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Ah! My license suspension

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Er....i'm kinda confused at what exactly is canon and what is not.

So..Belldandy and Keiichi never met?

Scratch that, the goddess never had any contact with Keiichi at all?

And also, is this a Urd x Keiichi fic?

Kinda reminds me of Haloes, in a very distant way.

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Er....i'm kinda confused at what exactly is canon and what is not.

So..Belldandy and Keiichi never met?

Scratch that, the goddess never had any contact with Keiichi at all?

And also, is this a Urd x Keiichi fic?

Kinda reminds me of Haloes, in a very distant way.

This is a totally different universe, both from the manga/anime and my other series. It takes place after Keiichi's graduation from NIT, but, he never met any of the goddesses, got a wish granted etc. The first goddess he actually met is Urd, and unlike the canon series, Belldandy never observed him or got involved with him at any other point of time.

It will be an Urd X Keiichi story, although, he'll have to work his way to get her to become his girlfriend. While Haloes might come in mind whenever stories about those two are concerned, I didn't want to start the story with the same basic setup as in the canon series and having a plot to separate Keiichi and Belldandy. So, i started from scratch and in this story, Keiichi has no previous contact with Belldadny at all.

I say write a few practice scenes to see how sore you want her to be and for how long. Personally, I'd have her be plenty sore at Vali and Belldandy, to the point that the latter briefly ponders if Urd always had some secret resentment towards her and it's only coming out now because of the blocked memories. Belldandy would shrug it off after realizing that Urd lashes out whenever she's upset with something and can't use her UrdBolts at the moment to harmlessly deal with it.

and no, I don't think Urd actually has any resentment towards Belldandy. At least not in any serious capacity.

The thing about Urd is that she's not likely be sore at Belldadny, but a sister she vaguely remembers. As she's going to get only a couple of glimpses, she might misinterpret them and wonder why her sisters aren't showing up. Plus the fact that she's a half demon (when she's going to realize that at least), she could start to question whether they actually abandoned her and Vali was simply making sure that she wouldn't recover her memories or powers. It's not true and eventually she's going to realize that, but there might be a few awkward phases while she thinks about herself.

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Now I got a humorous question and one that's touching on plotpoints that may or may not happen.

When Mara appears, will she glomp-tackle Urd? Mainly because I got the mental image of Mara tackling Urd in a running hug to the ground, winding up with with her head in Urd's bosom, and saying, "Don't worry, Urd! Just because we've grown apart, doesn't mean I won't help you in your time of need!"

And then Urd trying her best to break free of the unknown blonde woman's oddly strong hug, while Keiichi either gets a nosebleed or is held back because Mara would see him as a threat at the moment.

Will Troubadour show up? If so, will he try to tell Urd lies about their relationship? Because if he does and Mara is around, you can probably have the two fight and have Mara not be the buttmonkey for once. Have her come out on top by bashing Troubadour to defend Urd's honor. I know the easy way is to have the two team up to separate Keiichi and Urd to have Urd cry for Troubadour and then let Mara have Urd.

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In regards to that

Mara won't be too happy that she had been locked, but once she realizes that Urd had lost her memories, she might do something very similar to that. Ans she will try to help her, even if her efforts end up in some silly situation or another. And problems...

As for a scene like that, I think it's going to be really funny.

Troubadour will definitely show up, although Mara is going to be the least of his problems. Vali's orders is to keep them safe and the Earth Spirit's habit of cursing others will come to bite him. Oh, and as a tree, the sight of an axe is too intimidating to him. And Vali uses a battleaxe, so, it's going to be interesting to say the least. :roflmao:

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And something else I thought up...

Since one of the fandom's favorite scenes of Urd is her doing the 'big sister breast check' on Skuld, will Mara pull a similar one on the amnesiac Urd? Little reversals like that when done over time can lead to a great punchline when Urd gets certain explosive powers back...

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I'm not sure if Mara would actually try something like that on Urd, although there is another demoness who's both related to Urd and has the personality to pull something like that on her. For Mara, I think that a less aggressive approach will be necessary, although, she will often revert to her old habits and challenge her on various games.

Also, here's an interesting plot for another later chapter. Urd might recall a few things about her middle sister, including that she's a brunette, with a ponytail and a diamond shaped marking on her forehead. Any goddess who also fits that description? :joyful:

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Hmm. When I read this.

Oh, and as a tree, the sight of an axe is too intimidating to him. And Vali uses a battleaxe, so, it's going to be interesting to say the least.

I had this scene pop into my head.

Not sure exactly how to tie this into your fic.

The set up for this would be Trubador shows up, to get the tears of a goddess, and is being his annoying self to Urd who dosn't remember him. Eventually he gets on Skulds bad side. As well as everyone else. So we see something like this...

After checking the house and temple Trubador began to search the grounds. Hearing a clatter from the small shed in the back. The singer approached the shed where Keiichi keeps his Beemer.

"Urd? Are you in there my beautiful flower?" the plum tree spirit asked.

Peering into the dark shed he could barely detect movement from within the dark building.

"You do not have to hide from me, Urd. I shall make you remember our love with a song!"

Taking his ever present harp in hand he began to strum.

"Oh! Urdy!" He warbled. Struming another chord, he continued.

"You are as beautiful as a birdy!" closing his eyes and tilting his head back the amourus immortal poured his heart into his ballad.

"I need to be..." Troubador was abruptly cut short by a harsh drone from a small engine.

Skuld stepped out of the darkness in the tool shed holding her custom built chainsaw. The afternoon light glinting off of the dangerously sharp teeth as they traveled up and down the bar. In blood red letters was written on it "Texas Murder". Troubadors mouth went dry, his knees weak and his throat locked up in terror at the sound of nightmares for all tree spirits.

"Grrr! You are SO annoying!" the young goddess growled. Brandishing the chainsaw at the petrified singer and reving the motor a few time she started advancing.

Troubador stood there rooted in one spot for a few seconds. Finally something in his brain snapped. RUN! It screamed, and he did.

Pivoting on one foot the plum tree spirit ran shrieking at the top of his lungs.

Sitting in the tea room of the temple. Vali paused with his cup half way to his lips as the tree spirit ran past the window screaming in a falsetto high enough to shatter glass. Followed a moment later by a cackling Skuld with a chainsaw of all things.

As the war god candidate paused in confusion to process this image. Belldandy apeared at the door way. "What was that noise just now?" she asked.

"Skuld chasing Trubador with a chainsaw." Tyre said from the patch of sunlight he had found to bask in. "Takes after her mother." he muttered as he tucked his tail around his feet.

The goddess tutted quietly. "She should know better than to run with sharp objects."

I havn't gotten any farther than that. Something funny if you want to use it.

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That was hilarious! :roflmao: I like it, but Skuld might not be living in the temple with them at the time Troubadour will drop by for a "visit" (he's indeed after the tears of a goddess). Still, I can use most of it with some modifications and when I'll do I'll add a mention on the author's notes to properly credit you for the suggestion.

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Here's the draft for chapter 5:



Man… I really need some coffee… I couldn’t get much sleep yesterday.’


For Keiichi, driving his beloved BMW was perhaps one of the most enjoyable things to do, especially outside of the city’s busy streets where traffic and pedestrians demanded his full attention. The biggest benefit of his current arrangement was the beautiful mountain road he could drive through on a daily basis, something that would’ve irritated most others and made them complain about the long commute to work.


Even the added cost of the gas was going to get cut in half, since Urd had generously offered him to pay her share, given that she was also taking a ride on the sidecar, making it no more expensive than it would’ve been if they found an apartment much closer to Whirlwind.


Today was not an ordinary one though, and the goddess in question was sitting right behind him, as their other housemate was also coming with them. Sitting quietly on the sidecar, Vali was apparently in a much better state of mind than the mortal currently was and for a moment Keiichi felt tempted to ask him to drive, but quickly dismissed the thought. This was his Beemer, as he affectionately called it and he wouldn’t let anyone else drive it unless it was absolutely necessary.


There had been several things on his mind that kept the young mechanic up late thinking about them, only to end up with a big headache. After things had settled down, Keiichi couldn’t help but wonder about his situation and what else was going on around him. He was living with not one, but two immortals; supernatural beings that defied logic and even several laws of physics, according to humans at least. Worse, he had nobody to confide to and let them hear this remarkable story and get some advice. Even trusted friends or his sister would simply think that he was losing his mind and providing them evidence could make Urd’s life on Earth more difficult.


He had to admit that she was a pretty different kind of person compared to any other woman he met so far, yet there was nothing to prepare him for the fact that she was literally out of this world. In all honesty, he wasn’t even sure what to do with her anymore, as that knowledge changed so many things that making long term decisions was very hard for the otherwise shy mortal. While he didn’t want to admit it, Keiichi took Urd for granted even though they’ve only spent a few days together. He may had avoided to give in to her teasing, but in a strange way, he took comfort knowing that she was this forward with him; especially as it implied that she accepted him for who and what he was.


Most women he knew viewed him as a man with average looks, some boring hobbies and an almost empty wallet. None of them was terribly impressed at a first glance to get to know him better and discover his good points, and the fact that he spent so much time with his club activities back in college, denied him any chances to prove them wrong. The Motor Club was so notorious due to the shenanigans of its two directors, that most other students avoided its members at any cost, fearing that they’d get involved in a prank or any other crazy scheme devised by Tamiya and Otaki.


It was actually one of the reasons why his only attempt at a relationship ended up way too early, when his girlfriend tried to distance him from that club, citing the excessive amount of time and money he poured into it. From a certain perspective, she had been correct that he wasn’t obligated to pay for all the failed plans to keep their projects funded. To make matters worse, his sempai were two large, gruff and intimidating dudes who were often mistaken for thugs, despite their silly but otherwise harmless nature. Still, it was easy for her to see them in a negative light and in the end, it was a choice between the club and her.


Urd on the other hand hadn’t tried to set rules, although, she wasn’t exactly his girlfriend either. Actually, she no longer was his roommate, as he wished to have a room for himself. Keiichi was perfectly clear that this had nothing to do with her nature, but simply his desire to respect her privacy. After all, their original plan was to have an apartment with two bedrooms for that very reason and now that they had the entire house for themselves, each could get a room; including Vali, who was supposed to stay with them for the foreseeable future.


Actually, the blue haired god had been a source of annoyance for Keiichi, much to his own embarrassment. Despite that blunder which resulted in a rather hilarious scene, Vali had been really polite and understanding, trying to avoid from getting in anyone’s way and become a liability. He had also accepted to do his share of the housework instead of acting like a freeloader, by taking care of the temple grounds while Urd and Keiichi were at work.


Still, much to Keiichi’s shame, he didn’t exactly seem to be happy about having that god around and the only logical explanation was something that the mortal had never experienced so far; jealousy. He had always been a bit insecure about his appearance, thinking that he looked too plain and that was shorter than average, but once Urd started to flirt around him, Keiichi felt great relief that she deemed him attractive enough to do that. In a way he had indeed taken her for granted and the Vali’s presence suddenly threatened all that. The bronze skinned goddess had a stronger, more attractive male close to her and the fact that he was another immortal was one thing that Keiichi could never beat.


Immediately, old insecurities resurfaced and he was reminded of the rather catastrophic attempt to ask out one of NIT’s most popular girls, even if he should've known that he had no chance at all. Sayoko Mishima wasn’t just attractive and popular, she was rich, too, and for people like her, Keiichi was far from boyfriend material. Even then, his enthusiasm and naivety at that point of time pushed him to try his luck and after she more or less walked away without a second glance, Keiichi’s confidence had taken a serious hit.


And if a rich woman simply dismissed him like that, the chances for an all powerful and gorgeous goddess to consider him as one worthy of her love were slim to none. Sure, she did flirt with him, but that was partially because she didn’t have her memories; and even right now, Urd was unable to remember much. However, once more of her past resurfaces, Keiichi wondered how long it would take her to see Vali or any other god as a much better alternative, compared to a feeble mortal who’s not even desirable by the females of his own kind.


More importantly, he came to the conclusion that he actually wasn’t as indifferent as he sounded at first. While he desperately tried to explain that they were only friends and nothing else was going on between the two of them, Keiichi finally realized that he was lying to himself and probably enjoyed how close to Urd he had gotten. He may had rejected her attempts to flirt with him, worrying that accepting them so soon after they met would’ve made him look like a letch who only wanted to score with her, but, at the back of his mind the idea of dating her was something that sounded like a possibility; even a thing he really wished to happen. Now, all that could simply become an empty fantasy, once the goddess became more familiar with her past and less interested in the mortal world and by extension, Keiichi himself.


Pointing a finger at Vali and blaming him for this would’ve been something so petty that the young mechanic simply refused to do. It was totally against his character to act like that, no matter how impulsive people became when matters of the heart were concerned; often making them do things that they would’ve otherwise condemn. If there was one thing that did actually characterize Keiichi was his strong will and as such, he wasn’t going to give up and resign without putting up a fight. Not a literal one, as it was not just impossible for him to win something like that, but also, Urd wasn’t a trophy to be handed to a victor, either. He merely wanted to do his best and make sure that she didn’t stop seeing him as the person she liked to tease and instead, become just another human in her eyes.


Great… I need to keep a goddess interested in me. Sure, no pressure! I couldn’t even make a mortal woman to like me and now I need to do the same with Urd… way to go, Morisato, you’re way over your head with this one.’


As they approached the commercial center of the city, Keiichi tried to find a parking spot and turned to Vali. “Is this a nice place for you to start your search?”


I believe so, Morisato-san. There are several stores around us and finding some undergarments will be relatively simple; I think,” replied the blue haired god, looking around their surroundings.


Very well. Oh, and you don’t actually have to call me like that. Just Keiichi will suffice.”


If you say so, then I have no problems with that. In that case, I’ll see you later.” Getting off the sidecar, Vali offered Keiichi and the surprisingly quiet Urd a nod, before he headed towards one of the biggest department stores close to them.


Okay, how about we also look for something to do as well, Urd?”


Looking at the somewhat nervous boy, the half goddess offered him a reassuring smile and tried to cheer up. She had a lot of things in her mind, but getting gloomy just wasn’t her. Hoping that this was the perfect opportunity to relax and deal with her own problems, she got off the bike and wrapped her arm around Keiichi’s, making the mortal blush.


Sure thing, Keiichi! Let’s find something fun to do!”




Yggdrasil Mainframe Center, Asgard


Good Heavens this is a mess!”


Rubbing her temples the dark haired goddess leaned back in her floating chair, struggling to block off the data in front of her holo screen for a moment. When they asked her to offer some assistance to figure out one of the biggest issues in the last couple of years, Peorth was more than happy to accept. While she personally saw herself as a wish granter, the brunette was far from a stranger when it came to internal matters. After all, she did work as a system administrator from time to time and she was even re-assigned there since the current one was unavailable.


No kidding! I have no idea what’s going on! Something is causing this mess and I cannot pinpoint which damn process is causing it!


Language, young lady!”




