,” said the bronze skinned goddess with a wink, making the mechanic blush as he wasn’t used to get compliments from girls.

Uh… t-thanks... Urd…” Scratching the back of his head nervously, Keiichi desperately tried to remind himself that she was merely a person he met only minutes ago, and from this point on, his coworker. It was true that most women he tried to impress, either ignored him or outright dumped him after a date or two for various reasons. Not only he was nearly broke most of the time, but, his tendency to spend countless hours for his hobbies was something that deterred even the most patient of them who wanted him to pay more attention to them, instead of wasting his free time and energy with some crazy project.

That was back when he was still a student at NIT and member of the notorious Motor Club, known for the eccentricity of its directors and all the rest of the crazy schemes they came up with. It was so bad, that the only girl who seriously considered to date him for real, asked him to chose between her and that Club, given how much time and money he devoted for what was actually a hobby in her eyes. And with his reluctance to pick either, his girlfriend had decided that enough was enough and broke up with him, leaving Keiichi rather reluctant to try again anytime soon.

Okay! I guess it’s fine to finish a bit earlier today and celebrate for our new employee!” Grinning from ear to ear, the brunette businesswoman started to prepare for Ur’s welcoming party, something that the goddess wasn’t really expecting at all.

Actually… salary aside, this looks like a nice place to work.’


Are you sure you can go home on your own?”

Chuckling, Urd turned to the dark haired mechanic who was already preparing to start his bike’s engine. It was extremely rare to see one with a sidecar anymore, especially as she wasn’t even sure what he needed that attachment for; being single and all. Despite that, it appeared that he took great care of his BMW, as it was nearly as if it just rolled out the assembly line despite its apparent age. On the other hand, his attempt to help her was a bit too obvious. “That’s fine, Keiichi. My apartment isn’t that far from here, actually. I’ll be there in a couple of minutes, so, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

No, I meant… You drank a whole bottle of sake and… Are you feeling okay?” asked the blushing man, suddenly realizing that she might’ve mistaken his offer as a cheesy way to court her.

Oh! About that? I can drink a lot more and have no ill effects!” Urd had never considered that he probably expected her to get drunk. Although she had seen others get tipsy or even plastered with a single bottle of booze, even the strongest stuff couldn’t phase her and that puzzled her. Sure, she got a buzz after a few glasses, but, it wasn’t like anything she had seen from others and even more, she never got a hangover.

Really? Sorry, since I rarely drink… you know… I’m what you might call a lightweight. Of course, that’s mostly because I like to drive whenever I can and as such, I avoid alcohol. Others often teased me for following the law to the letter, but, I’d rather avoid an accident if I can do something about it,” said Keiichi as he put his helmet on, before he added with a chuckle. “In that case, I guess you don’t need me to take you home.”

Wait!... I never said that getting there faster is a bad thing.” Feeling that the man was sincere and not just another con artist who just wanted to get into her panties, Urd decided to give it a try and socialize with him; as long as he didn’t get any funny ideas. Sure, he looked cute in a way and all that, but, having to work together with him would make him a bad candidate as a temporary date. And with most of her memory inaccessible, the goddess had no idea if she wanted to have a more serious relationship right now. It was one of the most problematic parts of her current predicament, to be uncertain of who she really was and what she wanted to do with her life.


Chuckling as she saw the confused look on the mechanic’s face, Urd pointed at his sidecar. “I meant that I wouldn’t mind taking me home a bit sooner than I’d normally get on my own. Unless it’s an inconvenience…”

No!... After all, I was the one who suggested it! Please climb on, Urd,” said Keiichi with a smile as he suddenly frowned. “Um… Unfortunately, I don’t have a helmet for you right now, but, I hope we won’t get into trouble for that.”

Oh? So, mister Upholding Citizen is going to break the law for me? Interesting...” teased Urd as she got onto the sidecar and made herself comfortable; as much as she possibly could, given how little space there was for her.

It’s… well… I honestly forgot about that for a moment, and…” fumbled Keiichi, as he turned towards her and instantly regretted it. Given her position on the sidecar and her current attire, the dark haired man got a really nice glimpse of her cleavage; an even better one, as the strapless minidress didn’t hide her flesh from anyone who looked at her from such an angle. Blushing, Keiichi was really glad that his helmet was obscuring most of his face and prevented her from seeing how red he actually got. It was embarrassing for a grown man to act like a young boy whenever he got a pretty girl next to him, and Urd was more that sexy enough to get his attention.

That’s okay. Like I said, it’s not really that far from here, so, it’s unlikely that we’re going to get caught or something.” Grinning, the bronze skinned goddess was actually enjoying this quite a bit and for a moment she wondered what her true self was like. On one hand, it was extremely entertaining for her to tease others, while on other hand, she was rather reluctant to go too far with just everyone she met. Maybe she was simply a mischievous person and not a nymphomaniac, but, without her memories, all she could do was to speculate about her past.

Although, the biggest question for the goddess was the present. As she watched her new coworker drive her home, she pondered just how far it was fair to tease him. While it was hilarious to watch his reactions, it was a bit cruel to keep going like that forever; and after a certain point, he’d begin to think that she’s simply making fun of him. So, either she had to stop doing that, or, offer the boy a chance to get something more than just a glimpse of her cleavage, which brought her back to her lost memories.

How long is that going to last, anyway? I thought that maybe I’ll begin to remember things after a few days, but… there’s still no change. In that case… I really don’t want to wait forever to figure out what to do with my life. Sure… I might even have a family for all I know, but… How can I be sure? I can’t remember a thing!... Ugh!... what a mess...’

The amnesiac goddess’ thoughts were interrupted as the bike came to a stop, despite they were still not anywhere close to her apartment. Wondering if she gave him the wrong address or the young man simply heard wrong, Urd turned to him with a baffled look on her face. “Is there something wrong, Keiichi? This isn’t my place, or is this where you live?”

No… it’s just that… For a moment I thought I’ve seen the same person twice,” said the equally confused mechanic, as he tried to peek over his shoulder. “I could’ve sworn that there was a man over at that alley that he looked exactly the same with another one I’ve seen not far from Whirlwind.”

Maybe he’s heading in the same direction with us?” suggested Urd as she followed his gaze, only to find nobody.

On foot? I mean, it’s not like I’m speeding, but, it’s still very hard for anyone to keep up with us like that. And I’m certain that I’m not going in circles either,” said Keiichi as he shook his head and started to drive towards her apartment once again. “I’m probably too tired and my eyes are playing tricks with me.”

That’s probably the case. Unless, you happened to see two identical twins,” said Urd with a giggle, as she relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the ride, which didn’t last for more than a couple of minutes. Neither of them said much at that short period of time, not that they were in a rush. Tomorrow they’d spend a full shift in Whirlwind and there should be more than enough chances for some chit chat, which was exciting prospect for Urd.

At least I’m no longer working for that old coot. I can interact with others, instead of acting as if I’m a freaking robot. This is going to fun!’


So… you were both members of the Motor club?”

Actually, Chihiro-san is the founder of the club and had already graduated by the time I was a freshman at NIT. It was my sempai who knew her and at some point she returned to Nekomi to meet them,” said Keiichi as he sipped from his hot tea, during the lunch break. With their boss out of town to meet some new suppliers for bike parts, he took the liberty to provide the curious goddess with the information she wanted.

Interesting… and you sempai? I’ve never heard about them,” said Urd, as she tried to get more details.

Two oversized buffs, called Tamiya and Otaki. Quite the eccentric lot, given how bizarre and silly their antics typically were; causing us quite the trouble back then,” said Keiichi with a chuckle. “They’re still in Nekomi and even opened a garage for making all kinds of customized bikes.”

I see. Although, I remember hearing something about a sister,” said Urd with a grin, as she leaned forward, causing the man to turn red as her top struggled to contain her bust and prevent a wardrobe malfunction.

That would be Megumi, and she still needs a year until she graduates from NIT’s engineering department.” Averting his gaze higher to avoid getting even more embarrassed than he currently was, Keiichi was unsure whether having her around was a good or a bad thing. It was nice to have someone other Chihiro to talk to for a change, but, with her sexy body and revealing attire, it was very hard for him to focus on his work. Worse, he was uncertain whether she was doing it on purpose or she was simply a playful character, and asking her about it was probably a bad idea.

Girlfriends?” That was a question that surprised both Keiichi and even Urd herself, despite the fact that she was the one who said it. Most people would’ve found it improper to ask something like that to a person they just met a day previously. It was a subject generally reserved for conversations between close friends and even then, it was atypical for members of opposite sexes to discuss about relationships.

Um… may I ask why?”

I’m sorry! That was probably way too personal,” said Urd with an apologetic look. “It’s just that I tend to be very… let’s say friendly around others and on one instance, a coworker’s girlfriend got the wrong idea and nearly broke up with him. Mind telling you that we simply exchanged a few words every now and then between lunch breaks, but… she wasn’t so happy about that.”

Oh… Well, you won’t have such a problem with me,” said Keiichi with a chuckle, trying to lighten up the mood and reassure her that he wasn’t really offended by her question. “I never really had many to begin with. Most girls thought I was too dorky and short for their taste. Plus, I always had an empty wallet and spent way too much time with my hobbies and paid little attention to everything else.”

And that’s a problem, because?” Blinking, Urd could see why some of those issues could be taken as serious problems, but at the same time, she couldn’t understand why they avoided him in such a fashion.

Because girls found that to be a bad thing?” In all honesty, Keiichi was at a loss as why she didn’t just agree with that viewpoint. As a matter of fact, he had no idea how to explain something that was considered to be obvious for most.

A man is a lot more than a walking wallet, Keiichi. It’s a bit sad to assume that every woman out there is going to be swayed with shiny trinkets and other types of gifts,” said Urd with a shake of her head. “Sure, I’m not oblivious how most others want to have a tall, handsome and rich boyfriend, but… none of the above takes his personality into consideration. To be blunt about it, physical appearance alone is good only if you’re looking for sex, and money just by itself is for gold diggers who want to get it easy by dating someone with a fat wallet. Each has its appeal, but neither is the base of a relationship, if we want to honest with ourselves.”

I… won’t argue with you… Still, most girls I know don’t think that’s the case. Like I said, I’m short and…” started Keiichi, before he was interrupted by the goddess.

Yes, I kind of noticed that, already. So? It’s not like you’re ugly or something along those lines; far from it. Also, like I said, money is a strong motivation, but, it has little to do with the real you. What’s left was the issue about your hobbies, which in reality has a lot to do with your personality. In that case, if the one you date cannot understand what you like, then it’s probably a good hint that she may not agree with you on other subjects as well,” explained Urd with a sigh. “Simply put, you’re not compatible with each other.”

Huh? That’s really different from what I’ve thought…” said the confused mechanic as he scratched his head.

I’m sure that my viewpoints aren’t extremely popular, so, I’m not surprised at all,” said Urd with a casual shrug. “In the end it’s a matter of priorities and what you wish to get. I’m not a prude, and while you might get the wrong idea… sex isn’t such a big deal for me. At least, I don’t think so; given that I remember next to nothing about my past. Anyway, the point is that I don’t have issues to just have my fun without the need for a relationship; especially one that only existed for such a purpose. It probably clashes with some people’s definition of ethics, however, I’d rather avoid getting involved with someone just to satisfy my basic needs.”

Keiichi couldn’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable with this kind of conversation, since he rarely talked about relationships with any of his friends. Bikes and other vehicles were amongst their favorite topics, aside from ways to gain money for funding their projects and keep the Motor Club going. The only person who actually brought these kind of topics up was Megumi, but, in most cases she ended up teasing her brother instead of providing some useful insight about the fair sex. As a result, Keiichi had absolutely no idea how to respond to Urd, although, his blush was already betraying his embarrassment. “Umm… that’s nice and…”

Giggling as she watched him turn red, Urd decided that the poor man had more than enough already and decided to give him a break. “Sorry… That was probably a bit too forward. I don’t think that you’re supposed to talk about these matters with someone you only know for two days…”

No… I guess it would’ve made no difference even if we knew each other for a while,” said Keiichi, scratching his head. “I’m not really used to talk about that kind of stuff with others and most of my personal experiences from relationships weren’t all that great, either.”

I don’t blame you, to be honest. After having no luck for such a long time, most would get a bit reluctant to try again. Tell you what… if I manage to stay here for long enough, I might give you a chance to get lucky and have some,” said Urd with a wink.

Unfortunately, at that very moment Keiichi was having a sip from his tea to calm his nerves and ended up choking as he nearly spit it out. Bumping his fist against his chest to send the liquid down the right pipe, the young mechanic stared at the goddess with wide eyes, as his blush intensified. “W-W-What?!...

