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Ah! My license suspension

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Thanks for noticing it :) I'll blame my spell checker :facepalm:

No, this is indeed a new world without any connections to any of my other stories or the canon series. If you mean the comment about Belldandy watching Urd's interactions with Keiichi, then it mostly has to do with the goddess' more innocent nature, than anything else. She's not familiar with Keiichi is this universe and that's on purpose. :sneaky:

Also, the chapter is on FFN:

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I may have read too much into something that was said then. It almost seemed like you were implying that Bell had some type of amnesia as well when Vali suggested it would not be a good idea to get her and Keiichi together, possibly because it would jog her memory. Apparently I was looking for a large conspiracy that is not there. ;)

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Actually, I wanted to avoid any association between Belldandy and Keiichi for the sake of this story. It's kind of unlikely for Keiichi to end up with someone else after he got involved with Belldandy, and as such, this is a totally different world than any of my other stories.

The reason why Vali made that comment is to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment for Belldandy, should she got to witness Urd's antics.

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My thoughts on that, Van.

I agree. Belldandy and Keiichi should not meet for the sake of the story. Sure, it deprives a potential storyline where an Amnesiac Urd feels really inadequate while Keiichi and Belldandy get along great, only for Mara or Hild to appear and offer a way to make the playing field even.

But I prefer the uniqueness of this story over that plotline.

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Here's the draft for chapter 4:

Hey, you want some help up there?”

No! Thanks, Urd, but I can handle it!”

Smiling at the bronze skinned goddess who was weeding the temple grounds, Keiichi was rather impressed with her insistence to give him a hand. Perched on top of the roof, the young mechanic was replacing a particularly bad patch of cracked tiles; one of the several spots where water managed to leak into the house. Being the lightest of all three of them, Keiichi had volunteered to be the one to get up there, fearing that Urd could’ve fallen through the roof, considering that years of water damage might’ve rotted the underlying structure. After all, one of the temple’s wooden steps had broken yesterday, resulting in a rather embarrassing incident. This time however, it was a far more serious matter; one that could result with one of them ending up in the hospital and Keiichi didn’t want that to be Urd.

The goddess had even managed to surprise him with her far less aggressive attitude since they moved in earlier today, getting a day off from their jobs at Whirlwind to get this done. And to make sure that they didn’t seem like a bunch of liars who made an empty promise, they immediately started with the repairs instead of relaxing for the rest of the day. A rather wise decision in Keiichi’s opinion now that he got a glimpse of what was going on up there. It would’ve been rather bad to postpone those fixes and have to go through the possibly uncomfortable experience of having the roof leak on them during a storm or even regular rainfall.

However, not everything in the house was in such a terrible state. The interior was in a fairly decent shape and the bath was a considerably more luxurious one; at least compared to the rather pathetic excuse he had to cope with previously. Perhaps the biggest problem was the fact that it was a traditional Japanese furo, not a modern one. This meant that in order to warm up the water, a bonfire was necessary, unlike the conveniences of an electric boiler or any other automated heating systems that were now common in most houses.

Interestingly, while he did notice Urd’s wince when she first heard the bad news, the bronze skinned beauty had avoiding any complains at all. Most other women he knew would’ve definitely been more vocal about this problem or even assign that menial task to him; yet she did none of that. Of course there was always the possibility that due to the fact that this was a temporary arrangement, Urd could simply ignore it as a mere setback; or at the very least the price for staying here for free.

Still, Keiichi had to admit that his roommate was an even more interesting person than he had initially expected of her. In many ways, she didn’t adhere to the stereotype of a gorgeous, yet spoiled, princess-like person with an aversion to menial tasks. Urd was currently working at least as hard as him, plucking the weeds that covered most of the temple grounds and she didn’t seem to mind it too much. Even more, she was dressed in a rather humble T-shirt and a pair of work overalls she had borrowed from him, making her look dramatically different from her typical flashy appearance. Actually, with her hair tied up to keep them from getting in the way and her cat following her around, Urd almost looked like a humble housewife instead of the mischievous and playful woman he came to know.

Unfortunately for the young mortal, keeping his eyes off his hammer and to the goddess over by the bell tower was a foolish mistake. As the hammerhead found his thumb instead of the nail he was trying to hit, Keiichi couldn’t help but scream in a not so dignified manner, making both the goddess and her cat to turn towards him.

Are you okay over there?”

I-I’m fine!” said the pained Keiichi, cradling his stricken thumb in hopes of making it feel a bit better. “I just hit myself with the hammer.”

Seriously!...Letting a sigh, Urd shook her head as she approached the ladder her roommate used in order to get up in the roof. “Don’t tell me that you’ve been looking at my ass while I was working. I know that the overalls are a bit too tight back there, but, you shouldn’t risk hurting yourself to get a glimpse you know…”

NO! I wasn’t doing that!

Uh huh… Look, I’m not going to say anything even if you did, but don’t end up in the hospital because of it,” said Urd with a frown. “I can let you watch me as much as you want, but not while doing something like that. This is way too dangerous!”

It was a genuine accident!” insisted Keiichi, making no further comments about the goddess’ words. Even if it was an actual offer and not mere teasing, he had no intention to accept such a thing. Not only he would sound like a letch who only view her as a piece of meat, but their current situation required some more restraint. “Actually… you shouldn’t say things like that, Urd. It’s going to be very hard to explain ourselves to the monk if he believes that we’re doing things like while he’s not looking.”

Okay, you’ve a point there, Keiichi; I’ll give you that much. Now, come closer and let me take a look at that.” Not trusting to get on the roof along with Keiichi, Urd simply waited for him to approach her instead. The last thing they needed was to make the old structure collapse under their combined weight and result in a far more serious accident. “Hm… that’s not anything too serious, although it needs some attention. Come on, let’s get to the kitchen and put some ice on it. Also, I’ll call Chihiro to tell her that you’re not going to work tomorrow.”

Huh? What for? I’m not that hurt, Urd. I can definitely go to…”

No you won’t! If you push it too much, the swelling will get much worse and you might get an infection,” said Urd, as she got to the ground with Keiichi following her. “Underestimating this and trying to act tough will only get you into worse trouble, Keiichi. You won’t do any of us a favor if you end up with a worse injury than you current one.”

But… what about the monk?” tried the mortal, only to back off as he saw the goddess narrow her eyes.

If he was so concerned about this pigsty of a temple, then he would’ve joined us instead of sleeping over at the main building. Oh, sorry!... I meant meditating…The sarcasm was more than noticeable and left very little room for negotiations. It was a clear sign that she had no desire to discuss the topic any further and he had to better get used to the idea whether he liked it or not.

Yes, Urd…”


So, he won’t be coming tomorrow? It’s okay, just make sure he gets some rest. He’s a bit of a dummy and tries too hard for others to the point where he ignores what’s the best for him.”

I kinda noticed that, actually.” Holding the phone’s headset closer to her, Urd was happy that their boss wasn’t making a big deal out of it. Some of her previous employers would be immediately start talking about how long it was going to take, the disruption in their schedules and the need to rearrange the shifts to compensate for that and so on. Anything except from showing some genuine concern over someone’s illness or injury which was typically displayed by some half hearted comment to get well; and even then, not everyone actually bothered to say it.

Hm... Now that I think of it, why don’t you use the opportunity to go out with him on a date tomorrow? I can let you have a day off as well.”