Narrowing her eyes at the holoscreen in front of her, the much younger goddess let out a frustrated sigh as she dismissed the data and decided to start over; again. The problem was caused by a protector that should’ve never caused any issues to begin with. It was such a simple program that in theory the chances of starting something like that were one in a billion at most. Even then, protectors were designed to stop certain information from being communicated to others, and that should’ve normally affected Urd’s speech, not an almost total lockdown of her memories.


Have you requested the hard copies of her previous license suspensions?”


Yes, Dagaz should've gotten them by now,” replied the Norn of the future as she also leaned back to her chair, finding very little to do until she got her hand on that data. That allowed her to take a better look at the grinning goddess across the room, who decided to hover towards her, “What’s so funny, Peorth?”


Oh, look at you, Skuld! You’re already someone else’s boss!” said the smiling goddess, as she stopped in mid air in front of the younger goddess. “At this rate, you’ll be in charge of Yggdrasil in no time!”


Hmph! You make it sound as if it’s something great, while it’s just a menial and boring task to everyone else. Debugging is hardly a glorious task, you know,” said Skuld, raising an eyebrow.


You’ve totally missed my point, though… Very few goddess as young as you are have others working for them!” insisted Peorth. “Just the fact that you got an assistant is a great accomplishment! You should be proud of it!”


Well, if you put it like that, then I guess so,” said Skuld, struggling to decide whether she wanted to feel happy for being praised or get angry due to the whole matter of her age being brought into the discussion. If there was one thing she despised above all, was for others to treat her like a child, but in the end, Skuld chose not to antagonize the first class goddess. Peorth wasn’t one to mess around with, since she did had a habit of holding grudges over silly things. Not that she was a bad goddess, it just was part of her strong sense of pride; something that also influenced her rather atypical attire.


Unlike most other celestials and even demons, Peorth was walking around wearing what most woudl’ve called as underwear or alternatively, swimwear; certainly not casual clothes. Technically speaking it wasn’t anything illegal as it did provide enough coverage to avoid any attention from the higher ups. Still, the same couldn’t be said about most gods and even several goddesses who more than often paused to take a look at the wish granter’s curves, perfectly presented in her sensual clothing. Even more, the various rumors about her claims of providing the best service, made a few of them speculate just what was the nature of said services, given that she rarely elaborated further.


Some of those rumors had turned into titillating stories of promiscuity and what was unofficially classified as ‘happy wishes’ amongst certain circles, and the prospect of Peorth participating in such acts with her clients. Technically, the content and terms of the actual contracts were available to their agencies and carefully scrutinized for any signs of unwanted behavior, although, certain wishes were vague enough that left a lot to the imagination. For instance, a human asking a wish granter to go on a date with them was a seemingly sweet thing, yet what took place during that event was a whole different story.


Still, as much as Peorth denied to disclose too many details about her contracts on grounds that she found those insinuations as totally offensive, the goddess had actually admitted that she had dated mortals on a few rare occasions, making her a hot topic of discussion. And while that earned her some baleful criticism from several celestials, Peorth remained undaunted, claiming that she wasn’t going to change who she was just to fit certain stereotypes.


Of course, the goddess’ obstinacy might’ve caused more problems and embarrassing moments to herself than those who criticized her, with gods falling off walkways while staring at her, or other silly accidents caused by her being a source of distraction.


Such was also the case of Dagaz who had just returned from the Archives, carrying a stack of folders containing all the details about Urd’s past license suspensions. Actually, it wasn’t the digital copy that caused the blonde god some trouble, but the physical hard-copy that made it hard to look right in front of him. For the past several months, the third class god had acted as Skuld’s assistant, a job he initially was very excited about, although that was due to a misunderstanding; one he was far too embarrassed to admit.


Many decades ago, Dagaz had accidentally met the Norn of the past and almost instantly he was smitten by the gorgeous goddess and her playful attitude. Unfortunately, all hopes of asking her out were dashed by an insufferable Earth Spirit who tried to curse him for trying to even talk to her. What made such a lovely goddess tolerate that jerk of a boyfriend was beyond him, yet after she saved his skin, Dagaz was far too embarrassed to try again. Even a while later, after he learned that the moron had left her, the blonde god was too intimidated to try and approach her again; fearing that he would’ve appeared like some sort of a stalker. Instead, he opted to get closer to her through work and applied to become a sysop, hoping to become one of her direct subordinates.


So, when he learned that one of the Norns needed an assistant, he immediately rushed to fill in the application form. However in his excitement he hadn’t fully read all the details and most importantly, which one of the Norns required some extra help. As a result, he was devastated when he found out that his new boss wasn’t the buxom half goddess he so wished to impress, but her youngest sister and Norn of the future, Skuld. To make matters even worse, he was far too embarrassed to admit that it was a mistake and recall his application, especially when he found out that he was the only celestial who applied for that position. Despite how disappointed he was, Dagaz didn’t want to make the young goddess feel the same from having no one willing to work for her as a debugger. True, few would like to have a boss so much younger than them and the ones closer to her age were typically restricted to some less important jobs, so, they couldn’t really apply anyway.


At the very least, he hoped that the little goddess would say a few kind words about him to her eldest sister and in the long run it would be something good for him. Besides, in a strange way, it was an assignment that could allow him to show some of his skills even at a professional level, since his previous job as a librarian offered few chances to prove his worth; not with everything being almost automated. Sure, fetching things for Skuld wasn’t the most prestigious of things one could do, especially when it came to ice-cream, but, there were also moments when he found a bug somewhere and received some credit for that.


If this goes on like this, I might actually get a promotion and even a second class licence!’


Stopping in front of the Norn’s hovering chair, Dagaz turned sideways, so that he could see past his stack of folders and nearly fell back when he got a glimpse of Peorth. Hovering in an accidentally provoking manner, as she leaned forward to have some chit chat with Skuld, the goddess of the roses was blissfully unaware of the god’s approach and the view she giving him. From such an angle and proximity to her, Dagaz could see more that he was mentally prepared for, yet he remained silent and as soon as he realized that the two goddesses were too absorbed in some topic about what was known as manga in the mortal realm, the blonde god hesitated to announce himself.


Oh, boy… look at that booty! I’ve seen her numerous times, but never like this! If only I was her assistant!’


Swallowing hard, the god was contemplating what to do in a situation like this and eventually decided that averting his gaze, before he interrupted them was the best choice. Actually he thought that turning in a way that the stack of folders obscured Peorth would eliminate any suspicions of ogling her; not that he didn’t but, avoiding getting caught was critical. Yet in a moment of weakness, a particularly devious thought formed in his mind and hesitated to do what he initially had in mind. This was such a rare opportunity for him to get in a situation like this that he couldn’t resist to take a photo of such a marvelous sight. It was a risky move, but the god was confident that the discussion about the plot of a manga Skuld had recently received from Belldandy who was currently at the human realm would keep them occupied for just a few more seconds.


That was all he needed to balance the stack in one hand and summon his communicator on the other, trying to get the best angle and light conditions for a photo. As he took a snapshot, Dagaz was relieved that he had set the thing to being quiet whenever he operated its camera and as such he was undetected by either of them.


Awesome! This is the best photo I’ve ever taken! And it’s not like I did something wrong… She was just standing there and…’


With neither of them noticing him, the blonde god was tempted to go for another one, and this time from a closer distance; despite the added risk to an already dangerous situation. With a blush forming on his face, the god could feel the mental tug of war between his conscience and a less noble part of his mind. After all, this kind of perverted behavior wasn’t something expected of a god and eventually he decided against going any further; but it was far too late. In all irony, while he focused on this not so noble task, Dagaz failed to notice someone else approach him until a hand reached and grabbed his shoulder.


Letting out a rather undignified shriek that rattled the two goddess who immediately turned to see what was going on, Dagaz had inadvertently sent both his communicator and the folders in the air. As everything ended up all over the floor, the god knew that it was far too late to make any excuses and besides the one who caught him had most certainly a perfect idea of what he was doing. Worse, the white glove on his shoulder was a design used normally by the Fighting Wings and as he looked back, Dagaz’s fears were confirmed when a rather stoic Valkyrie returned his gaze.


It’s rather impolite to take photos of a goddess’ posterior without her permission, don’t you think?”


There was no sign of anger or sarcasm in her voice, making him feel even worse about his actions, although at the same time such was to be expected of this particular Valkyrie. Lind, also known as the ‘twin wings angelwas far from the average war goddess and quite possibly the worst person to catch Dagaz doing such a thing.


P-Please… don’t kill me! I’m terribly sorry! I really am!


Who said I’ll do such a thing?” Shaking her head, while the other two goddesses watched in confusion, Lind momentarily released his shoulder and instead she grasped the back of his neck, dragging the miserable god towards the exit.


No! I don’t want to get sealed! Please! I may be a pervert but not a criminal!pleaded the god with tears welling in his eyes.


That’s quite the statement, although, I won’t seal you. And before I forgot…” turning to Peorth who had taken the liberty to check the god’s discarded communicator with Skuld trying to look over her shoulder, Lind decided to remind her of one particular conversation they had quite a while ago. “See what happens when you wear such a revealing outfit? I bet that this merely one of the many gods who take photos of your six.”


My what?”


Your six o’clock.”




Your bum,” offered Skuld as she happened to be more familiar with such terminology.


Oh, that makes sen-...” started the goddess of the roses, before she abruptly stopped and narrowed her eyes at the Valkyrie. “Thank you for the concern, but, I’m doing pretty fine! Actually, here, Dagaz! You can keep the photo!”


Walking up to the trembling god, Peorth offered him his communicator back with a big smile on her face. “Oh, and next time you don’t have to be so sneaky!”


N-Next time?...”


Of course! If you get a nice camera, I’d love to model for you!” said the grinning goddess, as she made a pose. “I’ll even wear something sexy, too!”




While the baffled blonde celestial was struggling to imagine what could’ve counted as sexy to her, his Valkyrie captor was far less impressed. “Are you doing that just to antagonize me?”

Who, me?” asked the goddess with a melodramatic expression on her face.


Very well. I’ll take my leave then.”


Wait, what did you need in the first place?” asked Skuld, as the Valkyrie was about to resume dragging Dagaz towards the exit.


Oh, I was looking for a volunteer for an assignment. I think I got one, so, I’ll take my leave.”


Moments after the door closed, the two remaining goddess shared a look, wondering just what the blue haired warrior had meant with that.




Nekomi, Japan


Urd was finally in a much better mood as she and Keiichi shared a nice, hot cup of coffee. Alcohol was more up her alley, but she had to agree that since her house mate was driving, it was for the best to try something different and the young mechanic also needed the caffeine to wake him up, too.


Mm… this is a nice blend! Perhaps we should come here more often.”


I think so. Although, I’m not the best person to judge coffee,” said Keiichi as he took a sip. “Most of the time, I’m just drinking something I can find on a vending machine, which is much lower quality, anyway.”


You can always try something different, Keiichi. And speaking of that, how about we do the same today?” offered Urd, making her friend raise an eyebrow.


Oh? Like what?”


Hm… How about visiting the arcades?” asked Urd, pointing at the other end of the street.


Oh course! I can show you some of my skills,” said Keiichi, unaware that he was talking to someone who had a fearsome reputation as a gamer, even in Asgard.


Then let’s go!” Taking him by the arm as he barely had the time to pay the bill, Urd felt much better now that she had something to do, other than think about her past and what it all meant for her current life on the mortal realm.


Slow down a bit, Urd!” said Keiichi as he struggled to keep up with the much more energetic goddess, although he was happy that she apparently felt a bit better now. Being gloomy just seemed wrong for the playful goddess, and Keiichi had to admit that she looked much more attractive with a smile on her face. As a matter of fact, he was so absorbed by her that he failed to notice that she had stopped and ended up bumping at her. “Is there something wrong?”


Hey, there’s an ambulance over there.” Pointing across the street from them, a woman in a wedding dress was carried away on a stretcher.


I wonder if there was an accident, or something.” Approaching the scene out of sheer curiosity Keiichi’s face lit up in recognition as got a better view of the woman’s face. “Wait! That’s Sayoko!”


You know her?”


It was hard not to. She was NIT’s most popular student, and the fact that she’s really rich made matters even better for her. There were countless of boys trying to grab her attention on a daily basis, hoping that she would notice them,” explained Keiichi.


So, in other words... a little princess.” Tapping her chin, Urd had to give the woman some credit for being attractive enough, although her fortune was most certainly the biggest reason the rest of the students went after her.


In a manner of speaking. She sure acted like a diva and enjoyed all the attention she got from others,” said Keiichi with a shrug, before he added in a lower voice. “Not that she dated anyone for real. A few times she’d take a guy out for a dinner or at some classy bar, but… nothing beyond that. Still, that didn’t dissuade others from trying, though.”


Including yourself?” asked Urd with a sly grin, as she offered the boy a sideways glance.


Okay… I’ll admit that at some point early on, I did try to ask her out, but…” started the dark haired mechanic, as he recalled a not so dignified moment of his life. “It was a total disaster, to be honest with you. I wore a rather tacky green suit and asked her to go on a museum with me.”


Really? That’s an odd place for a date, wouldn’t you think?” said Urd with a raised eyebrow. “Still, not the worst attempt. I mean… it wasn’t a love hotel or dingy bar…”


Uh… if you put it that way… I guess you’re right,” said Keiichi, scratching the back of his head nervously. “Although, I wonder what happened here? I doubt that she’s actually gotten married. Given her personality, she would’ve made it a bit of local event.”


Hm… let’s go and ask then,” said the half goddess, pointing at the photographer’s shop the rich woman was taken out from.


Sure thing, Urd.” Walking up to the young lady who was most likely the shop’s assistant, Keiichi decided to try and see what he could find out about this strange situation. “Excuse me miss, but… what happened here?”


Oh, it’s terrible! One of our models felt ill and she had to be taken to the hospital for a good measure.” Letting a sigh, the assistant turned towards the dark haired mechanic and his goddess friend, before it was her turn to get curious. “Do you know her, mister?”


Um… yes, we went to NIT together. I just hope that that it’s not something serious,” said Keiichi, not too comfortable with the intense gaze he was receiving.


The paramedics said that it was merely a case of food poisoning, so I doubt that it’s something life threatening. Although, we’re really in need for a replacement for our newest photo-shoot and we’ve got no one to contact right now.” Studying them, and more importantly the bronze skinned beauty standing next to Keiichi the assistant’s eyes lit up, realizing that she had an excellent opportunity to come up with some replacements. “If you don’t mind me asking… Would you like to take her place? It’s too late to find anyone else, and the magazine really needs those photos for their wedding collection.”


Eh?! W-Wedding?!...


That explains her getup,” said Urd, who unlike Keiichi was in a far better state to offer a proper response. “I assume that we’re getting paid for this?”


Of course! And it’s not going to take too long either!” said the elated assistant, as she found a replacement this soon. “At most, it’ll be half an hour and then you’re free to go. What do you say?”


