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Nena Camadera

Growing Pains

89 posts in this topic

Okay, so I've been debating back and forth on conducting something that's a bit of a change from my normal stories.  To start off, I'm not going to actaully be posting any of the chapters anywhere on or any other fanfic site.  The entire story is going to posted right here, in the forum, due to the fact that most of what I'm planning are all short one-shots that won't be very long.  This is intentional, as they'll be little snapshops into the lives of Keiichi Morisato, his wife Belldandy, and more importantly their two children, Kasen Morisato and Hotaru Morisato.


And another thing:  This story takes place ten years (or more) after Angel Biter is completed.


Essential, the focus will be around the kids, Kasen and Hotaru, and them growing up as a couple of mortals with a goddess for a mom and an (ir)regular human for a dad.  And the adventures that come with it, such as taking a tulpa to show and tell, the kids getting into fights both with eachother and with other kids, and the occasional visit from a seemingly-normal aunt or two.  Again, they won't be long-just glimpses into Keiichi and Belldandy's lives after things finally settle down for the two of them and having a daughter that looks just like her mother and can't stand it, and a son who is very meek and doesn't show any spark of a divine nature.



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I am really looking forward to this.  A tulpa for show and tell?  I can just see one of them carrying a chestburster around and petting it like it was a cat or something. 


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It'll be a bit more advanced then that--this is ten years down the line, so Keiichi has gotten pretty good at handling his tulpa...but I'm definately keeping that in mind for the show-and-tell one shot.  If any child other than Kasen leaves the class un-traumatized, then Kasen will have had a poor presentation.


Needless to say, Belldandy and Keiichi now have Kasen's teacher on speed dial because of incidents like this.


I'm in the process of writing the first little one shot as I write, and I think it'll provide some good insight into just what sort of children the Morisato's have been blessed-or cursed-with.


I hope that I take away everyone's expectations with these two.


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After having read your stories for so long, MY expectations will probably be hard for you to do so.  I may not know exactly how your mind might work, but I at least have a working theory. 


I'm still waiting for the scene in AB you promised me with the tulpa as Queen Alien hugging and loving on Keiichi.  haha


And now that I am thinking of that, I see Urd and Skuld walk in, see what's happening, and just accept it and move on.  Nothing to see here! 


And now the Queen is juggling the kids and Bell is yelling at her to put them down.  DAMMIT!!!  GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!


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That scene might actually happen sooner rather than later, once I figure out how to start the next chapter of Angel Biter (it's the only reason I'm not writing that chapter right's driving me nuts.)


And as for Belldandy and the tulpa, well, at this time...let's just say that Belldandy has discovered she's afraid of a certain animal. 

The tulpa enjoys emulating that creature whenever it can, under whatever excuse it can find.  You'll see what I mean once I'm done with this one shot.


EDIT: It's not a goat.  Or a moose.



Edited by Nena Camadera
Just in case anyone is making guesses...

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Oh sure, take away the obvious choices.  There's the lion too....  hmmmm.  Crow..... no.  Of course, it does not have to be a terrestrial, now does it.  Bicorn?  No, I do not recall Bell being around for that.  hmmmmmmmmm


Cute and fuzzy bunnies?  (that's a movie reference by the way)


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Nope...nothing so obvious (Belldandy's got an uncle who's a hunting god, for crying out loud! She'd as soon eat as rabbit as she would cuddle it, and she's certainly not afraid of a bunny!  That's Azazel!


As this was happening, a humming Belldandy, oblivious to the dangerous game of

Assassin’s Creed being played out on the roof, suddenly found herself confronted with the one beast that haunted her sleep whenever she found herself in the middle of a nightmare.  Ripley, still wearing the guise of a rabid St. Bernard, casually walked into the kitchen and woofed.  Belldandy turned, took one look at the foaming black beast, then released a shriek of her own as she dropped the bowl in her hand and raced out of the kitchen, the tulpa chasing after her with its tail wagging gaily.



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Ah yes, but wasn't that a jack-o-lope?  Its to late in the evening for me to go look.  ;)


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Do to the fact that there will be mentions of things that haven't happened yet in Angel Biter, I'm posting this with a spoiler tag, though the revelations will be minimal.  So, starting off....