That made the goddess pause for a moment, as she honestly wasn’t expecting it and had no actual answer ready. She sure enjoyed to tease the boy with a lot of suggestions and jokes, but… dating him was a much bolder thing for her. Even realizing her previous offer to show him a bit of her body was easier, as it lacked any emotional attachment and could be taken for what it was and nothing more. As a matter of fact, there were certain moments in the past few days when she actually toyed with the idea of sleeping with him. What made her hesitate, however, wasn’t the act itself, but the aftermath and the impact it would have on their relationship.

So far, the two of them could be described as friends and roommates, even though others tried to see them as a couple due to the fact that they were of opposite genders. A rather shallow reason in her opinion and the very cause of her hesitation. Just because they could have sex, it didn’t mean that it was a great idea, especially if it made everything too awkward from that point on.

A date was different of course, yet a step closer to a decision that the goddess was reluctant to take; make a bold move or keep a distance and park the boy in the much dreaded friend zone. Despite their discussion a few days ago and the time they spent living together, Urd was nowhere closer to make her mind up about that matter and the longer she stayed with him, the harder it got. As mere acquaintances, it was easier for her to turn Keiichi down without any remorse, should it got to the point where he’d desire a more permanent commitment. However, as friends things were a bit more complicated, since Urd didn’t want to hurt his feelings, yet getting into a relationship out of pity was far from satisfying either.

On the other hand, she had never thought that she would’ve to face that situation this early on. Sure, the fact that they ended up living under the same roof had significantly accelerated things with everyone’s assumption of them being a couple causing both to wonder about it. She had often caught Keiichi looking at her with a thoughtful expression, and despite her teasing she was fully aware that his mind was preoccupied with more serious matters than getting a glimpse of her skin. Not that he was totally innocent and didn’t try to see her more interesting parts, as she offered him numerous chances for that and despite his claims, he did enjoy the show.

Hello? Are you still there, Urd?”

Shaking her head to snap out of it, the goddess had realized that she had been quiet for a while, and decided to try and offer a reply before her boss thought that the line was dead. “Oh, sorry about that! I was just thinking, and… Well, you know how Keiichi likes to drive anywhere with his bike, right? Taking him on a date under these conditions could be a problem, given that his left thumb is injured and everything…”

Hm… I haven’t thought about it. Still, you can take a day off since getting all the way here on your own is going to be a problem. Just make sure that he’s doing okay and doesn’t stress himself too much.”

Who, me? I was planning to marathon some TV shows…” said Urd with a giggle, as Chihiro also seemed to laugh a bit at her little joke. “But, I might have to spend some time babysitting him.”

Right… Well, see you later then. And good luck with our naughty boy!”

Sure thing, boss!”

Ending the call, Urd was somewhat disappointed with herself. In the end, she had to rely on an excuse instead of an honest reply and claimed that it was Keiichi’s condition the reason why she didn’t want to go on a date. It was far from the truth, although even Urd herself didn’t know what that was supposed to be.

From a certain perspective, she could simply avoid the problem and exploit his natural shyness, expecting that he wouldn’t try to ask her out on his own. Still, that felt like a rather bad thing to do to anyone, let alone a friend and as such, Urd thought that it wasn’t the right way to resolve the problem. On the other hand, a date sounded like lots of fun and she even found the idea of taking him to a love hotel as rather appealing to her. Actually, she had nearly gone too far on a few occasions already, the worst being while preparing dinner the other day. She was humming a cheerful tone she heard from the radio, and while Keiichi could only see her back, thinking that this was perfectly normal. He was blissfully unaware that the bronze skinned goddess was actually unbuttoning her top and the cutesy dance she was was performing actually doubled as a private strip show.

Only at the very last moment did she stop and consider what she was about to do, buttoning her clothes up and going back to preparing their dinner; thankful that all this time Keiichi couldn't really see what she was doing. It was something that she hadn’t put any thought in it and simply acted on an impulse, although that could’ve ended up in a pretty awkward situation, even if he responded well to her ministrations. Urd had often caught herself thinking in contradicting ways, and for the most part she kept quiet about it, fearing that the few people she considered as friends would distance themselves from her should they learn about her perks.

The most scary part was the impact it had on herself; making Urd question her own motives and actions on several occasions. At first, she thought that amnesia was the biggest of her problems, but as soon as she realized that there was some kind of conflict in her mind with what appeared to be two sides locked in a tug of war for control over her consciousness, Urd’s confidence plummeted. She would still act all cheerful and attempted to ignore it as much as she could, dismissing it as a weird side effect of her amnesia, yet it was still something that she couldn’t totally forget about.

In a way, she no longer trusted herself with impulses and hasty decisions. What people called a gut feeling could be a very misleading thing for her and even now, most of her teasing was carefully calculated and less of a spontaneous thing as it used to be before. She wished to be certain about her actions and not end up hurting anyone because her mind was set on one thing and moments later, it decided that she wanted something entirely different. For most matters, it wasn’t that bad and she was able to act normally; albeit in a bit of a fickle and temperamental way, which most considered to be the norm for her anyway. Even Urd herself wasn’t aware of the way her mind worked until she caught what she considered two parts of her mind arguing with each other; one eagerly wanting to seduce Keiichi with carnal pleasures and the other trying to stop her as the boy wasn’t so simple minded and would most likely freak out and distance himself from her, ruining any further chances she had with him.

The strangest part though was that while it was undeniably a source of stress, for some reason Urd felt as if this was normal; even if common logic contradicted that belief. It was simply not the way the human mind worked and in most cases, such intense conflicts were a telltale sign of some mental disorder. However, for the bronze skinned goddess the more she tried to fight it, the worse it became and soon it was apparent that accepting this situation and finding compromises between the two sides in her mind was truly the best way to solve the problem.

This robbed her of the ability to make long term decisions on the sport, though; something that always came up when she tried to think about Keiichi and their relationship so far. By all means, it wasn’t a pressing matter, as they only knew each other for a couple of days; far too soon to consider such topics in most cases. The only unique thing about them was the fact that they’ve ended up living together in such a short period of time. Normally, it takes weeks or even years before a couple decides to take that step and move forward with their relationship; certainly not days.

However, even that wasn’t the worst of her troubles and in all irony, she was to blame for the biggest one of them all; her teasing. If she wasn’t that forward on so many occasions, then Keiichi’s shy nature would’ve prevented him from taking that next step for quite a while, giving the goddess the time she truly needed to make up her mind. But her insistent teasing and jokes were almost a game of Russian roulette for her, one that she could lose at any moment. The longer she was around Keiichi, the more familiar he became with her and at some point he could simply decide to give in and take her offer.

Dismissing it all as a game would most certainly convince the young mechanic that she wasn’t one to be taken seriously, although if she did, then she would’ve to make a decision on the spot and she still wasn’t sure about it. Yet, suddenly stopping all that teasing would most certainly be a rather noticeable change in her mannerisms and Keiichi was more than smart enough to get a hint that she wanted to keep a distance; something that could be easily taken as rejection.

Great… Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. What a nice way to get myself in a deadlock, and it’s all thanks to my brilliant sense of humor. I even offered to show him my bottom and one of these days, he’s going to say yes. As mom used to say, once you drop your skirt, your panties won’t take long to follow.’

As if struck by lighting, Urd’s thought processes came to a grinding halt, realizing that for the shortest of moments an eerily familiar voice came to her mind, along with a simple yet important word: mother. She couldn’t remember her name, or even what she looked like, and the resulting assault of emotions caused by that tiny flashback was more than enough to make her both happy and scared.