Sure thing!” Not waiting for the stunned Keiichi who was still having some issues with the theme, Urd tugged him along trying to get him inside the shop before he had the chance to run away. “Come on, Keiichi! It’s going to be fun!”




Stop being so difficult and let’s give it a try at least.”


Fine… Let’s do it…”




Meanwhile, several blocks away a god was making his first steps in a totally unknown territory, looking around as he entered the shop’s undergarment section. While the rest of the floor he was currently in had a few other men wandering around to help their wives or girlfriends pick some clothes, almost none of them followed them into this particular section. He could actually notice a few odd looks he got as he walked around, trying to find something fitting for Urd after he got her exact measurements from her sister.


While Belldandy volunteered to do this for him, sparing the war god cadet from the embarrassment of his current predicament, Vali was adamant that this was his responsibility and as such, he had to do it all by himself. A decision that he came to regret, of course, although he wasn’t willing to admit that to anyone, if not to spare whatever was left of his dignity.


Even with the necessary information at hand, he was unprepared for just how many possible options he could choose from. Not only they came in all kinds of shapes and colors, but there was a distinctive difference at how much skin some covered; with several being rather modest, to the far more extreme cases that were so flimsy that the god wondered what was the purpose of wearing something that hid practically nothing at all.


Worse, Belldandy's advice was somewhat contradictory and provided little insight as to what her sister liked to wear. ‘Don’t pick something that’s too plain, yet stray away from things that are way too extreme, or Urd will think that you consider her being totally shameless.


Scratching his head, Vali was having some serious trouble to determine just what the goddess of the past liked to wear and where she drew the line in terms of how revealing her lingerie were. He did study her profile quite meticulously, but for more than obvious reasons, no such information could be found there; nor he tried to acquire it from her sister. It was already bad that he gotten himself such trouble, so, the last thing he needed was for the brunette goddess to think that he was probably  too happy with his current assignment; using it as an excuse to acquire some spicy information or even photos of her elder sibling.


Excuse me… May I help you?”


The sudden voice from behind him, almost made the cadet jump and shake his head not only to snap out of it, but also in shame as he wasn’t paying the necessary attention to his surroundings, a habit that was becoming a problem for him. “I’m fine, really.”


Smiling, the shop assistant offered him a nod to acknowledge what he said, but insisted on helping him. “If you’re unsure about what you looking for, then why not try to get a general idea of what’s the best style for the young lady you have in mind? Could you describe her appearance and personality?”


Um… well she…” Making a few failed attempts to describe her, the god suddenly realized that he did have a photo from her profile and reached into his pockets to show what Urd looked like to the assistant. “Here, I’ve got a photo of her.”


Mm… That’s a pretty attractive young lady! You must be really lucky to have such a girlfriend!”


She… I mean… Thank you miss.” Reasoning that it was probably going to make things easier if he let her think that he was looking for some lingerie for his girlfriend, Vali opted to avoid correcting her mistaken assumption and decided to just get it over with.


Oh, you’re most welcome, sir! Now, is there anything about her personality that I might find useful? For example? Is she a daring person or a more reserved one?”


I wouldn’t describe her as a reserved one for sure,” said the blue haired god, missing the dirty look he received for a moment, while he was too busy trying to summarize the half goddess’ personality. “She’s kind of outgoing and lively, I suppose. In a way you can say that she’s like a cat.”


A cat?” repeated the woman as she turned to the side and motioned for him to follow. “I’ve got the perfect thing for you, then! This way please!”


Nodding, the god glanced at the increasingly daring designs he passed by and in more moments, he was standing in front of a mannequin that was wearing something that would’ve better been described as a series of horizontal pieces of fabric with a mesh in between.  “I think that this is a bit too daring…”


Oh? Than how about this leather one? Also if you’re looking for something more classic, we have this lovely purple one. I think it matches her eye color, right?”


Actually… I agree,” said Vali as he scratched his chin while studying the lacy, purple set that was on a mannequin not far from him. “I think that’s more like her, to be honest with you. Does it come with everything else that’s on the display?”


Of course! The garter belt and stockings are part of the whole set. So, are you buying that?”


Yes, I believe that this is the best option.”


Excellent! There you go, and thank you very much for choosing our store!” for your purchase said the assistant as she handed him a packaged set of the same lingerie and then retrieved a coupon for him. “Oh, and before I forgot! There’s a special offer with this particular design you’ve picked and I think that your girlfriend will enjoy the extra gift. You can exchange this in the local marketplace, tree blocks away from here.”


Um… thank you miss…” said the baffled god as he headed to pay for his purchase.


However, as he walked further away from her, a smile formed on her lips and a six pointed star flashed on her forehead.


Hm… not bad. I guess he’s not totally hopeless like I’ve originally thought so. That’s good... At least she’s not surrounded by morons like the ones she typically tries to date. Mm… I think that it’s getting really interesting.’


As the god finally left the shop, the young assistant looked around in confusion wondering what happened and how she got across the shop, but eventually decided to ignore it and go back to her work.




Fiddling with the white suit he was wearing, the mortal could feel his legs shaking slightly as his nervousness threatened to turn into sheer panic. Somehow he ended up in a situation where he and Urd were going to model as newlyweds and while it was merely an act, Keiichi couldn’t stop his mind from toying with the idea.


Stop thinking about it, you idiot! It’s just a few photos for a magazine, not the real deal! I can do it!’


Hey, check it out, Keiichi! Don’t I look sexy in this?”


Posing in the strapless wedding gown that was provided to her, Urd couldn’t help but act like a kid who just got a new toy. Being a bit more revealing and flashier than what one might’ve called as a typical design, it provided the mortal man a sight that was far too alluring to ignore. Yet, given the nature of the gown, the overall effect was much stronger than any other outfit that the goddess actually possessed, leaving her house mate stare at her in amazement.


I can’t do it!Panicking even more, Keiichi almost thought he was going to join Sayoko in the hospital, as he felt his heart rate increase to the point that was clearly not healthy for him.


That good, huh?” said Urd as she enjoyed the deep blush on his face. “I kind of like the design, to be honest. It’s both elegant and doesn’t make me look like a princess from some long forgotten era. Oh… and given its appearance, the wedding night is most certainly going to be a great success for sure!”


Nearly choking at the mental image caused by the goddess’ words, Keiichi was desperately trying to find a way to change the topic, although a part of him sure didn’t mind keep staring at her. “Uh… shouldn’t we hurry up? I bet that the photographer might start worrying that we’re getting late…”


Okay, fine…” Letting a sigh, Urd knew that he was struggling to get out of his predicament, and in all honesty she didn’t blame him. Despite being an act, the goddess also had to admit that she would’ve been less nervous to pose in a totally scandalous outfit than a wedding dress; especially with Keiichi next to her. Just the thoughts that popped up in her mind while doing this was more than enough to make even her feel bashful, although Urd could definitely hide it way better than her housemate did.


Oh! I must say that you two look absolutely perfect!” Smiling brightly at them, the assistant was making the final checks on the lighting, while the photographer ensured that his camera was ready.


Thanks! I thought the same too!” replied Urd, taking a seat on the chair, while a nervous Keiichi stood next to the bronze skinned goddess.


Could you please try to take a few deep breaths, young man?” asked the photographer as he looked up from the camera. “You look terribly tense. Just relax your shoulders and act as if everything’s okay. Don’t think too much about the photo-shoot.”


Okay, I’ll try,” said Keiichi, even if he knew that this was hardly the actual reason behind his nervousness.


Once satisfied with the way they looked, the photographer began to take several snapshots and while it only lasted several seconds, for Keiichi that seemed as if it was entire hours. The young mechanic couldn’t help but steal a few glances over at Urd and given how calm she appeared to be, it was natural for him to wonder if he was worrying over nothing. While she did say a few things in the past that indicated some interest on her part, or at least not a downright rejection; the revelation of her true nature left him wondering if she still thought the same about him. ‘She doesn’t seem to mind being friendly around me, but… as a potential boyfriend? Would a goddess even consider a guy like me as dating material? Come to think of it… do I really like her?’


In all honesty, Keiichi had his own reservations as well. Urd was a really nice woman and not just physically, but as far as her personality was concerned too. Sure, for such a beautiful woman she wasn’t aloof or too arrogant, looking down at him for not being handsome enough or being a poor person. And given his not so great experience with dating, Keiichi worried that it was possible that her positive attitude towards him was more than enough to raise his hopes and wish to get close to her regardless of whether they were truly compatible or not.


Urd did appear to be an unlikely choice for a girlfriend at a first glance, with the goddess being way too bold for such a shy person like him. Even more, while he hesitated to ask her anything that personal, he suspected that it was unlikely for her to be totally inexperienced when it came to lovemaking and that was a thing that made him really insecure; not knowing how she might react dealing with a person as shy as him. If he was this nervous just standing next to her while she wore a wedding dress, Keiichi didn’t really want to imagine how worse things could get for him if she invited him to her bed.


However, the most nerve racking thing was the uncertainty that had to do with her amnesia and the whole license suspension. There was a constant fear that he only saw part of her personality and perhaps once she fully recovered her memory, she might come to her senses and realize that a mere human wasn’t fitting for her. Furthermore, if her license was to be restored, there were no guarantees that she would chose to stay on Earth for longer, or even allowed to, since Heavens apparently had some kind of bureaucracy.


The more he thought about it, the more he became convinced that there were so many ways for him to get burnt by trying to get together with her, than attempting to date a random stranger. And given his past failures, Keiichi’s confidence when it came to women was fairly low; a total contrast compared to his mechanical skills.


Yet despite all that, the dark haired student felt that he shouldn’t give up without putting up a fight first. He deserved a chance to prove himself to the goddess and avoid being simply dismissed as a boring motorhead with average looks and a nearly empty wallet most of the time. The only issue was how to do that, given Urd’s nature as a goddess. Even if he was relatively inexperienced with women, Keiichi did know a few things that could make an average girl happy, however, an immortal on the other hand was totally different situation.


Sure becoming her friend is a nice start and everything, but how I could get her to notice me as a man? I’m not the most handsome guy around and I’m not even sure if buying her stuff would impress a goddess. Besides, I can’t say that I like that idea as it sounds like bribery, and let’s not think how difficult it’s going to be for someone as poor as me. I’d honestly love to ask for advice, but… relationships aren’t Chihiro’s strongest point and could make things awkward if she starts trying to get us together while we’re at work. And I doubt that asking Megumi would provide any useful insight on how girls think. She’s most likely going to end up teasing me, like she always does…’


Excuse me, young man...”


Huh? Yes?” shaking his head, Keiichi realized that he had spaced out during the photo-shoot.


I said that we’re almost done,” said the photographer with a smile as he checked his camera. “I’ve got most of the shots I’ll probably need for the magazine.”


Oh, that’s great! Are we free to go then?” asked Keiichi, eager to get out of the somewhat awkward situation he had gotten into.


Well, almost. I still need a photo with the kiss,” said the photographer, much to the dark haired mechanic’s shock. “Can you do it?”


Uh… I… we…” Stammering as he struggled to come up with a proper response, Keiichi turned to Urd who seemed less affected than him, and actually thinking about it.


You can only pretend you’re about to kiss, if that’s a problem,” explained the photographer, noticing how quiet both of them had become. “Just get close enough and I’ll take the photo at that moment.”


Actually, let’s go for the real thing, Keiichi.” Giving her house mate a look, Urd decided to take the first step and get something out of this situation, instead of wasting it with a mere act. Sure, it wasn’t the ideal setting, but, she had stalled things quite a bit with her own indecisiveness and a part of her worried that missing way too many opportunities was a luxury she couldn’t afford.


Eh?!Feeling a blush form on his face, Keiichi wasn’t sure as to how to actually respond to that suggestion. On one hand, it was a fairly innocent thing, but then again it was a giant step forward for the shy mechanic. “Y-You m-mean a k-kiss?”


Of course! What else?” said Urd with a roll of her eyes, although she did try to sound more amused by his reaction than sarcastic. “Come on, don’t be this shy! It’s going to be nice, I promise!”


Should I go for it? It feels kinda easy and not particularly special, but… as far as I can tell, this could be the only chance I’m going to have. If I say no right now, I might end up regretting it for my whole life.’ Calming down his nerves, Keiichi offered the bronze skinned goddess a reluctant nod, which actually surprised her in a rather pleasant manner; her eyes lighting up a bit. “Okay, Urd. I guess we can give it a try and see what happens.”


Awesome! And since you’re a beginner, I’ll go easy on you,” said the goddess with a playful wink. “I won’t use the tongue this time, but I won’t make any promises for the next one…”


Tongue?Turning red from the mental image of such a passionate kiss, Keiichi’s legs started to feel a bit wobbly. Even more, the mention of getting more in the future was something that both excited and terrified the young mortal. It was more than reassuring that she wanted to get closer to him, although the possibility of getting intimate this soon brought back all those insecurities about the goddess’ expectations. ‘W-What if I mess it up and she thinks I’m an idiot? I mean, it’s such a simple thing that everyone should be able to do and if I fail, then… No! I really need to stop thinking like that! I've got to do it!’


It was a joke, Keiichi. But let's leave such things for later and get it over with, shall we?” said Urd glancing at the photographer who was patiently waiting for them to make a decision. “Don't worry, I won't laugh if you do something silly. Just take a deep breath and lean towards me, Keiichi ; I'll handle the rest.”


Following her advice, the young mechanic placed his hands on her bare shoulders and leaned closer; his heartbeat steadily increasing until he couldn't take it anymore and shut his eyes closed to avoid getting overwhelmed. And while it did actually provide him some relief, the sensation of Urd's lips pressing against his was more than enough to make him feel as if he was struck by lightning.


True to her word, the goddess hadn’t gone too far with her kiss, although it sure wasn't a fake  or clumsy one either. Urd clearly knew what she was doing and for the few long moments that it lasted, Keiichi's mind was on the verge of a meltdown. He had actually done that, back when he still had a girlfriend, yet the sensation of the goddess’ lips was on a totally different level that surpassed even his wildest dreams.


Thank you very much, that was an excellent job!”


Snapping out of it, Keiichi tried to remain calm and not pass out in a most spectacular manner in front of Urd and the photographer. He had no delusions that the silly grin on his face was absolutely ridiculous, but for once, the young mechanic didn’t care and simply decided to enjoy the moment and stop worrying about everything; at least, not right now.


A few minutes later, he and Urd were back in their original attires and waited for the photographer to show them the pictures he took and much to their own surprise they did look great. They’ve been wondering how those would turn out, given that everything happened without any warning and neither expected to find themselves in such a situation to begin with.


Hey, we actually look nice, Keiichi!” said the half goddess, holding one of the photos closer.


Yeah, I wish I wasn’t this stiff but other than that, I’ll have to agree,” said Keiichi with a nod.


Well, you can keep a copy each, on top of your payment,” said the photographer, handing them a few photos along with a small envelope with the money he promised them for the photo-shot.