Oh, come on! Don’t be such a prude, Keiichi! We’re not living in the middle ages or something like that. There’s a thing called friends with benefits, although, I’d rather avoid that option to be honest,” said Urd, who was now starting to think that she might’ve done a horrible mistake by making that proposition. Not only she was dealing with a shy young man who might’ve gotten the wrong impression about her, but, she had no idea if he was the right person to ask such a thing. What he probably needed was a nice, stable relationship and at the moment, without even knowing who she really was, Urd was unsure if she wanted to get involved with him or not; at least for more than a single night.

I guess that’s for the best. I mean… I appreciate the thought and all, but… I doubt that short guys like me are dating material for you,” said Keiichi with a frown. Part of himself was arguing that wasting such an opportunity was simply stupid, as he’d never get another one from anyone as beautiful as her. Still, it was too sudden and worse, he had a feeling that his pretty coworker might’ve actually felt sorry for him. And no matter how tempting, that wasn’t the best way to get a date; even a temporary one.

Honestly? I don’t think you’re not cute enough by my standards. The real problem is that I don’t remember much about myself and… That makes me a bit reluctant to start something that might end poorly when my memory returns and I suddenly realize that I’m a very different person than I currently think,” admitted Urd. “Also, I don’t have many friends here and I don’t want to waste the chance to have one by sleeping with him. Nothing personal of course! Sometimes… even when we have good intentions, people can get really upset when you tell them that you might not be looking for a permanent relationship and… Let’s just say that it doesn’t end well.”

Um… Did that happen to you before?” asked Keiichi with some reluctance. He was fairly certain that this wasn’t the right thing to bring up, but so far, this conversation was very different from any other he previously had and the goddess’ comments had inevitable made him rather curious about her personality. Not only she looked different, but, her attitude had nothing in common with any other woman he knew and as a result, he wanted to know more about who she really was.

Pff! Several times already, and that’s during the short period of time I’ve been in Nekomi,” said Urd with a disgusted expression. “There are all kind of morons who thought that offering me a drink means that I’m obligated to let them have their way with me; and they even had the nerve to get upset when I said no. One guy in particular even tried to drag me to a nearby love hotel after having a cup of tea with him. The nerve of that bastard!...”

For real?! I mean… that’s ridiculous!” said Keiichi as his eyes went wide. “You should’ve called the police!”

No need. I tossed him to a nearby wall hard enough to knock him unconscious,” said Urd with a gleam in her eyes that made Keiichi blink as he thought that he actually saw her pupils become like a cat’s for a moment.

Shaking his head to dismiss the silly thought, the young mechanic made a mental note to avoid angering his new coworker, since she was apparently stronger than he would’ve given her credit for. “At least, he didn’t got what he wanted…”

Oh, that’s for sure! And after that debacle, I’ve avoided talking to anyone I didn’t know, let alone accept any invitations to have a drink with them. Even coworkers are a bit of a problem, since it could make things really awkward from that point on. You know… despite what I’ve said earlier… Hm... now that I think of it… I’m probably more picky than most good’ girls out there. Kind of ironic, don’t you think?”

Well, I guess so!” replied Keiichi as he started to laugh. “I kind of thought that you must’ve a lot more… dates, based on what you just told me.”

That’s for sure! I tend to scrutinize everyone I want to date to make sure that they’re not going to ask too much, or they’re simply idiots and in the end I typically reject most of them. Even one of my neighbors gets more action, and she’s a married woman, too,” said Urd with a giggle. “Although, none of that is with her husband… And she looks like the most reserved woman you’d ever meet. The little minx even blushes when I walk by, since my clothes are apparently showing off too much skin. What a paragon of morality!...”

Eh? No way!” It felt very strange for him to talk about something that resembled those conversations girls typically had, but, in a way he enjoyed Urd’s sense of humor. While attractive, she didn’t have this air of superiority around her and even better, she didn’t made fun of him for trying to talk to her. Of course, there were several mysteries around her, with her lost memories being the biggest by far; however, there was nothing he could do about that, other than hope that this was her real personality.

You bet! Such an innocent looking housewife and she’s cheating on her husband like she’s a cat in heat,” said Urd, as she finished her own tea. “Ruins my beauty sleep with her moans every time her hubby is on a business trip; which happens a lot. Anyway... I think we need to get back to work before Chihiro comes back and finds us chatting like that.”

Huh?” Checking his watch, Keiichi was shocked just how long their lunch break had lasted and decided that he had to get busy once again. “Oh wow! I guess we’ll have to continue this some other time… I’ve got a bike that needs a new fuel line.”

No worries, Keiichi. I’ll be over by the counter if you need me.”


Crashing on her sofa, Urd was more than happy to watch some of her favorite soap operas after a full day’s of work. There was nothing more rewarding than relaxing and having a nice drink while thinking about everything she experienced so far; a welcome change compared to the rather indifferent and boring job she used to have. Not only Chihiro and Keiichi were far more lively and… human than her past manager who only cared about the customers or rather how much more money he could make out of them, but, even their clients were far more respectful to her.

Sure, her good looks didn’t go unnoticed by them, however, so far there were no attempts to shamelessly flirt or harass her in any way. And that was exactly what the goddess secretly wanted; to get them intrigued but at the same time, remember that she was also a person, not some kind of merchandise they could somehow attain.

There was only one, albeit large problem that troubled Urd and no matter how much she tried to be optimistic, it was something that couldn’t be totally ignored. Doing some basic calculations, it was more than obvious that the disparity between her current and previous salary would most certainly impact her life, especially when it came to sensitive matter of her rent.

With only a couple of days until the end of the month, Urd was now sure that there was absolutely no chance for her to find the money to pay it in full. Even if she tried to persuade the landlord to allow only a partial payment, since she had lost her job during the last couple of days and had to waste time searching for another, it would’ve extremely difficult to pay the next month’s rent; without even taking into consideration the remainder of the current month's payment.

All in all, she had found herself in a pretty difficult situation and the only logical way to solve it was either to ask Chihiro for a generous raise or find a part time job to increase her income. Unfortunately, both were pretty unlikely to happen, since she was just employed at Whirlwind and asking her boss for something like that so soon would definitely get a negative response and worse, it could simply annoy Chihiro, making her think that she got the wrong person for this job. On the other hand, while finding a part time job while feasible, it was impractical based on the sheer lack of free time.

Urd only had a single day off a week, and working after her shift was all but impossible. There were few businesses that stayed open that late, unless of course she tried some of the less reputable establishments in Nekomi. Nightclubs for example opened at a much later time than most other businesses and finding a job there would be relatively easy for her. However, that could also put her in a far worse position even compared to her past job as a waitress and she most certainly would have to stay up so late that it was going to be really hard to stay awake the next day.

That sucks! Just as I thought my problems were over, I’m close to being back at square one… There’s no way to convince Tananka-san to lower the rent and I can’t find a second job. The freaking day just doesn’t have more than twenty four hours! What a pain… Now I’ll have to look for an apartment too. Great… just what I needed… Where am I supposed to find a place that’s so cheap, I could… Wait! Keiichi’s getting the same salary and he most likely had to face the same problem. I’ll ask him tomorrow and see if he knows a place I could afford with that little amount of money!’

Happy that she had a plan for now, Urd decided to relax and stop worrying, hoping that, Keiichi would provide her with the invaluable information she needed. Without that, she’d be stuck with the local real estate business and possibly another long and frustrating struggle to find a new place to live.

I bet tomorrow will be a great day.’

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Here's the draft for chapter 2:

You need a place to stay? That’s going to be rough…”

Looking at Urd while he installed a new front disc brake for one of their clients’ bikes, Keiichi didn’t feel envious of her. Finding a place to live with such a restricted budget was more than tricky; it was downright brutal.

Well, it’s not like I can do much about it,” said Urd, making sure that Chihiro was still talking to a customer over the phone. “Right now, I don’t think that I can afford my rent, so… I thought you might know where I can find a nice apartment.”

Actually, it took me a while to solve that problem too,” said Keiichi as he leaned closer to whisper to the platinum haired goddess. “With our salary, most apartments are far too expensive, so, I had to keep searching for a few weeks while I was still a student. I knew that it was going to problem and I started early while I stayed at the dorm. And it was only after a long while that I got that apartment I’m living at a reasonable enough deal. Sure, the landlady is kind of… difficult, but, I couldn’t possibly get a better rent.”

Oh great… I only have a few days, not weeks,” said Urd with a frustrated sigh. “What am I going to do now? I was expecting for some good news, but…”

Well, I suppose I could help you, if you want. You can stay in my apartment until you find another place to live.” Given how spontaneous the offer actually was, Keiichi didn’t think about the implications of what he just said. It was only after he noticed the sly grin on the goddess’ face that his brain connected the dots and realized that asking a woman to share an apartment with him could be taken in a very different way than he intended; and Urd was perfectly aware of it.

Mm… I like the sound of that… Keiichi…” leaning even closer to the young mechanic, the Norn of the past smiled as she watched him fidget around nervously, unable to contain his embarrassment. Even though she knew him for a just few days, she was certain that he meant well and had nothing… dirty in mind; which was exactly why she wished to tease him about it. “It can solve my problem and we can get to know each other better. Much… better.”

Nearly choking as she began to unzip her top, exploiting the fact that she had her back turned to their boss, Keiichi found himself in a very difficult spot. Part of his mind wished to immediately tell her to stop, yet, another part advised against it, as it would most certainly draw Chihiro’s attention to them; that’s what his excuse was, anyway. “W-What are you… d-doing?”

Who, me? Nothing much, it’s just that it kind of feels a bit hot in here,” said the goddess as she kept going until she stopped shy from the point of no return; the very limit of how much she could go without causing a wardrobe malfunction. And with her chest dangerously close of getting out of its bounds, Urd smiled as she noticed the terribly embarrassed and yet quite intrigued mechanic, whose brain had come to a halt.

It’s still a bit… hot in... here,” agreed Keiichi with a slow nod, his eyes totally focused on a part of her anatomy that he honestly didn’t want to stare; although his body refused to listen. In all seriousness, he wished he could hide somewhere as the next thing he was expecting was either a resounding slap or being called a pervert and getting laughed at. Since neither of that happened, the awkward silence that followed was too much for the mortal man to stand and he shyly gazed upwards from his seated position in front of the bike to look at Urd’s face once again; and much to his surprise, she didn’t seem to be upset. ‘Well… come to think of it, she did it on her own, right? Although… What if she wanted to see if I was a pervert? She probably thinks that, now. I mean, I did ask her to stay in my house just like that and the first chance I had, I end up checking her bust. I’m really an idiot…’


Chihiro’s cheerful voice snapped both her employees out of this staring match and with a rushed yet fluid motion, the goddess zipped her top to avoid getting caught for fooling around. “Yes?”

We’ve got a client with a bike that won’t start and I was wondering if you can bring it here to the shop,” said Chihiro as she approached her and Keiichi. “Most likely a faulty spark plug, but, I don’t want to jump into conclusions and I’d rather take a look on it. Can you go and get it with our mini van?”

Uh… Actually, I don’t have a driver’s license,” admitted the goddess with some hesitation, fearing that this could make her sound bad. It was something that her boss never asked her when she first applied for the position and now Urd was worried that it was going to be a huge problem. Certainly, she was not going to be very helpful when it came to such kind of tasks.

Hm… Oh, yeah, I kind of forgot to ask,” said Chihiro with a chuckle. “In that case, why don’t you give her a hand, Keiichi-kun?”

Huh? Me?” It sounded a bit dumb to say it like that, given that not only he was the only one with that name around, but also the only other employee as well. Still, the young mechanic was somewhat reluctant to be together with Urd after her little display moments ago. In all fairness, Keiichi didn’t dislike her, far from it. However, the platinum haired beauty was an enigma that he could quite understand in any way, and every time he thought he was a step closer to achieve that goal, she proved him wrong.

Of course! I need to do some work of my own with our suppliers list and that leaves you and Urd to do that,” said Chihiro with a wink.

Okay… We’ll be back in a short while, then.” Turning towards the exit, Keiichi was rather unsure what to expect from Urd. After all, she seemed to be comfortable enough to tease him while Chihiro was around and once they were alone, who knew what she was truly capable of. As a matter of fact, he wasn’t entirely sure what to make of that either. Most guys in his place would’ve seen that either as an invitation or just an attempt to make fun of them. On the other hand, after the whole conversation they had the other day he didn’t consider either as a possibility, since she wasn’t as easy as she liked to seem and neither she was mean to him.

As the two of them entered the minivan, Chihiro couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear, as she stole a glance at the departing vehicle.

Oh, this is going to be so great!’



There was something fishy when Chihiro offered him to go along with Urd and this was probably the reason. Their customer was none other than his own sister, Megumi Morisato, although that fact baffled him even more than he was expecting. “How did you get your KSR broken?”