Okay… Calm down… Don’t freak out…everything’s alright...’

Taking a couple of deep breaths, Urd tried to maintain her cool. She had almost given up at making any further attempts to remembering her past after the first few weeks she’s been here on Nekomi. None of them yielded any results and the only actual accomplishment was to make her even more frustrated than she was before.

This was probably the breakthrough she was expecting, although, Urd had no idea what to make of it yet. There was nothing very specific about that little segment of lost memory and certainly not enough to answer any of the most important questions and shed some light into her past.

Alright, let’s not worry too much and let things happen without too much struggle. It didn’t work back then, and all I’ll even manage to do is get stressed out about it. I only hope that my family isn’t worried for me and I’ll eventually get to tell them that I’m doing fine. In the meantime… let’s see how Keiichi’s doing. Hm… instead of a date, we might just hang around a bit and avoid all the implications of that single word. Friends spend time with each other, right?’


Father ordered you to stay in bed!”

It was a recommendation, not a direct order and as such, my decision isn’t a direct violation of protocol.”

Exploring the dusty, water damaged and dark attic above the residence’s ceiling, Vali was using the space given to them as an easy way of observing the half goddess and her mortal friend with minimal chances of detection. And given their ability to turn themselves in a tiny form, the god and his reluctant accomplice were negotiating their way through the numerous cobwebs built between the roof’s support beams.

I’m fairly sure that a direct order wasn’t necessary in a situation like this. Still, his will was for you to stay in bed,” insisted the brunette as she went after the obstinate war god cadet. It wasn’t too shocking for someone who aspired to become a full member of the Fighting Wings to be rather stubborn, although when it came to health issues, Belldandy wished that such recommendations were taken seriously. Trying to act tough could lead into unnecessary risks that could’ve been avoided otherwise; not that mattered to the blue haired god who simply pressed on. Worse yet, cadets often felt that they had to prove their worth and coupled with their enthusiasm, they tended to make things even harder for themselves.

I appreciate your concern, but it’s unneeded. I’m feeling more that ready to carry on with my assignment, and sitting there doing nothing is hardly what I’d consider as necessary. After all, I’m not expected to fight anyone at the moment and being slightly injured is hardly a real obstacle in a surveillance mission,” replied Vali as he paused to keep some notes in a diagram of the house, indicating what the rooms below them were, areas of interest and finally, the sleeping arrangements.

Feeling that arguing even further would’ve been pointless, Belldandy simply let out a tired sigh and peeked through the hole on the ceiling, or rather… the floor from her point of view. They were currently directly above Urd and Keiichi’s room, where the dark haired mechanic rested while reading a magazine. His left thumb was carefully bandaged and although he had some trouble to turn the pages without using his thumb, there were no other signs of discomfort.

Urd did a great job taking care of him. It’s nice to see her act like that and show others her real personality as a sensitive goddess, instead of the popular depiction as a wild and mischievous messenger of chaos and destruction.’


Hey, Keiichi? Can I come in?”

Huh?” Blinking, the young mortal turned towards the door, wondering why she was hesitating to open it. “There’s no lock, Urd… Just come in.”

It’s generally considered polite to ask before barging in, like a mom who’s trying to catch her son reading a porno magazine,” replied Urd with a wink as she walked into the room.

You should know by now, that I prefer motorcycle magazines,” was the mortal’s calm reply, an indication that her antics didn’t had such a strong effect on him.

Although immediately noticeable, Urd tried to ignore the urge to retaliate and tease him even further and instead, she decided to focus her attention elsewhere. “How’s your thumb? Feeling better?”

It’s a bit swollen, however, it doesn’t hurt as long as I’m not stressing it,” replied Keiichi as he held up his hand and flexed his thumb a bit for her to see. “By the way, what did Chihiro say about this?”

We’ve got a day off, so we can do whatever we want, tomorrow,” said Urd with a smile as she sat next to him.


Yeah… Chihiro thought that it was going to be a pain for me to go to work without a vehicle, so, I’ve got a day off as well.” Pausing to give it a final thought, Urd decided to go along with her plan and try to ask him to spend the day with her, without making it sound like a date. “Say… I know that we’re supposed to stay home, but… How about we head downtown tomorrow? It’s nice up here, but… I’d rather avoid to work on this temple on my own. Besides… the whole thing is starting to piss me off. I mean, what kind of slob lets this place to get so run down?”

Shh! Don’t say such things, Urd! The monk could hear you!” said Keiichi, trying to avoid insulting their host. “As the guests here, it’s improper to make such remarks about our generous host.”

It’s the truth and you know it, Keiichi.”

Even so, it’s impolite to say it like that. Look, I get that we’ve got our hands full with the repairs, but… we did ask for it, right?” countered Keiichi, raising an eyebrow.

In my defense, I’ve never expected the damage to be this bad,” said Urd with a frustrated sigh. “It’s a wonder that this place is still in one piece instead of a pile of rotten wood. I mean… everything seems to be worn down and in desperate need for repairs.”

Yeah… I thought that we could possibly fix most of the problems, but a few of them are so serious that I doubt that we can, or even know how to tackle that at all. I’m a mechanic, not a carpenter and I’ve got little idea as to how to repair some of the rotting support beams up in the roof. Even if I manage to replace all the problematic tiles, it’s still possible that the whole thing might collapse under its own weight,” said Keiichi with a frown. “Perhaps we should tell the monk that he desperately needs to contact some professionals for the needed repairs, as we’re clearly way out of our league with this one.”

Assuming he cares…”


Okay, okay! I know that I’m not being polite, but, it’s the truth! This whole mess started from his laziness or whatever excuse he might had at the time, and now it’s almost impossible to deal with. Because of how run down this place is, there are very few visitors who are willing to donate money and without that, there’s absolutely no chance to ever gather the necessary funds for a proper restoration project. In all seriousness, Keiichi, I doubt that there’s much anyone can do right now. Even if he agrees with us, the biggest problem is the sheer lack of money,” explained the Norn of the past. “No matter how hard we might work, it’s impossible to fix everything without the right materials and so far, we’ve only tried to tackle the least problematic things. Soon, we’ll have to replace stuff that’s too worn out and there’s no way I’m paying for that.”

Well, I never said she should pay for the repairs; not that we could afford it, anyway,” said Keiichi, trying to come up with a reply. He was slightly taken aback by how annoyed the goddess had suddenly became and he wondered whether she could handle this kind of work on a daily basis. Worse, they haven’t even gotten back at their actual work and from the day after tomorrow, things would get even harder for them once they’ll have to do this after a long shift over at Whirlwind. “Look, Urd, I know that you’re frustrated, but, I’m pretty sure that the monk isn’t...”

I know…” said the platinum haired goddess, before he could finish. “It’s easy to blame him for our problems, when it was actually me who got us in this terrible position. Not only you ended up getting yourself hurt, but, if this goes on, we’ll never manage to find the time to search for an apartment. Also, we can’t keep asking Chihiro to let us go early, as it already feels like we’re exploiting her kindness, while on the other hand, doing nothing here would make us look like a bunch of freeloaders. What a mess!...”

It’s not your fault, Urd…”

No, it is! And you tried to warn me, but like always, I refused to listen!” said the frustrated goddess. “I thought this was going to be much easier than it was and only now I’ve come to realize just how wrong I’ve been.”

Yes, although, I was the one staring at your bum and ended up hitting my own thumb in the process,” said Keiichi with a laugh, trying to lighten up the mood with a little joke. And for the most part his plan did work, as the goddess’ lips curved up in a smile.