Offering their thanks, the two housemates walked out of the shop but not before Urd checked their earnings and let a low whistle. “Hey!... That’s not half bad, actually! Maybe we should become models!”


I don’t think he’s going to hire us for more, Urd. This was kind of an emergency, not something that’s going to happen every time from now on.”


Aw… It would’ve been nice to get paid for looking pretty,” said Urd with a wink before she added. “And kissing each other, too.”


Nearly choking on his own saliva, Keiichi knew that the goddess was teasing him, but at the same time, he did have some proof that she wasn’t just for show. Unlike past comments, where he wondered whether she was truly serious or simply said things to get a reaction from him, Urd had actually kissed him for real; which was more than the requirements for the photo-shoot. “I… Well…”


Calm down, I’m joking! It’s not likely to get a permanent job like that, but, we can try to find what to do with this money,” said Urd waiving the envelope for him to see. “How about some tools for you?”


But… what about your share? We both got paid for the photos…”


Yes, although I don’t think I’ve got something I need  right now,” said Urd with a shrug. “You, on the other hand need some powered tools to help you during work.”


Well, that could be nice, especially to finish some things a bit sooner and with less effort. Still… I don’t think that it’s fair to…”


No arguments! Let’s go and get you a few things!”


Okay, Urd… If you insist then I won’t complain.”






Excuse me, sir! Would you like to buy a lottery ticket?”


Pausing for a moment, Vali turned to the man behind the nearby bench who was holding off some kind of competition. He had just visited the local marketplace to exchange the coupon he had gotten and after picking up a nice bottle of sake, and was heading back towards the spot where the others had dropped him off; until the unknown man interrupted him.


What does that entail?”


Oh, it’s really simple! We’ve got a promotion for people to buy things from our marketplace, so, if you got something, you can also buy a ticket at a small fee. It’s just 100 Yen! I’m talking about a real bargain!” said the man, slamming a paper fan on the bench, as he tried to attract others’ attention, too. “The grand prize is a trip for four people to a local hot springs! You can bring your girlfriend and another couple with you!”


I don’t have one,” said Vali with a small frown.


In that case… you can take more friends with you!” tried the salesman, hoping that he wasn’t dealing with a loner; as he didn’t have the time to think of a better way to entice him. After all, most of the customers were housewives and it was very simple to use that line for them.


I... think I can do that.”


Excellent! Would you like to buy one then?”


Thinking about it, the war god cadet reasoned that the price for the ticket was so low that buying one wasn’t a problem and without hesitation, he offered the man a 100 Yen coin, getting a ticket in exchange.


Thank you very much, sir! I hope you’re the lucky winner!”


I hope so, too.”


Walking away from the stall, Vali headed back towards his original destination, missing a tiny floating demoness who poked her head from behind the stall.


Heh… this is so simple that I’m kind of bored… Oh well, I think that’s going to make Urd-chan feel a bit better! And what a scam! Keeping the winning ticket hidden in his back pocket! Let’s see how he’s going to like that high quality smoked slice of bacon!’


Mere minutes later, the marketplace’s customers turned to see a panicked man running as if his life depended on it, with an excited crowd of dogs all happily chasing him across the street.




Ha! That should teach him a lesson! Okay, I think I can go back, but first…’




Rolling around in his basket, the possessed cat did exactly the same thing that every other feline was well known for; napping. Tyr had to admit that using a lower level life form wasn’t the most perfect of ideas, given the restrictions imposed by his host’s nature, but on the other hand it was the best way to keep an eye out for his daughter. Actually, he never even planned for this to begin with, but once he got himself involved, Tyr felt that he owned Urd this much and tried to make sure that she was doing fine.


Content that everything was under control, the possessed cat was taking his morning nap, enjoying the soft covers of his basket or even the sensation of someone pulling his tail. And while the former was to be expected given how soft and fuzzy the blanket Urd had given him was; the latter wasn’t.


Huh? What? Who?’


Looking around as the sleepy cat tried to figure out what was going on, Tyr found absolutely nothing and considering that he was not fully awake, he simply dismissed it as part of his imagination or even a dream and tried to go back to sleep. However, as soon as he closed his eyes, the same sensation returned and this time, the possessed cat flicked his tail, only to feel something attached to it.


Okay what’s going on here?...”


Hi, Tyr! Long time no see!” said the tiny form of the Daimakaicho, who was hanging from his tail like a decoration. “Still the heavy sleeper, huh? I had to pull your freaking tail to wake you up, you sleepyhead! Sheesh!...”


H-H-HILD?!Jumping up from his basket, the panicked cat nearly ran around in circles, with the baffled demoness hanging from his tail. “This is bad! This is bad!… This is…


Stop panicking, you silly!” shouted Hild as she tried to calm the feline down. “This isn’t your real body! So, calm down!”


Oh, that’s right!” Coming to a screeching halt that sent the demoness in a collision course with the back of his head, Tyr had to take a moment to rub the sore spot, while Hild got the chance to float in front of his face.


That’s right, indeed! Now would you…” started the demoness before she abruptly stopped and let a squeal, earning a strange look from the cat. “Aw!... you’re adorable! Look at those whiskers!”


That’s my name, actually…”


And that flabby tubby!”


Hey, I’m not fat!”


Oh, really? And what’s that, pray tell me?” said Hild, poking his belly. “It looks like you’re already a nice, chubby cat! Seriously, Tyr! These animals need to exercise and what exactly are you doing aside from spying on them?”


Uh… I…”


You’re watching TV all day while they’re not home and stuff yourself with instant noodles?”


Sort of… Kind of…”


By the time you’re gonna leave this cat alone, the poor thing will have diabetes! Not to mention that it’s going to look like a furry pillow!”


Your concern is duly noted. Now, please tell me that you’re not here to simply make fun of my current… host.”


Of course not! I… think I want to keep you!” squealed Hild as she tightly hugged the cat. “My flabby, tabby kitty!”


She’s not taking anything seriously… Well… not that she ever did’ Patting her tiny head with a paw, Tyr couldn’t help but smile a bit as despite the whole silliness, it was nice to see Hild even under these circumstances. “You haven’t changed at all, Hild. Still the troublemaker, I see.”


You too. Still the couch potato you’ve always been. Sheesh, I’ve ended up getting pregnant while trying to make you work out a bit.”


Couch… What are you talking about? I was a war god, you know! And I’m perfectly fit, thank you very much!” said the god, thankful that his host’s fur, hid the blush he got from her last comment that he wisely chose to ignore.


You were a war god; as in the past. As for being physically fit, you should thank the fact that you’re a god and not a mortal. A human that spends so much time behind a desk could only end up as wide as the desk itself.”


Groaning, even if it sounded a bit comical in his current form, Tyr was absolutely certain that this wasn’t the heartfelt reunion with his ex wife he had always desired so much. It looked more like a discussion between an old couple, although, he couldn’t dismiss the fact that Hild was a bit too happy about getting a reaction from him. He was so focused in his role as the Daitenkaicho that he often was far too serious these days; making it way too humorous for Hild to try and tease him in such a manner. “Thank you for your concern, but, I’m fine!”


Maybe you are, although I wouldn't say the same for your poor wife!” said Hild in her typically melodramatic way.


Huh? Ansuz? What’s the matter with her? She seems perfectly fine to me.”


Men!... Ugh!...” Shaking her head in disdain, Hild decided that the subtle approach wasn’t going to work with him. While he was a fairly smart god, there were certain topics that were beyond his grasp or rather… his mind failed to connect the dots. “Look… that goddess is nowhere as forward when it comes to asking for some private time and Mister ‘I’m too busy now, make an appointment and I’ll see if I can talk to you’ is giving her too much trouble. She even called me and asked for tips… Can you believe that?”


S-She did?!” Staring at the tiny demoness with wide eyes, the possessed cat could hardly believe what he was hearing. “And?... What did you tell her?”


To drop that cutesy tutu of hers and go back to the more standard combat uniform she used to wear. With a backside like hers, that vacuum sealed uniform is bound to cause quite a few heads to turn and make a certain someone start pay more attention, before another god beats him to it! As far as I’m aware, the threat of cuckoldry is the best way to motivate a bored hubby and make him stay competitive.”


What… What kind of advice is this?!At this point, the possessed cat was dangerously close to lose the first of his nine lives form either a stroke, a heart attack or… both at the same time.


Hey… it works and besides… I’m a demoness,” said Hild with a shrug. “What were you expecting me to say? To send you some flowers or even a puppy? Actually, scratch that idea… Ever since you got bitten by that one, you don’t like dogs…”


No kidding! I’ve nearly lost a hand… that stupid…” Shaking his head, Tyr stopped before he let her change the subject. “Never mind that! That’s not the problem, here! Do you mind not giving my wife any kind of advice?”


Aw… come on, Tyr! I was just kidding! You don’t think I’d tell her something like that, right?” said Hild with a reassuring smile, patting the hyperventilating kitten on his chest. ‘At least not in the exact same manner… But, let’s not mention that.’




Have I ever said a lie? Um… actually, never mind that…” said Hild, scratching her head nervously. “Look, it’s nice to see you act more like your old, lively self instead of the tired and always serious Daitenkaicho. Geez!... you never even smile anymore!”


And now I’ve got a migraine… Thanks a lot…” grumbled the cat, although after a few seconds his expression softened a bit and let a sigh. “Okay, I’ll have to admit that it was a bit funny. Just don’t overdo it.”


Aw... you’re so sweet! Especially now that you’re trying to help our daughter!” said Hild with a pleasant yet caustic manner, that made the cat’s tail stand up, along with the rest of his fur.


Oh, it’s natural for me to try and make sure that, Urd…” started the god, before Hild cut his sentence short.


Natural? Forgive me if I’m mistaken here, but… Isn’t this the first time you’re doing this?” said Hild with narrowed eyes, making Tyr even more nervous than he was before. “I’m fairly sure that you’re more than happy to suspend poor Urd-chan’s license whenever she gets into trouble, yet have you actually tried to talk to her? Ask her how she’s coping with things and why she’s causing problems, or what happened after yet another moron dumped her as if she was a disposable girlfriend. You know... all the boring stuff fathers do for their daughters. Well?... Any comments about that, my flabby kitty?”




Don’t you even dare! I haven’t sent my girl to Asgard to get this kind of treatment! I demand you start working harder, you hear me? And speaking of that, you better fix her memory or I’ll do it for you!”


Ow! Not the whiskers! They’re sensitive, so please let go of them!Wincing a bit as his agitated ex released him from her iron grip, Tyr watched her stomp her tiny foot on the floor, waiting for an answer. “Look, I’m sorry that I was so focused on work and didn’t pay enough attention to her. I’ve been too worried that pushing her too far would have the opposite results and that part of her mischievousness had to do with…”


Me? Well, that’s to be expected to a certain degree, but unlike Urd-chan, I know not to break any rules. Sure, I may love to bend them from time to time, although, that’s not forbidden.”


I know… I should’ve done a lot more, yet… I do want to help now…” tried the possessed at with a pitiful look, making the demoness falter and let a tired sigh.


Alright, I’ll have to accept this. There’s no point staying mad with you while you’re actually trying… Just make sure she won’t get any worse than she is right now. The poor girl can barely remember who and what she is. Actually… I’m not even sure she knows that she’s a half goddess, instead of a normal one!”


It’s hard to say, Hild. Vali hadn’t told her, although, I’m not sure how much she remembered about her past. I can’t ask her directly either; not without revealing my true identity in the process.”


I know that…” Looking down for a bit, Hild went surprisingly quiet for several seconds,  lost in her own thoughts, before she turned back to Tyr. “Say… what do you expect she’s going to think about me?”


Are you worried that she won’t accept you due to your nature?”


I can’t say that the thought hadn’t crossed my mind. I… want her memories to return, Tyr; all of them.”


Don’t worry, we’ll fix this mess, you’ll see.” Patting her head, the god’s expression softened, as he noticed the edge in the demoness’ voice. While Urd didn’t talk much about her early childhood, he did recall her admitting at some point that she was happy as a little girl. Even more, some of her clothes emulated those of her mother’s and in many ways she did copy some of her mannerisms too, and not everything was just genetics and unconscious influences. Part of herself was willingly acting like her mother as a means to keep those early memories alive despite her efforts to keep some distance from the demons.


Offering a nod, the tiny version of the Daimakaicho hugged the cat, much to the latter’s surprise. Snuggling against his fur, Hild couldn’t help but smile, before the front door opened as the rest of temple’s residents returned from their excursion. Panicking both the tiny demoness and even Tyr tried to get out of sight and while the former was much more successful; the latter wasn’t.


Hi there, Whiskers! How’s my little ki-...” started Urd only to pause as she found the cat stuck halfway in a jar; his hind legs and tail thrashing about as he tried to get out of his conundrum. “Seriously!... What are you doing you silly thing?”


Strange… I should’ve fit inside this…’ thought the possessed cat, while the goddess pulled him out of the jar. “Meow?”


I know that you’re curious, but try not to get yourself in situations like these,” said Urd with a smile, much to the cat’s chagrin. “Hm… now that I think of it… Is it just me or are you gaining weight?”


Not you too!’ Trying to ignore the almost inaudible snigger from Hild’s hiding position in the cupboard, Tyr could only do what any normal cat in his position would; act cute and hope that his daughter forgets about it. “Meow?”


Nice try, Whiskers but from tomorrow, you’re on a diet! Plus, I need to make sure you exercise  more often. Watching TV while munching on snacks isn’t a healthy lifestyle for you,” said Urd before she paused and looked at their old TV. “Actually… how do you even operate the darn thing? It doesn’t have a remote and you shouldn't be able to reach the controls. Strange… Oh well, better see what Vali bought for me!”




So, did you two had a great time during your date?”


Blushing as the blue haired war god cadet addressed him, Keiichi tried to come up with something while he carried his brand new power drill. Equipped with a rechargeable battery and capable of working as a screwdriver, it was one of the most practical gifts he had received during the last few years. And the fact that it was something Urd bought for him made it way better in his eyes. “Well… It wasn't exactly a date but… We visited a few shops and got this and…”


I see. Although Urd mentioned something about a kiss,” said Vali, making Keiichi blush as he tried to come up with an explanation.


However, the dark haired mechanic was spared when Urd came out of her room and as the others turned to look at her, they nearly forgot everything about their own conversation. Standing in the hallway with their jaws open wide, they saw the bronze skinned goddess wearing only the lacy lingerie set Vali had bought her; complete with the matching purple stocking and the garter belt.


Mm… I think you’ve got something really nice for me, Vali!” purred Urd, while both the god in question and even Keiichi could only offer a nod as their eyes were glued at the goddess; especially given how she posed for them. “And you did buy me some sake, so that’s a few extra points for you, too!”


T-Then, I hope I’m… forgiven?” asked the war god cadet, trying to make sure that yesterday’s incident was now forgotten part of the past.


Hm… I’d say so. Still, try not to make another commotion like that, okay?”


Of course! I never intended to repeat that particular incident.”


