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Storyless Scenes

3 posts in this topic

This topic is for all those who had a good idea for a scene, but couldn't come up with a story for it.




Mara sneered at the bound Keiichi before she said, "As long as you're in this room, none of the goddesses can find you! I made sure of that with all the seals on the walls, floors, and ceilings!"


An idea hit Keiichi. "And I bet you can't touch the tip of your nose with your tongue, while wrapping your fingers around your elbow to make your fingertips meet!"


Mara lost her sneer as she asked," What? What are you talking about?"


"C'mon! I knew you can't, I mean, it's an impossibility for even me and-" Keiichi began.


"Oh-ho! I bet I can!" Mara quickly said, not being liked what she could and couldn't do by a human.  As she tried to touch her nose with her tongue and wrap her hand around her elbow, Keiichi began to worm his way out of the room.



(This one is using a quote from the Real Ghostbusters Cartoon (The Halloween Door) and an episode of Babylon 5 (Infection). JMS must have come up with it, since it was in both of those shows.)


"You forgot the first rule of the fanatic: when you become obsessed with the enemy," Hild said before she playfully tapped the nose of (Insert name here). "You become the enemy!"




And let me know who actually tried to touch their nose with their tongue and wrap their hand around their elbow after reading about it. I'd like to know.


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Just as the cackling Lord of Terror was about to hit Keiichi’s head with a hammer, he paused.


The Norns looked on in either horror or anger for a few moments, until Urd yelled, “Either drop the hammer or get out of Keiichi! Preferably both!”


The Lord of Terror dropped the hammer. As the tool fell to the ground, The Lord of Terror’s mouth began to rapidly open and close before he shouted, “Someone help me!”


He ran as fast as he could to Belldandy and grabbed her. The Lord of Terror shook her as he yelled,” You don’t know what’s in here! It’s gonna get me! It’s gonna get me! It’s already-”


At that moment, The Lord of Terror’s rolled up. The hair and clothes changed back to Keiichi’s as the body fell against Belldandy’s body. As Belldandy held Keiichi and began to inspect him, Urd asked, “What the hell was that?”


“Big sis! Let him go! The Lord of Terror is probably still in him! I bet it’s all a trick and-” Skuld yelled as she marched over to pull Belldandy away from the unconscious Keiichi.


“It’s gone. The Lord of Terror is no longer in Keiichi,” Belldandy said in a happy tone.


“Bell… That can’t be true. Keiichi’s a human and the Lord of Terror is a destruction program. Keiichi beating the Lord of Terror is not gonna happen,” Urd said as she stopped Skuld.


“It’s true! Keiichi is himself again!” Belldandy said with a smile.


“If that’s the case, then how?” Urd asked.


“And why did the Lord of Terror act like there was something else in Keiichi?” Skuld asked.


The three goddesses looked at the slumbering mortal with concern.


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WARNING: There is a link to a song in this topic. It is a parody song and it 'mixes' metal with pop lyrics and rapping. It doesn't go against any rules. Only the sense of good musical taste. I use it to punish my brother.


Mara appeared at the temple, holding a magical item that blocked the goddesses from Yggdrasil. It even prevented them from using magic.

She strode into the building, easily using a few well-aimed lightning blasts to short out the robots.

Urd stood in the middle of the room, her arms behind her back. Her sisters stood by her.

"Heh..." Mara said, before she pointed at her new earrings. "These will prevent any song I've heard before from effecting me! I've made sure to listen to all of the songs I know you're willing to try!"

So Urd moved the stereo in front of her and pressed play.

Mara dropped the magical item as she began to dance. She screamed, "This is going too far, Urd! TOO FAR!"

As Belldandy picked up the magical item, she said, "I... can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Mara. This song is horrible."

"Make it stop!" Skuld cried as she covered her ears.

Urd merely cackled in response.

Keiichi suddenly appeared, grabbed the stereo, and promptly smashed it.

"That was your stereo by the way," Urd said, pointing at the mess.

"It was playing an evil song. It had to be exorcised..." Keiichi quietly said as he stared at the remains of his stereo. He then glared at Urd and said, "You're paying for the new one by the way."


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