Urd was perfectly aware that he was attempting to cheer her up, given how frustrated she had gotten with their current situation and her own share of the responsibility. To begin with, it was her fault that Keiichi was kicked out of his apartment by bringing in a cat, even though she was perfectly aware that it was against the rules to do so. Then she decided that helping the monk in exchange for a place to stay was an amazing deal; something that took only a few hours to make her realize just how wrong she had been.

Since the day her met her, Keiichi’s life had slowly gotten harder and harder, losing his apartment and ultimately getting in a seemingly endless odyssey to find a place for them to stay. Most people in his place would’ve given up on her by now, and yet, he still tried to make her feel better. That’s what really cheered her up, and not the seemingly silly joke or the way he nervously scratched the back of his head.

What can I say?... I’m too beautiful for my own good!”


Right above the two of them, another goddess echoed such thoughts, smiling warmly at how supportive this young man was. Her sister had the bad habit of making hasty and impulsive decisions and as such it wasn’t surprising that she often caused a lot of trouble; both to herself and those around her. As a result, Urd tended to have few friends, with most celestials considering her a harbinger of bad news, while some of the least open minded simply rejected her on grounds of her demonic descent.

With some humans, there was always the possibility of getting into all the trouble to deal with her as a method to motivate the amorous Norn to offering them a more… physical form of reward. Kind words and smiles were good, but, the pleasures of the flesh were way better for some and as such, a few sacrifices were acceptable. However, most people’s patience had its limits and her sister was fully aware of that, even exploiting it for her own good.

While considered as a shameless flirt, Urd wasn’t in a rush to let anyone into her panties. Not only she enjoyed teasing them, but, by postponing what most were really after, Urd avoided the vast majority of those who only wanted her for her body and her body alone. She had no real problems with the more physical aspect of dating someone, although at the same time, Urd wished that there was a bit more to it than that and her personality also contributed into the entire situation.

And much to Belldandy’s delight, that appeared to be the case with this mortal as well, given how genuine he sounded to be. It was evident that he was indeed attracted by her sister’s looks, however unlike others before him, Keiichi’s concern for her wasn’t just a means in order to get laid. Also, despite his own problems and shortcomings when it came to women, Keiichi wasn’t attempting to make himself sound like a poor victim of his bad luck or complain about it.

As a matter of fact, Urd despised those who tried to make others feel sorry for them only to gain something in return, considering such tactics as dirty and underhanded. Even if she was known to lie on multiple occasions herself, her sister never attempted to deceive others in such a fashion that would hurt or exploit them. In most cases those were mere white lies or an attempt to cover for her mistakes, although there were also examples when she actually tried to protect her sisters with them.

The goddess’ thoughts were interrupted by a loud cracking sound and before either of the two spying celestials could react, one of them suddenly disappeared; falling into the room below them. It all happened so abruptly that by the time they realized what was going on, it was far too late to stop it.

Vali had fallen into the room, and both Urd as well as Keiichi were staring at him.

Oh, dear!… This wasn’t supposed to happen!’



Both the room’s occupants paused and turned to the source of the interruption, moving away from the falling panel. They might’ve talking about the temple’s state of disrepair, but even then, they never expected the roof to collapse right on top of them like that.

They did felt some relief of knowing that this was merely a single panel coming loose from the ceiling and not the entire thing, although the tiny god that also came along was something far too strange for them.

Huh?! W-What’s t-that?!stammered Keiichi, as he stared at the blue haired god who floated in mid air.

Shoot! This is so bad!... Now what?’ While he had successfully stopped himself from falling flat on the floor, Vali was already spotted and considering that he expected that neither of them would try to see through the holes in the ceiling, he wasn’t using any stealth spell to conceal himself. Something that eventually came to be a serious error of judgment as his initial surprise had robbed him of any way to prevent the two roommates from realizing that they’ve been spied upon.

Worse, there was no easy way out of this predicament, either. Using the command voice wasn’t going to work on Urd, as overwhelming an immortal’s will required a substantially greater mental strength, at least compared of doing the same to a human. On the other hand, while the best option was a memory wipe spell, Urd’s condition complicated matters even further. With the half goddess already being amnesiac, casting a spell that would inhibit her memories even further was out of question; therefore leaving the god with no viable options. “H-Hello?...”

Hi there.” For some bizarre reason, Urd’s response was far more controlled than her friend’s panicked reaction. It seemed that the bronze skinned beauty didn’t find the sight of this miniature floating guy to be something as strange as one might’ve expected, although she had no idea why. By any means, it should’ve been an impossible thing to witness; yet she almost considered it as normal.

There was a long pause as the three of them stared at each other, with Belldandy trying to hide herself before she was spotted, too. The situation had taken a turn for the worse and Vali was now worrying that this was a truly epic failure on his part. As an aspiring warrior it was required to remain vigilant at all times, yet he somehow got so distracted that he ended up making a huge mess out of simple mission.

Great… At this rate, I’ll end up joining her with my license suspended too!’

Staring between the two of them, Keiichi was really baffled as to why Urd hadn’t freaked out. He was very close to do that himself and only struggled to avoid that in order to look brave in front of his roommate. Urd however, wasn’t just brave; she was totally unaffected by this rather crazy development, making Keiichi feel as if he was a wimp. Still, as he kept looking at the tiny person who remained in mid air, against all laws of physics, he did notice something peculiar. ‘Wait a moment… he’s got some blue markings on his face. Just like Urd does...’

As a matter of fact, that was also something the goddess had caught on and raised an eyebrow, while studying their visitor’s face. ‘He’s got three upside down triangles on his forehead, arranged in a larger one that looks exactly like mine; minus that central part… And there’s a triangle on each of his cheek too. Unless that’s a huge coincidence, there has to be a connection between us, although, he looks nothing like me. If not a relative, then someone from my… country?’

Instead of asking him any of that, Urd decided to make a simple and yet strange statement that caught even herself by surprise after she heard her own voice. “You’re a god.”

That I am,” was the short and straight to the point answer, although Vali omitted the ‘so are you’ part that he almost said before he decided against it, at the very last moment. There was no telling how much she had remembered, if she did manage to recall anything at all. The strange thing with amnesia was that the memories weren’t destroyed; they were merely beyond a person’s reach. And while she could possibly recall things, those might be totally random stuff and not necessarily enough to assume that she remembered everything.

Huh? A god? What?” Keiichi was now confused beyond words. The whole situation was getting more bizarre by every passing second and he had no idea what to make of any of this. “Can someone explain what’s going on here? Why is there a gnome in our room and what’s up with those markings? Also… a god?

I’m not authorized to say much, but to answer one of your questions, those markings are my low level control programs that regulate my energy pathways. Or, to put it in a far easier way for you to understand, it’s a mark to indicate my nature,” said Vali, while the mortal took a few uneasy steps towards him, with curiosity evident in his face. “Also, I’m not a gnome.”

Keiichi was really hesitant to accept that explanation, worrying that whoever came forward with such a bold statement these days was either delusional or part of some crazy cult and all sorts of similar schemes to promote bizarre religions as an easy way of making money. Not that he had any to donate, but, the potential of dealing with a bunch of nutcases was something that the dark haired mechanic really wished to avoid if possible. Worse, Urd’s markings and whatever connection she may had with such a group troubled him even more, especially given her apparent amnesia.

