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Nena Camadera

Growing Pains

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Nena Camadera

Oops, spelled the puppy's name wrong.  It's 'Cujo', not 'Kujo'.


I'll let you find out what Cujo is because something tells me you've never heard of it before.  While you're busy with that, I'm going to write Kasen and Hotaru meeting with Skuld.  It should be pretty cute.


Urd will have to come a bit further down the line though.  Still, Skuld's meeting with the kids should be adorable in its own right.

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What exactly have you been watching before bed time, ms. Nena?

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Nena Camadera



Would you believe me if I told you this idea came to me over...five years ago?  It came to me when I was initially creating Kasen and Hotaru (Hotaru had a different name back then before I decided to name him after his great-grandfather).


Now that you've found Cujo, look up the more family-friendly 'Beethovan' (not the artist, the dog).

Now imagine the family searching for a movie and a certain little girl with a preference to horror.

Now imagine that same little girl swapping one video casset for another before convincing her mom how it'll be 'fun'.


The result?


Belldandy's Nightmare fuel...

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C'mon, everybody knows Beethoven (the family-movie)




So, have you seen X-Files reference to the tulpas?


I was jumping up and down on my seat when i watched that episode =)

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Nena Camadera

Yes.  I sat there side by side with my father, a man who was watching that same show with me when I was still in Elementary school, watching it and quite literally screaming with everything that was happening in that episode.  And while that episode drove me insane with how accurate it was with thoughtforms and what not, I still found it was nothing compared to the 'were-human' episode.


'I woke up and suddenly I was...Human!  And had all these strange desires, strange needs!  I-I had to get a job!  To support myself!  I had to fulfill a need for companionship, so I got a dog!'


And of course that scene where the lizard man recalls his meeting with Scully to Mulder...



Of course, when it came to the X-Files, my dad and I binge-watched the entire season throughout the entire two weeks I was visiting him and we ended up screaming through every freaking episode... Pretty sure we were scaring the neighbors downstairs, who probably thought my dad was trying to murder someone (the neighbors don't take too kindly to him.)


I'm watching the older seasons now to refresh my memory on everything that happened however many years ago.  you know, the story makes a lot more sense when you're no longer a little girl who'd get freaked out by the opening music...

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Well, tbh, as much of a X-files fan as i am, the new series left a bitter taste in my mouth.


I think i enjoyed just 1 episode out of 6... The last one was so much fast paced and far fetched that i was hard to swallow. Too hard to swallow...In fact, the only thing that screamed "X-files" there was the opening sequence, since they mantained the 90's version (i was grinning like an idiot every time the song started)


Also, the fact that they threw 2 new agents in a complete unmasked way of getting "new" "mulder's and scully's" was...meh.."really Fox? Are you REALLY going to try to pull THAT off"?


Mulder tripping on fake mushrooms...ooooook

Lizard man thingy.... ooooooook...riiiiiight


Not to mention Scully's wig. It seems her head had been licked by a cow -_-

Tbh, as much as i was dying to see new episodes, i kinda wished that they never touched it...not if it was to do THAT to the series -_-

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I love the first installment.  I look forward to you expanding on how Belldandy developed her phobia.  :D


Also, I think you and I had some similar feelings on how Bell might be as a parent.  I sensed a strictness from her through the kids.  I had something similar when I introduced my version of the kids in my story 'Longing of the Soul'.  It was not explicit, but implied by how the kids acted around her.

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Nena Camadera

Part of Belldandy's strictness is to help indicate how much she's grown as a person since Angel Biter and the end of the series (put Skuld in Kasen's shoes and replace Belldandy with a younger one and you'd have gotten a much different result--it felt like she let Skuld get away with all sorts of things...) as well as the fact that in some ways, she needs to be strict.  If she isn't, both her kids, especially Kasen, who's got a personality which, in Keiichi's words, is 'Urd and Skuld's love child', and who loves to take advantage of whatever situation she finds herself in, will run her ragged.  You'll actually see more of it in the next chapter, which, per Urd's request, will focus on a visit from Skuld.

