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Show Us your Favorite Childhood Toys!!

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Tasuke    34

i'll kick off. i had one of these as a boy in the late-1980's. it was pretty darned awesome, so far as 80's toys went at least.
Over-The-Road Commercial Trucking was something of a pop-culture fad in the U.S. back then.
this toy of the lead hero's gimmick-laden vehicle from the T.V. Series "M.A.S.K." was itself laden with cool "Realistic" gimmickry such as opening cab doors and such...

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Sugoi    46

As my family was rather poor as a small brat I used to play with toys that I made myself (e. g. slingshots and bows). I mostly played outside in the open countryside (because we didn't have TV ^_~) swinging around sticks, climbing trees, messing around with bugs, etc..

I guess nowadays where even little kids get smartphones and other gadgets to play around that sounds odd... ^_^;;;

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