Technically, it’s not broken, Kei-chan,” answered his mischievous sibling as she looked between him and Urd. “I simply have a flat tire. See?”

Then why did you ask us to pick it up? You’re more than capable of changing it,” said Keiichi as he stared at the deflated tire in question. “Actually, you could’ve told us to bring a new one to replace it.”

Oh, come on, Kei-chan! Even Chihiro agreed that it would’ve been a great opportunity!” said Megumi as she leaned closer to her brother.

An opportunity to do what?” groaned the tired mechanic who had no idea what his sister was trying to pull this time.

Meet your girlfriend, what else?”

Keiichi’s face lost all color as his brain struggled to connect the dots, even though it was fairly obvious what his troublesome sibling implied. “Wait! I… I don’t have a…”

Nice to meet you! I’m Urd!” Returning the younger woman’s smile with one of her own, the goddess extended her hand and was pleased to see that the brunette took it without hesitation.

I’m this bloke’s sister, Megumi Morisato!”

I know! He actually told me about you,” said Urd, offering her a wink. “Although, I wasn’t expecting to meet you like that.”

Well, considering that he said nothing about you, I had to ask Chihiro for a favor when she told me the news. If I had to wait for him… I’ll probably be an old lady by then…”

Great… Chihiro thinks that we’re a couple as well?’ Rubbing his temples, the frustrated mechanic couldn’t believe how much more complicated everything became. Not only his boss, but his sister thought that he was in a relationship with the enigmatic foreigner, and Urd didn’t even try to deny it.

No way! You’re already going to live under the same roof together? Boy, you’re fast!”

Keiichi’s thoughts were interrupted when he realized that not only had Urd allowed his sister to think that they were a couple, but, she even revealed that she was going to stay with him too. Of course, that was supposed to be a temporary measure until she found a place of her own, however, the bronze skinned beauty failed to mention that little fact as well. Which obviously led his sister’s grin grow even larger as her initial impression of their relationship became even more distorted.

Way to go Ke-chan! You’ve already managed to get this far already! And I thought you were too shy!”

Alright! That’s enough, Megumi!” said the tired mechanic, before his sister went ahead and invited their parents to meet his supposedly future wife or anything of that sort. His family was known for exaggerating things and his sister was particularly notorious for doing just that. So, it was better if he stopped her right now and avoid dealing with a really painful situation later; something that Urd probably didn’t know that was coming towards them. “We’re only friends and she’s just teasing you. Apparently she likes that stuff and… the only reason she’s going to stay with me is because she’s getting the ‘Chihiro salary, which as you already know… isn’t all that much. It’s nothing permanent though, and I’d like to avoid spreading any stupid rumors. The last thing I need are people teasing me for getting dumped once Urd finds an apartment for herself.”

Ouch… I haven’t thought about that…’ While the whole situation was funny enough, Urd had forgotten that the implications behind her actions could’ve caused Keiichi some problems after she found a place for herself. His friends or those who probably thought that they were a couple would indeed see this as being rejected and based on what he told her before, the mechanic had a history with that. As much as she wanted to have fun, the goddess’ intention wasn’t to unwillingly bring back those memories and alienate the only real friend she made so far. “Actually, he’s right. Sorry about that, Megumi, but, it is true that we only know each other for a few days… That’s not really enough for that kind of relationship to occur. Still, I’m in a desperate need for a house, or I might end up in the streets…”

Sorry to hear that, Urd. I knew it was a bit too good to be true, but… a sister can hope, right?” said Megumi with an apologetic smile on her face. Of course, she wasn’t all that disappointed, since it was far from over and sometimes situations like this could lead into an actual relationship down the road. “I honestly wish I could help you, but, the dorm only allows students of NIT to stay here. I would get into serious trouble if I tried to let you share my room here.”

That’s perfectly fine. Your brother was kind enough to offer me to stay with him until I can find a place I can afford with my new salary,” said Urd, shaking her head dismissively. “No need to worry about that, it’s not going to be a problem.”

Well, I’m still happy I got to meet you! I guess you’re going to hand around Whirlwind, right?” said Megumi with a wink.

You bet! After all, that’s where I work now!” replied the half goddess as she noticed that, Keiichi had already loaded the KSR on the minivan.

Okay, Megumi. We’ll take it to the shop and change the tire for you. You can drop by and pick it up later.” Letting a sigh, Keiichi made a mental note to remind himself to ask more about their client’s identity, although, he doubted that running into his sister in such a fashion was going to become something too common. Besides, she seemed to accept their explanation and hopefully, she wouldn’t cause any problems; or at least, that what he hoped.


Seriously… where did I get all those clothes from? It’s the fifth freaking suitcase and I’m still not even done!’

Gathering her earthly possessions, Urd was somewhat surprised and baffled at how much she actually owned. Not only she had a few dozen outfits, but, they looked really expensive too. Without any idea as to where they came from or how she even afforded to buy them in the first, place, the Norn of the past did her best to collect everything in order to vacate her apartment as soon as possible.

It was a pain to move all that on her own and as such, Keiichi had volunteered to give her a hand with Chihiro agreeing to let them use Whirlwind’s mini van to get everything to his apartment until she could sort her situation out. Thankfully, she owned no appliances or furniture that would’ve been too hard for the young mechanic to move, but, her clothes alone were a problem that even Urd herself hadn’t expected.

Actually, aside from numerous, some of those said outfits were fairly exotic and in several cases even made her blush, given how indecent they were. Still, it was the fact that spending money on something she’d never be able to wear outside of her house, implied that at some point in the past she must’ve been far wealthier than she currently is. Or at the very least, she had the means to acquire such things that must’ve cost a fortune and yet they were unusable in most occasions.

Interesting… If I turn out to be some rich heiress, that’s going to be so ironic! I’m practically broke now, although I had no problems buying some of those clothes… or underwear... ‘

Urd? Do you have anything else, I need to carry?” asked Keiichi from the apartment’s entrance, trying to avoid getting a glimpse of her wardrobe; especially her lingerie. He accidentally saw a bit earlier and that was more that enough embarrassment for a day.

Yes! I’ve got a suitcase ready outside my room if you want!” replied Urd as she kept packing her things. “I’m almost done! I’ve got maybe… one or two suitcases more and we’ll be ready to go!”

Humming a cheerful tone as she continued the laborious process of gathering all her possessions, Urd was actually looking forward to have a roommate; especially one as shy as Keiichi.

This is going to be so much fun! Although… I need to remember not to go too far and scare the poor guy. Maybe just enough to see if he really likes what he sees...’


Well, here we are, Urd. I know it’s not that much, but, try to make yourself comfortable!”

Staring around her while the dark haired mechanic helped her move her things inside, the half goddess was rather shocked at just how small this place was. Her apartment was by no means huge, but, this one was roughly half of that; which was already not much for a single person to fit in. Aside from the rather small bathroom, there were only two rooms, one being Keiichi’s bedroom, while the other was a kitchen and living room combo. All in all, she had trouble trying to figure out just how they’d both live together under these circumstances.

Uh… Are you really sure I’m not causing a problem? My suitcases alone will take a lot of space, and…” started the goddess before she was interrupted by her new roommate.

I know that it’s far from ideal, but, I can deal with it. After all, back when I was still living in the dorm, I had even less space available, so, you can say that this is an improvement,” said Keiichi with a smile.

Yes, but… that’s while you’re living on your own. I don’t think it’s fair for me to cause you all this trouble,” said Urd, looking around. “Besides… where am I even going to sleep?”

Oh, you can use the bedroom while I’ll place my futon here in the living room,” replied Keiichi, as he pointed to the low table that was in the middle of the room. “I can move that to the side and use the space for my futon, so, no worries.”

What do you mean no worries? I’m the guest here! You shouldn’t be the one who gets inconvenienced by all this!” objected the half goddess as she worried that he was a bit too nice for his own good.

Look… I was the one who made this offer, so, stop thinking too much about it, Urd,” said Keiichi as he shook his head. “It’s not such a huge problem if I sleep here or in my room. And not to mention that it’s much better if you get the bedroom, since you have all those suitcases. There’s no closet here, making it much more of a pain to find a decent solution to that problem.”

Hm…” Instead of answering right away, Urd walked into his room and looked around. “Say… it’s not big enough, but, I think we can both fit in here.”

Both?!” That single word nearly caused Keiichi’s brain to nearly melt down into mush. Trying to remain quiet as he knew that he wasn’t in a state to utter anything other than incomprehensible babble, he still had a hard time to accept what his new roommate had suggested. “But!...”

Oh, give me a break! The kitchen or… living room if you will, is just next to this room. There’s no big difference whether you sleep here or there!” countered Urd, crossing her arms. “Unless you’re planning to touch me in my sleep. You know… here and there…

No! I don’t do such things!objected Keiichi his face turning bright red, as he watched the goddess trace a line with her fingers from her buxom chest to her shapely hips.

Then stop complaining and act like a mature adult, instead of a hormone induced teenager!” said Urd with a wink, as she began the laborious process of moving her suitcases to his room, much to Keiichi’s chagrin.

Very well then… Let me help you with those things…” said the dark haired mechanic, lowering his head in defeat. There was absolutely no point to keep arguing with her anymore, and the only thing that he hoped was that his new roommate would behave and avoid teasing him any further.

Well… A man can dream, right?...’


A couple of hours later, after they’ve managed to arrange everything for both of them to live in the same apartment and even had a simple dinner consisting of instant noodles; the moment Keiichi feared so much had finally arrived. It was about time for them to go to sleep and no matter how much he tried to remain calm, the young man couldn’t help but feel his heartbeat increase as he approached his bedroom.

The last time he found himself in a similar situation was several years ago when some relatives came for a visit to his parent’s home and he had to share a room with Megumi in order for them to have a place to sleep as well. Of course, that was the only similarity between this and that incident, as Urd wasn’t his sister and they were far from children.

His mind couldn’t get past the fact that he was sharing the same sleeping quarters with a grown woman, and a pretty attractive one at that. Additionally, given how revealing her clothes tended to be, he was absolutely terrified to find out what her nightwear looked like; providing that she even bothered to wear any in the first place.

Trying to save himself from a most embarrassing situation, Keiichi placed his futon as close to the nearby wall as possible and decided to stare towards the featureless white space, instead of the other direction and risk seeing things that he wasn’t mentally prepared for. Namely, Urd’s sleeping form in all of her potentially undressed state, something that could probably be too much for him right now.

And to make matters even worse, she had taken a bath right before she went to to sleep and the sweet scent of her shampoo was beckoning him to turn around. Even the rustling sound of her covers made him wonder if what he was hearing happened to be her bare skin rubbing against the futon’s covers.

This torture continued for nearly two whole hours and as his alarm clock displayed ‘2:14 am’ on its red LCD display, Keiichi was still fully awake. He couldn’t really blame Urd, though, since she hadn’t attempted teasing him or made any kind of scene at all. It was totally his fault and all those years of being alone that made him wish to get a fleeting glimpse of her sleeping form and no matter how much he hated to admit it, a part of his mind wished that her covers weren’t concealing too much.

What am I thinking?! I mean, she looks nice, but, I was the one complaining about her teasing! Now… I’m just like a perverted old man!...’

Shaking his head Keiichi forced his eyes shut and hoped that soon enough he would finally go to sleep and avoid becoming a letch and trying to exploit this situation for the sake of satisfying his less… noble impulses. Yet no matter how much he wanted to silence that voice at the back of his head, it kept whispering to him like a siren, beckoning him to take a glance; just for a second.

While struggling to fight off his personal demons, Keiichi opened his eyes once more and much to his surprise there was an eerie glow coming for behind him. Not bright enough to consider it as something akin to a nightlight and yet impossible to be the moonlight, as the window was at the other end of the room. As a matter of fact, it almost seemed like it was coming from Urd’s general direction and the curious mortal decided that this was an honorable reason to look over his shoulder and see what was going on; unlike his previous wishes of peeping on her.

What he saw was something far beyond his expectations or even, his imagination. A winged woman, for the lack of a better description, was floating above the sleeping form of Urd in tranquil silence, emitting an otherworldly glow. And while she was nearly naked with a simple piece of fabric wrapped around her body in a gravity defying manner, Keiichi was far from excited to see her. He was absolutely terrified as a matter of fact and couldn’t even scream as the otherwise angelic creature had some menacing features that made her a terribly scary sight. Not only her alabaster skin had intrigued tattoos around her, but, one of her wings as well as half her hair were dark while the rest was white and the same could be said about her eyes, once she turned to look at him. A blue and a red orb stared deep into the mortal’s sour as she silently watched his panicked form.

Backing away from the mysterious entity, Keiichi struggled to make sense of what was going on here and no matter how much he tried, waking up was nearly impossible. This wasn’t a dream by the looks of it, but, reality; no matter how bizarre it appeared to be. Pressed hard against the wall, Keiichi tried to take a look at Urd who was blissfully unaware of the floating apparition above her that continued to stare at him without making any sound or noise at all.