A Leap Of Faith


It was a quiet, peaceful Sunday in the Tarikihogen Shrine.  An early morning, where the sun had finally and with effort cast its rays over the horizon, bathing those who viewed it in a warm haze of pinks, oranges, and yellows.  In the residential kitchen, Belldandy was humming softly to herself, Welsper snoozing beneath a window that was allowing some of the early sun into the house, one of her ears pointed towards the goddess.  The woman withdrew several items from the cabinets and fridge, planning on making a traditional Japanese breakfast of fish, rice, and miso soup.  It was Sunday, and so the kids were home from school and Keiichi wouldn't need to leave for work until around ten.  Keiichi himself was still asleep, taking the opportunity to steal a few extra hours of sleep after working a particularly long shift at the Whirlwind last night, after some police officers had surprised Chihiro and himself by dropping a wrecked cruiser at their shop as they were closing.


The officers had apologized for the late notice; apparently there'd been a bit of a car chase that had led to the cruiser being T-boned by their suspect.  Thankfully no one was hurt, but the car's passenger-side door had looked, in Keiichi's words, 'like someone had stepped on a soda can'.  Despite Chihiro's protests, Keiichi had stayed a little later, claim that he'd only stay an hour before closing up and heading home.  Two hours later, roughly around the time Belldandy normally expected him home, she'd received a call from her husband saying he'd be there another hour or so.  In reality, Keiichi hadn't closed shop until eleven pm that night, well past the kids bedtime.  She'd stayed up waiting for him, and when Keiichi had finally returned home that night he'd still found a hot meal and a warm smile to greet his arrival.


Now, Belldandy had shooed the kids outside, unplugging the tv and hiding the remote so that the two youngsters wouldn't awaken their father in their daily squabbles over television rights.  Those two are entirely too much like Urd and Skuld in that manner.  She thought to herself, confident that Kasen and Hotaru would find some other way to amuse themselves outside.  Thankfully, the duo were still young.  Kasen, the older of the two, was only seven and her brother was even younger at four years. While it didn't stop the endless fights between the two of them, they were both two young to show any signs of magic, and so the amount of trouble the duo could get into was minimum.  Besides, Ripley was watching them, no doubt being victimized by one of their games, and would certainly alert Belldandy if either of the two got into something over their heads.


Of course, what Belldandy failed to realize was that these were her children and that, where there's a will, there's a way.  Had Belldandy's mother heard such thoughts from her daughter, had Hild been around to view the upcoming chaos, the two would have wrapped their arms around each other in an amiable fashion, laughed at Belldandy's reasoning, grabbed some cheap box wines (such was The Way), and sat back to watch what would happen this time.




The boy took a deep breath. 


Up here in the mountains, the air was crisp and sharp and clean, and as he exhaled his breath came out in a cloudy huff.  He grinned at the sight, the air still cool and ground still moist with morning dew, making him shiver with delight.  The view from up here was amazing.  From the rooftop, he could see directly down the road and off the mountainside, all the way down to the city of Nekomi below.  The sunrise bathed everything in a gentle light and was just strong enough to warm his face.  Invigorated, Hotaru looked down at the ground, where his big sister stared up at him expectantly.  Ripley, Papa's tulpa, stood beside Kasen in the form of the large Beethoven-doggie that Kasen preferred whenever Mommy wasn't around.  Mommy didn't like the Beethoven-doggie, though Hotaru never learned why, but that's what made it so fun to have around, right?  Times like these were the only times they ever got to play with the Beethoven-doggie, even if right now they weren't playing fetch.  Now it sat panting besides Kasen, long lines of drool dripping from its heavy jowls.  Even sitting, the doggie was well over two heads taller than Kasen.  Ripley was a giant.


Below him Kasen took a deep breath, her hands circling around her mouth as she called up to him.  "Get off the roof!"  She shouted.  "Come on, Taru! I'm not gonna hurt you! Don't be a chicken!"


"I'm not a chicken!"  He screamed back at her.  "I'm not even scared, unlike you!"  He jabbed at finger down at her, watching his older sister go rigid before stamping her feet.  And he wasn't, either.  Heights didn't bother him, not like they did Kasan, and besides, how could he be afraid when everything was so pretty up here?


"Take that back, Bed Wetter!"  Kasen cried, only for Hotaru to stick his tongue out at her.


"No way, Double-Tunnel Booger Eater!"  He cried, sitting down on the roof and leaning back against the tiles.  Making himself comfortable, he said, "Why don't you come up here and make me!?"


