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"Miyuki" (OYAMA NINGYOU Japanese Decorative Doll)

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Tasuke    35

i just found this lovely Japanese decorative doll at my local GOODWILL for around $20.

She is LARGE, about the size of a VOLKS Super Dollfie, i'd say, about 30-odd in. or so.
she lacks an actual body under the non-removable fabric Kimono,
but that drawback aside, she is a Magnificent display piece.


these are known as "Ningyou" dolls. this one, specifically, is by the "OKAMA NINGYOU" Brand.

these were once fairly common in Japan as gifts to a newlywed couple,
and as home furnishings for personal household religious shrines and such.

Ningyou dolls such as this one were among the highest quality ever made.
these sorts of dolls have been around for at least 40/60 years, IIRC,
and were common souvenirs of U.S. military servicemen stationed in Asia
back in the Cold War era when the U.S. actually maintained significant permanent presence abroad.

i believe the doll i have here dates to sometime in the 80's~90's, and was among the zenith
of quality and realism in this now seemingly fading/lost Japanese art.

imagine the quality and detail of today's VOLKS Super Dollfies,
matched with the exquisite old-world elaborate detail of this Ningyou dolls' Kimono...


She does have a rather lovely, Serene sort of expression. i believe i shall be calling her "Miyuki"



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Sugoi    47

Very nice one! I like the well-elaborated kimono pattern.


Btw., I see a lot of VHS video tapes in your collection! O__O

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Tasuke    35


yep, still have virtually all of the Anime VHS i ever accumulated back in my pioneering days of Anime Fandom.


gradually working on obtaining as many of the same titles as i can on DVD and/or BRD.

i ain't the least bit wealthy, but i'm slowly managing all the same...

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Ether101 Prime    22
Ether101 Prime


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