Apparently the bronze skinned woman was a heavy sleeper and didn’t notice anything at all, although the lack of any sound could’ve also attributed to that. However, as he glimpsed at her, the angel floating above the platinum haired woman, grinned and started to move towards him in an eerily silent way, that almost made her appear as if she was merely part of his imagination.

Still, the tiny shadows she cast as her glowing form moved were more than enough proof that there was more to this than that and the angelic woman wasn’t just a hallucination. Part of him wanted to wake Urd up and see if she could also see her, but, he was far too scared at the moment to manage anything other than a simple gasp, as he felt a pair of hands lift his chin up in order for the angel to look straight at his face.

To say that he wasn’t scared witless would’ve been a lie, yet, he couldn’t help but admit that there was something soothing in the angel’s unnerving gaze as her heterochromatic eyes stared deep into his soul. More interesting though was the warm sensation of her touch, which eliminated the possibility that she was a mere illusion or a hallucination. She was definitely real and that by itself posed all kinds of questions, but before Keiichi had the chance to break his silence and try to talk to this angelic being, his eyelids felt so heavy that is all but impossible to keep them open. Almost as if hypnotized the dark haired mortal found it almost impossible to resist falling asleep, no matter how much he wanted to learn more about their nightly visitor.

Setting his head carefully down on his pillow, the angel smiled and turned around to her mistress, content that the man who shared the same room with her, met her standards as she quickly checked him. Without wanting to disturb Urd, World of Elegance retreated back into her host’s body, feeling content that her mistress was in good hands.

Hm… I really hope we’ll meet again one day, Morisato Keiichi. In the meantime, I’ll entrust you this troublesome girl. Not that… I’m one to speak, though…’


Suppressing a yawn, Keiichi took another sip from the canned coffee he bought from a vending machine. He was way too sleepy and had the gnawing feeling that he had the weirdest dream of his life, even if he couldn’t recall anything about it. After several failed attempts he eventually gave up and decided to focus on his current task; helping Urd find an apartment.

In a rare act of generosity Chihiro had allowed them to work three hours less a day in order to allow Urd to deal with the near impossible task of finding a place she could afford. And given that she had no bike or car of her own, Keiichi was also allowed to accompany her in an effort to move around the city much faster than having to rely on public transport.

Waiting in a nearby park for her to return from the real estate agency, he really hoped that this time she was going to have some better luck. So far their search has proved almost hopeless and after a few agents thought they were a couple and deliberately tried to show them some more expensive houses, they decided to avoid having to provide the same explanation every time and Urd went on this agency alone.

On the up side, this also allowed Keiichi to spend some time thinking about the whole situation and he had to admit that sharing an apartment was actually a much easier solution. By pooling resources and splitting the rent and all the rest of the bills, it was possible to find a new place for both of them; one with two bedrooms of course. And even if such an apartment would cost more than what they were looking for, it was entirely possible for them to end up paying less, since they’d pay half of their current living expenses.

The biggest downside of such an approach was the whole social situation with a man and a woman sharing a common roof. It wasn’t unheard of, but, in most cases roommates tended to be of the same gender and living together with Urd would’ve given everyone the idea that they were having an affair. Actually, even suggesting it to her was a bit too embarrassing for the young mechanic who worried that she could take as a proposition of sorts.

Far worse, it could also be taken as a form of payment for being such a nice guy. There were those kind of people who often tried to seem helpful, but their motivations were far from selfless, trying to earn something for their trouble and Keiichi had no wish to be mistaken as one of them. Exploiting someone in need to get lucky was downright wrong in his eyes and those who attempted to hide that by using all sorts of excuses on top of it were hypocrites and liars as well.

And no matter how frustrating, it was that kind of guys who got a chance to score with the ladies, instead of those who had good intentions and actually tried to be honest. As a student he had seen that happen all around him way too many times and in some cases, it wasn’t even a case of genuine deception. Some girls actually fell for it on purpose, especially when it came to money, allowing some of the worst scumbags to have a whole harem for themselves as long as they fanned them with money bills.

One particularly notorious example was Toshiyuki Aoshima, a rich wannabe playboy with a long record of sleeping with girls who were under the impression that they’d get some of his money if they managed to make him marry them. Not that it worked, and yet, they kept trying as if something would change.

Life is so unfair… I was never given a real chance no matter how hard I tried. Hell… if I did half of what guy did… they’d be after me with pitchforks and torches…Oh well, I can’t change the past. Hm… Urd’s kind of late…’

Meanwhile, as the dark haired mechanic checked his watch, a tiny figure was carefully observing him from his hiding position, sitting on a tree branch. Having reduced himself in a pocket size version of his actual body, the blue haired god continued to stare at the mortal who was apparently living with Urd. As boring as that task was, it was really important to get an idea of what he was dealing with and the best way to do that was by keeping an eye on him.

Well… he doesn’t seem like an opportunist, that’s a bonus point for sure. At least, he’s not an unpredictable one, given that he’s not deviating too much from his profile. Good, that’s one less thing to worry abo-...’

Feeling a soft pat on his head, the tiny god turned around to find a tabby cat trying to figure out what he was. Like every other member of his feline family, curiosity was a true motivational force for this intrepid explorer of the world and failing to realize that he was dealing with powers beyond its furry brain, the kitten kept pressing on. “Meow?”

Hey! Cut it out, you silly thing! I’m on a mission given from Daitenkaicho himself and… Stop poking me I said!”


Want a piece of me?” shot the god at the defiant feline, narrowing his eyes dangerously. Much to his surprise though, the cat not just stared him back with no intent of backing off and more strangely, there was a sudden change in the animal’s attitude, as its gaze became far more focused.

No, I want a status report.”

Falling back on the branch as the god blinked at the response he wasn’t really expecting, it quickly became apparent that some higher entity had temporarily overridden the creature’s will; essentially possessing it. And judging by the sound of that voice, there was only one potential candidate who was responsible for it. “T-Tyr-sama! My sincere apologies! I haven’t realized it was you!”

Actually, I’ve just took over this cat, so, it’s not your fault for failing to recognize me. Now, what’s the situation with my daughter?” asked the Daitenkaicho as he gazed towards Keiichi. “I guess that’s the mortal who’s providing her some assistance? So, what’s your evaluation, Vali?”

Affirmative, my lord. I’ve read his profile and based on my observations, I cannot say that there’s any disparity between the file and his actual behavior. So far I must admit that he seems to display a genuine concern over Urd’s well being without expecting anything in return,” answered the blue haired god, following his leader’s gaze.

That’s some good news for a change. With the whole mess concerning her lost memories, the last thing I wanted was to have Urd fall victim of every opportunist who would try to gain something from her. If that happens, you’re authorized to use any means necessary to neutralize them,” said Tyr in a grave tone. “Am I understood?”

Yes, Tyr-sama.” Pausing for a few moments, Vali was uncertain if it was a wise decision to bring that incident up, but eventually thought it was better to ask, just in case it repeated itself. “My lord… Yesterday we had a… near disaster when Urd’s angel manifested herself and made contact with the mortal. While she suppressed his memories of the event, what should I do if he becomes aware of her nature as a goddess?”

Hm… Actually that’s a tough question,” admitted Tyr as he stroked his whiskers. “Humans are often unprepared to accept our existence, or rather, realize that their expectations and reality are two entirely separate things. Predicting his reaction if he became aware of her true nature is very hard, but, should that came to occur, then we can make a decision depending on the said reaction. If it’s a positive one, I cannot see any problem with letting him know that she’s a goddess; otherwise, delete his memories.”

Understood!” Offering his ruler a bow, the god tried to avoid any reaction at the otherwise hilarious sight of watching his superior groom himself or rather, act like a cat. Whether he was doing it on purpose or simply too lost in thought to notice that he was stroking his whiskers, Vali decided that bringing this up was not just unnecessary, but downright stupid. “Uh… on the other hand, should we provide them some assistance? They’re seem to have some serious trouble finding a place for Urd to live.”

Normally I’d leave them on their own, but… given how rough life was for my daughter lately, I guess it’s fair for me to provide some divine intervention,” said Tyr with the smile that was far too hilarious due to his current body. “Stay here, I’ll handle this.”

Watching his boss leap to the ground and silently approach the mortal, Vali was happy that he wasn’t going to be the one who had to deal with that. ‘At least, whatever happens, it’s not my fault…’


Hey, Keiichi.”

Turning to see Urd heading towards him, the dark haired mechanic could already figure out that this agency was no good either. “No luck, huh…”

Nope! Big surprise, right?” said the bronze skinned goddess as she plopped on the bench next to him, a beer can in one hand. “I did manage to find one, but, the rent was nearly my entire salary. There’s no way I could afford it, so… we need to look elsewhere. Actually, you don’t have to come along, you know… I’m a big girl, I can deal with this on my own.”

It’s not a problem, really. I want to help, although I’m not being that useful right now,” said Keiichi with a sigh. “I wish there something more I could do instead of sitting here, drinking coffee.”

Don’t worry too much about it. Just having someone to talk to is more that enough to calm my nerves. I mean… isn’t there any place here that’s not costing an arm and a leg?” Letting a frustrated huff, Urd suddenly noticed a tabby cat sitting next to her on the bench. “Oh! Where did you come from, kitty?”

Meow!” Rubbing his head against her, the possessed cat purred happily as she reached down and stroked his back.

Aw!... How adorable! Can we keep him, Keiichi?” asked Urd with a very uncharacteristically cute if not childish expression on her face. It rather amusing how she would go from acting like a sexy woman into cheerful little girl in a moment’s notice, holding the cat in front of her for Keiichi to see.

No way, Urd. Look, it’s not allowed to keep pets in my apartment and it’s going far more difficult if you want to find a place that allows them as well,” said the dark haired mechanic with an apologetic look. As a matter of fact, he was so focused on how to appease the goddess that he missed the positively dirty look he was receiving from the possessed feline.

Oh… what a pity, you poor kitty…” said Urd as she held the cat closer to her. “I really feel sorry for him not having a place to stay. Well, I guess there’s no choice… Bye bye kitty…”

So, where are we going next?” Letting the cat on the ground in front of her, Urd gave the little mammal a waive and turned to Keiichi who was somewhat troubled. “Huh? What’s wrong, Keiichi?”

Well… it’s not allowed, but, we could try to sneak him in our apartment if you really like this fuzzball…” said Keiichi, scratching his head nervously.

But… won’t that cause all sorts of problems? I know that you’re trying to be nice, and I really appreciate it, yet… I don’t want to make a huge mess because someone will overreact for such a reason and possibly kick you out of your apartment…” Letting a sigh, the bronze skinned goddess was pleased that he was doing his best to make her happy, even to the point of risking to get into some serious trouble. In many ways this was far better than receiving an impersonal little piece of shiny metal, especially from those who could easily afford such gifts and attempted to bribe her in order to date them. “I’m already staying in your place, so, I don’t want to push it too far with the favors…”

No, it’s fine! I’m the one who suggested it as a matter of fact, so, it’s not something I’d personally call a favor!” said Keiichi as he eyed the cat who returned his gaze. “Actually there are a lot of people who secretly sneak pets into their apartments to avoid those ridiculous restrictions they have to deal with in the first place. I’m pretty sure that we won’t have any issues.”


It’s fine, Urd! Let’s go and buy a nice litter box and we can keep him around!” said Keiichi with a much more enthusiastic tone, to make her feel more confident about this; despite the cat’s own disgusted expression about the whole box thing.

Alright… I’m kind of sceptical, but, I suppose we could try this.” Picking up the cat, Urd smiled a bit at Keiichi who couldn’t help but grin like an idiot. It was rare to see her genuinely happy without trying to tease him in any way, and for a moment, even that cat was sharing his sentiments; although, not for long. “You heard him kitty! Now we’re going to the vet and make sure that you’re healthy and have all the required shots!”


No!... Don’t try to run away now, kitty! This is for your own good!” Struggling with the protesting feline who was desperately attempting to escape from her grasp. “Hey! Bad kitty!”

Watching the surreal scene unfold before his eyes, Vali couldn’t help but shake his head. It was indeed a good thing that it wasn’t him the one who had to deal with the amnesiac Urd; especially after she suddenly decided that she wanted a pet cat.

This is rather strange… According to her profile I’d say this this is an atypical kind of behavior by her standards. Hm.. perhaps her personality is affected to certain degree, too? Or maybe the lack of her memories allows other kind of reactions? At any rate, I’m happy that I’m not in Tyr-sama’s position right now. There’s an evil gleam in her eyes despite her cheerful expression…’


There you go kitty! It wasn’t that bad now, was it?”