Still, the fact that he was staring at a tiny version of a person was clearly beyond his ability to explain and it sure wasn’t a case of tricks with mirrors or some other kind of special effect. It was the real deal and as such, a tiny part of his mind mulled the possibility that the blue haired man was telling them the truth. On top of that, it was Urd who originally identified him as such and that by itself was even more puzzling than anything else. “Okay… Let’s assume that you are indeed a god. Um… what can you actually do to prove it?”

Prove it?” asked the confused Vali, tilting his head. “What exactly are you expecting anyway?”

I dunno… It’s not like I had a list of things to ask in case I’ve met a deity, but…” started Keiichi, struggling to come up with something worthy of a divine being. “What’s the meaning of life?”

To enjoy it.”

That’s it?”

It’s not a difficult concept to understand. It’s how you get there that varies between individuals and the more people you ask, the more opinions you’re going to hear,” said Vali with a shrug. “And don’t get me started with what people consider as joy. That’s a whole different discussion that’s too complicated even for me to comprehend.”

Okay, I guess that sounds fair,” replied Keiichi with mixed feelings. It was an answer that made sense, yet it was probably something that any human could also come up with. Of course, he wasn’t certain what kind of response would’ve been fitting for a god or why something cryptic and mysterious was actually better than that; still, the dark haired mortal needed a feat that was clearly beyond the abilities of a human to actually believe that this being was indeed a god. “Hm… can you actually use magic or something? You know, some kind of power or another?”

Aside from hovering before your very own eyes?” countered Vali with a raised eyebrow.

Uh… Yes?...”

Actually, I’m sorry to interrupt, but, there’s one question I’ve got and I think it’s far more important than proving the obvious,” said Urd, who at this point had already connected the dots in her mind, even if she was hesitant to accept it. “I’m not a human, right?”

This was exactly the type of question Vali had really wished to avoid. His whole mission was meant to simply observe her, not to come into contact with the amnesiac Norn and this was even worse. Telling her about her past could potentially have unknown consequences and for a moment he really wished to have an easy way of fixing this mess; although, even gods with powers beyond the mortals’ imagination, had their limits. “No, you’re not.”

I knew it…” said Urd with a sigh, her shoulders slumping a bit, while Keiichi blinked hard at her.

He, too was already suspecting that this was the case, although hearing it was still as surprising as if he was blissfully unaware of it. It was more than obvious that Urd wasn’t a typical example of a woman, even as a foreigner, although he had never expected the explanation to be this bizarre. “A... goddess?”

Both the immortals turned to the mechanic and for several long moments, neither was certain what to respond to that. Vali was already in deep trouble with his new blunder, while Urd was getting worried that her roommate and friend would immediately distance himself from her. It was one thing to consider her as a pretty and exotic girl, and a totally different matter to think of her as goddess; along with all sorts of expectations, superstitions and beliefs humans had associated with that particular word. ‘And a few minutes ago I was considering to go on a date with him. Now, I wish I had already done that… There’s no way this won’t affect his attitude towards me.’

Letting a sigh, Urd decided to leave that issue for later and focus on what she could make out of this god, before he disappeared into thin air. It was her best opportunity to get some answers and so far she felt that the blue haired deity wasn’t going to reveal more on his own, so, she had to press him for those precious bits of information.

Can you tell me what’s going on here? I’ve clearly lost my memories, although I’m not sure why you’re really here, though.”

To put it simply, your license was suspended due to messing up with one of our computer systems. However, for reasons unknown to anyone, that somehow blocked your memories, resulting in your current case of amnesia; even though it was never supposed to happen. Rest assured that we’ve already have people working on how to resolve this situation, although for the time being it was considered wise to monitor you, instead of leaving you totally on your own,” explained Vali, finally deciding that it was more appropriate for him to assume his real size and with a puff of smoke, the war god cadet resumed his normal humanoid form. Standing taller than Urd and of course, Keiichi, the cadet was clad in a white uniform that resembled something out of a video game or manga, but despite that, he appeared to be as normal as any other human; except for the fact that he had dark blue hair and those markings on his face. “By the way, I’m god second class, special category, probational license, Vali. At your services.”

Uh… license? You mean, that gods have licenses?” asked the baffled Keiichi, who tried to recover from watching that tiny person turn into someone taller than him.

Yes, and as I’ve already mentioned, she also has one. It’s a way to classify ourselves depending on our position in our society. That has to do with the class which is an indication on how much power we’re allowed to use; providing that we’re actually strong enough to meet the requirements of course. The type of our license has more to do with the kind of job we’re doing. For example, I’ve got a special type on, which indicates that I’m working in our security forces. Although, I’m only a cadet, so, I’ve got a probational one.”

So, you’re a warrior?” asked Keiichi, eying the blue haired god with an apprehensive look.

Indeed I am,” said Vali, summoning his battleaxe with a proud smile on his face. However, as he slammed the pole on the floor, he momentarily forgot about the rotting ceiling panels. As a result of that vibration, yet another one was dislodged from its place and came crashing down.

Without missing a beat, Vali was determined to put his acute senses to work and unlike moments ago, he turned his focus on the falling debris, raising his axe in an overhead swing. In a single motion, the panel was cleanly cut in two pieces that harmlessly fell on the floor on either side of him, leaving the ceiling with yet another hole right next to the one he originally entered from.

The god’s smile was immediately turned into a frown when he noticed the others’ stunned expressions. As a matter of fact, Keiichi was about to pass out, his entire face so red that must’ve been unhealthy for a human, while Urd looked down, her eyes wide in surprise. It took him a second to follow her glance and realize that this was probably a blunder even worse than any of his recent ones. Apparently the god was on a roll these last few days, and he seemed to have even forgotten one of his mother’s most basic lessons.

Be mindful of what’s in the path of your swing.’

It would appear that he had miscalculated his distance from Urd and the result was the tip of his poleaxe coming into contact with the goddess’ clothes. Thankfully she wasn’t close enough to actually hit her, although in a strange turn of events, that tip cut through her overalls, T-shirt and all the way to her bra, forming a vertical opening to her top that wasn’t there moments ago. Coupled by the fact that it was one borrowed from Keiichi, that made it already a bit too tight and the very moment his axe tore it in such a fashion, her chest was revealed in a most spectacular manner. ‘Why me?...’

While Vali wished for a hole to hide in, Urd was staring at this modification to her outfit and while she would’ve laughed with how silly it was, there seemed to be a bit of a problem with the half goddess. She may enjoyed causing all kinds of mischief and pulling pranks on others, however, she wasn’t exactly a big fan of being at the receiving end of one and while an accident, this was too similar to an actual prank.

Why you…

No wait! It was a genuine error! An accident!” tried the blue haired god, watching with great concern as the goddess did little to cover herself and instead raised a hand skywards; a clear sign of her intention to cast a spell and smite him for his transgression.

Too late! I su-...” started Urd when she stopped in mid sentence, trying to figure out what she was actually about to say. It was an impulsive reaction and for the most part, she acted by reflex, although she found herself having problems to come up with what she was supposed to do next.

Above them, Belldandy felt a wave of relief as she lowered the shield she had cast around the entire house, worrying that her amnesiac sister would go overboard and cause some serious damage, even by accident. She was happy when parts of Urd’s old personality resurfaced, knowing that her beloved big sister was still there and her current persona wasn’t an artificial one, but merely an aspect of herself that she rarely displayed under normal conditions. The only problem was the potential of inadvertently harm anyone by using her powers without being fully aware of what she was doing. As long as she acted like a human, there was no such risk, although, things were different now.

