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Firefly One

Belldandy: Me, My Girlfriend and Our Ride Ver.

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Firefly One    19
Firefly One

This figure was announced a few months ago, and looks really nice:




Good Smile typically does nice work, and I'm looking forward to this one. I decided to order a few for my store (plus one extra I may decide to keep for myself :laugh:) It's nice to see that, among all the new stuff coming out, there's still demand for the classic manga and anime that we enjoy too. I hope they follow up with some other characters like Urd.

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vanagandr    203

This was actually part of the 30 year celebration of Mr Fujishima's career as a mangaka. To avoid any confusion, I'm referring to his entire career, and not just his work on AMG, so, that includes his previous work You're Under Arrest. 


The statue itself is inspired from Belldandy's broom race with Hild, featuring a broom similar to Welsper's, as well as a few other elements, like those stabilizers on her knees that come from the arc where she and Keiichi tried to help Skuld learn how to ride a bicycle. Additionally, her racing uniform is a combination of the one she was wearing during that broom race, as well as the one Urd was wearing in the covert art of one of the manga chapters. Resulting in Belldandy showing up a lot of cleavage here... Still, this is probably one of the best AMG figurines I've seen during the last years, so I'd definitely recommend you to keep one for yourself if you can :laugh:

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