Good! Besides, that’s not the proper way to remove a bra, anyway,” said Urd, making both of her housemates start to worry, as she reached behind her back. “There’s a clasp here and all you need to do is just…”


There’s no need for a demonstration!


Rushing to stop her before she carried out with what was most likely a prank, both Vali and Keiichi ended up bumping into each other, causing the former to drop a ticket he had been carrying with him.




Forgetting about her joke, Urd reached to pick it up from the floor and take a look at it. “A lottery ticket? What is it for?”


A trip to a local hot springs for four. There are other prizes too, but that’s the best of them all,” said Vali with a smile, both to see that she forgot about her previous scheme to tease them, as well as the fact that she appeared to like the idea; given her big grin.


Awesome! And the winning number will be revealed... tomorrow!” said Urd as she read some of the details at the back of the ticket. “I can’t wait! A visit to the hot springs is going to be the best way to spend a weekend!”


Uh… isn’t she a bit too excited? I mean… there’s no way to be sure that we’ll win the big prize,” whispered Keiichi to the blue haired god who also started to get a bit worried that he had inadvertently raised her hopes too much.


Then I hope we’re going to win something at least. It’s going to be sad if we get nothing at all,” said Vali with a frown. “However, I guess that we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.”


I agree. Let’s just hope for the best, then.”




Meanwhile, inside the goddess’ room, the possessed cat along with Hild’s tiny avatar were staring at the picture of Urd kissing Keiichi, she had already framed and placed it in one of the bookshelves.


What do you think, Hild?”


She looks really pretty… and happy too. Even if this was simply meant to be an act, I believe that she wasn’t actually faking it.”


Yeah… it’s hard to believe but it seems that she may be serious about this one, after all.”


Offering a nod, Hild couldn’t help but wonder what she would’ve looked like in a wedding dress, although the physical resemblance between her daughter and herself was more than enough to give her a good idea.


Perhaps, I should stick around for a bit longer… I want to see her being this happy with my own eyes. Yes, I think that’s for the best.’




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Here's the draft for chapter 6:



Yes! We won!


Watching the goddess bounce up and down in sheer excitement was more than enough to make her two housemates smile at the sight; although part of it was also due to how silly it seemed for a grown up to act like a little child. They were just checking the winning number for the lottery coupon Vali had bought yesterday and much to their surprise, they had apparently gotten the first prize; a free visit to a local hot springs for four people for a single day, with all the expenses covered.


Well, I guess it was a great idea to buy it, Vali,” said Keiichi to the quiet god next to him, as they stood in front of the announcement board set up in one of the marketplace’s most central locations.


I’ll have to agree with that. I wasn’t expecting much to be honest with you, given how unlikely it seemed for us to win anything,” admitted the war god cadet as he checked the coupon once again, just to be sure that they hadn’t misread it.


No kidding! The chances were pretty slim, but I guess we’ve gotten lucky for a change. Although… I wonder who should we invite to come with us?” said Keiichi, scratching his chin in thought. “After all, there’s an invitation for a fourth person.”


How about your sister or your boss? Either of them would be likely candidates for something like this.”


Um… I dunno. Inviting either of them would be like asking for trouble. I fear that they might try to convince Urd to get closer to me and… I’m not sure if this is such a great idea in an environment where she’s going to be almost naked,” said Keiichi with a sheepish expression.


That… might be correct. However, it’s still going to be a waste to simply leave it like that. Perhaps we can figure things out until the coming weekend.”


Yeah. And let’s not mention the fact that we need to find some way to explain... well... you,” said Keiichi as he suddenly realized something pretty important. Neither of those two actually knew anything about Vali and on top of that, they had no idea about Urd’s true nature, making everything even more difficult to explain.


Actually, that can be a bit tricky indeed. It would’ve been easier to introduce me as an old friend of Urd’s, although… without her memories, it might seem odd to suddenly have people from her past showing up as if there’s nothing wrong.”


Nodding slowly, Keiichi had to agree with the god and also wondered for how long they could even keep their fellow housemate a secret from everyone else. There was definitely no way of either of them to ignore the similarities between Urd and Vali, especially when it came to those markings on their faces and also the fact they both appeared to be foreigners. Sooner or later, someone was bound to make that connection and start asking questions about where the god came from or why he was living with them all of a sudden.


Hey, what’s with the long faces? Cheer up, we won a free trip to a hot springs resort!” said Urd as she finally snapped out of it and decided to check on her two housemates. “Have you even read what the rest of the prizes are?”


The pained groan from a bystander close to them made the trio glance over at the trembling young man who won that fabulous prize of… ten kilos of broccoli.


Um… point taken. We were just wondering who else to invite along, that’s all!” said Keiichi, trying to avoid any mention of their issue with how to introduce Vali to the others.


Let’s not worry too much about it for now,” said Urd with a shrug. “Instead, we should make the necessary preparations and leave such things for later.”


Looking at each other, Keiichi and the blue haired god wondered just what kind of preparations one needed for something as simple as a visit to a hot springs resort. Still, neither was looking forward to find out what the goddess had in mind; especially Keiichi who felt that it might’ve involved some of the goddess’ more daring outfits.


As you wish, Urd.”


Excellent! Then let’s go and buy some supplies for us!” said the half goddess, with a big grin on her face. “Starting with some sake!”


But… they’re going to serve us sake in the hot springs too!” said the baffled mechanic as he had trouble to understand how Urd would’ve missed something so obvious.


That they will. However, there’s a certain limit on how much we can spend during that visit,” replied Urd as she pointed at the details written in tiny letters at the back of the ticket. “See? It only covers the basic expenses, which means that everything else will have to come from our own pockets. In that case, it’s going to be much cheaper to buy some booze from one of the local stores, instead of getting it while we’re there.”


Leaning towards Vali in a conspicuous way, Keiichi had to know one thing. “Um… is she the goddess of avarice or something?”


I’ve heard that!” said Urd, making the mortal wince, while the blue haired god wisely chose to remain silent.


Now, instead of making silly comments, how about we go and buy those supplies?”


Without any hesitation, both her housemates offered her a salute and started for the closest liquor shop, while the bronze skinned goddess giggled at that sight and followed them.


This is going to be perfect.’




So, this is the place. It looks nice, if I have to say so myself.’


Inspecting the temple grounds, not unlike a tourist Dagaz was actually eager to get started with his new assignment. Thankfully for him, Lind hadn’t sealed him but informed the blonde god that he was selected to offer some assistance to Urd; a proposition that made him rather excited.


Of course, he was aware that there was already another god stationed here and for a moment he wondered why his presence would change anything, but in the end he decided to go for it. After all, it was a unique opportunity to do something for Urd and hopefully make her notice him in the long run. Without any official boyfriend to monopolize her attention and even throw curses around, Dagaz was optimistic that he would finally get a decent chance, or at the very least earn a few good points.


Deciding that first impressions were important, he checked his robes once again to make sure that nothing was out of place before he rang the doorbell. Waiting for several seconds in vain, the god started to worry that he may have picked the wrong time to visit them, yet as he was about to turn around, the door finally opened and almost immediately Dagaz offered whoever welcomed him a bow.


Greetings! I’m pleased to make your acquaintance! I’m god third…” started the blonde deity only to notice that there wasn’t anyone in front of him; or at least, that’s what he thought at a first glance until he looked down.




Staring at the tabby cat who apparently tried to waive a hand or rather… a paw at him, the god couldn’t help but wonder if this was some sort of coincidence or the feline really answered the door on its own. Of course, he had no idea that this particular cat was under his leader’s direct control and neither did the Daitenkaicho decide to reveal his presence, acting like a strange cat instead.


Uh… hi?”




Wait.. why am I talking to a cat?” Shaking his head despite the amusement of the possessed feline who was using this opportunity to observe the candidate Lind had picked to hopefully replace her son.


Tyr wondered if the Valkyrie commander was upset that Vali was stationed there as some kind of punishment for blowing his cover and sought to find a decent substitute. Although, another possibility was that she may had attempted to prevent him from getting too close to a goddess as wild as Urd. While most fathers would’ve taken offense at such a notion, Tyr was more than certain that if his daughter was nearly as hard to handle as Hild, Lind’s concerns weren’t completely baseless.


Hm… I wonder if this one will even attract Urd’s attention. And besides… who said that Vali can leave without my consent? I never thought that the day would come to see Lind of all goddesses act in such a sentimental way and failing to notice something that obvious.’


Meanwhile, the blonde god while hesitant decided to enter the house in search of any of its residents, totally unaware of the fact that it wasn’t just his own leader present, but the same could be said about Hild too. Despite being only a mere thousandth of her true body, the little Daimakaicho had more than enough power to be considered as a force to be reckoned with, although at the moment she was keeping a low profile in order to avoid being detected.


Um… hello? Is anybody home?”


Shaking his head, the possessed cat had a bad feeling that such an action would only lead into problems later on and went after him, just to make sure that, Hild wouldn’t get any funny ideas. Unbeknownst to him that was exactly what his ex wife had in mind, as soon as she noticed the blonde god’s arrival on the temple grounds.


Over here!


Blinking both Dagaz and the baffled cat that followed after him turned towards Urd’s room where the voice had originated from and while the former seemed happy that he had finally found someone, the latter knew all too well that this wasn’t his daughter, but a much more troublesome individual than her.


Oh… no… What are you trying to pull this time, Hild?’


Walking towards the room labeled as Urd’s Castle, Dagaz paused and knocked the wooden frame of the traditional Japanese door and noticed the shadow that was visible through the rice paper. The outline of a sensual, curvy body could be seen from within as she approached the door and for a moment Dagaz couldn’t help but blush at the idea that she might’ve been wearing something revealing, like she typically does while outside of her house.


Indeed, as the door finally opened, it revealed the almost naked form of Hild with only a tiny towel wrapped tightly around her body and above all, she had assumed a much more mature appearance instead of the typically childlike body of her avatar. “Oh, hello there cutie pie! I was about to take a bath, so, I hope you don’t mind me dressed like that.”


Dagaz could only stare, unable to form any coherent thoughts as he found someone other than he had initially expected. It was no secret that Urd was of demonic descent and furthermore that the very leader of demonkind happened to be her mother; the very person who stood before him. Despite the impulse to run as far away from her as possible, Dagaz just couldn’t take his eyes away from the demoness’ ample bosom that threatened to unravel the towel around her. And he hadn’t even gotten to see the full version of her, as that one was even more gifted than her avatar. Yet despite all that, it was apparently more than enough to make blonde celestial drool.




What is it cutie?” asked Hild with a playful purr as she leaned forward much to the god’s delight; at least, one of them, as the other was seething in silent rage. A fact that hadn’t gone unnoticed by the demoness who simply couldn’t help but tease both celestials a bit more. “Are you really so happy to see me that you can’t say anything? Don’t worry, I like shy boys, so I might even let you scrub my back!”


Choking hard at the mental image of doing that with the notoriously flirty Daimakaicho, Dagaz was blissfully unaware of the possessed cat’s reaction that silently stood by him. With his fur standing up as if he was touching a Van de Graaff generator, Tyr was actually sparking once static electricity began to discharge into the air surrounding him. However, all that paled when the demoness’ towel began to slide lower and before the blonde god got the chance to see anything, a blinding light forced everyone’s eyes shut.


The sheer force of a Skysplitting Thunder descended upon the face of the Earth, and reduced the whole area around the temple into a smoldering pile of rubble.




Aw!... You did get jealous!”


Leave me alone, Hild! I’m not in the mood for silly games...” Grumbling from his spot on top the temple’s roof, Tyr could only blame himself for falling into his ex’s trap, and in the most spectacular way too. While it took them a moment to restore the damage he had caused, the same couldn’t be said about his pride that took a rather hard hit.


Oh, come on, Tyr! You’re just upset that I’ve managed to get a reaction out of you!” said Hild, now back into her childlike form, as she hovered next to the possessed cat.


And in the process, you seem to have forgotten everything about keeping a low profile,” said the annoyed Daitenkaicho. “We may have fixed the physical damage, but that still leaves us with an unconscious god in the living room! What do you think they’re going to think when they’ll find him like that?”


Hm… We might put three bowls of food on the table; one too hot, another too cold and…”


This isn’t a children's story! And he’s a god, not Goldilocks for goodness sake!”


Dunno… he is blonde, after all. And Urd-chan can be a bit like a bear at times, so…”


Hild! This is serious!”


Fine, fine!... Sheesh… you’re so serious sometimes,” said the demoness, as she scratched her head in thought. “Alright, let’s just seal him in a lamp!”


How did you even remember that kind of container? We can use something more modern…” started Tyr until he realized that she was fully aware of all that and more importantly, she was smiling. “Please tell me that you’re not making another reference… We’ve got a serious problem, and you’re just fooling around!”


Okay! You can simply try to explain what happened, and tell them that it was just a case of… electrostatic discharge. You’re a cat after all and they do sometimes cause some sparks when they rub their fur on something made out wool.”


Stop making silly jokes! There’s no way I can tell them anything without blowing my cover and…”


You can wear some boots and claim that this is the reason you can talk! That’s gonna do the trick!”


Frustration was already building up in the desperate god who wished his current form had opposing thumbs so that he could pull his whiskers. No matter what he said, Hild wasn’t taking this situation as seriously as she ought to, leaving him alone to find out what to do with this whole mess. And while it was true that he caused most of the damage, Hild was far from innocent, yet she seemed totally carefree about it. “For once, just listen to me! We need to find out a plausible explanation for this, and soon!”


How about cosmic rays? That works most of the time,” said Hild with a grin.


Whenever someone messes with the mortals’ aerospace agencies! We’re not in space and neither are we dealing with NASA here!” said the god who at this point was close to tears; mostly out of frustration. “Besides, what’s wrong with you? It seems that you don’t even care at all as to what’s going to happen.”


Actually, I do, but unlike you I’m not worrying too much about it. After all, I did delete that god’s latest memories and by the time he wakes up, the others will be here,” said Hild with a wink. “He can simply introduce himself as if nothing is wrong, and we can call this whole crisis over. Oh, and for your information, there’s nothing wrong with me. I’m simply happy, that’s all there is to it.”


Huh? About what?”


Well… a certain someone I knew still likes me,” said Hild with a big grin, while the embarrassed god turned around.


Don’t say it like that…” muttered the possessed cat, lowering his head.


I’ll have to agree with that, Hild. If mother hears of this, she might get a bit upset.”


Turning to the source of this interruption, they found none other than Belldandy who must’ve sensed the spell and arrived to see what was going on.


Ah, it’s been quite a while, Belldandy,” said Hild, without a trace of malice in her voice; quite the opposite of what one might’ve expected given that this was the first child her lover had with another woman.


I’ll have to agree to that, Hild. I cannot say how long it’s been since we last met, but it pleases me that you’re here now. Urd’s certainly going to be happy once she learns of your presence, since she still thinks highly of you,” said the brunette goddess with a bright smile on her face.