Kasan stamped her feet again.  "Don't call me that!"  She shouted.  "I don't pick my nose, unlike you!"  She flushed as the boy in question stuck a finger up one nostril.  "See!"  she screamed.  "You're doing it right now!  That's nasty, Taru!"


"Your face is nasty, Kassie!"  Hotaru retorted.  "Nasty Kassie, Nasty Kassie!"  The words became a taunt, and Hotaru grinned as the older girl's face scrunched up in anger.  "Not coming down 'cause Kassie's too nasty!  Kassie's too nasty 'cause Kassie's got cooties!" He was shuffling on the roof now, dancing as his taunt became a song.  "Kassie's got cooties 'cause Kassie's too nasty for her cootie shot!  No one plays with Kassie 'cause Kassie's too nasty, Kassie ain't got no cootie shot!"


"You...."  Kasan bit her lip, glaring angrily up at her older brother.  "You...BUTT MUNCHER!"  The girl raised around the front of the house, heading towards the back where the ladder leading up to the roof was.  Immediately Hotaru stopped his singing, picking himself up as he tried to follow his sister's path.  The girl was at the ladder now, and any signs of fear had fled her brown eyes in place of anger.  Fearlessly she ascended the ladder, and feeling pinprick of fear rise in his chest, Hotaru moved away, placing some distance between him and his older, now angry, sibling.


"Uh-oh."  The ladder was the only way on or off the roof.  Unless it was Mommy, who could fly up to the roof with magic.  He looked down, eyes wide and uncertain.  "Ripley!"  He cried.  "Help me!  Kasen's gonna kill me!"


Yet, perhaps predictably, Ripley did absolutely nothing, simply sat and stared before licking her heavy jowls.  Then to make matters worse, the tulpa got up and wandered away, apparently uninterested in the upcoming fratricide.  "No!"  He cried, feeling a new, heavy fear well up inside him.


"Don't leave meeee! Ripley!"


"Gotcha' now!"  The boy wheeled around, finding Kasen standing unsteadily on the roof tiles behind him.  The girl was white as plaster, so far off the ground, but that didn't seem to stop her from seeking her vengeance on the younger boy. "Let’s hear you call me that again, Taru.”  The girl advanced on him like a tiger stalking a cornered deer, and Hotaru stepped back, a whimper in his throat.


At this point the youth was nearing the edge of the roof’s slope, forcing him to pause and look over his shoulder.  The ground seemed farther then it had a couple of minutes before, and his throat dry, the boy swallowed nervously.  He looked back to his sister, finding the older girl rolling up the sleeves of her turtle neck.  She stopped about five feet from him, seeming to loom over his smaller form.  The girl smiled.  “I’m gonna pinch you so hard you’ll wish it was a doctor’s shot.”  She said lowly.


Several things happened in that moment. 


The first was Hotaru, pale with fright, deciding to throw caution to the wind.  With a scream of “No!” The youth turned and promptly leapt off the roof.


As this was happening, a humming Belldandy, oblivious to the dangerous game of Assassin’s Creed being played out on the roof, suddenly found herself confronted with the one beast that haunted her sleep whenever she found herself in the middle of a nightmare.  Ripley, still wearing the guise of a rabid St. Bernard, casually walked into the kitchen and woofed.  Belldandy turned, took one look at the foaming black beast, then released a shriek of her own as she dropped the bowl in her hand and raced out of the kitchen, the tulpa chasing after her with its tail wagging gaily.


Of course, such a terrified shriek, especially from the Norn of the Present, was not about to go ignored, as Welsper was suddenly on her feet and racing out of the room with a yowl of her own.  Further off, still nestled under a heavy futon, Keiichi Morisato suddenly awoke.  He blinked red, puffy eyes that burned with a need for sleep, glanced at the small digital clock on the shelf, and then moaned before burying his head back under the futon. The part of him connected to Ripley briefly grazed the link and sensed nothing out of the ordinary.  As such, deciding he’d somehow dreamt a scream, Keiichi rolled over and promptly went back to sleep.  If something really was going on, he was too exhausted to deal with it right now. 


Belldandy could take care of it.


“By the Allfather’s beard Ripley, get away from me!” Belldandy shrieked, racing out through the doors with the tulpa quite literally nipping playfully at her heels. Unfortunately, as a woman who’d somehow mistaken a Stephen King movie for a family-friendly movie dealing with Saint Bernards, Belldandy found no joy in this, something the tulpa at her heels was well aware of. 


It certainly didn’t stop Ripley from chasing her, that was certain.