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Nena Camadera

Alright, ended up getting a little sidetracked on this one, but here's the meeting between Skuld and the kids.  It isn't their initial meeting- if that was the case, then both children would be too young to really contribute anything to the story, so instead this is more of a generalized focus of Skuld reuniting with the family for a week.


Again, some spoilers for are hinted at for those who wish to avoid them.


“Is she here yet?”  Kasen looked excitedly out the window to the front door, then raced back into the living room where Hotaru sat, bouncing restlessly on the couch.  “Moooom, is she here yet?!”  The rambunctious child raced to the kitchen, where Belldandy was making a large helping of fresh ice cream. 

“Kasen, calm down.”  The goddess said, her voice gentle but firm.  “When did I say she was going to arrive?”

The girl, her light brown hair done up in a ponytail, took a moment to pause in her bouncing.  “Three-oh-clock.”  She said immediately.  “And it’s almost three, right? Right? Because Shin-chan comes on at three right after Pokemon, and they always have two episodes of Pokemon back to back, and Pokemon is on right now, so that means it’s almost time for Shin-Chan, which means that Auntie Skuld is almost here!  Right!?”  The girl almost screamed her last words out in her excitement, and Belldandy had to bite back an amused smile.  In a strange twist of irony, Kasen had come to view her Auntie Skuld with the same religious reverent Skuld had once held Belldandy in.  Of course, with how things were in the heavens now, Skuld could only come down a couple of weeks every year; the young woman was in the middle of reclassing for a new position within Asgard.

“Can you tell me what time it is now?”  Belldandy asked, then pointed to an old analog clock hanging above the oven; a last-minute gift from Chihiro when Keiichi revealed that the two of them had been married.  It had been a desperate, frantic gift, one whose anxious energies had seeped into the gears itself, but Belldandy appreciated it none the less, finding it somehow fit with the rambunctious energies produced by her two offspring. 

Now Kasen stared at it, face pinching in concentration as she stared at the hand placement on the clock.  The youth still struggled to tell time on analog clocks, and Belldandy had made it a personal mission of her own to take every opportunity to have the girl practice.  One day in particular always crossed Belldandy’s mind during these exercises, where Kasen had returned from school with tears in her eyes after several classmates had discovered her weakness and had been especially cruel to her.  Of course, that had also been before ‘show and tell’, when other children still thought that Kasen made a good target to bully due to her more exotic, Western features.

“Um…”  The girl scrunched her brows together.  “It’s…two…two fourty….”

“Go on Kasen, you’re doing fine.”  Belldandy encouraged, placing the latest container of ice cream in the feezer before preparing the next batch.

“Two…fourty-five?”  Kasen asked hesitantly.

Belldandy glanced back at the clock.  “Two fourty-four.” Kasen’s face fell. “But close enough.  Now, knowing that, how long until your Aunt Skuld arrives?”

A look of horror fell across Kasen’s face.  “Moooom!” She whined.  “It’s a holiday!  I’m not supposed to do math on holidays! We have the day off from school!”

Belldandy raised her brows in mock surprise.  “Well forgive me Sweetling!”  She cried.  “I wonder where I was with these mythical ‘days off from education’ you love to sprout off on, as I never say any documentation saying my child was excused from learning.”  Kasen scowled and crossed her arms in a huff, and Belldandy dramatically rolled her eyes.  “Fine.”  She said.  “Get this right, and I’ll let you lick the bowl.”

The girl’s hands dropped and her eyes widened as though Belldandy had just revealed the golden ticket to a chocolate factory, and she eyed the bowl her mother was currently using to create a batch of chocolate ice cream greedily.  “All of it?”  Her eyes darted to Hotaru, who had finally calmed a bit as Satoshi continued on his fruitless journey to become a Pokemon Master.  The boy sat entranced, watching the latest adventure of Pikachu as it once more sent Team Rocket flying, showing no indication that he’d heard his mother and sister’s game of bribery.