It took Tyr all his willpower to restrain himself from saying something back to his eldest daughter, who was so happy with herself. Of course, it wasn’t her who had to prodded, poked and even suffer the experience of getting two shots in the past half hour. Whatever made her wish for a pet, it probably had to do with her demonic side, as her amusement was far too great for someone who witnessed the suffering of a poor soul. ‘Seriously, there’s something wrong with those mortals. They call this… this tortuous procedure as an attempt to care for someone?’

Petting the feline, Urd attached a nice purple collar around his neck and placed him on a lovely basket she bought earlier. And despite his annoyance, the possessed cat had to admit that he wasn’t certain what to make of his daughter’s behavior. ‘Hm… that’s pretty strange, I never thought she had it in her. This would’ve made perfect sense for Belldandy, or even Skuld to a certain point; but… Urd? Actually, I never saw her being interesting in this kind of stuff, even while she was a child. At least… as far as I can remember. Perhaps her lost memories are starting to cause her attitude to change over time? As a matter of fact, she might be turning more like her other sisters, instead of resembling her mother so much.’

In a way that could’ve been a good thing, as her mischievous side would eventually subside, meaning that she’d stop from getting into trouble all the time. On the other hand, Tyr had to admit that while beneficial he wasn’t actually looking forward for such a change, as his daughter’s distinctive personality would’ve been lost; especially her connection to her, leaving only a superficial physical resemblance behind.

Following her around the apartment as she went along with her daily routine, Tyr was interested to see how different she was from normal, only to realize that wasn’t exactly certain what counted as normal for her. Being the Daitenkaicho was a full time job and unfortunately one that consumed way too much of what should’ve been his personal time as well. The result was he never really got to watch them grow up as young goddesses, being constantly busy with only short breaks between paperwork.

It was a horrid realization, but, not an unexpected one; Tyr knew very little about his daughters. In all irony, his wife was more familiar with Urd, even though she wasn’t related to her. While he always considered it as a necessary evil, given all the responsibilities he had to shoulder as the ruler of Asgard, it was still sad that he couldn’t raise his own kids the way he actually wanted.

Hey Keiichi! What do you want for dinner?”

The simple, yet shocking question was enough to make the possessed cat’s fur stand up from the sheer horror of it all. Anyone willing or… stupid enough to try Urd’s cooking was going to become a test subject for her latest potion. Of course without her memories or access to her powers, that was an unlikely possibility right now, although, for anyone familiar with the Norn of the past the mere idea of her, offering to cook was as alien as having Belldandy walk around in her underwear.

Oh, I’d like the pork flavored one, tonight!” came the reply from his bedroom as the man was preparing for his shower, after Urd had already finished with the bath.

Okay! I’ll get it ready for you!” Filling the electric kettle with water, Urd got two cups of instant noodles, humming a tone while she waited; until she remembered something important. “Oh, no! What about, kitty? We forgot to get some food for him!”

In a way, Tyr felt a wave of relief as he realized that his daughter was talking about instant food. That was something one could prepare without any skills or even effort, especially in the case of instant noodles. On the other hand, having them rely on such a cheap kind of food didn’t sit well with him, but, at the moment he was just a cat. ‘And speaking of that, I might get some of those noodles before she tries to feed me cat food!’

Rushing to grab a cup of noodles for himself, he proudly presented them for Urd to see, before she got any funny ideas. “Meow!”

Huh? You want... this?” Scratching her head in confusion, the goddess could’ve sworn that the little feline actually understood her; something that she found less impossible than she initially thought of, but decided to ignore it. “Very well, then! It’s noodles for you too, kitty. Heh… You know, given your color and the fact that this is pasta… I might call you Garfield! Although, you’re still not fat enough for that. Hm… now that I think of it, you actually need a name.”

Why do I have a feeling this is going to be something like, Penicillin?

I know! I’ll call you Whiskers!” said Urd with a big grin on her face.

For real? Even Skuld wouldn’t have gone for that… Give me a break!’

Hey, Keiichi! I came up with a name for kitty!” said Urd as soon as the dark haired man stepped into the kitchen. “Say hello to Mr. Whiskers!”

Oh, that’s a very nice name!” said Keiichi, returning the goddess’ smile. “Nice to meet you, Mr. Whiskers!”

Morisato Keiichi… you’re the biggest, cheesiest… sucker I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet. She’s not even your girlfriend yet and she’s already got you agree to everything she says...’ Shaking his head, Tyr had to admit that perhaps the boy was wiser and simply avoided an argument he’d never win anyway. ‘I really hope I didn’t look like that while I was with Hild. If I did, then I’m certainly glad I can’t recall it…’


The rest of the evening had been rather smooth, with only a minimal chat while they enjoyed their dinner. Despite that, Tyr had to admit that it felt very natural for two individuals who only spent a few few days together. Normally it would take a lot more time for a couple to bond, although, they weren’t at that stage yet.

Right now, it felt more like they were good friends, despite Urd’s occasional teasing. All in all, it was nice that the boy seemed to enjoy the goddess’ company, instead of her body. Sure, there were moments that he caught Keiichi staring at her bust, but then again, his daughter was far from innocent as she practically put it on display. Comfortable or not, her sleeveless t-shirt was far too big for her, and had the tendency to stoop too low whenever she bent over; reducing the mortal’s mind into mush as he got more than a glimpse of pure perfection.

Which was the primary reason why Keiichi has remained rather quiet during dinner, while the possessed cat kept repeating his own mantra. ‘I didn’t look like that, back then… I didn’t look like that, back then… I didn’t…’

As a matter of fact, Tyr often toyed with the idea of giving him a nice scratch, but, acting like the stereotypical father-in-law was unfair, since his systems were responsible for his daughter’s amnesia to begin with. Showing up all of sudden and trying to push her around even further wasn’t just cruel, but, totally uncalled for. Especially after she did show some restrain, given how easily she could get him into her bed if she desired to do so.

Hold on a second… She may not have her memories, but, her body is still that of a goddess not a human. Can a mortal even survive mating with her?’ Normally she would’ve to restrain herself from letting either her strength or her magic from going out of control, but, as she didn’t even remember who or what she was, such a thing was simply impossible. ‘Uh oh…’

His thoughts were interrupted as the doorbell rang and for a moment both Urd and Keiichi seemed equally confused as to who wanted to visit them at such a late hour. ‘Now what?’

Decided to go and see what this was all about, Keiichi was mildly surprised to see his landlady, and judging by the look on her face, he wasn’t going to like it. “Good evening, Mrs. Amagasaki.”

I wish it was a good one, Mr Morisato,” started the elderly woman, with disdain evident on her sour expression. “I happened to notice that you’ve taken quite some liberties lately, not only bringing another tenant into this apartment, but… you even got a pet as well.”

Please, let me explain! My friend had no place to stay and I’ve offered her a room to stay for the time being,” said Keiichi with an apologetic tone of his voice. “And the cat is hers… Please, this is only for a few days and…”

I think I’ve heard enough excuses already, young man. This is a direct violation of the agreement we made when you first came here. I did gave you a rather generous discount for staying here, because you had financial issues, and I’ve also made it clear that under no circumstances you were allowed to keep pets.” Pausing for a moment, the elderly woman readjusted her glasses as she gave a sideways glance to Urd and with a disapproving look she turned back to Keiichi. “I’m fairly certain that your… friend could’ve afforded to pay something extra to cover your expenses, and yet you said nothing at all, enjoying your discount. And who the cat belongs to is absolutely irrelevant, either. Now, I wish to save both our time and to avoid any more arguments, I’d like to inform you that need to vacate this apartment by the end of this week.”

Wait!... What?He could hardly believe his ears, as he never expected for things to get this bad. Sure, he knew that bringing the cat in was risky, but, to get kicked out because of it was a bit too much for him. “Surely…”

I think I was clear enough, Mr. Morisato. There’s nothing else to discuss here. The only reason I agreed for you to stay was that I got tired of all those college kids who kept breaking my rules and did whatever they wanted. For once, I was under the impression that I was dealing with a person who knew how to follow some simple instructions,” said the irate woman as she was about to turn around and leave. “Apparently, I was mistaken, but, that’s about to be rectified. Good night Mr. Morisato.”

Closing the door, Keiichi turned around with a troubled expression evident on his face; only to found both Urd and even her cat looking rather annoyed. “What’s wrong?”

What do you mean, what’s wrong?said Urd with a frown. “How can someone treat another person like that?”

Heh… I’m just a source of income for her, you know. If people actually cared, this world would’ve been a better place, Urd. But, it’s not and everything we might say is pretty pointless right now,” said Keiichi with a shrug. “The bottom line is that I need a house, too. Funny isn’t it?”

Not really. Look… I’m sorry that I caused this whole mess, but…” started Urd, only to be interrupted by the young mechanic.

Forget it, Urd. It was my suggestion in the first place, and besides, I don’t like being treated like that. Sure, I may have to find a new place to stay, but, I’d rather do that instead of begging for forgiveness,” said Keiichi as he crossed his arms. “If that old hag thinks she’s some royalty who make laws that cannot be broken, then I’m not going to stroke her overinflated ego any more. There’s got to be a place here on this freaking city that we can afford!”

Actually… How about that we part?”

Huh? I’m not following you…”

It’s simple, really. We both know that finding a place for each of us can be hard, so, why not search for a single apartment and share the expenses?” offered Urd with a raised eyebrow, making Keiichi blink.

It was actually something he had also considered not too long ago, even though he was far too embarrassed to suggest it.. “I don’t know… it’s just…”

Just what? We’re practically living together already, Keiichi. We might actually find a place that’s better suited for two people; and a cat,” said Urd with a shrug. “If you’re worried so much about it, we can even find a place with two bedrooms.”

Of course it’s going to have two bedrooms!” said Keiichi, his eyes widening considerably.

Oh? I thought you’d be sad if we were on two different rooms,” offered the grinning Urd, failing to notice the cat who was palming himself; or trying to at least. “After all, you can’t check whether I’m wearing panties under my nightie, right?”

No! I wasn’t trying to do that!” protested Keiichi, shaking his hands in front of him.

Don’t be so shy… I can let you get a glimpse, you know…”

As the exchange between them went on and on until they finally settled down and decided to watch a show on the TV, Tyr couldn’t help but feel a deja vu while he witnessed the whole scene. Despite that the situation was vastly different, there was a familiar sensation as he watched his daughter’s antics and the way she teased her friend.

I didn’t look like that, back then… I didn’t look like that, back then… I didn’t… Dammit, Hild! She’s as bad as you were! And she doesn’t even have her memories! Oh, well… that can wait. I saw more than I need, now I must help them find a place to live…’


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Well, that brought a smile to my face.

Tyr's panic attack was probably the most amusing. Though I suspect that Mrs. Amagasaki might be running into a bit of bad luck for a while. Dunno if it would be from Tyr or Hild, but the reason would probably be the same.

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Thanks Katz :)

I'm glad that it turned out nicely, since I'm moving this story at a faster pace than my other two. So, a lot happened all at once here.

I kind of enjoyed having Tyr here, trying to keep an eye on his daughter. He won't stick around forever, though, as it might remove the focus from the main characters.

For Mrs Amagasaki.... Let's just say that this is something Hild would definitely love to handle, although, she won't show up in person for a while.

Also, the chapter is on FFN:

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Wish I would have seen this before you posted it.....

‘Hold on a second… She may not have her memories, but, her body is still that of a goddess not a human. Can a mortal even survive mating with her?’ Normally she would’ve to restrain herself from letting either her strength or her magic from going out of control, but, as she didn’t even remember who or what she was, such a thing was simply impossible. ‘Uh oh…’

Ok, so, my thought here is that you are doing it again, barrowing elements from your other story and inserting them into this one. I would suggest that you avoid that by removing this little bit so that it can stand on its own. This world does not have to have all the same rules as the other 2 you have put together.

Other than this one thing, I am really enjoying your new story. I particularly like all the teasing.

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Oh, that?

No, I'm not hinting that there's going to be some element from the other stories into this one. I've already hinted in the first chapter that Urd is physically stronger, the way she's shaking people around with one hand :sneaky: And her license suspension doesn't actually block her powers, she's just not meant to use them. Normally, that's not a problem, but, here she doesn't even remember that she's got powers at all. This could lead into problems, should they leave her completely on her own with a frail human around her. Which is one of the reasons to keep an eye on her. I'm not hinting for something that I've used for Belldandy in my other story :sneaky:

Thanks :) I'm keeping this into a smaller project, to avoid making this into yet another huge story :thumbsup:

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Its just that the concept of him being in danger from being intimate with Urd sounds a lot like the worry from The Following Day about when Bell and Keiichi consummated their relationship and all the channeling of the energy release and the bracelets from Loki, etc etc. If it's not like that, cool. But it does sound pretty familiar.

