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Some Love Hina crossover concepts

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I wrote these during my break  during work over the last few weeks because my muse is a fickle being.

First is a crossover I had the idea for a long time. A crossover between Love Hina and Megas XLR. I guess at the time, I thought it'd be funny if Su had Coop as a cousin, since he was able to reconfigure a robot from the future into something a bit more awesome.

I ignored my muse on this after awhile because I saw this story would go nowhere. Maybe a return of the rogue mechatama from the anime and have it immune to Motoko's blade, but honestly... The Love Hina part could be removed in that case and it'd be Megas fights an expy of Mecha-gamera. I don't see much of a future with this fic. What could be gained from writing this?


Here's another crossover. This time with a game called Evil Genius.  Business management sim with an emphasis on humor and mocking Spy fiction, like Charlie's angels and James Bond. It also has some nods to a Bruce Lee film and Rambo for some reason.

Again, I had to ignore my muse because I saw it'd go nowhere . It would honestly fall into something of a crackfic, if not handled well. Sure, we could see how far Su might go with trying to make Keitaro into a world conqueror, but isn't part of Su's charm being an evil genius herself?



This one is similar to the last one. It's kind of a crossover with a game called Nefarious. Here's the trailer

I think has some merits for humor. There's also seeing if Keitaro is either in a dream, his life at the Hinata was a dream, or if it is something else entirely.

In all honesty, I'm wondering if I should try trading my muse in.  Sure, there's probably a good area of writing where Keitaro is a reluctant villainous protagonist, but I want to write the Private engagement fic I'm working on with Antimatter on another forum.

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I've had in my head for some time a crossover with Ai Yori Aoshi where Tina, instead of heading back to the States, goes on more of a road trip across Japan and ends up in Hinata.  Sitting in a park, she is wondering if she will meet anyone else like Kaoru, when Keitaro literally lands in her lap after being launched via Naru-Air. 

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