“So long as you eat it in here where your brother can’t see it.”  Belldandy lowered her voice.  “But that’s only if you get the problem right.”  In reality, there was no way in the nine hells that Belldandy was going to spend an hour giving her combative four year old son a bath, and the idea of him covered in a sticky chocolate residue when Skuld arrived was enough to make her shudder.  No Sir-ee Bob, Keiichi could waste an hour bathing a cranky four year old, but not her.  She’d served her time once that day already and it would take nothing short of Urd arriving on the eve of Ragnorok to make her change her mind. 

Don’t jinx it.  She told herself with some humor.  It’s bad enough you’re bartering with a seven year old girl-and wouldn’t Mother be proud to see that—no need to throw Niflheim’s very own Annunaki into the mix.  “So, do we have a deal?”

Kasen pursed her lips in thought, looking like a miserly-old merchant trapped in a child’s body.  She glanced from Hotaru to the bowl, her eyes contemplative as she weighed the pros and cons of what her mother was asking her.  Finally, the girl nodded.

Belldandy grinned and glanced back at the clock, finding only a minute had passed.  Perfect. This would be easy for Kasen then.  “So, it’s two forty-five now.”  She began.  “And there are sixty minutes in a clock.”  She paused watching as Kasen chewed her lower lip thoughtfully.  “So, what’s sixty minus forty-five?”

Kasen moved to the refrigerator, where a little magnetic white board rested holding a grocery list.  “Hup!  One moment Sweetling!”  The girl looked back at Belldandy, her eyes questioning.  “I never said you could use tools.”  The goddess tapped her left temple.  “All up here, Hon.  Otherwise it’d be too easy, wouldn’t you say?

Kasen stared at her incredulously.  Seriously!?

Belldandy shrugged, then turned her attention back to the bowl, pouring the mixture into a tray before placing it in a freezer.  With the bowl in hand, she skimmed a portion of what remained with one finger.  “I suppose that means you don’t want the bowl?”  She stuck the chocolate covered finger in her mouth, watching as Kasen’s jaw worked in silent horror.  “Oh well.  I suppose I could give it all to Hotaru, but I don’t want him making a mess of everything after I cleaned house.”  She moved towards the sink, bowl still in hand.  “I suppose I’ll have to wash it then.  Such a shame, there’s so much left too…”  The woman let the words hang in the air, turning on the faucet before switching it to hot water.  She ran a finger under the pouring water.  “I’ll just wait for this water to heat up and then I’ll rinse it—“


“Oh?”  Belldandy looked back at her daughter, holding the bowl near the open faucet threateningly.  “What was that? I thought I heard a birdy speak.”

“Fifteen!”  Kasen sounded desperate now.  “Sixty minus forty-five is fifteen!  Now give me the bowl!”

Good heavens, were Urd and I this bad when it came to sugar? Belldandy wondered.  “Hold up now!”  She cried, and this time even Hotaru looked up in question.  “Is that how you talk to people?”  The goddess demanded, watching as Kasen flinched.  “Are you going to speak to your Auntie Skuld like that?”  She asked, placing the bowl on the counter as she planted her hands on her hips.  Kasen looked down, abashed.  “You know she will not tolerate such bad manners, yes?  She is the toughest woman on the Northern Half of the Assiah, trained by Gods and Demons alike.”  Belldandy leaned down, placing herself at eyelevel with her daughter.  “What do you think Auntie Skuld will do if she hears such a disrespectful tone from you?”  She said quietly.

Kasen stared at her mother in utter horror, all thoughts of a bowl of sugary chocolate forgotten in the wake of this horrid new reality.  And then, to make matters worse, her mother looked past her and up, signaling to Kasen that it was no longer just the two of them in the kitchen.  A feeling of dread overcame the girl, and the child paled considerably.  Belldandy suddenly straightened and backed away, and before the youth could ask what was happening instead found herself swept up into the arms of a giant.