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Actually, the danger is much worse here, and has nothing to do with being intimate (even if this was simple brought as an example here). Urd possesses the powers of a second class goddess, but, has no memories of who or what she is. And if my memory serves me right, a license suspension isn't enforced on them. So, her powers aren't sealed away, which could lead into problems. Sure, she cannot cast spells, although, her physical strength and powers can be instinctively triggered by accidents.

And while the example here was her physical relationships, it's merely a minor possibility amongst the many. Besides, limiters and bracelets are not easy to use on Urd, as I'll explain in next chapters (she's both a goddess and a demoness, complicating matters), so other solutions will be necessary.

Namely, Tyr's going to consider whether telling her about herself is beneficial or a terrible mistake. Of course... things never go according to plan anyway...

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I got a question. Ever read Onihime VS? The series was pretty short, like 27 chapters.

There's a chapter where the boisterous beauty loses her memory and kinda gains a demure personality. It was due to her drinking a love potion that was mention for men to drink.

What I'm suggesting is the opposite.

It might be interesting for a chapter or two if Mara or some other supernatural entity tries to use a potion on Urd to really mess up her day, but winds up temporarily restoring her memory. I dunno, maybe the entity screws up the potion or someone secretly replaced the ingredients page with another one. Though I imagine the ending of the chapter would be pretty damn sad if the 'going back to amnesia-Urd' were drawn out.

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I've actually read it and I remember that part :)

For this story, I might try something a bit similar although I'll have to refrain from making it end like that. Still, it's not unusual for others trying to restore her memories and for a while it's either not going to work or it's only partially effective.

Also, her angel does have a lot more of their memories and could contribute to a chapter as well.

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Here's the draft for chapter 3:

Letting a yawn as he stretched his back, the possessed cat was the first tenant of this cramped apartment to greet the morning sun, as soon as it appeared over the horizon. He was still here, as it would’ve been bad to leave his daughter and her friend alone; especially after they were facing such a crisis. In less than a week, they needed to find a place for themselves, and a pretty affordable one. Although far from impossible, Tyr knew that it was a bit too much for them, going from one emergency to the next and he wished to give them a hand.

Hm...we need something cheap, spacious enough and without any bans against pets. The worst part is how to tell them, though. It’s not like I can just say it out loud, given that I’m supposedly a cat and all that.’

Wandering towards their room, Tyr was happy that everything was fine, until he got a nice glimpse of his daughter’s sleeping form. Apparently at some point during the night, Urd must’ve pulled her covers a bit too much, leaving her entire back exposed and given that, Keiichi was facing in her direction, it was only a matter of time before the mortal boy got a perfect view of her.

Of course, there was no issue with the upper half of her body; it was the lower bit that could incite some really improper thoughts to the young man. Urd’s panties left absolutely nothing to the imagination, especially back there, as they were just three flimsy strings in a Y-shaped arrangement.

Is she doing this on purpose? Hild sure did, but… Urd? Maybe it’s all a coincidence and…’

Before he could even finish that thought, the sound of Keiichi’s alarm clock meant that the boy was seconds away from waking up and trying to avoid wasting any more time, the possessed cat sprinted across the room and gave a mighty leap, claws extended to grab his daughter’s covers. Pulling them back down in the nick of time, the feline smacked on the floor with a thud as he wasn’t particularly concerned about his landing.

Oh, good morning, Whiskers! I guess you’re already up, huh?” said Keiichi, completely unaware of the cat’s actions or the missed opportunity to see one of Urd’s impressive features.

Meow…” Trying to avoid letting out a pained groan instead, Tyr decided to sit there and pretend that he was lying like any other kitty would, enjoying the warmth of Urd’s body next to him.

Um… Urd? Should you take a bath first?” asked Keiichi, turning around to give the goddess some privacy as she got out of the bed. “I’ll make some breakfast in the meantime.”

Thanks, I won’t keep you waiting for too long.” Grabbing a change of clothes and a towel, Urd headed towards the cramped bath, making a mental note to try and get an apartment with a much bigger one as a priority. She could live with a tiny bedroom, but, without a proper tub where she could soak, it almost felt that something was missing from her life. “Of course, you can always join me… We could save time by scrubbing each other’s back, you know…”

Only if we could both fit in there at the same time…I’m a grease monkey, not a sardine, Urd.” Chuckling at his own joke, the dark haired mortal wanted to be the one who would tease her for once, instead of the other way; which was the norm by now.

However, as much as she wanted to giggle at his attempt of doing something other than blushing and stammering, Urd couldn’t help but wish to outsmart him, being the last one to laugh here. It was a subconscious urge, almost as if she enjoyed teasing and getting teased by others. Although, she couldn’t remember getting in a situation that wasn’t a one sided deal for anyone involved, except from herself of course. “I wouldn’t be so sure, Keiichi… With some creative positioning I think we could both fit in there and feel really good too.”

Not waiting to see the reaction, as she was fairly certain that the boy was more or less looking like a ripe tomato, Urd headed towards the bath, leaving her embarrassed roommate and the possessed cat behind.

Patting the poor boy with one of his front paws, Tyr couldn’t help but feel some sympathy for the mortal who became his daughter’s favorite target for all kinds of jokes.

There, there… I know the feeling. Been there, done that… got a kid to prove it… Although, in a way she’s even worse that her own mother. At least Hild didn’t tease me so much without offering some… release I guess. Urd on the other hand?... I can’t say I feel envious for him; nobody would.’


She kicked you out because of a poor kitty? Ugh!... unbelievable!”

There were three things that put a smile on Chihiro’s face: cute bikes, cats, and children. A rather strange combination of things, although, her employees were happy that money wasn’t amongst them. While Chihiro wanted to gain as much of it possible, it wasn’t her primary motivational force, rather the means to achieve her dream; to create her very own successful and recognizable bike shop.

Whirlwind was just the beginning and over time she hoped that it would grow into a bigger, more prestigious business and for that to happen, she needed the funds. Which sometimes made her look like she was stingy or even greedy, although, whoever spent enough time around her could tell that this wasn’t the case. Chihiro truly cared for her employees who she valued as friends, instead of money making drones and obsess about things like productivity and efficiency. Sure, she loved to be competitive, but, she’d also stop and hear how the others were dealing with their lives, instead of droning about work, schedules and sales.

Heh… she’s quite the opposite of that old manager of mine. It feels more like talking with a friend than my boss.’

Well, it’s not something we can change now,” said Keiichi after a while, getting up from floor as he placed the container and allowed the bike’s oil to drain, before he removed the old filter. “We both need to find a place to stay and we decided to find a single one instead of two.”

Oh my!... You should’ve told me that there good news too!” said Chihiro with a grin as she took one of the tea cups, Urd offered for her while they had a short break.

As a matter of fact, it took Keiichi several seconds to process what the brunette was implying and while Urd was grinning as well, the young mechanic simply appeared to be lost. “Huh? What good news? You mean about the cat? Sure that’s nice and… Uh… wait a second…”

The goddess could hardly contain her mirth as her friend turned completely red, struggling to keep a straight face after their boss got the wrong idea. “Oh, don’t be so shy Keiichi… You’re so much bolder when we’re alone… I could feel you touch me a bit while I was still asleep, earlier in the morning…”

That was Whiskers! I didn’t touch anything!

Giggling, both Urd and Chihiro enjoyed the panicked look on his face, as he waived his arms in front of him. It was fairly obvious based on the goddess’ tone that she was just joking, yet Keiichi tended to overreact whenever she implied anything too naughty. “Is that so? What a bad kitty…”

Speaking of that, if it really becomes a problem, I can take care of the poor cat,” offered the brunette businesswoman. “My apartment has no ban for pets and I do actually have a cat of my own!”

Thanks, Chihiro! I’ll have to use that as a last resort, though. It somehow sounds irresponsible for me if I immediately got rid of him without even trying,” said Urd, finding it strange that she actually used the word irresponsible like that for a reason; even if she couldn’t understand why.

Smiling at her, Chihiro checked the shop’s clock and decided to give them a bit of a head start for today’s hunt for their apartment. “How about we wrap things up here, so that you can leave earlier? We’re mostly done anyway, and I can finish the rest on my own.”

Are you sure? It’s a bit too early actually…” said Keiichi as he stared at the clock as well.

Morisato-kun… Try to spend more time with your girlfriend than acting like a workaholic,” said Chihiro with a playful wink, making Urd giggle and the dark haired mechanic blush, but remain silent as he got the feeling that any reply would’ve ended up with more teasing.

And we’re not even a couple… I don’t even want to imagine how it’s going to get if that actually happens. Yeah… keep dreaming Morisato…’


That was a pity… We could totally afford it, but, no pets were allowed.”

Letting a sigh, Keiichi tried to see the positive side of the situation; they were actually finding apartments, unlike before. It was only a matter of time to get the one that was ideal for them and then all their problems could’ve been sorted out.

It’s much better now, though. At least, we’re getting some results,” said Urd, almost mirroring his thoughts while the two of them walked along a sidewalk in downtown Nekomi.

Excuse me, but you seem troubled…”

Blinking, Keiichi and Urd turned to the unexpected source of the interruption, finding a cloaked woman sitting behind a fortune teller’s stall. Despite all the oddities one could encounter in Nekomi, a person behind a crystal ball was a bit too much for them and neither seemed to be particularly interested to approach her. It was more than an obvious scam to make money out of tourists and the local students by telling them their fortune, which was most likely some obscure and cryptic answer that could be interpreted in too many ways.

Yes, I’m talking to you and your lovely roommate. You’ve got troubles clouding your future… Please… come closer.”

The duo gave each other a curious look, wondering just how this fortune teller assumed that they were living together. Of course, there was always the possibility that out of sheer luck she made a successful guess and got it with the first try.

What do you think?” whispered Keiichi to Urd.

If she doesn’t charge us too much?... Why not?” was the goddess’ reply with a casual shrug.

Approaching the stall, they could only get a glimpse of the numerous bracelets decorating her wrists, as well as the rather impressive necklace she was wearing. Still, her blue robes cast a shadow which concealed most of her face, leaving nothing more than her mouth to be visible to her two clients.

You’ve spent days searching for a safe harbor, a roof above your head.”

I must admit that you’re pretty good,” said Keiichi with a raised eyebrow. “I don’t suppose you know how to solve that problem, do you?”

Actually… I do. Far along the freedom’s path, a place lies hidden behind forgotten walls that weep for one to remember them. Seek that place and your troubles will be over.”

Staring the woman in front them with a blank expression, the duo glanced briefly at each other, wondering whether she was serious or just joking.

Uh… t-thank you for the advice,” said Keiichi, leaving several coins on her table, before he and a baffled Urd started to walk away, unsure what to make of this cryptic message.

Wait, I didn’t ask for…” started the hooded woman, but it was too late for them to stop and turn to listen to her. Instead they kept walking and talked to each other, probably about what she told them earlier and for a moment, the fortune teller let out a sigh before her lips curled up in a smile.

Take care Urd. May fortune smile on you.’

Gathering her things as she closed the stall, she briefly remembered the coins and feeling that taking them back with her would’ve been a waste, a much better option was to donate them. Unfortunately with nobody around her who was in need of them, she turned to another possibility; an automated vending machine not too far from where her stall was.

Walking towards it, she briefly checked what kind drinks she could buy with them and which one of them was better. Some sounded really familiar and she had to admit that the canned tea seemed like an appealing choice, although, a lot of the pedestrians who walked by her previously were drinking something she was unfamiliar with and for a moment, trying it sounded like a good idea to her.

Seconds after the coins were inserted in the machine, the mysterious figure retrieved her can of Cola.


You don’t seriously believed that, do you?”

Hm…” Scratching her chin, Urd had an instinctive impulse to disagree with Keiichi, although common logic couldn’t explain any of the fortune teller’s words. While she did find what their problem was, the solution was far too cryptic for her to decipher. “I don’t know, Keiichi… She didn’t sound like she was messing around with us, but… I’ve got no idea what she meant, either.”

Well, I must admit that she did got a few things right. However, I’m equally lost about her answer. It sounds like one of those treasure hunt games where you’re given some riddles that act like clues.” Failing to come up with anything that could’ve given them some further insight as to what all that meant, he tried to focus on their task at hand. “Besides, shouldn’t we visit the next agency?”

One moment…” Refusing to give up, Urd tried to break that answer into parts and wondered if there was anything which made any sense. “Is there by any chance anything called freedom’s path around here? You know, a street… a road… maybe a shop even.”

Uh… none I’m aware of. At least as far as streets are concerned, I’ve never heard of anything by that name or description before. Now, shops are another matter altogether, but, there are too many of them to start looking for something like that,” said Keiichi as he shook his head. “It could take far too much time and… I mean, we can’t afford to go on a wild goose chase right now.”