Maybe… It’s sometimes really hard to predict that girl’s reactions and her memory loss complicates matters even more than normal,” said Hild with a sigh. “Even you had avoided to make contact with her, as a matter of fact.”


That’s sadly true. We’re worried that if she’s exposed to her past all of a sudden, things might get even worse. As such, neither me nor Skuld attempted to come into contact with her so far, at least until she begins to remember more about her background,” said Belldandy with a frown.


And yet, you’re still here.”


Yes… It feels wrong to simply go back to Asgard and pretend that everything’s fine. I may have to stay in the sidelines for now, but, it’s comforting to watch Urd’s progress instead of leaving her on her own,” said the brunette goddess, smiling a little bit as she glanced towards the city, where Urd and her two housemates currently were.


I suppose you’re right about that,” said Hild with a smile of her own, content that her daughter had a supportive sister like Belldandy. “Actually, since you’ve got nothing to do for the moment… How about we hit a bar? I think I owe you a drink for taking care of my girl, and besides… it’s going to be fun!”


Um… actually I’ve never been to a bar before,” admitted the brunette goddess, while her father seemed to get worried about his ex’s intentions.


Excellent! Then you can try something new, too!” said Hild with a big grin, noticing Tyr’s expression as she tugged his daughter along. “Also, put something nice on, dear! Who knows… we might get some dates today!”


Dates? B-But…I...tried Belldandy, as the enthusiastic Daimakaicho assumed an older, grown up body once again.


Don’t worry too much about it. I promise that it’s going to be fun, you’ll see!”


Hild! What do you think you’re doing?asked the possessed cat, after he began to realize that the demoness was actually serious and not just fooling around like she previously did.


I’m trying to show this girl how to have some fun! At least, someone has to do that before she becomes a workaholic like her daddy, so, mind your business… Mr. Jealous Cat,” said Hild, sticking her tongue out at the possessed feline.


I’m not a jealous cat! Well… I may be a cat or rather control the body of one, but… I forbid you to take my daughter to such a… a… suspicious establishment!”


Are you for real? It’s a bar for Hell’s sake, not a strip club! Now stop being ridiculous and let us girls have some fun, while you fix this mess,” said Hild with a wink as she pushed the reluctant brunette along. “Now you’ll have to excuse us! See you in a few hours! Ta ta!”


Wait! Hold on a second! Hild!”


However, it was far too late for him to change the demoness’ mind and with a frustrated sigh, the possessed cat simply shook his head in resignation watching his ex teleport away, along with Belldandy. Hild was difficult to work with at times and especially when he tried to tell her not to do something; which more than often resulted in doing it just to spite him.


Then again, it probably should be fine. As long as she doesn’t make Belldandy drink Cola, there’s no way she could get her drunk; even if she makes her drink everything available there. Last thing we need is trying to stop her from another incident like the last one…’


Pausing for a moment, Tyr contemplated how likely it was for Hild to try and pull such a stunt and after a few moments he decided that there was only one recommended course of action: to run after them.




Is this really what humans wear for such occasions?”


Inspecting herself, Belldandy had to admit that the clothes Hild had provided for her were comfortable, yet really different from anything she typically preferred. With a blue, sleeveless blouse and a pair of tight, white pants, the brunette was attracting a lot more attention than normal while she walked right next to Hild.


Of course! It’s a pretty stylish choice of clothing by human standards and ideal for a situation like this!”


Offering her a smile, the Daimakaicho had changed into a relatively simple, red form fitting dress and a pair of thigh high boots; a rather modest choice of an attire by her own standards. Of course, in this case, the demoness wished to avoid getting too much attention to herself and instead hoped to make the usually shy goddess appreciate her natural appeal a bit more.


Then I suppose it’ll have to do. After all, I must admit that it’s a pretty comfortable outfit,” said the Norn of the present, without realizing just how many heads had turned in her wake. One of the interesting side effects of wearing more conservative robes was that it made her less aware of the way her body moved, as her clothes typically concealed a lot of the otherwise extraneous motions; especially the slight sway of her hips. Yet that was exactly what caught most bystander’s attention, coupled by the otherwise irresistible smile on the brunette’s face, or even the exotic beauty next to her.


See? I told you you were going to like this! Now, let’s take a seat and have a drink,” said Hild, leading the brunette along while giving a wink to some of the more attractive boys that eyed them, while the goddess wasn’t looking at her.


Hm.. I can’t say that I’m too familiar with alcoholic beverages, so, I’ll let you pick something for me.”


Two daiquiris for us,” said Hild to the bartender before she turned back to Belldandy. “You know, I can arrange for an apartment for you to stay in while you’re here on Earth. The one you’re currently using is a bit too… spartan for the lack of a better description.”


Thank you, but I think it’s sufficient for the purpose it’s serving. I’m not here on vacations and as such, I don’t need all those extraneous comforts,” said the goddess as she cautiously sipped from her drink.


Don’t be so fast to dismiss my offer, Belldandy. There’s nothing wrong for a girl like you to have something beyond the basic necessities, and besides… you could invite some friends there, too,” said Hild with a grin as she also drank from her glass. “If you know what I mean…”


Uh… I’m here on my own, so, I cannot see how I could invite other celestials over for a nice cup of tea.”


Resisting to palm herself, Hild made a mental note that she was dealing with Asgard’s most difficult goddess when it came to such matters and as a result, a more direct approach was needed or she would entirely miss the point. “Actually, I meant any humans you might meet while you’re here. I appreciate that you’re spending most of your day observing Urd, but, now that I’m also here on Nekomi, there’s no need to do that all around the clock. Just enjoy your stay a bit and use the opportunity to socialize; maybe even date a few boys or girls, depending on your preferences.”


But… that’s not why I’m…”


Why you’re here? Look, Belldandy, I know that it’s unlikely for a goddess to listen to my advice, but, I think that having some experience is better than getting into a relationship with no prior knowledge. I’m not even saying to end up bedding anyone, either; dates can simply stop at having a nice meal or a few drinks with someone. And before you even ask… No, I’m not talking about what we’re doing now. This is more of… a case of two friends spending time together.”


Still, I cannot understand why you wish me to do that. I accept that you’ve got a point about my inexperience, yet, I fail to see how that’s relevant to my presence here.”


It’s an opportunity, for the lack of a better word. I know all about that impeccable reputation of yours and while you might see my intent as a way to trick you into doing something you’d normally wouldn’t consider, it’s probably your ticket out of being everyone’s role model and become a person of your own,” said Hild as she watched the brunette’s reactions for any sign of disapproval.


And dating others would help achieve that? I may hadn’t tried my luck with relationships before, but, I cannot see how doing that would make others stop looking up at me; not that I’m interested for such a thing, as it admittedly gets tiresome at times.”


Like I said, it would remind everyone that you’re a goddess… no… a woman and not an abstract set of ideals. You’re probably too young to understand this right now, but, whenever someone becomes the center of all attention, their reputation becomes their shackles. It gets to point where one starts to fear getting into any situation where they might be depicted in a negative light and begin to focus only on things that involve no risks. And I’ll have to attest that relationships are one the most dangerous things when it comes to making mistakes. Of course, it doesn’t happen all the time, but, whenever things fall apart and rumors of what went wrong start to circulate, it can damage a person’s public image and in the case of someone with your reputation… You can see where I’m going..” Pausing once again to check for the goddess’ expression, Hild was rather shocked to see her giggle, instead of a frown that she had originally expected. “You’re not upset with all that?”


Not at all. As a matter of fact, Urd had once told me something vaguely similar, although she wasn’t worried that I was reluctant to do things in order to avoid ruining my reputation or something like that. But with several others doing that very thing, I cannot truly blame you for assuming that this was the case with me too. Instead, neesan’s primary concern was that I could end up becoming a workaholic and inevitably leave no time for a private life at all. She even tried to find us a date for the night, and given that she promised to end the entire thing before things got too far, I’ve agreed,” said Belldandy, with a smile as she took another sip from her drink.


Hild on the other hand nearly spat her mouthful, and ended up choking it before she stared at the goddess in utter shock. “Wait! You’ve actually agreed to that?


Yes. Is there something wrong with it?”


There are so many things to list, that I don’t even know where to start,” said Hild, shaking her head. “Actually, it’s a good thing that we’ve got something to drink. I really need it, now.”


But… weren’t you trying to make me do something similar?” asked Belldandy with a small frown, as she tilted her head.


I was, but I still find it hard that you went along with it. Actually… what happened? If you don’t mind me asking, that is.”


Oh, we had such a great time!”


Really?” Hild couldn’t help but wonder if her daughter had actually given her sister one of her potions back then, but quickly dismissed the thought as it was unlikely for Urd to go that far.


Yes! We had some tea and then discussed at the various flavors each of us preferred and once we found out that we knew about cooking, we shared a few recipes too!” said Belldandy with a big smile. “I must admit that the whole experience was far more enjoyable than I had initially expected! Even Urd agreed that it was the best date she had!”


Right… Of course... it sounded so nice!” said Hild with a forced smile, as she gulped down her glass and ordered another one. ‘I really hope Urd-chan was lying. Because if that was her best date, I’d hate to find out what her worst was.’


Although… for some reason, neesan didn’t try to do that with me again. I wonder why?...”


I don’t…’ Shaking her head as she drank some more, the Daimakaicho decided to change her strategy, as her original plan was probably going to end up in a fiasco. “In that case, how about we try something a bit different? Dates aren’t the only thing one can do to have some fun in their free time! For example, how about going to a hot springs resort?”


Like the one, neesan will visit?”


Yes! I’ll even come to keep you company!”


Umm… I must admit that it sounds nice, but, I don’t know what it has to do with anything you’ve previously mentioned,” said  Belldandy with a raised eyebrow.


Oh that? Don’t sweat about little things like that! The whole point is to help you relax a bit and learn to do stuff that everyone else does when they want to have fun!” said Hild, trying to reassure her. “So, do you want to give it a try?”


Well… I don’t see why not.”


Perfect! We’ll go to one on this weekend!” said Hild with a big grin. “I’ll make all the arrangements, so, you don’t have to worry about anything at all!”


Offering her a nod, Belldandy couldn’t help but notice that there was something suspicious about the date, Hild had chosen. Urd and her housemates will be visiting one during that period of time and it was too much of a coincidence in her opinion. However, if Hild was planning anything, then he goddess reasoned that tagging along would prove to be better than letting her do whatever she wished on her own and as such, Belldandy decided to just play along and see what was going to happen.


Although, I do sound like neesan. For all I know, maybe Hild isn’t planning anything and I’m just unfair with her. At any rate, I’ll make sure nothing bad happens. And maybe… I could have fun, too.’




Just a few more minutes mom…”


Turning around, Dagaz tried to ignore the incessant poking on his shoulder and instead, attempted to go back to sleep, totally unaware that not only he actually wasn’t in his bed, but the one trying to wake him up wasn’t his mother.


Should I try my method, now?” asked Vali from his position next to Urd who was far too stubborn to admit defeat and let the others deal with the intruder.


If that involves giving him a sharp kick in the groin… then, no,” said the half goddess as she eyed at the war god cadet who had already changed in his battle uniform and held his axe in a menacing manner.


Actually, I would’ve gone for his chin. So, can I do it?”


On a second though… no. I still have an ace up my sleeve!” said Urd as went and retrieved a green tube from the fridge.


Uh… hold on a moment! Isn’t that the wasabi paste I bought the other day?” asked Keiichi with a horrified look on his face, before he turned to the cadet next to him. “Quick! Give him a kick! It’s a much better fate than…”


However, it was already far too late for the mortal to stop what was about to happen, much to Vali’s confusion, who had no idea what wasabi even was. Watching Urd unscrew the cap, Keiichi winced as she poured a generous amount of the hot, green paste into the sleeping god’s mouth and then took a few steps back.


There! That ought to do the job!” said the half goddess with a such an evil gleam in her eyes that would’ve made her mother proud.


Can someone tell me what that stuff is?” asked the still confused Vali, looking between his housemates.


It’s a paste made out of a variety of horseradish we have here here in Japan. In normal quantities it’s something to spice food up, but…” started Keiichi, as he glanced over at the now half empty tube in Urd’s hands. “In such quantity, it counts as a bioweapon…”


Oh, you’re just exaggerating, Keiichi!” said Urd, as she tried to reassure them by emptying the rest in her own mouth. “See? I’m perfectly fine! So, stop making a huge deal about…”




Nearly jumping up from the bed in a state of shock, Dagaz’s mind had finally registered the burning sensation that threatened to overwhelm him and caused his powers to manifest in the most literal interpretation of his feelings. As a result, the three bystanders had to dive for cover when the blonde god began to breathe fire while he still struggled to figure out what was going on here. One moment he was ringing the doorbell and the next, he was living blowtorch.


Whoa! That’s real fire!” said Keiichi, as he dived for cover behind Vali, who formed a shield to prevent them from getting singed by accident.


And that’s why we should’ve gone with my idea,” said the cadet to Urd, who tried to act as if nothing was wrong at all, despite the unfolding drama.


Oh come on! You saw me eat nearly as much of that stuff and I’m perfectly fine! How was I supposed to know that he’d over react like this?” countered the half goddess, while Dagaz desperately tried to find something to soothe his burning mouth.


That’s only because you like spicy foods. Which is clearly not the case with this guy… whoever he happens to be, anyway…” said Vali as he stared at the distressed god who accidentally tripped on the low table and fell flat on his face.


At any rate, I think we should try to help him first, or he won’t be able to answer any questions we might have,” said Keiichi as he headed towards the kitchen to grab a glass of milk, since it was the best remedy he knew for spicy food. “Here, this will make the burn go away.”


Thank you!” Grabbing the glass, Dagaz didn’t even bother to get up from the floor and simply gulped its contents in one go, desperately hoping for salvation. “Ahh!... That’s much better! I’m really in your debt, um…”


Keiichi,” said the dark haired mortal as he introduced himself before turning to do the same for the others. “That god over there with the axe is called Vali and the goddess is…”


I’m Urd! Nice to meet you, handsome!,” said the Norn of the past with a wink, trying to hide the wasabi tube she was holding.


She acts so innocently for someone who just made him suffer so much,” whispered Keiichi to the blue haired god, who only nodded in agreement.


Truly frightening if you ask me…”


What are you two mumbling over there?” asked the goddess in question, glaring at the duo, before she got an idea on how to teach them a lesson for talking behind her back. Turning to the still dazed god on the floor, she helped him get up on his feet and made sure that she hugged his arm a bit too close to her bust. “Here, let me give you a hand, sweetie!”


Oh, thank you very much,” said Dagaz, before he realized where his arm currently was and as a result, the god’s mind turned into mush; raveling at the soft and warm sensation he was experiencing. ‘A-Am I still dreaming?... So…so.... nice!...’


Shaking his head in disdain, Vali was less than impressed, let alone jealous from Urd’s sudden display of affection towards the same god she had pulled that prank moment ago. “Great… First she made him breathe fire and now she switched his higher functions off.”