“I’ll tell you what I’ll do,” Skuld whispered in her ear, “I’ll grind ye’r bones to make me’ bread, so I will!”  Kasen screamed, and Skuld, her great and terrifying Auntie Skuld, laughed in a voice like thundering bells.  Slim fingers danced across the child’s body, tickling her neck, her ribs, her armpits, all the vulnerable spots that made Kasen squirm and shriek in laughter.  “Argh, what’s this?”  Skuld cried in a falsely-rough voice.  “Th’ meat still lives!”  She sent an accusing look to Belldandy, who’d moved out of the kitchen to stand near her husband, who wrapped an arm around her shoulders.  “Did ye nah say th meat needs tenderen’, Oh’ Sister o’ mine?”  A fresh wave of shrieks erupted from Kasen as the younger Norn spun wildly.  “Ere’s ye’r problem!  Tis too fresh!  We cannah sup on meat tha’ breaths!  We’re not Jotun, aye?”  The young woman ceased her spinning suddenly and met Kasen’s wild gaze, wagging her eyebrows as though sharing some inside joke with the youth.  Finally, still smiling wildly, Skuld set the child down, laughing as the girl swayed dizzily.  She ruffled the lass’s hair.  “Mind your manners a bit more, Kassie.”  She said, dropping her imitation of a pillaging Viking.  “Last thing we need is for you to turn out like a demon.”  The young woman shared a knowing smile with Belldandy.

“Now, where’s my young nephew hiding?” Keiichi smiled at her in open amusement, then nodded to his side, where Skuld spied a little boy peering up at her shyly from behind Keiichi’s left leg.  The smile she greeted him with was much kinder.  “Ah, there’s my handsome, blue-eyed thief.”

There came a gasp from Keiichi’s leg, and then the owner of those blue eyes retreated further behind his father.  Keiichi sent Skuld a long-suffering look.  “Looks like he doesn’t remember you yet.”  He murmured, reaching his free arm around his side and running his hand over Hotaru’s messy black hair.  He looked down to his son. “Hey Bud, what’s the matter?  Don’t you want to say hi to your Auntie Skuld?”

Again, a young face peeked out from behind the safety of his father, and with a patience rarely displayed Skuld smiled at him reassuringly and waved.  Hotaru responded by burying his face in Keiichi’s pant leg.  Keiichi rubbed the boy’s back soothingly, then sent his sister-in-law an embarrassed smile.  “He gets like this with people he doesn’t see that often.  Don’t worry, he’ll warm up to you by dinner time.”

Skuld nodded, unconcerned.  She straightened, only to flinch as something collided with her own leg.  Startled, the goddess looked down, finding her own child-burr stuck to her in the form of Kasen.  The girl beamed up at her with an adoring smile Skuld recognized all too well.  How many times had she looked at Belldandy with that same esteeming expression?

“Kasen,” the look of quiet amusement never left Belldandy’s face.  “Why don’t you let go of your Auntie Skuld so we can get her settled?  She’ll be here all week.”  In a softer voice, she pointed behind Skuld.  “And if you don’t hurry, you’ll lose your treat.”

The child attached to her side was gone before Skuld even had a chance to turn and see what had captured Kasen’s attention, yet before the young woman could take a gander at what Kasen’s treat was, Belldandy once more spoke up.  “Come, let’s get you situated.”

“Eh?”  Skuld looked back to Belldandy, then smiled.  “Oh, right.”  Together the two sister walked down the hallway towards one of the guest bedrooms; Skuld and Urd’s bedrooms had been repurposed for Hotaru and Kasen respectively, and while it had initially disappointed the younger goddess when she’d come to meet the newest addition to the family, she’d understood why they done it.  Skuld could no longer say she lived in the Morsato residence anymore than she could say that Urd was still a goddess.

Besides, when she’d met Hotaru for the first time, way back when as a little babe, she’d fallen in love with him.  He’d stolen her heart with merely a glance, and now, even as the boy meekly trailed behind his father, stealing glances at her when he though Skuld didn’t notice, she felt that love for him only grow stronger.