No argument there, Keiichi,” said Urd with a sigh. “Still, if you were to describe a path like that, what would you pick?”

Now, that’s a strange question…” Pausing for a moment as he racked his brains to come up with an answer to that bizarre request. He was unsure why his roommate insisted to pay attention to that silly advice, but in the end he decided to humor her. “Well, for me that’s the mountain path, also known as the Nekomi circuit amongst the local bikers. It’s a place I used to go on a ride whenever I wanted to feel free and forget about my homework and the deadlines. That was quite some time ago, though.”

Huh? Why?”

The usual problem actually,” said Keiichi with a sad sigh. “Too much work, too little time for anything else. I may have no longer to deal with homework, but, as soon as I started working for Chihiro, all my free time was more or less gone. I do hope I could get back there one of these days and ride along the mountain path like I used to.”

How about now?” suggested the goddess with a smile.

What? B-But... Urd, we have to…”

Oh, come on! We can find a bloody house later. It’s not like we’re going to depart on a journey across the ocean,” said the Norn of the past with a wink. “Actually, it could help us both clear our minds and forget about our problems, right?”

You mean, it’s not because of that fortune teller?”

Don’t change the subject!”

I’m not…”

Yes you are and I won’t take no for an answer!The change in the goddess’ voice was subtle, yet for the young man next to her, it was akin to a ruler announcing a decree to her loyal subjects. Not harsh, although leaving little room for negotiations and even less for anyone to deny her.

Yes! Let’s go!” Turning around, he headed towards his parked bike, trying to avoid shaking his head.

Oh boy… she’s really making me do whatever she wishes already. Sorry, Megumi, your brother is a total sucker…’


Driving up the mountain path, Keiichi had to admit that the fresh air and the serene environment did actually make him forget about all the stress and frustrations of the last couple of days. It was one of the reasons why he enjoyed driving here in the first place; the other being the road itself, which offered a decent challenge and there was hardly any traffic at all, making it ideal for racing.

More interestingly, though, was the somewhat serene expression on Urd’s face as he glanced over at the sidecar. Unlike her typically mischievous look, the bronze skinned goddess was genuinely relaxed and enjoying the ride, occasionally checking at the landscape around them.

It’s nice how peaceful it is here. The city is far too busy to notice the scenery that surrounds it.”

Yeah… That’s partially why I came here in the first place,” said Keiichi with a warm smile, turning back to the road. “After several hours of hard work with the rest of the Motor Club members, I’d normally come here to relax.”

Actually… is there any place for us to stop for a while and take a look around?” asked Urd as she glanced ahead of them for any signs of a clearing. The narrow road was framed by the steep rock face on one side and a vast chasm on the other, making it extremely unsafe to pull over.

Hm.. if I remember correctly, the path widens up ahead and there’s even an old temple we could visit,” said Keiichi, trying to recall more details about this part of Nekomi. “Never really been there, since I rarely stopped while driving here, but… I think that’s the best opportunity for us to get a nice view of our surroundings.”

Almost as if on cue, the old temple in question appeared on their left and Keiichi eased off the throttle, bringing the bike to a stop in front of the weathered staircase which lead up to the main entrance. As the duo ascended the steps, they couldn’t help but notice several cracks in the stonework, exposing some of the concrete underneath it. And the sign above them was barely readable, the characters almost faded as the paint had long started to fade away.

Tariki Hongan temple.’

Uh… is this an abandoned temple?” asked Urd as she and Keiichi looked at the sad state of the temple grounds. If the exterior was bad, the area inside the perimeter was actually far worse, with wild grass covering every bit of the ground; even growing through the gaps in the stone path that lead to the actual temple, as well as the priest’s house adjacent to it.

That’s funny… I didn’t think it was,” admitted Keiichi who was under the impression that this was still inhabited. “Maybe something happened and the priest left, or something?”

Don’t ask me… This is the first time I’m here and I haven’t been in Nekomi for too long either.” Looking around her, Urd wondered if they were right, given that despite its poor state the damage was not too severe and could’ve been fixed with some hard work. “Still, this was either abandoned recently, or it’s actually inhabited but not properly maintained.”

Walking up the wooden steps of the temple’s main building, Urd briefly wondered if there was anything left inside at all, but decided to check nevertheless. After all, they’ve come all the way here and taking a look wouldn’t hurt anyone, although she had no idea how wrong she was. Stopping right in front of the door, the goddess turned around to take a better view of the temple grounds and barely managed to notice the sound of wood giving away under Keiichi’s weight, who was mere steps away from her.

While not heavy per se, the young mechanic was the last person that particular board supported and after many long years of serving as part of the temple’s stairs it broke, sending the unsuspecting man tumbling forward. Flailing his arms around as there was nothing to stop his fall, he inevitably bumped on the equally surprised Urd who was in front of him, getting them both on the patio’s floor in front of the temple.


It took them a few moments to realize just what happened, but, after the initial shock had passed, Keiichi found himself literally on the goddess’ lap, his face mere inches from her ample chest and in a very compromising position. Despite all the teasing and jokes directed at him, this was the first time he got more than a simple view of the exotic woman and could literally feel her against his body, even if it was due to a mere accident. “I… I…”

Before the goddess could properly respond, the door behind them swung open and a wooden stick landed right on top of the mortal’s head, smiting him in the process.

Don’t desecrate this temple with your impure deeds!



I’m terribly sorry about that misunderstanding...”

Looking apologetic, the monk watched his two visitors as they sat across the low table, after he invited them to his house which was located right next to the temple’s main building. It was a most embarrassing moment for him to mistake an accident for something impure and ended up hitting a most innocent pilgrim in the process.

So, you’re in charge here?” asked Urd as she held a bag of ice on top of Keiichi’s head.

Actually, I’m the only one living here, at the moment, but… yes. And I must admit that I, Koshian had failed to prove myself worthy of this temple, causing one misunderstanding after the other,” admitted the monk with shame evident in his pained expression.

This happens often?” asked the curious half goddess, making a mental note to avoid this place from now on; for the sake of her friend’s well being.

Not like that, but… Quite a while ago, I had almost reprimanded a visitor who tried to donate money, thinking that he was attempting to steal the offerings. It was that kind of incidents that led me to think that I lack the enlightenment necessary to perform my duties and as a result, I spent more and more time meditating and contemplating about the great mysteries of life,” said the monk with a slow nod.

Is this why the temple is in such a state of disrepair?” Either due to the whack on the head, or him being brutally honest, Keiichi decided to ask the most obvious question anyone else would’ve hesitated to voice; the temple’s current condition.

Alas, it is. With me spending too many hours a day in meditation and nobody else to assist me, I must admit that I hadn’t done a great job at maintaining my poor temple.” Letting a sad sigh, the monk knew that excuses wouldn’t do him any favors, so, he decided to be really open about this, instead of going around the subject. “I had hoped that soon enough, another monk would join me and ease off this burden, but… that never happened. Hiring others to do this kind of menial work could certainly solve the problem, although, I do not possess the necessary funds for such a thing, either.”

Wait a moment… What if we give you a hand? Would that work?” asked Urd with a small smile, while Keiichi stared at the goddess with a baffled expression, unsure what she was getting at.

Huh? You would like to do that? But… I cannot pay you,” said the monk, looking equally lost as the young mechanic next to the bronze skinned woman.

Actually, we’ve got a problem of our own. You see… we have a few days to find a place to live and that’s going to be really hard to pull in such a short period of time. If you allow us to stay here for exchange of getting two helpers of sorts, we would be really grateful.” Smiling at the monk, Urd tried to buy some more time for her and Keiichi to find a new apartment for themselves.

Wait a second, Urd! What are you doing?” whispered the concerned man, who feared that he would end up working from sunrise to sunset, to fulfil both his role as a mechanic and a repairman at the same time.

It’s only for a few days, Keiichi. Just enough to search for a house without feeling all that pressure,” whispered Urd back, although that didn’t seem to make him feel any better.

Yeah, but… We’re going to have to work, search for a house and help with the repairs, Urd!” countered the concerned mechanic. “Just how long do you think we can stand such an exhaustive schedule?”

Oh, come on… I don’t think that the monk’s going to work us to death…”

I don’t know, but I have a bad feeling about this…”

After several more seconds of considering the pros and cons of such an unusual offer, Koshian decided that it was too great of an opportunity to let it pass just like that. Even dealing with the wild plants outside could be a great improvement to the temple and besides… the roof was leaking and he desperately needed someone to fix it. “Very well, I’ll have to agree with your terms. You can move in as soon as you can and I can allow you to have a room to yourselves.”

It’s a deal!” Not bothering to explain that they weren’t a couple, Urd accepted right away without worrying about the downsides of such an arrangement. This house wasn’t tiny, but then again, it was no mansion and asking for two separate rooms for free could sound a bit much.

Meanwhile, Keiichi was far from enthusiastic, but, had to accept the offer as well. Urd did have a point here and this deal could actually buy them some time to find an apartment without feeling the pressure of an impending deadline. On the other hand, he had no delusions that with him being a man, most the hard tasks would’ve been assigned to him; and there a lot of work to be done.

Oh boy… I can feel the pain already…’


That seems nice. Apparently they did solve the problem on their own. Well… for the most part.’

Sitting on top of the bell tower, Vali was using his binoculars to spy on the pair who had apparently found themselves in a rather unusual part of Nekomi. Munching on a single rice cracker which seemed gigantic compared to his miniature form that he had to assume in order to minimize chances of others spotting him, the blue haired god was pleased that they had chosen such a remote location. With few humans around to interfere or even cause problems to them, his job as a guardian was now a lot simpler.

Of course, as it was typical in such cases the moment someone thought that everything was going to be fine, life could always decide to prove them wrong and Vali was no exception to that rule; god or not. As his communicator demanded his attention, he had little idea what was wrong, although he suspected that his boss was behind that; a sentiment that was absolutely correct.

Yes? This is war god candidate Vali of...”

It is I… and I don’t have the time for the full into, Vali!” said Tyr in a somewhat rushed manner. “Look, I have a big problem… My daughter got drunk!”

Uh… she looks perfectly sober to me, my lord,” said the confused god as he stared at Urd through his binoculars.

Oh right… It’s not Urd I’m talking about, but… Belldandy,” said Tyr with a groan, clearly not comfortable with the whole situation. “I’ve asked her to give them a hand, and she ended up getting wasted after consuming some local beverage. Now, she’s all over the place granting any kind of random things and this has to stop before any real damage is done.”

Is it really that bad? Surely, random wishes do not have the status of a true contracts and…” started the god, only to stop as a distant, low grumble could be heard from Nekomi’s general direction; more specifically towards the city’s bay.

Random or not, she somehow managed to get a few of them through the system and while we’ll have to fix this mess over here, I need you to deal with a tiny bit of a problem,” said Tyr, both pain and sarcasm evident in the frustrated Daimakaicho’s voice. “Someone wished for Godzilla.”


Yes. And try to get my daughter out of there before she brings anything else from popular fiction too!”

Yes, sir!Despite the rather ludicrous situation, a task that involved combat brought a smile to the cadet’s face. All this surveillance thing while important was not what he had been meticulously training for. “I’ll annihilate that overgrown iguana!”

It’s a kaiju; I think… Whatever humans call them. Just deal with it, before it escalates into something far too troublesome.”

No worries, my lord! Cleaning up a mess like this, is something I really enjoy!”


The police are still investigating the mysterious incident that took place in Nekomi’s harbor, causing damage on an unprecedented scale. Thankfully no one was injured as a direct result of it, according to the rescue crews that hurried to the afflicted area. Despite that, there are no eyewitness accounts of what took place, making this one of the strangest incidents in the nation’s recent history…”

Shaking his head, as he watched the news on their TV, Keiichi had no idea how to feel. On one hand, he wasn’t the only person to have a strange day, but on the other… something like that was really worrisome. Several warehouses were flattened and nobody even had any idea as to how that came to be. “Hey, Urd… come listen to this crazy stuff.”

In a moment! I’m worried that Whiskers may not be feeling very well,” said Urd from the other side of the room, as she placed the cup of hot noodles in front of the otherwise catatonic cat.

What’s the problem?” asked Keiichi as he munched his own dinner. It was late evening when both of them returned home and began the preparations to pack their things. Thankfully Urd’s clothes were still in their bags, making it a far less painful ordeal, although the rest were still an issue.

He looks… I don’t know… Unhappy?” said the half goddess as she inspected the possessed cat, who immediately went to eat his dinner with a happy purr, worrying that this could end up in a trip to the vet.

Hm… he’s more lively now, though. Perhaps he missed us?” suggested Keiichi as he turned around to take a look at the cat, while the debate on the TV kept on.

This is a classic example of a meteorite breaking up in the atmosphere which results in an airburst.”

Nonsense! This was an example of UFO activity! The government wants to cover it all up!”