Another possible problem and perhaps an even worse one was her relationship with Keiichi. The mortal man was very supportive of Urd and Belldandy was happy that her sister was finally getting along with someone who was truly worthy of her. It would’ve been sad if the boy suddenly became intimidated by her true nature, although, the brunette goddess expected that it was probably a matter of time before he’d learn that his roommate wasn’t a human like him. Urd’s previous boyfriend abandoned her to pursue his own interests and having Keiichi do something similar due to her nature was certainly going to make matters far worse for the half goddess. Still, there was nothing that could be done at the moment, other than hoping for the best and that’s exactly what Belldandy prayed for.

In a weird case of irony, despite the fact that she had granted numerous wishes, hers was denied, and even more, it was Urd the one responsible for that. While everyone, Belldandy included, started to relax as the half goddess stood there confused, Urd’s hand suddenly crackled with electricity. All of a sudden, her memory jolted and managed to recall the crucial bit of information she was missing. Like the last piece of a jigsaw puzzle, the moment it clicked into place, Urd could finally see the entire picture and with a nostalgic feeling, she took everyone by surprise when she finished her incantation.

I summon lightning!

Almost instantly, thunder descended from the sky above and it was too late to stop it. Hitting the old structure with its destructive force, it took no time to reduce it into a smoldering pile of debris. Already in a poor shape and being made from wood and other light materials, the traditional Japanese home stood no chance against the goddess’ wrath and it was only thanks to the barrier cast by Vali that, Keiichi had avoided to end up in a similar state.

W-What was that?...” Looking at the devastation around him, the dark haired mechanic was visibly shaken as he was suddenly outside, or rather… the house around him simply disappeared. There was very little left behind to resemble an actual structure and for a moment he could hear his own heartbeat due to the adrenaline rush; a result of his body pleading him to run away from whatever caused this.

Oops…” The aforementioned cause of this devastation had finally snapped out of whatever murderous mood she was and visibly winced when she came to realize just what she had actually done. Folding her arms in front of her to keep the torn T-shirt together and prevent others from getting a free show, Urd felt like a toddler who had just broken her mother’s favorite vase and Keiichi’s scared look didn’t help things at all. If he wasn’t already intimidated by her, he now had the perfect reason to fear her and distance from the amnesiac goddess.

Meanwhile, the monk who had obviously heard the commodity, rushed out of the main temple and towards the scene of destruction with a look of utter disbelief in his face, offering a small prayer once he stood before the ravaged house. “Heavens above! What a calamity! Is everyone okay?”

Y-Yes, we’re both fine,” answered Urd, while she approached him with the shell shocked Keiichi following close behind her. She had managed to maintain a decent appearance and while damaged, her clothes provided enough coverage for the time being, although it was unlikely that the monk would accuse her of anything. From his perspective, she and Keiichi were lucky to survive this without much of a scratch and a torn T-shirt was nothing at all.

What happened? It felt like a thunder struck the house!”

Actually, that’s exactly what took place here,” said Urd, avoiding to mention anything about her role in this, or the presence of Vali who was hiding amidst the rubble. It was already bad enough that Keiichi got to learn about the existence of gods and goddesses; having the monk added in that list as well was totally unnecessary.

Hm… There are hardly enough clouds above for a thunderstorm and this looks too much of a coincidence,” mulled the monk, as he observed the demolished house in front of him. “It must be a sign!”


Heavens must sent me this warning! I’ve sat here doing nothing for far too long and even after my temple had gotten in such a state, I was deaf to the signs!” said the monk in a moment of epiphany. “I, Koshian had failed my duties and to redeem myself and reach a higher level of enlightenment, I must embark on a spiritual journey! A pilgrim to the far reaches of the world where I can rediscover my true self and the actual meaning of spirituality!”

As the monk headed towards the remnants of his room to gather what few belongings he possessed and prepare for the said journey, Urd was struggling to come up with something to say. It was her fault after all and the half goddess wanted to somehow apologize, although she had no idea how to do that without revealing her nature to him. “Uh…”

Placing a hand on her shoulder, Keiichi shook his head as she turned to look at him. “Don’t bother, Urd. It’s not going to make anything better if you tell him anything and even if he believes you, things will become far worse when news about a goddess will spread throughout the world.”

Staring at her roommate in complete silence, Urd had to admit that she found his recovery to be an almost miraculous one, as the mortal had regained his composure and nearly acted as if there wasn’t anything wrong here. “Are you sure?”

What can I say? I must admit that I’m at a loss of what to do myself and it certainly won’t make matters better if the monk finds up about you being a goddess,” said Keiichi with frown, as he tried to sound as calm as possible. “If others learn about you, it’s just going to put you in a difficult position and cause all sorts of problems.”

I see. But… what about you?” It was probably the most important question here, and one that, Urd really worried that would end up in a sympathetic, yet obvious attempt for Keiichi to find a way out of his predicament. Most would definitely avoid to live with someone as dangerous as her, and even if she never used her powers in such a destructive way, it was now certain that normalcy was something he’d never experience around her. While she could be taken as a mischievous and even eccentric woman, Urd was finally sure that this wasn’t actually the case and as a goddess, it was almost certain that more strange incidents would occur around her. Keiichi was actually a quiet and even shy individual and certainly not a thrill seeker, meaning that he was far less inclined by his nature to stick around to her, knowing that all the bizarre things happening as of late weren’t just a temporary thing, but most likely the norm from now on.

Me? I must admit that I’m kind of shocked, although… not as much as I should’ve been,” admitted Keiichi with a thoughtful expression. “Even from the beginning you weren’t the most… well… typical woman, I guess. No offense, of course! It’s just very hard to compare you with others, that’s all.”

Smiling, as she visibly relaxed, the half goddess was pleased that her friend hadn’t totally freaked out and was actually coping with this in a much better fashion than anyone would’ve expected of him. It was truly rare to find people like him and feeling that she needed to lighten up the mood a bit, as well as to reaffirm that despite her nature she was more or less the same person, Urd took a moment to look around and make sure that the monk was still busy and nowhere in sight. “I can’t blame you, Keiichi… These puppies are solid, double Ds! So, it’s not easy to find others to compare with me; not when it comes to natural ones. Wanna take another look? After all, you saw them once, right?”

No! They’re perfect, but...I-I’m totally f-fine without seeing them again!said Keiichi, turning red as the goddess opened her top a little bit. It was more than enough to make him recall the still fresh memory of her chest in all of its naked glory and as a result, the boy’s face turned beet red once again. Actually he wasn’t a complete prude, but that had been the first thing he saw such perfection in his otherwise short life. Many of the popular models and celebrities resorted to makeup and photo manipulation to hide the natural imperfections of their skin. No matter how attractive they happened to be, they weren’t as perfect in real life as the magazines and other media made them look like. The same couldn’t be said about Urd, though. While her skin appeared to be as real as it could get, there wasn’t the slightest mark or feature that could’ve been described as a tiny blemish. ‘Must be something with her being a goddess, right?’

Aw… don’t be so shy, Keiichi! At any rate, it’s nice that you think I’m this attractive,” said Urd with a wink. She was pleased of the mortal’s reaction, as it implied that he was still considering her like a woman, instead of some divine being and all the rest of what humans came up with whenever deities were concerned; including some pretty crazy superstitions.

Alright! I’m ready!”

Turning to the monk who stood in front of what used to be the residence’s entrance, the two roommates approached him while he put his round hat and secured the large bag with all the needed supplies for the trip.