“Did you bring anything with you?”  Keiichi asked as they stopped in front of the guest bedroom.  He was shorter than Skuld now.  He and Belldandy both.  Skuld had hit a growth spurt in the last several years upon hitting puberty, and had shot up like a weed to a good six foot two with no signs of slowing down.  Nice anywhere else, but here in Japan her height was more a hindrance than anything else.  She had to stoop through doorways for fear of smashing her forehead against the doorframes, and even here in the Morisato residence the young woman found no relief. 

Now Skuld bowed her head, feeling a bit like Gandalf in the Shire and suddenly plagued with a vision of her in gray robes smoking a pipe.  “I might have brought a gift or two.”  The goddess said furtively.  She caught Hotaru leaning towards her in sudden interest at the word ‘gift’ and grinned.  “I’ll bring them out later tonight, after we’ve had dinner.  Don’t worry Keiichi, all my stuff is in a pocket dimension.”

Keiichi nodded without comment.  “Will the bed work for you?”  He asked, and now he sounded amused.  “Every time you pop up you seem to grow another inch.  I don’t even know if you’ll fit in the futon with how tall you are now.”

Skuld playfully jabbed him in the shoulder, mindful of her strength.  “I’ll be fine, never you mind.”  She looked down, this time meeting Hotaru’s shy gaze with her own warm one.  “Hotaru, do you want to see a magic trick?”  The boy nodded with the solemn atmosphere of a little old man, and the goddess bit back a laugh.

Knowing what was about to happen, Belldandy and Keiichi slipped outside of the bedroom, giving the young woman space to work.  The only exception to this was Hotaru, who moved to stand in front of his father in a sudden spur of curiosity.  The smile dropped from Skuld’s face in favor of a look of concentration, and under her breath, just low enough that her words came out a meaningless murmur, Skuld began to chant.  Something—something Hotaru and Keiichi couldn’t see with their eye but with their minds—spread out from Skuld like cracks in the ground, racing up along the walls and meeting once more on the ceiling, where it spread and once more centered around the goddess at the room’s center.  The air within the chamber began to pressurize to the point where Hotaru’s ears popped, and the boy was almost certain the room was turning a strange, wavering blue that brought images of reefs and calm water to his mind.  They boy’s eyes widened, and he leaned forward, barely noticing when his father grabbed him by both shoulders and pulled him away from the guest room threshold. 

There came a sudden audible CRACK that made all three of the viewers jump, and somewhere in the kitchen came a yelp and a shattering of glass.  Hotaru blinked…and then the room had changed.  Blue eyes widened in awe.  “Wow…”  The boy breathed, not even aware of his mother leaving, calling Kasen’s name nor his older sister’s response of ‘I didn’t do it.’  His attention was held hostage by the new items within the room, which ranged with everything to automotrons that buzzed and hummed along the walls and ceilings like insects to magical tapestries depicting the blueprints of machines well past his understanding.  Several black leather bags adorned with sigils now rested in one corner of the room, and the bed looked much larger that it had a moment before, both in length and width, adorned in covers of a rich, vibrant blue that Hotaru could never recall seeing before.

Skuld, still standing in the middle of the room, took a moment to stretch.  “Cool magic trick, eh?”  She asked Hotaru, and dumbly the boy nodded, his mouth still parted in awe.  The young woman looked at Keiichi.  “How about we head to the living room and catch up for a time?”  Keiichi nodded, retreating back down the hallway and into the living room.  Skuld followed behind him, sliding the guest room shut as she left, and was only mildly surprised to find Hotaru waiting for her.  The boy stared up at her with his large blue eyes.  Heartbreaker eyes.  She called them.  He’ll steal a lot of hearts with those eyes when he grows up.  Break them too.

The boy pointed to Skuld’s old room.  “That’s my room.”  He said.  It seemed that with his father’s departure Hotaru felt it was his responsibility to show the rest of the house around to Skuld.  “Kasen’s room is right next to mine—you can go into my room, but don’t go into Kasen’s room.  She doesn’t like people going into her room without being asked.”  Amused, Skuld nodded, playing along as the boy continued to point out Keiichi and Belldandy’s shared room as well as the bathroom, the storage closet, and even a mouse hole that Skuld remembered Gan-chan utilizing when she was younger.