There’s no shred of evidence pointing in that direction!”

Nobody remembers anything! It’s brainwashing done by the aliens!”

Nope, I did that.’ Eating his noodles, Tyr eyed over at his daughter who seemed rather happy that he was doing well and he couldn’t help but share the sentiment. Urd wasn’t a cold and indifferent goddess, but, seeing her show this much concern for a cat was something he’d expect from Belldandy. ‘Ugh… I need to keep her away from that fizzy poison. Who would’ve thought that she was going to get wasted like that after a few sips? Or that she was more dangerous than that overgrown lizard. Hm… maybe I should decorate Vali for exceptional service. That could make the poor boy feel a bit better after getting curb stomped by a drunken goddess.’

I still find this to be ridiculous… Why would anyone travel across countless worlds just to level some warehouses here? It makes no sense!”

For the giggles; why else? You still haven’t met Hild, human. Maybe it’s for your own good too…’

But, that’s what aliens do!”

No, that’s just the demons trolling you. Staging all those pranks to piss us off. Especially as they try to monetize the whole craze and make a profit out of it!’

Ugh… enough with this nonsense!” Turning the TV off, Keiichi decided that they had enough of a break and still had work to do. “I think we need to pack the last few boxes and get ready for moving our stuff.”

Yeah… It’s kind of funny how we’re going to live in a temple for a while,” said Urd with a giggle, missing the cat roll his eyes.

I wouldn’t be so sure, Urd. With you being a goddess... it makes sense to me.’

Just hope that the priest won’t go all out on us with those repairs,” said Keiichi with a nervous chuckle. “That place looked like a mess and even the most basic of repairs will take so much time…”

Hey, I can help too,” said Urd with a wink. “Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean that I’ll excuse myself while you work hard to fulfill our end of the deal.”

Really?” said Keiichi with a tiny smile, while Tyr couldn’t help but feel his chest swell with pride as the most troublesome of his daughters decided to display some level of responsibility. Unfortunately for both males the moment was ruined by none other than Urd herself as she went on.

Of course, Keiichi. Not only I’m stronger than you, but, I can reach higher too,” said with a bright smile that only made matters even worse.

While the young mechanic remained silent, after that severe blow to his pride, Tyr couldn’t help but palm himself, or at least tried to.

Why can’t you stop before you ruin it, Urd? Way to go… reminding him all those things…’

Completely missing their expressions, the half goddess went on and headed in their room to finish with their preparations.

Want some help with them, Urd?” offered the mortal as he followed her.

Sure thing, Keiichi!”

Well… at least he’s not one to hold a grudge for something like that. Hm… now that I think of it, I wonder what’s Vali doing with his current nurse?’


Are you feeling better, now?”

Looking to his side with some apprehension, the bandaged god offered a nod to the brunette who volunteered to help him get back to his feet; once he could start to feel them again that is. Worse, the seemingly gentle and kind goddess was the very reason in such a rough shape, not the giant lizard he had managed to deal mostly on his own.

During the climax of his duel with the fictional monster, the gargantuan being was about to stomp the still inebriated goddess and to prevent that, Vali decided to get her to safety. Grabbing her as the monster crushed the very spot she was standing, the war god cadet had to carry her away even in a somewhat unrefined manner, hefting her over his shoulder.

However as the creature swung its mighty tail at them, Vali had to move out of the way once again and to avoid dropping her down, he reached with his hand to secure her in position. An absolutely terrible mistake on his part, as the battle was keeping his attention away from his surroundings. By the time he he realized that his hand rested much higher than he was expecting, it was already too late. And judging from the brunette’s startled gasp, she most certainly didn’t appreciate the gesture at all; accident or not.

From that point on, he had little recollection as to what transpired. Other than soaring through the sky and right into a few warehouses that eventually stopped his supersonic flight, he had no idea how he ended up in his room.

The place was almost bare, save for a few pieces of furniture and a sleeping bag that acted as the god’s bed. Just like Urd’s initial apartment, it was provided to him by Heavens as a temporary base of operations while he was stationed in Nekomi for the this mission. As soon as they became aware of the half goddess’ amnesia, the Fighting Wings received the Daimakaicho’s request for someone to monitor her and that god happened to be him.

However, in reality he was merely a cadet, not a fully fledged war god, since such a simple task didn’t require the combat experience of a senior warrior; or at least, that’s what he was being told. In reality, things had proven to be a lot more challenging than he was originally anticipating, since the mortal realm was a place far too strange for him to fully understand.

Magic was almost unknown to the locals, aside from simple tricks performed by entertainers here, making it a hassle to move around as he had to walk whenever he was around mortals. Of course, that wasn’t a problem as long as he was out of sight, although certain tasks necessitated some interaction with the locals and those were always problematic for the young god. Humans had a lot more limitations than he had originally expected and this being his first time on Earth, it was a true case of trial by fire; learning things while he was doing his job.

And speaking of that, he wasn’t even certain why monitoring her was even necessary. Vali had assumed that once the problem was diagnosed, Heavens would immediately recall her suspension and take her back in order to provide Urd with the best treatment for her amnesia. Instead, they left her here, doing almost nothing aside from assigning him with the task to keep an eye on her. The only information he had was that there were others looking into the actual problem, although he wasn’t told anything more than that.

Initially he wasn’t particularly fond of this job, expecting a task that would’ve proven his skills as an aspiring warrior like any other cadet would and instead, he was given a mission that required no fighting at all. For any member of the celestial combat division, that could’ve been taken as an insult, a sign that his superiors found him only worthy for such a simple task. Worse, with his mother having a nice reputation in the Fighting Wings, he was worried that this might’ve been a mercy assignment, something simple enough that nobody could really mess up, just so that he had a success to ensure his progression in the combat division. For Vali, riding his mother’s coattails was out of question, not even as a last resort option. He’d rather work as a debugger or a low level sysop than being treated like a useless warrior.

Normally, only the best had a real chance of joining the ranks of the Fighting Wings, but with the Double System in place, the job wasn’t so dangerous as it used to be in the past and as such, the standards had been somewhat relaxed. Furthermore, there was currently a lack of willing cadets, since most of them were considered to be violent deities, a classification that most celestials wished to avoid at all costs. Due to the above, it was now easier to apply to the Fighting Wings that it used to be in the past and Vali worried that he wasn’t as much of a great cadet anymore.

As if his assignment was bad enough, the fact that a gentle, kind and renowned wish granter had more or less defeated him in such a spectacular manner was far too embarrassing for the god’s wounded pride to take. He could already imagine his peers sniggering behind his back, once he’d be recalled back to Valhalla after this fiasco. In his eyes, he had already failed to carry out the Daimakaicho’s direct orders, and quite miserably too. Not many of them were directly assigned by their supreme ruler to deal with a situation and end up touching his middle daughter’s posterior and then lose consciousness after she sent him flying across the sky. Sure, it was an accident and he had been doing a great job up to that point, but, technically speaking… he had failed his leader.

In his mind this was probably a sign of mercy, being allowed to get some rest until he was feeling better and then, Tyr-sama would simply dismiss him and give this assignment to someone who actually knew what they were doing. Even Belldandy’s presence here was part of that setting, in order for him to feel better after he’d have to deal with the consequences of his failure and be someone to talk with while he packed the few things he possessed during his short stay in the mortal realm, prior to his departure.

Are you absolutely certain you’re okay? You seem awfully troubled to me.”

It wasn’t a big surprise for Vali that the brunette goddess had easily noticed his crestfallen expression on his face. Despite his second class license, the blue haired cadet was a rather straightforward individual who preferred to be honest about something, instead of resorting to lying, and mincing his words. “I should be, by all means. The mission I had received from Tyr-sama himself ended up with me in... this kind of state. And I’d rather not wish to mention why that came to be the case either.”

I’m terribly sorry about that,” said Belldandy with an apologetic smile. “I was really careless and pushed my luck too far by drinking that beverage without knowing its full effects on my body. I’ve caused so many problems by getting drunk and granting all those random wishes...”

It’s perfectly fine. After all, it was a genuine and unintentional error on your part, which resulted in that incident,” said Vali with a small smile, as a way to reassure the guilt ridden goddess. Naturally, a blunder of that magnitude was something worth of Asgard’s attention, although considering her exceptional record and the fact that it was indeed an accident, it was likely that she wasn’t going to get reprimanded for that.

And you touching my behind, wasn’t?” said Belldandy, tilting her head in such an innocent manner that made the bandaged cadet worry that he was probably so injured that he was hearing things.


Forgive my crude words, but, I think that you’re being too hard on yourself,” said Belldandy, despite the small blush on her face, suppressing certain memories to avoid any further embarrassment to both herself and the blue haired god who stared at her in shock.

I am? How’s that even possible?” asked the baffled Vali. Normally, he’d simply dismiss such talk as a way to make him feel better. However, as a first class goddess, Belldandy wasn’t supposed to lie and that only left one possibility; that she was absolutely honest with him.

You did your best and had to deal with a… drunk first class goddess, while you’re a second class war god cadet. To make matters even worse, I do happen to have a Valkyrie license despite the fact that I’m not using it at the moment. It’s merely unfair to expect that you could carry out such a mission, especially considering how complicated things became due to my… state of mind,” explained Belldandy with a sigh.

B-But I still should’ve…” started the embarrassed god, before he was interrupted by the only other celestial contact he had while in Nekomi.

You should’ve kept quiet, boy. If the nice goddess tells you it’s okay, then you got lucky with it,” said the possessed cat as he walked towards them. “Do you have any idea how many would’ve loved to be in your position?”

Father! What are you saying to him?!

The truth. Although, I’m eternally grateful that this didn’t end like most other situations that involve a drunk goddess and physical contact,” said Tyr, scratching his whiskers. “The infamous and so much dreaded, daddy I’m pregnant line…”

I don’t do, such things!protested the scandalized brunette.

Chuckling to himself, the cat’s smile was even funnier due to his current form, as he teased his daughter. “Thank goodness for that! I’ve got my hands full with Urd and even Skuld’s antics to worry about you too, Belldandy. Still… I must admit that whenever you misbehave, it’s something of epic proportions. Although, I never thought it would even include a movie monster…”

I’m sorry, father. It was extremely unprofessional of me to grant all those wishes,” said Belldandy with a frown, feeling rather ashamed for her actions back there.

Okay, I think that’s enough. I’ve happened to hear you talking to each other a bit earlier and I guess that you’re both too hard on yourselves,” said Tyr, shaking his head. “Vali, you actually did a great job, all things considered. As such, I’ll decorate you for your valiant effort, although that’ll have to wait for a bit. With Urd and her friend moving to their new place tomorrow, we need to keep an eye out for them.”

Yes, my lord. I’ll follow them and make sure that everything is fine,” said Vali, before his superior shook his head.

Not tomorrow, I’m afraid. I want you to stay in bed and fully recover from this ordeal. In the meanwhile, I want you, Belldandy to keep an eye on the two of them,” said the possessed feline, much to the cadet’s chagrin.

But… my lord!... I can still do my job!” insisted the stricken god with a worried expression on his face. “It’s not necessary to assign such a task to…”

Nonsense! Belldandy is just a capable of doing this kind of…” started the possessed cat, only to be interrupted by Vali, who leaned closer to his leader.

Is it truly a good idea to let her see just how… Urd interacts with her human friend?” asked the blue haired god, keeping his voice down to avoid Belldandy from listening to them.

Hm… that is a good point indeed,” admitted Tyr, checking over to his daughter who was on the other side of the room, preparing some tea for them. “Although, I doubt that Urd’s going to be so crude while they’ll live in the same house with that monk. So, it’s okay to leave them alone for a single day. Plus, I’m still going to be around and keep an eye out for trouble.”

Tea’s ready!” announced Belldandy with a bright smile on her face, pouring a cup for all three of them, although she did found it strange to serve some to a cat; although she couldn’t remember why it troubled her.

Thank you very much,” said Vali, using his uninjured hand to accept the cup.

Oh, it’s my pleasure, really.” Setting the last remaining cup in front of her father, the Norn of the present was still struggling to recall what was so wrong about the situation.

However, the answer to her question came faster than she was anticipating, when her father nearly choked on his tea.


Of course! Such intense taste may not be suitable for a cat and… oh no!’

While Belldandy panicked to get a glass of water for her father, another figure couldn’t help but laugh at that scene, before she turned her screen off.

Hm… Interesting. So he finally decided to take care of his firstborn. Well... would you look at that! Perhaps I’ll wait a bit and see what he can do.’


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Look through and check your titles. There are a number of places where you use the title Daimakaicho when you probably meant Daitenkaicho.

So, at first this seemed like a new world where the wish never happened, and Urd's amnesia was a result of her suspension as well. I noted the subtle hint at the end, are their others similarly affected?

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