And she didn’t even bother to get rid of the murder weapon,” added Keiichi as he stared at the wasabi tube that was left in plain sight on top of the low table. “Talk about an amateurish approach.”


Don’t listen to those nasty comments! They’re just jealous that I’m not so nice to them, right honey?said Urd with a low purr, causing the blonde god’s already overwhelmed mind to come to a screeching halt.


Honey…said Dagaz, repeating the word he so much wished to hear from her


Well, she does have to call you something,” said Vali, clearing his throat. “Not to mention that it sounds better than hey you over there…


I’ll have to agree on that, actually. After all, you still haven’t properly introduced yourself,” said Keiichi, trying to sound a bit more polite than the blue haired cadet, who subconsciously tightened the grip on his axe.


Heh… they may try to deny it, but they sure sound jealous to me.’ Trying to  hide her grin, Urd was actually pleased that her two housemates were reacting to her flirty attitude towards the newcomer, yet not in an exaggerated way that would’ve ended up in a rather ugly scene. The goddess wished to be desirable enough to those around her, however she also valued her independence and hated it when she was treated like someone’s property. Even with most of her memories inaccessible, Urd’s attitude towards that subject hadn’t changed at all and as such, she felt that a quick test was necessary to ensure that neither of them was far too possessive. And while she had definitely expected a reaction from Keiichi, it was rather interesting to see that Vali was also acting a bit different than his quiet and collected self. However, she had to admit that they did have a point there and finding out more about the newcomer’s identity was more important than playing games and as such, Urd decided to ask him a few questions while he seemed to be smitten by her. “Actually, they do seem to be correct about one thing, sweetie. How about you tell us your name and what you’re doing here?”


Huh? Oh, right!” Snapping out of it, even though he was still feeling somewhat woozy from the sensation of having his arm trapped in the goddess’ supple bust, Dagaz tried to collect his thoughts and avoid giving her a bad first impression. Retrieving his business card from his robes, the blonde god cleared his throat before he finally introduced himself. “I’m god third class, first category, limited license, Dagaz. Given the recent developments, and more specifically the fact that, Urd is now aware of her true nature, I was tasked to provide her all the necessary aid and support she needs to learn how to properly use her powers. It was determined that leaving her figure out her abilities on her own could be far too dangerous and that’s why I’m here.”


Well, that sounds nice, actually,” said Urd, before she was interrupted by Vali, who seemed to be rather skeptical by the blonde’s explanation.


No offense, but I find it rather peculiar that a third class god was sent to act as a mentor for Urd,” said the cadet with a raised eyebrow. “In most cases, that’s the task for a first or at the very least a second class celestial, and while I don’t want to sound rude, I’m rather intrigued as to why you’ve been chosen. Furthermore, you said that you’ve got a first category license, which basically means an administrative position as you primary career.”


Is that a problem?” asked Keiichi, who had little idea about celestial licenses; aside from the tiny bits of information Vali had provided for them.


In a way, it might be. Administrative positions typically deal with handling Yggdrasil as well as well as keeping records and overseeing every aspect of our everyday activities; except from what is considered as part of our private lives of course. To make it better understood, you could say that they handle Asgard’s bureaucracy. Second category licenses involve commercial activities, but in this case it’s the third category that’s really important. Those deal with all kinds of services, including healthcare, education, manufacturing of goods and even commerce,” explained Vali, before pausing to see if Keiichi and Urd seemed to understand what he was saying. “Most mentors, any other kind of consultants or even physicians would normally hold a third category type license and as such, I find it strange that his, is an administrative one instead.”


Nodding slowly, both Urd and Keiichi turned to Dagaz, who was suddenly looking a lot less comfortable than a moment ago. He too was perfectly aware of this tiny issue and personally hoped that it would’ve taken some time for the others to notice it; only to be exposed in mere seconds. The only other solution was to lie about his license, but aside from the fact that it was technically illegal to provide a fake business card, such an attempt would’ve ruined any chances to make a good impression to Urd in the long run.


Well, I have to admit that I’m just a debugger, and never really did anything like that in the past,” admitted Dagaz, before he tried to come up with something to explain his presence here. “But then again, it’s a highly unusual case and sending someone without any preconceptions could perhaps give us the break we needed. Most experts in Asgard cannot really figure out what to do with Urd’s situation, but that’s most likely because of her unique...”


I think we’ve got the point, even if I still have my reservations,” said Vali interrupting the other god, before he accidentally said too much about Urd’s heritage. So far he had avoided to reveal the fact that she’s not a full blooded goddess, but a hybrid, and while he had no idea whether she remembered anything about it, Vali didn’t want to be the one to break the news to her if that happened to be the case.


As a matter of fact, both Urd and Keiichi noticed how abruptly the cadet decided to interrupt his fellow god and given his otherwise quiet and reserved personality, it was definitely something suspicious. However, the biggest question was what to do with the newcomer, who was looking around them with a hopeful expression on his face; almost like a lost puppy that needed a home.


Scratching her chin, Urd had to admit that wasn’t sure to do with this guy at all. He did sound like an honest person so far and his cheerful attitude was reassuring, considering that he looked forward to help her, but a darker part of her mind doubted his sincerity. In a way, he was a bit too happy to offer his assistance and that only meant that there might’ve been something he was after from all this and if Urd had to make a guess; he might’ve been trying to earn a few good points with her. The half goddess knew that the blonde’s responses to her previous acting was definitely a sign that he wasn’t terribly bothered by the idea of getting close to her, whereas a totally indifferent god would've politely remind her to respect his personal space.


Feeling everyone’s eyes on her, she realized that they were expecting her opinion about the subject, since this god claimed to be here for her and as much as she doubted parts of his story, Urd knew that in the end she had to make a decision.


Hm… I suppose I could give you a chance and see if you can actually help me or not. Besides we’ve got an empty room, so you can stay here without inconveniencing anyone. I just hope you like instant noodles because that’s on the menu most of the days.”


Thank you very much! And I can can actually cook, so it won’t be a problem!” said Dagaz with a big smile, seeing that this was his first opportunity to impress her and even make the others accept him.


Really?” asked Urd with a raised eyebrow.


Of course! I may not be a gourmet chef, but I can definitely make a lot of different dishes and I even know a large variety of desserts,” said Dagaz before he paused as the excited goddess slapped his shoulders.


Great! You’re hired!... I mean... You’re staying here!”


That was easy…” said Vali, as Keiichi offered a slow nod.


Way too easy…”


Oh give me a break! If you’ve got a problem with it, then why don’t you cook for once?” said Urd, making both of them to look away, since neither actually knew how to prepare anything other than instant food.


Well… I’m a mechanic and cooking wasn’t never one of my strongest points. Although... I can cook rice...” started Keiichi, looking over to Vali for some support, only to have the blue haired god summon a white bag.


I can prepare MREs, actually,” said the cadet in a desperate yet futile attempt to say something for himself. “The new versions are better than the ones we used in the past. They even come in several flavors, and there’s even an option for dessert, too!”


Thanks but no thanks! I’m not going to eat those if I can have real food instead,” said Urd, before she turned to Dagaz with a big smile on her face. “So, what’s on the menu today? I must admit that I’d like some Italian for a change? I’m kind of tired at the cheap noodles we eat all the time!”


Um… how about... uh… lasagna?” asked the worried god, as he worried that in his overzealousness he may had raised her expectations a bit too much. “Would you like that?”


It’s a deal!” said Urd with a big grin, despite Vali’s sore expression as he stared at his MRE. “Actually, we haven’t had any launch yet!”


Oh, that’s fine. I can start cooking right away,” said Dagaz, swallowing a bit as he began to get nervous, especially knowing that other than the goddess herself, her two housemates would be much harder to impress; especially the cadet.


I… I must pull this though, or I’m going to make a fool of myself in front of everyone. I guess I need to stop wasting time and get busy in the kitchen.’




Hey, that’s actually really tasty!”


Smiling as he sampled the food Dagaz served them, Urd was actually glad that she took him in. It was far better than most of the instant stuff they’ve been having for a while now, and the prospect of having someone who could actually cook was really appealing not only to her, but for the mortal who stood next to her too.


I’ll have to agree with Urd!” said Keiichi with a smile on his face. “You really did a great job!”


Oh, thank you both! You’re so kind,” said Dagaz, scratching the back of his head despite the cold glare he was getting from Vali who sat outside the living room where everyone else was gathered and enjoyed his own meal in silence.


Traitor…’ thought the blue haired god as he stared at the dark haired mechanic who decided to side with the enemy. Or at least,  with the newcomer who still seemed suspicious to him, feeling that there was something off about his story. ‘Everyone just accepted his obviously weak story as soon as he bribed them with food. Seriously…’


Taking a bite from the cheesecake flavored biscuits that came along with the solidified mix of nutrients that comprised the celestial version of an MRE. Munching at his food that only needed some water to soften the hard brick-like mix into something that didn’t require the bite force of a tyrannosaurus rex to chew, Vali enjoyed what few actually looked forward to eat. As a matter of fact, he had once witnessed the abhorrent sight of one of his comrades in arms asking a demon to exchange his collection of manga for a one of their rations that included pre-cooked meat, vegetables and bread, followed along with a pudding like dessert, all stored in cans.


At least that was due to being stuck in that, weeks long standoff. Not that I justify his act or anything, but I could find an excuse for that traitorous behavior. This, on the other hand… I cannot forgive!’


Hey, don’t sit here on your own, Vali. Why don’t you come inside and have lunch with the rest of us?” Approaching the blue haired god, Urd did her best to try and convince him to join them, given that he was the only one who declined to eat the newcomer’s food and simply sat outside on the patio.


I am having launch, actually,” said the war god cadet pointing at his MRE, which made Urd frown at how quickly he turned her offer down.


In all honesty, the bronze skinned goddess was beginning to realize that despite his calm and collected attitude, Vali wasn’t all that different than the average person… or god for that matter. Apparently her acceptance of Dagaz may had a rather unwanted side effect which could be best described as jealousy. It was something that she actually had expected from Keiichi who after all, was the one that she had spent the most time together and even shared a kiss, despite the circumstances behind it. Not to mention that the cadet was already aware of how close she and the mortal were and yet remained relatively unaffected by it; unlike his current reaction to the blonde god who was just trying his best to make himself useful.


Hm… I must’ve underestimated him. He seems so polite and calm that I never thought it was possible to get him jealous, or even that he might've been interested in me to begin with. Is it possible that he didn’t perceive Keiichi as a threat, being a mortal and all that? Or is it just that one guy around me is a bit too much for him to handle? Then again, I probably went too far with my teasing and… I guess it must’ve been the same for Keiichi, even if he’s doing his best to act as if nothing is wrong…’


Looking on the ground as she sat next to Vali who was still eating his lunch, Urd had to admit that despite her best efforts to act in a more controlled manner. Whenever she really had to show reservations, she ended up doing the exact opposite, not unlike a young child that was being told not to do something. And the worst part of all was that she was starting to involve those around her, making her worry that inevitably she’d end up pushing them away. After all, if someone as calm and collected as Vali started to get pissed with the way she acted around moments ago, it was definitely proof that she was doing something wrong here.


You know… I’m sorry.”


Huh?” Blinking, the cadet turned to the half goddess with a baffled expression on his face. “What for?”


You know… about trying to make you and Keiichi think that I was flirting with Dagaz back there,” said Urd, glancing over at the god next to her, only to notice that he still seemed rather confused.


We never thought that, to be honest with you.”


Really? But… Why? I was all lovey dovey with him!”


Well… it’s just that…” started Vali, but suddenly stopped as he hesitated to go any further with his explanation.


Just say it!”


Promise you won’t get mad?” asked the worried cadet as Urd narrowed her eyes at him.


No and if you don't, then I’ll definitely get mad!” snarled the now irate goddess, making Vali edge away from her.


It’s just that… You see, if I have to be frank your acting is horrible. I mean… that was the least convincing performance I’ve ever seen in my life, actually. There’s no way we would’ve even bought that as a legitimate attempt to flirt with anyone and…” Suddenly, the crackling sound of electricity discharged in the air surrounding the goddess made Vali pause in his admission and realize that he may had done a poor job with the way he worded all that.


So, I’m a lousy actress? Is that what you’re saying, mister I’m totally not interested in your boobies, unless you rub them against another dude?’ I bet you wouldn’t be that much of a critic if that was you I was flirting with!”


Wait! I never said that!”


Oh yeah? Let’s see how honest you are!” snarled the half goddess as her demonic side felt that her pride had taken such a hit by the disrespectful words of this god that she absolutely had to prove her point; even in the most crude way possible. Opening her top even more than it currently was, the half demoness managed to grab Vali and pulled him close to one of the most tantalizing yet quite uncomfortable examples of what some called the marshmallow hell; which of course involved a lot of contact between the shocked god’s face and her cleavage.




There! No need to be so jealous anymore!” pressing him even harder against her, Urd could hear the tiny voice at the back of her mind that struggled to calm her down and put an end to this silliness, yet the half goddess was too annoyed to listen and continued with her audacious act as if nothing was wrong.


Meanwhile, the two other residents of the temple were in the middle of enjoying a nice cup of green tea, and used that as an opportunity for some small talk and even try to ease off some of the tension that was caused by Vali’s observations about what the blonde god’s license; and the indirect accusation that he had no business here.


Hm… so far he seems like an okay guy. Although, I do have to agree with Vali about his license and all that stuff. But.. hey… maybe it wasn’t his fault! After all, Urd’s whole situation was caused by some mess up in Heaven’s bureaucracy, right? Although… for some reason that makes me feel even worse about everything. What if they make another mistake and blow up the Earth to… I don’t know… build a highway or something?’


However, the newcomer had also some reservations of his own about their mortal house mate too. Given that he never got Keiichi’s profile, Dagaz had no idea as to what kind of a person this human really was and while he knew that, Urd dated others in the past, his run in with her latest boyfriend had left him with the worst of impressions.


So far this guy isn’t anything like that... pompous, self absorbed jerk of an Earth Spirit. Well, that’s good to know at the very least! And besides, Urd has a war god cadet to keep an eye on her, so if he tries to pull anything funny, I know that he deal with him. Although, at the moment Vali wants to deal with me, instead! Great... me and my rotten luck!’


As the two housemates quietly drank their tea, the sudden sound coming from the patio inevitably got their attention and resulted in both of them choking on their drink when they realized that those were the muffled protests of Vali while he was being smothered by Urd.


I-Is that normal?” asked the wide eyed Dagaz as this was way more titillating than Urd’s previous attempt at flirting with him.


No! I’ve never seen her do that!” replied Keiichi with a blush, missing the blonde’s somewhat disappointed look while he watched at Vali flail his arms in an almost comical manner.


The whole scene was both embarrassing and hilarious at the same time, especially given that Urd’s target was the most stoic and reserved of her three housemates and yet he found himself in such an unlikely situation that he had no idea how deal with.