When Hotaru finally led her back to the living room, she found Kasen sitting on the couch, paying more attention to her mother and father, who were bent over in the kitchen near the counter.  “What happened?”  Skuld asked.

Kasen ducked her head.  “There was a loud noise.”  She muttered, her cheeks still red with embarrassment.  “I got startled and dropped a bowl.  Mama says we can’t go in the kitchen now ‘till all the glass is cleaned up.  She doesn’t want us to cut our feet.”

“Ah…I see.”  Hotaru was staring at her inquisitively.  Skuld deliberately ignored him.  “So…”  She looked at Kasen.  “Do you still play Mario Kart?”

The girl’s eyes lit up.  Finally!” She cried. “A worthy challenger!”


“So, how’s the reclass training going?”

“It’s…interesting.”  Skuld said between bites of dinner.  “Diplomat training is nothing like I would have expected.  I never realized there were so many gods with mixed heritages in Asgard.”

Keiichi’s brows shot up in interest.  “You mean like Urd?”

Skuld nodded.  “They’re…guys, it’s so freaking weird.  She took a sip of tea, her eyes distant with thought.  “They’re all so-so proud of their mixed heritage.  It doesn’t matter if it’s demon or Jotunn or even mortal-they all act like their mixed blood somehow makes the more qualified for a diplomatic position.”  She shook her head, then looked over at Kasen and Hotaru, both of which had fallen to ignoring the others as Skuld went into ‘adult conversations’. 

“In all honesty,” the goddess lowered her voice, leaning in to where only Belldandy and Keiichi could hear her, “they’re all a bunch of elitist assholes.”  She leaned back, and though Belldandy sent her a disapproving look, the older goddess didn’t scold her younger sister.  “I’m talking about all these gods who’ve lived in the heavens all their lives.  You know, born in Asgard, trained by the heaven’s Elite, their bloodlines always focused on their ‘better half’…” Skuld shook her head.  “And yet somehow, despite the fact that they don’t speak a word of Falkin, despite the fact that they’ve never interacted with a demon or a Jotunn that wasn’t a relative, despite the fact that they’ve never so much as looked over the freaking boarderlands into Niflheim or Musplheim or Jotunnheim, somehow, these—“ again she glanced at the kids.  “These…fools,” there was a distinct impression that the word was merely a substitute for something much more appropriate, “these fools think they’re better qualified to act as a diplomat than the girl who’s related to the current Daimakaicho.”

The teen crossed her arms in a huff of exasperation, and Belldandy nodded sagely.  “And do these individuals know this?  Or the fact that you’re fluent in Falkin and have spent a good chunk of time in Niflheim?

Skuld looked at her as though the goddess had just suggested murder.  “oh he-“ Kasen and Hotaru looked up at the sudden rise in her voice, “…heck no.” 

Belldandy continued to nod.  “And your instructors? Are they aware?”

Skuld looked at her pork katsu, then took a hearty bite of it, chewing it with a savagery that reminded Keiichi of mealtime amongst Niflheim’s Goetia-when not everyone was adorned in a ‘human’ body.  The young woman swallowed after a moment.  “Oh, they know.”  She said.  “They have my records and they know who I’m related to.”

“And they take such things into consideration?  Things such as relations, communication skills, and cultural familiarization?”  Again Skuld nodded, and this time Belldandy leaned forward, this time to bringing a hand up to cover her mouth from the children who were now watching the adults intently.  Skuld and Keiichi leaned forward in interest, and Belldandy’s next words were so low that when she spoke, it was only Skuld’s startled face that let him know he wasn’t hearing things. 

“Fuck ‘em.”

The elder Norn of the Present leaned back , a smug look on her face as Skuld’s jaw dropped in shock.  While it certainly wasn’t the first time Keiichi had ever heard his wife curse (Kasen had not been an easy pregnancy), it had been the first time Keiichi had ever seen Belldandy bring her younger sister in on such commentary. It was in that moment the man would have given up his life’s savings for a picture of Skuld’s face in that moment, just so that he might frame it on a wall.

