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Skuld and the ghostbusters

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I'm still writing this and the AMG/MM crossover. I'm just at a little bit of a writer's block because of RL stuff.


While I was wandering the web, I remembered a ghost from Extreme Ghostbusters, Luko.

 You can either read the link, or go by this short description I just made up, "Luko is like an evil ghost muse. They make the one they possess have an uncontrollable urge to build a large robot, so that Luko can possess it and punish mankind for reaching too far to the stars by destroying them."


I don't want to use both, as it would seem like too much of a retread.


Here's what I might use if I went with the gremlins.


Skuld gasped when she saw a gremlin run by.


“Yeesh, Looks worse than some parties I’ve been to,” Urd muttered as she took out her neutrona wand.


“There’s worse ones?” Lind asked as she did the same. Looking around, cars and vans were either in pieces, burning, or in frankenstein-mish-mashes. There was also a lot of water, that was causing a lot of rust to the vehicles.


“Just one, but nearly got kicked outta the country for it. Thankfully, dear old ma prevented it, but she did ream me and the others a new asshole or two and forced us to pay her back for it,” Urd explained. “I’m nearly done paying her back, but the others aren’t so lucky.”


When she and Lind realized that Skuld didn’t speak up, the two looked back.


Skuld loosely held her mallet and was looking down. Her hair was starting to drip with water and make a puddle at her feet, making Urd remark, “Okay, I’ve seen this movie and the remakes, and it doesn’t look good....”


When Lind raised her neutrona wand, Urd put her hand down on it as she added, “Not for us, but for them.”


Before Lind could ask, Skuld fell into the puddle. Lind uttered the first thing that came to mind. “Shit! Where’d she go now?”


Upon hearing a ‘splat’ noise behind them, the two ghostbusters  looked back. Behind them was the squashed remains of a gremlin. After walking up to it and poking it with her boots a little, Urd said, “Huh, wonder what Irons and Bell would think of the gremlins’ biology?”


“A goddess is pulling a Sadako on the gremlins and you’re more interested in their organs?” Lind angrily asked, wondering what was wrong with her co-worker.


“Less work for us,” Urd remarked.




Like a reversed game of whack-a-mole, a still-looking-at-the-floor Skuld was popping out of the water every which spot and smashing a gremlin each time. The first few were stunned for a moment before realising their compatriots’ organs were splattered on them.


A few tried to hide in the exhaust pipes of the nearby vehicles, but because the gremlins were so thorough with spreading the water earlier in the pipes, hands appeared and pulled them into the water.


“Greenie? Greenie? Where’d ja go?” A red gremlin asked as it tried to feel around for its friend, but only found the metal around it.


A hand soon appeared and took the red gremlin as well.


“Run! Run! Before it kills us all!” A purple gremlin uttered as it and a few others ran for a dry floor.


It was for naught, as multiple mallets appeared from the water and went after them like Jaws went after swimmers.


After a while, the remaining Gremlins decided on another method for survival, climbing up walls.


“Should we… do something?” Lind asked.


“Get some ice cream and use it as a bribe?” Urd asked. Lind nodded.


When the Gremlins were halfway up the wall, Skuld came out of the water and began to crawl up the wall after them.


“Run! It’s after us!” one of the gremlins cried out.


When Skuld heard that, she produced two mallets and began to use them to climb up faster. As expected, she used the mallets to smash the Gremlins, save for the last one.


That one… That one, she had something special planned for it. She quickly climbed ahead and looked down at it. The Gremlin ceased climbing once it saw Skuld’s face.


Her eyes and smile were wide, wider than normal. However, her eyes and mouth were black voids, promising malice.


Then Skuld smashed it into the wall with her boot.


“Hey, Skuld! We found a vending machine that sells ice cream!” Urd called out from a doorway.


Skuld’s eyes and mouth returned back to normal as she said, “Coming!”


She hopped down to the floor and skipped her way over to Urd. Looking around, Skuld was surprised to see a relatively untouched break room and said, “Kind of surprised to see an Ice Cream vending machine in America…”


“I say don’t look a gift horse in the mouth,” Urd said as she put a dollar in the machine. It sprayed chocolate ice cream in her face.


When the machine stopped, a gremlin hopped out and laughed at Urd.

After a moment of staring at it, Skuld smashed the gremlin. She muttered, “First machines and then ice cream. Is nothing sacred?”


And here's the one I might use for Luko. In this one, I'd have Luko slightly possess Dr. Irons.



Luko chuckled as it commanded its machine body to follow the ghostbusters. Thanks to Dr. Irons being thorough, every one of the proton packs and traps were built into its body as power sources. Sure, all it could do was stomp and kick with its three spiderlike legs, but that was all it needed to punish the humans for their overreliance on technology and their arrogance for it.


Nothing could stop it. Even if they delayed Luko’ new body somehow, it could engage the self-destruct and destroy the city.


Then Luko heard a clang from behind its body. After spinning its top-like body around, it saw one of its back panels on the grounds.


“Irons, I know you were under its control and might not remember everything you did under it, but is it just me or is it supposed to be ejecting its innards like that?” Urd asked.


With a shriek, Luko spun around. as it did so, it saw and heard various machine parts hit the asphalt. Using a nearby building’s windows, it saw various parts flying from its backside.  Luko shrieked again when it lost control over one of its legs.


From inside its machine body, The ghost heard Skuld loudly state, “LUKO! How dare you use machines like this!?”


Luko’s response was to roar as it engaged the self-destruct….Only for its vision to be blocked by two words.




Luko shrieked again as it tried to throw its machine body towards a building… only for one of its legs to cease  listening to it, causing the machine body to fall to the ground.


“And for my next trick…” Skuld’s voice uttered.


Pain shot throughout Luko’s consciousness as Skuld went back to ripping more of the machine body’s interior out. Every nut and bolt felt like finger joints being ripped apart, every metal seam being torn apart felt like flesh being flayed from its body, each pipe ripped out felt like intestines being pulled out, and motors being disassembled felt like heart attacks.


When Luko could stand no more, it fled its machine body. Skuld popped out, holding a ghost trap. Luko let out a weak scream as it was sucked into the trap.


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Here's chapter seven, or at least what I was able to come up with. The Grundel arc ends with a barely-heard whimper. This year has not been kind to my muse.

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I like it, Katz. Especially the conversation towards the end. :)

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Thanks. I actually wrote the conversation some time before the rest of the chapter. I just wish I was more scientifically minded to write Dr. Irons's dialogue better.

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