There! I bet you’re feeling much better now!” After what appeared like centuries for the blushing cadet, Urd finally decided to release him from her vice-like grip and let the dazed god recover from his rather surreal experience.


I… Uh… You… Umm…” stammered Vali, still too shocked to offer a proper response. In all honesty, this was the first time he was experiencing anything like this and no matter how embarrassing, the cadet had to admit that it actually felt really good.


However... in a strange way, Vali wasn’t the only one who had some difficulty to come up with something to say. Despite her bold actions, now that she managed to calm down a bit, Urd was having some second thoughts about her decision to tease him like that and worse; the whole incident happened right in front of everyone else. While her intent was to deal with what she assumed was a case of jealousy, there was a fair chance that her actions may had simply made everything way worse. Not only she accomplished very little in terms of making Vali feel any better, but in the process she may had annoyed Keiichi too. ‘Great... Now everyone’s going to think that I’m far too loose and probably won’t want to deal with me anymore. Seriously… that was the worst idea ever!...’


There was a long moment of silence as each of them waited for someone else to say something and as such, they ended up in an awkward deadlock, which only worsened by every passing second. The root of the problem was the fact that males, whether immortal or not, were inherently territorial despite their best intentions and coupled by Urd’s rather playful personality, the whole situation was a recipe for disaster. One that actually happened way sooner than anyone had anticipated and in a manner that made the goddess look as the primary cause of this entire mess. It was one thing for the men around her to accept that one of the others tried to attract her attention and a totally different thing to watch her flirt with everyone around her in such a shameless manner. Worse, Urd now worried that with both Keiichi and Vali being rather reserved, such a seemingly promiscuous attitude could definitely have some severe ramifications in the way they treated her, or even make them wish to leave.


Noticing the distress in the goddess’ face as she realized her own blunder, Vali felt that he was partially responsible by acting in such a childish manner in the first place. After all, even Keiichi that was the closest one to Urd at this point of time, made an attempt to welcome the newcomer who actually tried his best to please them by offering to cook; something that none of them was particularly good at. Even more, as he was still sitting right next to her, Vali could see tears well up in her eyes and before things deteriorated even further, he decided to make an attempt to lighten up the mood, despite that he wasn’t all too familiar with telling jokes.


Actually, I did find it to be a rather enjoyable experience. My only regret is that I didn’t listen to the shop assistant and pick that other bra which exposed a lot more skin.”


Given how serious the cadet sounded, everyone did a double take, wondering if it was their imagination running wild or that the blue haired god did actually say all that for real. However, unlike moments ago, this time the silence was almost immediately broken as everyone aside from Vali himself burst into laughter, which greatly helped to diffuse the situation.


What?” Feigning ignorance, the blue haired god couldn’t help but smile a bit as he watched Urd hold her sides while she laughed and even his other two housemates were doing the same; which was a much better outcome than what nearly happened.


That was a close call… It’s my duty to take care of her and while I merely wanted to make sure that there wasn’t anything fishy with Dagaz, I ended up making her almost cry in the process. I need to be more careful from now on and perhaps… try to relax a bit.’




Several hours later during the afternoon, things had settled down quite a bit, with most of the temple’s residents trying to relax and forget the whole incident. And since Dagaz was now a member of the household too, the rest of them found it appropriate to include him in their plans for the trip to the hot springs that was scheduled for the upcoming weekend.


With Keiichi tinkering with his beloved BMW, Dagaz trying to show Urd some very simple spells that included levitating objects and Vali performing some training exercises to clear up his mind from the rather... distracting thoughts after his first contact with the fairer of the two sexes, the house was left empty; at least as long as everyone was concerned.


Sitting in front of a Vali’s share of the lasagna that he eventually forgot to eat, the possessed cat was more than happy to make sure that they wouldn’t go to waste. And considering that everyone else was outside, Tyr found the opportunity to watch TV without worrying that the others would find such a thing to be strange for a cat; well, aside from Vali who was perfectly aware of his true identity.


Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins, you know.”


Groaning as he looked up to find Hild’s hovering form, Tyr really wished she would’ve found something more interesting to do than messing around. It was already bad enough that he had to follow her while she took Belldandy to that… absolutely suspicious place, distracting him long enough for a near disaster to occur here. “Sloth is too.”


Really? I thought I was more along the lines of lust…said Hild, sticking her tongue at him, much to Tyr’s annoyance.


And after making such a bold proclamation, you still expect me to give my consent for taking my daughter to a trip at a hot springs resort?” asked Tyr in a somewhat intimidating voice that utterly failed to impress the demoness; especially given the body he was currently inhabiting.


Don’t worry about a thing! I’ll be gentle with Bell-chan!” said Hild, trying to appear as bashful as possible, making the possessed cat feel even more annoyed than he previously was.


That’s not funny! And… wait! What are you doing?” asked the baffled cat as he stared at the demoness who shifted from her chibi version to the normal, childlike appearance of her avatar and unceremoniously took his food, helping herself with the delicious pasta.


I’mph giffing iff a tryiph!”


Don’t speak with your mouth full!” yelled the indignant cat, as he tried to grab the plate back, even though his paws proved to be rather inefficient for such a task. “Now, give me that back!”


Fat chance, fat kitty!” laughed Hild, poking his flabby belly, making it jiggle, much to the god’s announce.


Cut that out! Besides, shouldn’t you be doing something else? Like watching out for Urd-chan?” asked Tyr, trying to swat her hand.


Oh really? Then what about you, mister? I was trying to give some life lessons to your middle daughter and the best you did was to try and spy on us, instead of making sure that Urd-chan was fine!” said Hild as she pointedly poked his belly again.


How was I supposed to know that she was going to shove Vali’s face between her… you know!...” protested the god, but to no avail.


You dated her mother, right?” said Hild in a sarcastic voice. “Make a wild guess! I still do that all the time, even though the one on the receiving end isn’t you, but... your wife!”


About that…”


Don’t change the subject!”


I’m not! Poor Ansuz really hates to have that fact rubbed at her face! And quite literally too!”


Oh? What fact are you talking about?” asked the grinning Daimakaicho, feigning ignorance.


Stop acting as if you don’t know!”


No, do tell! I insist!”


For goodness shake! After making fun of her... not so… large bosom, I’d think that you’d connect the dots, already!” said Tyr, narrowing his eyes at the demoness who still pretended that she didn’t get it.


Really? I’ve done that to other demonesses and even a few goddesses and they never got that sore about it, as to complain outright…”


That’s because most of them aren’t as flat as a floor board!” said the frustrated god, before he paused and realized the trap he had inadvertently fallen into. “Oh… no!...”


Hell, yeah! Good luck explaining that to your sweetheart, you insensitive, jealous cat!” laughed, Hild as she finished her, or rather his meal and even licked the plate clean just to add insult to injury.


You framed me!


Serves you right, mister! Next time you do a poor job at taking care of Urd-chan, I’ll do worse!” said Hild with a sadistic gleam in her eyes, causing her ex to take a few steps back. “What? You think I’m all fun and games? That’s the Daimakaicho you’re dealing with, here!”


She… she might not be listening in to…” started the petrified god, before the demoness interrupted him.


Sorry, but as soon as I’ve told her that I’ll be staying here for longer, there’s no way she’s not currently watching what’s going on here.”


Turning back to her chibi sized form, Hild offered the horrified god a wink as she disappeared back to the attic thought a loose floor panel, leaving him to alone and absolutely terrified.


I’m done for...”




Daitenkaicho’s office, Asgard


Looking up from his paperwork, Tyr felt a sense of dread as he knew what was coming and the sudden knock on his office’s door left him with little doubt as to who wanted to see him without any appointment.




Swinging the double doors open, Ansuz marched up to her husband’s desk with an almost unreadable expression on her face; which troubled Tyr more than anything else. He could handle an angry outburst or some other more predictable response, but right now, he had no idea what his wife was thinking.


Well… I think someone’s enjoying their vacation…” Tapping her foot on the floor, Ansuz crossed her arms as she glared at Tyr, who desperately tried to hide his nervousness behind a calm facade. “Up until now, I was under the impression that you were trying to help Urd-chan. Care to explain how exactly your… actions are doing doing her any favors?”


What do you mean by that?” In all honesty, Tyr was somewhat taken aback by the goddess’ words as this was definitely not the reaction he had been expecting.

So far, you’ve done nothing other than watch her from the sidelines, and now that Hild’s there, you all but forgot about the real problem,” said Ansuz with a sigh. “Urd-chan has lost her memories and just staring at her won’t change anything at all. Not to mention anything about running after Hild or even Bell-chan for no reason at all.”


I’m really sorry about that. I’ll… have to admit that I’ve been rather distracted ever since she showed up and…”


Look, I don’t want to sound like a jealous wife who’s angry that her husband met his ex. However, the longer we procrastinate while she’s struggling to figure out what’s going on, the worse it’s going to be. For starters, it wouldn’t be a surprise if wonder why her family doesn’t seem to try and contact her while she’s in such a state.”


I fully aware of that, and the very reason why I’ve accepted captain Lind’s suggestion to send someone she had met in the past, but at the same time she’s not terribly familiar with him. Obviously, her sisters would’ve been ideal, although pushing her that hard to remember could have some adverse side effects; even if it proves to be effective.”


That’s true, but…”


Uh… sorry, the door was open and…”


Stopping abruptly, Ansuz turned around only to find the youngest of her daughters standing by the doorframe with an uncertain look on her face, while she wondered if she picked a wrong moment.


Please, come inside Skuld, there’s no need to stand over there like that,” said Tyr as he cleared his throat, while his wife stepped to the side of his desk, curious to see what the little Norn wanted to talk to her father about.


Thank you, my lord,” said Skuld as she offered him a deep bow and walked towards him, holding a folder that she carefully placed on her father’s desk.


Picking it up, the Daitenkaicho instantly realized what she was here to report the findings of her investigation and decided to read the details later, turning his attention to Skuld in order to hear her personal opinion first. “There are no need for such formalities right now. So, why don’t you tell me what you discovered about Urd’s condition?”


Well… me and Peorth searched all over the subsystems to find out what triggered that response from the protector server, and by the looks of it… we’re most certainly dealing with a one of our security routines responding to what seemed like an outside program attempting to access Urd’s files,” said Skuld with a frown.


When you’re saying an outside program…” started Ansuz, as her eyes narrowed a bit, “you mean a demonic one, right?”


Yes. It’s strange, since the source seemed to be Nidhogg itself, which… doesn’t seem like a regular attempt to hack into our system. After all, that’s absolutely forbidden and I can’t think how any demon would’ve thought it was great idea to use his own work terminal to try and pull something like that,” explained Skuld, scratching her chin, as she tried to think if she had somehow overlooked something important here.


Yes, we’re not allowed to hack into each other’s systems and given how severe the punishment for such a thing is, I find it hard to believe that anyone was foolish enough to try it while being this careless,” admitted Tyr before he paused and turned to his wife. “Any ideas, Ansuz?”


Not really. I’ll have to agree with both of you that such an attempt would’ve been rather foolish. Unless… we’re talking about an officially sanctioned program that’s allowed to interact with our systems. Although, if that’s the case, I fail to see how it could be possible to act like that. After all, we scrutinize all such programs to make sure that the demons hadn’t snuck any kind of malware in there.”


Hm…” Thinking about it for a while, Tyr suddenly remembered a rather obscure but crucial detail about his first born daughter; one that might’ve caused the demonic mainframe to try and update her files. “Skuld, did that program try to access her licence certificates by any chance?”


Yes! That’s exactly what it did!” said the little goddess with surprise evident in her face.


Letting a tired sigh, Tyr rubbed his temples as he really wished that this was some kind of an internal problem that was caused by a glitch somewhere in Yggdrasil. However, with the likely involvement of the demons, things got really complicated all of a sudden, making him realize that they were far from finding an actual solution to their problem. “Alright then! First of all, I want you to trace that security routine and prevent it from interacting with the protector server. If it can cause amnesia, I think it’s too dangerous to be triggered like that, so, that’s our first priority. Then, I need an exact copy of all the logfiles that implicate the demons, since we need proof of their involvement before we throw any accusations around. Once done, let me know that we’re ready to make our next move. That’s all for now Skuld.”


Yes, father! I’ll start working on all that with Peorth, right away!” said the little goddess, before she turned and rushed to carry out her new orders.


You don’t think that it has to do with Urd-chan’s demonic license, do you?” asked Ansuz as soon as their daughter was out of the room.


I fear that this is exactly the case, to be honest with you,” said the frowning leader of the gods.


When immortals are born, it’s mandatory for their parents to register them and in that process, they acquire their first license; albeit a very simple one at that. However, what appeared to be a mere routine for most, proved to be a big legal challenge in Urd’s case as the infant hybrid was appearing as a goddess in both systems, despite her rather obvious demonic heritage that made up the other half of her being. Still, that did little to solve the problem Hild faced when she tried to register her daughter: it was impossible for her to legally offer her own child a goddess’ license and Asgard couldn’t do the same without listing her as a celestial citizen. Considering that such a development would’ve required Hild to send Urd to her father almost immediately, the Daimakaicho desperately searched for a different solution and that turned out to be a rather controversial move. Since the infant hybrid was halfway a demoness, she got registered as one, too, despite the fact that her goddess side seemed to be the dominant one. Of course, as soon as the Daimakaicho sent her daughter to Asgard, Urd’s demonic license was revoked, to avoid a case of a double registration, as that would’ve caused a whole lot problems on its own too.


But… that requires a rather high ranking demon or demoness to authorize the reactivation of a revoked license. You don’t think that… Hild is behind this?”


She may be crafty and manipulative whenever the need arises, however, I doubt that it’s her style to pull such a move at this point of of time. Even if she came to regret her decision to let Urd come here, it’s just not like her to try and force Urd return after all this time.”


Are you sure about that, Tyr?”


Absolutely and beyond any doubt. You can say a lot about Hild, but when it comes to Urd, she won’t put her own desires over her daughter’s.”


In that case, we’ll have to search for the culprit elsewhere. And speaking of that, I think it’s the best if I go back to work and even give Skuld-chan a hand,” said Ansuz as she smiled a bit, and headed for the door, pausing for a moment before she walked out of the office. “Oh, and before I forget!”


Yes? What it is?”


Tonight you’re sleeping on the couch!”


Well… it could've been worse, I guess. However, for a good measure I should buy her a present, just in case.’ Offering a nod as he tried not to wince, the god lowered his head in defeat as his wife hadn’t apparently forgiven him for his comment about her figure.


Still… I need to talk to Hild about this whole mess. Even though any official actions will require us more time to collect the evidence, I think it’s for the best to warn her, so that she’s going to take the appropriate actions, too. After all, I refuse to accept that this is her work.’





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I like it. Wish I had something else to comment about it.

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Thanks Katz! :grin: With this chapter the main cast of characters is now complete. All that remains is to focus on their interactions with Urd and the various situations they're going to get into, before she begins to recover. However, there are a few more characters to be added, although those won't live together with Urd.


Also, the chapter is on FFN:

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