Skuld remained staring for a good minute after that.  “Oh Yggdrassil…”  She looked at Keiichi accusingly.  “Now you’ve gone and done it.  You’ve completely destroyed my sister, Keiichi.  First you bring her down here, then you marry her, then you fu-“ Keiichi raised a finger to his lips, “-then you sleep with her, then she gets knocked up, and now she’s cursing!”  The teen turned her attention back to Belldandy in utter exasperation.  “See what living on the Assiah has done to you?  You never used to curse!”

“Skuld,” Belldandy said gently, “Parenthood has made me curse. Had I known just how demonic Urd and I could appear to our mother, I would have apologized to her more as a child and attempted to beat Urd more.”

Again Skuld stared at her…and then promptly fell backwards in a fit of laughter.  Kasen and Hotaru jumped, then stared at Skuld with the wariness that comes with witnessing a raving hobo on the streets of New York City.  “Oh man,” Skuld picked herself up, still laughing.  “I miss living with you guys.  Asgard is so freaking boring compared to the Assiah.”


Two hours later, after dinner, more ice cream than either Kasen or Hotaru could stomach, and so many rounds of Mario Kart that even Belldandy and Keiichi joined in (Belldandy, despite claiming she was terrible at the game, proceeded to wipe the floor with all of them), the kids were finally starting to crash.  The sugar rush had run its course, and now Skuld sat on the couch, entrapped by Kasen curled up on one side and Hotaru on the other, the former resting his head in her lap, sucking his thumb between the deep and easy breaths of sleep.  The TV was showing an old American cartoon on it, Jon and Terry, if she remembered correctly.  Kasen watched it with little interest, and Skuld could feel her starting to nod off towards sleep.

Keiichi and Belldandy had vanished down the hallway, but if she listened carefully, Skuld could hear them talking to each other.  It sounded like they were rummaging through boxes, searching for something long placed in storage.  At least they aren’t having sex behind my back.  Skuld thought restlessly.  Whereas the ice cream was quickly sending the kids off to bed, for Skuld it was an alternate source of energy, and one admittedly, that she hadn’t needed so soon after arriving.  Now the teen was trying hard not to fidget.  It felt as though someone had injected pure caffeine into her veins.  I’m going to need to go for a run before it gets too late. By Yggdrasil’s branches, she could hear her heart yammering in her ears!  Did I always get like this whenever I had ice cream?  I don’t remember feeling like I could sprint a triathalon in a hundred pound vest.

Dude, puberty’s a bitch.

So focused was the teen on the sound of her own heart racing in her ears, she didn’t immediately notice Belldandy and Keiichi peeking at her from the hallway.  Belldandy gently nudged her husband forward, her eyes bright with suppressed excitement, and Keiichi kneeled with all the ease of a cat.  “Skuld!”  The goddess whispered loudly, and with a start the young woman looked up, eyes wide and widening further as a camera flash flooded her vision.

“Son of a-“

“Don’t you dare, Skuld!”  Belldandy warned, and the curse was cut off before it could even form.

The young woman blinked wildly, glaring through spots at her elder sister and brother-in-law.  Keiichi, seeing his kids pinning her down and knowing she couldn’t escape without rousing them, took full advantage of the situation by snapping another photograph of the trio.

Skuld growled.  “I swear, if you weren’t already married to my sister with two kids I love, I’d murder you and everything you love, Keiichi.”

“Always good to know you care, Skuld. “  Keiichi snapped another picture.  “Love you too.”  A final one, and he pocketed the camera.  Unfazed by Skuld’s glare as the man approached, the man leaned over, gently picking Hotaru up.  The boy murmured listlessly before snuggling into Keiichi’s chest, showing no other indication of stirring.  In a lower voice he said, “Let’s get these two off to bed.  You look like a fox in a bear trap.”