Are you sure you want to do this?” asked Urd with a bit of a frown.

Yes. I think it was about time I did something useful, instead of sitting in one place and waste my life without any purpose. I have to regain the enthusiasm of my youth and learn what I refused to acknowledge for all these years,” said the monk with a sad smile, as he took a few steps and then turned to look at his temple once again. “I wish that it wouldn’t had taken such a calamity for me to come to such a realization. My poor house deserved better than that, although the main temple is thankfully fine. Perhaps someone will eventually fix this place and it’s going to become back like it once used to be. In the meantime, I’ll have to leave my temple at your hands…”

Huh? Us? But...” started Keiichi, as he wasn’t expecting that.

Do not worry about anything. I’d rather leave it at someone who’s capable to fixing it, instead of abandoning it like that. At any rate, I wish you luck with this project and with that… I’ll bid you farewell!”

Staring at the departing monk as he descended the temple’s stairs, Urd finally started to ponder what this all meant and soon a smile crept on her face. “Hey, Keiichi? Guess what happened just now!”


We just got a house for free!” said the excited half goddess.

Looking at the pile of rubble behind them, the mortal couldn’t help but shake his head, letting a tired sigh. “Uh… there’s not much of a house left, Urd…”

Have you already forgotten that we’ve got a god with us? Surely fixing it is going to be possible for him!” said Urd, grabbing Keiichi as she want to find Vali. “Come on! This is the break we were waiting for!”

Okay, okay!... I’m coming!”


I’m terribly sorry, my lord! I cannot express how much I regret my actions!”

Scratching his whiskers, the possessed cat tried not to laugh in front of his subordinate. He had actually seen what took place and from a certain perspective, he wasn’t certain that this was a total disaster. In a way, letting Keiichi learn about Urd’s nature earlier was better than allowing them to go further and then have the mortal find out that she’s a goddess.

Are you sure about that? You may have solved their housing problem after all.”


And I’m willing to oversee the whole free show you’ve got in the process,” added the Daitenkaicho, enjoying the shocked expression on his subordinate’s face.

My lord?!...

Well, as someone had once told me… When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade,” said Tyr with an amused tone, even if he didn’t go into any further details about the identity of that person. “Although, it’s definitely not lemons we’re talking about here. Urd would’ve been furious if I used something such small to describe what you saw.”

Actually, it was fairly obvious to the cadet that the Daitenkaicho was probably referring to his former wife and ruler of Niflheim. However, the moment he remembered the fact that she happened to be the mother of the half goddess whose bra he had just bisected, Vali really hoped that she was as lenient as her former husband. If she took offense from that unfortunate accident, things could turn really bleak in his future.

However, let’s not lose sight of what’s important here. Although this wasn’t originally intended, I think it’s better if you remain here with them and make sure that, Urd’s doing fine. After all, now that she knows about her origins, I don’t want you to suddenly disappear and make her think that she’s been abandoned by the only celestial she knows so far,” said Tyr in a far more serious voice. “Keep in mind, though, that it’s still a bad idea to force more of her memories to resurface in such a manner. I don’t want to risk the potential of her going out of control if she ends up getting overwhelmed by them and as such, I’d prefer if you didn’t reveal who I am or mention anything about any of her other relatives for the time being; Belldandy included.”

Of course. I’ll do as you say, my lord.”

Just a fair warning, though. I may not have any problems with your latest blunders, but, I won’t be so lenient should this trend goes on. Am I understood, Vali?”

Perfectly, my liege! I’ll be considerably more careful from now on!”

Good. Now I think that they’re coming this way, so, I’ll have to act like an ordinary cat,” said Tyr, his ears darting at the approaching duo. “Meow!”

Whiskers! I’m so glad you’re fine, silly cat!” said Urd while picking up the smiling feline. “I was really worried! Come to mama!”

Struggling not to laugh at how ironic it was for the half goddess to call the possessed cat by that title, Vali tried to avert his gaze as he noticed that Urd’s clothes were still damaged. Of course, that didn’t come as a huge surprise as she most likely didn’t know how to repair or replace them. “I trust that the monk had left?”

That he did,” replied Urd as she took the tabby cat on her arms. “Although, can you do something to fix this mess? You know… repair the house with magic before you leave?”

Actually, I’ve received… orders to stay here. It’s to make sure that you’re not going to encounter problems while dealing with your powers. At least whatever you can use right now,” said Vali, hoping that this was a sufficient explanation.

Hm… as long as you actually help me, then I’ve got no serious problems,” said Urd, before she narrowed her eyes at him. “However, no silly stunts like what you did back there. Got me?”

Yes! That won’t happen again!”

Nodding, Urd glanced over Keiichi, as she realized that it wasn’t just her decision and waited for some kind of response.

Uh… I think it’s fine, then,” said the uncertain mortal. In a way, he wasn’t thrilled that they were going to have another guy with them, although he was sure that this thought came from a less rational part of his mind. In reality it was going to be extremely useful to have someone with some idea on how to handle Urd and assist her with her lost past. Still, as much as he didn’t want to admit it, Vali wasn’t someone unattractive and he couldn’t help but wonder if Urd might eventually decide to flirt with him too. ‘Huh? Wait a sec… Where did that came from? I-It’s not like I dictate what she does and with who...’

Excellent! In that case, welcome aboard, Vali!” Missing the troubled look on Keiichi’s face, Urd turned to the blue haired god and smiled at him: “Feel free to get one of the available rooms; once we’ll have a house that is. We still have that little issue, you know.”

Ah, yes… Please stand back, both of you,” said Vali, holding his hands in front of him. Waiting for them to take several steps away from the rubble, the cadet gathered his magic and began to reform the house. Piece by piece, the broken parts of the residence hovered back to their original position, while they also repaired themselves and seamlessly fit together with the rest.

It was almost as if they watched the explosion in reverse and at a much slower speed, as is time itself was going backwards. All except a little brunette goddess who tried to resist the spell and remain hidden in a nearby tree where she had ended up, before her sister or Keiichi managed to notice her.

Her concerns were mostly unfounded as both were too busy, with Urd trying to figure out how this actually worked or if she could recall doing anything similar, while Keiichi simply gawked at the impossible scene that unfolded before his eyes. Even if caused by magic, an explosion was something that the dark haired boy was kind of familiar with, having seen several on the TV. However, this was clearly beyond anything he considered as possible based on the very laws of physics; almost an act that went against the natural flow of time and entropy as it was known to humans.


Well, I think that this should be acceptable,” said Vali, inspecting his handiwork for any obvious defects and much to his relief there were none. Restoration spells had been the one thing that his mother had problems with and Vali was happy that he wasn’t plagued by the same issues. On the other hand, he wished he had her level of discipline and composure, but then again... nobody was perfect. “And just to avoid any further safety hazards, I’ve restored the entire area. The main building, as well as the surrounding grounds should be safe to approach, instead of their previously poor state.”

Great job! Everything looks like it’s in pristine condition and perfectly clean!” said Urd as she and the amazed Keiichi took a few moments to survey their surroundings. “It almost feels like it’s a totally different place!”

It’s the same temple, actually,” corrected Vali. “Just in a much better state.”

Hey! Since you’re at it… Can you heal Keiichi’s thumb?”

Sure thing. Compared to this, something like that is really simple.” Approaching the somewhat hesitant mortal, all it took Vali was a tap on Keiichi’s sore thumb and the pain immediately subsided. “There you go. Just be more careful from now on.”