It led them through the house and out the front doors, Belldandy sparing no time to even remove the indoor slippers that were so traditionally worn in Japanese households.  No longer chasing her but instead herding the goddess, Ripley chased her onwards, stopping only when a scream of “No!” echoed through the courtyard.  Belldandy, recognizing this high-pitched squeal to have come from her youngest son, immediately forgot all about the tulpa adorned in the guise of a rabid St. Bernard and instead looked up, her blue eyes widening in further horror as she watched her four year old son leap from the roof.


“By Yggdrasil’s third root!”  Belldandy cursed, head tilting up to follow the boy’s trajectory and then diving forward as she predicted where he’d fall.  The goddess caught him easily enough, and her heart racing (though if it was from her fear of rabid dogs or her son leaping from a rooftop, Belldandy was uncertain).  Trembling, the woman sat on the ground, uncaring of the dirt sticking to her dress.  Hotaru’s eyes were clenched tightly shut, but now he peeked them open, looking at her with large blue eyes the color of ice.  “Hotaru, are you alright?”  She ran her hands through his hair, checking him over for any signs of injury.  When she found none, Belldandy sat the boy down in her lap.  “What happened?  Sweetie, what were you doing on the roof?”  She paused, then looked around, a sneaking suspicion rising in her gut.  “…Where’s your sister?”


Safe in her arms, Hotaru sniffed.  For a brief moment Belldandy though he might cry, yet though tears dotted the corner of his eyes, they did not fall.  “Kassie was gonna pinch me.”  His voice wavered, and the boy buried his face in Belldandy’s chest, gripping her dress tightly.  “Didn’t wan’ her to pinch me, so I jum’d”  His voice was muffled by her dress, but Belldandy made his words out easily enough. 


Now the goddess narrowed her eyes and looked around.  “Kasen!”  She cried, and with no sign of the girl, the goddess looked up.  She heard a gasp and caught a strand of long, light brown hair disappear over the roof, and the goddess took a deep breath.  “Kasen, were you picking on your brother again?!”  This time the words came out a bellow, and for a moment the entire shrine was silent.  Even the birds fell silent at the goddess’s demand, and it seemed as though the world itself waited with baited breath for Kasen Morisato’s response. Even Ripley, no longer a Saint Bernard but Belldandy’s preferred form of a little black corgi, was silent, watching the goddess in quiet anticipation.


Finally, after what seemed like a small eternity, a small, wavering voice arose from the roof, the owner just out of view as she hid from her upset mother.  “He started it!”  Kasen cried. 


Hotaru, safe in Belldandy’s arms, was quick to reciprocate with, “No I didn’t!”


“He called me nasty!  Nasty Kassie!”


Hotaru looked up.  “You called me a bed wetter!”  He shouted.


“Only ‘cause it’s true!” Came the voice from above.  “Besides, you called me a booger-eater!”


“Only ‘cause it’s true!”  Hotaru retorted, and this time Belldandy directed her frown to her son, who flinched.  In a softer voice, the boy muttered,


“Well it is…”


The goddess sighed, looking over to Ripley with a flat expression.  This is what happens when I trust a tulpa that incorporates bits of Hild’s personality into its design.  The thoughtform tilted its head to one side, panting, then yipped.  Belldandy shook her head.  In a clear voice she said, “We’ll discuss this when you’re father’s awake.  Kasen, please come down from the roof and get washed up.”  This time when she looked up she saw her daughter peeking over a line of shingles down at her.  The goddess stood, sweeping Hotaru into her arms and planting him on her hip. 


“From now on neither of you are to go on the roof without either your father or myself!  Is that understood?”


She looked at Hotaru, who nodded before burying his face in her shoulder, then looked up to her daughter.  “Kasen?”  Her voice took on a warning tone, and though she only caught the top of her daughter’s head, the goddess saw it bob in agreement.  “Good.”  She said, then waited.

Kasen didn’t move.


“Kasen?”  a light brow rose in question, yet still Kasen made no indications of moving.  Frowning, the goddess moved back, trying to catch a better look at her daughter but only succeeding in catching a better glimpse at the girl’s turned head.  “Kasen, what’s wrong Honey?”  Her daughter wasn’t normally this quiet after getting scolded, and all things considered Belldandy had been light on her this time.