Gingerly Skuld slipped out of Kasen’s grip, finding the girl stubbornly refusing to release her grip on her aunt’s arm.  Rolling her eyes, she scooped the girl up, the smile on her face noticed only by Belldandy.  “It’s the ice cream, I think.” She eyed her older sister.  “Did you do something different with it this time?  It’s taking all my will to stop myself from twitching like a research monkey on withdraws.”  

Belldandy stared at her sibling queerly before shaking her head.  “Nothing’s changed in the recipe.  You’re body’s probably processing it at a different metabolic rate now because of the changes you’re going through.”  She gestured, indicating Skuld’s height.  “If I were to guess, I’d say you’re body’s been kicked into overdrive” She frowned.  “You should…probably abstain from ice cream unless you really need it for a while.”  The Norn shook her head.  “Come though, let’s put Kasen and Hotaru to bed, then we can focus on expelling that energy.”

“If you want you can ware yourself out with Ripley.”  Keiichi offered.  “It’s been a while since she’s had a chance to get out and terrorize something that wasn’t a bunch of school children.”

“That sounds like a good-“ Skuld paused outside Hotaru’s room, staring at Keiichi in confusion.  “Wait, Ripley did what?”

“We never told you about that?”

“About your pet tulpa terrorizing school children?”  Skuld asked.  “What have I been missing while I’ve been gone?!”

“Nothing that can’t wait until tomorrow.”  Belldandy appeared behind Skuld, making the younger goddess jump.  “Pass me Kasen and have Keiichi take you outside before you wake the kids.”  As Skuld did as bid, the Norn continued.  “You’ll be here all week, Skuld.  There will be plenty of time to exchange stories.  Until then, do me a favor and,” again Belldandy lowered her voice, this time dropping it to an octave below a mortal’s range of hearing.  “go kick Ripley’s arse for me.”

For the second time that night Skuld gaped at her older sister.  Then, remembering where she was, the goddess straightened and smiled.  “Make sure you’re there to watch.”  She whispered.  “Turns out gods can fight just as dirty as demons when they want to.”

Belldandy smiled and nodded, then turned and vanished inside Kasen’s room as Skuld left for the courtyard.

It was, after all, just another evening in the Morisato household.

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Thank you for attending to my request Nena =)

I've had such a busy weekend so far i could only come to the pc now =)


This was a very interesting entry. Skuld as tall as Gandalf in the Hobbit made me cringe =)

The small details (and small spoilers too) always leave me with a taste of "is that is? is it over already?"


In other news, just wanted to share that i'm a proud mommy of 2 now.

It's not the St. Bernard that Belldandy seems terrified of, but it's a terrorist in it's own right!


Meet my 2,5month old german shorthaired pointer, named Aslan =)

Got him as my self b-day gift, so my other GSP isn't alone all the time =)



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Nena Camadera

Oh goodness, he's adorable!  Congratulations and happy birthday!


the Lord of the Rings reference was the best way I could think of to help exemplify how tall Skuld is now.  This is based off the unfortunate reality that many Japanese households have doors a bit shorter than what is considered 'standard' for Westerners.  My husband is well over six feet tall and often has to bow his head to get through doors, in the older, traditional-style restaurants and Japanese households, otherwise he'd smack his nose into the door frame.


Anyways, I'm still having issues working on how to start off the next chapter of Angel Biter, so to help pass the time, feel free to send another prompt if you want--I'm using this as an exercise in writing for me as well as an opportunity for anyone familiar with the series to see something ranging anywhere from romantic to funny to straight up embarrassing, horrific, or emotional.  I've got ideas for other one shots I can do later, but those will get posted in their own time.



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Thanks !!


Seems like i'm going to spend my b-day after the puppy with a mop in my hand. For every time he poops in the right place, there's a dozen times he poops where he should't...and i kinda forgot how often puppies have to go to the toilet ALL the time =)


About this passages ..hmmm... about how the family got news that Belldandy's kid were finally born?


Would be nice to see Ansuz, Skuld's, Urd, Tyr, etc's reaction to that =)


If you can touch that subject without revealing more than you want of AB, that is =)


I can imagine Ansuz going: PRAISE THE LORD...IT'S A GIRL!

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