Huh? It’s… not hurting anymore!” Removing the bandages, Keiichi was rather impressed to see that there were absolutely no signs of any injury.

And that means that tomorrow we can go to downtown Nekomi and have some fun!” said Urd with a cheerful look. “We no longer need to find a house and we have a day off too!”

But… shouldn’t we call Chihiro and tell her that I’m no longer hurt?”

And what exactly are you going to say? That a god used his powers to heal your hurt thumb?” Raising an eyebrow, Urd crossed her arms in front of her, enjoying the blank look on Keiichi’s face, as he tried to come up with an answer.

Okay… I’ll have to admit that you’ve got a point.”

See? Besides, you need to learn how to relax, Keiichi. There’s more to life than just work and we need a break after all that happened in the last few days. And it’s not like we lied to Chihiro or something like that; things happened and we should make the best out of it,” said Urd, placing her hands on his shoulders. “Oh, and by the way… I’d like you to come with us to Nekomi, Vali. I’ve got a little assignment for you.”

Really? What is it?” asked the curious god, tilting his head.

Well… considering that stunt you pulled back there, it’s fitting that you make up for it. And no, I don’t wish you to fix my bra with magic. Instead, I want you to go and buy me a new one!” While she did sound pretty relaxed and cheerful, Urd’s pointed look could be taken as an intimidating one; and unbeknownst to her, it actually reminded Vali of those images of Hild that he had seen during his training. Something that was more than enough to discourage him from flat out refusing.

Uh… but… aren’t those kind of shops meant for women?”

Not really. You can just buy whatever you want, like anyone else. I won’t argue that it’s going to be embarrassing though and that’s the whole point. To be fair, it’s much better than getting bitch slapped and called names for that stunt,” said Urd, tapping her foot on the ground. “I’m not going to make a huge deal, but, I want some kind of proper apology and for me, that’s the best way.”

More likely a proper punishment…Letting a sigh, Vali eventually had to offer her a nod, not wanting to look like an arrogant god who refused to accept his responsibilities and make up for his mistakes. A lot of them were like that, pretending that they were all nice and just, until they messed something up and then they’d go on a temper tantrum when they’d be asked to do something about it. “Very well, I’ll do my best to find a proper replacement for the one I’ve ruined. However, in order to do that, I’ll need your measurements.”

You’re not supposed to ask a lady such a thing,” said Urd, shaking her head. “You’ve already gotten a pretty nice glimpse, so, used that a reference. And in case it won’t fit, you’ll have to go pick something else until you get it right!”

Watching her walk towards the front door, eager to check the interior of the now restored house, both men made a mental note to not piss her off under any circumstances. While a pleasant and playful individual, Urd had a mean streak a mile wide whenever crossed and coupled with her ability to use thunders; a truly terrifying opponent.

I need to make sure that I’ll get it right. Perhaps I could ask her sister for help? She should know not only her measurements, but what she likes as well.’

Meanwhile, Keiichi had other things to consider as well; more specifically the entire concept of hanging around with Urd. While it was going to be a nice change of pace to finally do something other than looking for an apartment and just enjoy themselves, he suddenly realized that it also sounded awfully similar to a date.

Oh boy… This is bad! I really have no idea what to do during a date! All those times we were so busy that I never paid too much attention at what we were doing. Okay, calm down Morisato and let’s form a plan! I still have the rest of the day to think about it and come up with something nice. I have to! I sure don’t want to end up buying her bras and who knows what else. Tomorrow I must do my best!’

My thoughts on that, Van.

I agree. Belldandy and Keiichi should not meet for the sake of the story. Sure, it deprives a potential storyline where an Amnesiac Urd feels really inadequate while Keiichi and Belldandy get along great, only for Mara or Hild to appear and offer a way to make the playing field even.

But I prefer the uniqueness of this story over that plotline.

Actually, I thought about this for a while and how to deal with Belldadny in general. On one hand, I don't want to completely remove Urd's sisters from the story and as such they're still going to be there. However, having Bell show up there and immediately start getting along with Keiichi is... wrong. Not in general, as they make a perfect couple, but, for this story it might feel a bit unfair to Urd. And I doubt that she'd try to get her sister's boyfriend if it came to that.

I mostly think that whenever such matters come up, it's our bias towards the Bell/Keiichi pairing to somehow manifest. I too love that couple, but to try something a bit different here, I'll have to avoid anything that would bring up the whole 'who's Keiichi going to pick?' question. Actually, it's more likely something along the lines of "Who's Urd going to pick?" than anything else :sneaky:

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Alright, thoughts in spoiler box

Could have done one or two arcs where Urd still thinks she's human and have little incidents happen, like Urd is checking some dead batteries, sees Sayoko flirt with Keiichi, and puts down the batteries in a very small fit of anger. Next person comes up and checks the batteries to discover that they are somehow fully charged.

And perhaps a spying Belldandy is both pleased and sadden that Urd seems to find more joy in the mortal world than she did in Heaven.

But your fic, your decision.

Edited by HotelKatz

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I've considered keeping her act like a human for longer, actually. Still, I thought that it would make her feel more comfortable with herself if she remembered just enough to answer some of her questions, yet nowhere near as much as to go back into being her old self.

For most practical purposes, Urd will still act like a human, despite knowing that she's a goddess.It's still early for her to gain access to more of her forgotten abilities and I also thought that the sooner Keiichi learned about her nature, the better.

Belldandy will actually find it a bit sad that her sister is happier on Earth instead back home. However, she's also going to hope that some of the things Urd learned during her time on Earth will help her see her role in Heavens from a new perspective. Perhaps even find a way to make others see her in a more positive light and make a lot more friends in the process.

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Now I am am unsure about how I feel about a certain thing

About there now being a bit of a... self-made emotional block? emotionally distant? Whatever it is that can be summed up as Urd feeling a bit betrayed by the gods, how they dealt with her losing her memories and merely watched her, so she's keeping her emotions distant from them and the demons when they appear.

Imagine how Mara or Belldandy would feel while talking with an Urd who seems to not really care if they were to either catch on fire or die? Both Mara and Belldandy would hurt worse than if Urd were to get angry and yell at them.

Kinda want to see it, but it's your story.

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I don't think that she's going to feel that betrayed, considering that they didn't totally abandon her. Sure, she might feel that they could've done a better job and everything, but in the end she's got someone from their side to help her. That's partially the reason why Vali was ordered to stay there. If he just left like that, then she would've felt betrayed. There's still the part about what happened before that, however for a short amount of time, nobody realized that there was something wrong with her.

There will however be a point where she'll lose her control and react negatively to both Heavens and Hell, but it's going to be towards the end of this story.

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Urd has a tendency to over-react, though.

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That's quite true. I'm tempted to have her be a bit sore about it, as more of her memories return and she begins to wonder why none of her family members had shown up (they actually will be on Nekomi, but keep some distance). It's going to be interesting to have Keiichi try to provide her some support during that phase and make her feel better.

Also, the latest chapter is on FFN:

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I say write a few practice scenes to see how sore you want her to be and for how long. Personally, I'd have her be plenty sore at Vali and Belldandy, to the point that the latter briefly ponders if Urd always had some secret resentment towards her and it's only coming out now because of the blocked memories. Belldandy would shrug it off after realizing that Urd lashes out whenever she's upset with something and can't use her UrdBolts at the moment to harmlessly deal with it.

and no, I don't think Urd actually has any resentment towards Belldandy. At least not in any serious capacity.

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