“I’m scared.”  A whimper came from above, and her frown deepening Belldandy floated upwards, one arm still securing Hotaru to her side.  Kasen was on the other side of the roof, near the ladder that had allowed both children to get up.  The girl’s face was ashen with fear, her gaze centered on the ground below from where she kneeled, paralyzed with fright.  “It’s too high, I can’t get down. I’m scared Mommy.”


“Oh dear…”  With a huff Belldandy floated around the edge of the roof, much to her young son’s delight, before placing herself in the center of her daughter’s frightened gaze.  “Sweetie, keep your eyes on me, okay?”  The girl’s eyes darted to her own, the same shade of warm brown as her father’s.  The youth nodded, and Belldandy rose higher.  “Good, now stand up.”


The girl moved to rise, keeping her eyes centered on her mother’s face.  Her whole body trembled unsteadily, and for a brief moment Belldandy’s heart caught in her throat, certain that her shaking would prove to great and that the girl would lose her balance and topple over the roof.  “Imagine you’re on the ground, Kasen.”  She coached.  “Imagine that the roof is nothing but an elevated platform, something you could easily climb off of.”  The woman’s voice was calm and soothing, and seemed to have the intended affect.  Some of the jittery nervousness faded from her daughter’s frame, and somehow, be it by sheer force of will or her mother’s encouragement, Kasen rose to her feet.

Belldandy beamed.  “That’s my girl.  Now, follow me towards the latter.”  She floated away, but again Kasen didn’t move, her feet like a pair of cement shoes on the ocean floor.


Wildly the girl shook her head.  “No, I’ll fall.”  She insisted.  “I don’t want to fall, I-I can’t do it.”  The girl inched backwards, her eyes starting to drift towards the ground again. 


“Kasen!” Belldandy snapped, and with a start her daughter’s eyes flew back to her own.  In a gentler voice she said, “Listen to me, Kasen.  I’m not going to get you off the roof yourself.  You got yourself up here, so you’ll need to get down yourself as well.”  Kasen whimpered, opening her mouth to protest, yet Belldandy continued before her daughter could get a word out.  “I will help you, but not before you help yourself, do you understand?”  She could tell by the girl’s growing look of defeat that she didn’t, and internally Belldandy sighed.  “Okay Kassie, I’m going to back up, okay?”  The girl bit her lip but nodded.  “And when I tell you to I want you run towards me, okay?  Run towards me, and when I tell you to, jump, do you understand?”


If it was possible Kasen’s face went whiter.  “No!”  She cried, shaking her head in emphasis.  “I’ll fall! You won’t catch me and I’ll fall and go squish like a hotcake on the floor!”


“Kasen, I won’t let you fall.”  Belldandy said patiently.  “But you have to act on your own.  I’ll catch you just like I caught Hotaru, do you understand?”


Hotaru, who’d fallen silent as the gravity of the situation rose, spoke up, adding his two sense to the mix.  “It’s like flying!”  He cried, and now Kasen looked at her younger brother.  “It’s just like flying, though it feels like you’re falling until Mommy catches you.”  He stared at his older sister earnestly.  “Just like you always wanted!  To fly like Mommy!”


Kasen stared at the youth for a long moment, then looked reluctantly back to Belldandy.  “…You promise you’ll catch me?”  She said uncertainly.

In response, Belldandy floated back just a bit more.  “Leap with all your might.”  She said, then smiled.  “Half of the take-off is in the jump.”


Kasen nodded and backed up a bit more, readying herself for a running start.  She still looked scared to death, but Belldandy could see some of that Morisato courage—that terrifying strength that allowed moral men like Keiichi to go against God and Demon alike—flash across her face. 

The girl ran and at Belldandy’s call jumped with all her might…


And Kasen had to give her pest of a brother credit.


It really was like flying.


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Now wait a sec.


Belldandy is afraid of St. Bernards?


What kind of person is afraid of that 60kg ball of fur!?


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Ah,  you see that's a story in and of itself, though it has to deal with a trip to a movie rental store and a sweet ol' puppy named Kujo. If you want,  that can be the next chapter. This story is intended to be more open to the audience, so I may or may not be doing requests,  if they fit the story. 


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I see =)


Thou i just can't picture, for the life of me, Belldandy, of all goddess, being afraid of a St. Bernard. They're just too cute for words!! (if you don't count the drolling part, that is...i HATE dog droll...and that dog drolls by the buckets).


As for requests, i wanna see a scene with Kasen and Hotaru with their aunts!!! =)

I assume Skuld will be a young woman by then and Urd will be...have no idea =)


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