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Fanboy TV Block Party / Zombie Life TV

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I'm interning for a group of public access shows on Austin Public Access Channel 10. The group of shows are called Fanboy TV Block Party. I work master control room during the shows Fanservice (uncredited, cutting in videos and graphics background cards, switching camera angles), and I work master control during Zombie Life TV (credited, cutting in videos, flipping camera angles, and I edit the end credit mashups), under the supervision of the director. And inbetween those shows while I'm working as a stage wrangler, there's two other shows going on in the other room called Ladies of Fandom and Kombat Kreations. So what does this have to do with an Anime Site? Well, Anime is a part of Geekdom, and from time to time they have guests and subjects come up on Fanservice that are relevant to that (Anime Voice Actress Jessica Calvello was a recent guest on Ladies of Fandom Feb 16th episode). Beyond that Zombie Life TV is just a crazy party of a show to check out every Thursday night. I also edit horror mashups for the show every Monday. So if these shows interest you, check back here every week after Thursday Night for the updated playlists, and you can see what I've been up to every week at work, I might not be on camera, but I'm there interacting with these people behind the scenes.


Note 4/10: The Lucid Dimension episode of Zombie Life TV is the first episode where I was allowed to run free with the camera angles during the entire broadcast, and it's the first time I credited myself as Kevin from the other Dimension.

Note: Our Fanservice live broadcast on youtube for 3/9/2017 got cut off midair (the Sherwood Forest Renaissance Faire episode) about near the end of the archery act. It may not be posted. This was disappointing as it was one of our best episodes.



I don't actually work on Ladies of Fandom, but they had an Anime Voice Actress guest recently you might be interested in. Jessica Calvello. She voiced Mistress Celcia on Those Who Hunt Elves and a shitload of other Anime shows.


Disclaimer Warning: Zombie Life TV is a late public access variety show that is intended for mature audiences due to Foul Language and Subject Matter.


Note: The following Mashup series don't run on Public Access for copyright reasons, we just show them on Facebook, and use parts of them for End Credits. All Footage Used Falls Under 30 Second Fair Use Laws.


Warning Disclaimer: Horror Mashup is intended for mature audiences. Anime Mashup 2000 is a naughty PG-13.




This was our recent 7 hour SXSW Film Festival episode of Fanboy TV. During this show, I had one job. I was the Magical Spacebar Boy that clicked the spacebar to play the graphics videos in-between the segments, and then after the video played and it switched over to the cameras, I hit the up key to reset the video quietly without scrubbing the sound. I did this every ten minutes for seven straight hours. Sound like an easy job? You'd be surprised how many people take the simplicity of the job for granted and carelessly screw it up on air by hitting the wrong key to reset the video and the sound scrubs backwards on air. Nonetheless, I made it through the entire show without a single screw-up.



Also, Frank Oz guest interviewed about three hours in (director of The Dark Crystal, and Little Shop of Horrors). This was a life highlight for me. As a child, I must've watched Little Shop of Horrors 50 times. I love his director's cut with the plants destroying New York Kaiju Style.



These are Emergency Backup Generic End Credits. Sometimes our guests don't confirm their appearances via email on time, so these exist so that we won't have to go on with nothing if we pass the deadline to turn credits in. So far, we haven't had to use them yet.


This was collaborative effort between me and director BC Furtney (New Terminal Hotel). I turned in my first five minute tape, but there was a little trouble differentiating between the different ice hockey games. The director wrote back with some more footage he wanted included. Altogether the mixed footage made a better mixtape. It's not something that I could've come up with entirely on my own, it's an editor-for-hire mixtape made to their specifications. If they were happy with it, then I'm happy with it. It was supposed to be a green screen background for a commercial with Tully Blanchard and JB Destiny, but I don't know if it got used in the end. Anyways, here's the full ten minute version.


I wrote/directed some OAD episodes of Bad Goddess:


Bad Goddess The Pilot Movie (Part 1 of 3) Full Episode


Bad Goddess How is That Funny? (Part 2 of 3) Full Episode


Bad Goddess Misrepresentation of Our Gods Through the Media (Part 3 of 3) Full Episode


Bad Goddess Doctor What Full Episode


Bad Goddess The Rejected Sequel Full Episode


The Bad Goddess Who Fell to Earth Full Episode


Bad Goddess About Urd's Girlfriend Full Episode


Bad Goddess Assault on Yggdrasil Full Episode


Bad Goddess Evangelion Must Die & The Girl Meets World Sequel Full Double Episode


Bad Goddess What is the Meaning of All This? Full Episode:


Bad Goddess Season Two The Pilot & You Never Go Full Meta Full Double Episode


Bad Goddess Let's Get a Pizza Full Episode


Bad Goddess Renaissance World & Identity Crisis Full Episode


Bad Goddess None of You Saw This Coming & Love in an Elevator Full Episode


Bad Goddess Oh Brother: Stephen Geoffreys Redux Full Episode


Bad Goddess The Joy of Love Hate Lovin' Full Episode


Bad Goddess Hot Off the Press & Where Did All The Aliens Go? Full Episode


Bad Goddess Fan Club Full Episode


My internship with FanboyTV has reached it's end. But hey, I made it through six months, didn't I?


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